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The Green Hornet will never die

The car is old, it has a lot of cosmetic issues. Other than that it still runs decent. It doesn't do well idling when it's hot. It's been pretty reliable for the most part. It sounds like it may have a bad wheel bearing. After seventy miles per hour it shakes feeling like it might fall apart if I go too fast. As far as comfort goes it has no heater or AC, so I tend to drive it from spring to fall and don't during the long winter. Also the trunk doesn't open, I am really not concerned on how it looks. There aren't many features, I had the radio and speakers replaced that's about all, and all of the repairs it needed

- Andrew G

2000 Chevy Cavalier: not bad.

I have owned my current vehicle, a 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier for a little over a year now. The only issue I have had with it, performance wise, was a blown motor but that was entirely my fault as I forgot to put oil in it. Otherwise, this car has been amazing and requires very little upkeep, unlike my last car that was constantly breaking down or otherwise needing some kind of maintenance. The only thing I don't like about my cavalier is how small it is. It's very difficult to get kiddos in car seats in and out of the backseat. Overall, it's a great car and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new car!

- Holden R

Great on gas, easy to maintain, comfortable and reliable. Great everyday car.

It's simple style makes it easy to operate the controls. Windshield wipers, turning signal even the radio. The seats are comfortable both front and back. Its reliable and easy to maintain. It's easy to work on and I often do my own mechanical maintenance, from changing oil, replacing spark plugs and even replacing the belt. The trunk is spacious with easy to access spare tire. Not a big fan of two door but it fits my needs regardless. The sunroof and electric windows are a plus. I have owned a couple cavaliers and they are in my opinion one of my favorite cars.

- Ren R

Cracked dashboard but smooth drive

The dashboard has cracked off from sun damage, all the dashboard plastic has cracked off and continues to crack easily and the air conditioner broke quickly. I don't like the interior and have to had a lot of work done on it but it is fairly reliable and drives nicely. It is not too crowded for a two door and the drive is smooth for an older car.

- Savannah W

Great car, has a couple issues. But nothing a mechanic can't fix!

I love my car. But all Chevys have problems with break lines. My break lines went out twice. The AC did go out but that's expected of an older car, that's what windows are for! The heat still works and it works great. I recommend this car as a first car for being drivers. Just make sure you get the breaks checked out first! It's a great car!

- Erin M

My car is a cheap and reliable car as long as it's taken care of.

My car works good as any car that is over 18 years old would be. It doesn't break down with the occasional maintenance that its given. It drives well and is trustworthy. It also has great windows so you can see in all directions. The interior is good minus the years of neglect the previous owner. This is my first car and it's truly reliable.

- Pacey R

Great car, moves like a racing car.

I haven't had many problem with the car including its 18 years old, and has over 200, 000 miles. It picks up speed fast and the engine as a hole is well put together. Some of the problems we have has was the fan stopped work and the gear shift wires went and had to be rewired but was simple task, nothing serious has occur thankfully.

- Nicole W

Reliable.Safe. Long lasting.

It is my mom's car and she's never had any serious problems with it. Just minor changes like tires etc. It's been reliable for 19 years. Its safe, drivable and still reliable. I do not think they make this model anymore, but it's a really good car. The most recent problem I can think of is the air conditioning went out.

- Rachel L

Reliable but not the prettiest.

This car is really reliable. It had over 200,000 miles on it and have had minimal issues. I had to replace the water pump a few years ago, and the dash is cracked in places, but overall it's a great car. It could use a paint job and a new dashboard, but it runs well so I am not as concerned about how it looks.

- Rebecca G

It gets about 32 miles to the gallon.

It gets great gas mileage, no major problems with the car itself. Seems to rust. Easily. It has a great acceleration. It is a very comfortable, small car. It is very reliable. Downfall is it does not have power windows or locks. Have had problems with the door locks breaking and not being able to open them.

- Sierra B

19 years old and still running

The car has 95000 miles with no troubles I put 1600 to freshen her up a few years ago and ever since had no problems. New brakes oil change trans fluid replace cheap gaskets and spark plugs. The body is still in great condition. I got new tires battery nothing major is wrong and its 19 years old

- Anton P

Red Bandit- simple everyday hard working car

We have had almost no trouble with this car. We bought it as a used vehicle and drive it all the time. Needed maintenance includes, brakes, starter, filters, water pump. There is no electrical in this car. Tires when needed. All of what you would expect in a car as old as it is. Still runs great.

- Aaron E

Good sturdy little car but needs work.

It is getting old and showing her age. The dash is cracking and has a few holes, the dome light comes on and off while driving, sometimes has trouble starting. Can adjust the speed of the wiper delay. Gets about 24 mpg, does not do well in stop and go traffic, over heats if sitting to long.

- Heidi L

Compact hoopie with some guts

It's got a lifter knocking. Its burns through oil and transmission fluid like crazy. The suspension is shot. Its gets good gas mileage and starts every time. Its has enough room in the back and trunk to accommodate two people. Parts are fairly easy to find and it's simple enough to fix

- William H

Economical comfort in the Chevy cavalier.

The 2000 Chevy cavalier is a wonderful, reliable vehicle. It has excellent gas mileage. The interior features power windows and seating. The cavalier is small but can still fit 4 people comfortably or 6 people total. My husband commutes and finds the cavalier very comfortable.

- Emily H

This car runs very cheap on gas which is a big plus nowadays

I bought this car new in 2000. Has been the best car I have ever owned.I have had in shop once for an oil leak. The rest of the time it has been in for oil changes and new tires and two. Batteries I can tell you if I ever decide to buy another car it will be a Chevy cavalier.

- Suzan K

Would buy another cavalier in the future, and upgrade with a sunroof.

I just replaced the brakes, they lasted a long time. I enjoy the manual transmission, I have more control. The only thing I am finding frustrating is the lack of visibility around the crossovers, can be difficult to judge where other cars might be. It is fun to drive.

- Mary M

Chevy cavalier downfalls.

Can find parts easily but not durable. Dangerous when switching lanes because of really big blind spot created in part by the car’s design. Timing belt needs to be replaced a lot. Ac does not last at all. Fixed the whole system and then it only for a year.

- Lee K

My mom gave me the Chevy cavalier.

My car is reliable. It only has had one owner before me. My mom. She took very good care of it. It's clean. It runs good. The engine is strong. My blinkers are temperamental. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. But the car is almost 20 years old.

- Jennifer B

They should know that it has good gas mileage.

I like the fact that it is smaller and I can get into parking spaces easy. I also like that I have good visibility. It is decent on gas and has lasted a long time without needing too many repairs. I do not like that it is a 2 door car with a small trunk.

- beth L

Used to be Cavalier fan now not so sure

I bought this vehicle used at first it didn't have many issues, but it didn't take long for that to change. Started to have problems with engine, plugs, pumps, timing chain many different sensors, windows and doors, cars computer board to name a few

- Crystal W

Chevy Cavaliers are reliable as Hondas

My vehicle is a reliable car. The engine is said to be made by Toyota. The car has really good fuel efficiency and is really reliable. Almost no problems with it other than interior is very brittle

- Carlos G

Dependable car but unfortunately lacking working A.C.

I like my car for the dependability and easy maintenance. There are minor issues with my car, like no a.c. and the radio is in bad condition. But overall, it is a good car and very dependable.

- Casey B

It cannot be driven on the freeway.

It is really old and had a lot of scratches plus it has the axel broken and it makes a weird and loud noise when it is driven. The car is red and is missing two rims but the tires are all new.

- yaritza M

It still runs and gets to where I need to go, and we have to make it last as long as we can.

It's about as basic as it gets: 4-cylinder, no power anything, extremely basic, and only has two doors. I dislike it because it's not ideal for getting around in with a child.

- David K

Have never had any major problem with it. It's been good on gas and always dependable

It's a sporty car that I just love. There is nothing I dislike about it. Fell in love with the car as soon as I saw it and had no question as to whether to buy it or not.

- barbara h

It gets great gas mileage. Its small but big enough for a family and groceries.

Love this car. It drives good, a/c is great and so is the heat. Just enough space for my family and inside the trunk. It's great on gas and all around perfect car.

- Laura G

bad car, i needed a car but i wish i would have chosen another car but i got what my money could afford

rusted out really bad, the brakes were bad, i had to get a new battery, i spent 1000 for the car but i spent almost double that trying to keep it running and going

- kelli t

A lot of space in the trunk for groceries. It also rides super nice.

Good reliable car, had it for almost 5years.Cheap inside parts but good running car, its had it is regular maintenance works and so far it is still running.

- Bernice G

That there is ware and tare in the car and the car does not have AC.

When I first got my car I loved it then my AC went out. Over the years it has gotten worn out from daily use. I still drive my car till this day.

- Jennifer B

Chevy cavalier white 1998.

Lasts for a long time. Always is dependable. Not great in the snow. Lots of space, air conditioning and heating, pull down trunk, two doors.

- Alicia A

Even after getting the AC fixed, it only worked for a year & now it is out again.

It does not necessarily making m feel safe when switching lanes. Especially when someone is in my blind spot. Also, major problems with ac.

- Michel K

Good miles per gallon on freeway and city too.

The air conditioner and speakers do not work. The starter has issues. The car is too low. I do not like how low the driver seat are.

- Samantha C

Its red and has black interior

Just needs brakes other than that it's a great car and love it. I happy with my purchase although it took a lil more than I expected

- Brittany W

I need a new one. Well I want a new one so I am looking now for local deals.

Its normal, I love the color black and the little two door just for me. I also love the speakers I had custom built in to my trunk.

- Stacey J

No car payment! Was inexpensive to start and has lasted me a long time- good value for my money!

Has lasted me 18 years. Love that it's reliable and paid in full. Dislike that it's cosmetically starting to show a lot of wear.

- Michelle D

It is very old but still runs great and is dependable.

My vehicle runs amazing and it is dependable. Everything still works in it as well. It looks old but that does not matter to me.

- Madison H

Number 3 on heat and AC do not work.

Like the way it runs good, looks nice and gets me to all the places I need to go! Radio plays good, heater and AC works great!!.

- Brenda P

It runs excellent for over 100, 000 miles the body is still in excellent condition.

The performance is excellent I need one new tire and the left side tie end whenever the problem happens it runs like a new car.

- Carol G

It is a very dependable vehicle.

No dislikes. It gets me from point a to point b with no problems. It is great on gasoline mileage and very easy to upkeep.

- Ken R

It has great gas mileage but the tires are not very good.

It does not have air conditioning. But I love the sunroof. And it is good on mileage. I like the interior and the paint.

- Natasha P

Old but still going strong

This is the longest lasting vehicle I have ever had. It is almost 19 years old and still running. I am most impressed.

- Mary B

It was free. It has lasted us many years.

The car is old. The paint is peeling. There is no air conditioning. There are only two doors. I like that it was free.

- Nicole P

It is really spacious and small.

It is really good on gas. Gets you from point A to point B. It is a small but spacious car. Give off sport car vibes.

- Britney V

It has great gas mileage and the ride is comfortable.

It has great gas mileage, a 12 gallon tank, the ac cools very well, and the ride is very smooth. I love my car.

- Lindsey A

Really good gas efficiency.

I love the car because it is reliable it is built strong and it never lets me down great speed good horsepower.

- Brandon S

Very good dependable car.

It gets good gas mileage. I'm about to get to 200,000 miles and it's still good. It's been very reliable.

- Anita H

Not bad on gas mileage and this car has windows that crank by hand.

Very smooth running car. Basic...not a lot of frills, but I like that. Wish seats were more comfortable.

- darla s

good basic transportation for the average person.

Just a stock high mileage dependable chevy cavalier.Nothing fancy but it get me from point a to point b.

- jim c

The gas mileage is the best.

Great car, runs fantastic. Very low miles for the year and has never broken down on me before. I love it

- Robert T

reliable for the time being. and gets me to point a to point b

im happy with the car and would like to get another vehicle the cars are too expensive to buy newer cars

- joe l

Reliable, easy maintenance car.

Sporty car. Old but still reliable. Very little maintenance. Good handling vehicle. American made.

- Janessa j

Reliable and efficient car

Comfort is ok, it's generally a reliable vehicle, has only broke down once, and has decent gas mileage

- Mark Y

Tiny, unreliable vehicle with many engine issues.

It always has engine issues. Head gasket blew a few times. It is not a big car. It is not reliable.

- Beth T

It's a cute fast little car

It has a sunroof, a lot of room, nice system and runs so smooth. best car I ever had or drove in.

- Cory C

It sucks. It's too old to be a very reliable vehicle. It's impossible to navigate with two children in the back seat.

I dislike how light this vehicle is. I dislike how old this vehicle is. I dislike the headlights.


It runs good. It will get you to where you need to be.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. As well as it a good little car that is easy to maneuver.

- Skylar S

How great gas mileage is it gets over 30 mpg. Thanks so that you can you tell them you

I like the color I like the mpg I like the way it drives I don't like how small it is

- Brian P

My vehicle was purchased in a pinch years ago and is high mileage. Now, years later, I have added over 60,000 miles to it and have no end in sight. It is a small car, and I would prefer a larger vehicle in the future.

This cavalier is excellent at getting you from point to point at an economical price.

- Ian H




You have to check the fluids regularly and it will run smoothly.

I love this car. It is really good on gas. I don't ever have any problems with it.

- Claudia O

It's bought and paid for. It's very dependable and gets you from point a to point b.

I like everything about it. Great gas mileage and dependable. Nothing to dislike.

- Ken R

it is old but a good car and a dependable car. it was made by a good company

I bought it new and have driven it for over 18 years and it has been a good car


It was from JD Byrider, and it was sold to someone with a poor credit rating deliberately because of its desperately short remaining lifespan

It's old, busted, and too many "mechanics" have hurt more than they've helped

- Dillon A

It gets good gas mileage.

It gets good gas mileage and it is the right size for me. I just like it.

- Jody P

Good economical car, however, as the car gets older seems to have less ump going up hills. Hear lots of road noise.

Great on Gas Mileage for highway driving. Ranges in between 26 to 28 MPG

- Kelly D

It has enough room for family of 7. It has a DVD player

Let of rush and back end split. In have so we can't dive it but ran good

- Rhonda P

It get good gas mileage.. It has very good tires on it and all of the power windows and power locks work but there is a headlight out.

It does get good gas mileage. It's getting old. The paint is bad.

- Donald W

It gets me where I need to go with minimal investment.

Like--runs well, paid for Dislike--older model

- Laura B