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Reliable and simple truck. Perfect size for a mid-size vehicle.

The reliability is great so no problems there. I cannot comment on the performance because I own one with 4 cylinders. No performance to talk about. It gets me from A to B. It has about 140, 000 miles and the only problems I have had is 1). The third brake light would allow water inside the cab that flowed down and into my floorboard and 2). It dies if I apply the brakes too hard from a high speed (having to stop too quickly because of unexpected traffic flow disruption). I haven't found the solution to that just yet but I have read that it may be a. Easy fix. The base version of this truck does not have many features. Am/FM radio, air conditioning, cruise control. . . That is about it. As for the comfort, it is just fine but nothing luxurious.

- Zachary M

The insane and unfixable Passlock security system will strand you at random moments, about 8 times a year.

This is a perfect size small truck and it has helped SO many people haul stuff. That being said, it has a problem with the Passlock security system that NOBODY, not even the dealer, can fix. It thinks I'm breaking into it and cuts off the gas to the engine. I am forced to wait about 10 minutes if I keep the key turned to the position in which the lights are on (but not trying to start it) or 20 minutes if, for some reason, I can't do this. I've been to a dozen mechanics, done online research, and the best I've been told is that the dealer would "randomly replace parts with expensive genuine GM parts" in hopes that they "hit" the problem. Why on EARTH was an unfixable monster stuck in my truck like some kind of cancer? INOPERABLE cancer!

- Kay M

People should know that I buy Chevrolet trucks because I like them and because I know they last. As long as I take care of it, it will run for years. My old truck was 14 years old and I only got rid of it because it had rusted out when I lived up north.

I love that it's a smaller version of the truck I used to have, making it more manageable, especially when it comes to park, as it was difficult to get my old truck into tight spaces. The only complaint I have about it is the "feature" called ignition lock. Ignition lock will lock you out of starting the vehicle if the ignition doesn't recognize the key that's attempting to turn it - the problem is, it malfunctions. The key I use is the key that came from the manufacturer, so it should recognize it. I have to wait 10 minutes to try again, and usually it works, but this is always an inconvenience. I will never buy a vehicle with this "feature" (I use quotes because it is really a nuisance) again.

- Julia A

My tough little Chevy Colorado.

The biggest problem with my truck is the gas mileage, only 15 mpg. Also have a problem with tail lights burning out frequently and a water leak around the cargo light. Otherwise it has been a great truck. A true truck, rugged and dependable, a truck I am not afraid to shove a tree out of the road with. I use it in the hay every year. The roads here are less than secondary and are rough with potholes, is only tar and chip for part of it and only gravel and mud on my particular road. Still runs great and other than expected things to replace like muffler, tires, battery, etc. I have had almost no problems with it. Actually had a guy try to buy it from me.

- Christie S

Chevy Colorado full of minor problems.

I am not very happy with my vehicle, I seem to always have sensors and vacuums breaking and making my check engine light go off. I find the problem and fix it only to find a new problem or have something new set off my light. It is never anything big but usually something that affects my gas mileage making driving more expensive. I do like that it always seems to work and I haven't had any concerns about getting in and it not driving, and not having to worry about breakdowns or overheating, but it still feels like there is always something minor to fix.

- Brant M

I don't really have much more to say about my Chevy Colorado truck.

Very reliable great in the snow. Still have to use some sand bags but not much. Gas mileage is ok. Tires are awesome in the snow and it's a great truck over all. I don't really have much more to say about my Chevy Colorado light blue colored truck I drive to work on occasion. I thinks its over al good truck and it gets the job done for me and want I want it to do in my normal everyday life. As well as going o. Adventures in the mountains whether it's in the summer time or on the winter time I have a lot of fin driving my Chevrolet 2006 light blue truck.

- Jimmy S

The most important thing to know about my car is that the fuel gauge isn't always accurate so it's better to go off of mileage.

The Colorado is a great mid-sized truck for what I use it for (mainly commuting to work). The 4 wheel drive capability makes it easy to travel to the mountains and works great! As far as performance, it's reliable, but the electrical items are now breaking down I.e. the AC/ heater only works on full setting, the interior light comes on only half the time, and the gas meter doesn't work most of the time and reflects an empty tank when it's in fact full. That is the only minor issue I've had with the Colorado.

- Christian A

The Chevrolet Colorado is reliable and affordable.

Honestly, I love the Colorado. It's great on gas and overall Chevrolet is a make affordable enough to maintain. Parts and services are not priced over the roof. It gives great mpg and overall does the job of owning a small sized truck. I would love more room but for only using it for work, it is great. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a small truck to go with a Colorado because as mentioned they are reliable and affordable.

- Alma C

A truck that I am invested in.

I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado truck. What I love about this model is it is the perfect size, handles great in the snow, is 4 door, is great on fuel. I do not like the backseat as it is not roomy at all, also it has not been the most reliable as I have to repair it several times since I have owned it which has only been two years. Repairs included, radiator, water pump, spark plugs, coils and brakes.

- Amy M




Awesome truck! You can't go wrong with a Colorado.

I bought my truck new and it is 200 miles short of 300k with no major issues. The 5 cylinder engine and transmission have stood up to the test. I pull trailers, drive the Rocky Mountains and it even performs in a foot of snow. Regular maintenance and replacing filters and other consumables is all I've done to it. Amazing truck!

- Russ G

It is great if you have a short commute and terrible if you don't.

I love the size and color of my truck. I hate the gas mileage as compared to the Honda Accord I used to drive, and because I drive over 60 miles in heavy traffic every time I work that has a big impact. I love the ability to haul things whenever I need to, but hate that everyone wants to use my truck.

- Jen F

Chevy Colorado amazing truck.

Great vehicle for those who want the convenience of a truck, but do not want a huge gas guzzling beast. Great mileage on the highway! If your just driving around town, does not get the best mileage. Still pretty cheap to fill up though! The bed is nice and small, making for an excellent little truck!

- Lu F

227, 000 and going strong.

My 06 Colorado has. 227k miles brakes are going oil change need but runs and drives nice. I bought this truck about 6 months ago and have put many miles on it but she has never left me stranded. We expect when I starve her and she runs out of gas she's nothing pretty but she's a rider.

- Taylor R

My reliable hard working 13 yr old pickup!

It has been and still is a very good truck 4x4 I have a plow it plows snow very well and has had no problems whatsoever. It also is a 4 door s there's plenty of cab room and the z71 package ups the load weight in the bed having had 2200 pounds of stone in it at one time!

- Patrick R

It does what it is supposed to do for a compact pickup truck.

bought it used, have had it 3 years now. Love it. My only real complaint is that it should have had a 6 cylinder engine not the 5 cylinder engine for more power for quicker get up & go. So far I haven't really had any major issues but normal wear & tear knock on wood.

- Dave H

Colorado: the perfect sized truck.

The Colorado is a good size truck, but it seems like it has cylinder issues a lot. Besides that 1 issue, it is the perfect mix of being a good size truck but not being too big to cause trouble. The cab is also a nice benefit as it is a good size to haul small things.

- Jeremy S

The size is a plus. The Chevy Colorado is one of the best trucks on the market.

It is compact, but still a pickup truck, with a 5 cylinder motor. Really good on gas, 5th cylinder shuts down on highway for better fuel mileage, and plenty of room for 5 people comfortably. It also comes with a tow package, which is nice to pull boats or campers.

- Connie B

Very reliable and great on gas.

I love my truck because It's cheap on gas, I've not had any major problems out of it and it can pull a trailer full of hay for my horses. Only problem is the ABS sensor is behind tire wheel well and it gets brake dust on it so it keeps it from running right.

- Stephanie M

The vehicle is beginning to rust and is no longer a safe vehicle.

This was a great vehicle when I first purchased it. However, the vehicle is now over ten years old. It is clear that many of the features are beginning to fall apart. The vehicle has over 150, 000 miles on it, and has really began to show some wear and tear.

- Dave D

The Colorado really maximizes space without being too bulky.

The Colorado is a perfect mid size pickup. It is built to last and can handle high mileage. It is spacious enough for four passengers but does get a little cramped with five. I have been driving my Colorado for eight years and have loved every minute.

- Ash A

This truck will get the job done for whatever the job is and whatever the occasion.

It is a chevy colorado and it stands out a great deal because it is a nice bright yellow. I would say it is a great all around truck that will get the job done. I have no real complaints except it could be a little better on gas for MPG.

- Adam H

Colorado a versatile safe fun truck

The colorado is much tougher than it looks capable of doing everything a full size truck can do. It's a very nice looking truck a smooth ride and lots of fun a great safe truck for a new driver as well as an experience driver

- Brice R

Reliable and sturdy. It is a good long term investment

Reasonable gas mileage and comfortable. It drives well and is very reliable with almost 150,000 miles and having been in 4 car accidents. It seats up to 6 but only 4 comfortably. The sound system is only acceptable

- Joel R

That you have to let it run for a few minutes to help the motor out. Also, the turning radius sucks.

I like that it is small enough for a mall person like me to drive it. I like the way it looks because it has dark tint black rims and is lifted. What I don't like is the gas mileage and the small engine it has in it.

- Elena L

Don't buy one! EVER! Lemon laws should be enforced!

While it has very low mileage, the interior is particularly cheap and has not worn well at all. It also has frequent stalling issues, or where it won't start. Even the dealership has been unable to diagnose the issue


I think it is just as or even more reliable than a tacoma

It is the perfect balance between adequate power to get most task done and a the same time really good fuel economy. it has i5 cylinder engine that is very reliable. I love the color and the ride is pretty smooth.

- omar m

My truck is dependable , easy to drive , gets good mpg and has good storage .

I like that it's comfortable , has cruise control , gets good mpg and has plenty of storage . I don't like that the radio doesn't get any stations . Overall I think it's a good value for the cost paid .

- Douglas W

Reliable Chevy, what else is there to say?

Solid, reliable truck that me and my family have used for a while now. Looks are a bit strange, and the back seats can be a little cramped, but other than that it's just a solid, cheap daily driver truck.

- Frank G

I really like my truck, I only wish it was a foot or two longer.

Really enjoy this size of truck, gas mileage is still decent but I get a truck. There is not much leg room in the back seat. Sometimes I wish the truck bed was longer. But do enjoy the car

- Brian K

It doesn't owe me anything. It's paid for itself several times over.

Even though my truck is 12 old, the body is in very good condition. It runs well and is economical to operate. Would like it better if it was a 4x4 and a club cab instead of crew cab.

- Scott H

The truck does not tow or pull very well for a truck.

The vehicle has been reliable without any major problems. It does continue to have small annoyances that make the vehicle not perfect such as the windows, shocks, and seat handles.

- Andrew D

Dependable , low cost, easy to get parts and supplies.

Great gas mileage.Enough room for two adults. Large enough to haul equipment in back. Storage behind seat or room for two small children. Easy to maintain and good economically.

- Jack L

This truck is pretty good on gas mileage.

Bought it used from a dealer in 2013. Had to have engine put in after owning it for a year. Just had to have a sending unit put in. It is a nice little truck and is good on gas.

- Cindi Y

Great reliability, it is a well built vehicle.

It is a very dependable truck. With it's l5 engine it gives the perfect balance between power and fuel economy. I love the color. The radio sucks. It has a great ride.

- Omar S

Well-rounded modern truck

My truck great for getting by in life. I won't say that it excels at any one thing in particular but it's very well around and you can do just about anything with it

- Nathan G

Has very good z71 four wheel drive.

My truck handles well in all weather conditions and is fairly fuel efficient. It has a spacious interior and a fair amount of space in the bed of the truck.

- Josh A

As a standard work truck model I like that I do not have carpet floors because I use the vehicle a lot for going to the river and I drag a lot of mud and water with me.

It is a standard work truck model. There have been minimal maintenance upkeeps on it. I have spent less than 1500 on maintenance in the past 5 years.

- Ryan R

It is big enough to haul things but small enough to fit in most parking spaces.

The truck is mostly reliable, although it has had repeated issues with the cylinders. Gas mileage is ok for a truck and the size is a perfect middle.

- Jeremy S

Not a long term vehicle. Not for a growing family.

I dislike the amount of issues that I have. I have recently had issues with the tailgate not to mention the radiator going out and issues like that.

- Brianna F

The air conditioning is extremely cold.

It is a nice vehicle. It gets decent gas mileage, and has four wheel drive. The only complaint I have is the lack of an auxiliary cord input.

- Alex E

It has great visibility all around.

I like the size and 4 doors. I dislike the headlight problems. I like the power and take off. I dislike the long wheel base. Hard to turn.

- Dee P

That it is very reliable and gets great fuel mileage.

Great fuel mileage. Four wheel drive. Very reliable. Has a very modern look to it. Plenty of room in the backseat and bed of the truck.

- Damien J

It is reliable and a good family car.

I love the way it drives. I love the size. I love being able to haul things if I need to. I wish they got better gas mileage.

- Mike A

Has got me everywhere I needed to be and more.

My driver window track has been replaced 5 times, goes well through the woods, enough room for tall people, rides alright.

- Emily E

2006 Chevrolet Colorado... compact and comfortable ride

I have 2.8l... it doesn't have a lot of power but it has been very reliable.... has power windows, locks and cd radio

- John F

The Interior is a beautiful design.

This car has been extremely dependable.It will last you for a lifetime, Hence the durability of the car.

- kay a

It's a very Dependable truck. I have never had any major issues with it.

I like the gas Milagros. I like the ability to haul things in the bed. I like sitting up off the road.

- Justin D

I love my indoor decor and I love to keep the inside nice and tidy.

It has a good mileage for how long I've had it for. It's comfortable and is efficient gas wise.

- Oscar G

Low maintenance and easy on the pocketbook.

Great mileage. 5- speed is fun to drive. Use for work and it's great for carrying lumber,etc.

- john M

The inline 5 motor is extremely dependable while also giving great fuel mileage

It gets great fuel mileage. Extremely dependable and is also four wheel drive

- Damien H

Nice, sturdy, stable and dependable car for everyday use

It's a fantastic vehicle. Doesn't give me many problems. Ok on gas as well.

- Jane S

It is a year 2006 chevrolet colorado the color is black and a v6 engine

Could be bigger but it saves fuel money and is very convenient for me

- Marcy M

It's a 4x4. It's a Truck. It's a crew cab.

I like that It's 4x4. It's a truck. I have no complaints.

- Mark P

Good day to day truck if you're not hauling much.

Runs ok starting to get some engine issues.

- Bryce J

Mainly The gas mileage sucks

Roomy compared to my S10 Gas mileage sucks

- Michael P

2006 Chevy Colorado v4 2.0l. The brake plugs need to be improved.

- Isaac E