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Affordable SUV with luxuries to boot!

When I was looking for a replacement SUV, my main supplemental feature requirement, other than a good vehicle - was a moonroof. I found this used SUV on a website. Where it was listed at a dealer in another county. After searching several vehicles, I decided to go test drive this one. Wow! I was very impressed! Low mileage, low price, low interest and so much more than I have ever had in a vehicle. Who would have thought heated seats would be such a blessing! After a couple of years, I am quite used to my Captiva, and would not trade it for another! Not just because of the perks, like the moonroof, heated seats, multiple speakers, stereo system, air conditioning, etc. But because it runs so good! Decent mileage for this midsize SUV, economy fuel saving option, rides smooth, and it is a nice looking SUV, and unique with lights on the sides in front of the doors; I can tell my car from a distance amid a sea of similar SUVs.

- Rebecca K

Great performance and king of the streets: Chevrolet Captiva sport.

The Chevrolet Captiva vehicle is something awesome! I just love it. Even if I travel all week, the gas is lasting forever, I don't have any problems at all, just the a/c, if you're trying to get something that provides you with a better a/c probably is not the best but it is useful. Overall the car is big, really big, you can easily get 5 people on the back seat and you have no issues at all, it really is comfortable, also, if you're looking for safety, durability, performance, saving some money in gas expenses, and overall a nice car buying and driving experience, my suggestion would be the Chevrolet Captiva, believe me, you will enjoy it as much as I do!

- Stanley S

Great for a newer car, but no 4 wheel or all wheel drive and no Bluetooth.

I've had this vehicle since may 2017 I have not experienced and single problem yet. Performance is great a little slow to start moving but good to keep you driving save, reliability is great it lasted last winter and seeing how it does this winter, comfort is great, I can adjust the driver seat however I feel like placing myself makes driving comfortable for anyone. All the features are a lot newer than my old vehicle though I did wish it was Bluetooth connection for my phone and not an AUX cord.

- Jessie H

The Chevrolet Captiva sport, the new.

My previous vehicle was a minivan, loved it but my carpooling days were nearing the end. I travel a lot for my kids sports, great gas mileage. Very reliable, the only issue I have had is a glitch in the heat, unhooked the battery and started working. I thought I would like the size but it is a bit too small, my next vehicle will be larger. Sunroof is nice, especially after long cold winters, any extra light is a bonus! Not a lot of storage or leg room, good thing we are short!

- Tracy L

My car has leather seats.

I recently just purchased my 2015 Chevy Captiva Sport. I am a very emotional person no matter what I am doing and when I bought my car the dealership was great with me! Helping me get the most money/value for my old car/trade in. And most importantly helping me get a deal with me new one! It's a really great car. Great mileage, radio, seats, tires,etc. glad I picked this one of all the ones on the lot!!

- Jordan C

Do not recommend investing in this vehicle

Can't control wheel when you hit a bump, awkward to drive on gravel and slides everywhere, not enough moving space, center console is not convenient to use while use cup holder, cruise control doesn't maintain the speed set at, breaks have a mind of their own and decide when and how much to work. Eco vehicle but doesn't save any more gas than other same sized car, windshield wipers smear their water

- Al P

Great mileage, poor visual quality.

I love the handling and gas mileage. However, it looks older than what it actually is. This is a problem with mid priced vehicles. They look old and worn out even though they are kept clean and does not have dings or scratches. You cannot keep a car like this regardless if you pay it off as it looks like after 100k miles it will fall apart.

- Ana N

A simple crossover vehicle.

I like this car a lot. It drives very well. USB and Bluetooth features, hatchback trunk, moveable seats, Sirius XM radio are very good and handy for the car. Only complaint is an out of date stereo and the steering, because I prefer more loose steering than tight, as the car has. Would recommend to buyers with updated features for 2019.

- Nick W

The medium perfect size car.

I really love my car. I do not find a big problem of it, maybe it's just that it is not that big as a van but it is not that small as a little car so I do not know if that might be a problem for any. Also it's kind of not the new super electronic car so it does not have advanced stuff but still, it is just perfect for what I like.

- Maria D

The car drives very smoothly, but the steering wheel is a bit heavy.

The gas goes fairly quickly, and the music system is a bit off. I like how it drives smoothly, however, you can hear a lot of the outside noise. It is spacious and the touch screen is very nice. I have had the car for about a year and it is very reliable. They do not make this model of Chevy's anymore and I still don't know why.

- Maty D

Cute but costly when it comes to repairs

I have had to have a great deal of electrical repairs done along with the air conditioning. There isn't much space in the back seats for comfortable long distance driving and I have experienced 2 recalls on items. The driver's seat control panel on the side broke within 2 months of me having the vehicle.

- L N

It can't be purchased new as it is a fleet car. Only sold new in Mexico.

I purchased it certified new and bought the extended warranty. I had rented the same type while on vacation and really like it. The good is that it came with a lot of features. Heated seats and mirror, leather seats, sunroof and OnStar. The negative is that it is in the shop for the third time.

- Hazel S

Nice car and nice model and easy to handle.

It is really nice to take this car. I suggest everyone to buy this as it is nice model and it is ossum have nice mileage and speed and really nice to take this. I love this model and easy maintenance and gives high mileage. Long drive makes easy because of this car and journey will be ossum.

- John G

Can be towed flat behind a motorhome.

It is easy to drive and gets great gas mileage. It looks very sporty. It makes me feel safe. It is not very costly to maintain. It is a Chevrolet and I always drive a Chevrolet. This brand is a great quality product. It is one of the only vehicles that I can tow flat behind my motorhome.

- Diane C

My wonderful car: best for my family and I.

It is very reliable especially when taking the kids to school. I never have a problem with the car even in rain in snow. My husband also likes the car very much. The seats are very comfortable especially with the lumbar support. I have a bad back so this is very important.

- Delaney Q

Great little car. The sunroof is my favorite also the Sirius radio.

Very compact but really equipped. Love the stereo and sunroof. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to handle and smooth ride. I heard they quit making them which is crazy. . Love to drive it. Hope they will make it again. Bring back. I have plenty of cargo space to haul things.

- Anne G

This vehicle is great for traveling.

It is very comfy. It has plenty of room for when I travel on vacation. I like that the seats will lay completely flat. However, the fan motor is quite noisy though. I wish it came with an armrest as well. The leather is very difficult to clean. All in all I love it.

- Hannah W

Best car ever! Would buy again.

This vehicle is very reliable. I have never had a problem with it. I perform regular maintenance and it runs smoothly. The trunk is a good size as well as the back seat. Its compact size makes it easy for me to park and to fit all my friends easily with space.

- Aysha V

No ac vents in the second row of the car or in the back.

I fell in love with my car instantly but when I started taking it on longer trips i realized my AC is not the best. I only have air in the front and hope it hits the second row of seats as there are no filters in the back for it to flow through.

- Abbeygayle N

It has leather seats, a sunroof, and remote start.

I think that it is pretty reliable, as I have only purchased Chevrolets in the last 10 years. It has all leather seats and is fairly comfortable. The only downside is that it is not as roomy in the back as it is in the front.


If you're looking for a sensible spacious vehicle thats not an SUV but bigger than a hatchback car, this is the one for you.

I love the space. It holds 5 comfortably, plenty of room in the hatch, can fold the back seats down for more room. It's a smooth ride. I guess my only complaint is that it's a kind of boring car looks wise and power wise.

- Sierra H

You can get this vehicle with all the bells and whistles for a lot less than the snooty brands. I have full power, leather, moonroof, navigation and OnStar.

I am foremost a GM girl so owning a Chevy is great for me. I have had this vehicle for three years with no problems. It came with a bumper to bumper warranty and a two year maintenance package so no complaints here.

- Carla B

It comes fully loaded for a very good price, you get a lot of trunk room.

I love that it comes fully loaded, leather seats, sunroof and all for an affordable price. It is very reliable. My only complaint is that I wish they would continue to manufacture them in the United States.

- Connie A

Large back seat and spacious trunk means all my families needs are met.

My Chevrolet captiva is an amazing vehicle with the space necessary for my family. The one complaint I have is that the vehicle is not compatible with my android note 8, though it could be operator error.

- Sara O

Hogs gas not good in snow.

It was sold to us under misrepresentation. Is an SUV with no four wheel drive. Often needs repair. Is only three years old and have multiple breakdowns from parts that have gone bad.

- Jill H

Efficient 2015 Chevrolet SUV.

Great car for the city. I went from driving a truck to this car. I like that it's easier to park, and not super low to the ground. It is has a luxury appeal, without the price tag.

- Kelsey M

It handles great on the road and is very comfortable to drive.

I love the comfort and room. And it drives great on the road and gets fantastic gas mileage. It is sporty and I have had no mechanical problems! The price was below $16,000. 00.

- Mary P

That it has been very dependable.

I like the size of this crossover. I volunteer to transport rescue dogs and has room in most situations to handle it. The step up into the front seat is a little high.

- Pam R

Chevy Captiva Review 2018

Very comfortable. Has back up sound if you get close to anything. Great performance, very smooth to drive. Has been a very reliable car to me in these past 3 years

- jamie m

It drives smoothly and has great features. It looks good.

I like the look of it. It also drives well and is easy to navigate. However, it is on the small side for our family's needs now. We have had it for three years.

- Kristyn B

Don't buy it because it has a lot if technical issues

It drives smooth and has enough room which is good. Sometimes it won't start due to a circuit issues which I've has fixed and still happens.

- Tara G

It's a good car, reasonably priced and I like it. It does not have the auto open hatch in the back. There is not a lot of room in the back seat, might not be the best car for kids.

My Captiva is a mid size car, fairly good on gas and it is easy to drive. It is my retirement car. I probably will not buy another car.

- judy j

It is safe, roomy and comfortable. I love driving it everyday.

I like that it is comfy and fun to drive. It is also safe and roomy. There is plenty of room for me and my kids and all our stuff.

- Jen P

really look at the Bluetooth and syncing ability for a phone and the capability of hands free use

I don't like the configuration of Bluetooth and syncing of phone. I think it could be easier to use. Like everything else

- ann m

It's very powerful for a 4 cylinder SUV while maintaining the fuel economy of a smaller vehicle

I like the gas mileage I get. I like the compact size. I dislike that there are no vents in the backseat and cargo areas

- Melody G

That the safety alerts work! And, that it's pretty good on gas!

I like the seats. they're very comfortable. I like the way it handles. And, I enjoy the safety alerts. No complaints!

- Richard B

It's a nice car, only has 4 cylinders and doesn't get that great of gas mileage

It's a nice family car, battery dies fast in it. Only had it for one year and the lights and battery went out.

- Jaclynn G

Excellent and trustworthy vehicle.

Love the room inside. Very comfortable. Performance is very good. It is very reliable in driving and handling.

- Ashley B

It does not have a lot of extras, just the basics. Not to much get up and go.

Perfect size not too big not too small. Not a single issue since purchased in 2015. Comfortable to ride in.

- Kari M

I will be there at the same time as the heli I have to

I will be there at the same time as the heli I have a bike ride and I will be there at the same time

- Kylo Y

It is got good mileage and comfortable.

Door handles easily snapped off, and driver seat is uncomfortable. I do like how the vehicle drives.

- Jennifer L

is very comfortable and practices for family trips with suitcases and children

like your space and comfort I do not like your buffer system I do not like his grip on the curves

- michael A

Sporty and fun! Great crossover sport utility vehicle

I love how it looks, it gets good gas mileage. My captiva is a great vehicle for my family.

- Jennifer P

It's perfect size suv for small family

Love the exterior interior space accessories. Dislike how easy the sheet metal dings

- John l

It is fun to drive and easy on gas , wish it was bigger, to carry lumber . But all and all I love it .

Easy on gas , back seat lays down for fishing pole ..

- harold c