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A car great for young people, but not for families.

I love driving it. It is a great for getting groceries and going around town and doing errands. The only problem I have is there's not enough room between the back seat and the back of the front seat for a car seat fit. I have to put my seat all the way pretty well to where my knees hit the dashboard to be able to get my car seat carrier to fit. And then I also have to put my passenger seat all the way up to where my passenger has her knees on the dashboard and ordered for my son to have enough room to have his legs to sit in the back seat. That is the only problem that I have with this car, otherwise it is a great car.

- Kass. S

Great car!! Perfect before the start of a bigger SUV.

Pros: the size of the car The Bluetooth I have not had a problem just keep up with my usual maintenance (oil, tires, brakes) The storage Being under 5'2 the car is great The mileage is great 2014 I am just under 100. 000 miles. The tank is great but I don't understand the eco or when to use it Cons: the car is not 4x4 The roomy space was not that great to bring to vt for a ski trip. The car has been lacking on connecting to my Bluetooth and not able to call without looking at my phone.

- Katie S

Good car just needs minor improvements.

Ii really enjoy my vehicle there are not a lot of things that I would change about it other than I wish that it had third row seating and I wish that there was more leg room in the back seat as there is not much at all and it's a very tight squeeze if you are not a smaller person. I would also like to see a better engine in the car it does not have much getting up and go especially when you are trying to accelerate in a hurry.

- Mandi B

Great car and I love how it handles!

I haven't had any big problems with my car at all! I have had just regular small things, window wiper blades, and things for normal wear and inspections! It runs very well and great on small and big trips! I have had it the whole way down to Florida and have went to of MD A few times and will be going up through the New England states on vacation soon! Very easy handling and comfortable! I would buy this make and model again!

- Beverly B

Performance is great, riding and driving.

Drives and rides great, wish it got better gas mileage. There is plenty of room in the vehicle. I do wish the vehicle were easier to clean on the inside, maybe it is just an SUV thing. Air conditioner works great. The emergency brake is crazy, I accidently hit the button at a stop light without realizing and when I pulled out I thought I had been rear ended.

- Denise T

Captiva sport is best small SUV!

Drives great, very good fuel mileage, easy in and out access, lots of safety features, great options on the lt model, good ground clearance, maintenance costs are very reasonable, no blind spots, has Bluetooth capability, CD player, mp3 functionality, quality seating material, lots of room in front, back and cargo area.

- there's a N

Love the Bluetooth feature and all of the storage space in vehicle.

Great mileage, lots of space, power seats, , lots of storage including huge console and storage for glasses, Bluetooth availability, two phone Charger stations, gauges include tire psi, 2 gauges for trips, uneven back seats recliner allowing more space in back if one person is sitting in backseat, back window wipers.

- Lynda A

It is a great car to drive and modern.

My vehicle is fun to drive, it is reliable and has good gas mileage in city and good mileage on the open road. It is roomy inside with good room on the back seat area for people that are tall with long legs. It is a modern looking car and is grey in color. Radio is good sound and CD player is really good as well.

- Marsha C

The new captive, it's the car of the year, drive it and see.

The Chevy captiva is an very comfortable, reliable, small SUV, it holds 5 people, drives is smooth, has good gas mileage, is an smart looking car, it does really well in winter on snow and ice, it an economical car, must see to appreciate. It is fair in cost wise, just right for small family or younger couple.

- Nancy B

XM radio. On-star services. Folding back seats. Adjustable steering column.

Comfort seats. Excellent air bag placement. XM radio features. Folding back seats allowing maximum space. Decent gas mileage. On-star services. Usb port and cigarette lighter under the cup holder in the hidden middle console. Separate smaller hidden console/armrest. Electric seats. Adjustable steering wheel.

- Madison S

The Captiva looks a LOT sportier than the Equinox.

I absolutely love how sporty it looks. It has overdrive so has a lot of kick to it. It's smaller so it's not as smooth of a ride as my minivan but it's good. The thing I dislike most is the legroom in the back. We don't take kids (ours are adults) often but when we do, there's not a lot of legroom.

- Karen F

Love my car family or moving a friend.

Love this car. It looks small but we use it for everything. We have used it to move friends. We have used to go to dinner. It is a family roomy car. It is great on gas. We have not had to have it in the shop for really anything except to have normal maintenance. Has passed inspection every time.

- Janet B

The amount of space it has.

I love having a sunroof and the space the car provides me with. I also love having built in navigation that I can use on trips. The car also has great Bluetooth options and you can use the car to make phone calls so that you do not have to get on your phone to do it. There is nothing I dislike.

- Bailey B

I am not really sure what interesting detail is needed on that car.

I am not sure about vehicles because I do not know anything about cars but usually it is the oil, water if needed. My car is very reliable so far I do not have any problem with it. Maybe it needs a color change because the paint of my car is already gone. I just need to adjust it a little bit.

- Jen K

Captiva great for college students.

This car has many details that I find reliable. Its a large enough vehicle where I can carry a lot of items, bu also small enough to navigate around the city without any issues. The car also has excellent leg room for people that are tall. The air controls in the car are very reliable also.

- Cassandra K

Room for storage I can put a full size recliner and three adults in it plus.

My Captiva is no bad on gas has plenty of room and it. Handles very well. It is comfortable to drive. The break and gas pedals are a bit sensitive but might seem that way since last vehicle wasn't. When got it I would have electrical issues but hubby found it needed new battery.

- Joyce K

Great car for great price.

I love the car itself, the only thing is the wheelbase makes it kind of a bumpy ride at times. Love the color, looks and all the inside of this vehicle. Price was a big factor also, plus bought 2nd hand from enterprise rental, great people to work with. . Will do it again.

- Sharon B

Fun to drive! Dependable, ! Low maintenance!

I have had no problems at all with my SUV till now. I am having a problem with a sensor the crankshaft position sensor. It's been a joy to drive great pickup speed. I wanted s newer one this year but found it they discontinued the Captiva sport. I do not understand why.

- Adrain. This Is Correct B

SUV looks smaller than feels like inside.

My vehicle has always performed very well. I have not had any issue and the vehicle is 4 years old. I have had to replace the battery one time. The brakes and fuel system have never had an issue. It is more spacious inside than it looks like from outside of the vehicle.

- Melissa A

Great gas mileage and I can use flex fuel.

Great gas mileage. Just now having a slight issue stalling out but otherwise love it. Sits up high wish I had gotten leather seats and I have 93000 miles and only stalling issues so not bad. It isn't very quiet inside but its super comfortable ride. I highly recommend.

- Kay B

Leather warming seats and sunroof.

The key gets stuck in the ignition but I still love the comfort and style of the leather seats with warming feature for winter and the automatic remote start to get the car started from inside the house. It has all the components for charging and connecting my media.

- Alicia L

Great vehicle for road trips.

My vehicle has really good gas mileage with plenty of opportunities for a mid range vehicle. It has a great sound system that delivers with excellent quality sound. It has a lot room for passengers and a decent amount of space in the trunk area to carry groceries.

- Barry B

My review summary, like the car and it is features.

Was in my price range. Pleasing exterior design, comfortable ride, easy access to all features. In steering wheel Bluetooth access and radio controls. Great gas mileage. Fair acceleration and passing gear. Roomy interior, five passenger with back cargo space.

- Theresa U

It is a small SUV and they do not sell the model anymore.

It has problems with air conditioning, it blows out at just your feet sometimes. I do like the heated leather seats and DVD player. It does drive pretty well and is good on gas. The battery had to be replaced. It had gotten worn out. It was an easy fix.

- Amanda B

Towable flat behind motorhome.

The Captiva is a small SUV that allows us to tow it behind our motorhome flat without putting it on a dolly and that is important to us. It is not a luxury car but more a transport car. Sometimes it can feel a little tight. It gets great gas mileage.

- Diane C

Excellent choice for mini van/truck

The Chevrolet Van/truck is the automaker's versatile full-size van that comes in cargo and passenger versions. This is a long-running fleet and commercial vehicle that can accommodate loads of cargo, up to 15 passengers, or a mix of both.

- Vidita A

Comfortable and very reliable

I like the Captiva it very comfortable and reliable. It is small I wouldn't recommend it for a family vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and good for driving in traffic. Overall a good buy for a couple or a family just starting out.

- Joe S

Great for a smaller SUV; runs well and has the features I wanted in a new vehicle

It's great for a smaller SUV. I wish there were more room between the driver's seat and the back passengers seat as we have two car seats in the car. Otherwise, I've owned the car for over a year and haven't had any issues with it.

- Kelly D

It's not too bad on gas for an SUV I get about 15 mpg city & 25 highway driving.

I love my vehicle it is so nice love the size and everything about I hated to hear they no longer make them I would of upgraded to newer model for sure I had a few friends ask me about to get one but no longer available very sad.

- Darlene C

Great car for family yet still small enough for individual use

I love my car. It is big enough to transport things but still small enough to handle well. The car drives really well and is very comfortable. It has the ability for calls through stereo system which allows for more safety.

- Kandi E

The car runs great and gets good mileage. American Chevrolet.

The car gets good gas mileage. It runs well and gets where I need to go. It is also a good looking car. Get lots of comments about it. It was a fleet vehicle and we bought it used. There is nothing that I really dislike.

- Jan M

It can get you from place to place without an issue.

My car is honestly so nice, and the gas miles really help if you drive a lot. I drive home for the weekends from college which is a few hours but it truly works great, it is so small and compact but it really helps.

- Fran J

Easy to get in and out of and heated seats. Electric sunroof also.

I love the fact that I can just turn around and sit. Easy to get in and out of . I have a really bad lower back. And love love the heated seats. No complaints so far. I have had it just a little over a year.

- cheryl l

good mileage,and dependable

I really like the fuel mileage. Leather seats, Navigation. I wish it was a little bigger, we where use to having more seating. and when we are with our grandchildren a lot of times we have to take 2 vehicles

- Darin m

Vehicle operates poorly in bad weather conditions such as snow and sleet.

I like the features of the car such as the sun roof, the sirius XM radio, ON star. I do not like the gas mileage I get with the vehicle. I also don't like how hard it is to squeeze car seats in the back.

- Amanda K

A lot of storage and great on gas when using flex fuel.

Drivers side door handle broke, seems like it was made with poor quality materials. Only 4 years old and seems like it needs engine work. I do like that it is flex fuel and has a lot of storage space.

- Amanda E

Great on gas and comfort.

It is comfortable. It has cruise control. I like how the driver's seat is able to be moved up and down dependent on the size of the driver. It gets good gas mileage and there is plenty of space.

- Donna S

It's an awesome car!! I can't think of anything that I don't like about it.

I love the style of it, the heated seats, how smooth it rides. Also love that it has leather seats that are easy to clean. The back seat fold down. I really have nothing I don't like about it.

- Jennifer M

It has been a inexpensive and reliable vehicle otherwise.

It is an inexpensive SUV. The weak link of these vehicles is the ignition switch. We had to replace it. We have found out from dealer that it is a common problem with these vehicles.

- Scott A

It's very roomy and comfy!

I absolutely adore my vehicle. It's the perfect size for me, and it's very easy to drive. I also like that the AC and heater work so well. I honestly have no complaints about my car.

- Kristen J

The Captiva is less expensive than the Equinox, but the ride and comfort are equal in my opinion.

I like the size which allows for easy parking. I like the seating front and rear. I like the the response to the steering. And my favorite thing about this car is the gas mileage.

- Nola L

It has everything you could need without being that fancy.

I like the simplicity of my Chevrolet Captiva. I like that it's a small SUV so it meets my needs. It has good technological capabilities, like a Bluetooth connection and XM radio.

- Jose Z

It is dependable and fun to drive. A great starter

I love my Captiva because it gets good gas mileage. Our family of four fits nicely inside. It is a smooth drive. I do not like that there is not air conditioning in the backseat.

- Brandi B

Chrome trim is nice and it you definitely will save on gas per mileage.

Electrical fuses continuous burn out. Air conditioner goes in and out. Can't change blower setting. In summer will only blow hot air, in winter will only blow cold air sometimes.

- Ursula H

As with all SUV vehicles, there is a risk of rollover if corners or curves are taken too sharply.

It is really nice with lots of features (leather seats, seat warmers, fully automatic). Very roomy for taking trips. It is basically a truck and rides a bit rough like trucks do.

- Patty D

There aren't too many of them around which is really nice!!!!

I wish it had about 1 foot more space in the backend. Besides that I really like it. It is smaller than what I am use too so I'm sure I'll be good once I get use to it.

- Bree M

It has more cargo room that it first appears. There is no lock button on all the doors, only the driver's door. If you want to unlock the others you have to manually pull up the lock.

A perfect size SUV for my needs. Very versatile because the front seat folds forward and I can fit my 8' kayak inside. Gets good gas mileage also. No real complaints.

- Diane W

The color is really nice and it's just the right size for a crossover

The chevy captiva is a really nice car. Not too small, and not too big. The color is my favorite, its a navy blue, and its four door and the shape isn't too bulky

- bailey s

Love our car. Love the roominess, and comfort and the heated seats.

We do love our Captiva. It rides very well, we get good gas mileage and it is roomy. It is a very quiet and comfortable ride. Love the heated seats in the winter.

- Jan B

I like that it is small and fuel efficient. I don't like that there isn't a lot of trunk space without folding down the back seat. I have also noticed that there isn't a lot of "get up and go" power, which is part of the fuel efficiency but can be problematic.

It is not at all easy to get a car seat in the back. the front passenger side seat needs to be moved forward all they way, making it uncomfortable for a rider.


It is very economical. It handles perfect in all weather conditions.

I have no complaints. The things I love about it is, it is very roomy for the size, great on gas and it drives great in all weather conditions

- vickie Z

SUV come Ride with me the best suv lets ride

no problem run good always star very dependable great suv best thing I brought would not have nothing else in its place the best suv out there

- alan t

It's a four cylinder engine but it's a tough little engine and its great on gas.

I like that it looks small on the outside but has plenty of room in the inside. Fits perfect for my family of three. It's great on gas also.

- Alonso I

It's a very comfortable vehicle I don't regret buying it

My vehicle is an amazing suv I just love it it's the right height to get in and out of . I can't say there's anything I don't love about it

- Darlene R

It rides smoothly and the trunk space is very nice for this size vehicle.

I love how smooth it rides, as well as the size of the car. I don't have kids, so I don't need anything large. I haven't had any problems!

- Lyndsay P

Gets fantastic gas mileage, especially on road trips.

It is small, easy to maneuver and great gas mileage. Perfect for our family of three. No mechanical issues. No real complaints to mention.

- Erica B

It feels more like a Sudan and not an SUV.

It drives like a Sudan and handles really smooth. I am very pleased with the gas mileage and it includes all the updated safety features.

- Robert B

This one is paid off. I love it. I will probably get another one.

I live the price! I enjoy having all the feature and the size is perfect for me. It does not have enough power to drive on the highway.

- Dean K

Small SUV with a tight turn radius and takes flex fuel

I like how the vehicle is a smaller SUV within the Chevrolet family. I don't like that the rear windshield wiper is difficult to change.

- Ashley L

Not a great car for more than four people and leg room for the backseat isn't great if front seats have to be all the way back.

I love how sporty it looks. I was kind of disappointed in the gas mileage. It gets about 23 and I thought it should get at least 26-28.

- Karen N

This car has too many maintenance issues in the short time I've had it.

I like the size of the car and color. I hate that it has so many maintenance issues. It also doesn't have enough space for my family.

- Ashley E

It is the perfect size and yet it is small enough to maneuver easily.

I love my Captiva. It is the perfect size for me and very easy to drive. I would buy another one but they have stopped making them.

- Linda P

My car is very comfortable.

I love the Bluetooth capability. I like the steering wheel access. I do not like that I do not have an automatic trunk opener/closer.

- Jasmine G

You can only buy them used because they are only sold in fleets.

It's small, it holds everything I need. I don't like that they're only available in fleet option so you can only buy them used.

- Kris L

It is the smaller version of the equinox.

I like the size of the inside it makes it very easy to store things. I dislike the gas mileage. I like how smooth it drives.

- Erin L

It gets really good gas mileage.

I love the moonroof. I love the leather interior. I love the trunk space. I love the memory setting for the passenger seat.

- Sheila S

It is red and nice looking.

It is a nice sized car. It is easy to get around with. Gets good gas mileage. Has nice backend to hall our groceries with.

- Russell W

Good gas mileage. Not many SUVs get over 20 mpg highway, let alone city.

Decent gas mileage for an SUV, not very spacious and lacks some convenience features. No problems after 115000 miles...

- Marc B

For a little sports car, it's got a lot of nice things like leather heated seats, DVD player, sunroof

I like the leather heated seats for winter. I dislike that sometimes the air conditioning only comes out at your feet.

- Amanda B

Our new Chevrolet Captiva is our dream car.

The vehicle is a sporty but comfortable ride. It gets good gas mileage and is smooth-i would recommend this vehicle.

- Clifford C

The ignition switch is a weak link in this vehicle.

The ignition switch has gone bad. That cost a few hundred dollars to fix. Other than that it's been a good vehicle.

- Scott C

The Captiva drives very smooth.

My Captiva is the perfect size for my needs. It drives well, gets good gas mileage and I like the way it looks.

- Teri L

My car runs very nice. It is small, compact, yet can fit so much.

I do like my vehicle. It is small enough that it fits in small spaces, yet big enough to fit everything I need.

- Allyson H

I get so many compliments on the looks of my car. It has a very classy look.

My vehicle is the perfect size to get in those tight spaces, it drives smoothly and I love that I set up high.

- Teri W

Sleek and Sporty - the always fun Captive Sport

Super spacious and super sleek looking automobile. It gets great gas mileage. It also is very smooth riding.

- Cherish B

My car is awesome and nice!

My Captiva makes some noise when it is in drive and I am pushing on the break. Otherwise it is a great car.

- Courtney F

Though it is a small SUV compared to others it holds quite a lot of cargo. It has features that are on more expensive vehicles but for a reasonable price. It also has a great warranty.

It is a small SUV, but when the seats are folded down I can carry and hold whatever I need to haul around.

- Jennifer W

Make sure the air and heat are checked before driving off the lot!

I like my vehicle. I do not like that I have had to get my air fixed 4 times. It gets great gas mileage.

- stacey r

Good car, reasonably priced and affordable.

I love my car. It is reliable, Compact , easy on gas mileage with an economy gas button for conservation.

- Cassandra R

They no longer make the model.

Air conditioning problems, battery had to be replaced. I do like the heated leather seats and DVD player.

- Mandy G

The vehicle rides pretty smooth.

It has a slow take off. There is no repeat button on the CD player. There is not a cover for the trunk.

- Kim B

SUV size with sedan convenience not too big but big enough

Great size good gas mileage sporty lots of storage seats fold flat love the hatch back can haul lots

- Heather G

Because it has a diesel engine, it gets great mileage,.

I like the size. I do not like the cheapness of it! It is easy to drive. It is difficult to park!.

- Joanne W

It is very reliable and trustworthy

It is reliable. It does not cost a fortune in gas. It is so much better than what I was driving,

- Nicholas T

Functional, nothing special.

I like the size, the carrying capacity, ability to see all the road. The ride is ok, not great.

- James H

Easy to drive and responsive to driver needs. It really handles well.

Sometimes I wish there were more usb plugs to charge devices and but I love it otherwise.

- Maddy N

It is great for a small family. It gets really good gas mileage.

I like that it is good on gas. It does not have enough room. I like the color.

- Misty B

It is very economical. I do a lot of driving for work and only have to fill up the tank once a week

I have no complaints. It is easy on gas, comfortable and easy to maintain

- vickie s

The gas mileage is pretty good for the size and class of the vehicle. Seats are comfortable. Performance is good. Very few repairs.

Though you won't see many of this model on the road, don't be discouraged

- Matthew K

It has remote start with a great range for starting.

I love the remote start especially during the summer months.

- Renee S

It didn't cost a lot, is functional and it is very dependable.

It didn't cost a lot. It's functional and it's dependable.

- Mike C

Captiva Sports are great for small families

I love the color. It is spacious. It gets good gas mileage.

- Misty s

It has a sunroof which is awesome. And it is the perfect size vehicle.

No complaints. My car is awesome. Very comfy and chic.

- Megan C