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Dependable and value plus plus plus love my Cobalt

Low low problems has 75000 mile and have regular oil changes the factory tires are still good have had no breakdowns it rides nice has a sporty car feeling Love the back seat folds down and the trunk size is expanded the trunk is already decent sized. Steering is nice and comfortable tight and accurate good value to the dollar gas mileage maintenance and original purchase price bought it new off the showroom floor If have to choose what could be a negative is low front when parkinking in a lot if pull up to sidewalk will at time hit the concrete make noise from brushing over it when parking and some parking lot dividers are a bit higher concern could damage my car if pull up too far

- Renee B

Red-Hot Little Hot Rod, great for singles or couple with no kids.

I've only had my car for about a month but I love it. It would not be a good family car though because it's a coupe with only 2 doors. Short people or small children are all that can fit in the back seats. I've had no problems with the car so far, and it does have AM/FM radio/CD player, automatic windows, automatic door locks, adjustable seats, and adjustable steering wheel. It has air bags and seat belts. Trunk space is minimal as is the interior. It gets fairly good gas mileage and is reliable. As far as comfort goes, stay in the front seats and you'll be fine.

- Suellen R

It is overpriced from the car lot!!

I bought the car from a car lot without fully checking out the whole car and I can say I regret it! Because after I would already bought it I realized one of the windows does not go down, my blinker does not turn off by itself I have to do it on my own, the lock and unlock button does not work, I have to do it myself as well. We are missing a seatbelt click. So I do recommend when getting a car don't be afraid to do a whole look on the car, checking buttons, switches etc. I can say I learned from my mistake!!

- Serena F

Chevrolet Cobalt: a reliable and roomy compact.

The Chevrolet Cobalt is a reliable vehicle. Though it may lack in power, it makes up for the short coming through savings in fuel. It is quite comfortable and roomy for a compact vehicle. Performance is what is to be expected from a i4 engine, while not a jackrabbit it reaches road speeds in a respectable amount of time. My Cobalt is an lt model and has electric window and doors, along with a very nice stereo. Thus far the reliability of the vehicle is adequate, and it has never left me sitting.

- Lee R

Very reliable car. Low maintenance!

Overall I really enjoy my 2009 cobalt. I have had 0 major problems with it. I have spent maybe $600 in repairs since 2009. The worst problem I had was my ac draining into the car instead of out. My factory battery lasted 7 years. Very low maintenance, reliable, and surprisingly durable car. Speakers glitch from time to time due to a loose wire. Weather stripping around windshield came off this year. Back passenger door handle broke a year ago and had to be replaced.

- Rebecca B

Chevy Cobalt an economic small and decent car.

My car is a Chevrolet Cobalt. I love that car because its small and fits in small parking spaces. But yet its very compact from inside. Another thing I like about Cobalt its that when u start driving and put the car to drive all doors lock which makes it safe for you and your family. The Cobalt has not gave me much problems. Just s couple but minor. Its a 4 cylinder but runs good. It wastes gas but not too much. Overall I love the car.

- Blanca O

It is great for long drives.

There is not really anything wrong with the car. It is get around town pretty well. The only thing I am not a huge fan of is, how much space this car has. It is perfect for living a single life, not a growing family. I find myself running out of room when I load all my child’s stuff into the car & whatever else needs to go in the car. However, it is very durable. This car has been in a few accidents and it still runs great.

- Angelina C

09 Chevy cobalt and still running strong!

The cobalt is a very basic car but that is not a bad thing. After, almost 10 years, this car is still running perfectly. Very little rust. Magnificent on gas. If well maintained, no major exterior or mechanical fixes. With a good set of snow tires this Chevy cobalt will get you to your destination safely. Basic interior but has decent room to move & trunk space to fit cargo. All around worthy car!

- Brooke A

2009 silver Chevy cobalt lt sedan.

Typical wear and tear, at this point I think it is just old. The rotors have to be replaced quite often, but it is decent on gas mileage. There’s not a lot of space in the back seat but the trunk space is plentiful. The radio and other things like electric seats are out of date now but they still work properly. This would be a great first car disputes how low it sits to the ground.

- Maya L

Chevrolet cobalt: a reliable machine.

This has been the only car I have owned, and I have had it since 2010. It is a very reliable car, and I haven't had to do any major repairs on it other than typical car maintenance. I have driven all over the country in it, and have never had a problem on a trip (other than traffic!) It now has 120, 000 miles on it, runs well, and I plan on using it for several more years to come.

- Sarah R

Really easy to maneuver around since it's so compact.

My car is a small compact 4 door sedan, there’s no special features in it, just your typical car that will get you to point A to B, driving is pretty comfortable, however there is not a lot of leg room on the back seats so I would not recommend adults on the back seats, also the trunk is opened via the key manually or there is a button inside the car to open the trunk.

- Bryan F

Black Chevy cobalt 2009 standard coupe.

The care runs good. Gets pretty good gas mileage for compact car and having 100k+ miles. Would love more room inside vehicle. Not much room for car seats or much leg room at all. Has a very large trunk for a small car. Replacement parts aren't hard to find and aren't overly expensive. You can also purchase add ons to the car and customize it for not a ton of money.

- Am P

Chevrolet cobalt a great car.

It is a great car. Very low maintenance. Very good gas mileage. I get nearly 40 miles to the gallon. The back seats fold down so as to load large items through the trunk. I never have any problems with the car with the exception of two recalls from the manufacturer. One was to replace the power steering pump and the other was to replace the gear shift indicator.

- Rudy K

She may have dents and dings and is shaky when it drives but it is a solid reliable Chevrolet!

I love the reliability of a Chevrolet. I have 138,000 miles and am optimistic my car will make it to 200,000. I have done a little maintenance like o2 sensors and tires but nothing major. I will buy another Chevrolet after I run this one to the ground. My only dislike would be I have outgrown the size so I would definitely look at a suv or van from Chevrolet.

- Jennifer F

My car is a silver-colored 4 door sedan style 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt.

My car is very sturdy and reliable. I bought it for a really good price used but it is been a great car. I have had it for just over 3 years and haven't had any problems other than general maintenance. I had to buy this car when I sold my previous one that I had for just over 10 years. I intend on keeping my Chevrolet cobalt for just as long, if not longer.

- Sarah R

To much went wrong. Put too much money into this car.

Ever since I bought it there was always problems from the tires, transmission, sensors, and gas pump. I put so much money into it. There was always a recall also. It was an easy car to drive. It did not have automatic windows. I thought Chevy would be good but there were a lot of problems with this car. And bad enough the place I bought it from closed down.

- Carrie R

Chevy cobalt is a really good car with only one fault.

The Chevy cobalt is a really great car except for being prone to fishtailing in rain and snow. Otherwise, it is comfortable and easy to drive. Seats five people and has a roomy trunk. The look of the car is nice, not flashy or grandparent. The heating and air conditioning system is excellent, warming up and cooling off quickly. I would recommend this car.

- Theresa G

I love the color of my vehicle, however everyone continues to think its gray.

I have had my car since 2011 and have had several problems with the brakes, several oil changes, and tire pressure. However, it is held up for me on many long trips. It is comfortable and has a good ac and heating system which have both served me well in Oregon and California. For a 2009 vehicle, it has held up fairly well for all I have put it through.

- Cameron C

gets great fuel mileage and it is pretty reliable to get you where you need to go.

I like the size and that it has good gas mileage. I enjoy the different features that show you oil life, trip distance, tire pressure, and how many miles/gallon you are getting while driving. Cosmetically I do not like the cup holders because they do not hold anything. I have also been having a lot of issues with my intake manifold gasket and engine.

- Ana G

Compact reliable around town car.

I like my car as an in town car. I do use it to go out of town but it's a little small as a family car. The window motors sometimes do not work. My gear shift lever to switch gears has fallen out multiple time. My back rear window does not roll down. I haven't had major problems with my car but the little things tend to be annoying.

- Kellie N

Great and reliable tiny car.

Has had a few recalls where I have had to take time to go to the nearest dealership to get the recall fixed. The car itself is pretty reliable and gets me from point A to point B. There’s barely any pick up, but I am fine with that. I am at 91k miles and the car has needed minimal maintenance, only just your normal wear and tear.

- Kristen W

Comfortable and reliable car for almost a decade.

It is been pretty reliable for the last 10 years. A few expensive problems have come up which sucked on my low budget but overall it is been alright. Very comfortable when I have to spend a lot of time driving around. Performance is good too. I love how much info my dashboard shows too like tire pressure and oil life percentage.

- Emily B

It has a lot of really nice features and could be a really great car if someone could sink some money in to it to fix it up and then take care of it.

My car is a little bit too small for me. It had an engine problem when I bought it and has nickeled and dimed me ever since. It's gas mileage has declined. The moon roof and speakers are nice though. It's been through a few minor accidents and has some dings and cosmetic damage. I'm looking to sell it or trade it in on a Nissan.

- Riley M

I have been very pleased with my Chevy cobalt and wouldn't trade my car off.

My Chevy cobalt has been an awesome car. I have owned it for 7 years now. The only maintenance I have had to do is change a battery, replace brake pads and have the usual oil and air filters changed. I have made 3 trips out west to Colorado and Arizona in my cobalt. It never got uncomfortable when travelling so far from home.

- Loretta C

I really love how smooth it drives and that it has an AUX cord port.

I really love that it saves on gas, I can go up to two weeks without having to refill the gas tank. I also love that it does not give me many mechanical troubles so I do not spend a fortune repairing it. Is very reliable I would say, even after not being used for at least 2 years all the issues it had was a dead battery.

- Thalia R

Wonderful car with a tragic ending!

I have had my car for two years now, and the only reason I hate my car is because I crashed it. Well, it wasn't my fault, but still. A tire hit my car while I was driving on the highway to my spring break destination. Since then, the lights in my car barely work, and I barely have a front bumper. But this is my mistake.

- Juliet S

Nice and reliable car. Very practical.

It is a rather nice gas saver. It comes in a coupe or sedan model. The quality on the inside is rather nice, if taken care of. Practicality is very good with plenty storage room in the trunk, as well as inside the vehicle. Definitely nothing like a sports car, but is very reliable and gets me from point A to point B.

- Zach R

2009 cobalt, single moms deal.

I believe that this car is perfect for me; it is compact, gets great gas mileage and is affordable to refill. It has been low maintenance, requiring new tires and minor repair work. I am short, so the car really works well with my stature. When my child was young, her car seat fit very well and she was safe.

- Be B

Great car to invest in! Highly recommend.

Very great gas mileage, very reliable, love the look and style of the car, overall performance, very comfortable on the highways and side roads. Overall I love this car. Have received multiple compliments on the car. Very dependable car. Would highly recommend the car to anyone looking for a dependable car.

- Jason R

Very good vehicle for the value. Good durability.

Very good handling, durability, and gas mileage. Also has good luxury features such as Sirius radio and good safety features, multiple airbags etc. We have had the car for 4 years now and bought it used and it has not broken down one or had any major issues that required professional repair or maintenance.

- Jeffrey C

Cobalt, should you buy? Here's what I think.

To be honest this car is one of the best lower tier sports car types. It can go fast in no time, quite easy to keep the car going the only pullback is that the sensors go out quite often. If you are a first time driver this would be a really nice car to have as they have really good crash ratings as well.

- Patrick H

Looks of a coupe and the space of a wagon.

One of the most reliable cars I have owned. It has been very reliable and easy to maintain. I have had no problems with this car. It is comfortable for even long distance drives. I like that the backs of the back seat can fold down increasing trunk size for the times when I have something big to haul. .

- Lynn R

Only one door unlocks from the outside.

The car runs absolutely fine and has since I have owned it. The only real problem is space. It is pretty small, but the trunk is much bigger than it looks! We moved pretty much across the country, just using the backseat and trunk, but there are just two of us and a dog, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

- Courtney C

Affordable, low-maintenance car that gets me where I need to go.

My Chevy cobalt is a good, basic, reliable car. I am not a "car person" and do not need anything fancy. I just need a car that has easy maintenance and will get me from place to place. It is relatively easy to maintain this vehicle and has not presented any major problems in the 7 years I have owned it.

- Hilary N

About my Cobalt. I am just giving some small details about my car.

I like my car a lot because it cheap on gas. I will not trade it in for the world. If anybody looking for a, good car get a Chevrolet Cobalt is the way to go. It sit five people comfortable in it. You don't have worry about checking the transmission fluid at all, the battery is in the truck of the car.

- Helena M

This car has been a great truck too!

The transmission needed to be changed after only 71, 000 miles. The car was gone over then and there seemed to be no more problems. At that time I was told the car would probably run for a long time to come with little or no problems. The only things I have had to do on the car was regular maintenance.

- Peggy E

Comfortable and smooth driving

Good,basically reliable car. Have some transmission issues and had to replace battery but otherwise not bad. Only major complaint is it is a 2 door which is kinda inconvenient for a family of five! Good on gas,drives nice,pretty comfortable for me at 5 foot 2 but a little small for my 6 foot husband

- Alyson L

Mpg isn't the best but I am still happy with the car itself.

Chevy is a really good make for a car, on the downside they are gas hogs but last for a long time if you keep up the maintenance and take care of it. They are really nice models from so many you chose from. I've had two different types of Chevy models and its safe to say I am happy with my vehicle.

- Darian M

The perfect first car: my experience with the 09 Chevy cobalt.

My car is very reliable and can travel far distances on multiple occasions without many problems. However my car has had two recalls on it since I got it 2015. On the other hand it has really good gas mileage and has been a great car. It was also my first car and was very easy to learn to drive on.

- Sydney S

Reliable, great on gas, fits anywhere and everywhere

I've had this car 10 years. It is so reliable. It fits 2 car seats in the back but is still small enough to whip in and out of tight spaces and big cities. Has great gas mileage and is easy on gas. In ten years I've just has regular maintenance, and replaced brakes and rotors once. I love this car

- Courtney B

I like the color of my vehicle.

The car is old and there should be newer versions. If they were to make something that related to what the consumer wants then i'll believe that the possibility of making a better car could be very much possible. This concludes on what I would like to say about the car I currently own in my home.

- Leo A

Enjoying my cobalt. My vehicle is smooth riding.

The problems I have is I miss a backup camera. I also miss having computer locks so I can open all doors at once. The car rusts a lot and it looks bad. Other than this I really do not have any vehicle problems. I have enjoyed the Chevy cobalt. I would purchase another one if they still made it.

- Sharon P

Great car for living in snow bond buffalo.

Never had any problems. Great in the snow. Good on gas. Just starting to see a very few rust spots. Would buy another one when this one finally goes. Have always bought a Chevy car. Nine years old and still going strong. No major problems. Just the usual maintenance that comes due on the car.

- Diana C

Blinker troubles and car beeping at me.

The tires lose air really fast even with new tires on it. I had to replace the lever for the blinker and that cost me 50 dollars. I have had cars that are a lot older than this one and I have now and never had this issue. My car beeps at me whenever I open the driver side door no matter what.

- Alex G

Wonderful car I would never ever get rid of it. Never had many issues.

We don't have many problems with her she runs great. The only problem we have with her is when we pull into the driveway she makes a clunking noise. Other than that it is an all-around wonderful and great car that I would recommend people. Chevys are wonderful and very reliable vehicles.

- Hannah N

Its white and nice with tinted windows and nice in the inside.

I love my car but it has a little problems wrong with it the windows don't roll down and the air doesn't work but it still runs good. . . It had them problems when I drove it off the lot. . They told me they was gone fix it but never did so now I am stuck with a car that half way work.

- Antoinette Y

Sporty, solid car that gets good gas mileage!

I have a 2009 Chevy cobalt with a 5 speed manual transmission. I have had no problems with it. I regularly have the oil changed and have had the brake pads and tires replaced but nothing else. It is the perfect size and has a sporty look to it. It has been a really good car for me!

- Melinda F

Overall good car, could be bigger.

I really like my car have not had many mechanic issues with it. I must say that even having the sedan there isn't much room in the back seat. But otherwise I think it's cosmetically a great car and is easy to maintain for someone such as myself who doesn't know much about cars.

- Jessica D

The most important thing about this car has been its reliability for almost 10 years.

My boyfriend and I bought this car almost 10 years ago and it has been quite reliable during that time. Parking the vehicle is great because of its compact size. Also, fixing the vehicle has been much cheaper compared to the other vehicles we have had. Overall great little car.

- sarah m

It gets great gas mileage.

I had countless recalls on the car, the Bluetooth is really annoying because it doesn't come out clear. The trunk is small. My Bluetooth doesn't connect well. The seats are not comfy, the back seat is very small. The doors don't open wide enough. I really can't stand this car.

- Brittany B

Details about my vehicle.

Lots of problems with engine. Gas is good though. Seats are comfortable. Gets me from point A to point B. Has built in XM radio that I like a lot. Trunk is very spacey. As far as the car space it is small. Can recline sears back decently. Has automatic windows which is nice.

- Olivia S

It is an amazing little car for me and my family.

The car is a real good gas saver and is the perfect size for me since I am really small (5'2). It does have few problems every now and then just little stuff like the spark plugs go out or a tire sensor goes out. Other than that the car has been amazing for me and my family.

- Celia L

Why I love my car and you will too!

No problems with my car. It is very reliable, and I get about 25 miles per gallon of gas. I have only had to do normal oil changes with my car. I would recommend it to anyone who was looking to buy a car. The sunroof is a great feature that I enjoy using during the spring.

- Eleanor F

Great gas mileage. Small and compact.

Car is small but not too small. Car is great on gas. Has a lot of room inside. Has a big trunk. Smooth ride. Drives good during winter months. Comes in nice colors. A nice small car to own. Back seats are a good size for young children. Has a nice radio and good speakers.

- Brenda B

Cobalt review: good car for a reasonable price.

It is very comfortable, reliable, I haven't had any major problems with it, it looks sporty and drives well, I can easily fit five people comfortably, the features are basic, but it is still worth the price it has lasted long without any issues I would buy a newer model.

- Pauline C

It's an automatic transmission

I've had my car ten years and it's held up great. It's compact to whip in and out of places but still just big enough to have two carseats in the back for the kids. It's easy on gas and is good to travel. Also love the color, and that it's automatic and electric windows.

- Patrick w

It's fun to drive for an older, economical car. It picks up faster than you realize.

My vehicle is a 2009 Pontiac G5, which is the same as a Cobalt, but there was no option for Pontiac on the list! I love the bluetooth, premium stereo, dark red color, and radio controls on the steering wheel. I wish the was a touch screen system with Pandora built in.

- Karen D

Power everything, great speakers, automatic lights and batteries in the trunk.

It runs great no problems. Regular maintenance and she runs like a charm. Right now I am having to replace the blower for the ac/ heater. I really do not expect any problems other than just normal wear and tear. I highly recommend. A Chevy any day especially a Cobalt.

- Bridge S

Well maintained Chevrolet.

My vehicle gets me where I need to be, I have been having issues with my ac and the tires do not last long. After 3 years of use it has remained reliable with little issues. You must keep up with the maintenance or the car may fall apart on you. Gas mileage is amazing.

- Michelle D

My Cobalt is kind of a rough ride. You can feel a lot of bumps and hear a lot of noises.

My Cobalt is very basic, with roll-up windows and no extras like cruise. It was used by my daughter for several years and I plan on using it for several more. I sometimes feel a little embarrassed by how basic the car is, and it has not been kept up very well. Our bad!

- Mary N

Decent car, but lots of small issues.

Known wheel bearing issue, with repair needed before 5k miles. Lot of recalls, even after I have had one fixed. I think I have gotten 3 recalls for my ignition since I have owned this vehicle. Also window motors & a/c system are not the best; they randomly will fail.

- Caitlin I

Very reliable car and a great first car for anyone, compact but a large trunk, good on gas

I bought my car used from Carmax about 4 years ago I believe. It's the first car i've actually purchased, with a loan of course. I payed for the extended warranty thankfully because the one problem i've had is that ive had to replace the transmission which is costly.

- Melanie S

Worst car I ever bought and will never buy another Chevy.

Electrical problems. Goes into limp mode. Not reliable. I drive far for my job every day. Pus travel to New York and have been left on the side of the road too many times. I used to have. A Chevy cavalier that was an amazing gm product. That car never let me down.

- Valerie M

Gas saver, spacious trunk, good for traveling.

My cobalt is very good gas saving car, I have not had to out much money into the car to fix anything. . . Mostly minor things. I drive my car to and from work and its 30 miles one way and my car saves me so much money for gas every day. The trunk in really spacious.

- Ashley E

The truth of Chevrolet Cobalt.

The car heats up quickly when it is in the sun. It works pretty well with long distances as far as gas mileage. The lock buttons broke on my car and has issues saying it always needs oil changes. The car runs pretty smoothly, however, sometimes it can jerk a little.

- Brooke B

Great little car for city driving.

I have had no major problems with this vehicle. Drives and rides great. Gets really good gas mileage doing mostly city driving. Had low profile tires on it when bought changed out rims and tires a rides 100% better. Have had to have electric window motors replaced.

- Charlotte W

It's a really good car to own.

Reliable, great mileage, comfortable, quiet, smooth ride, cute car overall. Can always depend on it to get where we are going. We take frequent long trips in the summer and have no problems. Good sound system. Very pleasant to drive. Plenty of room for all we need.

- Sharon G

My Chevy Cobalt. My likes/dislikes. Great running but hard on gas and tires.

Bought the car used and did not know it had been wrecked. The car is a good running car but seems hard on tires. For a standard shift car it seems to be hard on gas. Drives and handles great despite having been damaged in a prior wreck and regular wear and tear.

- Shirley S

The size of the car. The trunk is good and holds a lot of my school supplies.

The 2009 Chevy cobalt is a good, reliable car. It is a good size and dependable. The gas mileage is good, it fills up with $40. It does not have automatic windows or an AUX cord for music. Also, the ac is not the best. The seats are comfortable but stain easily.

- Mary I

It does not have cruise control.

The car runs perfectly fine--we got it used so there are a few cosmetic issues; however the car itself runs great. My only complaint is that it is a bit of a mom car but it is what we could afford so I can easily get over that as long as it is a good car.

- Laura W

Great mileage. Once in the car, it is comfortable for long distance driving. For an 9 year old car it is the best used car I have ever owned.

Exiting the car is uncomfortable to swing legs out without exposing. Door opening too narrow, too many actions to take to get out of the car. Example: must push seat back if you are below 5'4" tall. This is something I would look for in the next used car.

- Debbie C

That although it's no longer made by the manufacturer, it's been a good investment.

My vehicle has been durable, although inexpensive. Cheap to repair and keep clean. I've had not major issues with it since purchasing. I've enjoyed driving it and maintaining it. On average and in comparison, it's been the best vehicle I've had so far.

- Joyce F

My Cobalt is an attractive, fuel efficient car.

It fits me, but is a 2 door, which is inconvenient when transporting grandchildren. The seats are awkward to get in and out of if you're older or disabled. The gas mileage is very good and I haven't had to spend much money on repairs over the years.

- Cathryn R

Trunk doorway is pretty small although the inside of trunk is spacious.

Chevrolet cobalt is very reliable. It has a strong engine and changes gears smoothly. I have had an issue with the cooling fan and I have heard this is a common issue with this specific vehicle. It gets an average gas mileage for a four cylinder.

- Frances R

Chevy Cobalt: great performance for its cost

Works well overall, and gets fairly good gas mileage. Every once in a while I have the problem with a light that says service tire monitor but when I shut the car off and back on it goes away. Overall I have been satisfied with the car thus far.

- Klair D

Chevy cobalt - reliable brand

My Chevy cobalt is reliable. I've had it for over 5 years with no major garage bills to date. It has over 100000 miles on it and still drives great. Only issue is comfort, but that's because I chose to buy a 2 door when I'm a mom with a family.

- Heather A

It is a very dependable little car, it gets me where I need to go.

Great car, good gas mileage, have only had minor issues with it. Very pleased!! Comfortable ride, seats stay clean even with a toddler eating in the back. The only negative thing I can really say is that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Julie D

My car is awesome and it drives well while saving on gas,.

I really like how the vehicle feels when you are driving fast on a highway. It has a decent amount of speed as well and can hold a decent amount of groceries. I like that is black. I wish it was even bigger but that isn't a complaint

- jonathan G

It runs good and I have the oil changed every 3000 miles.

The car only has 57, 000 miles on it and it is falling apart. The security system is out, the key fobs broke, screws and bolts are falling out, the turn signal switch is broken and the speaker is out so I can no longer use Bluetooth.

- Jill N

My Chevy Cobalt is a bright cherry red and drives amazing up/down hills.

I love my Chevy Cobalt. It is a solid vehicle with good mileage and it drives very safe and secure. The dealership I bought from had many safe, affordable cars that were stylish, and they were very kind with their price flexibility.

- Celia M

Great gas mileage. Compact car and easy to drive. It is perfect size.

I love the size and the interior. I wish it was more updated. Automatic locks would be nice. I would love a car that automatic breaks and lane changer. I like the gas mileage that I get. I would love a Ford vehicle this time around.

- Teresa P

It is a long lasting vehicle. Definitely recommend it as a first car option for someone just getting their license

Overall the car has been great as a work vehicle. I have put well over 200000 miles on it and it's still going. Only complaint I have is I have had to replace the tie rod twice but mechanically it has been sound other than that

- Eric S

Reliable car but with most cars you will have to fix parts over time since the car is 9 years old

With my vehicle I bought it used so I don't have any many complaints.The only complaint I have is that I am having to start fixing worn out parts. Overall my car gets the job done which is the most important thing to me.

- Matthew s

It is almost as good as the day that I bought it. In other words, with the application of proper maintenance, it runs like new.

I really like that it has a fairly decent pickup rate (acceleration from 0 to 60). I also love the car's maneuverability. The only thing that seems to impede the output of power is the running of the air conditioner.

- Marcus C

Need to know about recalls so that they can be fixed.

I like that it is good on gas and it's a nice car. It doesn't turn on a dime worth nothing. I really hate that about it. Has recalls that are irritating to have to deal with and some recalls I was never notified about.

- Crystal C

That it takes a while for it to cool down as the air conditioner does not push out air well.

It gets good gas ,mileage and it is a sporty looking car. A somewhat comfortable ride. It has good trunk space for a smaller car. I wish it was a four door instead of two, because crawling into the back can be a pain.

- Debbie K

Reliable Chevrolet Cobalt.

The vehicle is pretty reliable. It runs smoothly for the most part, however, has a tendency to jerk some with the breaks. The locks went out at 95, 000 miles. The oil says it needs to be changed when it does not.

- Brooke B

it is dependable and gets good gas mileage. the gas tank holds 11 gallons

the only problem I have had repeatedly is the power window panel has gone out twice in the 8 years I have owned the car. now the sensor for the power locks is going out. other than that it's a great little car

- cheryl s

It's been wonderful maintaining. It has never broken down anywhere. It rides very smooth when on the highway or streets.

it is very dependable, good on gas mileage,very few things have gone wrong with it since it was bought. It is silver in color, has been a great car in the winter months, it handles very well on ice and snow.

- cindy r

It's been very reliable in the nearly ten years I've owned it. The only times I've needed roadside assistance was for my errors (leaving lights on and running out the battery, and locking the keys in it). It also came with OnStar, which provides much faster service than AAA.

I love how smoothly it rides, and that it is American made. However, there have been several major recalls, and currently the steering wheel occasionally shakes, and the tire sensor is not working properly.

- Caryn W

Super reliable car, the engine will last way longer than the body

I have had it for four years and have hardly had to put any money in it. The rust problem has started to take off, but otherwise it gets good gas mileage. I am trading it in in 2 weeks though for an upgrade

- Michaela J

Great car if you don't need much space in the back seat.

I have the coupe model. It drives well. Not all that many miles on it for how old it is. Had to replace the blinker switch on the side of the steering wheel. not the greatest gas mileage, just over 20 mpg

- Jacob R

My Cobalt is one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned.

I've had a really good experience with my car. It rarely has any problems and I get excellent gas mileage. It doesn't have many features, but the car was relatively inexpensive. It is very reliable also.

- Larry E

The plus of owning a Chevy cobalt.

Great gas mileage, very comfortable ride, easy to drive with many great features like cruise control, mirror adjust, aux input. Have never had a problem mechanically and plenty of space for its size

- Aaron L

The value of a good reliable Chevrolet.

I love my Chevy Cobalt I have not had any problems with my it. I do regular maintenance and check ups. I get it detailed once a year. It only has 50'000 miles on it and it is in very good condition.

- Karen B

It runs smooth and lasts a long time, it also fills up gas wise for pretty cheap.

I have had it for over 5 years and have only had to put new tires on it. I still have low miles on it. The only thing I don't care for is that everything is manual on it still have crank windows.

- Jessica K

Great car for short trips around town, but not so great for long trips on the highway.

It is too small. I do not feel safe, especially on the highway. It has performed well, needing little maintenance, but is aging and needs replaced soon. Small things are starting to go wrong.

- Jackie M

It does not have the modern feature that other autos have. Therefore it is to old.

I like the fact it is very reliable. It gets good gas mileage. What I don't like is it does not have the more modern features like power windows, door locks, and nav device or a backup camera.

- John W

That it runs and drives great and there's no problems

It's a 2009 Chevy Cobalt runs and drives great. I wouldn't be afraid to get in it and drive anywhere. Great gas mileage well took care. Maintenance regularly. Awesome heat and air. Radio works.

- Charity W

Comfy, smooth drive car, spacious.

Only problem I have had with this car is that the key system would lock it ended up being a recall so got that fixed. Overall very reliable and drives smooth. Very comfy interior and spacious.

- Jacqueline D

It has an amazing stereo system!.

Very mile efficient, easy to clean, affordable, user friendly.. It is not 10 years old yet and it feels as if it is already starting to break down in odd ways, like the headlight burning out.

- Emily H

It is reliable, regardless of the fact that it doesn't hold as many people as you hope it would.

I do like the color and how it has bluetooth and all those good features. I dislike how it is very small and only has 2 doors. It's also getting old so it doesn't run as well as it used to.

- Adam V

This car has been very dependable. I have not had any problems. But of course I do keep up with oil changes and buying new tires.

I bought the car because the price was cheap This car has been really dependable and has not give me any problems. What I don't like about it is it is small and would like a bigger car.

- Stormie W

It's a good car that was made with the intention of being outdated.

It is good on gas, fairly good price, but I bought it uses and the locks and key fobs have never worked correctly. It is low to the ground and is hard for us elderly people to get out of.

- Julia B

Good value for the price, but unfortunately - the model was discontinued.

Economical: smooth ride for a small car, repairs are inexpensive (i.e. versus a more popular brand), easy to drive, fun to drive, good power and handling, good seating capacity, etc. .

- Stephen C

It's not fancy, but it's a reliable car that will do its job well.

The car is comfortable, drives well, has everything I need. Minor problems include poor suspension and sensors for the tire pressure. To nitpick I'm not fond of having no rear wiper.

- Tom J

It has great gas mileage and it is easy to park in the city.

It is small and easy to drive. It is good for the city which is where my school is. It is good on gas. If you have any passengers though it is annoying because it only has 2 doors

- Lauren M

You should know that my car doesn't have very much room if you plan on sitting in the back seats. Best to ride shotgun.

I like the handling and overall feel of the vehicle. I don't like how little space there is in the back seats. I also don't like that it is two door car instead of a four door.

- Adam B

Needs new tires plus a tune up. The back windows work sometimes.

It has leg room in front and in the back. Wish it was a different color. This year of this car is roomy plus the trunk is real large and roomy too. Compared to newer models.

- Patti L

Happy owner of a Chevy cobalt.

I have owned this car for 6 years and the only things I have had to do to it were within the guidelines of general maintenance and upkeep. I have had great luck with my car.

- Justin C

The fact for a small car with a great price it rides smooth and get great gas mileage.

I really like the gas mileage the vehicle gets. The trunk space is great for a small card. I really enjoy the fact my car can safely and comfortably carry my family of 5.

- Joe H

Very good and nice love how it ride at night time I feel safe in it.

It drive so good green c. D. S. Scarcity dang it is a time where I was outside with my car is a lot to get out of the house and it is a good car with a little miles on it.

- Star S

Look out for me on the road I take up a very small footprint compared to others.

I like the fuel economy it gets. It's been very reliable and maintenance free. I don't like the small size of it even though it is a sedan. I worry about the safety of it.

- Tim M

It is reliable and long lasting.

My car is comfortable and receives good gas mileage. I have never had to have any major repairs. It has a CD player and power locks and windows. It is smooth to drive.

- Eve F

It may look ugly but it runs really well, and I have a feeling it can go much farther

My car is very basic but it's held up since high school. I get great gas mileage and it's been simple enough to repair. The shop has always been able to work with me.

- Sara A

It's a great car, size is great. Drives great.

There have been a few recalls for my vehicle but other than that I enjoy it. I am not a fan of the air vents. They are small and do not allow much air through them.

- Samantha M

Economical and reliable sedan

Economical and reliable. Easy to fit in any parking spots left. Well designed. Like any other vehicle some replacement parts are needed after around a year of use.

- Javier M

It's a basic car but that's really all I need.

I've had my car for almost 9 years and like it for the most part. It's had a few problems but I was able to get them fixed. Still a good affordable every day car.

- cj F

That the outlet to charge your phone does not work.

I like the fact that my vehicle has a big trunk. That is very convenient for when I make large purchases. However, the space in the car overall is pretty compact.

- Desi B

The Chevy Cobalt is a reliable family car that offers safety and good gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It is also a safe vehicle for my family. I dislike the size. As a family we have outgrown it and could use something bigger.

- Jackie S

Hose leak under passenger side glove box

The hose having to do with my air, that's under the passenger side glove compartment, is currently leaking water when I use my air, apparently it gets "clogged "

- Ashley B

Decent gas mileage for the car, filling up does not break the bank.

Good gas mileage, not much room, not very good in the snow. Truck is a decent size. Would like to have a backup camera and hands free calling throughout the car.

- Tara S

Amazing Gas Mileage. The car is very sturdy and compact with ample leg room for passengers.

I love my Chevy Cobalt. It works really well and gets amazing gas mileage. It is a very stable reliable car. I have not had much issues with it performance wise.

- Jonathan M

Fuel efficient (avg 35 MPG), uses a 2.2 4-cylinder engine and a manual transmission. Very fuel efficient.

2 door (coupe), not very convenient for having passengers but the seats can be easily removed for transporting equipment, which is what I primarily use it for.

- Joseph D

It gets very good gas mileage. It is dependable. It corners well.

It has been very dependable. It drives very good. I don't like that part of the upholstery is starting to wear and occasionally the outer door handles act up.

- Erika M

My 2009 Chevy cobalt is amazing

My cobalt is very reliable and comfortable. It has no problems as I keep up with regular maintenance and oil changes and would recommend this car to anyone!

- Maria R

Very unreliable. Will break easily and rust without much warning.

Constantly has problems. Almost always has something broken on it every other month. Also feels cheap with the plastic design and lack of automatic windows.

- Brian S

It is a good first time driver car, because it is small and basic, but gets you around well

It is fairly small, so gas mileage isn't bad. It has 5 seats, which won't be enough for my family for too long. The check engine light has come on recently.

- Laura M

If you don't drive it like a race car, it seems to stay in good condition.

I like that it is a manual transmission. I don't like that it does not have power locks or power windows. I wish it had a sunroof. I like the gas mileage.

- Emily N

good gas mileage, easy to drive

it is good on gas, drives nice but it is hard to get in and out of, we are elderly, the door locks are always messing up and the original paint job sucks

- ron b

Pay attention to the millage of the car if you're looking to buy it used.

I like how it's a cheaper and smaller car. My complaint about the car is the transmission. I've had it worked on twice and still doesn't run correctly.

- John D

Decent sized and compact. Spacious trunk. Good on gas and a pretty reliable car

The check engine light is on for a problem that's been fixed. Overall the vehicle is reliable it gets me from one place to another and is decent on gas

- Ajanay S

It is easy on gas. Not much else to tell.

There is a vibration that we can not get fixed. We have changed the struts, had it aligned, after alignment not long and it went back out of alignment.

- Donna N

It has a smooth, quiet ride and is roomy on the inside.

It's a little old so it doesn't have any of the new electronic things new cars have. Other than that it still runs good even though it is and old car.

- Diana N

It has an amazing air conditioner. It's fuel efficient. It holds slot in the trunk. It fits 5 people.

I like that its fuel efficient. It's a reliable car I've put more than 50000 miles on it in 3 years. It does all right in rain and okay in light snow.

- Kira L

good on gas fits everyone good in snow and reliable and cheap to fix

it don't make sense that this car never gave me a problem but when i got my 2018 lincoln it had problems cobalt is perfect and good on gas and quick

- joseph C

Dependable, good gas mileage, compact, looks nice.

I don't really have any problems with my car. I've had it for a little while now, and so far it's been a dependable car and gets good gas mileage.

- Caitlin G

I think this car was poorly engineered with space, as leg room is terrible

It hasn't been all that great of a vehicle. It had a big recall but one day the car wouldn't turn off so I had to drive straight to the dealership.

- Dan J

Gets good gas mileage. Small and simple.

Its lasted me a long time, very comfortable and I am short. Safe, low management costs. The interior hasn't held up too well, but it's manageable.

- Rebekah B

The Cobalt is a small vehicle

I like the size because it is easy to maneuver and park. I wish for the size it had better gas mileage. It has lasted me a good number of years.

- Sara G

Good car that will last at least 10 years with good maintenance

It's a good car, I've just had it for so long I'm tired of it. The engine has held up really well with only a couple problems but nothing major.

- Tim P

It looks like a little sports car it goes in any weather

I have had my car for almost 10 years!! Great gas mileage nothing major ever went wrong just Normal stuff change the oil new tires I love my car

- Angie L

Goes fast, black in color.

It runs awesome and very good on gas. . It is a standard so that helps with gas mileage. . Have make sure u keep the oil changed regularly. .

- Michele J

A good reliable family car.

I like the 4 doors and good gas mileage. I wish it had power locks on the doors that would be so convenient. It is a good reliable family car.

- Beverly W

If you are a taller person, then I would probably not recommend this car.

This is been the best car that I've owned. It's great on gasoline. It's compacr as well, which makes it very easy to get into parking spots.

- Amber H

It is more less for someone still in high school kind if car.

Love my cobalt it is a reliable car just wish it was bigger right now the mount to the engine needs to be fixed but other than that love it.

- Nicorette B

This is a reliable car at reasonable price. A good first car.

Very reliable, but a lot of recalls, and no power windows or locks. Milage is average, and it drives well. Comfortable, but not luxurious.

- Andrew D

Chevy Cobalt 4 door car blue

My vehicle is compact and great on gas mileage. I purchased it used from a high School student that took absolutely great care of the car

- Sharon K

Few issues and quick fix for transmission belt.

Just transmission belt, it needed to be replaced. It only cost about 200 dollars to get it fixed. I was out of a car for about a week.

- Jennifer F

Chevy Cobalt overall is safe and it's good on gas

My car is over all a good vehicle. The weather stripping constantly comes apart from around the door but some super glue does the trick

- Justine D

Although a primarily a passenger car one can fit a lot into it such as wood up to 8 ft in length

Easy to drive, convenient size, able to transport materials and tools as required. Has reasonable mpg, would like a rear window wiper.

- Alastair H

Chevy, a car for the ages

As with all Chevy products I have purchased, this one has proven reliable and dependable over time. I will continue to buy the same.

- None N

Awesome gas mileage, smooth and comfortable ride

I love this car because it has amazing gas mileage. It is very smooth to drive as well. Very easy maintenance and gets high mileage

- Stephanie Z

My cobalt ss, and it is beautiful uses.

Great car, fast, dependable and surprisingly fuel efficient. I have been to off of the road on the highway, and the car was fine.

- Joseph L

It's roomy inside even though it's a small car.

It's good on gas. It's reliable and always starts up. Although it's small car it is roomy inside and has a decent size of trunk.

- Rick H

Has a surprising amount of room to carry things.

Not a very smooth ride, gets good mileage, very reliable, nice compact car, can fit a surprising amount of things in its trunk.

- Kayla O

It is small for a family but perfect for a single rider getting from point A to B.

It is small and not big enough for driving kids around. It drives okay but has had a lot of problems so it is not as reliable.

- Katie W

It is really bright yellow.

It is a really good car that gets me back and forth to work every day that has never broken down. Really good gas mileage too.

- Tim R

Easy to drive with good visibility.

Small in size, yet very comfortable. Easy to drive for a short person, can see out over the hood with ease. Good gas mileage.

- Nancy R

It has more power than most people think it does.

The door latches stick often and had to be replaced. The bottom has already rusted quite a bit and it only has 110,000 miles.

- Erica L

This car has amazing gas mileage and it still gets 28 mpg nine years later.

I like the gas mileage. I dislike that the turn signal chime goes through the speaker. I like that it has good get up and go.

- heather A

2009 Chevy Cobalt Problems

This car has given me many problems. I have had to get a new engine, air conditioning went out and many broken parts on car.

- Britney T

Although it is an older car it is dependable.

It is on it is way out and has a few issues but it stills drives fairly well. I wish we had a car that was slightly bigger.

- Danielle K

It's been virtually maintenance free. I've only had to do oil changes and checkups.

I really like it. It's been very low maintenance and gets great gas mileage. I'm sad that Chevy doesn't make them anymore.

- Ashley R

It's paid for and runs very good and it is dependable!

Great gas mileage! It is dependable. It is also very easy to drive. There is nothing that I dislike about this vehicle

- Dawn W

Has a button on key fob to open truck

This car gets excellent gas mileage. It has awesome features such as lets you know when to check tire pressure and fuel.

- Diana G

It took 6 trips to mechanics to figure out why the check engine light kept coming on. A squirrel had chewed thru the wiring.

I like that it has fog lights. I like that it is a car not an suv. I love the red color. I hate the fabric interior.

- Lori H

It is a very good car for commuting back and forth.

It is a good car to go back and forth to work. It is also good on short runs. It is not comfortable for long trips.

- Stan R

It's a little car but it gets me where I have to go.

Its too small of a car. I wish I had power windows and locks. Having a car starter would be nice. And a bigger motor.

- Cassie F

Numerous recalls in the past.

Like good on gas hate numerous recalls unsafe vehicle in my opinion. Always seems to need repair. Overall ok I guess.

- Laurie S

It is a great car but it does waste a lot of gas.

The car is very small and it great to get around especially for me because I am short but it does was a lot of gas.

- Nicki N

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is really cheap on gas. It is a very dependable car. Gets me to where I need to be back and forth to work daily.

- Mark L

Recommended practical bargain.

Too many recalls, but otherwise it has been reliable. It is a very practical car, but for a base model, good deal.

- Heather V

The mirrors have to be manually adjusted and the rear view mirror does not stay in a fixed position.

My vehicle is a silver coupe. I do not like only having 2 doors. The rear view mirror does not stay fixed either.

- Adrian J

Heavy and durable. Built to last.

Very reliable. Heavy duty. Durable. Built to last. Not the best on gas but worth it. Great buy for young drivers.

- Jen B

It's amazing runs smooth drives fast when need be haven't had any mechanical issues with it

My car has driven well for me most done to it is a tune up haven't had any other problems with it runs very well

- Kandyce N

The trunk is really big for the size of the car.

I dislike it is standard shift. I love the way it handles and the gas mileage. It is also cute and fun to drive.

- Debbie R

It is good on gas and love the sunroof.

Good on gas, safety is good. Door do not open from inside the cable snapped. Handles turns like it is on rails.

- Justin D

That it has a new/old engine.

I like that it is good on saving gas. I do not like the interior. I do not like that it is not a manual drive.

- Sha-fee J

It is an average car with an average price. There have been many recalls however.

Like fuel mileage. Has been a reliable car then the years. Do not like how low the seats set to the ground.

- Paula L

It gets great gas mileage. It's very dependable. It smells clean.

Its has a lot of miles. It has some body damage. It is too small for me. I also wish it was a different color.

- Ralph S

It doesn't have power windows. It is reliable and cheap.

I received it for free. It is very reliable and everything works. The clear coat is peeling off the exterior.

- Matt H

I cannot think of anything important that people should know about my car.

I do not dislike anything about my vehicle. I have no complaints and it gets me where I need to go every day.

- Chelsea B

My Cobalt, the divorce surprise.

It is small, but comfy. Gets good gas mileage. Cheap upkeep. Have had minimal repairs, which has been great.

- Bec B

It is white. And as windows and two mirrors

Very reliable vehicle, as some electric problems. As good gas mileage ain't afraid to take it on long trips

- Cody O

It may not look the best, but it is a great car.

I like that my car is dependable and also gets very good gas mileage. It also looks nice and travels well.

- Stephen H

It is very dependable, I haven't had any issues with it

Love the dependability, and gas mileage. Has a clunk sound in front end th as t no one c as n figure out

- Daniel L

i previously totaled one and survived the crash with only a concussion.

i would prefer to have a jeep. this car was used and not very fun to drive. i like the gas mileage though.

- krissy b

It was a good buy. We have really enjoyed it. It is easy on gas and the upkeep is cheap.

I love my car. It is easy on gas and has never given us any trouble. I would buy another one just like it.

- Sandee B

Low gas mileage, more miles/gallon... Environmentally friendly...

Very reliable, dependable and durable, low maintenance... Use it for local trips, to the store, outings...

- Vincent L

It's good on gas and low maintenance

I have not had any complaints about my vehicle. i like that my car is good on gas and very low maintenance

- Cassandra W

It is small so it may not be practical for families or people with kids.

It is a small compact car that is perfect to get from A to B or for long trips. It is great gas mileage.

- Kristen H

The Honda civic is a great value!.

I love the gas mileage. It doesn't have much of a pickup speed unless it is at zero. It's very reliable.

- Em L

My car will continue to run great if the owner properly takes care of it.

My vehicle is reliable. I get pretty good gas mileage. I still would like to upgrade to a newer vehicle.

- OBrian H

Great gas saver and comfortable ride

Great gas mileage. Very dependable. Requires little maintainable other than regular upkeep. Very roomy

- Tasha S

Affordable, low maintenance , good gas mileage , no blind spots

This vehicle was purchased used and I have not had any major issues with it . Just routine maintenance

- Debi F

It's a two door, has manual window controllers, sets 5 people 2in front 3in back

I always seem to have issues with the computer system time and time again. However it is comfortable.

- Beth H

It is old and has high mileage.

It is a older car gets me back and forth to work. Been having fuel injector issues. Uses to much gas.

- Tammy B

It is reliable and good on gas mileage.

. Like gas mileage and size of the car. Electric window stopped working. Also low maintenance fees.

- L M

I have not had a lot of issues with my car, It's very reliable.

My car is very dependable, it gets me from point A to point B. I wish that it was more up to date.

- Rameisha R




Chevrolets are greta and dependable

Great car very dependable chevrolets are great cars they last a long time with few problems

- Carol C

It is very cheap to maintain. It has good internal space

I like the internal space. I like the gas consumption. And I also like the maintenance cost

- Tiago L

It's dependable and gets pretty good gas mileage.

I like that it's compact and easy to drive. I dislike that it doesn't have some luxuries.

- Connie D

It is tight with seating and the passenger safety belt is a pain to put on

It doesn't fit all three of my kids. It has a couple of things that need to be fixed too

- An N

It's not a bad car for going to and from work

It is a reliable vehicle It's not a new model As with older cars you wait for problems

- Dave S

Best small car on the market. Great value for the money.

It gets good gas mileage. I like that it is small and can fit in most parking spaces.

- Linda N

It's great and smooth driving. It's cute body style

I love how it drives.It's smooth. I love the body style of my car The seats are nice

- Tiphani R

the style it replaced the cavalier was better I got 250000 miles from that car

it is very good on gas and has quick pick up it needs a little too much maintenance

- terry r

It's been an amazing car and I've rarely had to make any repairs to it. Mostly normal wear and tear.

It's been a great car but the mileage is racking up and I need to replace it soon

- Russ W

I love my car it gets me where I'm going. It has had a few technical issues that were covered under warranty. They could spend a little extra time making sure no issues before selling cars to unsuspecting people.

Watch out for the ignition switch it will need replacing if you haven't already.

- Jennifer L

It runs good and gets good gas mileage. It's almost paid for.

It's misty color. It's small and goes fast. It gets me from point a to point b.

- Kraig B

I like the size of the car. It's not too big or too small. It has decent gas mileage, & is pretty reliable.

The cup holders don't hold things very well, but it's a reliable car otherwise!

- Kaylen S

It is a cheap car that will get you from point a to point b. No frills but a hard worker

Vehicle is good on gas mileage. It has a lot of miles but still runs strong.

- Ben M

That is secure, knowing the way the steering wheel behaves (if too sensitive or not)

It's too low, I rather drive a truck or SUV but don't have one at the moment

- Gina C

Great on gas mileage and is economical. Reasonable purchase price as well.

It is great on gas mileage.It is sporty looking. It is getting old though.

- Wanda J

it being a car for the year 2009 I purchase it for 45,000 mileage

my car drives smooth and it save me on gasoline, it also has a low mileage

- Diane W

it is a blue 2009 chevy cobalt. good gas mileage but getting a little old

it gets over 30 miles per gallon even though some people think it is bad

- tony s

Reliability is a must and I know the car will not let me down

It refuses to die. It is 9 years old and has only needed regular upkeep

- Thomas O

There seem to be a lot of recalls that needed to be corrected

There seems to have been a lot of recalls that needed to be corrected

- Richard R

It may look beat up but it is a great car with great gas mileage

I like the great gas mileage, but do not like the body damage it has

- Stephen B

Nice little car that drives well in winter. Excellent, if you worry about safety.

Reliable car. Wish it was cheaper to insure and maintain Drives well

- Cheryl K

4 door compact. Easy to drive, good on gas, good in snow.

Like that it's comfortable, small and efficient. Not bad on gas too.

- Glynis K

My car does not have power windows or power doors, which is very annoying. The seats are uncomfortable and the air conditioning sucks.

It does not get good gas mileage, and the air conditioning is weak

- Allison M

Miles per gallon Mileage on the car If it's in good shape

It's a nice running car dependable I just love it all together

- Tammy R

Basically it is too small. I feel it should be taken off the road

It is too small and doesn't get the gas miles it said it would

- Sandra K

On the plus side it's good on gas mileage. For negatives it had no spare tire when purchased and had to buy one. The tires that came on the car were very small and needed to purchase all weather for better traction it didn't drive well in rain or snow with the tires that came on the vehicle. This wasn't a basic package car it was on the more expensive side also so you would think it would have better tires and a spare. It hasn't had any major problems as far as repairs the only thing we've really done other than basic oil changes and tune ups is that the than the horn went out and needed to be replaced, it's been a fairly good car as far as that goes.

It's really good on gas mileage and no major repair problems.

- Jil m

Good compact car. Great for family. Used for travel and work

Gets great gas mileage. Very spacious. Good family vehicle.

- Mischelle S

It's a very reliable car to drive.

It's been a good car and I hope it still lasts me a while

- Na G

That the windows don't roll down at all I try and try and try

It's a red Chevy cobalt it's cool and different I like it

- Lexi H

good on gas doesn't use oil at all the only bad thing is the power steering pump goes out

it rides good good mileage nice room for legs looks good

- david m

It's paid off and has almost 200,000 miles on it. And very economical.

Dependable vehicle, but no power windows or door locks.

- Matt B

The Mileage is always above 25 MPG. I pay less for gas than many and I drive a lot because I am a Realtor.

I love the gas mileage, Easy to take care of, great car

- Donna W

It is a small, reliable car with great gas mileage and small tires.

it's a gas save. it is small. it is roomy. No dislike

- Jamacian c

This car is at reasonable price, but watch out electrical function

I like manual open/close windows Electrically mess up

- Mary G

It rides well, has great mileage, reliable

Reliable, fuel efficient, comfortable, fun to drive

- Aaron I

you need to maintain it all the time

it's getting older now otherwise it is a great car

- marie r

No anti lock brakes. The car is a death trap. it had a searing problem.

It has no anti lock brakes, very cheap crap car.

- Melanie L