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Chevy Colorado For Women On the Go

My beautiful, Inferno-orange short cab Chevy Colorado truck is perfect for short trips and long hauls. It is stylish, easy to drive, easy to park, and very comfortable. The short cab is big enough to carry items from trips to estate sales, lumber yards, and big box stores. This is an extremely reliable vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and with regular oil changes and tune ups, as basic maintenance, stays out of the repair shop and on the road. Poor New England weather conditions are no issue for this smooth 4 wheel drive truck. The push of a button shifts this Chevy Colorado into four wheel drive mode when heavy snow becomes a driving hazard. The interior is beautiful. The dark black and soft gray bucket seats are roomy and comfortable. Behind the seat storage is plenty. The vehicle comes with automatic windows and a rear opening window for easy air flow. A great sound system provides an enjoyable ride while the OnStar option provides peace of mind. Some of the standard features include cruise control, great interior lighting, step up rails, easy up-down tailgate, and alarm system. The add on tonneau cover provides safe storage and clean looks. As a 5'2' female truck driver, the step up rails and easy maneuvering of the short cab make this an excellent choice for safe, fun, dependable, and enjoyable driving. The Inferno Orange color is a head turner. Chevys excellent reputation for longevity makes this a truck to keep and drive for many satisfying years.

- Julianne D

Just solid good basic transportation.

There has been no real issues with the Colorado. It is comfortable to drive. Cost of ownership has been very low--just routine maintenance. This has been the most reliable vehicle I have owned in the past 15 years or more. It has basic features such as ac, cruise control, anti lock brakes and a very reliable engine. It does not have the high tech items such as touch screen systems many of the newer versions have, therefore none of the problems that arise with high tech items.

- Mike T

It is a 2007 Chevy Colorado work truck.

My work truck is very reliable and it performs great. I have used my truck as a work truck for almost a year now and I have had no problems. Keep a check on the oil and change it as needed. It still has the original CD player and speakers that came with it but I put in custom bucket seats with a built in seat warmer. It is also four wheel drive which works good. I can honestly say that Chevy makes the best all around truck.

- Josh M

Great small truck that always gets me where I need to go.

It is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. I have over 120000 miles in it and have not taken stellar care of it. I have only had to repair the usual things on it (I.e brakes, batteries, new water pump, wheel bearing). It gets around great in snow and has plenty of power for my needs. It has a spacious interior, but I wish the box was a little bigger. I definitely can't haul much in it.

- Cole L

07 Chevy Colorado extended cab

I do enjoy my truck, it is very reliable and drives well. I live in Michigan so winters can get bad however the 4 wheel drive comes in handy and has never left me stranded. I have the extended cab and there is not much room in the back seat. I feel like gas mileage could be better but I know it could be worse. I get around 16 mpg. All in all it is a very good and dependable vehicle.

- Echo D

Perfect size for doing jobs or going on a get away.

It drives very smoothly and has been very dependable. The main problems I have had is normal wear and tare. Hubs battery cables. And the regulators for both windows. But I have had it a long time so it's to be expected. It's great on gas and it's the perfect size. Not too big not too small. I can haul the same amount of items as a regular full size trucks.

- Wanda B

It has been very reliable. Maintenance limited to routine checkups. Do to age gas mileage is mediocre.

Have had the chevy Colorado since 2007. Aside from oil change, new tires, and sorted routine maintenance; i have had only one problems with the car. The radiator belt broke and the car overheated. I'm planning on driving from texas to virginia next month, and feel no apprehension to do so. Car is running great and have no plans to replace

- Manny R

It's great for a single person.

It is ok it has 4 doors little room and continued starting issues. It does ok on gas not the best not the worst. Performance wise it is a reliable transportation. Not ideal for family use but is great for older couples or singles. It is easy to park in small spaces but does not fit a car seat well in the back so could be a safety issue.

- Becky A

. Beautiful truck runs great.

My vehicle runs great, it gets me where I want to go it has room enough for friends or family, it is easy to work on and the parts are affordable diagnostics, no probably, gas is not that bad it is fun to drive. Looks nice good paint tires are great not to expensive they'll last a long time, no major problems at all. I cannot complain.

- Ed E

The engine has good power.

I have the lt trim. I wish there was bucket seats in the front with a better center console and bigger tires on all models like the z71. Also the hubcaps make some noise while driving down the road. They are not snug enough. The last thing is no storage in the back seat. I would have liked seats similar to the Silverado in my truck.

- Alex H

It has 4 doors with lots of room, & space both front and back.

It's a nice truck and has 4 wheel drive access. Body, & color of truck is still new looking, very good tires, actually includes, mud, & snow tires. It is 4 door, and very accessible and has lots of room. Includes CD player, & all things work except air conditioner, sometimes it will freeze you out then other times it won't work.

- Rossetta M

Its 11 years old ! Good clue it's a keeper.

My Colorado is now 11 years old and has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. With regular maintenance, nothing has been a major repair. City gas mileage could be better but on the open road it is great. Foremost, knowing the truck is 11 years old should be the number 1 fact that I love it.

- Clare H

Great truck, but not in winter

Once the battery dies in the winter the locks and heater don't work anymore. Truck runs fine 8 months in the year but once the temperature gets below 30 degrees the battery starts to struggle and all of the internal mechanisms won't work again until the truck completely warms up to 45 degrees

- Joey S

A great and reliable vehicle.

I believe that my vehicle is very reliable in getting me from point A to point B. I have never had a problem with the car and it is great on gas. I think it is very comfortable and generally an enjoyable ride. I have driven this car very long distances and it has never been a problem.

- Brittany R

It is very fast and well controlled

The brakes are a little slow to reaction and it's to big for me to drive also I wouldn't recommend this to first token drivers only to drivers with experience. Also the car only has 5 seats which sometimes for people is inconvenient if you have a lot of kids you'll need a bigger car

- Christian M

Fun to drive, reliable, comfortable inside gas mileage is good for a truck.

My truck is very reliable, gets me anywhere I want to go, the inside is very roomy and comfortable. It's fun to drive has plenty of horsepower and room in the back bed for just about anything I want. The gas mileage is good for a truck good suspension, I love it.

- Ed E

I trust it to keep my family safe. It had been dependable for a decade now with more years to come.

This is the second Colorado I have owned. The first one was totaled in a serious wreck in which no one was injured. It kept us safe and I love it because of that. Also when I bought it, it was a low price truck option. The newer versions are not as well priced.

- Jonathan M

Reliable older truck. Pretty.

No real issues, just getting older. Has been wrecked in the past. Part of it Repainted and looks great in this respect. Has some rust to the body. Has been reliable. Console upholstery is splitting. Love the red color and the truck bed. Dual cab, spacious.

- Judith M

It is large and great for carrying many items or large materials.

It does not get good miles per gallon it is very reliable when needing to use for storage or transport large items or many materials. It is not a good truck for family use, but more to use as a work truck. I have not had any problems with it though.

- Jill B

The gas seal is broken, so refilling it is a pain.

I like that the Colorado handles well - it is easy to drive. It is also compact enough to park almost anywhere, but it still carries what you need it to in the back. I really dislike that there is no cd or even cassette player. There's only radio.

- Elise G

For the most part, it has been a very dependable vehicle.

I like the way my truck looks. It has come in handy when I need to haul things. I do not like that no one including any Chevrolet dealership can fix the tire pressure monitors.

- Danny s

Whatever you do don't outgrow it!

I love this truck. The only downside is fitting kids in the back. You run out of room to store all the munchkins! Other than that this truck has been reliable with no issues!

- Christian G

The joy ride of a lifetime.

This car is an amazing car it really is. It has a nice coat of silver fox paint on it and glides through the wind like no other car that I have driven before in my life.

- Scott D

It is really safe and you can feel confident with children in it.

Like the look, the ride, soundproof cab, good mileage, auto start.. Dislike no back-up camera, no hands free phone, not keyless, no good in cab storage for tools.

- Dan L

Great in the winter. It gets around great.

Good truck, but if something would break down on it. Make sure to go to dealer to get fixed. All others cant get the rite parts. . . But I love my truck.

- Heidi C

Chevy Colorado first brand new vehicle I ever bought.

We bought our vehicle brand new and it constantly has this one issue of not starting and no one can figure out why. Overall besides that we like it.

- Nicole M

It's a great small truck. Just wish the gas mileage was better.

I like the space in the back and that it will tow what I need it to. I don't like the gas mileage or the rearview mirror because its peeling.

- Nikki N

Low maintenance truck with an aggressive appearance.

Great little truck. Easy maintenance. If you are mechanically incline, you can find a lot of good tutorials and the truck is easy to work on.

- Gabe H

Perfect for everything! Loyal customer

Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned perfect for my working farm and all of its needs. In Fact I will be u grading soon to a newer model

- Noelle B

Very dependable, very nice for a first vehicle for a teenager.

Everything I wanted as my first truck. Very dependable. Very good on gas mileage. Haven't had any mechanical problems with it whatsoever.

- Tyler K




Some of the faults of the vehicle

The sunroof leaks therefore the speakers have blown. The top of the front fenders have a scale type of scratch that rusts.

- Brook Z

it's a great short bed pickup..its a five cylinder easy to work on

chevy products are the best they have the most longevity a great variety of styles so anyone can find a chevy they like

- AnnaLise M

Very Reliable pickup truck.

There is nothing I dislike. This truck has been and done everything I have asked of it. I would buy another Colorado.

- David S

Love it highly recommended

Runs like a well oiled machine as long as I keep it a well oiled machine. Dependable and reliable family truck

- katie n

It is a good truck white in color so it is cooler in the summer.

I like the size and handiness of the truck. I have had good luck with it only wish it had power windows.

- David H

It is roomy. Made for 5 people comfortably. Comfortable seats

It is great on gas. I love the 4 doors and 4wd. It pulls trailers easily plenty of power for what I need

- Wayne E

Perfect pick up. Beauty and grace.

My truck is beautiful and amazing and nothing is wrong with her. I wouldn't have any other vehicle ever.

- Rebecca F

Reliable and fun to drive

It has never broken down or had any major problems. It's roomy, has a sporty look, & is so reliable.

- Elise C

The only problem I've ever had was the sunroof started leaking. This case after 150K Miles. Other than that it's been an incredibly reliable truck, I've had it 10+ years

It's very dependable. It's still running after close to 200,000 Miles with no major problems

- Tyler H

It has four wheel drive and I can haul things with it.

I like the way my. Vehicle handles. I like the color. It has low miles.

- Steve B

They last very well. I've had mine for years and it has done well.

I love the design. I don't like the gas mileage. I love the interior.

- Jacob T

It is dependable and will get through any kind of weather.

It is reliable. It is a smooth ride. It drives good in snow.

- Irene H

It has a really durable engine almost maintenance free.

I like the utility of the pickup truck to carry cargo.

- Gerald P