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An average joe car. Nothing snazzy, but nothing shitty.

This car has been really weird. I got it when I was a junior in high school. It ran amazing for the next 4 years. But then, when I was a junior in college, I asked this guy I work with to change my brakes. He said yes and I could pay him in weed. From that day on my car has had problems. The brakes were new but something was fucked up with the electric wiring to my dashboard panel. Every time I went over a bump my speedometer and other dashboard displays would shut off. Over the next three years, this would occur on and off. I would hit a bump and it would shut down everything on the dashboard, and then I would hit a bump again and it would start working. Ok, you got that. Nevertheless, it still ran and kept on. I drove it everywhere! Texas, Oklahoma, new Mexico, Arizona. Presently, the age and life of this car has caught up to it. Within the last year, I have had the alternator replaced, new tires, new brakes, fixed a crooked aXL, and replaced the started. It is still going. Everything works now. The weird dashboard thing has not happened in like three years now. Like I said, it's a weird car but its cool.

- Marley Q

It's not the sexiest car, but it has been very reliable.

I got it used, and I like that it was affordable enough to buy outright and not make any payments on. I just hit 186,000 miles on it, and aside from a couple of things, it has been a very reliable vehicle. The windows and door locks are all manual, so I can't just push a button to have them work, but that also means there is less to go wrong, and if it does, it will be cheaper to repair. The clear coat on the paint is peeling, but that is likely due to how old the car is, the climate where I live, and me not getting car washes as often as I should. All in all, it does what I need it to do, and I hope it lasts me a couple more years until I get a new car.

- Ben R

This is a very basic car, but you can upgrade!

The 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier Base is a very basic car. Mine has an aftermarket radio/ CD player, aftermarket speakers, and aftermarket location tracker. Standard model comes with four speakers, and am/FM radio, and no LoJack system. Standard model does have cruise control, variation speeds for the wipers, abs brake system, traction control, park, reverse, neutral, drive, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears. It comes equipped with an emergency break and 5 seat belts. A center console that opens and a glove compartment, bench row seat in the back seat and bucket seats for the driver and passenger seats. Cold a/c and toasty heat. As well as a defrost option.

- Nicole M

It runs like a champ. Its reliable and gets great gas mileage.

It sticks with me through a lot, the cavalier really holds together. It has a broken headlight as far as problems and I need to change my oil. It has driven a lot of miles, and is still running. It's very reliable, it always starts. Except for when my starter went out and the battery died. It's a small car but its the right fit for me. The trunk is surprisingly big. It's an older version, so there is windows you have to roll up manually. Its lasted me about 5 years and was sold to me by my uncle. He drove it up to Saint Louis and back for almost 10 years, and it still drives great.

- Ashley B

No longer needs a key to start!

I loved this car at first but slowly things have began falling apart! First off my windows no longer roll up or down they are stuck one is stuck halfway down which is lovely when it rains or is cold!! Secondly I no longer need a key to start and drive the car. Third I no longer have a shifter as it fell off I use a pen to shift from drive to park and reverse. Now this is my second cavalier so let talk motor and transmission. Lots of miles which is great but both have had transmissions begin slipping or going out. Tires are terrible.

- Mandy P

Runs like a new car. Despite the exterior paint peeling, I will keep the car.

My 2004 Chevy cavalier is the best car I have owned. It has had minimal problems and needs minimal maintenance. The only problem I have with it is that the dashboard has badly cracked and side supports had to be reinforced. Also the exterior paint is peeling off in large circular spots. Waxing helps but not much. It has not been garaged ever, and despite those 2 problems, I am keeping the car. I cannot afford a new paint job, so I am living with the problems.

- Mary S

Observation to my Chevy cavalier and headaches.

The break tires are constantly squealing especially after rain or dampness in the air. And even buying the most expensive brakes do not take the noise away for long and to keep the noise away hubby has to clean the rotors then noise stops for about a month. The heater for your feet is not in my opinion good. The back window for defrosting has not worked for years and way too expensive to replace. Wipers are beginning to not work on the intermit selection.

- Val S

The Chevrolet with the Spoilers!

For me, this has been a very reliable vehicle. Aside from routine maintenance, to include oil changes, air filter, tires, etc., I have not had any major concerns. About 6 months ago I did have to replace the hub bearing on the front two tires, but this was not an extremely expensive undertaking. I love the power windows, nav system I had added, and the typical features of the car. A very good value for the price, and a great ride!

- Thomas A

Cannot go wrong with a Chevy.

Have had this car for about 3 years now. Has over 140, 000 miles on it and still runs great. No major problems with this car and would definitely recommend buying a Chevy to anyone. The car is very comfortable and it is large. It fits both of my kid's car seats in the back and the trunk space can hold so much luggage. The car also travels great in the winter time. I have no problems driving through the snow or rain with it.

- Zachary R

My amazing cavalier that I love.

My 2004 Chevy cavalier is one of the best reliable cars I have ever owned. Gets great gas mileage, rides very smoothly, perfect sized interior for comfort in driving. I couldn't be more happy with my car. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a very affordable and very reliable vehicle. I have never been more satisfied with any other vehicle. I average around 400 miles to a full tank o.

- Scott M

Good economical car to own.

Seems to need new brake pads every few months but I do drive a lot. Car is smooth ride engine is very quiet. Air conditioning works 100 percent in the summer and heat works great. Passed inspection no sweat with emissions. 4 door car has plenty of room for tons of bags when shopping. Very economical with gas and gas mileage. Nice very comfortable seats and plenty of space in the trunk.

- Diana W

Chevrolet Cavalier review

Chevy Cavalier is my first car. I've had it for about 3-4 years now. I love Chevy. This car is so sturdy! It went through a flood, lots of hail, and a tornado! Have not had any major problems with the car besides my windshield wiper motor braking. The interior could be a little better, and sometimes the crank windows can get annoying. But I still overall really love my Chevy cavalier!

- Alyssa W

Red two door cavalier with a spoiler and bucket seats.

The top coat peels very badly, it is slowly gotten worse over time and I encounter other owners of the same vehicle that have the same problem. It does get great gas mileage and is a great car to be a first car. I do wish that I had automatic windows and locks but I have the basic model. I also wish the radio was easier to replace/remove so that I could install a mp3 player.

- Caitlin B

Old yet reliable car, I can always depend on it.

My car is pretty old, but it is reliable. Despite its age, this car is dependable for a 2 hour car ride. It's brakes are still really good and I have no worries of it breaking down while on the highway. It gets great mileage, and isn't too expensive to fill the tank. I only wish it were more technologically advanced, but that comes with the age of the car itself.

- Sarah A

My 2004 Chevy cavalier is the love of my life!

My car has about 160,000 miles on it and runs great. It is the most dependable car I have ever had. I just had an oil pan replaced, I do not normally need repairs, and the mechanic said that not counting the oil pan the car is in excellent condition. The paint job is awful, it had a paint defect, but I love my car. And, my goal is to get 300,000 miles out of it.

- Tammy A

A lot of colors to choose from with great safety features. Easy to handle car. .

This type of car is very low to the ground causing the under carriage to easy become stuck on uneven roads. The gas mileage will kill you around town. Hard to maintain a sharp turn without the engine cutting off on the driver. This car should have or be placed out the sun when at home. The paint will start to lose protector it left unshaded over several months.

- Susan L

Safe sporty car with a great engine!

Good engine that does not fail when maintained,, interior dash falls apart easily but can be looked over as a flaw when looking for great transportation, good on gas and gas for the highway as well, and easy to maintain on your own or to know exactly what is wrong when maintained. This car is a sporty coupe that is still very safe but can pick up speed and go.

- Terri R

Old but mostly faithful old car.

I like my 2004 Chevy cavalier it runs very well but has lots of miles on it. I have had to replace the coil pack and now the alternator just went out. All and all it is a good car but these parts have been going out lately. It is very good on gas mileage. There are a lot of pros about my car, but it seems to be having parts go out more often recently.

- Robin J

It is basic but has lasted a long time without a lot of repairs.

It has lasted a lot of years and miles without needed a lot of repairs. I don't love the way the interior is configured, however; the cup holders block the temperature controls. It is a basic model, which I like - it doesn't have automatic door locks or windows that could stop working and need repairs. It has enough room to haul a lot of cargo too.

- Kari J

Great size for a gal who is learning how to drive. It is like fun size candy bar.

My car was my first and only car I have ever owned and it is been very reliable. It is never broken down on me. I have never had a problem with it starting. My car seats are perfect for my long back. I can drive in comfort in my car seat. It is features are very basic and therefore was a great starting car for me. It was easy to learn how to drive.

- Alena H

It gets very good gas mileage.

It is very small so that has its pros and cons. The good thing about that is I can whip it into small spaces and it can really get going fairly fast. The downside on that is if you wreck you are more likely to be injured than if your are in a larger vehicle. Another downside is you cannot fit very many people in the back seat since it is so little.

- Hannah M

Its dependable and efficient!. Will never leave you stranded.

It's really not for your average joe. It's small compact. It's low to the ground.gets excellent gas mileage. I really have not did too much work to it. Just turned 100k miles replaced a strut and for the first time rear brake drums. I do regular oil changes. I replaced the wheel bearings 2 months ago. So typical maintenance. Never left me stranded

- Jean F

A very nice family car and cheap on gas.

It's a good car, very reliable and it gets us to wherever we need to go. I haven't had any problems except the engine light stays on. It's very good on gas. I couldn't ask for a better car. The seats are nice and comfortable on long trips. I would recommend this car to anyone. It's great for families as well. It seats 4 to 5 people.

- Rhonda M

The Chevy Cavalier: problems with shifter cable

This is a good reliable car. Good on gas mileage and comfortable to drive. It is a small car but very enjoyable to drive. The only problem I have had is that the Shifter Cable broke rendering it unable to drive. This particular model has a reputation for having faulty parts in the shifter cable in the automatic transmission models.

- Maude H

The only good thing is it has a sleek look from the outside.

My car does very terrible in the rain. The tires always skid and the wind pushes the car very easily and it does not go up hills well. It is also hard to see out of the cr due to the blind spots and how low to the ground the car is. Also it is a very small car and because of this it is very hard to get in and out of the car.

- Courtney B

Reliability Chevy cavalier.

In the past had problems with the transmission. It would not shift out of park and would not move forward. Recently had trouble with alternator and got it replaced. Now trans seems to try to skip first and cause a jerking movement forward. Overall there are no problems with the car. It's a nice car and reliable

- Zachary E

It's reliable and will get you where you need to be.

My Chevy Cavalier has been a very good car. It gets me where I need to be. I like how it drives and it's sporty appearance. It's getting older and has a bit of rust and scratches/dents that I dislike. But overall I have no complaints with this car. It's been a reliable car with very little maintenance/repairs.

- Amy S

Comfortable and very reliable.

Great performance and great handling, especially around the twists and turns coming up and down the mountain that I live on. It is great on gas mileage, quiet and comfortable inside, and by far the best vehicle that I have ever owned over the years as having owned and driven a wide range of different vehicles.

- Bradley S

It is a small compact car with lots of storage options.

The only problem I have came across was my tire blew simply because they were old tires. I love my car. It is perfect in size, amazing on gas, it is a great starter car, and awesome for someone who does a lot of traveling like myself, I love it and so does the whole family. It is a perfect little car.

- Felicia M

An oldie but goodie and still moving and grooving.

I bought this car because I totaled my other car. So far, albeit I have paid for some immediate problems, I am happy with the vehicle for the time being, albeit again with lots of miles on it. However, on the plus side, it is convincing me when I am able to buy another car, make it a Chevy for sure.

- Donna C

2004 Chevy cavalier - got to love old cars.

With this car, you just have to keep up with the maintenance and shouldn't have a problem with it. The bass on the radio is awesome. I have a sunroof which I love. My car is also a stick shift which is a plus. The gas mileage is awesome because it only cost about $25. 00 to have a full tank of gas.

- Rachel R

Chevrolet compact vehicle with over 100, 000 miles.

The car has a good engine and has been dependable. The exterior has an issue with the clear coat coming off. The interior was not well made and shows a lot of wear and tear. The motorized windows have been an issue since I have owned the vehicle. Overall the car was a decent vehicle for its price.

- Roland F

Good car with a few problems.

I like the style and size. It handles easy and gas mileage is good. But, the seat is not the most comfortable and my back hurts if driving long distance. Also the window gets foggy sometimes and it is hard to see especially at night. The headlights are too dim and the high beams do not work well.

- Candy L

It runs off gasoline and compressed natural gas. CNG is a clean burning, domestic fuel. The car will last much longer and require less maintenance than a regular gasoline powered car.

I like the fact that it runs off Compressed Natural Gas which is cheaper and cleaner burning. I like how nimble the car is and it is a very fun car to drive. It is a very good commuter car. My main complaint with the car is that is very small on the inside. It can fit only two people comfortably.

- Ramiro C

My Green. BABY. With gogo wheels and the color of a pretty booger

It is pretty reliable for the most part. It's not the prettiest looking vehicle in the world and a few minor exterior flaws. But looks aren't everything. Overall runs like a champ. And it gets me where I need to be everyday. I don't plan on a new vehicle any time soon unless my car breaks down.

- Samantha W

It is one of my favorite colors.

Even though it is a reliable car and pretty much the maintenance on the car has been very low, it is not my dream car. My dream car is a Mini Cooper. I test drove a mini and I fell in love with this car. The Mini Cooper has everything that I want in a vehicle. It has the looks the amenities.

- Daniel J

The cruise control is very nice.

This car runs really well and I like or its very fuel efficient and just overall runs really good it's a reliable car safe for your kids and I good first car for them even better is the cruise control u glide in the freeway with no problem there's no going too fast to were it breaks the car.

- Jack T

2004 Chevrolet Cavalier car

Small and not much trunk space, only 2 doors. Very basic only with limited buttons and controls. Crank windows. Speedometer and gas meter have broke since purchases. Good gas mileage, but small tank only 13 gallons. Reliable car despite electronic issues. Easy to drive and easy maintenance.

- Jenna K

I absolutely love my Chevrolet.

My car is very reliable. I have owned it for almost two years and have had no issues whatsoever. The engine is great and runs quietly, the gas mileage is great which helps keep my monthly costs down. The car size itself is wonderful. It is not a very large car, but it is not tiny either.

- Mariah H

Great workhorse with readily available parts.

The vehicle was wonderful for the first 200, 000 but it slowly falling apart. Parts are readily available and it's a great workhorse. The metal structure makes it safe and the manual transmission is solid. Some leaking from rain does occur from wear and tear to the rubber insulators.

- Brooke B

Reliable and well maintained high mileage vehicle.

Old reliable maintained regularly one we had engine overall at 00 thousand miles needs minor bodywork. Work act drivers door does not work it is a minor fx window on drivers side also needs to be fixed tracking problem has been maintained by same mechanic for years newly inspected.

- Mike H

Manual transmission and is a bright yellow

This car has been an excellent car. I have had very few problems aside from the regular maintenance. I have had to replace a line for the transmission and the fuel pump. It has rust caused by the salt in the winter but it runs like a champ! I could not have asked for a better car.

- Mel C

It is economical, has great control and picks up speed quite nicely. Love the ABS on it...never had a problem with any of the components!

The car is virtually maintenance free. It is very good on gas. The size is great for me. The only thing I do not like is the doors freeze shut in the winter and have since I purchased it in 2004...Not sure why this happens but others have had the problem too with their Cavaliers.

- Henri S

Great on gas and comfort!

My car has been very dependable and reliable. The only thing I have had to do to it since I have had it is just normal maintenance and upkeep. I wouldn't be worried to drive it across the world! In fact when the time comes that I do need a new car I will stick with the same one.

- Dawn M

My Chevy opinion and experience with the brand.

I love my car. I have only had it 8 years never any problems as long as I keep up the maintenance it's great! I finished paying for it 3 years ago. I have always preferred Chevrolet brand vehicles. They are awesome any Chevy dealer loves to help with any problem or maintenance.

- Tanya E

Car is consistently reliable

Very reliable, runs very well I've owned it for 12 years. However it has awful rust issues. I've considered getting a new car only because of the rust issues. But it's hard to do so when the car starts so easily and runs so well, I've had very few mechanical issues with it ever

- Gin L

Good car overall, however as it ages problems will arise.

I have had the car for 6 years now and for the first 41/2 I have had no problems but lately issues have been coming up. The fuel pump died recently, wires melted preventing engine turnover and rattling for the radiator. With an older car as this is problems are to be expected.

- Phil C

Cavalier is good on reliability but poor on features.

My cavalier is an ok car although it lacks a lot of features it is reliable and gets pretty good gas mileage I wish it had cruise control though. But overall the car runs quiet and it can zip around pretty quick. Cons lack of features dashboard cracks shocks are not the best.

- Michael M

Dependable ride - fuel efficient and dependable.

My vehicle needs little maintenance, is great on gas, and been a very dependable car. Have taken it on a 1500 mile round trip and had no problems. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a small economical car. It is not a fancy car but very much serves its purpose.

- Bernadette S

Had it is day. Great for owner who can do minor repairs.

Cavalier is known to be an affordable dependable vehicle. Being 14 yrs old it just needs more work than I can pay for. Mostly wear and tear; only a few minor chronic issues. Overall was a good investment. A newer vehicle with less to keep up with would be more ideal for me.

- Meagan S

Cavalier Vehicle Reviewing

It is pretty reliable. Only had to change battery and fuel pump. It drives really well and does good in town or on the highway. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a first time vehicle. Really good vehicle to own. It is automatic and has hand crank windows.

- Ashley A

My vehicle is a nice red with cloth seats and it has no scratches.

It is a good car for a first time driver, it is not good in gas, and I have issues with the engine a lot. It also has a small trunk so you will not be able to fit a lot, the seats are comfortable, and the air works great during the summer, and good heat during the winter.

- Ashley H

Old one for sure, but trusty regardless

It's an average car that gets decent gas mileage with no worries compared to other gas guzzlers. Everything still seems to be working alright. No electrical issues, upholstery is still doing well as well as the breaks beside one caliper leak 3 months ago on this old car.

- Phil G

Small car that is a joy to drive.

It is a great gas saver, I love the manual shift transmission, and this car so far has been totally reliable, there is plenty of leg room, and it has push button open hatch, back seats lay all the way down and front seats this nice for travel or hauling oversized things.

- Betty H

A small car that is easy to drive around but uses a lot of gas on the highway

Older car so gas mileage isn't ideal. Muffler has been replaced several times, engine hasn't had problems. AC/ heat only works on one setting, CD player broken. Comfortable front seat, little legroom in back seats, manual locks are annoying (would rather have electric)

- Jacob G

I would really say u have had any. In the last 12 years I have owe it

I don't have any at the moment. But I don't have big issue with the car. Just. Base things like oil change, tires front and back, window motors, window wipes, lights starter, brakes front and. Back ones. I have enjoy my car very much in the last 12 year I have own it.

- Tanya H

It�s getting really old but is still reliable

The fan is going out the catalytic converter is messed up but she gets me from point a to point b. The seats are pretty comfortable and spacey for sure. There are not really any cool features to this car. Overall the car is really good just old and starting to go out

- shay L

Great little car, especially for first time buyers and drivers!

Great little car. Good on gas, interior is hardy, meaning it holds well over time. It is a little small if you are a tall person. The main problem I have, is that the instrument cluster is defective; the gauges won't work, although every indicator light will work.

- Michelle D

Gas saver and affordable and perfect size.

My car is small and comfortable, and the best thing is that it saves me a lot of money in gas. It is inexpensive to fix. It was very affordable for me and it has been very reliable. It is very good in the snow. The trunk is very spacious n seating is comfortable.


Its dependable and durable.

It's good on gas. Durability is great and it runs good and mechanically good. Comfortable ride and good air condition. I don't like the body style or the way it looks. doesn't have any features its all plain. The basic things make it a simple ride for traveling.

- Julie F

Chevrolet cavalier (2004).

My Chevrolet cavalier is very reliable for an older car. The seats are comfortable. The car drives smoothly for me. The features are older in the car. The stereo is older so you might want to put a new one in and keep up with everything to make sure it is good.

- Destiny S

My car, the silver fox,MMR.

It runs good, it need a little body work, basic oil change, tires rotated, the interior needs a little work also but other than that you would love my car. Its silver two door bucket seats black on the inside everything works. All it needs is tender love care.

- Michael R

Reliability and safety are important.

This vehicle is good basic transportation. It is reliable. When something needs repair, parts are easily obtainable and most mechanics are qualified to do the repairs. It is comfortable and safe. I wish it were a little bit larger and had a larger trunk area.

- Janice B

The front bumper will come loose over time, and windows will stop functioning.

Electric problems over time, car is low riding and not ideal in low flood zones or higher elevations. The front bumper also comes loose over time and although the car is otherwise durable, it isn't a smooth ride. Things sound like they rumble around a lot.

- Veronica M

My car cranks right away when its on f, but when its not I have to crank twice.

As old as my car is it drives amazing!! The only problem that's not really a problem that I have is that I have to crank it twice when my gas tank isn't all the way full. My coolant/antifreeze leaks from time to time but mostly when I am parked on a hill.

- Carolyn S

Really nothing more than already said.

My vehicle does well for the high mileage, and for that I am happy. I would definitely recommend Chevys to another; however, I am just to new cars and am biased. But for the money I paid for this vehicle, it is in very good condition and runs very well.

- Donna C

What I do not like about my car.

Not happy with the fact the brakes shoes squeal even if you put new ones on, after rain or dampness they will squeal. I shouldn't have bought a 2 door wish it was a 4 door vehicle. Too expensive to replace back window and the defogger does not work.

- Val S

Sorry, I think the car is average for the look. I just feel repairs are minimal. I always change oil. It's good on gas.

I barely have any repairs on now an old car. I've only had the struts rePlaced and a hose repaired to the A/C . It's comfortable to ride in, good at long-distance.Does sit low to the ground. Only thing I didn't like was The engine is in a box.

- Andrea L

I love my Cavalier. It's always ran like it did the day I got it

I bought my car brand new in 2004 and have had it for 14 years. It runs as good as the day I got it and I haven't really had in major problems. I've had to replace water pump but any other work was routine. Oil changes, belts m, etc

- Amy C

small but trustworthy, you want a car u know won't burn your pockets.. well the cavalier is the one for you

my cavalier is so comfortable. i love the automatic windows. i love how cheap that it is on gas, the mileage when we bought it was under 23000, i drives smoothe on the road , i can depend on my car // its small but it gets us there

- mercedes e

it has good pickup and has good mileage.

my vehicle is old because It's all I can afford (I don't believe in car loans). it has crank windows and a cd player but no cigarette lighter.i would like if it was more modern and had Bluetooth. The a/c is my car is the best.

- Aaron K

It may only be a two-door car, but it still has a lot of space both in the back seat area and the trunk.

I purchased my vehicle used from a garage nearby my home. At purchase, the car had about 150,000 miles and passed its inspection with no problems. I have had this car for about 5 months and it has yet to have any problems.

- Alison M

2004 Chevy cavalier does not have a dipstick for transmission fluid.

I love that the car gets amazing gas mileage. The gear shift cable broke and the power steering pump and fuel pump all went out in the same year though. overall It's not the best car if you have a toddler with a car seat.

- Rebecca G

The performance and gas mileage.

My gas mileage is 30 per gallon, it has a huge trunk. You never have to worry about getting to work it runs like a tank in the winter. I have had no problems still has the original motor with almost 350, 000, 00 miles.

- Lorraine M

You don't need all the bells and whistles. Basic transportation will save you money.

I love the manual transmission, and even though I have over 100,000 miles it still runs great. Very sound mechanically. A little bit of rust and it burns a little oil, but all in all not bad. Glad I bought it.

- Brian M

It is older so all the new electronics that you want will have to be bought.

My Chevrolet Cavalier (2004) is reliable for me. It is an older car but it run smoothly and does not give me any major problems. The only issue that I dislike is that it shakes sometimes when I am stopped.

- Destiny S

Sporty nice clean and fun to drive.

No problems my car runs great, I would not trade it for any car. Its good with gas it small enough for me and easy to get in parking spots. Its has a sunroof black tinted windows. My car is awesome.

- Peggy G

It's a good car and you would save money on gas. You could really save on time and money with this car.

My car is excellent on gas, even though it is an older car, the mileage is low. Two major dislikes is that my phone can not connect with the car and the body of the car could use some work.

- Tashika S

not to buy a pontiac grand prix or grand am they are total junk and not worth buying.

It's a car that i bought to replace one that I wrapped around a tree trying to miss 5 deer sitting in the middle of the road. I hate it It's always broke down. I want to destroy it.

- jason b

It is dependable and last a long time.

I like the brand of my car. I like that it has lasted for over 10 years. I like that it is dependable and gets me where i need to go. I dislike that the clear coat is coming off.

- James P

That it is a good, reliable car.

I like my car because it has been very reliable, on a few minor repairs I have done to it. I kind of dislike the color, it is tan. I love the way it drives and it is good on gas.

- Christine M

It's a pretty smooth ride and it is reliable. It has started to rust a bit but it didn't start to do that until 4 years ago.

I like my Chevy because it's compact, it runs well even though it has more than 200000 miles on it. The cloth seats have held up for the most part but are beginning to tear.

- Shana J

It is a older car but still runs great!

Even though my vehicle is a older car it still runs great. I have not had any major problems with it. Right now I need to get some good used tires or new tires for the car.

- Shantisha P

It is a salvage car that does the job

I like that it is a good size car that helps me to go from one place to another in a really cheap way. However, due to the year of the car, it needs a lot of repairs.

- Jesus G

That it is a good, reliable car.

I like that my car is small and easy to fit in to parking spots. However it does not drive smooth and since it is old a lot of things are going wrong with it:(.

- Mackenzie R

The shifter head comes off easily.

The protection paint is peeling off the car and the car needs a new belt inside the engine. It is loud with squealing when driving between 15 mph and 34mph.

- Trisha M

That it has been a really good car since I've had it.

I don't like that my car is small. I wish I had more space for grocery shopping and hauling my son and other people around also. The trunk isn't very big.

- Gabrielle J

Best AC in One of my Cars Ever

Purchased in 2005 as a program car. It's been a great. Minor issues n upkeep, but nothing big to speak of. I've always kept it serviced every 3000 miles.

- Vickie B

It is good on gas and runs good.

It had problems with the fuel pump. Also it had problems with the gear mechanism. Also the breaks had to be changed. Also the dashboard cracks very easy.

- David T

The car is not attractive but a chevy cavalier will run forever. Great fuel to mileage ratio as well.

My Car is old but it still runs, it has over one hundred thousand miles on it but there is very little maintenance on it. Just a annual auto inspection.

- Joseph B

It's very reliable. Easy on gas and repairs.

Love it. Runs good, paid for. Very comfortable. Nice small car. It's easy on gas. You can fit a lot in the trunk. We used it for work. Always starts.

- Donna S

It was built to last a long time. The only issue I have with it is that it finally started to rust under the carriage but that took over ten years to start.

I love this car because because it's compact and easy to park. It is also great on gas mileage. It hasn't had to have any major repairs in 14 years.

- Derrick S

Reliable vehicle that is easy to drive.

Sometimes it works when it wants to work. But overall it's a good car. I really really like it has so much character and it makes me feel like hope.

- Ivy I

good dependable car. no major issues yet

great dependable car. great gas mileage. plenty of power. the only bad part is dash is cracked. sun visors falling down and window motors are junk.

- jeremy F

Great sporty looking car and good on gas.

No problems, great performance and reliability. No really comfortable. Small and sporty looking. Not for soccer moms or soccer dads. Great on gas.

- tara v

It's a great little car to own.

Dependable, good size, nice color, no problems ever,wouldn't take anything for it. Nice dependable car I ever had.Cannot say enough about it.

- Sandra H

don't wash it the dirt is what holds it together.

Needs brakes air does not work trunk does not open overheats when hot out blinkers have a short in them and only work right some of the time.

- Denise C

It is fun. Has more storage space than you'd expect.

I like that it is a gas saver. It goes a decent speed. It is the perfect size. I just do not like the color I would prefer black over grey.

- J W

Our car is reliable. It rarely breaks down, even though it's only a 2004

Our car is amazing. It helps us go places. We use it to go to the store and my father uses it to go to work. And the car is super reliable

- Caycee T

It gets me from point A to point B

My vehicle runs well and has a relatively low number of miles on it (65,000). It is getting older though and I can use a more modern car

- Tony C

It is very comfortable and has plenty of legroom for the backseat passengers.

Drives very well and it is a gas saver as well! The cavalier gets great gas mileage. Great for long commutes to work or mini vacations.

- David W

It's sporty and fun to drive with a sunroof.

Because it is small but just the right size. Sporty and fun to drive. Easy to park due to Its size. Big trunk. Don't have any dislikes

- Linda B

Comfortable gas saving car

The car is really good on gas, comfortable ride for those long trips. Nice radio and speakers. Light grey outside dark grey inside.

- Rebecca M

Performance of my Chevrolet Cavalier

My car is great on gas. I have never had any mechanical problems with it. It is a simple design. Does not,have power locks or windows

- Angela C

Cavalier? To buy or not to buy

This is an excellent car until you reach 200,000 miles after that all hell breaks loose with the electrical and mechanical problems.

- Robert M

It's a cheap starter car to get you to and from close destinations.

I like the small turning radius, good gas mileage, and decent trunk space. I dislike the seat comfort and that you feel every bump.

- Gary W

It is a great go-to car. Very well made and should last a long time.

The A/c as well as the cd player does not work currently, but we bought it used. We put on ceramic brakes, and it stops great.

- Jacey o

It has required very little work,

This has been a wonderful, reliable vehicle. It the first vehicle I purchased myself, and it could not have served me better.

- Melanie H

It has to be well maintained.

I like that it is easy to maintain and is great on gas but I dislike that is has no dipstick to check the transmission fluid.

- Savanna H

It runs better than it looks, and it doesn't look too bad.

This little car runs perfect and is very peppy for a 4 cylinder. The a/c still blows cold. And @ 143k miles, it uses no oil.

- Kim W

It gets great gas mileage.

It is an old car, things are starting to fall apart. The paint clear coat is coming off. Needs brakes and other major parts.

- Ti W

it is very good on gas, and it drives very good around town but it is not a car to take trips in.

to low to the ground, it is only a two door car,it is very good on gas,it is a 0 tolerance engine in it which i do not like.

- robert d

great fuel economy very reliable repairs are cheap compared to most

it is a great reliable car great fuel economy and cheap to make repairs it's not a luxury car it is a great everyday driver

- Jason S

Good care of you take care of them, but if you don't they will drive you crazy.

Vehicle runs okay. I've had to replace a lot of parts since it is getting older now. Still get me from point A to point B

- Jessica F

Great for new drivers and very hardy. Easy to get fixed.

Very hardy vehicle. It hardly ever breaks down. If it does break down the parts for the car easy to get at a junkyard.

- Toccara W

It's a four door, reliable, good gas mileage car.

I love this car. I got it when it had 84,000 miles on it. It now has about 135,000 and it still runs and drives great.

- Kaleb K

It's paid for and very reliable

my only complaint is that it looks old but it is the most dependable car I have ever owned and It's cheap to maintain

- s S

How safe and reliable my car is.

It is very good on gas mileage. Runs great in all weather. Just enough room for my family. Great trunk space also.

- Amanda T

Was surprisingly affordable.

Good on gas. Family loves traveling together on long road trips. Recommended to anyone who desires a smooth drive

- Ashli C

That on this year model and make the gear shifter cable, the dash gages, and the air conditioner go out at the ten year mark. I have two cavaliers same year and work with someone that has one a year older. All of the above happened within one month on all three vehicles.

I love the gas mileage. I don't like that I can't check my transmission fluid and must take it in to be serviced.

- Linda G

Engine is still functioning well.

Dependable. . . Over time I have repaired the air conditioner and brakes. All else has been standard maintenance.

- Lana A

Good on gas. The car does have some rust towards the bottom though.

The service lights comes on often and the emissions light. Has stalled a couple times randomly but not sure why.

- Megan E

It is a very safe car and holds its value.

Easy to drive, good vision. Easy to park in any parking space. Limited to four passengers, small trunk space..

- Pam B

excellent mileage, good sound vehicle

chevrolet and other gm vehicles are the best in the world. low maintenance, good prices and good values.

- john w

overall it's a good car to get around if you don't have much money

my vehicle is a Chevrolet Cavalier 2004 and is very great on gas and reliable but the material is really bad.

- steven A

It is good looking and reliable.

Had to replace brakes, and it is good on gas. I really like the seats they are heated. It has a lot of room.

- Morgan R

Reliable and great price for the car.

Fuel efficient. Comfortable stylish great stereo fast for the engine size.. Compliant is it is a small car.

- Carole E

Great until 200,000 miles. After that oh well.

This is a great car until 200, 000 miles. At that point electrical and mechanical problems become great.

- Robert M

Cavalier is a very dependable car.

I love how it drives and it is great on gas. It is relatively cheap to repair and it is easy to work on.

- Tina K

These cars are really reliable.

I like my car because it is a reliable car, but it is not my dream car. My dream car is a Mini Cooper.


It is a great vehicle for families.

The vehicle is old, looks old, has many many miles on it, but that is what I could afFord at the time.

- Donna M

That it is super reliable. Most people had a lot of negative comments about the fact that I bought a cavalier, apparently in the 80s they did were not very well made. So there is still a lot of negative context surrounding that type of vehicle.

I've actually had my car since 2004, and I love it. The only thing I'd like would be power windows.

- Kris G

It is safe to drive and gets great gas mileage.

I love my vehicle. I wish that the window regulators were better. I wish I had a better paint job.

- Phyllis B

Not sure there is anything to tell about my car right now

Reliable, could be better on gas, roomy for a family of four, needs minor repairs

- Melissa B

Great solid engine. Runs efficiently. Takes a lot of heavy handling.

Rusts at the rocker bottom. Easily rusts in certain areas. No other complaints.

- Meka M

My car is very dependable. It is very comfortable to drive.

Great car. No complaints. This car has very low mileage and still looks new.

- Cat B

Be ready to pay for repairs or if your handy be ready to spend time working on it

Like the gas mileage and comfort. Seems to continually has problems

- Robert R

It is all mine and I take care and it takes care of me

It has been really good I love it never really had any big problems

- Theresa S

It's a very dependable car, extremely cheap on gas, but with plenty of power. I have had to work on the manual transmission, but at 250,000 miles that's to be expected.

Small and cheap on gas, but with plenty of power for a 4 cylinder.

- Deb B

It was well taken care of and runs good

It's old and features are old but it's great on gas and runs good

- Christine S

Gas mileage is decent. Gets me to and from work in one piece.

It's a good car for a first time buyer. Or good for a family.

- Regina M



- Jesus R

safe and very few repairs were needed and good gas mileage

Good mileage, nice size handles nice very few repairs

- pat l