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Why someone may choose a cobalt for a dependable vehicle.

The cobalt that I own is very cheap on gas, it is small easy to take curves, hangs to the road descent, comfortable to ride in. This vehicle tells me when I am low on fuel, my average speed that I drive, how many miles per gallon I am getting to the mile, shows me when I am low on oil and how much percentage of oil that is left in the vehicle. It shows how fast I am driving while everything lights up in the dash. You can also plug in any device to listen to music with. The seats are very comfortable, smooth ride. I can adjust my seat the way that I want it, has cup holders in the front and in the back of the car for passengers. It also has a button you can click and it will tell you how much air pressure is in your tires, and on each one of them. It has a lot of room in the trunk for groceries. It is a very dependable car, I would recommend it to new buyers. It comes with a CD player, radio. Anything that could go wrong with this type of vehicle you can use the button on the steering wheel and it will tell you what your vehicle needs and when so you will not be blindsided about any problems you may have in the future. I strongly encourage buyers to choose a cobalt.

- Jessica J

Chevy cavalier: plain, but very dependable.

My Chevy cavalier has got to be one of the most reliable little cars out there. It is driven me from Alabama to Arkansas multiple times and I never had an issue. The gas mileage is decent; I have never felt like I was having to fill up too often. It is comfortable, can fit 4 people well, and I have never felt unsafe. It does not have any super recent tech in it, just a CD player, but I have never felt the need to put anything new in. It even has cranks to roll the windows up and down, which some people probably hate, but I think it adds to the charm. Everything else you would need from a car is there though: a/c and heating, airbags, etc. I am not very knowledgeable about cars, so my review probably is not too well-informed and helpful, but I really do think that if you do not need all the fancy tech, and you just want a car that will take you wherever you need to go for a long time, this is what you need. If you value dependability, this is the car for you.

- Samantha C

Not bad little used car. Cute.

Um, no major problem since purchased. Had minor problems due to the age of the vehicle but that's about it. Nothing out of the ordinary. Very pleased with the reliability of this car. I might mention that there is a problem with one of the back doors. The left hand side passenger door does not stay closed and the window does not work anymore. Normal wear and tear so I am not sure what that is about. . Comfort wise, the front seats are comfortable the back not so much. You can for one feel cold air entering the car from trunk space. Two it's really small.

- Rachel D

Bumps and bruises of an otherwise reliable car.

My response is not going to be useful because they no longer make the cavalier, but my car has been very reliable. I have traveled to Ohio from Houston, Texas and back within a year. There has been no extraneous noise except the wind noise through the driver's side door. During a thunderstorm, my windshield wipers stopped working, when I got to my destination from Ohio, the shifting cable lost the plastic clamp, rendering any shifting of gears inoperable.

- Stacey M

A great fuel efficient vehicle, with low cost maintenance, pick this model.

The speedometer cable keeps getting stuck, along with the fuel gauge. Other than those few problems, it does great on gas, very easy to maintain, and very comfortable, and roomy on the inside. Enough space in the trunk for large items, as well as height as well. I wish this model had the in-windshield antenna option. The stock radio also has a CD player, but the knob for the volume adjustment seems to work occasionally.

- Charles B

The likes and dislikes of my crappy Chevy cavalier.

It has a lot of sun spots on the outside of the car. The dashboard is cracked but not very bad. My steering wheel moves up and down and sideways. My air conditioner only works when the car is moving and it also ticks me while it's on. The gas mileage is GREAT. The power steering pump is going out. It has 195,000 miles on it and still running. I have had the car since October of 2017.

- Kelsey J

Goo car, great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage my cavalier offer. Although compact it is quite roomy with a large trunk and fold down back seats. I have a 2 door which is the only down side for me. It is hard getting the grands in and out of the back. I have rarely had to do anything but the bare minimum work to it and it runs great. Again, my only complaint would be that I have a 2 door instead of 4.

- Angie R

Dependable car but lack of durability.

Bought it from a car lot in 2009. Has been a great car. Problems, I have had to replace the fuel tank, the gauges on the dash are not reading other than the speedometer, CD player has quit working, power windows have stopped working even after being replaced several times, rear defrost no longer works. Other than minor problems it still runs and has been a dependable vehicle.

- Brittany C

We just recently had the air conditioner fixed and now it is as good as new!

It is a little old but has stayed by my side throughout the years and I couldn't be happier with it. I haven't had any serious problems other than replacing two of the tires and fixing the air conditioner. The window rolls down a little wonky, but so far it is helped me get to where I need to go so I am grateful for this car. The car is my baby and I am attached to it.

- Shannon H

Great car but not a family car.

Love it runs good, just very compact not a family car at all! Great gas mileage and sounds great we have went everywhere in this car and it hasn't left us broke down or anything. We have kept it serviced and it has a lot of miles on it but it still runs like a new car. I would recommend it to a college student because it great gas mileage just not a family car.

- Lindsey B

I love my cavalier, it has been a great car to me.

I bought my car used and really cheap and I will say it has been a great car. Yes I have had to work on it but it was already used and banged up and it costed me 800 dollars and it's ran for 4 years. The only problem I can see is the shifter and it's a common problem with cavaliers. The button messes up and.I have to stick something in it to shift gears.

- Carrie P

The Old Reliable Chevrolet

Runs well, I wish it better acceleration, but overall it performs well. Due to age I spent some time fixing it up, new spark plugs, new breaks, etc. There is plenty of space in the back seat and trunk which I haven't had before. It was purchased used so nothing is 100%, the interior dash is falling apart, but I would have loved to see it new.

- Caleb F

It's not in production any more and the newly named one's also discontinued . Surprisingly long lasting and reliable as Chevy usually is. They have reputation for that though.

Second time owning a Cavalier , one was demoted by a sibling and recent one bought in 07 from a shady dealership who got flooded cars from auctions and repos with criminal records. Dashboard and Windows and now ac barely work . First car had transmission problem. It's a miracle this 05 model still runs . Thankful for that. Knock on wood!

- Susan F

Small cheap on gas good motors easy to fix floor clean good

My car is awesome on gas and drives so good it's small but I don't need anything bug so if your looking for a small cheap car then this is the one!, I have never had a problem with car except the tire but that had nothing to do with the car itself. The seats are so soft and it's kinda carpet like and the carpet on the car so easy to clean!!

- Haley H

I upgraded the sound system in it back in 2012.

It is reliable enough. Had it for nearly 10 years now. Some very obvious wear and tear to it over the years though (dry rot, paint primer chipping away due to sun damage, the handle for the gear shift is barely hanging on). Not a particularly valuable car to begin with, so admittedly didn't put much time and energy into maintaining it.

- Sean G

Good small but can also be used for a family with great gas mileage car.

This has been a very reliable little car. I swear sometimes it runs on air, not gas. Lol. I have only had a few consistent problems. The front end has had to have things replaced several times. The front two wheel bearings have both been replaced twice in the last 4 years. Also some electrical issues with the blinkers and brake lights.

- Amy G

Chevy cavalier is an awesome car with spectacular gas mileage and affordable!

My Chevy is nice and spacious. The trunk space is very large. The heater runs exceptionally well. This car is awesome on gas mileage. It rides very smooth down the highway and accelerates nicely too. The radio is easy to use and has quality sound. I am impressed with how well it has held up over the years with the basic upkeep.

- Chris M

2005 Chevrolet Cavalier: It gets the job done

I don't know if I can say this about all Chevy cavaliers, but what I will say is this: I thought the no automatic lock, roll down windows was a cool feature at first but now it has become a hassle. Also with no cruise control it can be a little obnoxious when driving. Overall, the car drives well and does what I need it to do.

- Matthew M

Very reliable as long as you do basic maintenance.

I had it for over 10 years. It's definitely ild and not the best looking but it's still run efficiently. Minimum care just the main the essentials like it's oil change, rotations, etc. It has only left me stranded once, the motor chain fell off. It only cost me $300 to fix. That was my biggest expense other the the tires.

- Joanna F

It's spacious for a compact car, the interior is in good condition.

It's a great car gets me where I need to go. Other than being old and having aging issues its a nice vehicle. Some of the issues include a cracking dashboard, all the windows don't roll down, no AC, none of the gauges work such as the speedometer, gas gauge ect. However it's still a good running car and I still love it!

- Crystal N

The title of my review is my awesome jeep. Awesome car to own.

The jeep is an awesome vehicle that handles well it handles well in the snow it handles over the road. I think the best part about owning a jeep is the ruggedness of being able to travel on any type of terrain really. It is comfortable on the inside the seats are very comfortable yeah does it rides like a Cadillac.

- Tracy W

13 years and still going strong.

The gas mileage on the car is very good. The car is good for driving as a beater car. I haven't had any major issues with the car. The lights could be brighter but other than that I have no complaints about the car. Actually the back rear window stopped working. I think that is because of how old the car is.

- Devin M

The overall experience with this car wasn't the best.

I bought it from a friend who didn't take care of it so there was a lot a problems. Going on the freeway with it was rough and idling was hard for it most times. The space of the car was nice, even for it being a two door. The sunroof was have complications opening but closing wasn't too much of a problem.

- Andrea A

reliable transportation - will not have many problems with it.

very reliable, not many problems, good work vehicle, cost effective to maintain, does not have power windows or power locks, sometimes wish that the way to put gas in the vehicle was on the driver's side - it is on the passenger side, air conditioner is reliable(only have had to replace the condenser).

- eric P

Chevy Cavalier; a decent, small city car

I bought my vehicle used. It used to be a rental car. The brakes have always been a issue as the brake drums would warp. It is a very light car so it carries itself downhill very easily. The gas mileage is decent because of its small size. Because the car is so small, it can prove to be dangerous.

- Aaron C

Fill up your tank for 20$

Just a little loud but very good on gas and lasts me a long time nice ride small vehicle but spacey. I love my cavy and you should invest in one for sure! The only problem I've had with a cavalier is it shifts a little bit hard when it gets to be an older vehicle but they're great. Starter cars

- Alyssa R

Good small car for family

This car has been a reliable way back and forth to work. It fits my family of 4 comfortably. It is an older car without the fancy features of a new one. There has been no problems with the car since I bought it used last year. It's not the fastest car but performs fine for what we use it for.

- Jennifer G

Comfortable and content...

There is not much wrong with my car. My spark plugs keep messing up. It is very reliable and comfortable. I love driving it. It's the perfect size for me and my family. It is really good on gas and it does not take much to fill it up when empty. I would recommend anyone get one of these cars.

- Nicole B

We absolutely love this vehicle and how it saves of lots of money every year.

Needs an exhaust leak fixed but the family loves this car. The car is very reliable and super comfy for our long trips. We take family vacations with our family members in Canada every year and this car is so easy to drive. We also absolutely love how far we can go on just one tank of gas.

- Dee Dee C

It is very reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

My car is very reliable, easy to park, gets very good gas mileage and inexpensive to maintain. This car has 4 doors and also has quite about of legroom. The trunk is large enough to store my beach chairs and hold my groceries and paper products. I have no intentions of replacing this car.

- Margaret I

So of the best things about owning a cavalier.

Always have a mechanic inspect it if buying used and I would buy another cavalier with no problem and with any vehicle it has its own corks. But plus side they are great on gas $30 fills it up and being a 4-cylinder I get almost 35 miles a gallon. So all in all very happy with my Chevy.

- Liz C

It�s cool. It has tinted windows which is pretty cool looking.

It does pretty well. There's some wear and tear but for the most part it does well. The gas mileage is good. It's a very nice car. It looks nice when it gets washed. I don't think there's much wrong with it. Sometimes it takes a while to start (like 2 seconds) but it's honestly okay

- Jasmine G

True thirty dollar oil change.

Pretty good purchase had 120,000 miles on it at purchase. No other major money invested. Maintenance easy to do. A_c compressor not engaging. Interior trim, cheap and sun damaged. But the cost effectiveness of 2.2 lte motor makes this a good value for a good get a round vehicle. .

- Ernest P

It has a amazing sound system

For the car to be old it runs great. Just a little wear and tear. It has paint coming off. It has a dent. It's a really good gas savers. I had have the car about five long years it has never let me down. As long as you keep the maintenance up on it. The car will run great

- Stacie A

The Chevrolet cavalier is really good on mileage and easy to maintain.

The car is old and so the paint is faded. The interior is nice and I like the look of it compared to the car's age. The size is a good size. The trunk has a good amount of space. The car is really good on mileage. It rides pretty smooth and maintenance is easy on the pocket.

- Maya H

Police car tinted windows nice you'll love it.

It's fine I love how it drive guys great my dal love it also my son he's in it more than me I'll want a new one soon than later it seems to be getting older by the day but I'll keep it until I decide what I want do I love it nothing's wrong it drive fast great speed limits.

- Donald D

Not up to date on features.

Its reliability is high as is the performance. It is an older car with no modern features. I have never experienced an issue in regards to having any problems with my car that are out of the ordinary. It's not as comfortable and definitely not as up to date as a modern car.

- Mariah L

I love my Chevrolet it drives smoothly and I honestly love the way it feels

The seats do not feel comfortable for me and the engine sometimes makes a weird noise. I have tried to get it fixed but for some reason the problem won't stop. Even though the car has problems I can still tolerate it. I am looking to buy a new car in the future though.

- Francis M

2005 Chevrolet cavalier, great family car.

Reoccurring problem I've experienced with my vehicle is the gas pump. Gas pump has been replaced 3 times and car still shows "check engine" light for the same thing. Overall though the car is in great shape and has very few mileage considering the year for the vehicle.

- Yvonne M

My car has low Mileage. My car has good tires they are new. Runs well.

My vehicle needs a gas cap, I personally feel my vehicle leaks gas but mechanic says it's fine. One headlight is broke getting that fixed soon. I do not like the way my car looks and it is not comfortable but it drives okay. I personally would not recommend this car.

- Domenica M

Excited to take the car happy.

Because they are extremely good for driving good for me and my family friendly and greatest prices I am so happy and my family too because its so special I am very great with the people take care he tell me and I am so excited to take the car because is comfortable.

- Kiara B

That it is truly trusting, I would take it on a vacation still.

It's my little trusty blue car, I have had only a few problems but it has been a great car. I am currently looking for a new car but I am having a hard time getting rid of it. The engine is still so good but the outside has hail dents and is starting to rust out.

- Lisa s

It has a smooth engine, it has a comfy chairs and is overall a good car.

The car I had lasted a long time, but eventually the head gasket exploded and many other problems occurred, so if you do get this car, buy it when it is newer and not older. But other than that, I would highly recommend this vehicle, it will get you very far.

- Tyler W

Great family car yet still compact.

The dash board it cracked & broke seems to happen a lot with the year. I love that the window buttons are reach of kids. The back seat fits 3 car seats. Love the that its spacious it's a great family car. I would recommend it to people gladly as a good car.

- Abigail O

My great little blue cavalier.

Great little gas saver. Blue. And fit exactly for one person, old, tiny, teenager first car, etc. Has no problem except for muffler.. Drives excellent on road and highways. Love the car. Has radio and CD player. Heat and ac blows excellent. I love the car.

- Brit C

My car is the perfect first car. Very reasonable pricing on car and car parts.

My car is very reliable and is easy to drive. Anything that I need fixed on my car is not high priced at all. Mechanics say they are easy fixes also so usually whenever I need something done. It does not take long. My car saves gas and everything works.

- Dominique J

The Chevy cavalier is a great small family car.

The Chevy cavalier is a reliable vehicle. It gets great mileage and has not required major repairs or up keep. It is a nice sized car and has lasted a long time. The small car is easy to drive and has been great. I would recommend it to anyone to buy.

- Josh M

Chevy cavalier is economic and easy to drive.

My cavalier is reliable and comfortable to drive. No major problems. Easy to maneuver in traffic. Easy to park. Roomy interior. No rust. Great gas mileage. Body ages well, no rust. One bad thing is that the rubber seal on doors makes the doors stick.

- Gayle C

Reliable easy car to zip around town in.

I like the car as it is easy to zip around town in. It is good on gas. It is only a 2-door and sometimes it is uncomfortable putting people in the back seat. Back seat is quite small. Trunk space is good. No major problems with this car.

- Laura B

Plenty of trunk space. Comfy seats and also when the air conditioning works it's solid

It had issue with the air conditioning where you have to constantly put on high air because it randomly switches back. It takes a while to get up to speed not as fast as other cars. Overall it is a fairly likable cat tho

- Cody K

For a cheap car it has lasted. My husband has taken good care of it to keep it running good and we change the oil regularly

It's been a great car as far as running good and gas mileage. Not so great is that the clear coat has been slowly peeling off for the last few years and the dashboard plastic is cracking and breaking everywhere

- Michele M

It's big and safe. The safety and freedom I feel in it is amazing. It's great for family.

It runs like a dream but often breaks down. It is good for getting groceries and running around town. I love the way it looks but maybe I could have a more dependable vehicle. I'm proud to own it, though.

- Bryan V

2005 Chevy Chevrolet..nice car

I have a good vehicle and it runs good..needs a little work on it not much but a very few little things..it's been good to us and it's not in a great shape of look but it gets is to where we need to go.

- Erica E

How economic and enjoyable it is to drive. How well it Handel's and how comfortable it actually is.

I like the size, the gas mileage is great, it handles great on all roadways. I enjoy driving the highway with it. The cavalier is also LA pretty comfortable car for longer trips and roomy enough too.

- Susan F

It is a good car that handles well in all traffic situations.

Haven't had any major problems with my car, just regular maintenance. Everyone always compliments me about the color. It is a bit sporty, but not overly. Handles really well and is good on gas.

- Sharyn B

Nice for people without kids

It is reliable, no major fixes other than replacing the fuel pump about 2 years ago, and fixing a hole in the radiator about a year ago. Not ideal when trying to put car seats in the back seat

- Marriah T

It runs good for how many miles I have put on it.

I do not like the size of it, it is very small. It does not handle heat very well as the exterior and interior are both chipped and cracking. It is bad on gas because it has a small gas tank.

- Carrie T

I've had it for a while and it drives me everywhere I need to go. It's a pretty good car and I want to keep it for as long as I cN

I've had it for a long time and it works really well. It's pretty old since it's been made a long time ago but it's as good as new. I've never really had any issues with it.

- Dani A

The Chevy Cavalier is the most reliable car I've ever owned.

Love the reliability and the gas efficiency! Car is resilient too, withstood the cold of Ohio and the heat of California. Dislike that the CD player is no longer working.

- David K

Small but very reliable vehicle.

I do not like that everything is manual. But I guess you can expect that from an older car. Besides that, the car is a great running car. It is perfect for a first car.

- Dominique J

It is very reliable day inexpensive to maintain & gets very good gas mileage.

I have kept all of the maintenance current. The car is very reliable, good on gas and easy to park. Since I am retired I have no intentions of replacing this car.

- Margaret R

It is a good car for skinny, big, short, people. The size of the car is a nice size as well.

I like the car because I am a short woman, which makes it easy to get in and out of. I like a smaller type car. Wish it had an ashtray, and more cup holders.

- rachel k

That it may not be pretty, but it's functional.

It's lasted me a long time, with very few problems. I wish they still made them, I would buy another one. I just dislike that the clear coat is peeling.

- Cathleen F

It is good for a first car.

Air conditioning makes a weird noise, haven't had any problems with it. Speeds up pretty fast for an old car. The speedometer broke so had to get it fix.

- Megan R

Reliable car that will last a long time if well maintained.

I like that it is fairly dependable. It is not too expensive to repair or maintain. I dislike the trunk space, and I would like more up to date features.

- Laura M

It is great for new beginner drivers. I have only been driving for a few years now and this car has helped me become more comfortable.

I like how small and compact this car is. It is really easy to drive and easy to park. My only complaint is that it does not accelerate fast very well.

- Bethany B

The one thing people should know is that is is great on gas.

My Chevy Cavalier is very reliable. It's really good on gas and the maintenance is easy. The upholstery is easy to clean and the seats are comfortable.

- Kristen J

The most important thing is that is has good gas mileage.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage. I don't like that it is getting older and things are starting to wear out. It has been a very reliable car.

- Marcie P

Cavalier best info of the year

Excellent vehicle for being a small car. Very economic on gas and takes me everywhere I want to go. Downfall is that the A/C breaks down pretty fast.

- Ivan J

It may not look like it can stay on the road, but it can.

It gets me where I need to go with ease. It isn't the fanciest car on the road, but it doesn't need to be. I can't imagine replacing it anytime soon.

- John H

You can save money driving a Cavalier because it gets great gas mileage.

Gets great gas mileage but doesn't have an alarm or electric windows. It has already been broken into once so I really hate not having an alarm.

- Ann E

Reliable especially in the winter, car always starts.

I love my vehicle. Good sturdy car very reliable I,ve had brakes replaced nothing serious so far,very comfortable has a lot of get up and go.

- Susan E

It's been fixed countless times and has always gotten me from point A to point B.

It gets very good gas mileage. I has been reliable for almost a decade now. As it gets older it starts to creak and groan a little bit more.

- Kristina f

It doesn't have electric windows. the trunk is small.

I brought it used. It is smaller than the Toyota Camry I had before. The trunk is a little small. Inside is good size. No electric windows.

- kathy s

It is a reliable and economical vehicle to drive..

It has been reliable and economical but some of my gages have stopped working. If I were to get a .new car it would be the Chevy Equinox.

- Terri K

Dependable and reliable usable and

My vehicle is very dependable it has less than 200000 miles on it Very well clean and safe has all Windows and air and heating works

- Shannon W

It was really good mileage per gallon. Not to mention it's also extremely comfortable to drive in.

I like the milage it gets per gallon for how inexpensive it has been. As long as it runs and works well, then I'm happy with my car.

- Spencer B

It has the latest technology and is modern, in regards, to features, mileage, etc.

not many maintenance problems. It has all the latest features, drives well. I really like the sound system in the car. It is a SUV.

- Juet J

It is reliable and economical. It drives smooth and is comfortable for a small family.

I enjoy the size of my car. It is just right for me. I do not like that it is only a 2 door. I would have preferred a 4 door.

- Anna B

The tremendous engine life.

I like the reliability that comes with it. I've had it for quite some time. With a few repairs, she's almost as good as new.

- Joshua D

reliability in a nutshell

this is a reliable car, just sort of bland. it gets me back and forth to work and where I can need to go so it does the job

- mary r

That it's still running good 13 years after it was made

Has been running good for 13 years. It's reliable great beater car to get around in. Got it cheap so no loan payment on it

- Travis R

The windshield wipers don't work as well as they used to.

It's just old and things are falling apart on the inside. No cruise control. Otherwise, it runs okay and does the job.

- Crystal F

It may seem run of the mill but it has some pep to it.

I love that after 350000 it is still going strong. Motor will out last rusted frame. It is very good on gas mileage.

- Tony D

its dependable hands down good family car i would suggest this car to anyone

good reliable vehicle. gets me where i need to go. gives me no problem. good on gas save a lot of gas no complaints

- curtis b

it runs and ive had it for so long It's part of our family

runs getting older but love driving it have had it for 6 years and drive it everywhere i go and drive friends also

- shelly t

Car is more of a necessity than a luxury. A car that is reliable is what counts.

It's an alright vehicle. It has helped me get to places till now and I hope to continue using it till it gives up

- Cynthia L

It will go through any weather conditions nature throws at it

Gas mileage is great but all the gauges on my instrument cluster have gone haywire! Otherwise it's been reliable

- Winter M

It is a good car in reference to engine and handles wear and tear.

Very reliable, even though it is a 2005 windows and locks are manual. Dashboard is falling apart from the sun.

- Mack P

Good value for the price I paid.

Reliable, very good gas mileage, low maintenance, economically worth the price. The car was money well spent.

- Eric J

That I really love it and would buy it again. And recommend the company.

I like that my car is reliable. It handles the unpredictable weather really well. It gets great gas mileage.

- Jennifer J

It's a while Cavalier that has been out of production for 10 years.

I've had my vehicle since high school. I like the mileage and the size. I wish I could had a sound system.

- Matt B

2005 chevy cavalier running okay

2005 chevy cavalier has some minor damage on left side. But all in all it runs good. Has some miles on it.

- Belinda M

Mileage. Engine size. Miles per gallon

I love that It's a decent sized economy car. I like that the parts are cheap. I hate the ecotec 2.2 engine

- Marsha S

New tires and lights work.

Reliable for being old and beat up pretty bad. Not my choice for a car. Was given to me. Get me there.

- Tracey A

My car has been very reliable and I think it will last me for awhile

I haven't had too many problem with the cari it reliable and very comfortable and it's a very good car

- Penny H

It's great on mileage, great comfort and roomy, stylish.

My car gives a smooth ride and has all the latest technology. It's very comfortable, classy and roomy.

- Roslyn M

It's very reliable & I feel pretty safe in it. I like the look of it & it's quite comfortable.

I like the size of my car, gets good mileage. The only thing it's missing would be cruise control!

- Sally M

That it rusts quickly. You might feel embarrassed driving it around.

The exterior is very rusty. It looks very outdated. Also, the car interior is very hard to clean.

- Meagan G

It is safe to drive yon short and long distances in every kind of weather.

Drives smoothly and safely. Car is very economical on gas. Vehicle makes me feel I have arrived!

- Megan P

It's reliable. It gets me where I need to go without using a lot of gas.

It's reliable. It's great on fuel and doesn't have all of the tech stuff that I don't need.

- Judith H

Dependable car for what i need to do

Easy to handle and drive. Acceptable gas mileage. Smaller car but has enough room for me.

- Ju V

Great gas mileage. Very compact...not the roomiest car.

Great running vehicle...great on gas...seems to be a vehicle that holds up for some time.

- Jen B

Car is a manual transmission. The gears grind if not shifted properly. Good commuter car. Very basic.

The mileage of the car is about 150000. My mechanic has seen these cars at 300000 miles.

- jennifer s

Great gas mileage,Perfect car for commuting back and forth to work.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. it handles well. not very comfortable on long trips.

- Thomas w

The car has held up very well in its many years of use. It has a lot of mileage on it so its started breaking down some but overall it's been a very good first car for me.

It's a very well used and trustworthy vehicle. Id get another one like it if I could.

- Nikki B

It is good on gas and drives very smoothly.

It is good on gas. Haven't had many engine problems. Car is safe. Could be bigger.

- Jordan S

It's a rust bucket because of how low it sits to the ground.

It's small. It's old. It's a rust bucket because of how low to the ground it sits.

- Ruby L

I love the custom paint job I did on it. The engine is running amazing for how old it is and the stereo is great.

Well it depends on who you ask but the most important to me is the stereo system

- Henry G

It's a very reliable and safe car that gets great gas mileage

Car gets great gas mileage. It's easy to park. Reliable and rides smooth.

- Darnel K

It saves gas clean smooth driving highway ready very dependable

Save gas reliable gives me no problems drives good would refer to any one

- Curtis B

Overall good vehicle for the price.

It is reliable. Have had a few minor issues. Has lasted for a long time.

- Leslie C

you should know that a car needs to work before you can drive it

I like it. no I don't complain. why did you ask. I want chicken.

- mary g

It's reliable and dependable. It's economical and gets great mileage

Sits a little to low. I'm older now and it's harder to get out.

- Cathy H

A older car will usually need repairs and they do not have have a warranty

s mileage. I disliked I had to get rear brakes and a starter

- Amanda M

It is old.It is not the most stylish or beautiful, but it gets us from A to B.

It is reliable, been in the shop infrequently. Great on gas.

- Karen M

It is reliable and stylish.

I don't like the gas mileage but I do like the performance.

- Ron B

It is awesome car. Great gas mileage solid ride good leg and head room. And low on maintenance. Since I had the car I did not have any major issues with it. Just the normal wear and tear.

The price and the warranty. The dealer was always there.

- William O

Sporty and fun! May be old in age but low in miles!

Style, that it's a stick, has a sunroof and still runs

- Jennifer C

It is a small and economical car. It's blue and is good on gas mileage

I've only had it 3 days. Seems like a good little car.

- melissa b

that is is old but very reliable and i drive it every day

it is long but rusting and it is old but still runs

- Dan H

It needs some work but a really good little car. It gets me to and from work.

It needs some cosmetic work, but runs pretty good.

- Christy B

It is a good car easy on gas.

Gas saver. Easy to handle. Parts are easy to find

- Sandra B

That it's a good car for the age that it is

Bought it used in great condition and like it

- Nora O