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Smaller truck with great dependability and little maintenance needed.

Love this truck! Have owned this truck for 3 years now and have only one problem with it. Performance I would give 5 stars. Runs like a champ. Very dependable. Smaller truck but still all the same comfort as full size. Has third door which is great when you have a lot of groceries or extra person. Can actually fit two people in back if need be. Has back seats that can pull down for seating or pull up for extra storage. Can't say enough good things about this truck. Very reliable with little maintenance. Sturdy and clean on the inside, though pretty basic truck. Bench seats in front which are super comfortable for two but not so much if you have more than two people. Good single person truck not big enough for a family. My only complaint is when you come to a stop the ac stops blowing cold. Can get hot if you live in a southern state. Overall a great truck.

- Courtney J

Always Ready To Get Up & Go

I'm definitely a fan. I've never been concerned that this truck isn't going to start on me or won't make it where I'm going. It can be a bit fickle in cold weather and it did throw a code once when the temperature dropped too fast overnight, and went into limp mode until the code was cleared. It's a bit heavy on fuel usage, but that's expected in a pickup. I've also changed the spark plugs myself and they're in a weird spot but easy enough to work on. All in all this is probably the most reliable, stress-free vehicle I've had.

- Andrea A

Little truck that�s thirstier than you'd want

This year of Colorado is nice. It's still small and I would consider a more nimble so it's easier to park and drive in the city. However the gas mileage isn't as good as I was hoping. I am getting the same gas mileage as my 1999 GMC Sierra 1500 with significantly less capability's for hauling. As I see it the main advantage of a small truck is better gas mileage while still having a bed and ability to tow and haul. If it's missing the Better gas mileage I would have just got another bigger truck

- Forrest E

Needs more bugs taken out..

Within days of my warranty expiring, the chain in my transfer case broke and was not covered. It cost me approximately $3,500 to fix this. Several years ago the actuator inside the transfer case broke and was also very costly. Off and on problems after it was several years old. Have also had problems with it starting - sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. I bought my Colorado the second year they came out - apparently a lot has been corrected since then.

- Glenn T

The four wheel drive works great!

Great smaller truck for everyday use whether you need to haul some mulch or pull a small trailer it gets the job done! I wish it got better gas mileage but 4 it mean 14 years old it is a great truck. It is especially great for the winter time having the four-wheel drive available when it is needed and is also nice because I live on a dirt road that does get farrowing muddy and I never have to worry about getting stuck anywhere

- Robert D

Typical chevrolet refuse to fix known problems and make a sale FIX YOUR ELECTRICAL PROBLEMS I also have a newer chevrolet that sadly has even more electrical issues

This truck is comfortable however if looking for good sound system keep looking, the brakes seem to have their own issues anti-lock brakes control unit is loud enough to hear in the cab then we have the dash lights going out and no gauges when that happens oh and don't forget the selector switch working not working the tail light that fell out the tailgate handle breaking I hope the four wheel drive still works when needed

- Paul H

A few car details would be that the car is a dark blue. The engine is.

I love this blue truck. Its a Chevy Colorado. It has a loud motor and the engine is running just fine. It is a regular truck. No special keys or abilities. It is a indigo blue. The outside windows are tinted with the darkest of tint. I have skull vinyl stickers on the back glass. The heating system works perfectly. The heat comes right on and so does the air. How ever is does require a large amount of unleaded gas.

- Elizabeth C

The seating is nice for not being leather.

The vehicle is in good condition for the year it was manufactured. Paint is slightly chipping on the tailgate. The interior is fairly clean. Occasionally the ABS light will turn on and the brakes will lock up. Lately the engine light has been turning on but we haven't figure out if anything is wrong with it yet. Overall it's a comfortable truck to drive and gets me where I need to be.

- Gracie M

The best small truck out there

My vehicle is a great everyday ride. It gets good gas mileage for a truck. It seats four adults comfortably and I have been told it is a nice ride. It has almost 200,000 miles on it and I have recently replaced the radiator and the truck is known for having throttle issues, which mine has. All in all though I would recommend it to anyone who wants a smaller scale truck.

- Katie M

Chevy Colorado 2005 crew cab 4x4.

When the coils go bad eventually, they keep going bad. But after putting 265000 miles on it, I'd say it's a great investment for a family convenient truck. Definitely got my use out of it without to many issues that weren't from wear and tear. Back seats not good for people with long legs though. It can be a little snug. Especially if the driver's seat is pushed back.

- Renee H

It is not as big as other trucks, so it is a reasonable size.

No to many problems: heat and cold air only turn on a full blast and engine after 10 years says there is a gas leak. Mpg is pretty low, but that is to be expected with a pickup truck. It is very comfortable and the cab is spacious. It has 4 doors. The only issue is that it does not have an auxiliary jack so your phone or mp3 player cannot connect to the stereo system.

- Lao P

Good running truck since 2005

The truck has been a good riding vehicle since I bought it in 2005. I have only really had to replace tires, battery and oil. Just kept maintenance up on it. The only complaint that I have is that the monitoring icons have always come on and they was nothing wrong. Otherwise then that I am pleased with my truck. It is getting older and will wear out I know.

- Margaret G

How do you design something like that?

I own a Chevy Colorado Z85 LS with a 3.5L 5 cylinder engine, it gets between 20- 24 m.p.g.. My issues with the truck are, the evap canister valve goes bad about every 20,000 miles, due to the design, changing the front rotors requires you to disassemble the front hub and bearing carrier assembly, and there are no aftermarket cab corners for this vehicle.

- Brian T

That the ABS goes out frequently, so you gotta watch out for that when you're driving it.

I love that my truck is very basic, with crank windows and push button locks. It has a plastic bed liner, which is a lot more convenient than my old truck steel bed, and it has an extended cab that comes in handy more often than I expected. The brakes aren't great and it has a few quirks, but I'm very pleased with the old thing. (It's name is Chad.)

- Greg G

The Chevy Colorado is a great truck with everything you would want to drive.

I love my truck its a 2005 Chevy Colorado its got 4 wheel drive and never lets me down. The paint job I got on it makes it even 100% better looking. Engine is strong and good on gas. The truck is very reliable never has let me down shifts great sounds great. The truck is very comfortable with heated seats, and a nice back seat for passengers.

- Holly B

It is a very good truck overall and is almost always reliable.

It has had no issues for almost three years, since receiving it, but as of late, it is having many issues, though some are easily fixable. It is very reliable, comfortable, and fast. It does not include 4-wheel drive, but it has never got stuck. I had a car hit me at 55 miles an hour and didn't do any damage, but bend my hitch a bit.

- Hope A

All around useful truck good to haul with but not so big u cant fit anywhere.

From an owners standpoint the trucks a great truck mine has 290000 miles I've owned it since it was made the parts hold up the 4x4 is amazing not to big but not too little only bad part is engine replacement isn't cheap cause mine needs the inline 5 if I had to pay for the labor I would be getting ready to say goodbye to it soon.

- Jose C

It is a small little pickup truck that is comfortable.

Its reliable never had any real problems, very comfortable as well but does not have any cool features I would like it to have had. Has a v4 engine which means its not very slow but not that fast. Interior is okay, very basic and a little bit dull. Although it's a pickup truck it does the job and gets me to where I need to go.

- Aaron G

It is a dark blue truck and has large off-road tires. I use it for sports and my.

I love my new car. It is blue and has tinted windows. It has mud grip tires and is a four wheel drive. I love my truck because its cheap on gas and it gets me everywhere that I need to go. It is a two door truck and has a bed in the back. It uses unleaded gas and it has only a few miles put on it. It's a dark indigo blue.

- Elizabeth Q

My 2005 Chevy Colorado summary and review.

The only problem with 05 Colorado I drive is that the drivers side window doesn't roll down because the motor is broken. I have just recently found out that there is a 5 cylinder engine in it instead of the 6 which is in pre-Colorado the s10. That is kind of a disappointment but it's still a nice truck and I love it.

- Brian R

This Colorado's kicking the competition.

I have a 2005 Chevy colorado pickup truck. I love it! It is an extended cab, which normally would seem pretty big but, it is compact with it is body style and it is sporty. . So far, it runs really good. In character with Chevy quality. All in all, it is been a great buy. Definitely getting my money's worth.

- Charlotte M

Chevy Colorado- 2005. Holds up well

Some of the lights burn out quickly. The tail lights have had to be replaced twice in a short period of time. The fold down seats in the back have held up very well considering it's a very old vehicle. I really enjoy driving the vehicle and it rides very Smooth. The 4 wheel drive is still working perfectly

- Rick M

No highlights. Interesting detail is that it was my father's truck.

No problems with my vehicle. It was my dad's truck. I inherited from him when he passed away a year ago. I don't plan on selling it. I don't plan on getting a new vehicle anytime soon. He brought in 2016. He purchased this particular truck to remind him of his brother when he was alive and worked together.

- Augusta G

No power locks or windows. Overall a very versatile and great truck.

It's an awesome little truck. You can haul semi heavy loads. Only problem is there is no power locks or windows. Pretty good for someone who needs storage but not too much. Good on all terrains and has great gas mileage for a truck. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

- Travis G

The colorado, built for michigan.

It is a good truck that has given us very few problems. Its not too big, not too small, and has plenty of seating. The four-wheel drive comes in quite handy around here too. We've also used it to tow our other vehicles on occasion, and its performed remarkably well in all terrains and conditions so far.

- Veronica O

There is nothing automatic about it.

My truck is extremely dependable with few issues except basic management. With simple features and comfort I have grown to rely on my truck for everyday use. The one thing I find problematic is unable to carry only one passenger and the bed is smaller then I like. Being a smaller truck.

- Sue K

Great beginner Chevy truck.

It is an extremely reliable truck. It gets good gas mileage, has a packed down security system, and even ran with the battery barely attached. The only thing is the security system sometimes is weird and goes off when you unlock or lock the truck in a different way than is routine.

- Brooke M

More good days than bad days.

I bought my truck used. It has 220058 miles on it. I'm having electrical issues right now. Someone tried installing aftermarket speakers and didn't know what they were doing and messed up the electrical system in the truck. It rides great and doesn't do bad on fuel mileage.

- Travis M

2005 Chevy Colorado single cab z85 short bed review

My vehicle has many problems struts suspension brakes rotors alignment. It is a 4 cylinder inline but it does get decent gas mileage. It constantly tells me that it has reduced power light comes on which causes it to not operate until I put obd2 sensor reset the codes

- David L

the Best used truck ever. (ok. I couldn't afford a Tacoma)

Bought used with 100k miles put 40k miles on it. No real problems basic maintenance for a vehicle with that many miles. Changed coil pack fixed window motor other than that I would recommend this truck to anyone. The only thing I don't like is the cab can be loud

- David F

Small but price is right!

It is comfy for two in the front but the back seats are more straight and not as comfy. It is definitely not made for a family. The gas mileage is great. It handles well and can take a beating. The electrical system is a little glitchy after 13 years of driving.

- Stacey M

This truck has been real reliable for the past 14 years never left me stranded

My wife bought this truck and at first. But now I don't have any payments it has been a pretty good truck. The only thing that I remember being a problem was the 3 brake light leaked but it was a easy fix. The gas mileage is not the best but not bad for a truck.

- Jeff J

Feel safe driving my family anywhere without a doubt!

Perfect size for a woman. Not too big but yet you can still haul things and have room for your family in the four door extended cab edition. Absolutely love this truck!! Very comfortable and smooth riding. Feel safe driving my family anywhere without a doubt.

- Michelle D

Great truck for everyone!

It is one of the most reliable trucks I have ever owned. It has just the right amount of space for a family of four and a medium sized dog. I love the fact that to can handle any type of weather with ease. I recommend this truck to everyone who loves Chevy.

- Heather R

We always take this pick up wherever we like to travel

Start up is a problem sometimes especially during winter freezing times. Runs amazing still at 120k miles. Air filter has been changed by owner of the car. The car has been maintained very well. There is a new ignition installed by the Chevrolet dealership

- Jessica N

The Chevy Colorado is the best truck we've ever owned! I recommend the Colorado.

Great truck to drive any time of year. It handles very well in the snow. We have had no mechanical issues with it in the last 9 months we have owned it. I recommend this truck to anyone who wants a truck that is great on fuel and just the right size.

- Heather B

his acts are very comfortable

it is very profitable to have a car of these, the spare parts are easy to get there, you do not have to travel the world to find it, your accessories are uncove give good looks to your car, they make you feel comfortable and safe

- abigail j

Our amazing 2005 Chevy Colorado.

Our 2005 Chevy Colorado has almost 300, 000 miles on the original motor and runs great! Still lots of life left! When the motor goes, we will be replacing it to keep the truck running because it will be worth every penny!

- Melissa D

Chevrolet Colorado great truck that gets great mileage

The Chevy Colorado that I drive is a stick shift. I have really enjoyed driving this truck. The truck has nothing fancy. It is your basic truck. The truck has been very reliable. The truck gets excellent mileage as well.

- Patricia S

The perfect Work Truck to get the job Done.

The vehicle is a great work truck. I have the most basic model that you can get, all manual everything. This is exactly what I wanted. I would View this truck as a utilitarian vehicle, no luxury but it gets the job done.

- Eddie B

Very reliable with decent gas mileage.

A great truck that has held up well throughout the years. Small but comfortable, the truck has an crew cab making it a little more spacious when carrying multiple passengers. Crew cab is a the cost of bed size.

- Jacob P

The 5 cylinder engine gets great gas mileage along with being powerful enough to haul big loads.

Like the dependability of this truck. It gets great gas mileage and is easily maintained. I dislike the computer updates you must get when the CD player stops working and when the cruise control stops working.

- Zach W

It is a very reliable vehicle. Very comfortable, I never question whether it will start right up.

I'm a big fan of Chevy. I liked the Colorado when it first came out. Nice sized 4 door truck, works great for my family. Although I would love to have a Silverado, it is a little out of my budget.

- Nicole H

It is a great vehicle with good gas mileage.

I like that it gets good gas mileage. It also has a nice engine that is good for towing. Although it is a 5 cylinder, it has the power of a 6 cylinder and the fuel efficiency of a 4 cylinder.

- Johnte H

It is an excellent car for driving around town and for long distances.

It is a four door and I like that. It drives nice and it looks good. What I do not like about the truck is the cheap paint job on it, paint is so thin it scratches real easy.

- Thomas M

It is a great vehicle and it is not bad on gas.

I bought it used and it has been a wonderful vehicle. It is not too bad on gas and it runs great. I haven't had much trouble with it and plan to keep it for years to come.

- Edward Y

Great mileage per gallon. Nice compact truck.

The Colorado Chevy is compact, sometimes not big enough, but great on mileage per gallon. Easy driving through traffic. Lt also is 4x4 which is nice driving on of roads.

- Mary E

Be glad there is a gas component.

Paint chipping and interior cosmetically unappealing. Driver seat back lever is broken. Stain on passenger seat cannot be removed. Cannot afFord to fix these things.

- Mona C

Great truck to start out in.

They truck gets great gas mileage. The smoothness of the drive is great and it has 4 wheel drive high and low. The seats have a lumbar support and comfy seats.

- Stacey M

Its reliable and powerful for its size. The only thing I see as an issue is the gas efficiency.

I love my truck. It's one of the best vehicles I have ever driven. I've taken it on trips to Pennsylvania and back with no issue. Its fast and efficient.

- Paul B

Great gas mileage and it is a 5 cylinder.

Great gas mileage, and it still looks great. There is no rust, shiny and easy to keep clean. It has a sunroof, running boards, and a great tonneau cover.

- Patty H

That the I5 inline motor rocks, which is why they probably stopped making it. This truck has served me faithfully over the years.

While my vehicle may not have all the shiny new bells of a new vehicle, it has all the memories of the last thirteen years that we have been together.

- LIsa l

It's been extremely reliable haven't had any mechanical problems at all

I love it it's been very reliable and extremely good on gas mileage it's fairly comfortable as well I especially love that it gets good gas mileage

- Robin P

Issues with Colorado 2005.

Have issues with it dying out after its been started and having to wait 5 to 10 mins to get it started again. . . Also o2 sensor keeps going out.

- Nae H

It is dependable. It is over 10 years old and still runs great.

I don't like driving a truck, but it is necessary for my hobbies. It is too big for my liking. I do like sitting up higher off the ground though.

- Carrie G

Geriatric Chevy Colorado -- better than you might think.

Runs really well despite its age. Only problem I have had in 6 years is a flat tire. I need a regulator for the ac / heat but overall very solid.

- Linwood S

It's a very compact truck making it good for carrying small loads and saving on gas.

The truck is very nice for handling and carrying around small loads. The truck is very fuel efficient and doesn't take much 2 fill it back up

- Edgar p

It is getting to the age were major things are going to go wrong.

The only complaint I have is the canopy leaks. I love that it has been a durable vehicle all these years. I hope it continues for many more.

- Denise L

It is a very well built truck and it is built to last. It has been my daily driver for over 12 years now.

My truck is great. I have had it for years and along with the memories, it has been a great truck. I would recommend it to anyone.

- lise b



- Joe S

It has big truck power. Think it can't it can.

It is a very dependable truck.have no complaints. It has 4 doors very spacious backseat. Still strong enough to haul a load too.

- Candice M

The difference between Silverado and colorado

The truck is a good small size. Where you can tow or carry up to 1000 lbs but not have the fuel or truck size of a Silverado.

- George S

2005 Chevy Colorado a great vehicle.

It has been a very reliable vehicle with no major mechanical issues to date and it is still able to pass the stat inspection.

- Corey W

Great gas mileage for a 6 cylinder.

No complaints. It's great on gas, fits the whole family and the ac works great. As a used vehicle, it gets the job done.

- Rebecca K

That a single cab sucks get a 4 door and power everything

I like how I travel for work and I drive across country for my job and my truck holds up but it no power windows

- Brandon M

Pretty advanced for 2005 truck.

It is pretty comfortable for a truck, compact but has capacity of 2-5 ppl, economic on fuel, smooth ride.

- Alina Z

It has a back up camera and it can be roomy.

Has 4 doors but is still a truck. Short bed is enough for hauling. 5 cylinder engine is plenty of power.

- Jo S

That it's a very dependable vehicle

Very dependable, nice looking vehicle that's required very little work beyond regular maintenance

- Kevin J

It does not handle well in the snow

It is cheap on gas and has served me well for many years. Just wish it was a 4 wheel drive

- Tara M

It may not be pretty but it still runs.

It has been a dependable vehicle that I enjoy driving. Only thing is can is a little small.

- Corey K

It has a dent. Don't drive it too much for it might break down

Drives well. Good gas. Bad mileage. I like the red color. Good air conditioning

- Catherine R

to many recalls problems i am not happy about lights flashing cd player not working besides that it is a good fit for my needs

it is a good truck for hauling small jobs but room inside like a car

- dedra w

It is reliable and easy to drive, goes through the snow well.

It doesn't have a key hole for the lock on the passenger side.

- Twyla K

It's a very fast truck with an engine bigger than what it needs.

I love it has good gas mileage. It's very fast. It's custom

- James B

It is orange and black. Four door pickup truck we love.

bright orange custom made and ordered for my hubby

- lanie S