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A small car with big possibilities.

My vehicle seats are comfortable and on cold mornings, I love the heated seats. Leg room in from seats is fine, but there is little to no room for extras such as purses, bags, etc. If someone is sitting in the passenger seat. I like the fuel economy feature, but when operating in the eco setting there seems to be slower engine performance. The backup camera in the rear-view mirror is small but adequate. The full screen dash cameras that have come out since are much easier to use. I have never had any problems with reliability. It starts first time, every time. The seats that lay down and provide extra storage accessed from the rear hatch is wonderful. I put an assembled bicycle I purchased for my granddaughter in the back with no problem, traveling in this is very convenient with only myself and one other person. With the rear seats laid down we have plenty room for all luggage and with the additional outlet we even have room to bring along a plugged in ac/dc refrigerator. I have a sunroof, but honestly rarely use it. Never when driving the car. Mostly when sitting in a park or other area having a cup of coffee, snack, etc.

- Patricia R

Manufacturer used the wrong parts causing excessive oil usage which leads to a sudden shut down of the vehicle while driving. This can lead to massive car accidents & fatalities

If it wasn't for the excessive oil usage & problems caused by that, this car would be 5 stars. It's comfortable & has many features. The back seats fold down. It uses the cheaper E85 fuel, if you can find it. It has problems with excessive oil use. The car goes thru oil rapidly. This causes the vehicle to rock forward & back at stop lights. If you're too close, the car will smash into the car in front and or in back of it when you are stopped at a red light. After driving the car less than 4,000 miles, it suddenly shut down while accelerating onto the freeway. The speed was about 60mph & the vehicle suddenly shut down. There were no warning indicator lights, check engine light, or otherwise. The sudden shut down of the engine & electrical nearly caused several accidents that could have been fatal. I contacted GM, Chevy, Dept of Transportation, DMV, & the local news about this issue. Nobody dis anyth8ng. My car was in the shop for 3 months waiting for GM or Chevy to authorize the $4500 engine repair to rectify the problem, but nobody would accept responsibility. I have a car with a loan that i am afraid to drive or sell.

- Allie H

My vehicle has many benefits, but what I wish it had was automatic door opener.

Bought it new from dealership in 2013. Zero issues until CD got stuck in CD player. Had to have complete new stereo system installed which was covered by my extended warranty. Then while driving down turnpike at 80 mph, very hot summer day temps well about 100 degrees, a/c on full blast, radio and cruise control on. Everything shut down and I stalled. Happened 3 more times before I could get it to dealership and guess what?? They didn't find anything wrong with my vehicle. I'll never purchase another Chevy again. Had Equinox previously that ended up with mechanical issues.

- Suzanne K

Great compact SUV with plenty of room!

I am highly satisfied with my vehicle. It currently has over 140, 000 miles and I have not had any issues under the hood. For a smaller SUV, my Captiva has plenty of room for passengers as well as tons of trunk space. The backseat is roomy enough for a large carseat and the trunk fits my two sixty pound dogs comfortably. A nice feature of my vehicle is the backup camera located in the rearview mirror. I have found this feature super helpful and I like that the camera is discrete and out of the way. I would highly recommend the Chevy Captiva!

- Emily A

Buy if you like fixing cars. . .

If you like fixing cars this is the car for you. There are many different little issues that come up with this car. The windshield wipers will get off track. The passenger airbags will work then they will not. The eco button will make you check engine light turn on. When stopped the car will jerk forward. The check engine light will turn on if you change up the gas from different gas stations. You need very specific tools to even be able to work on the car. There are more downsides to this car than upsides.

- Denise F

I named my black Chevrolet captiva, misty, because she's mysterious. ;).

The Chevrolet captiva is a great car. It is a smooth ride, with plenty of space for both passengers and cargo. I like the size of the car, because it is not too big, nor too small. The seats are adjustable, which is a feature I appreciate. It is possible to get Sirius radio with the car. It comes with Bluetooth as well. It is a good car. So far, mine has lasted me five years, and I know it will last me for many years.

- Hannah F

Chevy Captiva. A great car with numerous features, a lot of pep when you need.

It is a great car, . I like it because you can see out of it really well. I also feel safe in it, have had no problems with it, I especially like the cargo space. It is roomy and you can remove items without bending over, I am tall and it is easy to get in and out of, I would recommend it to anyone. It has a lot of power. . I especially like the interior. I have leather upholstery and heated seats.

- Nancy P

Good size, fuel economy and overall small SUV.

It gets about 27 mpg averaging. Is a good size SUV for carrying multiple people. It is a tight fit if you have a rear facing car seat and someone in the passenger seat. There is not much leg room for the passenger since the seat has to be so far forward to allow room for the rear facing car seat. Also there is not room in the spare tire compartment if you wanted to upgrade to a full sized spare.

- Haley F

Don't get it if you live in a climate that gets snow. The traction is awful even with snow tires and I constantly get stuck or feel my car sliding.

Horrible in the snow, electrical problems including the connector to one headlight constantly burning out, the inside lights only going on when they feel like it, my side mirrors don't move anymore, somewhat small on the inside for a crossover- people in the back don't have enough leg room and having car seats makes it difficult for the front seats to be back enough for people in the front.

- Susan M

Trash vehicle do not buy!

It just keeps breaking. There's no type of security with this vehicle. Its uncomfortable, and the features are trash. People please don't waste your money. I am so sick of all these new car companies coming in and making you believe what you're purchasing is secure but that is only the false sense of security they want you to feel. At the end of the day this car sucks.

- Mark P

This vehicle's one positive is definitely it is mileage.

The Chevrolet Captiva is a good car for me, but looking more technically into it, the car seems less than average. There is always a loud noise when I turn and the mechanic cannot find anything wrong. My windshield wipers are broken and make a horrible sound each time I turn them on. The Captiva is pretty good on gas and lasts me about 2 weeks when I fill up my tank.

- Emily B

Great vehicle and I would buy again. I love Chevrolet.

I love the gas mileage & the agility. It has great pep for a small engine. It is very comfortable & fun to drive. The drawbacks are the blinds spots on each side of the front of the vehicle. Also, because it is a sport vehicle, the interior noise is pretty loud. The radio is very hard to hear but if I plug in an iPad the volume is great.

- Deborah G

Good things come in small packages.

I like the Captiva because it is tall and I do not hit my head when I get inside. Not sure if it is just my specific Captiva but the seat on the drivers side has fallen apart and I cannot control the mechanism that moves the seat. It is comfortable to drive. I can fit 2 car seats in the back. There’s a good amount of trunk space.

- Jen G

We love the color of our vehicle which is red.

I love the way our car handles on the road and streets. We have not had any problems with it as it was one year old when we bought it. We do not drive it very much except for around town and occasionally out of town. It has four doors and a door in the back that flips open to store whatever we need to put in there.

- Russell W

Reliability no mechanical problems go drivetrain can go anywhere.

I love that it is front wheel drive it handles all road conditions well rain snow ice. Lots of room for people and storage. I like the height up enough to see well but not so high you have to jump in. Not hardly any issue with it mechanically paint has held well no rust or clear coat peeling. Highly recommended.

- Candace S

Captiva is a great little wagon.

2013 captiva gets good mileage, is easy to maneuver, can be made into a small station wagon and is great looking too. We have taken it on several long trips and we use it to haul things from. The store to home. Around town it doesn't get the great mileage, but it is very easy to get in and out of.

- Susan W

Chevrolet review and highlights.

The Chevy Captiva ltz looks sleek, runs great and has never let me down! It is similar to the Chevy Equinox in look, safety and performance. If you are looking for a family vehicle, this one is the best based on safety, appearance and overall performance.

- Lisa K

My vehicle is a black 2013 Chevy Captiva. My favorite feature is the charger connection to the radio but I wish it was bluetooth

Some problems my vehicle has is that the windows don't always roll down, and the heater gets stuck on air conditioning. One of my favorite features of my car is the charger connectivity to the radio though, I would rather have bluetooth.

- Abbie O

Despite the model being discontinued, my car still functions properly.

I like the fact that my vehicle gets me where I need to go in comfort. I like that it's just the right size for me/my family, includes OnStar, and has functioning air conditioning. I don't dislike anything about my vehicle.

- Damore S

It is an ok car, just not worth the money. Wish I had a Honda.

There are a lot of mechanical issues with the car. I had a Honda before and had over 100, 000 more miles on it and never experienced any of the problems I have with this Chevy. Also, don't like the 4 cylinder.

- Susan Z

Overall great family vehicle!!

It is a great vehicle with all of the standard necessary features but could use some additional extras. It fits our family of 4 comfortably. For the price versus amenities it was the right choice for us.

- Barbara C

What others should know about my car is that my car is a representation of my personality.

I love my vehicle because It's stylish and it gets me from point a to b. It's always ready for a road trip the driving system is a dream. When I am ready to take a road trip my Chevy is ready.

- Ann W

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a gas saver

What I like about this vehicle is the size of it it's perfect. Also, it's a gas saver. I don't really have any complaints but I did wish it had a little screen like the newer cars now a days

- Elizabeth F

It runs on e85 gasoline so it might not be available in your town.

I like the cargo space it is nice because I am a bowler and I travel with a lot of others so having space for bowling equipment. I like the comfortable seating including the heated seats.

- Cassandra N

It gets me where I need to go.

I Like that it gets good mileage and is relatively well-made. I also like the space. I don't care much for the speaker system, and that everyone else also seems to have a black SUV.

- Joe R

Even though the model has been recalled/discontinued, my vehicle still runs well.

I like the fact that my vehicle functions properly. It gets me where I need to go, in comfort. It has working air conditioning and other built in features that add to the comfort.

- Ali S

Small enough to park anywhere

I love the way it handles, and the seats are comfortable. It is the perfect size, and runs so smooth. The only thing I dislike is that it is kind of loud when on the freeway

- Paul R

It is reliable, runs well, gets good gas mileage and has a luxury feel.

Love the moonroof, leather interior, and heated seats! Gets us from point A to B! Good gas mileage, and spacious. This has been an extremely reliable vehicle for my family.

- Nikki B

Has remote start & seats are adjustable up/down, forward & back w/lumbar support.

My Captiva gets around 23 mpg, all leather interior & sunroof. It is fwd , has Bluetooth, but no on board navigation. It is mid-size & gets in & out of traffic easily.

- Delores F

It gets great gas mileage.

Our 2013 Captiva has a good backseat. Lots of legroom, and car seat room. The back has pretty decent room for hauling things. For the price it's a great little car.

- Christi A

Chevrolet did not make very many Captivas so they are pretty easy to point out when you see it.

I like that it's bigger than a regular car but not too big like an Escalade. I also like that I get good gas mileage. I don't like that there isn't a sunroof.

- Ashley B

It Gets great gas mileage for a car this size.

The vehicle has a great information system. The captiva has plenty of legroom. the captiva has plenty of power. The car gets great mileage No complaints

- James P

The most important thing about my car is that it is a great car.

I like that it is sporty and big enough for a long road trip. It is pretty dependable. I have had some issues with the transmission in the last year.

- Sydney J

It is luxurious, leather & comes with all options!.

It drives great and rides smooth. Just enough room. Wish it would have come with remote start. Cleans up easily. I do not like that it dents easily.

- Melanie M

It has the option to use flex fuel for any occasion. I wish it had an electric option as well.

I like the compactness of the SUV and space to load things. I dislike the plastic on the steering wheel and how it scrapes my hands while turning.

- Casey M

The fuel efficiency is amazing plus it has flex fuel ability.

I love how this vehicle handles. The size is perfect for traveling with my husband. It is very reliable. The gas mileage is actually very good.

- Susan D

Good gas mileage and great in snow. Have not had any major issues with it.

I like the size and gas mileage drives good in the snow. Is roomy enough for me and grandchildren. The back folds down great for moving stuff.

- Sandra L

It has a lot of extras. Park assist.

Smooth ride. Good gas mileage. No complaints. Plus, it is e85 flex fuel which is good but it does get less mileage than regular unleaded.

- Allen H

Thanks for allowing me to get a car America!

Performance is always important in a car, I always make sure my car performs well before I drive it off the lot. It is important to do.

- Tristan P

It is excellent on gas and saves us lots of money throughout the year.

It is good on gas but had a leak inside near passenger side and now the a/c is not working. Otherwise, it has been a pretty good car.

- Tina L

It's a very reliable family vehicle. It has multiple uses for family.

I like that it's reliable. I feel safe ..if I were in am accident, it's a good build. It has extra like heated seats. Lots of room.

- Kelly A

The design and style it was built in is very important to me.

I like my car because it saves on gas. When I am ready to go on long spurts my car is ready. I love my car because its still trendy.

- Ann S

Great car. Great for family, great for a college student or high school student.

Very roomy while not being too big. Reliable and easy to drive. Great if you have kids but also great if you are a college student.

- Elizabeth M

The one thing others should know is that it is safe to be in.

I love how smooth it drives. The way it is equipt is great. My car has a lot of storage. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Ariana D

Very smooth riding and comfortable and has a lot of space.

It is a great ride, smooth and comfortable, get good gas mileage. What I don't like is that it is a bit loud on the freeway

- christine a

It's a white captiva sport 2013 edition

I love it, it's a great reliable car, no problems, gas efficient,easy to drive,was very cheap to buy i think its awesome

- Tami B

It came at a time we most needed it and helped our family.

It looks sleek. It is big enough for our needs. It has some electrical/computer glitches that make things difficult.

- Deb R

Only if you are desperate

Horrible gas mileage. I have had it one year and it has been in the shop twice and under 60K miles. Not a good buy.

- Veronica J

The captiva is a comfortable, dependable vehicle

The Captiva is roomy and comfortable. i like the way it handles. The pickup is poor. It also is kind of road noisy

- jack B

Good size for family. Good gas mileage for an SUV.

I like the size. Not too big and just right for family. Good gas mileage. Hasn't caused any problems. Dependable.

- Nathan B

The car is compact and very easy to drive. I have room for my child and all her things.

I like the size of my vehicle, but the engine is starting to make a strange chirping noise that I do not like.

- Rebecca B

it's a great car for college and i like it

uses a lot of gas, very top heavy, the back is very cramped, its an older model so it doesn't have bluetooth

- carin c

For it to achieve the mid 30's in gas mileage you have to be averaging 55 to 65

A midsize SUV. Likes include the gas mileage. Dislikes include noise inside the vehicle when on the road

- Charles l

Gets good gas mileage and easy to drive.

Like the size and good gas mileage. Easy to drive and low cost maintenance. No complaints at this time.

- Diane B

It is not the best value SUV.

No power, smaller than expected. Outgrew it way to fast. Not efficient on gas for being a compact SUV.

- Heather B

Good on gas. Small suv, good for going to work and home

I feel like a soccer dad with 3 kids in the car. Could be bigger. Good on gas cause it's a 4 cylinder

- Akeem G

Gas efficient! Great radio! Looks good and more!!!

I love my car. I love the sunroof, the radio control on the steering wheel. Good on gas too.

- Kelly H

captive gets great mileage

I like my captive because it is roomy. It's easy to get in and out of. It gets good mileage

- Sus a W

NO power, slow. It is compact but with two growing boys I have quickly run out of space.

Good value car for a good price, but not a lot of bells and whistles.

- Heather B

It has a little get up and go

Perfect size and I can get in and out with ease

- Lori M

Reliable and roomy vehicle.

- Madison L