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Chevrolet Cavalier LS Sport 17 Year Review

The Chevrolet Cavalier LS Sport is very edgy especially since I have added red and black seat covers and a steering wheel cover that makes the car look even more edgier. For an older car, it runs great for the most part. The only problem I consistently have involves the low coolant levels. I have had a ton of work done to the car under the hood since buying it- not because it needed the work done but because I have also driven the car across the country from New Jersey to California. Cosmetically, the car doesn't handle the sun well. There was a lot of paint chipping on the exterior and the dashboard cracked on the interior from the intense sun and heat. I bought a dashboard cover and got the entire car repainted so you cannot tell has bad it was before.

- Maya H

There's a lot of little things wrong with it, but the main issue is there's a leak in the coolant system so the engine overheats.

My car was purchased for $500 back in Minneapolis because I needed a car for my move to Portland, Oregon. I bought it after only a brief test drive because it was so fun to drive, figured it was worth a $500 gamble. It was a blast to drive across the mountains of Montana and got me to my new home without costing a lot in fuel. I really grew attached to her over the 1500 mile, 25 driving hour, 4 day journey and now after the long drive to the promised land her old rusty bones are having trouble keeping cool and alas I must retire her soon to the giant scrapyard in the sky. I'll be eternally grateful to the brief but impactful time we had together. Thanks for the memories.

- Lynae A

Great, dependable vehicle!

My cavalier has been really good. I got it second hand when it had less than 3000 miles on it. The gas mileage has been great--though recently it has not been quite as good (it also has almost 150, 000 miles on it now). It is very comfortable. There have been some big repairs I have had to have done, but nothing out of the ordinary for a car it is age. My particular car does not have any of the newer type amenities. . . It does not even have automatic windows or cruise control. . . I wish I had the later! But all in all it is been a great car. Oh, I did have to get it painted a while back. . . We are in AZ and it got an "Arizona suntan".

- Lynn D

Summarizing Chevy cavalier.

I gets me to work and back everyday and around town. But with old cars comes some problems. I had to spend quite a few hundreds in the car for it to be where it is at today. And it is still has got a few problems. At one point if I let go of the wheel the car would jerk really bad to the left I think and thank goodness my husband knows how to work on cars. He went to the junkyard and replaced the frame. Now when I start it, it is starting go half way and not want to start I have to retry a couple times for it to fully rev and start. Filling up the gas tank is a lot compared to my Chevy prizm.

- Miranda R

The Reliable 2002 Chevy Cavalier

The only problem that I have with my vehicle is that it is rusting underneath, it's a little scary knowing my engine cradle is rusting. My Cavalier has excellent gas mileage; it takes about $25 to fill up my tank and I only have to fill it up once a week/every two weeks depending on how much I drive in that time. I have about 95,000 miles on my car and have had very little to no issues, it's super reliable. The seats are cloth and relatively comfortable. The available features in my car are slim, the only feature I can think of is that the radio also has a CD player.

- Cindy S

Chevy cavalier 4 dry go-cart.

Starts, drives, stops, shifts well, cold ac, ok mileage. "My little go-cart" 4 door automatic manual windows 115000 miles. Battery, serpentine pulley $150, belt 35, I drive it slamming gears 1, 2, 3, 4 and it shifts like a stick (Chevy feature) cruises at 80 2500 rpm redline 6800, never tested beyond 4500-5k. Use 2nd for stop and go traffic to 40-45. Trunk holds 3 full size tires 1 donut, jack, rags, tools, water jug 1 gal. Leaves room to stuff a blanket, sleeping bag small tent machete, shotgun, ammo. Pet free cloth interior. No accidents.

- Mark C

I love my car! For it is age it has a lot of pickup and go.

It is great on performance even with the ecotec engine it has a gas mileage of 19 -20 miles per gallon. I have never had a problem starting it even in the coldest of temperatures. I find the cavalier to be quite comfortable however because I am a short person I do need to sit on a foam pillow mine does not have the ability to raise the seat. It does have power window and door locks that can be used with the key fob that also opens the trunk. How ever it does cost a lot for repairs.

- June W

Los angeles cavalier conundrum.

My 2002 Chevy cavalier is very worn in. It is old and it runs like it. The air conditioner is broken. I have paid to have it fixed once, only to have it break 2 weeks later. So now I just brave the la heat. The wheels are squeaky and the upholstery was hand stitched back together by my grandma. It is not reliable. Every time I turn it on I wonder if it will start. It is not comfortable. And it only have manual locks and windows.

- Vanessa F

That it is 17 years old and still runs great.

My car is a 2002 Chevy cavalier with lots of door dings on it. But. . . It only has 72, 000 miles on it. I used to live in Wisconsin, where they salt the roads in the winter. Over the last few years I have had to replace muffler and tailpipe because they were so rusty from the salt, but the car is reliable. It turns over right away when I start it, and it still runs great. Of course, I have had the oil changed every 3-4 months.

- John A

The car runs real good. There are no major problems with the car. A minor problem that I do have is the cruise control. When it is on and I change lanes using my blinker the cruise control quits.

I like the vehicle because I have had very little trouble with it. What I hate is the paint is peeling off of it. The car gets good mileage and and only has 71,000 miles on it. The battery lasted ten years which is good for a car battery. I've only had to chance the spark plugs once. And I've only had to change the brake pads once. I think that is good for a car this old. I have not had to have expensive repairs on the car.

- Connie R

My car and my issues with it.

It is great on gas mileage. It runs great as well, but I am having a lot of issues in the front end. Specifically a roaring sound in the left wheel and pulls to the left. I have changed brakes replaced brake lines. I checked sway bars and the stabilizer bar but everything looks fine. Going to try a wheel bearing next although the wheel does not shake or show any other signs it is worth a try.

- Cory M


It is small and compact, yet has a decent amount of space with a front and back seating. It is a pretty reliable car I have had it for 2-3 years now and have only needed to bring it to the shop twice for breaks issues and for getting a new muffler put on. In total have only spent around 700-800 in repairs on this vehicle so far. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A 2002 SO I'D SAY THAT'S PRETTY GOOD!!

- Nicole O

It is a 2002 Chevy cavalier with a messed up front end.

It is a 2002 Chevy cavalier 2 door coupe. It was in an accident last summer. It was hit in the left front corner. The owner bought it back from the salvage yard for $100. So I could work on putting it back together. I did what I. Could with a come along a chain and 2 trees. I was able to get it back close enough to where it is driveable and I have been driving it for about a year.

- Jim J

In bad shape but it keeps up with other cars on the highway.

I have a lot of problems with my car. I need new brakes, new tires, possibly a new transmission soon. It still runs pretty okay and can keep up with other cars on the highway. My seats are pretty comfortable, then again I do have seat covers on mine so that may change how it feels inside. My paint on my car is slowly coming off on the hood so it needs a new paint job as well.

- Ryan W

Great and convenient investment!

Decent vehicle, older model but very safe. I bought it five years ago, used at a low cost. It is very efficient and I have put one hundred thousand miles on it so far. I would recommend it to someone without kids because of the size of the vehicle. My car is white and reflects heat which is also a plus in the hot summers. The comfort of the car is phenomenal.

- Mary J

My 16 year old car still runs very well and I use it almost every day.

My car is 16 years old. I bought it brand new. It has been very dependable for the most part. Have just had to fix normal wear and tear items over the years like the air conditioner, brakes, radiator, battery, etc. It is a 2 door, so the back seat is kind of small and hard to get into. It has always run very well and I still drive it almost every day.

- Jill D

Cons of having a Chevrolet cavalier.

There's a weird noise when I turn my wheel, it eats my gas, when I am on the interstate the steering wheel starts enabling, my car starts going side to side. My rims are bent on it. Living in West Virginia it does not help that my car is very low to the ground. It is only a two door car which I do not like. But it does have a sunroof so that is nice.

- Sierra G

small, blue, and cozy. This is wonderful for my size, doesn't have back doors.

The car does not have instantly working air, must wait 10 minutes for it to start working. It has rust stains all over the car that is way too hard to fix. Other than that the car is small, great for my size. The car is comfortable to drive, small enough to get into tiny spaces and can fit anywhere. It doesn't take up much room which is wonderful.

- Joe T

Chevrolet does not disappoint.

My 2002 Chevrolet cavalier is extremely reliable. I have had my vehicle for seven years without any problems other than my air conditioning inside my car not working. Even though my vehicle is old, it has shown me that Chevrolet is an extremely reliable and inexpensive brand. It has taken me far and wide with very low miles and not much gas.

- Alia S

Two door blue Chevy cavalier.

My car is nothing special but it gets you where you need to go. I've had it for three years. I got it when I was in high school and now I am in college and still driving it. I have had a lot of thermostat and radiator issues this year with it. Not very comfortable and very small so it is not a family car or a car to travel with friends.

- Caitlin K

The Chevy Cavalier is a great car that lasts a long time when taken care of properly and has great gas mileage.

I love that my car is a manual transmission because it allows me to get better gas mileage. My car may be old, but it has been reliable since I got it four years ago and has had minimal upkeep in those four years. I think my only complaint is that they no longer make the cavalier because I would love to own another one when mine dies.

- Kali V

It is a 2 door coupe that looks like it has been in an accident.

It is not much on performance, but it has been very reliable. It is a 2 door coupe auto. It was bought new by. My father in law and he drove it until 2017 when he got into an accident with it. I put it back together as well as possible and I am driving it now. Other than having to replace a few major components it is doing well.

- Jim S

Cavaliers, the good, the bad, the ugly.

The car is great on gas, a decent amount of space for being just a small little thing. Seat is comfortable and my back row of seats pull down allowing me full access to my trunk. Bad is it has slow pick up being as it is a four cylinder and I have had some minor repairs on my radiator, fuel tank pressure sensor and brakes.

- Julia T

Chevy is probably one of the best vehicles you can purchase!

I bought my car in 2004, I have had it for 15 years! But like any car things get old and need parts replaced. The most demanding thing I've had to replace was the gas tank and that was from a rock puncturing it. I have replaced water pump. Tires... Ect , just normal maintenance. I think Chevy makes good sturdy vehicles!

- Hayley A

Great gas mileage! I recommend a similar Chevy.

I love my car. No serious problems with it. The only repairs I have had is the ac compressor and that now has a lifetime warranty. If it was still in production it would be my next car. The paint didn't hold up too well so it does not look too good but it runs great. I'll buy another Chevy with the same engine next time.

- Jane T

The perfect starter car!!

The car does run great, although it has accumulated quite a bit of rust, the trunk's latch being one of the parts that has rusted, leaving it constantly slightly ajar and unable to open properly, and the battery recently died, pretty quickly and easily at that, it has a good speaker system, and it gets good gas mileage.

- Cassie W

Good car which was made much better than newer cars.

I have had few issues with my car, it is easy on gas, it requires little maintenance for the tear it is. It is well made. There is a lot of room in it for a small car, it is a good car for driving to work. I bought the car used and it was in excellent condition. I would recommend it but they do not make them anymore.

- Brenda K

Great gas saver great for the highway.

My trunk does not close. It drives well and is good on gas. The windows on the right side are halfway down. The windows do not work at all. The car is great on the highway. It is also a great gas saver. I think it is dependable. It is reliable. I can fit my 3 children in the back. My air conditioner does not work.

- John H

My car is sixteen years old but has only 70, 000 original miles on it.

My car is 16 years old but I have only put 70, 000 miles on it. It is pretty dinged up from car doors but starts right up every time. I moved to Oregon from Wisconsin, where salt is used on the roads in winter. I have had to replace the muffler and tail pipe because of the rust, which is not unexpected. Good car.

- John A

This is my 2nd Chevy and I have loved both of them! A 2000 Malibu and now this 2002 Cavalier. When I can afford to purchase a new or newer car, it will be a Chevy!

I bought one with just the basics, so it does not have electric windows and locks, which is the only complaint I have. The AC works well. It rides smoothly. The engine purrs. It only had one previous owner who took really good care of it and even after 80,000 miles and being 16 years old, it runs like a gem!

- Cathy D

2002 Chevy cavalier never burns oil. Great car.

I haven't had a ton of problems. It is a really great running car. Does not burn oil at all, only thing I have had wrong with it is a timing belt snapped once. A few sensors have gone off but other than that it is a really reliable car. I have had it since high school and I am now a 3rd year college student.

- Lena M

Chevy cavalier and still worth its value in 2019 even though it's an 2002

This car gets great mileage it is economy Worthy this car gets bri capacity for family driving. This car travels well out of town and around town. This car is an economy car and it's still worth it value in 2019. It rarely needs service. A simple oil change in a tune-up will get this car 50000 miles or more.

- Tee S

My lovely golden Chevrolet cavalier vehicle.

I have no problems with my vehicle although some people might not like it cause it it is low to the ground. I love my vehicle performance it stops when stopped and goes when go it rides smoothly. My car is very reliable and low maintenance. Very comfortable and I love the features of the windows and radio.

- Asia W

Great fuel economy low mileage reliable car.

A very reliable car. Not too many things have gone wrong with it in the past years. It is beginning to rust out after all these years. Has been a very comfortable car for driving on long trips. The interior looks like new and has worn very well. Has needed new abs sensors twice in the last three years.

- Kat F

Good motor great on gas. Has solid body

This car is very dependable. It has your normal wear and tear. Water pump, alternator, brakes, etc. nothing major. Mine has 270,00 miles and us still traveling an hour away every weekend. I absolutely recommend one of these cars. It's not luxurious by any means but is stable, strong, and dependable.

- Ryan M

Pros and Cons of a 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier.

Overall pretty good car. Signal lights (inside of mechanisms) had to be repaired. Has water leak somewhere on driver's side front and the mechanics cannot find out from where it is coming. Car is red and paint has held up really well. A little hard for shorter people to see out of the back glass.

- Louis B

It is a small car that gets the job done.

I like my car. The heat and air work great. My brakes act up in the rain, but they do their job. It drives well in snow for a small car. It is easy to maneuver and it is held up well over the years. I haven't had to put much money into it. The muffler needs to be fixed and it hangs a little low.

- Karen V

Why I love my Chevy cavalier.

I like the size, the back seat, the gas mileage, handles well, doesn't have tons of bells and whistles, handles well, nice styling, holds the road well, big trunk. I like the interior and the inside color matches outside color very well. Handles very well on the expressway going higher speeds.

- Diana D

Cons of cavalier: its meant for couples and smooth roads only

The dashboard has broken is several places because of direct sunlight exposure. It tends to fssl really small and cramped with 2 car seats in the backseat. The way the rear window is placed doesn't block the harmful rays of the sun. Any bump on the road can damage the cargo underneath the car

- Abigail H

A very reliable car with little to no problems.

It's pretty good, it's a very reliable vehicle, it get me for point A to point B very well and without any hassle at all. I would recommend this car completely. This car also has a variety of features including a lot legroom and trunk space and the speaker system is amazing and sounds great.

- Joseph C

Basic car for getting from point A to B.

This car is a good car, but due to age and wear and tear, the car has minor issues such as the radiator hose busting. The car eats up gas when using the a/c and the interior lights are not bright at all. The car will get you from point A to B but the car is hard on your body on long trips.

- Rhonda J

The great debatable. Drive comfortably and live right.

The windows are clean and tires are reliable and dependent. The uses of the car is a variety of great things. The smoothie transitions of everything is of great value. The driving wheel is comfortable as well as the seats. I really enjoy my car and the durability. I recommend for anyone.

- Joshua W

It is very, very dependable.

I like that it has lots of height from the seat, as all my height is in my body and I can't see out of some cars. It has had very few problems in the number of years that I have had it so I consider it very reliable. It is still a relatively small vehicle so relatively good on gas.

- yvonne b

It's a sporty looking vehicle.

It is very reliable. It's great on gas mileage. It has a great pick up for speed. Parts for repair are fairly cheap. The car is very easy to work on. It is a very dependable car. There's lots of room for 5 people to sit and a lot of room in the trunk for groceries and to haul stuff.

- Peggy B

Great motor and trans. combo.

The Chevy cavalier is one of the best cars we've ever owned. It's very reliable, comfortable ,gets great gas mileage, has never been a problem. I would recommend this car to anyone, it was also a very cheap car to buy. There is only one good motor in this car it is a 2.2 OHV motor.

- Lofty C

Overall it is a great running car, but the paint used is terrible.

The engine and transmission are going strong. The car has almost 200,000 miles on it and runs great!! The paint used on the 2002 models is absolutely horrible! The clear coat is gone in many spots and it looks ridiculous. The seats are not comfortable and it is a pretty small car.

- Amanda K

Great car! Reliable & comfortable.

Very reliable car. Built to last. Small, but comfortable. Only thing I would change about it is that it does not have cruise control. But half of the 2002 cavaliers do not have the cruise control feature, so I am not the only one and there are cavaliers out there that do have it!

- Marie P

My vehicle has a manual transmission, which not everyone knows how to drive.

Although my vehicle is fairly old and has over 180, 000 miles, it has never given me any major issues. I trust my vehicle. It has traveled to several states and never broken down. It is not the most comfortable car and does not have modern features, but it is an older model.

- Delilah E

Chevy cavalier review, best quality is it can run off 2 different fuel types.

The problems is that the brakes grind a little bit. The car will overheat sometimes when left idle for too long. The car is reliable, it has good gas mileage. The car is 2wd so it is not the best in the snow. The car can take gas or cog which cuts the cost of gas by a lot.

- Christian G

What else I need in a car

It got a lot of hail damage. The inside is small and it does not have enough bells and whistles. It is outdated. I would like to have electric seats. It doesn't have a warranty so when something happens it's going to cost a fortune. The Chevy is very dependable otherwise

- Amy P

My Cavalier has been a reliable and enjoyable car for the past fifteen years!

My Chevy Cavalier has been extremely great to me! It has been and continues to be a reliable vehicle, has great gas mileage and cold Air Conditioning! It has gone above and beyond my expectations and I have been completely satisfied with her for the past fifteen years!

- William L

2002 Chevy cavalier — great little car for a new driver. Gas saver!

I hit a deer a few years ago, so my hood is dented and missing some paint. I just spent $600 on new brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotor resurfacing. My car needs new struts/shocks. It does have decent gas mileage, but I do not feel comfortable driving it long distances.

- Amanda A

Purchased used and haven't drove it yet.

I just purchased this vehicle used from a friend. I don't yet know a whole lot about the car as I haven't been able to drive it yet. There have been a few mechanical issues because the car sat for about 2 years before I got it. I can give an honest review in the future.

- Brandy S

It may not be the prettiest but it is reliable and a good first vehicle to own.

My chevy cavalier has been a very reliable vehicle to me. I haven't had too many problems but over the course of the time I have had it they have occured. One of the problems was that my brakes went out and I had to get those fixed. Other than that it has driven well.

- Amber B

Chevy cavalier great gas mileage.

I have the four door has a lot of room for a small car. You get great gas mil I have had no issues with this car would recommend to anyone has many crest features only think I have had to do is buy tires great car and very dependable I would drive cross country.

- Carrie H

2002 four door Chevrolet cavalier

I paid $600 for my car around five years ago and have had very few problems out of it. Maybe once a year something semi major (cost wise) goes, but that's about it other than usual upkeep. It's an older car so the stereo isn't great, but that's easy to replace.

- Jessica T

The Chevy cavalier that goes and goes.

It is a great car as in engine wise and durability. The air conditioner works great beyond the best. Just my windows do not work or my headlights. Its an electrical thing that would cost to fix more than the car is worth. It has never broke down on me anywhere.

- Shannon C

Still running with high miles.

I recently purchased this vehicle as I am going through a divorce and needed a cheap car. I have had a cavalier in the past and really liked it. It is reliable and has almost 200, 000 miles on it. There’s rust, but for the most part it is still pretty sound.

- Stephanie D

I like the way the windows are always clean, and the seats are cloth.

For the most part it is been a good car, but the pain is chipped off in the top area and the radio is not working well. The original color of the car was like a teal but after chipping, it is gray and teal in certain parts and that is unappealing to everyone.

- Linda M

Not much repairs. Normal wear and tear.

This has been a very reliable car. I haven't had to do much work to it. Just your normal wear and tear. Keeping up on the oil changes. I mainly drive on the highway. This car is really good on gas. All and all I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Brock C

I like how it doesn�t need a lot of gas.

It drives well! I just don't like how there is only drivers door and passenger door. The paint comes off really easy. I wish the seats move up more but they don't. It's my first ever car and it works/drives amazing. It is a great first car and I recommend.

- Britney E

Nothing really interesting details.

Not my favorite car to chose, I should buy s new one it is not relatable in my opinion. But if other people like it then good for them but I would chose a different one. They haven't made a new one in so many years so I need a new car as soon as possible.

- Sydney V

They are dim and makes it hard to see at night.

My cavalier is very reliable. It's not very good on gas when running the a/c. The headlights are a little dim. The front of the car is hard to judge because it drops off. The a/c has two option. . . Off or full blast. But when on high the ac works great.

- Rhonda J

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is extremely unreliable.

The only thing I like about my vehicle is the fact that it has AUX cord for the radio and the radio actually works. Other than that, it's in very poor condition and has many problems mechanically and cosmetically. Overall, I very much dislike my vehicle.

- Heather D

It is lasts a long time. And is good with gas.

No air conditioning but runs like a champ. Never breaks down. Great gas mileage.. Spacious. Lasts for years. Nice trunk.. Cup have holders. CD player. Am and FM radio. I have really no complaints. I love this car and I'll keep it as long as it runs good.

- Kayla B

My car may be old, but with just some basic normal maintenance it has been running like a champ from day 1.

My vehicle is a very reliable, gets good gas mileage and is very basic with minimum extras. My only complaint would be it's a little tight, mainly in the back seat and small trunk space. Overall the likes overwhelm the dislikes of this vehicle.

- Cindy B

Very long lasting engine safe dependable.

It is a older car bought it used runs good nothing powered which I hate. Gas mileage ok drivers really good. Cavaliers are nice running cars hardly any trouble with them last forever. This is my second one drove it everywhere.

- A W

It's a really great, simple car. As long as you make sure to take care of it, it'll last you a fairly long time.

It's a really great vehicle in most ways. It's got a long lifespan. Unfortunately, the muffler has a bad habit of falling down too low, so expect to be getting it fixed every few years (if yours is as old as my '02, at least).

- Amber D

Its red. But the paint is flaking and ugly.

Falling apart and I can't afford to fix it or get a new one. Everything from the ac to the windows to the brakes is going wrong, I always have to put steering fluid, and its so low to the ground it's hard to get 8n and out of.

- Brit N

It is awesome on gas mileage very very cheap to run

It has very good gas mileage and I've never had a problem with it starting even though I have a problem with the switch every once in awhile I've had it for 2 years and I've barely even had to touch it with a wrench

- Justin G

Do not buy it unless it is under 50,000 and a year of warranty comes with it.

I like that it is not too big but is still roomy. It is good on gas mileage. Easy to drive & find a parking spot. I like that I do not have to get it serviced at the dealership. I do not like that it has rust spots.

- Colleen F

It has been a very dependable car.

It has been a very dependable car, very few repairs needed, mainly bolt-on stuff. For a domestic car I have very few complaints. It does ride rough, and it sits low, so that I cannot see over or around anyone.

- James F

Chevy cavalier. Great car. Runs forever.

I am on my second Chevy cavalier. Great cars. This one however has had a few problems. Mainly the air conditioning. But it is 16 years old and that is all that is wrong with it so I'd say it is a good car. .

- Sharon K

My car is a really good car.

My car is a really good car. It is good on gas and runs really good. The seats are comfy and the back seat is spacious as well as the trunk. I have really enjoyed driving this car for the past sixteen years.

- Samantha G

It gets really good gas mileage & is very reliable.

It's been a great car. Very few mechanical issues over the many years I've owned it. Main problem I've had is the paint job. Clear coat started wearing off a few years ago, so my car doesn't look too great.

- Cheri P

It is super easy on gas and is compact.

The biggest problem is, there is not enough space in the center console. It is very reliable, it is small and compact. Very easy on gas. Front seats are comfortable and backseat has room for 3 passengers.

- Michelle L

Chevrolet makes a good vehicle.

I like that my car is reliable. I've had it for several years and it has 165,000 miles on it with regular maintenance. What I dislike is that I believe it will rust out before it mechanically gives out.

- Danielle G

2002 white chevy cavalier.

It is a reliable car. Is missing some features that I wish it had such as automatic locks and windows. Does have about 135000. Has had some minor issues here and there in the time I have owned it.

- Samantha F

Two door car bucket back seats limited space.

My transmission slips sometimes and my power steering fluid goes to quickly, but other than that I cannot count on my car to make sure I get back and forth to work the seating is completely okay.

- Heather C

Great gas mileage 2002 Chevrolet cavalier.

Love it. Great on gas. Goes good in all weather. Very nice features. I have not had any problems with this car, at all. The paint holds up very well. Mine is older now and it still looks great.

- Carrie H

It is very reliable and extremely easy on gas. It does go good in the winter.

It is easy on gas is what I like. It is small and compact. My dislikes are it sits, and there’s not much room in the console. Whenever you put a drink in the holder it hits radio buttons.

- Michelle P

2002 Chevy cavalier still running strong.

My cavalier has 84, 000 miles on it and runs like a top. It does notch have electric windows and locks, which I would love to have, but other than that, it is an extremely dependable car.

- Catherine D

runs amazing for the miles that are on it and the year it was made

I love that the interior is in excellent shape. I haven't had any major issues with the car in the past 6 years that i've owned it. It's really good on gas and has excellent heat and AC.

- holly r

This is a extremely reliable car if you treat it right.

Never had any issues, great engine and drivetrain. But the interior is falling apart from being on the road, most of the plastics have cracked then breaks from just being on the road.

- Charles A

It is in very good condition for its age.I have maintained it well.

My vehicle doesn't get used a lot so it is in good condition. It is economical to run. It has become too small for me to comfortably get in and out of or ride in for long distances.

- Ann R

The entire subframe in the front was bent 2 inches to the right.

It was in an accident last summer the front was crunched a little. I was able to put it back together enough to make it driveable again.. I will also be giving it a tune up soon..

- Jim S

A great vehicle and awesome to drive.

The performance on the vehicle has been exemplary and I have not had really any problems concerning the vehicle. The comfort of the vehicle has been one of the best I have had.

- Joshua M

It last longer than other makes of cars. Unlike foreign cars it cost more to get the parts.

Having Chevrolet makes I trust my car to get me from a to point b. Even though it is small but it drives just like a new car. I keep the maintenance on it so it can last.

- Jacinta D

Car heater works great Has good mileage on the highway

Windshield needs to be replaced. So does a couple of the seatbelts in the back. Has no ac. The paint on the outside could be redone. Other than that it works great.

- Theresa S

That's it's a gas saver you get very high gas mileage in it.

What I like about my cavalier is that it gets pretty good gas mileage. What I don't like about it is the clear coat comes off to fast and my window motor is broke.

- Cynthia S

It's reliable and dependable and cost me literally 1500 bucks the best money i spent

It's been very reliable which is rare for the year and had saved me quite a bit of money over time. It's only had the water pump go out and it just hit 95k miles.

- chris D

It is a pickup truck that doesn't have climate control.

It is very loud. The a/c and heat are both broken so that's not that convenient. However it is great at dealing with remote locations and it's fun to drive.

- Colleen B

The most important thing I believe that others should know about it is the fact that it's a nice dependable car and is always on the road when others aren't.

I love the fact that it has lasted all this time; it has been very reliable during the years. I don't dislike anything at about it because I love it so much.

- Kirtina M

Since it is old, it has a lot of minor issues and it has a lot of miles on it.

The car is dented in several places. It is very old so it always is going to the mechanic for fixing. Sometimes it stalls. The windows are the wind up kind.

- Sara B

That my car is a dependable car with very little maintenance and great on gas mileage

I like my car because its not too small . my car gets great gas mileage. My car doesn't not break me when it comes to any maintenance I have to do on it,

- Briget G

Gas mileage, in that it is very good on gas and I put about $25 a month in it in gas.

I like my vehicle because it's good on fuel and it's a cheap vehicle to maintain. What I don't like if I get into an accident the protection is not good.

- Edwin R

Really reliable and decent fuel mileage. I've found that regular maintenance parts are reasonably priced.

Good car but maintenance issues due to the design of vehicle. I cannot change oil myself because of where oil filter is located. But reliable vehicle.

- Tim S

I've had my car a long time and it was given to me after a bad wreck

My car is way past Its prime but still runs great. This was a gift from my dad after i wrecked my first car. I drive the car to and from work every day

- Shaun D

It has good miles and drives decent.

I like everything about my vehicle especially the fact that it is small. I dislike the fact that there are problems with it that need to be fixed.

- Julia G

It provides me freedom to do what I need to do everyday.

It is an older model but runs well. The air conditioning doesn't work but I open the windows. The car is roomy enough and it has a large trunk.

- roberta M

This is the second one of this type of car that we have had.

We feel the Chevy cavalier is a wonderful size car for traveling. I gets great gas mileage and is roomy enough for all of our gear and our pets.

- Sue S

For the most part, the car is very dependable. Great gas mileage!

Had to replace heater core which requires taking entire dash out, also had to replace alternator. Tip: use VIN number to find replacement parts.

- Jessica M

very dependable and runs good. it has been everything i needed during this time

My vehicle is prolly one of the most if not the most dependable cars I have ever had. The AC is still working amazing and it runs like a champ

- SHannon C

I have been impressed with the oil. . Radiator.

My vehicle has been very reliable low maintenance as always gotten it from A to B. Very dependable than happy with it since I purchased it.

- Chan-tay H

Small and reliable two door car.

It's a small two door vehicle. It's reliable and good on gas. I'm a short person so it being small, it's easier for me to reach the pedals.

- Madison B

That it is a reliable car.

Only complaint is that it is small and doesn't have a lot of get up and go. I like that it drives smooth and doesn't require a lot of work.

- Jailen C

Dependable car, great gas mileage.

Good mileage. A lot of extras. Sports model, cute car. Paint job did not last wrong. Window motor went out just after warranty expired.

- Susan J

My car has great gas mileage. About $25.00 fills me up for a week.

I brought my car used a few months ago. Although my car is 16 years old, it runs great. I just wish that my AC and heat worked properly.

- Kathy S

Don't buy a Chevy Cavalier they are throwaway cars.

My car ran great the first year them it fell apart . For the next 2 years I spent so much money on repairs I could barely pay my bills.

- Lauren M

Lock the door before you get out. No automatic locks here.

It's an old car and the check engine light pops on from time to time, but it had very low mileage when I bought it and still runs well

- Rebecca H

It is a very good car, I am sorry they aren't made anymore, I would buy another if they did

I like that it is 16 years old and I have had very few and minor only, issues with, it is and has been good, reliable transportation

- Toni M




running car many years still

my car runs well and should last a few more years. Tires have been replaced as have brakes. I also replaced battery a few times

- karen o

That my car is dependable.

It's good on gas mileage and low maintenance. I love the way it handles and runs so well even though it has a lot of miles on it.

- Laurie D

Small two door, reliable vehicle.

It's a small two door car that's reliable and good on gas. It gets me back and forth to and from work or wherever I need to go.

- Madison K

They run for a long time all you have to do is the normal upkeep.

It ran great, until jiffy lube blew up my engine. It still is running very well, only the paint is peeling which is no problem.

- jimmy l

It needs lots of work and really should retire.

I love my car! It gets me where I need to be. It never leaves me stranded. I wish it was new again and would never give it up.

- Judy S

it's great on gas, small, fast, comfortable. great for going out of town.

I love my cavalier. its a two door coupe, just enough room for myself and/or my kids to sit comfortably. great on gas as well.

- jessica j

Very dependable, and reliable.

This is one of the nicest vehicles I have ever had. It is dependable, and great on gas. I am not afraid to drive it anywhere.

- Stacie C

Spacious interior ability for a coupe.

Has 8ft capacity with no passengers. Can not use the trunk as it frays the trunk cable and will not open with the trunk key.

- Debbie F

It's a smooth ride and it has a lot of room.

Easy on gas. Parts are affordable. Delicate on backs roads is not a plus. Motor gives u yrs. Of mileage n usage very good.

- Cindy L

The engine runs very nicely.

My dash is all broken. The interior doesn't match. It's a bright yellow ugly car. The motor in the car runs really good.

- Tammy B

We need a lot of help with getting it running well, and to maintain it.

Several things do not work including back windows. The windshield leaks, The breaks are bad, the speakers are bad, etc.

- Tasha K

She has been used before and even now the only thing I have had to replace is the muffler

The sun roof and the big windows are the best part. I love driving with the windows down. Never had problems with her.

- Caleb C

It is one of the best gas saving cars out there.

Small car so it is good on gas. Great trunk space has a good nice quality stereo system along with subs in the trunk.

- Rodney C

It is clean and reliable to take on a trip.

Manual windows is my dislike. Low mileage is my like. My car is smooth but I feel it is not better than my last car.

- Faith B

This thing runs forever! Car sturdy enough for new drivers and students

The cavalier is a very durable car, good gas mileage, and I'm sad they stopped making them, I've had three cavaliers

- allison k

The car is amazing with gas.

I love the car. If you are in to driving a standard /manual car, then this car is going to be perfect for you.

- Shaun B

2002 chevrolet cavalier great gas mileage

it's easy to drive, it gets really good gas mileage, and has enough leg room to be comfortable, easy to park.

- bruce t

It has an alarm that kills the battery. Very reliable.

I bought it myself. I am rarely stranded so it is very reliable. It has gone thru a lot it's my first car.

- Angela W

I wonder why an automatic transmission uses standard transmission.

Cuts trunk cable, cannot depend on using trunk. However, gets average gas mileage and many miles on tune up.

- Ashanti F

If you are looking for a small family size car this would be perfect

I love the gas mileage, it has a pretty good size truck. The only problem I have is it only seats 5 people.

- Christy C

I love the great mileage.

It is an older vehicle but it gets great mileage and is reliable, I have not really had any issues with it.

- Ashley H


Perfect for everyday or short trips. Great mileage and performance. Body has held up well over the years.

- Lana A

It's safe to ride in. It is reliable.It looks good to me.

It has a 4 cyl., and manual trans. Gets good gas mileage. good cd player. Good tires and mag wheels.

- richard K

That I have not had any major mechanical issues with it in the 16 years I have owned it.

Very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The paint job is pretty much shot, but that's just cosmetic.

- Cheri w

My very reliable beautiful golden cavalier.

Great car. Very reliable. Cheap parts to buy if they need to be replaced. Small perfect for my family.

- Asia W

Kevin the reliable blue car

The car has a smooth ride. It is Very Very reliable. The car will get from point A to point B nicely.

- Jade D

I like that it is small, and it gets me where I need to go. It drives smoothly and is just the right size. I don't really have any dislikes about the car.

It is reliable and compact and has decent gas mileage compared to some of the bigger cars out there.

- megan l

I'm not quite sure what to input here and the Chevrolet Cavalier is an unremarkable vehicle.

I like that my car runs. I like that my car is mine. I dislike that it can be so costly to maintain.

- Joshua M

My car is sporty, red, fun to drive, reliable and easy to handle.

She is a coupe. My coupe is RED. I love the way my car handles. I love, love how she looks.

- Anne G

There are none that comes to mind other than the rust faster than other cars

I like it gets me where I want to go i dislike it because it rust more than other vehicles

- Mary M

My car may look rough on the outside, but it's a dependable vehicle.

I own a modest little car. It has a lot of mileage on it. However, it is a reliable car.

- Ryan O

fuel efficient, mostly reliable

like fuel efficient, don't like rusts easily, like low maintenance, dont like old style

- girl anonymous t

it is okay but has a lot of issues it is older which might be the reason. it does get good gas miles but it is always falling apart so not the happiest with the car

it is not the best car but gets good gas. I would go with a different brand and model.

- anna c

It gets great gas mileage ,easy to parallel park, and starts up every time even in very cold weather.

I love my car. It may be old but it's small yet big enough to seat my grandchildren.

- Glenda R

It has good gas mileage so less time going to gas station all the time

Gets me to where I want to go.Good on gas.Just the right size for my family.

- Nancy B

it handles very well has good brakes

It's a nice car drives really well i wish parts didn't cost so much for it

- donna A

Dependable vehicle. For a lower priced domestic, it has been amazingly free of needed repairs.

It has been a great vehicle, very few repairs. It's small and rides rough.

- James F

Reliable transportation, very cost effective to own.

Really good reliable vehicle, not fancy but has required very few repairs.

- brian r

It gets good gas mileage and it rides well, and is very comfortable.

It is ok, i use it every day and it has lots of miles on it.

- Tammy A

it saves on gas, It's very reliable and the parts are somewhat cheap

no complaints i love it a lot. has not given me any issues.

- justine m

It is a very good car for how old it is, and my car is the best.

It's very reliable. Good mileage. Gets me from a to b.

- Alex R