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Chevy cobalt great on gas!

My 2006 Chevy cobalt is still in great condition being that it is 12 years old. It is still great when it comes down to the gas mileage. Front side of the car is spacious for both the driver and front passenger. Center console has enough space for two to rest their elbows. Only if you like to share that is. Center console does lift up in down if you do not like to have it down while driving. Glove compartment is average in size not too big. Has a great sound system by pioneer. Can customize equalizer plays CD's and mp3 CD's. Sadly their are not many cup holders. Two in the front and two in the back. Trunk space can fit up to three two 32 inch suitcases and about 3 medium sized duffle bags if going on a trip. Will fit all your groceries in one trip. The battery is located in the trunk not in the front like most cars. Which is different gives it a little more characteristic in my opinion. If you keep up with oil change and give it gas treatments and change tires when needed, this car will give you no troubles. It is great for a single person, a couple even a small family.

- Elizabeth L

Don't buy a Cobalt if you live in the snowbelt.

I've had ongoing engine problems, a check engine light that stays on even after repairs. A rattle in the back end from from day one. After the recall repairs were done on the ignition, the key will randomly not turn to the on position and having it towed to the dealership releases it so it never does it for them. The car has been relatively reliable in dry, warm weather. It is not well suited for wet pavement with the stock tires nor is it well suited for snow deeper than around 4 inches as it becomes high centered in deeper snow. If I had it to do over I would not buy this car again as my primary source of transportation, it is fine for a 2nd casual form of transportation.

- Mary M

The electrical issues will stop the car from running while it is moving.

There are electrical issues with this vehicle. The car will stop running when it is moving and a lot of appliances are being used like the air conditioner and the radio. My vehicle does not have automatic locks or windows, but I thing this feature makes the car safer and it is one less thing to worry about fixing if it breaks. The gas mileage is decent, but not as high as I would want in a small car. It is not very spacious in the trunk or the back. Besides electrical issues, it runs well. I have also had issues with exhaust leaks. The car has 150, 000 miles on it and I still feel comfortable taking it on long trips.

- Hannah B

Great on gas and small family car.

The 2006 Chevy cobalt is a nice small family car. It is nice for one to two children. It is a little small for a trip or if your children bring friends. It is great on gas if you have a long commute to and from work. You have to keep up with oil changes because they start to sputter and act up once you make it past the mileage that is recommended to have one. They are definitely long lasting cars. They are great for reliability. I recommend one to anyone who needs a small car that is good on gas and has a small family. If you have a big family I would recommend something a little bigger.

- Jessica C

My car is reliable and has never had any problems in cold or rainy weather.

I like the way my car is compact and it is easy to park, and have plenty of room on the lines. The trunk is roomy even though it is a smaller car and I love the blue color. However, my biggest complaint is that it's a two door, which is so inconvenient for taking people in the back, and the doors are easily blown by wind. Overall, the doors are such a pain but the car is reliable and has a great MPG.

- Leah V

Great first car for anyone looking for a good car.

It was used so many small problems nothing major. We had to fix the gas tank from leaking. The blinkers do not automatically turn off when you turn. No AUX cord area either. Overall it's a good car, I have not had it for too long, but its very comfortable. I would recommend it to others. Many people I know have different years of Cobalt and love them still. A good first car for someone.

- Cheyenne P

This car is good intown or on highway with good gas mileage.

Have had very few problems with car. Mostly was to do with radiator leaking problems but it was a manufacturer problem with a manifold piece breaking and the manufacturer have a repair kit to repair said part. Car handles well. Good on long trips. Good fuel mileage had problem with turn signal arm breaking another manufacturer part problem. Overall would buy another car just like it.

- Roberta D

Excellent gas mileage on this vehicle.

I have to say I have had very few problems with my vehicle, except for a couple of recall issues (shifter and ignition switch) that Chevrolet took care of. It gets excellent mileage; I got 28 mpg on my last tank of gas. I do regular maintenance to keep it running well. The only drawback I have found is blind spots in the design. Once I got used to them, they were no longer a problem.

- Adrian D

It is inexpensive and lasts.

It is a great car overall and has served me well. It is got a few issues. The speakers died several years ago. I replaced them, but to no avail. The most frustrating thing is when you fill it up with gas, it will not go. You have to rev the engine for 1-2 minutes first and even then it may still die right after. I read it is a common issue in that year and model.

- Kimberly D

The customer service rep at capitol Chevrolet was very unprofessional.

My cobalt is over 12 years old and has not given my any problems to date other than the usual wear and tear of owning a car. I am 5 foot 9 inches and have an artificial hip so it I have to scoot in. I would consider getting a larger vehicle on my next purchase. There are no bells and whistles that newer cars have but then again it is 12 years old.

- Ruby A

Much smaller than it looks

My car is pretty comfortable. Unfortunately, it has no center console which makes it very inconvenient because of the lack of storage. It is a good beginner vehicle. Small and sporty, 4 cylinder and has great gas mileage. I wouldn't recommend this car for someone that is vertically blessed. It is very small on the inside but it handles good.

- Skye N

My car is not for sale it's mine.

I love my car it had been wreck when I got it and the spindle is bent so it messes up my back tires a little bit. My sunroof is messed up it leaks and I need back brakes. I also need 3 tires now. My track light comes on to and it causes my transmission to shift hard. I have to take it to a dealer to get the transmission fixed.

- Elizabeth C

The most important is that it is very reliable and easy to maintain

I like that it is compact and easy to drive around in. It is pretty good on fuel mileage. What I do not like is that it does not have cruise control and is not very smooth highway driving. I also wish it had automatic locks and a little more storage. Overall good "running around" cars, but I would not use it for longer trips.

- Taylor A

My Chevrolet cobalt never died.

It is comfy and compact for short people but not good for taller people. The air conditioning is awful when it is over 85 degrees outside but the heat and heated seats are fantastic. The back seat and trunk is huge and stores a lot. I have never had an issue with my car. We always do regular oil changes and tire rotations.

- Ryan S

It is pick-up is extremely good, Chevy as a brand is known for being very safe.

Very comfortable, reliable and safe, it is a 2006 so it does not have a lot of features that newer models have, but safety is the number one priority for me, so it is good in that sense. The one thing I wish it had was an aux. Overall, do like the car itself. My family calls it a zippy car because the pick-up is fantastic.

- Allison M

It's not a bad car but it does have some problems It's safe to drive though the problems don't really affect driving it too much

It was a Florida car and I live in New York, so for the first bit of time having it the underside was in great condition. This past winter I had multiple problems with the car, but thankfully most of those are resolved or will be resolved before the coming winter. My tire came off once while driving to work. It sucked.

- James B

The Chevy cobalt is very comfortable.

My vehicle would make a good first vehicle for a teenager. It has an issue with the alternator belt but other than that it drives very nice. Snow tires will be needed eventually. A crack in the windshield was caused by a rock flying up but very minor. The interior is very clean. The radio set up could use an update.

- Elizabeth D

This car is very nice and has a roomy trunk.

I love how big the trunk space is. I do wish the back seat was just a little more roomy. I like that I only have to push 1 button to find out different things such as trip miles and how many miles are left in gas. I like how smooth out drives as well. I also love that it has child locks for the doors and windows.

- Sarah A

It's great on gas. I fill up once a week for about $20-$25.

I like the size of my vehicle and the gas mileage it gets for a low price compared to bigger cars. I also like how smooth it drives and the color of it. My car is easy to maintain overall. The only downside to my car is the manual windows and locks, and the front speakers don't work, but I can get those fixed.

- Sydni B

Issa cobalt. Get you a cobalt. Get you a Chevy cobalt.

It's a nice silver car that blows cold air and the heat is hot but it has headlight problems and the seats are very comfortable. It has two doors and is a manual and it goes pretty fast and has been very reliable. There are a few cosmetic issues and problems but it does not take away from how great this car is!

- Brooklyn S

If you love crappy reviews then don't read this one about my 2006 Chevy cobalt.

My Chevy cobalt is amazing. Just passed 117,000 miles and runs great. Never a problem, have the oil changed regularly and all is well. I did replace my first headlight a couple of weeks ago. Great on gas and it's a five speed. It's great in bad weather. Small but able to sit 5 comfortably. Would purchase again.

- Mary I

Great small car for individual or family travel.

Very economical to drive for both fuel, parts and labor. Very few repairs other than minor maintenance and tire replacement. Smaller size allows for easy maneuverability in traffic as well as parking. Great gas mileage on over the road trips as well as in town driving with comfortable 4 to 5 passenger seating.

- Judy W

This car handles curves like a dream.

One negative to my Chevy cobalt is that it drinks so much gas. I thought it would be good on gas because it is such a small car, but it is not. I have got to have it looked at to see what's going on. Hope I figure it out soon. It takes ten dollars to get to work and back home. I only live 5 miles from my job.

- Teresa V

Chevy cobalt economic fuel v4.

Chevy cobalt is a very economic car due to it being cheap for gas my car fills up with $24 and last me two weeks and me going from one place to another really great for people that need just a car to get from work to home and the best is it is a small car perfect for just a person. Really economic I tell you.

- Ivana M

Chevy cobalt is an overall decent vehicle.

It gets me where I want to go. I currently am going through some hard times right now. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to hold onto it. I may go without it for a couple of months, save and buy another one. Overall the car is a very decent vehicle. I would buy it again if I was given the choice.

- Kevin C

Does very well on gas, does really good in winter last forever if taken well care of.

I love my vehicle it has been running very good since I bought it it's surviving winter fine it's very good on gas mileage I like how the windows are not power windows and they're just crank windows so therefore my power locks do not break. This is my first car I've ever bought and it's been very good to me

- Jennisa I

Great small and reliable car.

This car was a birthday gift when my old car started failing electrically. It is small and easy to park, it is decent on gas, and the only thing I have had to put money in, is regular maintenance. This car was not too expensive to purchase. The blind spots are a lot better than most vehicles I have driven.

- Kelli S

I do really like the color of the car and the amount of space.

It stalls when I stop sometimes and I had a Chevy dealership tell me it was a guessing game to fix the problem. It is good on gas, runs ok other than it idles hard sometimes. Do not know that I would recommend Chevy to anyone though. And people working for Chevy clearly do not know what they are doing.

- Erin S

Super sporty and comfy cobalt.

My car is amazing on gas mileage! Only have had a few problems with it such as tire problems and it needed a new battery at one point but that's normal wear to a car. The car drives nice and is super cute and sporty! The seats are comfortable and there is a very spacious back seat even for a 2 door car.

- Shannon H

It is great on gas. Very reliable.

I do not have any problems with my car. It is a good car. It is good on gas. It is very reliable. Very comfortable. I would recommend a Chevy Cobalt to anyone that would like to get one. They run good. I did have to get the ball joints changed when I bought it. But that is all I have had to do with it.

- Carrie C

If the vehicle has been adequately serviced, the vehicle is great to purchase, fuel wise.

Chevy Cobalt 2006 is an affordable vehicle. It gets you from point A to point B without any troubles and is fuel efficient. Vehicle is low maintenance, making it a good fit for anyone with limited time on their hands. Apart from recalls that Cobalt faced a while back, no major repairs have been needed.

- Patricio B

Slim, quick, and reliable!

The car is small which has its benefits when looking for parking. It has the battery stored in the trunk which is convenient when needing to get a jump start and it is also slim and quick which helps reduce travel time. I enjoy being in a smaller car and am also able to fit bulkier items in the trunk.

- Maria B

I enjoy Chevrolet vehicles and feel like the Cobalt I drive is reliable.

I really like that it has a sunroof, not a fan of the fact that it does not have an AUX cord port. It has some computer and faulty wiring problems, but it gets good gas mileage and it is overall a very reliable vehicle. It is ideal for a college student or a new driver and it has many great features.

- Sydney G

Cobalt and it is perks and it is dos and don'ts.

Good car, has its issues but it is small and great on gas. Parts are usually easy to find and easy to replace. It has a rough start when you take off but other than that it is a great car and it is efficient. I do not like that it has two doors but it is small and easy to get in and out of anywhere.

- Misty M

Crank windows are super annoying and should not be in a car from 2006.

Problems with gas cap and engine, but overall has been a good starter car. It does well in the winter and summer. The ac is great and has had no problems at all. The steering is average and at times can pull to the right a little bit. The best feature of the car is sleek design and crank windows.

- Jonah H

Best family sports car you would ever want.

Rides and drives good and has a good get up and go. It is a family car that looks more like a sports car great on gas mileage. Everything is automatic. Has a small trunk with a whole lot of trunk space. Great stereo system and digital radio. Cruise control and keypad with automatic door locks.

- Melissa T

2006 Cobalt ss supercharged.

I have a 2006 cobalt ss. . . Black with purple ghost strip. . . Stage 3 zzp. . . Cooling mods injectors. . . Ice cold air. . . It is a very fast car. . . It is not on the road right now because it needs a new superCharger and a new windshield but other than that it is a perfect running car.

- Tina W

It has not aged well, to run and own a Cobalt is a lot of money to upkeep.

The Cobalt has not stood the test of time. Despite taking care of the car, it is starting to get run down. Years ago the key fob stopped working, the doors will not lock without the alarm going off, the air conditioning stopped working. I've replaced many parts of the car but it still runs.

- Meghan K

It gets awesome gas mileage.

I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt its a basic package but gets terrific gas mileage 29. 8 miles to the gallon, the only thing wrong is it has an issue where the alarm goes off when the door is opened, and it has to be turned off with the ignition key, otherwise the car itself runs like a champ.

- Charles L

No major problems in twelve years. That is reliable.

My car has given me no problems until recently and it is a big one. But other than that it has been a great and reliable car. I love it. I would not trade it in until it is just undrivable. I would recommend it to anyone that asks me. I am dreading the day that I have to get rid of it.

- Anna D

Easygoing vehicle - easy maintenance.

With proper maintenance this is an extremely car. The items that required repair were all manufacturer recalls, which I followed through on. The headlights did allow water to leak in. I had to replace them. My car is 12 years old, and is my best friend. I can go anywhere I want to go.

- Cathy H

A good overall car for smaller folks.

I love my car. It has smooth riding and good highway gas mileage. The mileage in town is terrible however. Despite that it is a sturdy and good car. It has had several recalls to replace faulty parts. It is a comfortable ride at the least and is the perfect size for me, a little lady.

- April D

Chevy cobalt is a reliable and comfortable car.

It runs really well. I have only had to put money into it to maintain it. I like that it is small and easy to park. There are not a lot of blind spots. It has been reliable with few issues to fix. I would like it to be larger or have a rack for a boat or bike but I really like it.

- Kelli S

This car does have issues with the power steering and traction control.

I like my 2006 Chevy cobalt because it gets good gas mileage. It is also yellow so it is easy to spot in a crowd. I do not like the car because it is only a two door. I also do not like it because I have problems with the power steering and traction control coming on fairly often.

- Hannah P

Great car: the car is in great condition still runs very good.

I haven't had many problems. The fan adjuster has been shorting out it will not go above speed 2. Other than that it is good on gas and very reliable. It is roomier than it looks my car is not power controlled windows or door locks. But at over 100, 000 miles it is still reliable.

- Kim M

The most important thing others should know about my car is that it is a survivor!

I like the simplicity of my vehicle. I like that the engine has run well with no problems and I get decent mileage. My car has endured several small accidents and survived. The only problems I have with it is the suspension which may or may not be in the design of the vehicle.

- Cheryl S

It is very reliable, affordable, and the size is just right.

I like that it is reliable and easy to service. It is just big enough for my needs right now. In the future I will be needing a 4 door as the family grows. It's nothing fancy but I'm happy with it. The only part I don't like is that the antenna does not retract so it has broken.

- Kellie A

The most amazing and compact car I have ever had.

It is so dependable and a gas saver. I love my car. It is amazing and spacious though its so small. It has really comfortable seats that let up and done to your liking. The dashboard tells when there's a problem and gives the general area where the problem is to fix it easily.

- A M

Reliable vehicle for family.

Reliable car. I have drove it from Florida to Texas with no problems. Good size car for a family of four. I would consider getting another like it for my next vehicle for personal use but I would not recommend using it as a work car if you need to carry around multiple things.

- Daniel R

Great get around car but liable.

It has a few problems but for the most part works. . The highlight have a crack in them. doesn't read gas that well then it eats through gas. The ac works very well, nice and cold. It is a great family car. Spacious in the back and the front. Great size for a growing family.

- Kayla D

Review of Chevrolet Cobalt

For being a 2006 model, it still runs good. I haven't had too much problems with it. I did have to change the fuel pump about a year ago. Gas mileage is not the best. Seems like it maybe because it is older. It is reliable car & I use it to work & back without any problems.

- Olivia E

Generally speaking, there is nothing that requires high maintenance.

I love how great on gas the car is. Do not like the size of the cobalt. Incredible useful during college but not necessarily a lifelong car. I noticed there is also a common consumer problem with getting gas and the car shutting off when driving off. Easily fixable though!

- Shaun W

Why I love my Cobalt and why I love my Chevy.

Is a really great car. Everything works and I have not had any real problems but I love all Chevy cars. When I bought the car I wasn't really keen to it but I live the trunk space and the back seat is very roomy. All of my friends tell me that they love my car and so do I.

- Sierra G

My favorite car will forever be best to me.

It was a smooth ride, heated seats and a great color. It drove smoothly and I have hardly any issue with it what server and ever. I would buy and keep another one too. No shame in my game. I traveled all over he us with it as well. It was like my baby. I never had issues.

- Ginny L

Great dependable car that has never let me down.

Nothing it's a great car. It has no problems that I am aware. Great on gas. Has all of the comforts that buyers would enjoy. A great dependable car. Has a great sound system and cold ac. Mine even has seat warmers that are great for cold weather would greatly recommend.

- Christy M

It gets good gas mileage and I haven't have really any major issues with the car. I find that pretty good considering the car is 12 years old.

I like the car, because it gets good gas mileage, but it is the base model, so it does become annoying have to manually lock and unlock the door, and also roll down the windows. I mainly use this car to get to and from work, so overall it's a reliable and decent car.

- William J

If it is good on gas and is safe.

The Chevy cobalt I have runs really smooth, the back seats of the cab have a lot of room so Its awesome for passengers and the car feels really light as it drives. I have never broken down with this car and nothing really has broken after the 6 years I have had it.

- Julian S

Has a hidden compartment, very secretive.

My car is very fuel efficient getting 32+ highway miles and 24-30 around town miles. Very comfortable and economic. Since its a Chevy/gm product its cheap and easy to fix. Reliable dependable. Only has 95, 000 original miles on it, one car owner, lots of new parts.

- Jessica F

Sleek reliable and sporty.

This is a very safe and reliable car and hardly ever has any problems. This car is very good on gas mileage and has a sleek sporty look and provides a comfortable ride. I recommend this car for anyone who wants a reliable car while having a youthful sporty look.

- Jennifer M

It's a beautiful blue color.

We bought my car second hand so it was pretty beat up. Nothing to do with the original car has gone bad, just replacing old items. It has been nearly 13 with this car and it is hanging on great like most Chevys do. It has everything you need, heat, , air, radio.

- Amber M

Great little car. Good on gas.

Runs really good even for being an older car. Really good on gas. doesn't need much more than routine maintenance for the most part. My only complaint is that the front end parts need replaced a lot. Struts and shocks go out a lot. Good car all together though.

- Crystal A

2006 Chevy Cobalt SS SC, the fun car you deserve.

Chevy Cobalt SS. supercharger adds an incredible boost to the vehicle. Changing the oil on a Cobalt equipped with a SC can be tedious but it is a joy to work on. No major issues with mine. Runs and performs fantastic. Would recommend for a car to have fun with.

- Corey B

Great on gas, low maintenance, economical vehicle.

Regular maintenance and it runs wells. Need better cushion for seats and little more room in back. Overall, it is very economical car. Great on gas and so far I haven't had any major problems. This comes with owning it for 12 years. Bought used a year later.

- Tamara B

It works but there have been multiple problems lately that may not be worth the price

I like that my car still works but there have been multiple problems lately that have made me start the process of replacing it. I have plans to buy a Kia Sportage because of the increased size and other features. My planned car is newer than my current car

- Kori S

The little cobalt that couldn't

I loved my car when I got it, but soon after began all the problems. It started to shake if I went over 40 miles an hour, it will just completely shut off on me especially in the winter, no matter how I fix it something just seems to brake almost instantly.

- Breeanna D

Very great family car. Very cute first car for teenager.

Very great car, has gotten me to Texas and back twice with no problems. Currently at 113, 000 miles and still running smoothly. Great family car and great car to take on trips with close friends. Easy to maintain. Love the interior as well. And trunk space.

- Katie G

My stick shift the gas saver!

The only issue I have with my car, is that, I love my stick shift. It is just that sometimes I get tired of driving it. My legs start hurting or cramping up. My legs swell up. I do not like that at times it rolls back in traffic when you press on the gas.

- Dinah J

My 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt SS.

I bought my 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt ss used and after a year with almost 200k miles, it is a dream, I regularly take long trips with it and have never had a problem. It has leather interior with digital radio/ dashboard readouts. The trunk is very spacious.

- Cheryl B

Chevy cobalt 06: a first car dream.

I believe my vehicle runs great. Good on gas, low miles. My only wishes are that cosmetically I could get some things done and put a really nice radio and speakers in. I would suggest a Chevy cobalt to anyone and have had no bad experiences with the car.

- Lacey E

Low miles, but reliable car

It is a solid basic vehicle. I use it for Uber and Lyft. The check engine light has been on for several years however it is likely that it is because of a manufacturer's defect rather than an actual problem. The car has only 74,000 miles despite its age.

- ron p

My car is great with gas miles per gallon. If you fill up your tank it lasts you about 350 miles until you will need to fill it up again. It is also a great size and has a lot of space in the trunk.

I dislike how many problems I have with the vehicle. I have had the blinkers break multiple times, as well as the handle that controls them. I have also had many issues with the check engine light and the device used to connect to the car not working.

- Kristen M

I have black halogen lights in the front and back of the car.

The Chevy cobalt 2006 is an amazing car! It only has two doors but has plenty of space in the backseat. The car has five seats total and plenty of trunk space. The car is also quite fast. It is very easy and reliable and an overall great car to have.

- Justice K

Too many recalls that not fix after multiple trips to dealerships to fix same recalls.

Recalls after recalls and poor customer service. When looking to buy a car you want the most safest and reliable vehicle. Especially great service. However service Chevrolet did not provide that. I will never purchase another car there ever again.

- Jessica G

It needs regular maintenance just like any other vehicle, but it does like to use oil so checking it regularly is a must.

I purchased my vehicle when I was in high school and I still drive it daily today. The only complaint I have is that the rocker panels are starting to rust out. My vehicle gets great gas mileage and still runs very smoothly with 150k miles on it.

- Dustin W

It is a piece of work but a great first car & it gets me from point A to point B.

I had to replace my engine once because it ended up dying on me after about 2 years of use. My vehicle would die in the middle of me driving; a the stop light, a turn, anywhere. We have had no problems since than and my vehicle runs perfect now.

- Hannah M

There are many recalls on the cobalt so be prepared to do maintenance work.

It's a dependable vehicle most of the time. It has an ignition micro switch issue that causes the radio to stay on and drain the battery. This also prevents the car from starting at times or shutting off completely so the key can be removed.

- Elizabeth R

It still performs well after a decade of use

My car has been through a lot, but is still running strong. After a decade (with some part replacements) it still has great acceleration and steering. It is a bit old and doesn't have an aux input, so I am stuck with CD's and regular radio.

- Nick D

Love my 2006 manual transmission Chevrolet Cobalt

I have owned multiple vehicles in my lifetime as I've been driving for 14 years and this has to be one of my absolute favorites. Stick shift,manual doors and windows so I don't have to worry about blown fuses or any of those things.

- Vanessa B

This car is amazingly reliable! Thank you Chevy!

My car is dependable although it seems to be leaking oil somewhere so that is something you might want to look out for. I prefer power windows but this model has the old fashioned crank kind. All around it is a pretty durable car.

- Erin P

Red with all black tires and rims.

I have a 2006 Chevy Cobalt. It has a missing o2 sensor, it does not get good gas mileage. It has a little shake from time to time, but it does get me to where I need to go, and the inside is very clean and comfortable.

- J P

Smooth ride and fuel efficient

My vehicle is pretty fuel efficient so I love using it as a work car. However, it is too small to carry my entire family (2 adults, 4 kids). It is pretty much a 5 passenger car, so it doesn't really fit us anymore.

- Julie D

2006 Chevy Cobalt - Overall good car

Overall my experience with the car has been really good. I've owned it for almost two years with no problems other than routine maintenance. The only downside is the lack of automatic locks, which can be frustrating.

- Brynne M

Vehicle has manual windows and door locks which is very inconvenient

Cheaply made vehicle. All plastic and no power windows or door locks. Mine has 125,000 miles and has been nothing but a money pit over the years. Not reliable, not comfortable. You get what you pay for I guess.

- Joe R

It's a standard transmission car, which really is my favorite aspect of the car!

I drive a stick shift 2006 Black Chevy Cobalt Coupe. This car runs great! I've had it for four years and have had no major repairs on it. My only complaint is that the brakes on Cobalts aren't made very well.

- Tim R

It is very reliable, few repairs, nothing expensive & it has 118,000 miles on it.

It has been very reliable with few repairs. It's good on gas & easy to drive. It has been one of the best cars I have ever had. I purchased it used but it only had about 20,000 miles on it, it has been great!!

- Vicki S

If keychain is to heavy, keys may fall out of the ignition while in drive.

My car is very reliable. I have been driving it for several years now and have had very minimal problems. It gets great gas mileage and gets the job done to get you from point A to point B. I highly recommend.

- Olivia M

VVT solenoids are a problem but easy fix don't let people tell you it's in the motor. If the check light on and in pop's or bump noise like something sticking locking at rear of car at take off you need a exhaust VVT.

Love it because it is so fun to drive, and very sporty. Dislike all the plastic stuff going to bad with it's age. Dislike the fact that can't get plastic stuff needed for cheaper. Plastic it's everywhere.

- Teresa W

Good car with many great features.

We have had no problem with the car other than needing tires so that is so important for .... not being nickel and dime us to death. Good gas mileage when taking care of the care like oil changes on time.

- Marie K

This car is easy to drive and gets good gas mileage.

I do not like that it is only two doors. I do not like that the trunk opening is smaller than the size of the trunk so it's hard to get things into it. I do like the small size and good gas mileage.

- amanda m

Its a Chevy and It's a good running car and I like my car.

This Chevy Cobalt is the best car that I have ever owned. It drives very well, the interior just wipes clean, Its small it saves on gas, has a large trunk and it a great car I would buy another one.

- Carol G

Chevy Cobalt 2 door manual

It gets great gas mileage. It's fast. It is a manual with cruise control. The headlights are complicated to change if a bulb goes out. And I wish it was a 4 door. 2 doors just aren't big enough....

- Macy W

This is a reliable, family friendly, gas saving car

I like my Chevy Cobalt because it is a reliable car. I have owned it for almost four years and it has never let me down. I have had to have a few things repaired at an auto shop, but nothing major.

- Nicole S

Old Boring Car But Reliable

it's an old vehicle my parents bought and I drive because they don't drive anymore. It's nothing special. Gas mileage is not great. I tend to like vehicles that ride higher for greater visibility.

- ron M

It gets good gas mileage and can last a while, but it needs a lot of maintenance.

I like my car because it's small and easy to drive. I get good gas mileage, which is very helpful. I don't like that it seems to need a lot of maintenance, and the tires don't seem to fit the car.

- Alycia w

The keypad is broke and when we lock the door and use the key the alarm goes off.

We have a Chevrolet cobalt it is a very smooth riding car. It has got a good get up and go. It is very pretty and flashy and comfortable. I recommend this car for people from teenagers to elders.

- Melissa T

This car has been a good vehicle, but make sure to take every measure you can to try and stop the rust.

For the most part, my vehicle has been reliable. However, with how low the vehicle sits to the ground, I have had issues with rust. We tried to take preventative measures, but none of it helped.

- Holly E

The chevy cobalt has a suspension system that does not hold up to rough roads.

I like the gas efficiency of the cobalt. I do not like the size or durability of it. The suspension parts don't hold up well. So far the engine is doing fine. It's not a very comfortable ride.

- Karen S

Remember that even though u turned off your car radio still stays on for a little.

I love the vehicle, gets me from point A to B. However, it is an older model and therefore has manual windows as well as manual locks. Other than that, love Chevys! It is comfortable and cute.

- Bryan L

It's a two-door vehicle so getting in and out of it is not always easy. The back seat is cramped.

My car has good gas mileage and has been a reliable set of wheels for as long as I have had it. I wish it was a little bit bigger but I like it for the most part. It is a very dependable car.

- Leah W

It is reliable and very fuel efficient, has not cost much to own.

This vehicle is very basic manual transmission, window, locks, and no cruise, but hit has been very reliable and maintenance free. There was a problem with the original clutch failing early.

- Blake H

That it rattles really bad when braking on rough roads. If you are driving make sure to slow down really early to prevent the car from falling apart

I like that it gets me from place to place but it rattles really bad and seems like it is falling apart without many miles. Plus there were multiple recalls and seems like poor engineering.

- John D

The most important thing others should know that it is reliable.

What I like most about my vehicle is that it is good on gas. Also it rides smoothly. What I dislike about my car is that it does not have automatic windows. I dislike that it is a two door.

- Tania C

A hybrid is wonderful for someone who has a long commute.

It is a good looking car that is comfortable and easy to drive. Reliable too for the most part. I have had it since 2007 and have not had to do too many repairs but it has too many recalls.

- Michelle S

It is a small car that is good on gas.

It is good on gas, the dash has an easy to see instruments panel and some gauges can be reset one that monitors the levels of oil before the next change is due and two trip mileage gauges.

- Michael B

It gets good gas mileage and it is a decently new car and is in good shape.

I love my car because it is able to fit' so much in a little place. We got it 'second hand so many parts had to be replaced and it's kinda beat up. Also wish it was 4 doors instead of 2.

- Amber M

Annoyances of the 2006 Chevy Cobalt

The doors lock every time you shift from park, the only way to unlock the doors is putting it in park, so it gets annoying. We've been told the motor design makes it harder to work on.

- Rachel G

Easy on gas, since gas is so expensive these days.

It is very easy on gas since gas is so expensive.. Like the white color easy to keep clean looks good after it is washed.. Like it cause is small, has only two doors and a large trunk.

- Linda S

Reliable Chevrolet Cobalt

Older vehicle, but very dependable. Only minor issues and one recall for the ignition switch. I enjoy the light interior and dark exterior giving it a luxury feel without luxury price

- Tera N

It is slow when I am merging on the freeway. I really look toward others to work with me as I am merging.

I like that it works. I like that it has worked for so long. I do not like how wobbly it can feel sometimes, and I hate how slow the acceleration is for when I merge on the freeway.

- Derek H

If it has check engine light on and is making a popping noise at rear of car at takeoffs it is the VVT solenoid exhaust side easy fix

Love it because it is very fun and great body style design. Dislike it because I wish it was a little taller in the front instead of the low but it is great for all my road travels.

- Teresa R

It is a car that requires low maintenance and is easy to care for.

I like it's compact size and easy handling. I also like the reasonable cost for parts and repairs. I would like better gas mileage from it. I wish the seats were more comfortable.

- David H

Gas mileage is good and it is a good car for older ones it's easy to get into.

I like my vehicles' compact size making it nice for city driving and navigating college streets. I do not like how the headlights will fog over, causing constant need for fixing.

- Jessica S

I bought my car new in 2006 and I've had it for 12 years.

I like the gas mileage because it saves me money. I don't have any complaints. I only dislike that I wasn't more careful with my car and I have a few scratches and bumps.

- Erika P

It is a fun car to drive and I probably will drive it until it dies.

My car is not for sale, thanks I have no problems and everything that has been done to it I have the records, it is comfortable to drive but not to ride as a passenger,

- Virginia W

Most important thing would be that it gets me to the places I need to go to.

I like that I have a vehicle that gets me where I need to be. It is somewhat reliable. The dislikes would be the constant maintenance and problems that keep occurring.

- ashley s

Even though my vehicle is 12 years old I still get 33 miles per gallon on the highway. City driving which is what I do the most of I am able to still get 29 miles per gallon.

I love the color of my vehicle and I love the fantastic gas mileage that I get. Also, where I live they are fairly common so it is easy to find and get parts for it.

- Megan H

It gets great gas mileage. It is also affordable.

I love my Cobalt. It is great on gas. I really like it's very comfortable ride. It easily fits my lifestyle. My friends seem to like it too. I highly recommend it.

- Kathy S

It is a good dependable car. It is safe for my family and is easy to drive.

I do not like that it is not automatic. I have to unlock and row the windows up and down manually. I like that it does not cost me much to fill up the gas tank.

- Michelle T

It is a very good car, we never have any problems out of it.

It is a long lasting vehicle for it being as old as it is. We have never had any problems just regular changes and updates you would have with a normal car.

- Emilie G

The automatic doors don't lock by the button and you have to manually lock them.

I like the style and ride that it gives. I dislike the fact that everything seems to be breaking on it all at once and the gas mileage is not that great.

- Jen F

Cobalt is a reliable vehicle.

I have not had any problems with my car since I purchased it. It rides well, has good mileage, and runs well in the snowy conditions here in New England.

- Emily T

Chevy Cobalt made it past 200k miles

Overall it's a good car though there have been several recalls throughout the life of the car. Now over 200,000 miles with no major mechanical problems.

- Derrick M

It is not pretty but will go from point A to point B

I like that my vehicle still runs after 250,000 miles. The car does have a lot of that spots and very standard. I dislike manual windows and cloth seats

- Dawn W

Cobalt, cheap with a price.

2 doors, breaks down often. I have had to get the car fixed 3 times in 2 years, missing out on work and school. I am often worried it will break again.

- Tyler L

It's a pretty safe car. It seems like it's very dependable.

A bright red car that gets you from one place to another - usually with no trouble. Cool enough for single people and safe enough for a small family.

- Lady G

Be aware of your motor around 140,000 miles

I have a 2006 Chevy cobalt and I had it for 6 years and one of the problems I had with this car was that at 150,000 miles I had to replace the motor.

- Oscar R

It is a good car and reliable.

My car is sputtering right now and I don't know why, there has been a few things recalled on it, the performance was good and than started to act up.

- Autumn P

It is an ideal car with 4 doors and big trunk.

I like the size for one person. It has all the necessary features that I need. I like the idea of knowing how many miles I have traveled on my trip.

- Irene M

Dependable sedan that's great on gas!

It's a reliable,4-door sedan. It is very good on gas and built to last. I've had it for over 5 years and it could probably last another 5 or more!

- Monte B

not much really. it has the standard power features, it's decent on gas mileage

It gets the job done. but it is getting to be old and so I'm beginning to experience some wear and tear on it. Other than that, it's a good car

- Audrey L

It's a cheap car that is an absolute blast to drive.

So far I have only had minor problems the check engine light is on but it still runs like a top and is the most dependable vehicle I have owned.

- Kelvin L

Pro and cons but great on gas.

Many recalls over the years. In the hot southern weather my paint on the car has chipped. Smaller car, good in smaller places and great on gas.

- Veronica V

It is a durable car and does not cost a lot of money.

It gets me from point A to point B. Gas mileage is good. I do not like that the car is outdated with it is technology. Tires wear too quickly.

- Michael P

It gets the job done. Other friends I know have had problems with it, though.

It's bare bones but it gets me from A to B. No major problems since I've had it. I like that it's light, gets decent gas mileage, is compact.

- Daniel B

The manual transmission is the absolute best part, in my opinion.

I like the fuel range. I like that it is a manual. I like the sunroof. No complaints about the car whatsoever. Just need to take care of it.

- Robin F

This vehicle is ideal for warmer climates.

I dislike the leg room but love the size of the trunk. I dislike how long it take to accelerate but it is great with gas. I like the stereo.

- Rachel M

It's not a good car unless its new new

Bought it from a dealer and its giving me all sorts of problems since day one. Gaskets and transmission problems. This car is a money void.

- alex s

It's small but mighty. It has plenty of cargo room for most things

I've been very lucky. The only think I've done is regular maintenance and had to repair the steering linkage. Other than that no issues

- Kelly N

It's small so it is not a good choice for tall or bigger people

I like that it's smaller so easier to park and more fuel efficient. I don't like how I don't have power locks, windows, or cruise control.

- Josh S

My review of the Chevy Cobalt

It drives really well and has very little handling issues. It also requires very little maintenance. It is also very good on gas mileage.

- stephen m

06 Chevrolet Cobalt 5 speed tranny is fun to drive!

Great on gas mileage-at160k miles I am still getting 27 mpg in the city, over 30 on the hey. Hugs corners like a dream even on bad tires.

- Jennifer L

The car gets great highway mileage.

I like that this vehicle has great miles per gallon. The vehicle is very fast. The car is compact and in a great color. A great engine.

- charles I

It gets good gas Mileage and is available for an affordable price.

You get what you pay for. This car gets you where you need to go but is not flashy. It has had some recalls and Minor repair issues.

- Mike V

It gets gas mileage at around 21 MPG in the city, which is not good for a small car.

The vehicle is a basic vehicle that gets low gas mileage. It's old and boring. It is reliable however and I use it for Uber and Lyft.

- ron H

Reliable & good gas saver.

Honestly I love the Cobalt! Really reliable it lets you know whenever something is wrong or needs to be fixed. Really good gas saver.

- Gina Mendoza G

The windows do not run on power and must be cranked to be opened/closed.

I like the way the car feels while I drive it in general. I don't like the fact that the windows are powerless. The mileage is good.

- Michelle C

It's small and if you are six feet or older don't buy this car.

It's a small compact vehicle with 2 doors and is too small for me. the steering is really bad. the breaks don't work. It's not good.

- Tanner A

My car gets good gas mileage, as It's small and light.

My car is small and at times a bit squished, that being said it does get pretty decent gas mileage and serves my needs well enough.

- Caleb W

Cobalt reliable efficient

Mostly reliable and cheap to maintain, has had a few maintenance issues including early clutch failure and exhaust header failure.

- Blake H

It has a lot of issues. You will have lot of repairs and bills will add up.

Iv had way to many problems out of it. When I can I am gonna sell it. I thought it would be a good car but I can't depend on it.

- Tiffany M

That it is very affordable.

The gas mileage is great and affordable. Its small and compact. Its sturdy and fun to drive. A great small car to get around in.

- Alex M

It is a durable car, it can take a beating.

It is a really smooth running car. It is easy on gas, and very durable. It has a good radio, transmission, brakes, and handling.

- Stephen M

It is a good starting car for new drivers.

It is easy to drive. It is a very comfortable car and gets me where I need to go. I just need to install a better sound system.

- Tia M

Chevy Cobalt a decent car for the money.

It gets great gas mileage and handles well. It has not needed any major repairs, and routine upkeep is relatively inexpensive.

- Ian C

While the car does run smoothly, it does have a lot of problems after a while.

I have a black 2006 Chevrolet cobalt 2 door coupe. I've had this car for about 9 years and it runs smoothly to be 12 years old

- jada g

its reliable and ive had more than ten years and it's been all paid off so i own it

its a blue chevrolet cobalt really reliable and sounds awesome has tinted windows and looks cool and had it more than 10 years

- destiny g

battery in back and very smooth ride

I dislike the battery in the trunk other then that it is a great choice to scoot around town in I really enjoy the smooth ride

- gideon i

It really kills gas and goes fast.

It runs well for an older car. It is fast but it really ears up gas. I like the shape and design. It is kind of a sports car.

- Danielle D

Its like my house. I spend more time in my car then I do in my house.

Best car I've ever owned. Have had it for 10yrs and done nothing major to it just your normal repairs. Would buy another one.

- Amanda T

That using the key fob will make the doors unable to open.

I like that my car gets good gas mileage, I hate that the air conditioner leaks on the carpet, the paint is faded & peeling.

- Amanda B

No summary. Just a old Chevy I am soon to replace.

I'm not exactly sure. It's a good car. Nothing great about it and nothing terrible either. Gets to from point a to point b.

- Desiree I

There have been 3 recalls that I'm aware of. Also there are unexplainable problems

It's the worst car I've ever owned. Had nothing but problems since I purchased it. There is nothing about it that i like

- Kim G

Small car , good on gas ...4. door car doesn't have lots of space ...

Had to buy a battery for the car , it runs gets us to town ,great little car color is red, seats 4 people good ....

- Lorie R

The color, the two doors. The engine.

Love it would buy one again if I got the chance it is one of the best cars I have owned. I highly recommend it to anyone.

- Sarah S

Automatic starting and comfortable.

Has had some exhaust issues and engine light always stays on but is an all around good car. Love the automatic starting.

- Shane-wesley S

Rarely has problems. I have a gash on the side that I feel is more of a quirk than a flaw.

I love my vehicle. It's old and occasionally has problems, but generally it's been one of the best cars I've ever owned.

- Christina N

It is well taken care of!

I love the gas mileage! It is very basic but gets me where I need to go! It is got a lot of trunk space for a small car!

- Gwen S

Pretty good on gas for the size.

It is small but nimble. Corners really well. It is old and I am ready for a new car. Maybe I will get a Chevrolet volt..

- James N

safe and reliable. great on gas mileage. good for families

i have no real problems. it gets me from a to b and is very reliable. i get good gas mileage and it have minimal upkeep

- emily m

It looks really great and I love the paint job!

The engine is running badly. The lifters are going out and it shuts off at stop signs and stop lights. It makes me sad.

- Meagan L

It is small and does not have enough space for anything.

It is not big enough for my kids. It also is red and I don't like that color. I also wish it had more space for things.

- Crystal S

That it is extremely reliable and great on gas.

The car is extremely dependable. The gas mileage is awesome. The car is to small and low to the ground. No complaints.

- Tammy C

Handles well and pretty good on gas.

Like the way it handles. Dislike that it is very hard to get in and out of the back seat or to put things in the back.

- Jennifer B

Good gas mileage when on the interstate.

I like that it's good on gas. Glade it cheaper to fill the gas tank when its gets filled. Hate its got crank windows.

- Dallas B

It is red and I really enjoy how smooth the ride is.

I do not have many problems with my car, it is great on gas. The air conditioner does go out a lot. It is a used car.

- Sarah B

One important thing about my car is that it is not very roomy.

I like that it gets me places. I dislike that it is a 2 door car, ac does not work well, and problems with headlight.

- Alexis S

It has been a good car and reliable. Battery is in the trunk

I like my car, it has been reliable. I would like for it to be larger now but good car. Fits 3 car seats in the back

- Des K

Its small and kind of cheap on gas.

It's a car and I like a truck. They did not make many years and the part are too high. I do like the auto headlight.

- Brandon S

The recalls issued out over the years.

Cute and compact car for younger people but and older car so is giving some maintenance problems after a few years.

- Veronica C

The parts for this car are very cheap though so I guess that is convenient.

Bad on gas. Speakers are faulty. Key fob doesn't work. But I love the way it drives and looks. Easy to figure out.

- Kristina B

My cobalt is by far my favorite car that I have ever owned

I absolutely love my car. The thing I would change is the seats. They aren't comfortable for long distance travel.

- Natalie T

Definitely check the recalls.

It is a very durable car, just very small. Multiple recalls on small parts. And the gas mileage is not that great.

- Jessie T

Great on gas, cheap to fix.

It is 200 thousand miles. The fuel pump just went out and there was an oil leak. Nothing on the car is automatic.

- Nikki R

It only has 153000 miles on it

It's a very good running csr don't have a lot of problems with it it's reliable gets you from point a to point b

- Ashley O

chevy 2006 cobalt first veh

I've had this vehicle for awhile now, it has gone through alot of recall repairs but has lasted me until now.

- valerie b

The car gets pretty good gas mileage and goes quite the distance on a tank of gas.

This is a great little daily commuter. Could have better seats, but for the price point, this is a great car.

- Jason S

Good car for an everyday driver. Good gas mileage and all of your basic needs are equipped.

Descent gas mileage. Long term lasting performance. Reliable car. Small interior with only basic features.

- David L

It is dependable and drives nicely.

I love that it is a small car. I get amazing gas mileage. It has been a good dependable car. No complaints.

- Jill H

I have had it for 12 years!.

The ease of driving it, the mpg and that I own it! Those are the reasons that I love my vehicle! Thank you.

- Leah E

Tons of room in the back seat and the doors open extra wide.

Great vehicle that gets fantastic mileage 12 years later. I've never had any major issues to get repaired.

- Joseph T

The body of my car is very intact for the year is. And very easy to maintain.

Great gas mileage saves me a lot of money. Very dependable. Low maintenance, very economical to maintain.

- Wesley M

It has held up well for years.

Very good mileage for the age of the car, good size car for grandkids, and. My pet dog and good work car.

- Shirley A

It has great gas mileage and has plenty of room for a small family.

Has great gas mileage. Inside is comfortable and roomy. Has small engine compartment, harder to work on.

- Arthur S

Gets great gas mileage. 40 mpg on the highway

Gets get gas mileage. Unfortunately it is small, has no power anything. Unable to transport large items.

- Robert G

Nothing i want to get a truck.

It need some repairs.But, I just don't have the money too do it.I think something to do with the wheel.

- Gwendolyn Y

The battery is in the trunk.

I love the size, mpg, color and driving my vehicle. The only change i would make is the stereo system.

- Carrie H

I think something that would be the most important thing about my car is that I like it and I find it comfortable and safe

it is small and runs smoothly for the most part. I love that it is small but spacious and comfortable

- kandi l

It's a grey and black Chevy cobalt

Too many recalls. I don't mind the car over all, its held up well. But, the vehicle has had 3 recalls

- Elizabeth H

It drives very smooth for an older car.

It is an older car but it does perform well. Love the style. It drives fast however, it eats up gas.

- Danielle D

it drives great. the breaks aren't the best. but it's a great car overall

My car is great except for the AC and the lack of space in the console and in the middle of the car.

- kristen y

It is dependable, easy to drive. A good value for the money you pay.

I find that the steering is great. I liked the price when I brought it. Nice size. No complaints

- Barbara M

It is available for a reasonable price.

It us just the size size for me. It has four doors and a large trunk. It is easy to maneuver.

- Irene D

It gets great gas mileage. It only takes around 30 bucks to fill it up.

It gets great gas mileage but it is super small. Not ideal for me since I have a couple kids.

- Brittany M

It's a great car I really don't have any complaints it just don't have a whole lot of room on the inside

Right now it has a exhaust leak so it's kind of loud and it needs a front driver's side tire

- Samuel W

Probably how great it's been on gas

It's been quite reliable over the years, very little maintenance involved and great on gas

- Jill R

It's American made. SS power, and 25 miles to the gallon

very quick dependable car. Has SS option packages that will fit the LS and LT body

- Scott F

That its reliable and dependable.

I like how reliable my car is. It's easy to maintain. I don't have any complaints

- Whittnee C

It gets decent gas mileage and is fairly inexpensive on repairs. I wish it had more room inside and more comfortable seats.

It is fairly inexpensive on repairs and has an easy maintenance routine.

- Belinda H

I like my car, although there has Benin 2 recalls on it.

It's been recalled twice for faulty parts. But otherwise a good vehicle

- Jillian S

It is great value for money and it is very reliable.

It is a great little car, it does everything i need and want it to do.

- Brice K

chevy makes great cars and trucks they are built well

it is nice even though it is old I would like to get a new car one day

- laurie B

few repairs and very reliable vehicle and gas mileage is great

gas mileage is great few repairs and easy and comfortable to drive

- Donna S

It is used and does not run like new

It is good on gas mileage. Lots of problems with parts etc though

- Jesse W

My husband's vehicle, mine is an 04 Pontiac Vibe which wasn't available. Cobalt drives heavy. Husband loves it but I'm not crazy about driving it.

Simple, no extra features. Drives great in the Michigan winters.

- Ashton W

This car has manual transmission

Only minor repairs. Drives well. Good gas mileage. Little small

- No B

It's great on gas and I think that's a good thing.

My car is white and with four doors. I want to buy a new car

- Monte B

It is not a taxi, and not a troop transport of any kind

I like the fuel economy, I dislike the size of the vehicle

- Grady S

It sparkles when it's clean. I can go to DC and back on the same tank of gas

Like the fuel efficiency Like the size Like the color

- Jen A

The gas mileage is great. It so easy to park because of its size.

It is small. Easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage.

- Emily Z

It was cheap enough and a good deal

I hate that it doesn't have a driver side armrest

- Molly P