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Reliable, but made for a very specific height range.

I love how reliable it is, I've never had a major problem with it, so long as I keep up with the regular maintenance. I dislike that you can't move the seat any closer to the steering wheel. I am only 5ft tall, so this is a problem. It's a problem I have in a lot of cars, but with my car being so small, you would expect it to be better made for people on my height. Also, there's not enough leg room for me. Once I have the seat close enough, my non-driving leg can't be bent, because there's not enough room between the steering wheel & the floor of the car.

- Windy L

Compact, reliable and a gas saver.

Amazing gas mileage, runs smooth, haven't had a problem worth it despite age and mileage. The starter went out but it was an easy fix, so the labor costs from the mechanic weren't higher at all! It's only a two door but has been plenty roomy enough for my 3 yr olds car seat, honestly I don't really have any negatives to give about the vehicle other than it's not the prettiest but that's pretty trivial considering all the positives I have to give it. I'd definitely recommend this as a great first car purchase.

- Victoria J

Cavaliers Overall they are great compact cars. Great on gas and seem to last.

I really like the fact that it is easy on gas. It's small and easy to fit into tight spaces. It has high mileage but still keeps going. I can fit a lot in the deep trunk. I do wish it had more features. The windows and doors are not electric. There is no cruise control. Not having electric windows is not a real big deal because I don't have to worry about a switch going bad and not being able to roll down my window. The only other negative is the dash cracking. The seems to be a thing with that type of car.

- Joseph D

That is completely paid off and it gets me from point a to point b rather well. The gas mileage is pretty good.

About the only good thing about my car is it has pretty good gas mileage. It seems like it is cheaply made and put together the dashboard and trim anything's it's basically plastic as he that are falling off cracked super easily. The passenger side seat belt locks and tightens up for no reason and just gets Tighter and Tighter until you unclick it take it all the way off and then put it back on. Lastly the paint job is horrible the paint has peeled off and chipped away and now just looks like trash.

- Summer L

The outside doesn't look too good, but it still runs like new.

For the amount of years the car has been running, I have rarely had to invest a large sum of money into it. I haven't taken very good care of it, but despite that, it's been reliable in every aspect. Since purchasing it, the most expensive thing I've done in the 15 years I've had it is the motor and it was only $1000. Despite its age, it runs well, the interior has held up, and the air conditioning works wonderfully compared to my other vehicle.

- Allison E

Cavalier 2001 review ugly but reliable and good on gas.

This vehicle is not very pretty or stylish. The cars looks overall is off putting to me. This particular car is very slow, its definitely no hot rod. The seats are ugly. I have noticed that all the door handles fall off this particular year of car. The car is really comfortable for its size. Seems to be great on gas and very reliable. My overall review is its a safe, cheap, great on gas, ugly, slow car.

- William L

The get up and go car. So take an adventure

My car is 18 years old. It's a tough car. I got it at a used car lot several years ago. The only thing I've had to replace is the starter and alternator. It doesn't use oil and is great on gas. I wouldn't be scared to take it anywhere. I've had people wanting my car but I will keep it till it won't go anymore. If you are in the market for a new car I would recommend a Chevrolet Cavalier.

- Patricia U

Chevy's are awesome, they are long lasting vehicles.

My car has 140000 miles and is running strong, I have had the car for 15 years and have put approx 4000.00 in the entire time I have had it, the most expensive repair was the head gasket, with cost about 2000.00 the rest of the parts were very reasonable as far as price goes. I think cavaliers are very reliable cars if/when I replace this one I will be getting another Chevy.

- Heather A

I would recommend this vehicle to all of my customers cause it's a great vehicle.

It's a great vehicle! Its nice and compact. It rides very smooth and saves a ton of gas! I would not trade it for a million bucks! If they still made cavaliers than I would definitely buy another one! It's great for traveling and for cruising around town and it is very easy to maintenance. If I was a sales man, than I would recommend this vehicle to all of customers.

- Randy M

My Chevrolet two door Reliable Car

It's comfortable but too old for my taste and just has too many miles on it at this point. It gets me to and from my part time job and that is really all I can ask for. My sister had it for a few years, so it is reliable. Comfortable seats, adjustable steering wheel. I don't like how heavy the doors are either, I always feel like I'm going to hit someone's car.

- Brittany C

My very small car that I like.

Very compact car. The are not that comfortable for a tall person. There is not trunk space. I do like how easy it is to put in and out the headlights. The car is low to ground so it makes it hard to get elderly or handicapped people out of the car. You cannot fit 5 people in the car because it so compact. It drives nicely. I think it is a reliable car still.

- Lisa D

This car physically needs work, but for an old car it runs well.

It is an old vehicle, therefore the entire bottom of the car is rusted. The paint is chipping off all over the vehicle. The inside dashboard is plastic and its completely breaking apart. The heat and air conditioner still work and the car runs fine considering all of the physical problems. The engine light has been on and no one can seem to find the issue.

- Sadia P

The Cavalier--first car I have ever owned.

It is a super reliable car! Runs well, even though it is seventeen years old! The seats are pretty nice, comfortable. The one issue, for me, is that the windows still use rollers and the rollers frequently fall off of mine, but that could just be my car. Other than that small issue, and the cracked dash from sun damage before I got it, it is a great car!

- Taylor P

A good little sporty car for its time!

I have owned three of these cars. Good gas mileage, quick, manual trans, reliable, and it has 278, 000. The last one had 317,000 in original engine and clutch! A good car to teach one folks how to shift gears with a clutch. Change the oil and keep the fluids topped. Downside is the brakes never up to snuff. Needed all around disc not those drums.

- Craig H

Car that will last forever.

This car has lasted longer than anyone would have thought. It always starts up in the winter, even when it is below zero. It has had it is issues with brakes, tires, muffler, but the engine has been great. The headlights were a little tricky to figure out when changing the light bulb, so they shattered. This car is made for longevity.

- Chloe F

My car has been very durable throughout the years. It is silver in color therefor washing it is not a must everyday. Even with age it has had little to no repairs each year other than regular maintenance.

It has lasted a long time and during that time has rarely had any mechanical issues. My vehicle has taken me from college to my present state. It has been overall one of the greatest vehicles I have owned. I don't have any complaints, I have driven it from Kentucky to Maryland and Pennsylvania and not once did it have any issues.

- January H

My 2001 Chevy cavalier is an excellent car.

I bought this car used. But it has never had any bad issues. It has always been a very reliable vehicle. It has excellent gas mileage. Interior is roomy enough for two child seats and two adults. It has the factory installed stereo system. Sound quality is great. Engine is still running strong with just under 200,000 miles on it.

- Tanya W

Buying this car was a bad deal.

I bought this car 2nd hand and it was in pretty bad shape but it drives. Then later on it has developed a lot more problems. The power steering goes in and out. The fan did not work causing car to overheat. It also needed fan switch. Bad gas mileage, stalls when taking off. This car needs more repair more than I am able to do.

- Linda K

Good. Dependable to drive. Good on gas.

My car is not running right now do not. Have a driver license so can drive right now. But I drove a cavalier long time ago and I drove good run good gas mileage good. I haven't had any problems with the car..It is silver black hubcaps. If I was to buy another car it will be a cover. I like the GMC too mostly the trucks.

- Shan H

Very strong for its size and price.

Smaller cars are easy to maneuver. fast, simple powerful little and cheap car. High miles per gallon without a doubt, and I would recommend this car to anyone, especially those on a tight budget. Great car for new drivers too, simple control and is small, so less chance of bumping while parking or something.

- Gavin C

Practically brand new. Am FM radio and CD player. New tires.

This car has been recently redone. A new alternator, radiator, fuel and water pump, new brake lines and pads. Has great gas mileage and should be maintenance free for quite awhile. I just recently had four brand new tires put on. They do not even have 50 miles on them yet. She rides real smooth and quiet.

- Loretta W

I would recommend something other than that kind of vehicle.

It's just getting to be very old and rusting in a lot of places also had to put new motor in it along with the cooling system. And the a frame is starting to get pretty bad. Even after replacing radiator it seems to want to get hot at times. I have trouble with the blinkers not wanting to stay working.

- Bernadette J

My van has a lot of room and it's very comfortable I enjoy driving in it.

My cars are used and were for lease and finally paid for them. They now need repairs but they work great. We really like our minivans. We have been in other cars and they do not have enough room in them. I suggest that. People would really enjoy owning a minivan. Our vans are used and they're great.

- Rochelle V

It's a very dependable car that is great for my family and fun to drive.

I love that it's a convertible. I love that it runs so well, we've had a few minor repairs since we bought it, and have replaced the engine once but the engine it came with was in bad shape. The only complaint I have is that the frame is rusting out, but honestly at it's age that's not a surprise.

- Danielle D

Pick this car and you won't be sorry!

This car is very dependable and great on gas mileage. It does not cost a lot to fill the tank and the gas lasts a long time. It is compact but has a lot of trunk space. The headlights are a little difficult to replace but it has amazing reliability. I would recommend this car over many others.

- Sierra H

This car is for anyone who wants to learn how to drive a manual transmission.

I am totally satisfied with the car that I own, it is good on gas with very few problems, I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a good car that is reliable and safe, I think this is a good car for first time drivers especially if they want to learn how to drive a manual transmission.

- Gwendolyn H

Runs fine for being an old car.

It is a good starter car. I have had to do routine maintenance, as you would on any car. The radiator cap was replaced by the previous owner and does not fit properly. There is also a small crack in my radiator from the previous owner. There are small issues but it is also an 17 year old car.

- Amy C

2001 Chevrolet cavalier, short person recommended.

Quite reliable. 39 miles per gallon. 30 u. S. Dollars to fill the tank. Heats and cools well. Spacious trunk and foot space in backseat. Tight fit in front I am 5'3" and have to duck in. Radio speakers are Audible. Would recommend to friends or family. Not tall people though. Shorties only.

- Brandy D

Do not pass on this car!!

I have had this car for many years and it rarely gives me any trouble. It is reliable and dependable. It gets great gas mileage and is easy to maintain. The headlights are a little difficult to replace but can be done at a shop. This car will last a long time and will not let you down!

- Sierra H

2001 Chevy cavalier is a great starter vehicle.

It has 270,000 miles on it but still runs great. Cheap parts. Not a luxury car. Strictly point a to point b. Most cavaliers can be fixed by the owner. Parts such as lights are very easy to replace. Even for my car which is a coop is still spacious. Easily fits four people comfortably.

- Shawn Paul R

Car history of my own vehicle many things.

My car is great and good on gas. I really believe that if I had to poor this out to the public I would give it out to the trade and make it work exception and well. I also would like to get a real our fit to be on top of the wall and sit three stories above the level of the sea.

- Stanley M

Runs well and is reliable. It runs on natural gas which saves a lot of money.

My vehicle doesn't have any mechanical issues, the only issue that it has is a dent one the drivers side. It has been very reliable for me. It's a comfortable size. It has a basic radio but it does not have Bluetooth or AUX plug in. My car can run on natural gas or regular gas.

- Justin S

Runs great; great gas mileage. Sun roof. Power windows. Automatic transmission.

It is a nice car. We have had problems with the transmission and the fusing for with window. We get great gas mileage. We love the sunroof. The paint isn't peeling like some vehicles do. It rides smoothly. We added a system to the car on the factory stereo and it sounds great.

- Misty C

it's a manual. And doesn't contain fake leather seats.

it runs great it's lasted long and hopefully it will bring me and my family more to come in the future, I like that the seats are not fake leather, easy to get the smell in the car other than out. it's also pretty fast for a tiny thing, is great on gas and is a manual.

- Scott H

Great little car. Great gas mileage.

Really great little car. Gets fantastic gas mileage. Good for two people, not so much if you have kids and car seats. Very reliable. Cheap to repair if needed. Drives great, especially in the wind. Is very comfortable to ride in, has bucket seats. Great for long trips.

- Katie S

Light and cool on the roads.

I like some car in a new darker color. Still looking also a car that I have better control of in traffic. It is too slow to start up at times for me. Besides that all is well no complaints. An easier door to open and close and strong windows with a sunroof is good too.

- Jim M

Good gas mileage, air conditioned & am/FM DVD player plenty of room.

I bought my car used, but I am well pleased with it is performance, it gets good gas mileage and has been very reliable. It is very comfortable has air condition in it that works well. Has am/FM DVD player installed. Has plenty of room in front and back sitting areas.

- Linda S

Good gas mileage. Very good on the highway.

Good on gas mileage and it drives well in the snow. Most problem we have is with the exhaust system. Car starts up with no problem. Seats are comfortable. Not enough leg room. For the driver or passenger. Leg room for back seat passengers is not there. Buy one today.

- Joan G

My car is great and reliable. My favorite car.

Had a problem with brake line. Random rust spot on the side of my car. But other than that runs good last forever. Have had no problems since. If your looking to buy a first car this is the one to get kids will love it. I recommend making sure air conditioning works.

- george S

Great little car. Good on gas.

The vehicle overall is transportation. It's roomy inside. Great of gas mileage. Cheap to fill up despite today's gas prices. I have had a few issues with the vehicle but nothing more than day to day maintainer. Great starter car for someone who may be learning.

- Stephanie J

Chevrolet cavaliers are reliable and dependable vehicles.

My car is very reliable. I have had some overheating issues but they were solved easily by normal maintenance. Keeping my car well tended and up to motor vehicle maintenance standards goes a long way. So my car takes me where I need to when I need to get there.

- Brandy H

That it is gently used and is my baby.

I love it is a family car, however I hate that the inside of car is falling apart. Had to replace radio volume knob due to it breaking and now having to replace the lever that sets the back of driver seat. I don't use these things much, but the busted on me.

- Cindy S

It gets me from point A to point B.

Need a newer model heat does not work well headlights are not bright enough, doors get stuck, shifter is out of line and seats cannot be adjusted, wipers do not work very well, and overheats occasionally. Windows have the crank ones and are hard to roll down.

- Anna W

Comfy, reliable, safe and secure.

Nothing really. The car runs like a gem. I keep up with the maintenance, oil changes, realignments, etc. I personally enjoy it. I think that if you treat a car as you would a child you can get the most out of its performance and can essential ride forever.

- Isaac W

Has almost 190000 miles and it's a 2001.

Runs great has over 185000 miles very little maintenance there's some rust but everything is great condition cloth seats stays warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather car was bought new in 2001 so it's now 17 years old not much more I can think of.

- Penney S

We enjoy driving our car..

As we all know the price of gas doubled. This car gets great gas mileage. It's great for family trips and the comfort of driving it. Makes it worth owning, it's small and very easy to handle and is great to drive in the winter months, front wheel drive,

- Dora W

Sunroof, electric windows, but didn't have an ashtray. Thought that was weird.

Great on gas, reliable, wheel bearing problems, electrical problems, not winter friendly car at all. Fuel pump problem, clutch and transmission replaced, like its a 5 speed. Good car all around. Not a gas hog, ideal car for a teen or who travels often.

- Ashley C

It has lasted a long time considering everything it's gone through.

It's a 2 door which was compatible before I had my baby, but now I am looking for a car that can fit my whole family. The window motors have messed up several times over the years. Overall, it is a reliable vehicle despite some of its faults.

- Emily P

I love the vehicle, very easy to maneuver, great on gas.

The biggest thing with Chevy is the same thing since they started making cars, the rust around the rocker panels, bottom of the doors and the gas tank. The take a beating and keep going, they are easy to repair as far as parts are concerned.

- Tracy M

That it's safe and reliable.

I really miss the Cavaliers. Mine is old but still runs so well! On a separate note, I hope they can make a car that disables all technology like cell phones since using them while driving is so dangerous. Thank you for your consideration!!

- D B

Can fit 3 car seats in the backseat.

I love the car itself, have ac issues, can't hold a charge, the sensors keep going out. I love that it can fit 2 full sized car seats and a infant seat in the back. I wish that the back windows would roll all the way down in the back.

- Abigail O

This car is mechanically reliable up to 280,000 miles

This 2001 Chevrolet cavalier is an excellent car. im a third generation driver and have had no mechanical issues with it the only issues I have are electrical which don't impede on the cars ability to be driven

- Jordan f

It gets to where I need to go.

It gets me to where I need to go but it does have a good bit of issues. Some of the issues includes my odometer does not work or gas gage an I have a hole in my exhaust and part of my dashboard is broke.

- Alyssa R

That it's my baby. Very reliable and dependable car thAt I can count on

I love that it's reliable, good on gas and a very dependable car. I dislike that it's harder to find parts and expensive to fix. My only complaint is someone sold me a car they knew needed fixes.

- Jacqueline N

Nothing major has occurred regarding maintenance issues. Extremely reliable.

The car has been very dependable...very little maintenance issues in the past 17 years (which were minor ones at that). Good fuel efficiency and has held up remarkably well inside and out.

- karen b

This is a solid, reliable car.

It is a very reliable vehicle although it is not fancy by any means. It has so far needed the normal repairs that come with age. It is also a straightforward vehicle to work on.

- Marisa M

Reliable and dependable. Stylish.

It is old and lowered so the car feels every bump. For as old as it is, it drives decently. It gets me to point b from point a. It is not the best but it is still a car.

- Sophia L

A basic, but reliable vehicle.

This is a very reliable vehicle that gets good mileage. This is by no means a luxury vehicle, but it is very comfortable and has few extra options that could break.

- Melanie R

Cavalier: a good car for the everyday driver.

Good gas mileage, reliable, starts right up. After it rains my car has a problem running (weird noises, engine hesitation) usually goes away after an hour or two.

- Anthony B

The car is old, but has very low mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it is old. I need to buy tires for it very soon. I like that it is small. I like the make and color.

- Wanda A

A tiny piece of junk from 2001.

The worst piece of junk ever but since I cannot afford a better car I just deal with it. Only had it for two years and has. Token down at least 8 times.

- Sherry T

There are not a lot of Chevy cavaliers left in the road now a days.

I wish that it had 4 door, and more bells and whistles. The gas mileage is great, and it rides smoothly. It only had 67,000 miles on it when I bought.

- Leslie Y

It's a really well built vehicle.

Car is easy on gas. Car is easy to maintain. I like the small size of it. I hate that it has no a/c. It has small tires that are not expensive..

- Sharon T

I have had no engine issues but the rust is a big problem

The engine lasts very well although it has issues with rusting also I dislike that the transmission is sideways so it's hard to check the fluid

- Amber V

I love my vehicle because it has lasted me so long and it has actually gotten me from state to state multiple times but it is time for a new car.

If you aren't willing to put in the money to be able to keep your car for a long period of time don't expect to have it for more than two years

- Diamond A

Basic car, gets you where you need to go reliably.

It's very basic, not up to date with technology, and small. But it is fairly fuel efficient and I don't have many mechanical problems with it.

- Mikayla M

It runs well and is very dependable. It is comfortable to drive.

I like how easy it is to drive. I like its small size. I do not like how small the back seat area is. I think I'd rather have a hatchback car.

- Connie B

It is not as reliable as people say.

It is too small. Has a lot of problems, I have had to replace the brake lines, power steering, and I had a gas leak so had to fix it too.

- Kayla N

That it runs on natural gas.

I hate how I cannot play disks or plug in my phone. But I do love how it runs on natural gas! I also like how it looks. Not too fancy.

- Tarin H

The best vehicle that I have ever had.

It is very reliable source of transportation and thank you for making it love it very much I will let everyone else know what to but.

- Connie F

It gets good gas mileage and will run and run. It might look like much, but it will get you to where you want to go.

What I do not like about my vehicle is that it has a lot of minor problems with, but I like that it is dependable and always runs.

- Christopher B

Safety features with performance speed durability.

Like the performance and features in the car speeds and the way it drives on long travel distances and there is nothing I dislike.

- Maria M

It is reliable and has never left me stranded.

It runs decently. It is reliable. I do not like that it has a little bit work needed. I do not like that is was previously owned.

- Michelle A

It is old there are going to be problems.

I like that it is old and still drives good. I dislike that there’s constantly problems with it. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Ally U

It has been dependable and has lasted a long time.

I like that my vehicle is still dependable and runs well. What I dislike is that it is old and will need to be replaced soon.

- Jill D

It's a two thousand and one model, so it is starting to get old, maintenance is starting to mount up

Love my Cavalier, it's dependable, performs well, low maintenance, and very comfortable, not many features but enough for me

- Susan L

My car is very reliable and gets good gas mileage.

My Chevy Cavalier is old but still runs great. It's very reliable and gets good gas mileage. I wish it had electric windows.

- Robert R

It is a good gas mileage car that gets you where you want to go.

I like that it has good gas mileage. It is decently spacious. I hate that it rusts out so much. I hate that it is older .

- Elizabeth B

my car is very dependable, handles great in the snow

i love my car It's small gets great gas mileage i have over a hundred thousand miles on it and it still runs like a champ

- Laurie M

It runs good but still needs some work done.

I like my vehicle because it gets me from point a to b. Car needs new tires and oil change. Also needs to get a/c fixed.

- Crystal T

The car is great on gas and very reliable also. I love this car

Great car gets good gas mileage. I have had no issues with the car .perfect car to drive everyday. Would highly recommend

- Robert H

That it belongs to me and i won't ever sell her for anything.

I love how durable it still is. I don't like how old it is. It's a nice small car fit for me. They should bring it back.

- Joseph T

It has wonderful gas mileage. You are able to drive down the interstate through several counties before needing to fill up again. It also if able to go through towns without using lots of gas.

It is very good on gas mileage. I do not like the plastic gas tank melts to easy. It also has to many issues with tires.

- Kimberly A

Cheap good running car that is good on gas.

It is a reliable car that and is easy to work on. It is also good on gas and parts for the car are usually pretty cheap.

- Richard S

Affordable FWD 4 door car

It's nice, like a basic all around vehicle. It's comfy and affordable and also with the FWD it does great on snowy roads

- Daniel K

It is very dependable and the gas mileage is great.

It is dependable, it gets great gas mileage, and it is easy to drive. And I would gladly buy another one just like it.

- Sharon D

Great Value Car.. Chevy Cavalier. They run forever.

My car is great. I've had it for 8 years and I put some work in it. It still runs, and I'm impressed. Nice little car.

- patricia k

Power windows and power locks

I own a chevrolet cavalier. It's a four door automatic vehicle with power windows and power locks. It's tan in color.

- Kayla B

2001 Chevrolet cavalier convertible is car on gas.

I drive a 2001 black with a white checkerboard on the side Chevrolet cavalier convertible. This has been a great car.

- Alex M

that it is a compact car with get gas mileage

i love my car i have owned it for 15 years ,it gets great gas mileage. i have never had to put a lot of money into it

- Laurie F

It has been a great car, I haven't had any serious problems with it.

The car is still running great and it has been through a lot. It has been rear ended, in 2 ditches, and hit 2 deer.

- Dawn L

My Chevrolet Cavalier has taken good care of me by getting me where I need to go.

My car is now 17 years old and is still running well. It is comfortable and roomy. It is my favorite color.

- Joyce M

Dependable and good mileage.

Love it because it has a good gas mileage and dependable. But in safety wise it is small and of side airbag.

- Mary Beth D

This car is just so amazing!

The car is amazing in every way great and especially great on gas!!! I would recommend this car to anyone!!!

- Angie M

Basically it is good vehicle. The minor repairs that I have had to do are brake pads and tires. I have also changed the alternator. It has held up well for a car over 15 years old.

I love that my car is efficient using gas. The mileage is fantastic. I do, however, dislike it's small size.

- Anthony L

Aside from a couple of minor glitches, after replacing them, the car is dependable and enjoyable to own.

starter went out, thermostat went out, got them replaced and other than those, the car drives like a dream.

- Greg M

Very spacious for being a compact vehicle.

There are several issues with the carpet lining, however it is a very smooth ride and has good gas mileage.

- Katie K

Good little car. Got a good motor with decent tires and brakes

Got over 150,000 miles but good little car. Never quits. Good tires on it. Also maintenance is kept up ob

- Nate C

I love my car. It is very dependable and very fuel efficient and hasn't ever really given me any trouble.

It's very dependable and very fuel efficient.it has over 100,000 miles but still runs like its brand new!

- Kayla H

It is a dependable car. It gets me from point A to Point B. I like my car.

It has been a dependable vehicle. A few issues with transmission. It gets me where I need to go.


It runs well but has major electrical issues.

It's a solid car has a good engine has some electrical issues but is overall a great car.

- Chris G

It is very reliable transportation.

I have had my car for several years. It is big enough for my needs. Very cheap on gas.

- Pam S

Fuel mileage is great, a very dependable vehicle. Low maintenance issues, rides smooth

It's been a very dependable car, fuel efficient, smooth ride, comfortable interior

- Annie B

its mine respect it as if it was yours, dont trash what's not yours

i like its good on gas cheap to fill up. one thing i dont like, its not roomie

- traecen w

It's run great for years, only required periodic maintenance.

I have had it for years. I runs great. I do routine maintenance as needed.

- Keith K

Great safety feature and reliable good on gas conditions

Comfortable, reliable. Safe was very affordable and lasted years

- Marty L

It has been very reliable. It has very good gas Mileage.

Good gas mileage. Very reliable. Little maintenance.

- john b