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Chevy cobalt great on gas!

My 2006 Chevy cobalt is still in great condition being that it is 12 years old. It is still great when it comes down to the gas mileage. Front side of the car is spacious for both the driver and front passenger. Center console has enough space for two to rest their elbows. Only if you like to share that is. Center console does lift up in down if you do not like to have it down while driving. Glove compartment is average in size not too big. Has a great sound system by pioneer. Can customize equalizer plays CD's and mp3 CD's. Sadly their are not many cup holders. Two in the front and two in the back. Trunk space can fit up to three two 32 inch suitcases and about 3 medium sized duffle bags if going on a trip. Will fit all your groceries in one trip. The battery is located in the trunk not in the front like most cars. Which is different gives it a little more characteristic in my opinion. If you keep up with oil change and give it gas treatments and change tires when needed, this car will give you no troubles. It is great for a single person, a couple even a small family.

- Elizabeth L

Don't buy a Cobalt if you live in the snowbelt.

I've had ongoing engine problems, a check engine light that stays on even after repairs. A rattle in the back end from from day one. After the recall repairs were done on the ignition, the key will randomly not turn to the on position and having it towed to the dealership releases it so it never does it for them. The car has been relatively reliable in dry, warm weather. It is not well suited for wet pavement with the stock tires nor is it well suited for snow deeper than around 4 inches as it becomes high centered in deeper snow. If I had it to do over I would not buy this car again as my primary source of transportation, it is fine for a 2nd casual form of transportation.

- Mary M

The electrical issues will stop the car from running while it is moving.

There are electrical issues with this vehicle. The car will stop running when it is moving and a lot of appliances are being used like the air conditioner and the radio. My vehicle does not have automatic locks or windows, but I thing this feature makes the car safer and it is one less thing to worry about fixing if it breaks. The gas mileage is decent, but not as high as I would want in a small car. It is not very spacious in the trunk or the back. Besides electrical issues, it runs well. I have also had issues with exhaust leaks. The car has 150, 000 miles on it and I still feel comfortable taking it on long trips.

- Hannah B