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Farm to table: the rugged elegance of a Chevy captiva sport vehicle.

I drive my 2012 Chevy captiva a minimum of 50 miles per day as I commute to work and/or run errands around town. It is reliable and comfortable and very easy to drive. It is easy to park and has great visibility through all sides of the vehicle. I live out of town a bit and have 2 miles of gravel road and driveway up a hill in order to get home. This car handles all of the ruts and potholes brilliantly. It is roomy enough to hall bags of feed from the farm store and still stylish enough to drive to a restaurant downtown. I love the Bluetooth capability and the way all the seats fold down so that I can use the full length of the interior of my car to haul treasures I find when I go antiquing. Another feature I really like are the sound system/Bluetooth controls that are on the steering wheel.

- Peggy W

Perfect for You and Your Four-Footed Friend

Overall, I love my Captiva. It has plenty of space for transporting my day-to-day needs. I have a medium sized dog who goes everywhere with me, and she is able to easily jump in and out of the vehicle without assistance. The cargo area has more than enough room for her to comfortably move around in even with the optional storage net installed. My only complaint would be cleaning the console and surrounding areas. There are lots of small crevices which I assume are there for appearance, but really just collect dirt and dust. The only way to really clean them is with a toothpick or Q-tip which is a painstaking process.

- Keith D

Really great vehicle but I wish there were more features.

This vehicle has been very reliable for me and my family. I drive it everyday to and from work and I have never had any problems with it. It is so much space in it and it is very comfortable. It does not have many unique features, just the basic stuff like cruise control and auto running lights. I do wish there was Bluetooth so I could connect my phone. You would think a 2012 would have this feature but it does not so I am stuck using an aux cord. Other than that it is a nice car. Pretty decent on gas also. I would recommend this car to someone who has a small family.

- Emma G

The parts are not easy to come by.

It is definitely reliable. Great on mileage, as well as maintenance. The only issues seem to be electric. Fuses, wires, and things of that sort. Which I have had to repair and replace numerous times. It is very comfortable and roomy for a smaller SUV. Handling is very smooth. Parts for replacement such as the rear high mount brake lamp or harder and more expensive to purchase since the vehicle is not as common. Overall, great car, minus the repair if something goes out.

- Ruben O

2012 Chevy Captiva sport - wonderful!

I love my Captiva! There are virtually no blind spots and the only maintenance I have needed is a new battery and oil change! I get decent gas mileage and I love that I can fit a lot into the back of it! I find it very comfortable for long and short distance road trips. Even my boyfriend who is a big car guy is impressed with how well it drives and how comfortable and easy to drive it is!

- Rachel K

The vehicle rides very well and would recommend to others.

There are many blind spots, it is very reliable, very comfortable but can barely see over the dash and behind the vehicle. It has a very smooth drive to it, when it rains or snows it still drives extremely well. It goes at a fast speed, easy to control. You have to adjust the seats because they are low just like the vehicle itself, but overall it is very good.

- Hannah E

It is a great SUV to have that will have enough room for your traveling needs as well as fit your family comfortably.

I love that it is an SUV that has plenty of room for my family for road trips. The truck area is large enough to fit all of our items as well as the spare tire and accessories. The gas mileage is okay, but could be better when driving on the highway. I dislike how you have to engage the parking brake and unengage it. I wish it also had a back up camera.

- Casey B

It's a sleek, modern vehicle for this current generation.

The Chevy Captiva is a wonderful, smooth-riding SUV; with an affordable price tag to boot. It has all the modern technological feature our current generation so desperately chalmers for. Only two complaints I could honestly give are one, the back seat could use a tad bit more room and two, if not weighted down, your luggage will slide around in the trunk.

- Corey S

Very roomy and reliable. Has done extremely well on road trips.

Comfortable to drive. Runs smoothly. I have had problems, but nothing that has given me trouble to fix. My SUV is very reliable. I use it daily to take my child to school, grocery shopping, errands, etc. Stereo is perfect! Very roomy. Trunk space is amazing. When we travel my dog gets to ride in the trunk and she has plenty of space to lay down.

- Denise A

Ignition Problems/ Keys getting stuck

We have a lot of issues with the ignition. The keys get stuck in the ignition and won't come out. We have to leave the keys in it until it decides to come out. We have to disconnect the battery so it doesn't drain it. Sometimes it is hard to shift. Sometimes the steering wheel is hard to turn and control.

- Shannon S

Great small SUV for someone that does not need a SUV!

I bought this to get up higher off the road that the sedan I had been driving. I love that I can see around obstacles now. But it is not too big either. It is comfortable to take on road trips and perfect for packing up lots of gear. I love the features like the heated seats, the sunroof and the XM radio.

- Andrea L

The vehicle is very comfortable since we use it for all of our travels.

I have had to have my engine replaced last year. Plus some minor repairs also. I had extended warranty but it paid very little. The dealership never figured out why I burnt oil with no display. I just had my windshield washer motor replaced also. I also had problems with my seat controls.

- Carol A

Chevy 2012 Captiva an ok vehicle.

Vehicle is very roomy, comfortable and good on gas. The only problem we have had is the heat/air conditioning not working. Has been in shop 5 times in 2 years for this issue. Sometimes it is intermittent. Otherwise it is a good vehicle. We are able to carry tools and materials easily.

- Mary T

This car travels well with distance and has a lot of space.

I love the feel of this vehicle. But, many issues with the traction control/stability. Also, the Anti-Theft light constantly comes on. This car tends to have a different issue every couple of months. Overall, it's a good vehicle, but just needs fixed with the warning lights.

- Hillary W

My little SUV that I love.

Wide bucket seats, easy to drive, good gas mileage. Maneuvering is easy.It has an eco option available. . Has a towing and a stabilizing when roads are slippery. Fairly large back seat. Trunk can hold 10-12 bags of groceries. Has a side pocket on both sides on trunk area.

- Sandra M

Cheap parts, a/c range, not recommended.

A/c has a hard time reaching the back seats. The seats lay flat but other than that the car falls apart super easy. The parts also seem to be cheap and require repair often. There is Styrofoam under the hood and a lot of plastic. I would not recommend this car to anyone.

- Kelsey D

My awesome Captiva has a sunroof.

I absolutely love my Captiva. . It is roomy and the back is big we pack a lot of things when we go camping it amazes me how much really fits. The sunroof is another one if my favorites and I like the middle console there's actually two and one has chargers for my cell.

- Lynn W

Decent enough smaller SUV.

AWD, decent gas mileage around 20 mpg. It is comfortable. No third row though so it's nice size for a small family. Enough truck space and seats fold down. I recently had my power steering go out at 90,000 miles and had to have it all replaced. The sunroof is nice.

- Sab D

SUV score. Get gas mileage, has power behind it.

Goes fast quickly, very reliable, great gas mileage, has an eco button which I find unnecessary. The only issue that is occurred is the dash screen stopped working just went black and costed $900 to fix it! Overall it is a great SUV for the cost and is a good size.

- Katie S

Cool and Captivating Chevy

This car was a perfect match as I needed a car with more space and room. I was impressed with the quality of the interior and how it drove. I've only had one problem with the battery dying, but I haven't drove it in 3 weeks. Overall, I'm happy with the choice!

- Hannah S

It is a great value, love the mileage.

I love this vehicle. The only thing I don't like about it is the mileage before an oil change. It is not the 3000 mile or 3 month. I only get about 2 months, than I need an oil change or have to add oil. I have heard there is a recall but have never seen one.

- Renee D

I love the overall look of my captiva.

Very reliable, drives nice. Does not have 4 wheel drive or a backup camera that I would like. It does not have Bluetooth or GPS which I can live without. Back seat folds down for hauling bigger items, which I have. I have a beautiful blue color that I love!

- Judy M

The steering wheel locks up every once in awhile.

My Chevy Captiva sports truck is high on gas, the brakes on the car wear down easily, the steering wheel on my Chevy Captiva sports truck will lock up sometimes and you have to jiggle the steering wheel and turn the car on at the same time for it to work.

- Kylie L

A solid SUV for those always on the go.

Solid vehicle that has not come up with many problems. Super comfortable interior and I love the spacing throughout the car. Great trunk space and has a hidden compartment where I can place things I do not want to be seen. Compatible with iPhone plug in.

- CJ J

A very reliable vehicle and good on gas.

It is good on gas. We really haven't had any mechanical problems with it. Sometimes it's a little small for the three of us when we take trips. It handles well. Seems to handle well on highway at 80 mph. Air and heat do not take long to cool or heat car.

- Nick D

Very Reliable car that is good for driving back and forth to work.

This has been a very reliable car. I have over a 140000 miles on it and I have not spent much other than routine maintenance on it. The biggest beef I have with this car is that it is underpowered. Though I will say it has been a good buy.

- Jerry p

Chevrolet Captiva great gas mileage.

My Captiva gets great gas mileage. It is small and compact but it has great pick up speed. The only complaint I have is that there is only one key entry. So if you do not have your automatic opener you have to always open from driver door.

- Kim B

It is great for a small family and does well in all weather

My vehicle is very cute. I like the body style and all the interior features. I do not like that it seems to break easily and I feel many parts have had to be replaced prematurely. I do not like that there is no rear air conditioning

- Kirsten p

Poor Quality, for GM made

I like the style, and size .The all wheel drive and gas mileage I had to replace Transmission at 62,000 miles and that was disappointing and very costly,so I didn't like that at all. I do keep my car up on maintenance schedule.

- Janice A

Double check everyone has enough leg room when four people are in the vehicle.

I like the gas mileage and it's a great car for one or two average size people. It's too small for my other family members. Not enough leg room. Doesn't feel like it has enough power when the car has more than two people in it.

- Cherie S

It is economical. It is small yet big enough to have several passengers and still be comfortable.

I love it because it is small yet big enough to accommodate me. I like that it rides higher than sedans and is easier to get in and out of. I like the back because it is easier to get groceries and other items in and out of.

- Marilyn M

Lots of room and can haul just about anything very easily.

I love my Captiva! I have had it for over 3 years and don't plan on trading for another vehicle any time soon. I have not had any problems or issues with it. Always recommending it to others whenever the opportunity arises.

- Sue H

This model is a well kept secret and am disappointed that Chevrolet has discontinued the model.

This is just the right size vehicle for us. It is fuel efficient and has good looks. It is easy to handle and the seats are comfortable. It has good visibility. Only wish it was 4 wheel drive and not just front wheel drive.

- Michael S

It's great for winter driving.

It's black and the perfect size for me. I will need to upgrade vehicle size to support a growing family. I wish the gas mileage was better. It's a cute sporty suv and I feel safe driving it. It's great for winter driving.

- Beth W

Overall performance of Chevy Captiva (the old Saturn VUE)

Overall my car hasn't given me many problems besides regular maintenance. So far I've only had to replace one battery, breaks a few times, and that is all. The only negative thing about this car is gas mileage.

- Melissa C

The vehicle is safe, compact, yet spacious, and is comfortable on long rides.

I like the roominess of the vehicle. The spaciousness of the trunk area and the easy to understand gauges. Don't like the whining noise it makes. And, next car will include all the extras.

- Michelle S

Great vehicle for a family.

Overall, this car performs extremely well. It is family friendly, provides a lot of room, and handles well. The only complaint is the sound system. It is not as loud as I would like it to be.

- Henderson T

It a very reliable car. Requires maintenance but nothing too expensive. It is up for sale for the right price.

I like that it is reliable. I like that it is comfortable to drive. I dislike the noise it makes when I step on the gas pedal. I dislike the fact that it was owned by someone else previously.

- Ruben F

It depend on it and it a gas saver.

My car is a gas saver Its dependable it ride very smoothly it just what I need to get around the city in what every can of weather rather it rain or snow I depend on my car and good for me.

- Tracy J

It's easy to drive, middle of the road on gas usage, has a V6 engine, has al the extra apps that most higher class autos have. I brought it used with 25000 miles in 6 yrs I have but 13000 miles on it, so its 6 yrs old and not broke in yet!!!

No complains. It has a lot of things that I do not use, my wife who deceased use to use all the buttons and items that I don't . I haven't even turned on the radio in over a year.

- Al P

Appearance. Car looks sporty and the color is great. Interior is beautiful.

The captiva sport has many nice features including on star, power windows and seats, heated seats, sunroof and many other perks. I have not had any issues with this vehicle.

- Toni K

This is a family car with room for kids and their stuff.

I am having (bad) issues with the "tighten gas cap" light going off but no one can fix the problem..$356 later. Like the size the vehicle is and how much stuff it can load

- Alison L

The most important thing you need to know about the car is it's dependability.

What I like about the Captiva is that it sits higher when I'm driving. I also like the navigation system as well as the drive train. What I don't like is the mpg.

- Stephanie P

Unreliable used car Chevy Captiva.

I purchased used with 27, 000 miles, I have had engine problems since the beginning. Had transmission replaced at 67000 miles. Headlights constantly burn out.

- Jean L

It is dependable for transporting me where I wish to go.

No complaints. I have thoroughly enjoyed my captiva for transporting children and adults alike. The back is spacious and easily ready to haul whatever I like.

- Donna W

Gas mileage is not that good.

I like that its small, easy to maneuver, heated seats and rides smoothly. I don't like that the passenger seat is not electric you have to manually move it.

- June L

Prior rental or fleet vehicle, but excellent economic choice.

Good interior size. Excellent visibility from windshield and windows. Not a fan of 5 speed, can be kind of jumpy. Adequate power as a V6.

- Jennie R

Its gets awesome gas mileage!.

Rides & drives nice. Like the look. The only dislike is that it is not all wheel drive. Would be nice if it had a back up camera & gps.

- Judy M

The car comes with heated seats with a leather interior.

It gets very great mileage, the car has a very nice interior with heated and leather seats. It's basically a luxury vehicle in an SUV.

- Seamus R

2012 Captiva-sport is cool!

My car is not the worst thing. It could definitely get better mileage, and it is a bit loud. But it is very comfortable and spacious!

- Tori K

It can be drove as a stick shift or automatic.

I like the size of the SUV. I like the fact it is good on gas. I do not like the fact it does not have a sunroof or heated seats.

- Ashley H

It is very reliable and clean.

I have had issues from it since I bought it. Constantly stalls. The engine is extremely loud. Can not wait to get a new vehicle.

- Alexis G

Quality of the car is amazing

It runs great not too big yet not too small. It runs smooth and gas milage is also really great. I give them two thumbs up

- Kenia L

the captiva is a great value for the dollar

I love the size of my captiva.I love the color.I love the roominess and lastly I love how it handles and my gas mileage.

- joanne T

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the way it drives. The size is perfect. It is higher, yet narrower than my previous autos. I like the hatchback.

- Beau M

The car is clean but it's over 100,000 miles and guzzles the engine oil.

I like the color and the feel of it when it rides. I do not like that I have had many engine problems with it.

- Gabriela C

Purchased it used. It's needed some work and certain things were not revealed by dealership. I will be more cautious when purchasing next time

Check full details of the vehicle. And if possible, have it checked out by a personal mechanic

- Mimi H

it is difficult to work on if you are a do it yourself kind of person

I like how it handles on the highway. I don't like that there have been some voltage issues.

- Michael W

Engine trouble. again and again and again. and again.

My vehicle has had engine problems since the first day I bought it. I don't feel safe in it.

- Melissa W

Very comfortable.fair gas mileage.

I love the vehicle but had to have the engine replaced last year. Extended warranty sucked.

- Carol S

It is a Cute smaller SUV with just enough storage.

Small enough storage to be a smaller vehicle but big enough so that it is comfortable.

- Trisha R

Sometimes the power windows don't work if the inside of the window gets wet

I like the size and style of it .but other than that it has electrical problems.

- Susan t

It's a small SUV that's white.

I like its size and large windows. I like it's color and it makes me feel safe.

- Serdalia D

it is very reliable and comfortable

a very comfortable and reliable vehicle, great on gas and so much room.

- heather p

Very reliable and low cost of ownership.

Very reliable. Nice styling. Excellent reliability. Good cost of use.

- Stan B

The most important thing you should know is the gas mileage

The vehicle is compact and have a lot of parts wearing down to easily

- Princewell U

I like that it's v6, it's small but roomy, I love that the back seats recline and I like having Bluetooth. I don't like that my key keeps getting stuck in the ignition

It has side airbags as well as front, it's safe and drives good

- Tonya R

The Captiva could use more power and a smoother ride.

It leaks oil, and doesn't have the power I am accustomed to.

- Rita C