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Cobalt issues, water leaks

The 2010 Cobalt LT is a small 4 door sedan. Its trunk is hard to lift up and there is no trunk release inside of the car by the driver. The shifting column is between the front seats instead of near the steering wheel. It is a reliable car, however the battery runs down easily if you forget to turn the lights off and leave it for even an hour. Then after the battery dies you cannot take the key out of the ignition and have to get it jumped. The car does not warn you as you are exiting the vehicle that you have left your lights on. The nice thing about needing to jump start it is that there is a jumping port located underneath the hood because in order to access the actual battery you would need to get in the trunk. The door handles are cheap and break off easily and take over $300 to fix. The driver side airbag leaks water any time it rains which is a known issue with these vehicles to which no recall is present. The seat belt is annoying to deal with but there is a user fix to that.

- Alicia H

The cobalt keeps me going daily - on my job, store, and activities.

This 2010 Chevy Cobalt used to be my fathers - he only drove it locally so the mileage is low. Something is wrong with the front suspension but the dealer said it is ok to drive on (because it is too expensive to get fixed for me right now). Other than that, it is been a good little car - no major problems (I get the oil changed regularly). I think the one thing I do not like about it is, there is no lumbar seating (I drive a lot and that would be a good support on my back - right now, this car hurts my back from driving so much). The trunk is very spacious and when I put the back seats down, I can get a lot of stuff in the car! It seems to handle well in bad weather (water/snow) - I never had issues with it in the weather. Other than it being 8 years old now, one thing it is doing: it is beginning to make a loud noise when I turn the fan on for defrosting or heat/air, it is been very annoying (I just turn the radio up)! It has been serving my purposes very well.

- Deborah A

Perfect car for family, friends and commuting to and from in your daily lives.

I love our car! It's one of the best cars I have ever had. It's been a very dependable car for me and my family. It's been a very low maintenance vehicle and when I have had to buy any kind of repair parts for my car they have been very affordable. My family is very comfortable. Traveling in this vehicle and there is some storage and leg room for a small car surprisingly! As long as I keep my car serviced I get amazing gas mileage also. I also keep my tires rotated and this seems to help with even better gas mileage. I commute back and forth to work a long ways everyday and I love that I feel comfortable and safe not having to worry about being. Stranded. All in all this has been an amazing car for me and my family and it still is!

- Angelina S

A small, gas saving, great for first time drivers, Chevy Cobalt!

My Chevy Cobalt is extremely well on saving gas. A three hour drive for me only takes half of my gas tank. There is a nice amount of space if you are a smaller person with no children; with me being a slightly tall woman with more than one child, I tend to run out of space quite often. The durability seems fine, I have been rear ended and hit a curb a few times and the framework still has no issues. There is a decent factory radio installed, nice sound and spot for an auxiliary cord. My speakers tend to go in and out, although I am not sure if that is due to my cars age or just poor set up.

- Des P

It smells of lavender yet I have never had an air freshener. It is great on gas.

My vehicle is a real go getter. She always will get you to where you need to be and can always rely on it getting there. The heat works. The air conditioner works. The brakes are good. The seats are comfortable. The trunk is very spacious. The tires hold great air pressure. The steering wheel is a little small. I wish the gas pedal was bigger. I wish it was faster. My hood does not open. My exhaust fell off last month and I had to replace it which cost me 200 dollars but I got to meet a nice mechanic who loved hiking and wearing slacks and walking on the beach with his dog named Kermit.

- Dylan P

A candy red 2010 Chevy cobalt lt 2dr with most of its original parts.

It's a newer model compared to last car (1995!), however the only real downside is that its a two door instead of a four door. With two doors it's a lot harder to see behind you when you changing lanes, backing out, or even parking. It's also not as sound proof compared to other cars and trucks, and you'll feel ever bump and divot in the road. Other than that, it's a pretty decent car. It's great with mileage, doesn't have any car troubles, it has both a CD player and an auxiliary output for music! It's a perfect starter car for anyone.

- Rhea M

Chevy cobalt and pros and cons.

It is a red car that holds 5 people but it can be a tight squeeze depending who all is in the car. It is a pretty reliable car just got to stay up to date on maintenance and tune ups. It is kind of weird though because the battery is in the trunk and I have never seen anything like that so it may not be weird to other people but it is weird to me. It has black seats and is a very comfortable car. The seats are not leather though. The air conditioning does take a little bit to kick in. The car itself rides really smooth.

- Essence T

My Chevy Cobalt is a very dependable vehicle.

Overall, it has been a pretty dependable car. We have had to take car of normal wear and tear items like brakes and tires. We have also had issues with the sensors that regulate oil and the engine (they will indicate issues when none exist). We had to have some engine work done a couple of years ago, and we leaked oil for a short time. All things considered, we have had the car almost 6 years, and it has been very reliable overall. If I had it to do over again, I would purchase the car again in a heartbeat.

- Mandy B

CHEVY COBALT COUPE LT (2010) sturdy yet zippy!

Fantastic car to own if you don't want to drive a large clunky boat around anymore! It gets around the city great, is easy to parallel park with, and I've used it for long road trips and group camping with all supplies needed in the car too. Side airbags make me feel safe having been in an accident before. Sturdy and durable car. The only problem I've had isn't major, but annoying- almost everything to do with the cars electrical system has glitched. Luckily it was still under warranty.

- Elizabeth O

I love my little car. It is like driving on the road in a go-kart and I love it!

The only issues I have ever had were clogged/bad sensors on the computer boards. A few have gone bad, but that is the worst issue I have had that was not caused by wear and tear. It does seem that I need to change my oil more often than any other car I have ever owned, as that is was I was told partially clogged a couple of the sensors I have had replaced. I got them replaced, then they clogged again a few months later, and luckily, has not happened again since.

- Amy S

My cute cozy Cobalt. Very reliable

No real problems with the car. The alignment is off and pulls to the right, other than that just return maintenance. It has been very reliable for the past 4 years. It has power steering, windows, locks, and a remote start. Bluetooth connection your phone for hands free options. The bucket seats aren't for everyone but I am small so the car is a perfect fit. Great for a single person car. It is definitely not big enough for a family being a two door.

- Heather R

Red pepper runs well!Very little maintenance is needed.

It is reliable, good acceleration, has remote car start, very important to me. Good upholstery, air, power steering, red and sporty looking for a 4 door! Decent gas mileage and has been a good economic car. I bought it used, it was a car rental, only two years old and 32,000 miles. She now has 93,000 miles and running well, I kept regular oil changes, any maintenance needed and fixed any problem right away. I have had good use of this car.

- Carol V

Chevy cobalt the good and not so good

The Chevy Cobalt is great for people who would like to save gas money the car runs great on the freeway. It is a 5 passenger compact car spacious enough trunk for groceries and suitcases too. Great little car for long distance drives up to the mountains going up the hills. The most problematic part about this car would be the headlights the wires do give you a lot of problems burning out your bulbs and you having to replace them constantly

- Ashley M

9 Year Old Chevy Cobalt, the features for a newbie

Well my car is no longer being manufactured by Chevrolet. I love the size for me right now. It is going through some mechanical issues l. Like my tire pressure fuse/switch is not reading every tire pressure like it's suppose to. My right headlight is retaining water frequently. The cover is not sealed anymore from over the years. All the automatic windows and locks and the key fob still works great. Remote start is my favorite

- Destiny J

Great affordable compact car.

My car has been mostly problem free, with only a few issues due to use. I love the simplicity of the design, and the great gas mileage is good too. This car rated high for safety, and knowing that makes me feel good driving it. I have used this car as a personal commuting vehicle as well as an around-town car; it has done well as both. I can easily fit two car seats in the back seat, and the trunk is capacious for most needs.

- Melissa B

Great Reliable Car for Anyone

I love my Cobalt! It's reliable and comfortable to drive. I have driven in pouring rain and on icy roads and in snowstorms, and it handles smoothly. I love that I can check the tire pressure without having to get out of the car, and that I can keep an eye on the oil too. The seats are comfortable, and I like how adjustable the driver's seat is. The trunk is a great size, too' I've never had trouble packing the car for trips.

- Laura H

Amazing car! Super durable!

This is a lovely car! It is currently 8 years old, but the owner before me basically trashed it. It is driven across the country multiple times and it has the mileage to prove it. In spite of all of that, it is a beautiful car! It makes noises and it bumps and jerks here and these but they're never consistent issues. I get about 400 miles to the tank (12 gallons) and it is served me well on frequent and long road trips.

- Rachel S

Our family friendly ride!

My car rides smooth. Upon purchase it had been maintenance and recently given new tires. It breaks easily, corners like it's on rails, and is efficient on highways. It is a compact vehicle and safely I travel from place to place. I have a two years old son and I never fear for his safety. In fact, quite the opposite. I have all his favorite things, including a stroller, in the truck so the car is a fun zone for him.

- Lena P

Most reliable, fuel efficient, easy to maintain car I have ever had.

I love my Chevrolet cobalt. It's very easy to maintain and clean both inside and out. It has great gas mileage for being almost 10 years old. It gets about 26 city and 30 highway. I have had to do minor repairs like new brake pads and calipers but overall haven't had any serious body work. I drive it mostly in city but do travel often and I can always trust it. The speakers go out sometimes but that is an easy fix.

- Gavin M

Cobalt is okay, works and runs but nothing great.

Brake issues, a decent car but the tires wear down easy. It is sturdy but bad gas mileage, and it can be frustrating with pre-existing conditions. I like how low to the ground it is, and I like the seats. I do not like how the key is required to open the trunk, because when the battery is dead the key gets stuck in the ignition and then you cannot open the trunk where the battery is, it is very frustrating.

- Adrian S

It�s a red, four door Chevrolet Cobalt.

I haven't had any problems so far, but then again I've only had it for the past 4 months. It's drives pretty nicely. The air conditioner takes a little while to cool down when it's really hot outside. There's not very much leg room in the back seats but it's definitely not the most cramped up back there. Those are the only problems I've had so far, and they honestly aren't that big of a deal.

- Alexandra W

Chevy Cobalt is a good family car

The Chevy Cobalt is a reliable car. It has four doors and enough space for two car seats in the back. The cabin itself is a little tight, so my toddler has to put his legs up on the seat. One of the sensors is off, though. Keeps reading low psi for the front tire, but my husband checked it manually and it's fine. The code might cause issues for smog certifications, though.

- Kimberly G

Looks cute and sporty and is very functional.

The tires are very sensitive on being too low on air pressure or too high. It makes a loud sound when it runs normally so it makes it harder to hear the radio. The check engine light is always on even though there’s no problem. Otherwise it performs great, is reliable, comfortable. Perfect for a small to medium size person or couple. Has a cigarette lighter, CD player and radio.

- Kayla K

Love my 2010 Chevy cobalt!

My 2010 Chevy cobalt is the perfect car for me. I like that even though my car is on the smaller side I can still see perfectly out and around my car. I have been in a very serious accident in my cobalt and no one was injured due to its amazing safety features. The look and design of the cobalt caught my eye but the quality of the car is why I chose this car for me and my future.

- Jessica B

Great little car with just 2 problems.

This car gets good gas mileage, it is easy to drive, it is a comfortable drive, and in general has very little problems so far at 9 years old. However it is very small with little leg room especially the back seats. And this car has a huge problem with keeping itself cool in summer and warm in winter. I have found ice on the inside windshield! Other than this it's a good car.

- Jewel P

Why I love my Chevy cobalt ls sedan.

I have only recently bought my vehicle (used) but I love it and have had no problems. The engine runs very smoothly, and I appreciate the simplicity and reliability. The only small problem I have is that the passenger seat belt is broken, but that is an easy fix. The windows are hand-cranked which means I will not have to deal with any electrical issues. I also love the radio.

- Kristen P

I absolutely love my 2010 Cobalt!

I love my Cobalt and was really sad when they stopped making them; I would have just driven Cobalts forever! I bought it new in 2011 and never needed a major repair until 2017. It is reliable and inexpensive to maintain. It does have manual locks and crank windows as electronic locks and windows are not standard on this car, but that is about my only complaint with this car.

- Amber F

It is not an extension of myself or how I want to be viewed. I am embarrassed of my car.

I like that I didn't have to pay for it (I swapped cars with a family member) and that it can comfortably fit a car seat. I don't like the design. It looks cheap and after going through a massive hail storm it looks even worse. I also have a lot of maintenance costs and I am constantly anxious about how much longer it will last or if I will get to my next destination.

- Danielle C

Reliable car for daily commute

My car has been reliable overall, with occasional issues with tires and sensors. I find it comfortable and easy to handle. I use it primarily for city driving with some long road trips. I purchased a no-bells-and-whistles vehicle, which has been fine for my purposes. It wouldn't be good for someone who needs a ton of storage but can accommodate daily needs great.

- Erin F

an interesting detail on the vehicle are the spoiler on the trunk

It has had a lot of recalls on it since then, as in three different recalls for the steering wheel, I had to have the whole thing replaced. My car it shakes uncontrollably majority of the time the breaks aren't that good even though I keep the maintenance up on it pretty well, I just feel as if there's not one thing it's another with this car and model make .

- Madison R

What to look out for in a cobalt

Great on gas mileage, and extremely reliable. Commute to school 1.5 hrs daily and barely have to do unplanned maintenance. Watch your fuel line because the cobalt has a flaw where the line will rust and leak over time, the fix is roughly $600 Also, the transmission clutch control wire is prone to water shorting. Make sure all electrical harnesses are secure.

- Cam S

Very tough car that I love and will drive till I cannot anymore.

I have had very few issues with this car. I have done regular maintenance of course. Then I have done some upgrades. Better brakes, windshield wipers and nicer rims and tires are the ones that come to mind. I drive it daily one hour each way for work. It goes through heck in traffic especially when I am running behind. My children are not easy on it either.

- Courtney S

Comfortable drive on the way to get you where you're going.

This is a really awesome and reliable car. It's amazingly great on gas. I think it's best for someone with a small family or a younger person. It's very safe in terms of size, shape and functionality. I do wish it was a little roomier because I do a lot of shopping, but overall it's a great car and has treated me great basically the whole time I've had it.

- Tanya P

Best cobalt car ever would definitely recommend

The car back windows don't let down sometimes. You have to use the passenger side to unlock the car. The interior is really nice, the air gets really cold when you turn it on, also has a nice heating system. Have had the car for almost two years now and I love it. It's a really nice car that doesn't have that much wrong with it for it to be a pre used car

- Candice H

Just the vehicle you need for suburban life!

This car is pretty reliable.. 2 sensors had to be replaced recently. Gas mileage is great. Driver's seat can be adjusted to my specifications as well as steering wheel. Has all the bell & whistles I require! This is an ideal vehicle for women of all ages and younger drivers looking for ease of operation, fuel consumption and general good looks.

- Marsha D

Great gas mileage which is great because I do a lot of driving.

Haven't had any issues with it. Just dislike the two doors with having a toddler. I've had the car for 6 years and bought it used. I've never had any issues with taking it into the shop. The seats are cozy for Long drives. It last with how many miles I've put on it driving over the years. Radio is good quality and gas mileage is pretty good as well.

- Amber K

The reliable Cruiser that will last through the apocalypse.

The vehicle drives great except for in the snow but because the car is light it tends to slide around. As long as the routine maintenance is done on it Accordingly its a really good car. Its reliable and will for sure get you between destination a and destination b without any major problems. The gas mileage for lots of highway driving is amazing.

- Anna S

it isn't made anymore. you can't buy this type of car except used

it is okay but have had to replace 3 tires within a few years. have had to replace 4 tire sensors and some other parts that should have lasted longer when i found water in the headlight company would not replace it until i posted on facebook. they would not answer other emails. it was clear it was a defect but company would not back their product

- ann s

The battery for the car is in trunk. !

The Chevy Cobalt is an extremely reliable vehicle. I have never owned another car. It is fuel efficient. I usually get 28-32 mpg. It is dependable. I have never had any major issues with my car. No major repairs have ever been done. It is comfortable provides plenty of room for both passengers and the driver. The trunk is spacious as well.

- Morgan W

No backlight on speedometer.

It is ok, we bought it used in 2012. However the big design fault is there is no backlight for the daytime speedometer. This is not just an inconvenience but a safety hazard as I have to take my eyes off the road and move my head around to see the speed indicator. Not good. At night it is ok, it has a backlight when the headlights are on.

- Jan W

Is a good older car, it taken me far on my long drives.

Headlights and taillights go out all the time. The tires never keep pressure. Nothing automatic. CD player does not work. But handled nice good on gas cannot get the windows cleaned. The interior is hard to clean. The fabric hard to get any smell out. There is enough truck space the light goes on in trunk. There is no light in glovebox.

- Diana T

Great traveling car for long distance trips.

What I like about my vehicle is the great gas mileage and that parts are cheaper. The things I dislike is everything is manual like the windows door lock etc. I also do not like how the back seats can go down. Also I don't like how the car doesn't have lot of torque and it shows only fuel level not battery level and all that on dash.

- Sydney T

Chevrolet cobalt with sound control.

Its very fuel efficient. Easy to drive. Has the AUX port so u can play music through your phone. Radio has setting where you can set it to turn volume down while braking. The parts seem to be a reasonable price. The seats are comfortable. Good car for a small to medium person. Not good for large people. Windshield wipers work great.

- Ida W

Good beginner car for dry climate.

Slow, skids easily in wet/icy conditions. It is fairly comfortable, and I like the movement capabilities for the driver's seat. The steering wheel controls are nice and I am glad there is a USB port so I can play music from my phone. It is a good starter car, but I wouldn't purchase it if you live in a snowy or super-rainy area.

- Sarah B

My car is amazing, small and comfortable.

My car does a great performance. It honestly takes me to point A to point B. The only problem I have ever had with the car has been gas leak cut and bad injection plugs, that is honestly has been the only problem I have had with the car. The car is also very comfort and has enough space for a small person. Great car for school.

- Becky I

I love my vehicles space.

I love the reliability it has giving me, I love that the radio station has 4 FM sections, I can plug in my phone to use my amazon music, gas saver. The trunk has a lot of room for a small vehicle and the back seat is roomy. The only thing I would like different is that it will show a countdown for the mileage when gas is low.

- Anita R

Chevy Cobalt Terrific Value for your money!

I have had this vehicle for almost three years and have had little to no problems with it. The gas mileage is great and it has a very smooth ride. I have not had any engine problems at all. The only repairs have been brakes, fuel line and tires. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone interested in purchasing one.

- Cindy S

Overall okay, needs some improvements

I've had quite a few minor issues with this car, though it is getting up in age to where I expect them. It's overall a reliable car. It lacks a lot of newer features we see now though is very comfortable for how small it is. I think it's a good car to have for someone's first vehicle, but at this point I want a updated one

- Leah R

5 speed black chevy cobalt

5 speed. Runs good. 180000 plus miles. Exhaust system replaced. Needs fuel filter or pump checked out, maybe replaced. It has custom wheels. Fan motor or just the fan squeaks. Had clean drain hole, before draining water flooded the dashboard and created a short with speakers. CD player am/fm radio. Needs to be cleaned.

- Fredrick F

It gets great gas mileage

My car is awesome. It is a 2010 Chevy cobalt has a lot of miles but gets me where I need to go! It's the perfect little car! It has 153,000 miles on it but I keep up with the maintenance so that helps so much! I have never had an issue with this car, ever. All I use it for is to get around town and to and from work.

- Olivia S

Very reliable car. No major problems with it.

I love this car. It's still a reliable car. I purchased it when it was 3 years old in 2013. I haven't had any major problems with it. The steering controls and turning radius is great. It's the perfect size for me. I expect it to last quite a bit longer. I don't intend to buy a new car for the next 5 or so years.

- Cassidy V

Very affordable and comfortable family car

My car is very reliable, I've never had any problems with it. It's great on gas, one of best vehicles I've had as far as how many miles per gallon I get. It rides very smooth and is a very comfortable vehicle for long rides. It's the perfect size for my family and we are very satisfied with the car all together.

- Jennifer R

A great car for a one owner.

I love the performance of my cobalt, compact, easy on gas, low maintenance, I have only had to replace batteries, axle, sway bar, and starter on it. Runs quiet I had the oil and transmission fluid changed, replaced the tires, needs the alternator replaced, just minor repairs that comes with the upkeep on a car.

- Brenda R

Great on gas and low maintenance upkeep.

Only problem is that the radiator got a leak, as it rusted out and needs to be replaced, cost over $ 500.00 so used stop leak for now and has another leak. Other than that, the car is maintenance free. Been a very good car with little upkeep. Breaks is easy to replace and last a very long time with high miles.

- Robert T

It drivers like a little car.

I love that it is small and it has not had any major issues in the six years I have had it. I hate that is does not have any automatic locks or windows. Overall, it has been a very good vehicle and has lasted me through my last year and a half of high school and through all five years I have been in college.

- Amy M

My car is very safe and reliable. It is also cheap to maintain and insure.

I own a Chevy Cobalt that I bought used 5 years ago. It has been very reliable, with only minor repairs over the years, including brakes, battery, and alternator replacement. It gets great gas mileage and has cheap maintenance. It is on the small size, with a small trunk, but otherwise i have no complaints.

- Kelsey P

Very nice car, runs great

It's a great car and gets me where I need to go. One of my speakers goes in and out, but works well otherwise. I had a problem with my transmission after a few months of having it, but it was under warranty, so it wasn't a big deal. It runs smooth and looks nice. Pretty standard car around where I live.

- Shane L

This is a reliable, affordable, and reasonable car.

I love my car because it was a gift. I also like the car itself because it gets fairly good gas mileage for the amount of driving that I do. It is reasonably easy and affordable to regularly maintain. The only thing I don't like is that the seats are too small for anybody to ride with me comfortably.

- Joyce B

2010 Chevy cobalt is a great used car buy.

The Chevy cobalt is a reliable car with good gas mileage. It is easy to maintain and to work on. It is a little slow for long trips on the highway, but it is great for commuting in the city. Great used car buy - the newer model is not so appealing. Not much leg room, but again - great for commuting.

- Morgan R

Great small car for any city with limited parking space

Easy to fix and very low maintenance care. Small and great for the city since parking can be very difficult to find. My vehicle is gray and does not look or feel outdated. The only thing I wish was better is the AC and that I would've purchased the car with automatic windows instead of the roll up.

- Ruby F

I have had like, zero issues with the car just by following a regular check-up routine.

The Chevy Cobalt is a 4 door sedan that I use to get to school, work, or hangout spots. Visually, it's not the most memorable or easy to spot car. The interior is basic and comfortable for both the driver and passengers. My model has roll up windows and manually adjusting side mirrors/door locks.

- Cris M

It is great on gas however it is a very tight squeeze when you have 5 people in it.

I love that is great on gas. I can not stand the lack of room in the back seat. With three kids one of which is in a car seat it is a very tight squeeze. When the car seat is being used you have to push the passenger seat up really far to the point where you feel like you are riding on the dash.

- Stephanie H

2010 Chevy cobalt. I have had this for 8 years now and have not had any problems.

I have had my Chevy cobalt since 2010 and it is still working! Just like any vehicle, over the years needed regular maintenance but nothing major. The only thing I would say bad about it, is tall people (over 5'5) might not be too comfortable and might feel squashed inside car. But I like it!!

- Susan A

That I have to have my car to be able to get to and from work. I am very reliable on that car and it's the only one that I have.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the tire sensors will stop working and I have to replace them. It is awesome that it has satellite radio. I like that I can look at the dash and see what my miles, air pro in my tires, the temperature outside, etc are. Great family car.

- Dalys W

My vehicle is overall a decent car

The car is good but is in constant need of an alignment which leads to overly worn out tires and a lot of money towards replacing them. The constant buying of tires is expensive and not really worth the value of the car. The factory speaker broke very easily but otherwise it is a decent car.

- Kiki W

My cobalt, fair amount of repairs but still love it.

I have replaced the tires, front brakes rotors and bearings as well as new windshield wipers but in general I like how it runs, didn't like the buying experience from the local place I bought it from but time was of the essence. It is a nice color as well, great for my commute every day.

- Cheyenne C

Chevy Cobalt 2010 perfect starter vehicle.

I have no complaints in regard to reliability. The car always starts and drives well. The electrical is a little funky as I have issues with the speakers, lock and unlock buttons and the radio. It gets me from a to b with good gas mileage and that is the main reason I bought the vehicle.

- Drew G

great gas mileage, super reliable and easy to fix yourself if you know how to.

A few things I don't like my car is that it's so small inside. I'm a small person and I feel like I'm driving a go kart. I hate that a tire sensor can make a dash light come on. It scares me every time. I don't have too many problems with the car that I haven't been able to fix at home.

- Mikayla H

Reliable transportation comfortable on a cross country drive.

Reliable comfortable harder to get in and out of as I age good gas mileage terrible in snow or icy conditions no mechanical problems I stay on top of oil change and tire pressure. Only one battery option available at $180. Kind of pricey. USB port and alternate device options are nice.

- Joseph B

2010 Chevy Cobalt, great vehicle

Great small Sudan. Perfect for commuting, I've put lots of miles on it and never had any problems with it. Gets decent gas mileage. I love the color. I only wish it had power windows and locks. It's the basic version, I have to do everything by hand. But other than that, no complaints.

- Hannah G

No legroom for tall people. Great for gas.

It is to small. Great on gas and is low maintenance. I have not had a lot of problems with this car at all. Smaller people it fits well. If your tall like me it is hard on your back and legs. You have to set your set all the way back. Therefore nobody can rid in the back on your side.

- Tammy H

Smooth, reliable and great gas mileage vehicle.

I rarely have any problems with my Chevy Cobalt. It drives smooth, is reliable and gets great gas mileage. There's plenty of room for a car. I gave it a '3' rating just because I'm ready to move on to a bigger vehicle. But, as the third owner of this car, I have no serious complaints.

- Rebecca B

The vehicle is equipped with Onstar.

The vehicle I have is very reliable and steady. I bought it brand new and continue to use it on a regular basis. The vehicle is well maintained. I plan on using the vehicle for the next ten years. Overall a great vehicle. In terms of speed the vehicle does very well and outperforms.

- NA A

No complaints- control arm.

The only problems I have had with this car are the control arms. One is seized to the frame, and I replaced one. The turning signal does not work because of this. Other than that I love the car. Nice speakers! Comfortable driving. I have all leather seats and they are easy to clean.

- Jordan M

Great car for the young and old.

The only issue I have ever had with this amazing car is surging. Other than that it still going nice at 158,000 miles. Everything is original. The car is great on gas. Handles all weather conditions well. A really fun car to drive. I really wish Chevrolet would bring the model back.

- Anna D

Gas mileage is good. Fill it up for 22 dollars and it lasts a long time.

It is really great on gas. I can zip around town for a whole month without filling up. It takes a few minutes to warm up. It handles pretty good but sometimes when you go over 50 speeds it will jiggle a little. And the wheels can go bad too. Other than that it handles pretty good.

- Tammy T

Great looking car for the price.

Very reliable vehicle, cruise control, power door locks, power windows, traction control and abs. Great sounding stereo, comfortable seats, great gas mileage, plenty of backseat space for kids. Handles good in all weather conditions. Only bad thing about this car is trunk space.

- Jerry A

Chevy cobalt is a cheap car.

The fans go out, it is not well made for different kinds of weather, it is not up to date with certain safety features. The headlights fog easily and with how they are made, there is not a fix. If you need to work on the car, you practically have to remove the whole front end.

- Chloe S

Great first car or commute car

Good overall performance. Does have issues with cheap plastic parts falling off. Is a great car for daily work commute. Great on gas. Gets roughly 23 in the city and 37 on highway. Repairs are cheap enough and has a solid 4 cyl engine. Very little issues since owning this new

- Ken H

Comfy and drives well, highly recommend.

The vehicle is comfortable, drives well and I have minimal issues or problems with the vehicle. Automatic locks and windows, and cloth seats. Keyless entry and automatic vehicle. No sunroof. Radio works well. Overall a nice vehicle and drives well. Would recommend to anyone.

- Jessica H

Dependable car will get you to your destination safely.

I really like my car. It is a good size vehicle has lots of room. Drives pretty smooth. I like the 4 doors easy to get in and out. I have it had it since 2010 and no major issues. The battery hasn't been replaced yet and it's still running good. Trunk room is spacious also.

- Rose A

The car is okay, but not great

It is a good car. It has a smooth ride, but does have many problems after so 90,000 miles. The seats are somewhat comfortable, but if I travel long distances my neck hurts. There are not any features to rave about I do not have Bluetooth capabilities, but I can get XM radio

- Katie S

Cobalt is a very good car.

Handles well on the road in town and out. A/c well get extremely cold and heat works very well. Brakes are antilock brakes and they work well. Has phone attached with Bluetooth which is a nice addition. CD with the radio good speakers front and back. Is a fun car to drive.

- Shelley G

Small, reliable. Great gas mileage, deep trunk, rust & electrical issues.

I dislike a few things about my cobalt: Rusts out from the bottom, had to have gas line replaced, electrical issues w/ tire sensors & recalls, front seat headrests angle leans forward. I also like some things: Gas, mileage, smooth ride, lots of trunk space, reliable

- Marissa B

Power windows and locks, decent trunk space and is family friendly.

Since purchasing this 2010 Chevy cobalt, I have had no issues with comfort, profit maintenance or reliability but I have also only had it for a few months. It has electric windows and locks, decent truck space, is family friendly, and has gotten us from point A to point B.

- Christina B

Great gas mileage with added features. This is a great commuter vehicle.

This car gets great gas mileage-36mph Hwy- and has features like Bluetooth, hands free talk, and an aux cable. You can pair to your phone. A downfall is it is rather small and sits very low to the ground so can be difficult for some individuals to get out of the vehicle.

- Jennifer A

It�s a reliable and good on gas vehicle

My car has been convenient and reliable for the last three years. It's a two door with four seats and it's roomy but could use a little extra door room for the back seat. It's really useful for work and is somewhat inexpensive new or used I prefer this car over a Subaru

- Elliott M

Pros and Cons of a 2010 Chevy Cobalt

This car gets great gas mileage (~30 city and ~33 hwy). Has a surprisingly large amount of trunk space as well. Because it is a 2010, it is "lacking" in some of the technology more people are used to in newer cars (i.e., dash display, radio display, built in Bluetooth).

- Jessica P

141k and still has a strong performance!

Several recalls. . Reliable. . Easy to maintain. . Average fuel economy. Like it most because it does not have a lot of "bling". . Some ongoing issues(deals try to repair but issue continues). Paint has held up very well. . Easy to clean interior. . Good trunk space.

- Kathleen V

2010 Chevrolet cobalt a reliable vehicle.

This is a very reliable vehicle. Maintaining this car is relatively cheap the parts and labors are cheap. Performance is average for what you would expect with a 4 cylinder vehicle. It's a comfortable vehicle not to luxurious but it has some room for a smaller vehicle.

- Tom M

It is clean and not very spacious.

It is so old and it shakes a lot. Has old tires and is very rusty. Makes weird noises when I turn and the hood and truck creek. I hate it so much. Gets me from point A to B and that is it. It is so small and whistles when I drive it. It is annoying and ugly. I hate it.

- Bailey M

Cobalt white & turbo. It is a good car.

I love driving it. It is good on gas. My son loves it too. When he grows up he will be getting the car & the truck I have. The truck is silver & the car is white. The truck is two door & the car is four door. Plus the car is turbo & when that kicks in my son loves it.

- Barb V

Great gas mileage for young teens!

Some things that are great about this car is it's little, great gas mileage, and perfect for a young teenager or new mom! I've had a lot of different issues with the vehicle and it's taken 2-4 mechanics to figure out the common issue, obviously costing a lot of money!

- Shelby C

Chevy Cobalt beautiful car with loads of room.

Love the four door. It has tons of space with comfortable seating. The trunk has a lot of room for storage. Also its great on gas mileage. This car is smooth on all types of roads and glides around turns. Easy oil change. Over all great running car with basic upkeep.

- Zander E

It is a great car and very reliable. Especially since I have a son to drive.

My ac is building too much condensation that my floor board is getting soaking wet. My tire monitor will tell me to check my tires even from the slightest thing. It is great in gas and great vehicle for me and my son! It has held up and haven't had any major issues.

- Sarah K

Not a bad little car. Recommend.

Speakers and directional sounds only work when weather is extremely warm. Panels under door have rusted through. Drives well. Good on gas. Decent pickup. Comfortable on long trips. Heat and air conditioning work well. Miss cruise control, this model doesn't have it.

- Kelly M

Great vehicle over. Has been low on maintenance and great on gas.

I have had the vehicle from brand new and currently have 167k on it. I am only recently experiencing issues with it, due to age. Doors are starting to rust. Still getting over 30 mpg. Recently replaced leaking fuel line and will be replacing the steering shaft too.

- Toni V

Best Free Car ever. Would have paid for it if not been won.

Won car on Price is right. It get great gas mileage. It runs great always starts. Never have had any major problems with it. Has power for a small car. Easy access to dash. Safe to drive. Good car all around. I really don't know what else you really want me to say.

- james S

Tinted windows and 4 cylinder.

My vehicle drives great on the road. It's a simple car and has enough room and also the trunk as enough space for hauling and etc. If you are single or have a child great car to use, perfect for traveling. . Fuel efficient, tinted windows good power for 4 cylinder.

- Joie W

Going the Distance: 10 year old vehicle.

I love my little Cobalt. It is the perfect size for me, as I am a smaller woman and I can see out of all the windows. I've had this vehicle for almost 10 years and other than regular service I only had to buy tires and a sensor. I wish they still made this model.

- Gabe H

Things to improve on the Chevy cobalt.

The vehicle is too low to the ground. Snow is a challenge in the winter. I always say I could get stuck on a snowflake. The acceleration would be better as well, it dog down when you put down the gas. The battery light goes on and the battery when tested is fine.

- Michele S

2010 Chevrolet cobalt - reliable transportation.

The Chevy cobalt is great on gas and good in all weather conditions. It drives extremely well in snow. I have had issues with the tire sensors and with the check engine light coming on and mysteriously going off. All in all, it is a great car for running around.

- Holly L

Electric problems it cut out on you whenever.

The transmission broke down soon as I got the car I just do not feel safe in the car every time I fix one problem other problems come so no I do not want nobody to get this car it electric problem and nobody known how to fix it so you have to take your chancing.

- Nisha J

Great daily driver for anyone commuting!

The car is great; I haven't had any problems with the car since purchasing. Has very good gas mileage and great for road trips. Very roomy and easy to clean. The car does tell you when the oil needs to be changed and which tires are low on air. Highly recommend!

- Tina V

Beautiful color that looks like the color of a cherry.

Older and beat up with some bad tires and sketchy alert lights on the dashboard. The car also had some sort of messed up alignment in one of the tires because it likes to pull to the right. The car will say I have low oil and gas when I actually don't as well.

- Maia L

Great first car but not a family car.

Has been a great and reliable car, but it is very standard. No bells or whistles and as I get older I would like something with more safety features. After 120, 000 it is starting to need more and more maintenance. But it is still for the most part a great car.

- Alex E

Convenient but needs upgrade

the interior is cloth and difficult to clean, smooth riding, very reliable, small but decent. The Radio is not satellite unlike newer makes. Includes aux port but very difficult to maintain static free quality. Plenty of cup holders. Armrest is not very sturdy.

- Aliyah A

2 Door swinging bat wings

Don't have much of a problem with it other than it's a two door and I have to watch out because my door likes to swing out too fast when I open it.. Other than that it's a pretty good car and I get good gas mileage on it. Although it's a bit on the short side.

- Chris B

My review of the Chevy Cobalt 2010

My car is a 2010 Chevy Cobalt. It is a 2 door vehicle, which can be inconvenient at times. It is a reliable car that I have driven for 8 years with few issues. The car has a very large trunk. It is comfortable and a wonderful car to own. I would recommend it!

- Kelsey R

Nice little compact Chevrolet car

It's a good little car that is always reliable. It's a small clean car that doesn't feel too big or too small and gets me where I need to go with working heater/air conditioner and radio. That's all I really need. It has power windows and the brakes work well

- Stephanie G

The style body has a great appeal to it.

My 2010 Chevy Cobalt has a delay in power when you take off. However, it gets great gas mileage on the highways. Definitely is not a stop and go kind of car to own. It is limited to room when it comes to space so it is not the greatest for a family lifestyle

- Hannah C

It's a quaint little car.

It's a fairly reliable car. I've had some problems with it, but nothing out of the ordinary considering I've had it for 6 years. I wish it was a bit more roomy, but I couldn't afford a bigger vehicle at the time I bought it. But it does get good gas mileage.

- Mike D

I like to believe my car has a mind of its own.

No real problems Great on gas. Depending on where you are driving to a full tank will last a week. Reliable. I've had this car since 2012 and it has never broke down. Small but comfortable. If you're extremely tall this car is not for you. 6'3 and under.

- Valencia S

My pretty red cobalt named rose.

It is a great car for first time drivers or for long commutes. It gets great gas mileage and runs good in snowy weather. It is easy to handle and is not hard on your wallet maintenance and gas wise. It is a very comfortable car and has a very nice interior.

- Brooke T

Technology is cool, but watch out for a dying battery.

I like the car's technology that tells me when a tire is low, or how much mileage I am getting short and long term. I did not like it when the battery very suddenly died with no kind of warning that the charge was getting low. I had to get a tow for that.

- Joseph C

Chevy cobalt 2010 review!

In my opinion, I have kids so having a car seat in the back are so hard to put them in. Comfort is pretty decent, spring/summer weather is great but winter weather the car does not do so well in snow or sleet. Decent for someone who likes 2 doors(coupe).

- Jasmine R

My Chevy Cobalt = old reliable

It's a bit older, but it's held up well, we've had to pay for a few minor fixes but I honestly love it and it's very trustworthy/reliable. It was also sold at a very good price. we've actually bought two other Chevys that also showed advanced performance!

- Leah M

Chevy Cobalt is such a reliable car

I have had to replace my engine once which was a rare thing. But this car has had no other problems! It is such a great car for the year and rides just like it's new still. It is such a great starter car. I bought it with only 15,000 miles on it in 2015.

- Chelsea R

This vehicle did not come with air conditioning. It's fun to drive and gets very good gas mileage. It also has a standard transmission which I like. Others my not like this feature.

This is a very pretty car. It gets good gas mileage and it is fun to drive. I've had some mechanical issues that were not complicated but were bothersome. The car does not have air conditioning. I did not know this until I had owned the car for 3 months.

- Duane W

Tires are easy to check pressure wise it has comfort reliable.

Very economical save on fuel does not need a lot maintenance. Is effient I do not have to spend a great deal of time washing or drying the car it fits perfect in tight places I like color it can fit the right amount of people is easy on the oil changes.

- Nancy F

The car is very dependable as long as you keep up with oil changes and such.

It had a lot of recalls like needing g a new starter. The timing belt seemed to be going out fairly quickly and needed to get it replaced only after a couple of years. The car is a good car minus those issues. It's been great and has handled a beating.

- Christine H

Seriously need to come with a auto lock and alarm system though.

Used car busted radio. Uhm a lot of recalls. One recall for an engine part and it did fail a smog test after me owning it for two years. Bought it from Ford Folsom for about 5k leased and financed through golden 1 for 8 k reliable though American made.

- Theresa E

For a car so old, it still looks relatively modern.

The biggest problem is the door length. I have the coup, so the doors are both very long. Also, there were a number of recalls on the vehicle that I had to have fixed. It has been a very reliable car though. I haven't had to have any major work done.

- Ashley D

Reliable car of many years.

This car has been amazingly reliable to me for eight years. I love its size and easy driving. Some drawbacks is a slight sound when the air is on which was determined normal. I keep putting off looking for a new car because I love this one that much.

- Karen O

Literally, everything will break all of the time.

It has had a lot of recalls. Small things (such as auto windows and turn signal) malfunction all the time. The turn radius is the worse I have ever used, so it is hard to park. On the other hand, it was a really good price, and the gas mileage is ok.

- Stephanie B

I am satisfied with the amount of space and level of comfort in the vehicle.

I rarely have issues with my 2010 Chevy Cobalt. One negative thing I can say about the vehicle is that my aux port is dysfunctional and neither of the cigarette charging ports have ever worked, but I bought the car used from a third party dealer.

- Madison P

Nice, compact, easy to drive car.

The car drives well and does fairly well on ice. I like that it is a smaller vehicle, but still has plenty of room for storage. There have been some issues lately with the engine, but it lasted without many problems for over 160, 000 miles.

- Megan B

Chevy Cobalt can be depended on for years

I love my vehicle for its style and comfort. It has little bells and whistles though and seems dated at this point. The car has had very few problems until recently and even then those issues align with the age of the vehicle.

- Taylor C

Love it! Used but nice and reliable

I love the size of the vehicle. I have a four door which is way nicer than my old Honda that was a two door. It runs smooth and the only issues I've had so far was me popping my tire and one of my blinkers are out! Love it!

- Hailey B

It's good on gas and it will be very reliable to you

Its is awesome my old car gave me all kind of problems but I haven't had a single problem with this one. It's good on gas and it gets me where I need to go the only thing I don't like about it is nothing in it is electric

- Nicole B

It runs great. It is very dependable.The gas mileage is very good.

I really like my car, it gets good gas mileage and is the right size for me.The one thing I do not like is the bottoms of the doors are starting to rust. I don't want to get body work done but I do not like how it looks.

- judy c

Save on gas small compact for one to 5 passengers ride is smooth.

Small and drive good safe and compact had enough room for 5 people cost less to repair drive well on long distance the color is fair but I love this car. I love chef product. They last a lot longer than most vehicle.

- Cheryl Singleton S

check your dealership for reliability and loyalty I was told It's up to dealership if they want to cover if privately owned

poor dealership has been customer for many vehicles and the 1 time I had a problem they claimed it wasn't covered under warranty and corporate office says it was but they still refused to cover will never buy again

- donna c

My car is the perfect size so if you're looking from a small sedan the Chevy cobalt is a good one

My car is the perfect size so I like that. It costed a decent amount so that was good too. The only complaints I have is my tire sensor is broke so my low tire light is always on and it also lacks some horsepower

- K S

That it does not take a lot of money to fill up. $5 can get me anywhere!

I like that easy to drive and does not take a lot to fill up, but I wish I had something bigger and roomier. Something I can take on the road. I love my cobalt it is my first car, but I wish it was a bit bigger.

- Kayla E

It does not have the get up and go like a lot of other vehicles and it is not very comfortable when you go on along trip

I love that it gets good gas mileage. I don't like the fact that I cannot take all my grandkids with me at once because it is to small. I have not had any issues with it no major problems it is a great car

- Joni R

It does not run well, it could use some work. It needs the springs replaced.

It makes funny sounds, it smells like gas, the back is to small, truck is too heavy to lift, the move the seat it's like a car from the 1960's. The locking of the car is difficult, the gas cap on wrong side.

- Vera S

This vehicle gets great mileage and good for traveling too and from work. Compact inside, so not great for families with children.

Great mileage and performance. Very small and compact so not great for families. It is comfortable to an extent, but sometimes a tight fit. Cannot carry much luggage. Great for traveling to and from work.

- Amanda C

Runs Great! engine excellent.

I have had NO major repairs! Runs good, good on gas, trunk is small. Had recalls all fixed-the dealer forgot to set the chip in the key and therefore the car did not start at times. I have no complaints

- suzanne F

Great in all weather conditions.

Very reliable car. It is good in all weather conditions, including snow. Have had issues with the tire sensors and have had them replaced multiple times. It gets fairly good gas mileage at 22 mpg.

- Holly L

The Chevy Cobalt has the best safety features I've seen in a vehicle. This is my second because the first one treated me so well.

It's a reliable car. Get great mileage and can pack full of people or whatever i need to load. Did have a problem with the alternator early on but it was a quick fix, nothing too costly.

- Jonathan L

It's great on gas and very affordable to get around in.

It's nice. I typically use it to go to work and I enjoy it very much! It's great on gas and cheap to fill the tank. I dislike how often it has issues but the low cost was well worth it.

- John M

It gets great gas mileage, and it makes me feel safe and secure.

I dislike my car now that I have a family. The size of it makes it very difficult with a car seat. It doesn't provide enough room for my growing family. It does get great gas mileage.

- Emily A

It's not as fast as you may think. My car has trouble accelerating.

It drives really well. It looks nice without being expensive. It has good gas mileage. One problem is that my gas gage is broken so I can't tell where I am at with gas until its low.

- Dorothy B

My vehicle is the best thing I bought with my money.

My vehicle is what keeps my living, it is the best purchase I ever made. I love the leather seats and the mileage is fantastic. It doesn't take that much also its very sufficient.

- Emily J

My car is not practical and very small.

My car has no power locks or windows and is very inconvenient. It is also too small. I cannot fit much and do not feel very safe. I is also a base model an nothing special.

- Hannah C

It's reliable, and will get you where you need to go

It still runs after 7+ years. The technology is severely out of date. I wish it was a bit bigger but I don't have the money for that. It's fully paid for. I bought it new.

- Brian M

No automatic locks, please lock the door before you get out!

My car is wonderful and my only complaint is that I didn't taken better care of it. It's my first car and I think I could have made it last longer if I treated it better.

- Nikki Y

There were some recalls around 2013.

My 2010 Chevy cobalt is very reliable. I have had no major problems over the last 8 years. Maintenance is fairly simple and performance is as expected for a compact car.

- Samantha L

I like it an happy with my choice.

I love the comfort and it fits 5 people very easy and everyone has good legroom, I have never had any major issues outside of just regular wear and tear every car has.

- Samantha J

This car gets great gas mileage!

It's black, 2 door and very basic. Has manual windows, no cruise control, basic everything. I like that it's reliable, but I definitely wish it had more features.

- justin F

It's good for every day travel and commuting to work.

The car has never broken down on me and it gets decent gas mileage. It's the perfect size for me. The only complaint is that the tire sensor does not work properly.

- hannah d

If you are tall do not try to sit in the backseat.

No complaints, it is a basic car that gets me where I need to go. I get good gas mileage do I am satisfied. Not thrilled with Chevy service when I have an issue.

- Helen H

It drives like a dream!!! It is smooth and quiet. I would recommend.

I have a 2 door and would never buy one again. Sits too low to the ground. I like how it drives and rides. Nice looking car. Has been easy to take care of.

- stacy n

Runs smoothly with good gas mileage. Buttons and operation functions convenient.

Only bad thing about my car is that water gets backed up and causes it to leak into my passenger floor. I have had it fixed many times and it still happens.

- Stefanie D

Older model car with an older model, slightly slower driver at the wheel.

The color. I really didn't want to buy a white car but that's what I ended up with. Car is easy on gas and handles well. Has the power features I wanted.

- Karen H

It may be old but it is still nice on the inside.

I like a lot things about my car. I wish the gas mileage was better. I like that it shows me the tire pressure, mileage, coolant temp., trip miles, etc.

- Debby R

The most important thing others should know is it has some body damage and it no automatic anything.

I do not like that it is basic - no automatic features. I like how small the car is. I like how it gets good gas mileage. I like the size of the trunk.

- Amanda L

Great gas mileage and perfect for the everyday commuter.

This car runs great and gets great gas mileage. It is perfect for the commute to work and college classes. It is not very fancy but gets the job done.

- Bryttnye H

2010 white little car that still gets you where you need to go

My car is older but still get me around where I need to go.problems over time had to get new front window motors. This is reliable, still comfortable.

- Nicole K

The good and the bad about my car.

The car has remote start witch really helps out in the winters. The only problem I have with it is that the tire pressure sensors do not always work.

- Cherry F

It is my car and when you are in it you go by my rules.

I like it gets good gas mileage and it drives well. Like the color silver too. No dislikes and not really any complaints. just normal wear and tear.

- George B

My vehicle works but needs a lot of work.

When sitting at a traffic light it shakes they say it is because of the censors. The brakes are starting to go out. The ac acts up. Needs some work.

- Megan W

It is very good on gas mileage...its very compact so if you have three kids they wont fit in the back

I love the radio and the seats. I do not like that the air conditioning is not very cold. The heat is very warm. The cruise control is great also

- Jessica R

It's a solid little car. Owned it for about 5 years and never had any major trouble with it.

It serves my needs. Gets me where I need to be and is reliable enough, never had any major trouble with it. Going to drive it until it breaks.

- Alex W

The Cobalt is one of the more comfortable vehicles on the market.

The Cobalt gets decent gas mileage. It has a smooth ride. A mild pet peeve of mine is it doesn't have amber turn signal lights on the back.

- Mathew M

I believe that the most important things are gas efficiency and reliability

The vehicle design is nice but it has needed constant repairs and tweaks. The has efficiency is nice but overall reliability isn't that good.

- Rodolfo L

I got it for a really good price and it has lasted for a long time.

I like the size of my car. I also like the way it drives. I like the color. If I had a complaint it might be that it doesn'T have a sunroof.

- Melissa B

It's small and easy to get around in, it's good on gas.

It's good on gas, and the mileage is good. I never have any serious problems with it, it get me where I need to go. It's a good starter car.

- Miranda B

It is like driving a gocart. No parts feel like they were made with a single vision. Even the seats feel like an afterthought.

I like that it is small and cheap so I don't mind driving it for hours a day. But I dislike how poorly made it feels compared to newer cars.

- John G

2010 Chevrolet Cobalt Vehicle

My car is a very basic model, but it has been very reliable. Very few issues and allows me to get where I need to go with adequate comfort.

- Brianna Z

Functionality is great for our family of 5. Great price on the vehicle.

I have no complaints. The car is comfortable to ride in and it drives good it is nice and roomy I would recommend a Chevy cobalt to anyone.

- Tracey T

It is great on gas and easy to drive also has good steering

Very comfortable ice to drive good alert feature like I love how it specific is o. What tire needs to be filled instead of trying to guess

- Hector R

It's not compact but if your taller than 6 foot I would buy something larger.

Very reliable, good gas mileage, kinda sucks in the snow. Gets me from work to home and around town even across country a couple of times.

- Andy B

It is dependable and has not had much work done on it or replacement parts.

Runs great and looks good. Haven't had a lot of problems with it and has great gas mileage. Didn't have a lot of mileage when I bought it.

- Crystal L

the true experience about my car

its gas low consumer. It runs so smooth that sometimes don't even sounds when the motor its on. the interior its big for such a small car.

- liir w

Comfortable, for a smaller car.

I LOVE it. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage. BUT, the driver's seat is worn away, showing the innards, from the seat belt.

- David B

If you take care of the car, it will last a very long time.

I like he size of the vehicle. I like the mileage of the vehicle. Also the repairs are very affordable, and the vehicle is reliable.

- Anne A

It is a great vehicle for just about anyone and is awesome!

Haven't had no problems yet with my vehicle. Performance is awesome. Really love the inside of the vehicle very neat and detailed.

- Mayra M

The details of my Chevrolet cobalt

There are no problems with vehicle it gets me where I need to go and runs great. The motor sounds awesome and the wheels are new.

- Tajai T

Red 4 door sedan with a sunroof, gets good mileage.

My car is a compact vehicle, which is more comfortable than it looks. 4 door, sits 5. Has a sunroof, get 30+ miles to a gallon.

- Lynne N

It is a very reliable make of car.

I like it because it is good on gas, and the size it right for me to drive but I hate it because it has over 100,000 miles on it.

- Mary G

Chevy Cobalt study review.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, quiet, comfortable, gets the job done for me. Have had problems with the seal around the sunroof.

- Carrie B

It is a smaller car with a small engine. It is maneuverable.

It has no power which is a bit of a bummer. I haven't had many issues with the car. I did have to replace a small part though.

- Junious M

I was able to change the radio out of the car. Speakers are good quality

The vehicle is nice. It has a smooth ride but it is a loud ride. The air conditioner doesn't work well if it is super hot out.

- Erica S

overall, this vehicle has been very reliable daily driver

Vehicle has been very reliable. Have had minimal maintenance requirements. Some parts like the seat were very cheaply made.

- kim e

Its reliable and comfortable.

Its reliable and cheap on gas and gives good mileage and its spacious and small enough to be to much to handle on the road.

- Norris J

I like that it has low mileage and good on the city streets.

I like the reliability of a Chevy Cobalt. And the performance it drives good and handles well also all-in-all a great car.

- Matthew B

It is a fuel efficient vehicle.

It gets good gas mileage. I also like that it is small and easy to drive. It isn't as practical now that I have two kids.

- Seth W

Survived 2 sons learning to drive.

Recalls. . . Poor fuel economy. . . Noisy. . . Small. . . Inconsistent performance. . . Dated features. . . High mileage.

- Kathy V

Cost doesn't all mean better quality.

It's been a reliable car. I haven't had many issues with it. It will be time to trade in soon because of mileage though.

- Shane G

Surprisingly roomy for such a small car

reliable, low maintenance, great on gas, never had any problems out of it. Two door kind of a pain but overall good car.

- Lauren T

Low mileage, great pick up and go. Easy to remain

Can't complain at all. The only thìng I could complain about is allocation. Most the paint on the hood is coming off.

- Traci J

It is a cheap car and it helps me get to and from work.

What I like about is that it is a gas saver and its pretty reliable. What I do not like about it is that it's too small.

- Chanel B

Great car for the past year I've had it

No problems. runs great, great gas mileage, Automatic, and has information about the car and everything on the dashboard

- Sara A

I love this car mainly because of the size and the ease of use. There aren't any complicated buttons and it's not a huge or small vehicle.

I love this car!!! I have add a few issues but they were really minor maintenance issues that were resolved very easily.

- Kelly J

That the steering wheel is wonky.

There is a recall on my car. Plus it is too compact, need something bigger, one good thing about it, it is good on gas.

- Rita J

That it has been a very reliable vehicle!

I love it because it fits me! Not to big and not to small! It has not cost me a lot off unexpected repairs. Reliable!

- Pauline F

It's a car very cheap on gas.

I like that it's cheap on gas. Normally spend only $35 per week. Its compact, fits anywhere but have a lot of space.

- Julian F

The car is rather small and not really made to transport a lot.

The car is relatively comfortable. Preforms rather well as long as the service is kept up to date. Very good on gas.

- John S

My car has a tire sensor gauge

My car runs fantastic. It has very little maintenance issues and is a very great fuel saver. I would recommend one.

- Kyle T

It is in good condition the headlight needs a repair on the left side.

I am good condition have to replace the tail light on the left but other than that it takes me to plan a to plan b.

- Jacque S

Good mileage. Runs great. Good pickup

I enjoy my car. Sits low so not the best for rainey's weather.other than that good vehicle. Gets good gas mileage

- Dawn C

It is one of the only things I will be the official owner of.

I like my car because it is small like me so I always feel in control. I also love that it saves me money on gas.

- Meme A

I purchased my car used from a dealership.

I like that it is small, maneuverable, good gas mileage, and the color. I do not like that it has too many miles.

- Minerva J




It's a reliable chevy and can last for a long period of time without any troubles

It has been a very reliable car even after 120,000 miles. Unfortunately it has no auto locks nor cruise control.

- Ryan B

Keep up on the maintenance and it should last.

Good gas mileage and great handling. It goes ok in the snow. I had to replace more parts than I would have liked

- Aaron C

it is very easy on gas and easy to drive, and park. all in all it's a good little car

i love the size and how easy it is on gas. it don't go the best on slick roads or have as much power as id like

- Tammy P

The great Chevy Cobalt Silver

The car drives very well. The handling of the Cobalt makes wanting to drive it truly a thing. I love my cobalt!

- Cody M

I bought it used and it only had one key, no fob. There is only one keyhole on the driver side, none on passenger side, so I have to use the button to close 3 doors and the key to close the driver door. It also tends to shake when driving between 50 and 60 MPH. However, good gas mileage.

I mainly use it to drive to work and to go shopping and it does the job. Good little car with low gas mileage.

- Dolores T

Car is teal - not many cars that have this color paint

Very reliable, good on gas- great mileage, parts are cheap as it is a common car, most things are easier to fix

- Justin C

Has a easy up keep, easy on gas and drives good.

My car is easy to handle easy to maintain. I like the way it drives. Do not burn that much gas. Looks good too.

- Doris M

They are cheap to buy and maintain.

It is good on gas. It is reliable and fast. It's easy to work on and its small and compact. Rides like a dream.

- Cameron C

It is beat to death and has a manual transmission.

Too small for our growing family. High mileage, beat up. Reliable and hasn't given us any mechanical problems.

- Katy O

It is a nice luxury style crossover vehicle. It is reliable and comfortable.

I didn't like that it is a maintenance nightmare and it is not even 10yrs old yet. I love the vehicles safety.

- Whitney L

Great on gas! Not very spacious, but is reliable and runs well.

Not my dream car, but it's reliable and is a necessity. It's a bit small, but great on gas. Her name is Pearl.

- Dee D

Comfortable and economical.

Very good on gasoline. Very comfortable for long trips. Very children friendly as far as safety is concerned.

- Marie C

Gets you from one place to another

No power, not good traction, tire sensor does not work properly. Steering is off and not much room in the car

- amy d

Sunroof, gas, tires, trunk, cruise

Good gas mileage, sunroof, 4 door, tires, good condition, cruise, safety features, big trunk, average miles,

- Paula M

it is reliable and durable, and somewhat conserves gas

I like that it's a smooth ride and has a lot of sporty look to the exterior. The trunk space is very large.

- karina g

The vehicle is an all around great vehicle.

The car itself drives really well, is very good on gas. Have had some issues with the gas line and radiator.


great gas mileage and easy to drive/handle no complaints

easy to drive and comfortable ride, stylish exterior with creature comforts inside including radio, USB port

- Amy R

Dependable. Fuel efficient.

Dependable. Never left us. Gas efficient. Color. Too small. Need more trunk space. Seats are uncomfortable.

- Diane C

Great smaller car that gets excellent gas mileage.

It gets excellent gas mileage. It has been an extremely dependable car. Comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Paige H

The best car I have ever bought

It is a great economic vehicle I use it everyday for work an I drive approximately a hundred miles a day

- Juan P

It is a decent car for basic transportation.

It is basic and inoffensive. It's reliability has been good. It could be more stylish and comfortable.

- Jason F

Love my cobalt and highly recommend

Very Reliable. I have never had any issues on it. Very financial stability on the gas.Very Comfortable.

- Jahaira D

My car gets 40 mpg and has a 13 gallon tank. over 400 miles per tank.

I love my car. It gets excellent gas mileage. It is a smooth ride. Also is comfortable on long trips.

- Sheri K

How good it runs and it doesn't take a lot to fill up on gas.

The car is very reliable and runs really good it is a little small but other than that it runs great.

- Jennifer B

It gets me places without breaking down.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I like the color of my car. I dislike that it is getting older.

- Audie L

It's great riding. Drives good, its a Chevy cobalt 2 door.

Vehicle is good no problems fast, 2010 great riding vehicle. Its a 2 door sport with everything new.

- Eric H

Consistent car over the years

It has generally been consistent. However, it does have issues with accelerating and random bursts.

- Kevin M

cheap model, lower on gas than other vehicles, but not very roomy.

It is small. Very crowded. Good on gas, though. Does It's job and gets me to and from work.

- Christopher G

Great size and good gas mileage

I like to be comfort. I really like the size. It is very comfortable whether driving or riding

- Kathi D

That it is mine, I am happy and proud to own it and plan on driving it for many years.

I like the a.c. and radio features. I like the gas mileage. I like the way the car feels.

- Amanda K

It is a very reliable and sturdy car. It gets the job done.

I like it because it's dependable. It gets really good gas mileage. It's not a huge car.

- Anna H

It's practical and get the job done and that's about all I can say.

Like the simplicity and it's easy to drive. Wish it had more bells and whistles though.

- Lilly L

Need to push extra button on dash to make ac work.

The ac is great. Unfortunately lights come on that are a nuisance. Car handles well.

- Liz W

The door needs to be manually locked. So lock your side of the car when leaving.

I am very impartial to vehicles. As long as it runs and not bad on gas, I'm content.

- Nathan H

that it is the best car ever and if i has been a wonderful addition to the family

love it tht is the highest makes we have had in our household the car is wonderful

- cleve h

the gas mileage is FANTASTIC.it runs great and have had no problems with it.

i love my car, its small, and great gas mileage, i would buy another chevy cobalt.

- peggy g

My car has excellent gas mileage. I only fill up once a week.

I love the gas mileage. The driver side window sticks when I try to roll it down.

- Martin J

reliable and low cost of maintenance

good mileage, low cost maintenance . no problems after 8 years and 80,000 miles

- robert S

Just because it's small and compact it is a good gas saver...

It's good on gag is something i like.... It's too small is something i dislike

- Daron D

It's a sedan that's roomy, comfortable and good on gas

No complaints about my car. It has been a smooth running car since i got it.

- Julie L

Its economical and great entry level car for teenagers.

Doesn't hog gas. Great for parking in tight spaces. Comfortable interior.

- ann a

Very good with gas mileage. Easy to drive. Comfortable and sporty. Large trunk space but small opening to get boxes in.

The car has very good gas mileage, and the gas tank is a decent size.

- Tina P

I do love my car. It still runs well, even after 125,000 miles. The car is starting to need more work and care. But that's not too bad.

Oil change after 3,000 miles is a must. Oil is the blood of the car.

- Tori B

It is very reliable. It would be great for someones first car

It's been very reliable. It got me through high school and college.

- Georgie W

It is a cheaper alternative to a bigger more expensive auto. Good value for price.

Great driving car, excellent on gas mileage, small but comfortable.

- Marcia L

The one thing i most look for in a car is Dependability.

I like the dependability. The gas mileage. And I like the comfort.

- Devin P

The color, the info about tire pressure, oil life, trip mileage

I like the size, color, how it handles. I wish the MPG was higher

- Debra R

I like the miles per gallon that it gets (28-31 mpg). I don't like how small it is currently, since I now have a family. It was perfect when I was a single college student. I have no complaints.

It has great gas mileage, but not ideal for a new/growing family.

- Coral R

That is is good on gas and even though it is a small car it is still roomy

It's good on gas mileage, it is small and compact its very roomy

- Rachel B

It's a reliable car with low maintenance and upkeep.

It doesn't cost much in fuel or repairs. Great for everyday use.

- Shane L

Its my daily driver and gas saver

I like everything and dislike nothing i love all the surveys

- Karina V

200.000 miles and still running.I hate the car but it get where I'M going.

It's 9 years old, 225000 miles.Do I have to say anything???

- Thomas M

Great value and works great. Love my car. Gear look

Great ride. Works fine all the time. Great look. Love it

- Aaron H

Made in America easy to drive and handle for a senior citizen.

Good gas mileage. Dependable. Easy to handle. Good power.

- Nola B

It is reliable. It gets me places. I don't have many problems

It gets me places. Pretty good gas mileage. It is older.

- Lisa R

great mileage, drives well, the design of mine gives a little more blind spot on the right side, when i.m driving it

i have had a number of cobalts and am generally pleased.

- shannon m

No power windows or locks, stock options, no air conditioner

Like that it's stick shift, good gas mileage, discreet,

- Tiff R

It's easy on gas Had no major problems with it Goes well in the snow I just wish it was all power

It's a very dependable car, easy on gas, and runs good.

- edie s

Its dependable and smooth to drive! Great trunk space as well for trips

Its wonderfully trustworthy, no complaints here at all.

- Melissa H

that i take care of it and make sure i have gas

i like the size and color it drives well and is quiet

- Patricia M

My cobalt is sturdy and reliable. I do not like that the engine takes a while to accelerate (even when 'flooring' the car). I am indifferent towards the design but would prefer something sportier.

Reliable, practical, cheap - but not luxury or sporty.

- Jordan N

I like the size of my vehicle in that I feel comfortable managing the vehicle on the road. I however had outgrown my vehicle and need more room for my dogs. I don't like that the car seats are fabric because the catch all the dog hair. I don't like that there is no backup camera or updated radio. I like my car it just feels old and I want something new.

My car is reliable and a manageable size for driving.

- Aimee P

It's a good bargain and fun to drive

comfortable seating. good on gasoline. looks sharp

- jim L

It's paid for, I like that. It gets reasonably good gas mileage. It is fairly inexpensive to keep up. I don't like that it is small inside and not very comfortable for passengers.

It is a reliable car and fairly cheap on the upkeep.

- Joyce B

good mileage and great looking

easy to drive, smooth ride, stylish and affordable

- Amy B