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I would not buy this car again!

Once this vehicle hit about 130,000 miles, I had to start putting money into it. I have replaced ignition switch/lock cylinder and a few other things I don't remember the names of because I'm not very mechanically savvy. My passenger side airbag does not work. Sometimes the light indicating failure is on; sometimes it's off. I was told at dealership when it is not on the airbag will work, but when it is on the airbag will not work. This car has been involved in two factory recalls. It has recently begun not wanting to start. It's getting power, it has a new battery, plenty of gas, but sometimes it just takes a few tries to start it. Best of all, it has recently started having problems with the anti-theft system. Sometimes when I start the car, the theft light will be on and the gauges will either not work at all or the needles will move like crazy every few seconds. Once when this happened, I thought my power steering was going out because it became extremely difficult to turn the wheel. If I could go back and buy something different, I would.

- LJ S

A nice starter vehicle for students, commuters and especially those on a budget.

I have found my Cobalt to be comfortable, efficient and reliable. It has enough features for a daily commuter but I have also found it suitable for longer road trips. It has enough power and get up and go to suit my needs, especially when I was commuting for school. Since it was a relatively popular sedan, finding parts and service technicians has been easy when I have needed maintenance on it. Although the interior and features are somewhat simple and basic, I would still recommend it for someone who does not require all the newest bells and whistles but instead wants a quality starter vehicle. I have nearly 200, 000 miles on my vehicle and it is still going strong. As with any entry level vehicle, you get what you give; with proper maintenance, the addition of a quality set of tires and putting decent gas in it, I feel that I will easily get another 100, 000 miles out of it.

- Alison P

Chevy Cobalt has given me nothing but a headache from hell.

Truthfully, I bought the car with high mileage at a reasonable price from a wholesale. The check engine light has been on since I bought it and was told it would go off after driving a certain amount of miles. Well after driving well over the mileage told it has not gone off. Light was scanned and codes just continue to pop up. A year into having the car my front lower control arms were so bad it was incredibly unsafe to drive. With it being a 12 year old car with 200,000 miles on it and all the problems I have personally had since getting the car. I am extremely unsatisfied with the vehicle: That is just my opinion. I work in the car industry currently and hear people complain about owning certain Chevys but my first car was an 03 cavalier with low mileage (29,000 miles in the year 2013) and I was extremely satisfied with it. But as for a cobalt, would not recommend.

- Susanne D

The quirks of a Chevy cobalt

Overall I genuinely really love my cobalt. It's been an extremely dependable and well running car even as it gets older. Mine is a base model so it doesn't have power locks or windows which is annoying but not a deal breaker. Cobalts do have a variety of small common problems with them. A few of these that I've experienced are as follows. My physical turn signal mechanism is broken. The turn signal works perfectly. You just have to fidget with it and make sure it clicks into turning. Another problem is that the key often gets stuck in the ignition and I have to use the release button in the underneath side of the steering column. My shifter stick also has a cosmetic issue with the cover falling off. That being said I get good gas mileage and the car runs well.

- Alex R

Looks and runs excellent!!

I love my 4 door cobalt. I have never had an issue except when a light burns out. The plastic coating on the door handles peel off and can be sharp at times but it's not a big deal. It has great power for a 4 cylinder car. I get about 35 mph and drive it to school on a daily basis. I drive about 50 miles one way 3 to 4 times per week. The trunk has more space than you would think for such a little car. It has a great radio and a port for my phone. A/C is still going strong and have never had to charge it. I love the copper orange and spoiler in the back. It is also very comfortable to drive. I really don't have any negative to say about this car.

- Kelly B

The Chevy Cobalt is a simple and dependable car.

I really enjoy this car! I bought it used so I don't know about the problems before it got to me. However, lately whenever I start the car the anti lift lock will come on and I can't drive it. Then the gas gauge and the rpm gauge will go wild. Despite this, the car is very dependable! It's a 2007, but it still runs smoothly. The only problem I've had with it is the problem previously mentioned. I would recommend this car to anyone! Another downfall for some people is that everything is manual. So the doors and windows are not automatic. But for me that wasn't a problem. However, if you like automatic stuff, then this car probably isn't for you.

- Anna H

It's really a nice car for a small 4 people family and is safe for the most part.

I have had issues with my tires and the alignment and the rims on the vehicle the rims are not in a complete circle anymore that they need to be replaced on all 4 tires. I've also had an issue with the brakes on the vehicle where you almost think your brakes are going on when your front in shakes a little on u when u break but when u take it in multiple places tell u your brakes are fine that the only thing they had to do with back brakes is clean off the dirt and grim and that the brakes still have life. So u kind sit here and get puzzled on what's for sure wrong with your car.

- Valerie O

The Chevy cobalt is economical due to the size and manual transmission.

My vehicle is a manual shift, and that can be challenging to drive in traffic. It is a small car, and it does not have much trunk space., but it is very good on gas. Being a manual transmission means that the repairs are easier to accomplish, and in my opinion a more reliable car. The car will seat five people, two adults and three children. There is not much leg room, I would not recommend this vehicle as a family car, there is not much room for car seats. As a starter car for a single person or a young family with one child, I think this car would be good economically.

- Valerie J

My Cobalt is reliable, perfectly sized, and gets great gas mileage.

I have had my Cobalt since 2012. I have driven it nearly every day, often multiple times a day. Other than one recall, I have not had many issues. The only major issue didn't occur until last year, and that was my exhaust needing to be fixed. The car has great gas mileage. I live in a small town, lots of stop and go driving, but a full tank can last me about two weeks. It drives really well, seats are comfortable, it is plenty roomy for my needs. It has been a wonderful, reliable car. It has over 122,000 miles on it now, and it's still going strong.

- Carol F

Great work vehicle because it is good on gas.

The 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt is an automatic two door with five seats. It's great on gas takes about $30 to $35 dollars to fill the tank up. It's gets crowded if all the seats have a passenger. It has a decently big trunk. The ride is smith but it does sit kind of low to the ground. It makes a good work vehicle because of how it saves on gas. It is not a super family oriented vehicle. The speakers will go out over time. The glove box isn't very big. It does not have automatic windows. Overall for a work vehicle it is a great choice.

- Brett K

Reliable vehicle with some nice features for an older vehicle.

The car has been reliable so far, manual windows/locks/etc. Means less can go wrong. Regular oil changes have kept the car running well. Have never had any trouble with the car. Overall, a reliable car to get around in--even long distances. The only issue we've had is the gasket on one of the doors coming loose. Even though it is older, it still has an AUX in jack, which means you can listen to your phone. The cup holders have a removable tray to hold on to smaller cans/cups, or can be taken out to accommodate larger ones.

- Sarah B

A long as you do basic maintenance it will run good enough.

The 2007 Chevy cobalt is a very average car and will run as good as the amount of time you put into keeping it maintained like any other car. Personally, after having this car for a few years after buying it used from a dealership, the most common problems have to do with Its cooling systems such as the ac, heater, coolant, thermometer, and anything else that has to do with that. Over the past few years I have had to spend upwards of a few thousand dollars to fix problems like that and It's getting expensive to keep up.

- Leo R

Good little car for the money

The vehicle has been pretty reliable for the couple of years that we have had it. We bought it used. The real only issues we have ever had with it, is that the tires get out of alignment easily. I actually have to get an alignment soon due to all the Ohio uneven roads. I have also had to replace a tire rim twice due to hitting a pothole just right that it bends the rim. For a car that is 12 years old though, it is in good shape. The body has no rust or anything like that on it. A good little car overall.

- Stephanie P

Bright yellow ball of happiness

I've had my car for a little over 10 years now and have only ever had very minor problems. It has never left me stranded, never let me down. I got it as a high school graduation gift (it's bright, sunshine yellow) from my parents. I love my car and have never even thought about selling or trading it. It's the most reliable vehicle I've ever had. It's pretty basic on the interior with manual doors and locks, nothing really special, but I think that's why it's lasted so long and continues to push onward.

- Kas I

So many Ups compared to one downside

The only problem I have is an issue with the fuse box getting wet during heavy rain downfall. It causes the lights to stay on and the windshield wipers to operate on their own when the car is shut Off. The gas mileage is perfect for heavy commuters. One feature I love is the capability of actually transporting irregular things that you normally wouldn't in a car. The capacity of the trunk combined with being able to drop the back seat is super beneficial when I need to haul tools home.

- Les M

4 door Chevy Cobalt. It is a blue/green exterior. 2007. About 116, 000 miles.

I love my car. It is small but I do not need anything big. It has tan interior (cloth) and a blue/green exterior. It has been very reliable to me when I bought it (used) and is comfortable. There are not any newer features because it is 2007 but still has a good dashboard and its features on there. The only issue I started having is the music is beginning to only play out of one speaker, but that is most likely because the car is getting older. I plan on having this car until it dies.

- Josie T

My old reliable: riding the white stallion with style.

I do not like the upholstery, it stains very easily. When I purchased the car, used, the upholstery was somewhat clean after the company had shampooed and cleaned the car. I found that even spilling water on the seats left horrible looking stains that were generally tough to remove. I had to purchase seat covers to provide more protection from future stains and to cover the existing stains. Overall, the car has been very reliable and inexpensive to maintain.

- Sarah R

Reliable Chevy cobalt coupe.

Very reliable small vehicle to get around. It is good on gas. Only major issue I had on car was my transmission went out in 2014. It is a comfortable low profile car. Seats are manual but windows are powered. I have the 2 door coupe. They have a 4 door which I would prefer because I have a child and expecting another. Very reliable car. It drives pretty good it is never a rough ride I guess because it sits low. Easy to maneuver and fit in small spaces.

- Lorena M

My 2007 Chevrolet cobalt is a reliable car to drive and maintain.

My 2007 Chevrolet cobalt is a really reliable car and it is easy to drive and maintain. I hardly ever have to take it to a mechanic for repairs and I only have to replace the tires and have the oil changed once a year. There is not a lot of fancy features that rely on the use of smartphones or cameras. The features that are a part of the car are basic and easy to use. This car gets good gas mileage and I can rely on it to get me where I need to go.

- Melanie J

Mechanic said these cars are notorious for having to have the engine replaced.

Although we love this car, we have had a couple issues. There was a recall on the ignition that the dealership took care of with no trouble and we had to replace the entire engine, I think he said it was the timing chain. the mechanic said these cars were known to have this issue. I'm a larger person, so I have difficulty getting in and out of the driver's seat because of the size of the door opening and how low the car sits to the ground.

- Leah W

Bare bones but durable vehicle

Pretty good durability. had for 10+ years with only one major repair (gas line). It is a bare bones car that is pretty much for getting from point a to point b. There are absolutely no luxury features. I even had to add the armrest myself. However, it was the cheapest new car I could've bought at the time, and it's held up admirably for that. The only problem is the front speakers repeatedly break down. I have replaced them multiple times.

- John O

Chevy cobalt reliable and long lasting.

I love my car. It has held up very well. I didn't have to change my battery for eleven years. I was in an accident about a year ago and the bumper held up perfectly. My exhaust pipe needed to be replaced because it was rusting and the person who hit me broke it in half. I have only had to do two big repair costs into my twelve year old car and both were caused by an accident. My car is extremely reliable and lasts a very long time.


Nice size for a small family as well as a gas saver for whoever travels a lot.

My vehicle is a gas saver. It is a good size for me and my two, but the only issue I have is I want it to be bigger than what it. So far barely had any issue with it. Very manageable as in maintenance and gas to fill it up. It is a great car for individual who do not have kids or have only one or two children. I am a person who like to sit high and the car sit low. Other than that, the car is a reliable car to get you from a to b.

- Mary S

Cobalt, simple but perfect for me.

My car has everything I need, although no frills. My cobalt lt coupe has power windows and locks, CD player with mp3 input, ac, heat, cruise control. The seats are not powered nor does it have anti-lock brakes. I do wish there was a rear windshield wiper. It heats up fairly quickly in the winter, which is great! Gets pretty decent gas mileage. Other than basic upkeep, I haven't had any problems with it. I would buy another one!

- Shannon A

My car is super reliable and has FANTASTIC gas mileage.

I used to drive a lot so my car has a TON of miles on it, but it still runs beautifully. The only thing is that one of the smaller motors is going out so it makes a clicking noise, but I have been told not to worry about it. Otherwise getting things fixed on the car is not difficult and not horribly expensive. I did notice that the speakers went out after about 10 years. (A friend with the same car had the exact same issue.)

- Emilie D

What I think about my car.

It's a really good car for me. I'm the only one who drives it & it's cute overall. I like how the doors opens wide & it's a 2 door car. It runs very good. I do a lot of errands so I drive a lot. The only thing I don't like about it that I have to lock & unlock by hand. I can't get a remote control for the car & the windows I have to roll it down by hand. There's no lock or window buttons on the car door.

- Angie S

Cobalt: the little car that could.

My cobalt is 12 years old but it runs very well. The engines still fires right up, the transmission works well, I never have problems with overheating. The ac keeps the car very cool in the summer. The power windows and doors still work. My chief complaint is that it sits really low to the ground and I have problems with my lumbar spine. It can be difficult getting in and out. But, other than that, I love my old car.

- Angela G

It is not a fancy car but it is dependable.

For a car I got used that came out in 2007, I think it is very reliable and functional! The only problem I notice a lot is that the heater and air conditioning take a while to work. The monitor on my dashboard that tells me my tires need air also will not reset. But other than that, the car gets pretty good mileage and the sound system is not bad (for a small car). For how old the car is, it gets up to speed fast.

- Mary E

Chevy cobalt: comfy car with little problems

Very few problems. Just one major problem recently where the timing belt on my engine broke and bent the valves so I need to replace the motor but in all 4 years of owning this car, it is the only major problem to come up. As far as comfort goes, the inside of the car is decent size and the seats are comfortable. Sometimes leg room can be tight for backseat drivers. The trunk is huge and can fit a lot of stuff.

- Kayla B

Last long and little repairs are ever really needed if you take care of it!

This car was brand new when I bought it and I needed a second car do to the distance between home and work that did not work with my husbands. Over the years this car hardly broke down and has stood the test of time. Little things break here and there and as a woman I can fix most of them my own and the gas is good. I don't think I will ever trade this car it. I will stick with my car until it gives out on me.

- Ebony M

It is so ugly high school kid with min wage job.

When I first got this car it was okay, then the ac started messing up, it was a loose wire I was able to fix now it is really not working and now I have battery issues if it wasn't for this portable battery start j do not know what I would do, oh and my radio stopped working, this car drives me crazy considering it is pretty old I guess it is time for a new one but all these issues can get pretty annoying.

- Jasmine M

My car is very reliable has very few problems and has over a 150,000 miles on it.

I purchased my car used and for the amount that I paid for it it is a very reliable vehicle. There is a slight problem with the compressor causing it to leak water on to the front passenger floor and also the car seems to want to stop itself when the air conditioning is running on setting 2 or above while driving. Other than that it is a very reliable vehicle and gets me from point A to point B!

- Nicholas G

2007 Chevrolet Cobalt named Priscilla.

It has no bells or whistles. It is a plain model that does not even have electric door locks. It is a very efficient vehicle and gets good gas mileage. The only problem I have had is the front wheel bearings on both sides in the front. However it does have a CD player and a radio. It is pretty comfortable, but it's ok. Not like the Cadillac Escalade I used to have before hard times hit us.

- Janet H

Secondhand owner of 2007 Chevy cobalt.

It is a great little car, I have had mine for almost 10 years and second owner. Only a few minor issues that come with a having a vehicle that long. The baring in my axle went out and had to be replaced. Had a few electrical issues but fixed in a recall. In the 07 model the window and locks are manual. However it does have auto lights which is a nice feature. The trunk is very spacious.

- Preston R

Great beginner car or a great college student car or beginner driver car.

I got my Chevy Cobalt in Feb. 2017. Since then I have had to have the engine replaced, under warranty thank god! Currently it needs a new fuel line I think. Other than those issues I do not have any problem with the car. It has heated seats, which are awesome in the winter time. It has a sunroof which I love. The factory pioneer stereo is also pretty awesome. Great gas mileage.

- Kim G

Great cobalt, not great price.

I love my car due to it being small and fast, but it is an older car and the owner before didn't take care of it so I've had to put quite a bit of money into it. I've had to change the motor and alternator as well as some other things. But like I mentioned the performance is nice, I like the speed and size if the car and I feel relatively safe in it despite it being so small.

- Veronica R

Ride in comfort in the 07 Chevy Cobalt

This has been a very reliable car which I have driven for five years now. Other than minor issues that have more to do with tire rims denting from potholes, this car has served me well. With AC, heat, power windows and an aux port for your phone, this car will get you from point A to B in comfort. This car gets good gas mileage and gives you a percentage on your oil life.

- Harrison G

2007 Chevy Cobalt Problems

I dislike the Chevy cobalt because a few days after I drove it off the parking lot, the motor broke down. I had to pay a $500 deductible to get it all fixed. A few months after that I had to replace the brakes. There was a recall on it for the gas tank leak. Had to get that replaced. There was another recall for the ignition switch. This car has way too many problems.

- Elizabeth R

Very reliable car for what I paid for it.

I have had pretty good luck with this car. I use full synthetic oil every oil change, which is every 5000 miles. I haven't had any problems with the car., other than normal wear and tear. I would buy this car again. The cars performance is very good for a four cylinder. The comfort is not bad. The car has lots of room for a mid size car. I am very happy with this car.

- William B

My 2007 Chevy Cobalt review.

The only issue that I have had with this car since I bought it has been the air conditioning. The piece that flips the vents over stopped working, so the air stopped blowing towards us out of the front vent. Cheap part though, only a 6 dollar fix. Other than that this car runs great, got us back and forth to NJ a few times and one long 1, 200 mile car trip to Florida.

- Heather P

I enjoy that it has both a CD player and auxiliary jack.

The only problem I have with the car I drive is no power locks or power windows. It would be even better if it had either of though. A great thing about it is that it gives you the oil life in percentage and an estimate on fuel longevity! A negative with that though is when you get to about 45 miles to empty it says fuel range low instead of continuing the count down.

- Kristin T

Sturdy and dependable - a great car for all

An excellent and sturdy car. This vehicle gets good gas mileage for its age and runs smoothly in all weather. Though smaller than some vehicles, this sedan is not too small to handle snow or rain and has a roomy trunk for storing cargo. This car drives smoothly and the engine and transmission are very appropriate for this type of car. A sturdy and dependable vehicle.

- Kate C

Pretty reliable, good gas mileage, many recalls, but overall a good starter car.

Overall my car has be pretty reliable. It was my first car when I turned 16 and I still have it now at 25. It's never broke down on me, but I have had issues with alignment, rattling, batteries, and headlights are a pain to change. I have had many recall, and it's not great in the snow. I have manual locks and windows. But it gets me from point A to point B safely.

- Allison C

Small Problems, but Reliable

The gas gauge has now stopped working twice since I bought the vehicle. The buttons on the steering wheel stopped working a week after I bought it, but it did have over 200k miles on it when I bought the vehicle. Besides those problems, everything else works well. I drive often and the car has held up quite nicely with no bad problems with it that have stranded me.

- Luke S

2007 Chevy cobalt 2 door has all the power needed and is great on gas.

The car is very reliable. Has plenty of power for a 4 cylinder. Drive it everyday average around 25 mpg in the city and 30 mpg highway. Have had no problems with it. The on board computer keep up with oil change and lets me know when it needs to be changed. Have had 1 recall for the ignition switch that was replaced free and didn't have to wait long.

- Shelton M

2007 Cobalt LT still solid but needs TLC more often now.

I received the Car when my grandfather passed. Have had it for 6 years. Was always dependable till recently when ac stopped working and before that wheel bearing started to go. Some rust on body panels from being a northern car but frame seems solid. Still gets good gas mileage, but had to replace fuel lines again due to rust damage from salt.

- Nathaniel G

It is a durable, comfortable, and efficient vehicle.

The car is wonderful! There is a lot of space both inside the car and in the trunk. The seats are comfortable and the backseat is spacious. I get good gas mileage and it is durable in all weather. The heat & cooling works smoothly and the sound system is crystal clear. It has a aux input and multiple spots you can charge your devices.

- Kristen K

Don't buy a Chevy; they have extensive issues and Chevy won't take responsibility.

I like the gas mileage; it's pretty good overall. I like the general interior design; it's intuitive and comfortable. I dislike the trunk design; It's hard to get stuff inside. I hate Chevrolet overall now; I've had too many issues, things that should be recalls that chevy doesn't take responsibility for, etc. Not reliable in general.

- jill G

I love my 2007 Chevy cobalt.

First of all I own 2007 Chevy cobalt and I love it. I bought 4 years already pre owned and it has never let me down. In these past years I had never have any huge problems when it come to the health of my car. I have a very long drive to work every day so I have added a lot of mileage to my car and yet it still works like a charm.

- Rosa S

Its reliable and gets me where I need to get.

The car started out as a great car, no problems totally reliable. Then the check engine light came on and I actually took it into the shop and got it fixed and not 2 weeks later it came back on. Now it shuts down idling and doesn't want to start backup but its still getting me where I need to go without getting stuck anywhere.

- Lacey H

Decent all round car, but, has mechanical issues at 180 thousand miles.

The vehicle runs really well, the only main issue with this vehicle is that at 180,000 or so miles the engine tens to die. But, I am very luck and have not had that issue. Also, due to the vehicle being very low to the ground it is difficult to get in and out of as a big dude, hard to get under and tends to rust very quickly.

- Ben C

Chevy Cobalt is a good car

Overall, the Chevy Cobalt is a great car. The only problem I've had was the fuel pump going out but that is common with most cars. The air intake is a little loud so it does occasionally sound like an SS but I don't see that as a bad thing. Very quick and reliable car, gets good gas mileage, nothing to terrible has happened.

- Madison U

Chevy cobalts are dependable, reliable, small and compact cars.

My Chevy cobalt, has been a very dependable and reliable car. Not once has it left me stranded anywhere. It is small, and compact but I myself am not a big person so it's a perfect fit for me. It does not have any special features but it sure has been the best car I have yet to own and for that is why I love my Chevy cobalt.

- Angelica A

Like all older cars I am starting to have more and more problems.

It's good on gas for the most part once it gets to half a tank or less it sucks it fast. Its older. So it's starting to rust bad on the door panels and it hits bumps hard. But even tho there's a good bit of miles and stuff she is still a good car. She never let me sit broken down anywhere or anything like that thank god.

- Carrie S

What type of car for the average American citizen

I wish the seats were bucket seats, and wish the radio was more surround sound and had to screens built in back seats, I love the sunroof,and vehicle gets good gas to the mile, the trunk has a lot of space and so does the back seats. Wish there was Wi-Fi in the vehicle, and insurance is also cheap for family vehicle.

- Christopher H

My cobalt is a 2 door. It does not have the spoiler or Cruise control.

I have not had any problems with my car. My car is pretty comfortable I only wish I would have gotten a 4 door and one that had Cruze control. The cars performance is really good. It has always had a lot of power for a 4 cylinder. I wish the air would blow harder but other than that I am completely satisfied with it.

- Kim J

Red Chevrolet cobalt beauty

I bought my car from a trade in and it has been a good running car. It was used when I purchased it, so of course it was not perfect. The seats are comfortable and it does have central heat and air. It does have cruise control and a sunroof for when you would rather ride with the windows down during the summer.

- Chelsea A

Pros and cons of the 2007 Chevy cobalt

Very small for a family. But other than that love the car. Have had a few issues with the fuel system but so far it's the only issues I have had from this issue. Very nice dependable car and gets me to a to b where I need to go. Wish there were manual windows and slcres control but for the year can't beat it.

- Melissa S

2007 Chevy Cobalt: Reliable Even After Neglect

After recall work, this car is great. Ours was left to sit for five to six years and still runs fine. My only complaint is that our gas gauge went out, and in order to fix this, we would need to replace the entire tank. Thankfully, as long as we fuel up often, this doesn't hinder our work and college commute.

- Nicole M

Reliable, affordable first car.

It is a sturdy car. I have had mine since 2014 and I have no serious problems. No engine problems, only the brakes seem to go out faster than most. We've been through one accident (not at fault), two speeding tickets and three states. I know it will not last much longer, but for a first car, it was perfect.

- Ariel R

Sporty, great gas mileage!

At about 133000 miles my timing chain went out causing the cylinders to be redone. But overall, I would purchase another one. I bought mine used and had it over 3 years before the problems started, gas mileage was great. I owned the coupe two door I do not recommend if you have kids that require a car seat.

- Tammy K

My car is blue and has great gas mileage.

First off it is the newest car I have ever owned. I love that the car is really good on gas. Also the car has great air conditioner and heat. I also love the color of my car. I think it's a great reliable car. I also love how it has auto headlights so I do not have to worry about leaving my headlights on.

- Brittany D

My car is a reliable cute small happy car.

I have a love/ hate relationship with car. It is reliable and it has been a wonderful car to drive when I was a teenage. My biggest problem with my car is that I have continual wiring issues. This has happened with some dashboard lights as well as my speakers. That has been a very minimal issue though.

- Amanda B

210,000 miles and still going

Over 210,000 miles and it looks like I'm finally going to have to put it in the shop to replace the front struts. Can't be mad about that since they've lasted this long. Great car. Not much to look at, but it sure has held together. Great gas mileage, air conditioning still works... no complaints here.

- Ben F

The vehicle is comforting, reliable, easy to control, and economical friendly.

I enjoy the comfort, convenience, and reliability of the vehicle. I like that it is great economical when it comes to gas. It is durable and has not required any major repairs. It has satisfactory acceleration, and very easy to drive. I also enjoy it is interior features, especially the radio options.

- Deborah B

Cobalt is reliable and dependable car for anyone

Problem with check engine light. Need breaks, but overall my car is reliable and a good car. It is good on gas and performance is good for that model and features are standard. As for repairs goes, it needs just your basic/standard repairs. This kind of car is very reliable and dependable for me.

- James W

It provides me with a very comfortable drive for the hours I spend driving each week.

My vehicle has been reliable. After approaching 200,000 miles it has started to require more extensive repairs but that is expected for a high mileage vehicle. The body is still in great shape despite the rough winter conditions here. Fuel economy is decent as well at approx. 30 miles to gallon.

- Jonathan G

My Chevrolet Cobalt is a reliable and simple car to drive.

My Chevrolet Cobalt is a reliable car that is comfortable and easy to drive in any weather conditions. When I drive my car I get good mileage and my car lasted me for several years. There is not a lot of fancy and confusing features in the car, the features in the car are straightforward to use.

- Mel F

Cobalt reliable great and cute.

The caller is great. I do not have breakdowns. The car is very sturdy and has a good size. The color is great too, but unsure if that is the original color. Sensible car and good price as well. The ac is great and the handle is awesome. I also love that there are two locations to charge my car.

- Crystal P

Well my car is a 2007 with a whole lot of miles on it and still ticking,

It is a older one heck I wish I had a new one because I am sure it would be very nice, my car runs good has a whole lot of miles on it and still runs good, the only odd thing I think about it would be the battery is in the truck, sometimes I run into a little problem, but all in all it is good,

- Kimberly B

Cheaply Made box with wheels

The body rusted out very fast. But I do live in upstate NY. It's a sound car but it makes noise and it's just not a luxury drive it's cheap ugly and Im embarrassed driving such a cheaply made car. I've always bought Chevy vehicles but this one was a mistake! Glad they don't make them anymore.

- Patricia S

It is a good first car for a young adult.

Recently had the fuel pump start to leak which was a big problem. Prior to that it was a very reliable car and even in the dead of winter with -50 degree wind chill it still started. It is a comfortable ride in any situation. I have a bear bones model but am still satisfied with the features.

- Molly A

Running well after 11 years.

The 2007 Chevy cobalt I drive still runs really well after 11 years. The ride is a bit bumpy, you can feel a lot of imperfections in the road. Other than that the ride is comfortable and really enjoyable. The gas mileage is also pretty good, and the tank holds about 12 gallons which is nice.

- Carol Y

Very reliable and affordable car.

I do really like the car but it is difficult to get into the backseat. Other wise it has ran very good. Has started every time in the winter. Handles well in the winter time. Has rear defrost. I have a remote start. Seats are very comfortable and can adjust well especially for short people.

- Dawn C

I love the huge trunk and how good it is on gas.

It is awesome on gas and is fast. It is gold and tan interior. We love the radio it is small enough for just us two. My dog also loves it he lives to ride in the back. The trunk is huge all our groceries fit in there so we don't have to put any in the back seat. I do wish it had a sunroof.

- Jackie Z

Cobalt Review: Decent car, nice ride,.

There is an issue with the speakers in the front playing sound, which I found out is a widely known defect of the car. Other than that I really like the car and it's surprising comfortable for a 6 foot tall person to drive. As long as you keep the car upkeep, it should run perfectly fine.

- Kris Y

2007 Chevy cobalt is great.

I have no problems with my cobalt. I bought it brand new and love it. I have over 178000 miles, and only have had to do regular maintenance. I change the oil every 3000, replaced the serpentine belt at 80k and 160k, I replaced the shocks at 100k, and the original battery lasted 10 years.

- David E

I love my car it is so good on gas.

I love my car, I wish the steering wheel would go up higher but other than that it is an amazing car, it is good on gas and drives so good, the back seat could be a little bigger, there is not much room back there like for kids, not in car seat, but car seats and adults no room at all.

- Angel W

Fast but safe . 2007 Chevy cobalt.

The 2007 Chevrolet cobalt is a very reliable car. It currently has/had no issues or problems. The performance is fantastic. It is a fast but safe car. The comfort of the interior is awesome and the comfort of the steering wheel is even better. Easy adjustable seats and steering wheel.

- Alyssa B

An efficient vehicle, with potential.

A very efficient and overall perfect vehicle for driving to work, driving passengers around, or simply going for a ride. I would recommend this car to someone who is looking for a functional and low management vehicle. I'd also recommend pricing out gas mileage as it is below average.

- Pete L

Great gas mileage for long distance but other than that I'm not a fan of it

My ac doesn't work, terrible sound when I hit breaks but my brakes are fine. It's a two door and it's so crammed in the back. I would like a 4 door. If they are bigger people riding in passenger then you have to move the console up. The back seat is very uncomfortably with 3 people

- Kelsey T

My vehicle is good on gas when properly running and drives well on long trips.

No major problems given until after I hit 100,000 miles. Then my transmission began to slip and now I'm facing issues with my transmission computer module. This isn't a huge problem because my car is still running. But it does take a while to speed up and it burns gas rather quickly.

- Chantelle J

Very dependable. Easy to drive, and nice to look at.

This car is very dependable, I have never had problems with it. It's easy to drive, I take it long distances a lot and it does well out on the highway. It is good around town, it never has broken down and I bought it used. It's pretty to look at, even though it is an older car.

- Kristina K

Great little car with a strong and great engine!

I like it quite a lot! It has a great sound system and leather seats that are also heated!!:d a great little car that takes me anywhere I go (with the right tires for the winter that is) the design is compact and sharp. It also has fog lights that have shown to be quiet convenient!

- Marc A

Great in gas. Excellent car for family of 4 or less.

Car is Reliable. I have not had any issues out of it. Car is extremely affordable to drive and cheap on gas. Small but compact great for a family of 4. Would suggest a bigger car for anymore than 4 people though. Maintenance is affordable. Husband found oil changes to be difficult.

- Sarah M

Chevy Cobalt is a car that I can trust and rely on.

Great on gas, reliable, simple, low maintenance, comfortable, modern design, economically friendly, nice color, trusted make, cost friendly, tires are financially friendly to replace, oil changes are simple and cost friendly, I like the color, the design, and interior furnishings.

- Melissa F

Chevy cobalt, reliable and comfortable to drive.

Great car, reliable, performs well. I have owned it since new in 2007. Handles well in NJ winter road conditions. Handles well on the highway. Great on gas! Minimal maintenance, oil changes, tune ups, replaced hoses. 4 door sedan works well for passengers, ample seating /legroom.

- Richard O

Reliable vehicle with comfortable seats.

The car is very reliable. The seats are comfortable in the front however the back seats are a little stiff. The car is a good height as long as your not over 6 feet then your head might hit the ceiling. The radio and speakers work great. I have not had to do any major work on it.

- Brittany G

Great Gas Mileage and Price Paid for Car

I really like my chevy cobalt. The gas mileage is great and the yearly maintenance is pretty low. If I have ever had anything other than routine maintenance, the car is extremely cheap to fix as far as parts go. The only downside to my car is that it has manual locks and windows.

- Ruth O

Cheaply made interior and recall issues

I had to replace the whole exhaust line due to manufacturing issues and the replacement parts broke within 2 years. Interior is cheaply made and certain plastic parts have broken for no reason. The miles per gallon for the car is very low, usually 20 for city and 25 for highway.

- Lynn E

A little car so if you do not need much space it is perfect especially in traffic.

As it is gotten older there are increasing issues with it and they come about more frequently than ever. It was a really good car for a long time, and I still enjoy it, it is just getting a little too expensive to keep up. I will be keeping it for a minimum of six months though.

- Lauren S

Runs great! Takes me to and from work I also drive long distances.

Needs new tires,(all 4) runs good, some electrical issues not sure exactly what it is but every time you open the door the alarm goes off and you have to start the ignition for it to stop. The locks unlock and lock by themselves while your driving and even when your not driving.

- Nita P

The best of a Chevy cobalt.

My car is a very cozy car. It is got the right amount of power and is very cheap on gas. The only problems I have had was that the thermostat quit working and the sway bars messed up but this was with very high mileage. I love the factory speakers and just the build of the car.

- Megan M

It's on It's last leg. It is going to be time for me to get a new car very soon.

It is dying. It has over 120,000 miles on it and it is on It's last leg, so that sucks. However, it has been good to me over the years. I love how small it is and how it has a moonroof. It is also such a cute color blue. But now, it leaks antifreeze and has so many problems.

- Jessica B

07 Chevy Cobalt, Designed with you in mind

Smoothest ride I've ever had, the seats are comfortable and the sound from my speakers is incredible. I get at least 28 mpg in the city and I'm almost positive it's better on the highway, which is most of my commute. Take good care of this car and it will take care of you.

- Matthew T

2014 Chevy Malibu is great for young moms.

It is a really reliable car. It is a good size mom car and it gets about 22 miles per gallon in the city and 30 on the highway. I haven't had any problems with the 2014 Chevy Malibu. It gets up to speed really quick. It is really sleek looking and I absolutely love my car.

- Kayla L

Rough cobalt that runs fairly good

it has few dents and cracks in the front bumper and a new version engine so it takes a minute to start up. And the tires are constantly going flat. Even new. Overall it's a good car. The radio fuse is blown and taken apart. Sometimes has a tick depending on the speed I go.

- hope T

Great driving car. Good gas mileage.

I have had no problems with this car. Drive very well and it gets good gas miles. The only thing is keep the tune up and you have a great car. Keep the oil changed and you will have a great car. We have been on a lot of trips with no problem. It is a very good driving car.

- Donna P

Cobalt ss Best compact car by general motors Classic Turbocharged.

The Cobalt ss received generally reviews, particularly the turbocharged version. It was called the best compact made by general motors, perhaps a classic. High praises for performance (mileage and steering), but was criticized for the interior quality and exterior styling.

- Letta H

Great gas mileage, very few internal issues to speak about. low maintenance

The electrical issues with the vehicle are the only drawback, honestly it's a great vehicle. I've clocked over 111000 miles on it and have had no problems aside from the usual oil change or alignment adjustment. it also gets about 30 miles to the gallon which is awesome.

- Joshua H

The Chevy cobalt a bang for your buck, & the amenities that you could ask for.

The bearing just went out. We've had issues with the turn signal not working, an issue with the check engine light, & the steering wheel would jiggle. There's been a few recalls over the years. Overall, it is a very reliable vehicle. It has plenty of room, & I am 5'11".

- Hali T

Bluetooth radio, it runs great.

It has great features Bluetooth radio. It runs great. It's not really good on gas but I still love it. No problems so far. It's very reliable it takes me from one point to another. It's a great car it has great rims on it. It's a very great care I love it. Its great.

- Sandra B

Runs great! But keep an eye on the fuel line!

The fuel line was faulty from the start and needed to be replaced after it rusted through. As far as I am aware, this is a problem for all Chevy cobalts. But for driving, it is been very reliable. Good mileage. Smooth transitioning. Running good after over 10 years!

- Kristen H

The one thing that others should know is that my car is dependable.

My car is very dependable. I've had it since 2008 and have had very few problems. I dislike that my locks and windows are manual instead of automatic. Also, while I like driving small cars, I now find that I need something bigger since my kids are getting older.

- Ellen H

Good and reliable car. Low gas mileage and poor radio.

I very happy my car has lasted this long without too many issues. I try to keep up with its regular maintenance. One of the issues are the low gas mileage and the radio no longer works. Other than that the car has had no major issues. The blinker no longer works.

- Louise B

Cobalt longevity . My car has over 155,000 miles on it and is going strong.

My 12 year old cobalt shakes intermittently when I accelerate. The automatic brake traction service light comes on when it rains or is slippery, but does not light up in dry weather. I bought the car at over 155,000 miles so the engine must be made for longevity.

- Angie E

Great gas mileage it's a manual

Standard great gas mileage gets me from a to b needs back window replacement great performance reliable could use tires wish it was white but it's silver it's a good car it's got high mileage ready for new car good work cars only one knows how to drive a standard

- Daniel M

Great car!! Have had it for 2 hrs and not regretted purchasing it.

Nice smooth running vehicle. Very little problems. Good gas mileage. Feels a little cramped sometimes when going on long trips other than that nice riding vehicle. We keep oil changed on regular basis and rotate the tires regularly. Very happy with this vehicle.

- Linda B

The car and how great it is

It's a cute little car for a little family. With a big truck holds a lot of groceries if you do a big grocery trip. It very reliable to get to one distances to another. My check engine light and will not go off it jumps from time to time but it still runs great

- Ja Nea B

Heated car seats for the winter

U brought my car back in 2018 in the winter, it drives good for all 4 seasons it's a SUV car so it's kind of tall. The seats in the front warm up, it's a good winter resource. The car is greyish with 4 big wheels, it is a used car but its in its best condition

- Mills T

All around great car and save so much on gas!

I love my little cobalt. It's a 5 speed. It's great on gas. Runs really well. Seats are comfortable. The trunk is a really nice size and you can fit a lot. The back seat does not have a lot of room though for my three kids. Other than that I have no complaints.

- Jessica S

2007 Chevy Cobalt ss supercharged.

I absolutely love my car it is a 2007 Chevy Cobalt ss supercharged. The clutch is very expensive when it comes time to replace it. Tires are pretty expensive. It does not drive in any amount of snow well at all. The back seat is very hard to get in and out of.

- Cheyenne J

Chevy cobalt the best little car around

Dependable and efficient great in the city and on trips. Many options available and great first car for your family as well as for around town. Low maintenance and inexpensive parts and labor when you need great cars work done and the most inexpensive tires

- Betty B

Ins and outs of 07 cobalt.

The cobalt is a nice economical vehicle. . I have not had any problems until this year where fuel lines rusted to point they split. . All other problems are wear n tear pretty much n. . It's still going strong I use this vehicle for work and it is reliable.

- Marie M

Great car for the price and great value

Love everything and would not change a thing. . Great on gas and great gas mileage. Great for long trips and very comfortable to ride in. Going to make the car last a very long time. Would recommend to anyone. Great first car for teenagers. Very good price

- Sherry S

Chevy cobalt 2007, very reliable

It has manual locks and manual windows. It's a really reliable vehicle. It makes weird noises sometimes. I really like it because it hasn't broken down in the year that I've had it and because I'm able to get where I need to go. The gas mileage is alright.

- Andrea A

I love the color of the Chevy there�s not many Cobalts

I haven't had any problems I love the car only issue I had was the doors being a little heavy when I first brought it since I wasn't used to a coupe. Regardless it's a great car, and really good on gas. The back seat is ok, I never have many passengers

- Zara B

I love my 2007 Chevy Cobalt

I love my Chevy Cobalt. I have had my car for almost 12 years and I have never had any major problems with it (Knock on wood). There have been a couple of recalls but everything was fixed in a timely manner. My next car will more than likely be a Chevy.

- Tanya W

Car from hell, it falls apart as soon as it is fixed.

I got this car in pretty great condition, I so I thought. This car has literally had so many problems since I got it a year ago and I do not know how it is still driving. electrical issues, tire issues, interior and exterior issues. It is falling apart.

- Kimberly W

The Reason Why I Love My Cobalt

I live the Chevrolet cobalt its great on miles. I also don't like big cars so this car is the absolute great size for myself and my two children. My daughter actually picked this car and I didn't like it but I have gradually fell in love with my COBALT

- Cheryl P

This vehicle is one I definitely will be keeping around for a long while.

My cobalt is a life saver! It is very reliable and I would totally get another one in a newer year! It rides super smooth and isn't super expensive if you have to replace parts! The seats are super welcoming and are good for long rides like road trips.

- Taylor O

A very enjoyable car to cruise in.

The vehicle has little to no issues. Very fun car to drive. Very compact. Best suited for leisure and younger people. Very reliable. Not comfortable for people who are on the tall side. The cars features are very basic, nothing fancy. Very sporty car.

- Blanca N

Great on gas and mileage.

My vehicle is great on gas. I like the reliability of most Chevrolet cars. It is very lightweight, however. If you are driving in a storm and the wind is very strong, it can blow the car. The mileage is very good and it is very cheap to fill the tank.

- Courtney B

It is very very dependable.i didn't think there was much life left in it but it has proven me wrong.

I had bought the car used and with quite a few miles on it so my expectations were not to high but it was what I could afford. I have had the car over a year and absolutely no problems. It runs great and great gas mileage. Best investment I've made.

- Rachela C

It made it to 160k miles before any serious repairs were needed.

I previously owned a 1999 car with automatic everything and 4 doors. My cobalt has 2 doors. The locks and windows are manual so I need to reach over to unlock the passenger door and cannot conveniently roll down my passenger window when I'm alone.

- McKenzie L

All around the car is reliable and gets good fuel mileage.

Cobalt is the daily driver. Good reliable car however there are minor common maintenance issues when mileage is around 100, 000 miles. Problems are timing chain, wheel bearing, and front end bushing. The only major expense is the timing chain.

- Andy J

This car will last a good length of time and will never disappoint from a usefulness view.

The Chevy cobalt is a good serviceable car. The car is not fancy or new enough to have any gadgets but it gets you where you need to be. The car is made with some cheap parts so it does rattle from time to time but overall it does it's job

- Adam W

Easy to reach up high velocities and quick breaking time.

This car is fantastic in performance and reliability. The startup runs smoothly, and it does not take long to turn it on. Easy handling, saves on gas consumption. The only problem with my car is the air conditioner does not work anymore.

- Stephanie A

The brakes and rotors have had to be resurfaced quite a bit.

Love my Chevrolet!! Bought it when I was 21, and it has only broken down on me once, because the starter went out. It has over 150k miles on it, and still runs like a champ. It will definitely be hard when it comes time to trade it in.

- Katie W

It runs really good and is amazing on gas mileage.

We purchased the vehicle used from a family member, it is a 2 door coupe and we are a family of 4 with intentions of growing our family. I love the style of the car however for our family, which includes a 2 year old, it is to small.

- Samantha S

Has gotten my through 10 years but now hesitates and dies and they cannot figure out why.

The car randomly dies while driving along the highway. I have had it in the shop many times and they cannot find anything wrong with it. No frills, manual windows, etc. There have been many recalls and factory issues with this car.

- Amy D

get rid of it after 11 years, otherwise great to use the first 11.

it was good for the first 11 years never had no problems but the usual things, like brakes, oil changes, tires, in the last 9 months i have put over 1,100 into it!!!!!!! Time to get a new vehicle, but all in all it was a great car

- Lisa P

It is a very solid, reliable vehicle that can you get you almost anywhere.

I like that it's held up and still running at over 210,000 miles. I also like the fact that it has good gas mileage. I have the coupe edition, so I don't like that it's two door, which is a pain for passengers trying to get in.

- Brandon C

There isn't much luxurious about the Chevy Cobalt. However, it is/was affordable and is still relatively comfortable to drive. It gets the job done, as far as driving around, without being flashy.

My vehicle is great as a relatively cheap way to get around. I got it used and it has worked well for many long-distance trips. The speakers and suspension seemed to go out quickly but I am overall satisfied with my car.

- John L

This vehicle is proven to be reliable. The fan blower no longer blows air.

2007 Chevrolet yellow cobalt for sale. A reliable vehicle that will get you from point A to B. The car rides and drives well. The car doesn't have a. C. Or heat due to the fan going out. I have yet to have it replaced.

- Dawn D

It has always been reliable and repairs have no been costly.

I like that my car is small. I like that it is clean and I take care of it my own. I dislike that it is getting some rust spots. I dislike that only two speakers work for the music and sometimes I get bad gas mileage.

- Josie T

Basic car that always turns on

I love that my car is very dependable. I have owned it over 5 years and it has turned on everyday. However I call it the recall car since it has been recalled twice. Also the air and heat need does not work perfectly.

- hanna w

A good little starter car but definitely get the four door version.

The car isn't bad itself. I have a two door coupe my only issue now is that the ac water is leaking into the back seat onto the floor. I live in the south and need Ac so I rather have a wet back floor than no ac!

- Cherish T

Owning a two-door is generally not very practical in most situations

I like the fuel efficiency and the way it looks. It has gone through some engine problems. The fact that it is a two-door is sometimes inconvenient. It's engine is not very powerful so it accelerates slowly.

- Tim W

I'm told that Chevrolet Cobalts are easy to find secondhand, and I can see why in multiple regards after having driven one for a while. They're generally pretty decent cars.

I haven't had a lot of time with my vehicle yet, because I bought it recently. I largely like it because it runs well, and generally IS a vehicle. A little cramped, but that's expected from a compact car.

- star c

It is a great car to drive and depend on.

I really like the size and handling of my car. It has been reliable overall in the 8 years I have owned it. It is easy to park and drive. I wish that it did have more technology, such as a backup camera.

- Kris R

fits into tight spaces nicely especially when parallel parking

the cobalt is a nice vehicle and will get you where you need to go. I do feel like the car is very small and might not do well in a crash but it does get nice gas mileage and fits into tight spaces well.

- Matthew M

It looks pretty good especially the model with the spoiler.

I like my cobalt a lot. It gets great gas mileage and I haven't had any problems with it. I have the basic model so it does not have cruise control and all the mirrors are manual along with the windows.

- Kyle M

This car will get you from point A to point B year after Year.

I enjoy that my car always turns on in the six years that I have had it has never not turned on even in extreme cold. However it as started to rust pretty early and have had no air for several years.

- Hanna Z

It always starts up, in all conditions here in Wisconsin.

The Chevy cobalt is a very reliable vehicle. I have had the car about a year and the only problem has been the tires needing to be replaced. The only bad thing is the locks and windows are manual.

- Endashia C

2007 Chevy Cobalt 2.2L with 125,000 miles

It is a very slow vehicle and very small. Gas mileage is very good. I've had a few minor problems with steering and suspension but it was all wear and tear. Overall it's a cheap, reliable vehicle.

- Zach B

It's a nice option if you're looking for gas efficiency with a little more room than a compact car.

My vehicle is a four door sedan with a v4 engine. It's a nice, reliable car. The only complaint I have is the interior is a little on the cheap side, the coating on the door handles are peeling.

- Melissa L

It's very basic, but not terrible.

I dislike that it's awful in rain and snow and doesn't have power windows or locks. Mostly bought it due to the price, but wish I'd gotten something else. A decent, very basic car, but not for me.

- Crystal W

I gets me where I need to go. As simple as that, far from perfect.

My vehicle gets me where I need to go but it has quirks. Broken turn signal, needing ac repaired due to knocking noise, engine has been rebuilt, have to hit the gas it to start after getting gas.

- Kari L

It gets good gas mileage. It averages 30 mph.

I love the size of this car. I bought it used. I have had no major issues with it. I had to replace the brakes a couple of years ago. The upholstery is very stained especially on the front seats.

- Janet F

Dependable cobalt perfect small car

This car gets really good highway mileage. I have not had to fix very many things. It is small but suits me just fine. The smaller engine takes a little longer to accelerate to highways speeds.

- Emma B

The Chevy Cobalt is reliable and good for people on a budget.

My car is very reliable and has good fuel economy. Not very much leg room in the back but more trunk space than you would think from the size of the car. Does not break down. Comfortable seats.

- Hakim J

It's a reliable car, it runs well. The car will get you from point a to point b.

This is a very small and lightweight vehicle. It is great for parking, but it's not good in rain or snow. There is not much trunk or passenger space. This car is not ideal for taller people.

- Sarah C

It's small it's cute it has a lot of horsepower and wonderful acceleration

I have a different experience than most because mine was rented in the lovely state of Hawaii to Sumo Wrestlers. The seats are very c-curved and that can hurt backs. Watch out for that falange.

- Ayla C

Unfortunate because I like car.

Recalls for ignition and power steering issues and air bag issues that Chevrolet will not fix. This is unfortunate, because I really like my car and features, heated seats, sunroof especially.

- Sandra M

This car has been very dependable. I have driven to the Oregon coast without any problem.

I bought the car used but it was clean and in good shape. I used it to drive to and from work. I also used it to transport my mother to appointments. It has been a very good and reliable car.

- Judy S

Great, reliable first car. Wonderful for new drivers. Safe and great gas mileage.

My vehicle was a greater first car, but with a family two doors no longer cut it. It gets great gas mileage. It is just small. It does have an air bag sensor issue that hasn't been recalled.

- Lauren R

My car is extremely reliable! It has gotten me everywhere I needed to be thus far!

Honestly my car is a good car. It's annoying the things that needs to be fixed like the inside part of my passenger door that's falling off, and a few other things that need to be fixed.

- Marcus W

Decent gas mileage. I typically get about 25 mph during the week, combined city and highway mileage

The Cobalt is mostly made out of cheap plastic, both the exterior body and the interior. I've had multiple issues with the gas line. Usually gets 30 mph on the highway and 23 mph in town

- June S

Every time you get it fixed there will still be something wrong with it.

There’s always something wrong with it. It is very clunky. It does not drive smoothly, the windows and locks are manual and the speakers come on and off. There’s no center console.

- Elizabeth E

It is a very reliable car. I have had this car for more than 10 years and have had very few problems with it.

I have a white cobalt. It is an automatic and very easy to drive. I have had this car for over 10 years and have had very few problems with it, which is why I rated it with 5 stars.

- dawn o

Good gas economy. Just a very basic car however.

There is no cruise control. The windows are manual. After time the air vents don't switch different settings unless there air is on full. After time the back speakers stopped working.

- Brian B

I am the only one who can drive it and be insured.

I like the gas mileage it gets, as well as the amount of space the back seat has for a smaller car. It is comfortable to drive. My complaints are the trunk is not deep/large enough.

- Brittany T

My little Chevy Cobalt gets really great gas mileage!

I like that it's great on gas mileage and it's kind of fun to drive. I hate it because I miss my 8 passenger SUV. We're just in a place where we can't afford another suv right now.

- Erin A

Great car except for the manual windows

Runs smooth and quiet, A/C and heat work well. Reliable and well built. Enjoy the Aux cord for enjoying music from an iPod or phone, only downside to the vehicle is manual windows

- Jennifer S

Cobalt overview: the good and the bad.

The Chevy Cobalt is very tiny and lightweight, making it ideal for any kind of bad weather. The interior is cheaply made. Performance wise, it does pretty well and it is reliable.

- Sarah C

Car has been very dependable

Bought brand new in 2007 has been a very dependable car just the normal maintenance for most have had to replace both hub bearings in front but car has current 310,000 miles on it

- Mike C

It's reliable and the gas mileage is amazing

It seems to rust faster than any other car that I have ever own. But it hasn't required much repair and it gets me to where I need to go reliably. And the gas mileage is amazing.

- Karissa N

It's small, convenient and relatively good on gas mileage.

I've never had any issues with my car, its been reliable since the day I got it used. I had 1 recall that was fixed right away and I'm very satisfied with Chevrolet as a brand.

- Kimberlyn B

It gets me to where I'm going and that's all I care about. I don't care if a car is fancy or looks nice. It needs to be reliable.

I like that my vehicle runs well and hasn't given me much trouble over the years. My only complaint is the air conditioner stopped working and I don't have the money to fix it.

- Jessica C

It will definitely get you from point A to point B. It is gas efficient.

My car is very reliable and runs extremely well. It is a little outdated, and there is wear and tear on the outside due to weather. Overall, the car is reliable and runs well.

- Stacy L

The seat belt on the passenger side requires a trick.

I am very comfortable with the acceleration and brakes it has. I am very pleased it is gas efficient. I like the ac unit. I dislike I have the roll the window down manually.

- Steve P

It is a reliable car that gets you from point a to b with good gas mileage.

It is reliable. It is easy to maintain. It gets good gas mileage. The only negative thing is that the battery is in the trunk with the spare making it harder to access.

- Diana S

Very reliable Chevy cobalt, great on gas!

My car is very reliable, performance wise it's okay a few problems here and there. Very comfortable but it could include better features such as maybe Bluetooth radio.

- Tania L

It has lasted me longer than I thought.

I like the low gas usage. Wish it had more storage space. It has been a very good car to me. I would prefer an SUV in the future as I feel I am growing out of a car.

- Jenny W

People should know that the Chevrolet Colbat, of maintained, has great gas mileage.

I love the fact that it is easy on gas. It has great handling. I don't care for the fact that the air conditioner constantly causes issues and often does not work.

- Nina Lynn D

I leaks water in the rain and needs to be parked indoors or in coverage if there is rain in the forecast.

I don't like this car. When I first test drove it I missed a few problems and now I'm stuck with it. The brake makes the car rattle and it leaks water in the rain.

- Michael A

Satisfied with the overall dependability and comfort of our Chevy looking forward to seeing how many more miles we can enjoy with this vehicle!

Our Chevy cobalt is a very dependable comfortable vehicle it is reliable and is easy on fuel. We enjoy taking trips. We have a dog who loves taking trips with us.

- Jack M

I think others should know that my car is a good starter car for people who are getting their first car.

I like that my vehicle is cheap when it comes to gas. I can fill up the tank with 25 dollars and with that I can make almost up to a seven hour trip on one tank.

- Kyle B

It is a very reliable vehicle. Whenever there have been recalls, the manufacturer has always taken care of it.

My Cobalt has been a very dependable car. I've had no major problems with it at all since buying it. I love the mileage and the sturdiness of the vehicle .

- Tabitha A

2007 Chevrolet cobalt is great for gas mileage.

There are no problems with my car. It gets really good gas mileage. It is a base model that I bought for commuting, and it is no frills. Not even power windows.

- Deborah D

It's a great car for gas mileage. It averages about 32 miles per gallon on the highway. If you travel a lot, this car is great.

I like that it gets really good gas mileage. It has never had any major problems go wrong with the vehicle. It's very dependable. I don't have any complaints.

- Andi V

My car fits my personality and I drive it to many places.

I bought my car new and it has lasted over ten years. It has been durable and reliable. I do not have any complaints except for some initial recalled parts.

- Sarah F

It is good on gas. I can usually go a week, occasionally longer on a full tank

I like that the vehicle is very good on mileage. I like that it has a middle console. I don't like that it just has 2 doors and the interior is all black.

- Tiffany L

The important thing about my car is the lack of effort to keep it well maintain.

The car is a well-rounded car, which is good on gas per mileage. Also it does not take much effort to keep the car maintain and perform at peak condition.

- Kyle B

It's over 11 years old and still runs extremely well.

It's very bare bones, no cruise control, electric windows, and i have had to do some work on it in recent years. But it has held up well over the years.

- Brent S

That if taken care of, it will last for many years.

I like that I have had it for 10 years and it is still running. I don't like that it is very standard..no extras. Overall though I am very happy with it.

- Heather S

It is safe and long lasting.

I bought this car used in 2012 and it has lasted wonderfully until now. Little maintenance has been required. Plenty of cross-country trips in it too.

- Alexandria M

It is very good on gas mileage. I took it to North carolina and I only had to full it up one on the way down there from Pa.

I hate that it does not have automatic windows and locks. But I love everything else about it. I got in 2012 and I have not had many problems with it.

- CARI a

It runs surprisingly well for it's age and adding new tires helps it drive well in winter

It is a coup I bought used a few years ago with some damage from the previous owner. I don't like that it only has two doors and is starting to rust.

- Ryan J

They last a long time with minimal maintenance

My vehicle is fuel efficient it gets good gas mileage.it is low maintenance. It has good trunk space. I need a little bit more backseat room though.

- Cenote M

It is safe breaks are good it is small.

I like everything about it nothing to say bad about it at all. Got it about a month ago ac works great and that is something I need heat works good.

- Corinne K

My car is the yellow it's still very bright and the body has held up very well.

It's a nice gas saver. I bought this car brand new haven't had any major issues with it. It's a comfortable ride and I get many compliments on it.

- Crystal S

Sometimes it takes 2 tries to start but I know it is the o2 sensor.

My car is good but it has its problems. I think there is a short in the rear brake light. I change the light and the next day it goes out again.

- Trisha S

Easy on gas, has a special color I love�red.

Good on gas, easy to handle, roomy, panels under door rusted fast, not a lot of trunk space, CD players is great, tells when needs oil changed.

- Patti S

4 door sedan with auto lights and gets great gas mileage on long trips

My car gets great gas mileage. Auto lights and electric windows and door locks. My car rides smooth and has been very dependable in long trips.

- Robin L

Great, easy to drive, smooth car just needs to get new shocks occasionally.

Really good on gas, it last longer than i thought. The only issue i've had with the car is the shocks, they needed to be replaced a few times.

- Daniel L

Simple, compact, reliable.

With regular maintenance and repairs my cobalt has been a very reliable vehicle. It currently has over 170, 000 miles and runs perfectly fine.

- Allison S

It is a great car for a signal family.

I just really want to upgrade my vehicle I love my car want something newer maybe if it was new great performance drives good dependable ??.

- Stephanie R

Two door car Great gas mileage Small compact

I like that it has not gave me any major problems since I had it. I do like the gas Mileage on the car. I can fill the car with little cash.

- Xiomara C

It's a good value for the money and looks good too.

I love the look and style of the car. Since it's a cheaper car, getting it repaired is cheaper. I've had a lot of good luck with my car.

- Sheri H

I want people to know that this car is a piece of junk and they should not buy one. I have had one problem after another with it.

I dislike my chevy cobalt. The electric system is bad and the "chrome" on the inside handles is peeling off. My car is a piece of junk.

- Suzanne W

This car did have a airbag failure recall.

I like the car, it is very reliable. I like that I can save gas on this car. The car is small and that is much more comfortable for me.

- Crystal M

Air conditioner leaks inside the car

Air conditioner is a little out of whack has minor issues no aux cord need new tires really comfortable and adjustable not up for sale

- Paola M

It's old and ugly, but it's paid for and runs good.

I dislike the manual roll down windows and locks. I dislike it's age. I like the gas mileage and that it's lasted over 230k miles.

- Debra F

Reliable and inexpensive to fix, decent gas mileage.

Decent gas mileage, reliable, mostly comfortable. Dislike the electronics as they don't like to work. Fairly inexpensive to repair.

- Amy S

My work car is dependable and a gas saver

This is my work car and it has not let me down. It is not the best looking but it is very dependable.it also does not burn much gas

- Terrance K

She's very reliable, with minimum maintenance. Gets me where I need to go and back.

It was a hand me down. She gets me where I want to be, and I think she's reliable, but she's a plain, stained, nothing special car.

- Teri L

It's very roomy inside. The seats are comfortable.

I like that it is small. It has a lot trunk space. The back seat is spacious. I would prefer more cubby spaces to store things.

- Sara U

It is very simple and does not have many features. It doesn't have door locks or cruise control

It has good gas mileage. I wish the car was Awd for the winters. Sometimes it can be difficult to get things to fit in the trunk

- Shawn H

If you travel long distances for your job it's a perfect ride. Great gas mileage.

I have had no significant problems with the vehicle since I've owned it. The cobalt has great gas mileage and is a nice ride.

- Holly W

Unlike sedans now, I can actually have an AUX cord to help me listen to music.

It is a great car for someone first starting to drive. Thanks to it is size it has great gas mileage. Also it is super safe.

- Jake P

Good gas economy and not ally of problems for the drive.

Great gas economy and reliable to drive. We have had the car for years and it still runs like it's only a couple years old.

- Tyler W

It was a good family model at that time.

I like his economic engine. I like that I do not have problems with it. I do not like his lights over time they get blurry.

- Hector G

It is versatile and affordable. It makes it a good small family car.

I like that it is easy to drive, but it is a bit small inside. Sometimes it is hard to fit inside. It is easy to maneuver.

- Paul B

It is a very safe and reliable vehicle.

Seems reliable, easy to fix most things. Decent gas mileage. Complaint is computer glitches. Check engine light issues..

- Christy D

It gets great gas mileage

I love my car and I personally haven't had a problem with it. But I just worry because it has had a lot of recalls on it

- Debbie G

It's great on gas and is reliable. It also fits a lot in it.

I love that it's good on gas and that it's a reliable vehicle. I hate that it requires so much work to be done so often.

- Sara H

very comfy and is easy to drive

good on gas, drives nice and smooth, never has an problems, only had to get it fixed one time since I have owned the car

- maryssa n

It drives well and is economical. It is easy to park in small spaces.

I like my car because it is small. It is economical. I dislike it because there is not enough leg room in the back seat

- Susan S

gets great gas mileage & easy to drive! runs really good

our chevy cobalt has driven great in the past years that we have had it! it is great on gas mileage and easy to drive!

- Nicole U

The engine, the consumption of gasoline and the comfort to drive!

I don't like this car because, it's so much weight. And his engine is so weak for their weight and his is so expensive

- Gabriel P

This car has great technology.

It drives smoothly and the steering is easy. However, it has become a little old, and needs more work than it used to.

- Lydia W

It does not have a lot of miles on it.

It is good on gas, comfortable, has low mileage and it is in excellent condition. It is easy to drive. A little noisy.

- Cheryl T

It has been a reliable car for the amount of maintenance required.

The ride in is very smooth. It is also good on gas. The interior is nice although it could use more interior lighting.

- Maryanne S

About car I drive most daily.

Great car just small. No problems since I have had it. It really is a gas saver. It also is low maintenance vehicle.

- Terrace L

My car is for efficiency. It gets good gas mileage, and is fun to drive.

It has a manual transmission which is fun. Great gas mileage, especially on the highway. It has an auction input.

- Justin J

It gets great gas mileage.

No complaints. It is cute for me. Looks sporty. Reliable. Like the blue color. There's nothing I dislike about it.

- Kelly F

It's still on the road with 150,000 miles, it is very impressive

It's a great car however it is getting old. It has held up well over the years. Its a solid car. Would buy again.

- Kenzi R

The price is very good and is easy to drive.

It is a great everyday car for my family. It has good gas mileage and easy to maintain. I am happy with my car.

- Steve A

It makes a weird ticking sound when you start it but it is fine.

I like that it gets me where I need to go. I dislike the lack of gadgets it has. I also dislike how small it is.

- Jaime R

Cheap and amazing everyday vehicle

It's been a pretty good car for the few months i've had it. Great gas mileage and handling. No problems so far.

- Hunter H

my car is made by a good brand and is a very durable car no main problems

i like the size of the car. is good for fuel economy. i do not like that now everything has to be electrical.

- Hector G

It is gas meter and turning signals don't work like all older Chevys.

I like gas mileage, turning radius and reliability. don't like that it's kind of small and sensors don't work.

- Simon M

It is durable, it has gotten many of the family members through rough times and it continues to get us through

Well I do love it and it has been in the family for a while , but at the moment the a/c and radio do not work.

- Barbara B

It is practical and easy to keep up the care on. This car is easy and fun to drive.

I have a two door and the doors are very long and heavy. although they give the car a sleeker, sportier look.

- shelly t

Ignition recall, misses when raining due to water getting into cold air intake.

Recall on ignition switch, poor cold air intake setup in the rain. Otherwise a fast sporty car. Handles well.

- Ashley M

It handles good and good on fuel.

On the Chevrolet cars there is an internal theft system that will normally go bad after 10 years at the most.

- Steve B

That it's fun to Drive and I enjoy My freedom to go where I want in town

I like riding around town in it on a daily basis I don't like it when the Check Engine light comes on at all

- Annissa L

My fuel pump needs to be fixed. But other than that It's pretty good. I miss my car

I like that my vehicle is at a good price. I enjoy the color it is. I dislike that it always need worked on.

- Chastity W

it has great gas mileage and good handling it is a bit small

my vehicle is too small for my size it has good gas mileage isn't too comfortable for my size good handling

- shaun w

Does not break down on my while I am driving.

The car is very reliable. Gets me to school on time. Sometimes the car does not work. Love the car so much.

- Katie K

Good little car for a 1st time driver.

Its reliable. Good on gas. Has low mileage. No automatic windows or locks. Does not have any real features.

- Kristal T

It's great on gas typically gets around 31 to 33mph

Solid car, got it used with lower miles. It's now At 154000 and still drives well above average. Gas saver

- Greg H

I really like the trunk space for the size of the car.

It has great trunk space for the size of the car. Decent comfort. Didn't come with cruise control though.

- Heath H

It drives well and smooth.

My car is pretty nice. It drives smooth, is good on gas mileage, and looks very nice. It's slate blue.

- Janice K

It is a 4 door sedan blue leather seats.

I have this car more than 10 years very few mechanical problems. It gets very good gas mileage also.

- Jacqueline F

Decent gas mileage when oil is changed regularly.

I would like the car to be a bit bigger. It feels very small driving next to trucks and semi trucks.

- Marie K

It has great gas mileage, gas is fairly cheap for the car.

I love how cheap my car is in gas. From half I only have to pay 15-20 dollars just to fill it up.

- Sabrina R




The battery is in the trunk of my car.

I like the gas price to fill up my car. It is easy to do self repairs. I dislike It's a coupe.

- Erica P

It drives well. It's a decent car to have. Will last many years.

No serious complaints. It drives well and holds up. Still works after many years. Easy to fix.

- Bre A

My car is great with great gas mileage that gets me anywhere

I like the size. I like that I can travel where I want with my car. I like the gas mileage.

- Roxanne N

It gets you from point A to point B

I enjoy Driving it everyday for all Daily life I hate it when the check engine light comes on

- Annissa D

It's very dependable and gets good mileage.

I like the mileage I get and the size of the car. I don't like how low it sets to the ground.

- Linda D

Good on gas mileage, very dependable, easy to drive

Good gas mileage, low maintenance and very easy to drive. After 10yrs it is still dependable.

- Arthur E

A Cobalt is a great car. I would definitely recommend it to everybody.

I love my car.It runs well and I have had no problems with it. It gets me where I need to go.

- Michael D

Cobalt has lots of pep and get up and go...easy on the eyes...trendy...young person's car or for the young at heart.

Great on gas mileage. Lot of pep and get up and go. Dislike it is somewhat loud and noisy.

- Linda G

Don't leave it in the rain, it leaks water. Make sure it's parked under coverage

It's fine but not what I was hoping for. On my test drive I didn't notice a lot of problems

- Mike M

It's all manual and uses a lot of gas

Dislike that is getting old. Very happy that it has lasted this long with no major problems

- Louise E

Its old and gets me from point A to point B. I inherited it from my dad!!

Mechanical issues with it. Hazards blink all the time and no horn. I have missing hub cap.

- Courtney F

It was affordable only 10000 in good warranty in good people at the car dealership

I like because of good gas mileage in maintenance in the price I paid for in the insurance

- Paul B

it had lots of hard work and care on it

always breaking down is what i dislike but i like it because parts are pretty reasonable

- Dexter D

Roomy for a small 4-door car - plenty of space for what I need

I love the size and style of the car. A little too small to drive in winter storms...

- Sharon C

It gets great gas mileage. It's not the most glamorous, but it gets me where I need to go.

I like my vehicle. It gets me where I need to go. It gets really good gas mileage.

- Diane B

It's economical because of the gas mileage I get on it.

I like my car. It fits my needs and does well with gas. I have no issues with it.

- Josh T

it rocks, It's sexy, gets me where i gotta go.

don't like that it needs work. like that It's sporty and reasonably good on gas.

- Paul c

The car is in good condition and the most important is that the motor is still okay.

It is still in good condition to drive. It is easy to drive. It is very light.

- Marisol S

It has amazing gas mileage.

I love the good gas mileage. It's got plenty of room for kids. It rides great.

- Cait J

i am not sure what that would be other than it gets good gas mileage on the highway.

starting to have issues. costing more than it's worth. good mileage though.

- siri c

The interior is nice and clean looking. For a car it does have a good amount of space in trunk and backseat. Gas mileage is great.

There is no cruise control. That is definitely a downfall to some people.

- Aubrey V

The most important thing is that it helps out a family of six a whole lot

It's a gas saver. It's not expensive to maintain and has the space i need

- Dora G

It is very Reliable.Great gas consumption on highway.

Small compact and engine responds quickly. Quite stable at high speeds.

- Susan P

My car came with a built in pioneer sound system. It also has a sunroof and was exactly what I wanted at the time and I still love my car.

The sound system that was built in and the fact it has automatic start.

- Shandy E

That it's just a very unremarkable common sense car.

It's a very economical car. It is easy to drive. Repair bills are fair.

- Edward F

Needs to be easier to get and out of backseat, had the transmission replaced, but overall it's a dependable vehicle.

It gets very good gas mileage, and rides very comfortably on the road.

- Troy M

it's a fine car., reliable and dependable

makes noise and no one can figure out why. I like the size and the mpg

- robyn B

It's reliable and comfortable. I've had it for years. Love my car

It's been part of the family for years. It's reliable and comfortable

- Jessica R

I love it. I wish it had volume controls on steering wheel. I wish it had a rear window wiper.

It has low mileage and gets good gas mileage. It has no body damage.

- Irene L

It has had a few recalls which has been a pain. It does get good gas mileage though. Also it has really held up considering it is 11 years old.

It's built pretty solidly and it was a good purchase for a used car.

- cassandra c

It is a great car. Great for a small road trip with low gas cost.

I like that it is great on gas . It gets me from point A to point B.

- Jacque P

there are radio problems where the speakers on one side do not work sometimes

The car is economical. It runs well. It has enough room for me

- Chris R

I would get another one. They get good gas mileage.

Gets good gas miles. It is a nice size. It is easy to drive.

- Ann W

Very fuel efficient car that if fun to drive and is very dependable.

Very fuel efficient. Comfortable ride. Enjoyable car to drive.

- Richard H

Bought used. Have had minor problems. Overall great purchase for used vehicle. Would recommend this car.

This car has been very dependable. Put a lot of miles on it.

- Michael B

It is good on gas. It does not have a lot of storage.

It is a small car. It is a blue car. It is very good on gas.

- Maddie C

That's it gets great gas mileage

It gets great gas mileage The only thing I dislike it small

- Rose C

It gets Good gas mileage and doesn't need s lot of repairs

Good gas mileage Reliable Runs well Looks nice Roomy !!

- No N