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Average and small compared to what else is available, but completely capable with the right mindset.

Had the vehicle going onto 10 years, so very intimate about how it handles and I am very comfortable. Doesn't feel like you're driving the Titanic as when you're in the spacious cabs of trucks like F-150's or Silverados. I do not like having a short, 5' box, as most accessories are for longer boxes and its harder to fit much in terms of cargo. The stock radio had no input for an aux cable or bluetooth, which is disappointing. I dislike how many plastic parts are used throughout the truck, as they are the first to break down. Overall though I make my truck work like a full-size, it just always takes creative thinking to fit what I need in it. Never going to sell it if I can manage it.

- Dillon B

Reliable vehicle, with some electrical issues.

Mechanically, my vehicle has been extremely reliable and comfortable! However, since the day I bought it brand new in 2008, I have had several electrical problems with it. I replace rear end light bulbs (turn signal, third brake light, lower brake lights) at least twice a year. My tire pressure sensors have never worked properly, even after replacing recalled parts for it. Other than these small inconveniences, I have been very satisfied with the Colorado.

- Samantha M

This truck is really reliable as long as you keep up with the basic maintenance.

The only problems that I really have with this car are that with the child locks. The child locks on this truck have gotten stuck so many times and each time it gets worse to unlock them. I understand why child locks are necessary but it is ridiculous not being able to get them unlock. I do not even use the child locks and they automatically come. Pros include: pretty good mileage, has treated me well on all of my road trips.

- Anita A

Chevy Colorado's are a very reliable work/recreational vehicle.

I have only had my Chevy Colorado a little over a year and so far, I have never experienced any motor or physical problems. I love that it has a tire pressure sensor that lets me know when a tire is low, as to not have one blow out. It is very easy on gas, because it's only a 4 cylinder, but it has never lost power going up hills, with the a/c on, with 4 people in the vehicle. It's a really nice truck!

- Jess H

It's a quality, truck with more power than other trucks of a similar size.

I like that my vehicle is a smaller truck that is powerful enough to pull my small travel trailer. It provides all of the needs I have to use it as a work vehicle, but is also practical for personal use. I like that it has a decent sized back seat. The only complaint I have is that it does not have some of the more modern features, such as a backup camera or heated seats, etc.

- Jami C

It�s a clean title and it�s really nice truck for diferente ocasi�n.

Well it's a really nice truck and it's a z71 so it's fast and runs really good and it takes you anywhere you need to go and the seats are really nice and soft and it's. A good truck to travel. And go on vacation and it's really smooth when you drive it sometimes you don't even feel and you going fast I love this truck and specially my husband loves it for work .

- Jennifer H

2009 Chevrolet Colorado LT extended cab, 2wd, 2.9 liter 4 cylinder

My truck has a 2.9 liter 4 cylinder which is great on gas. I am the second owner and she has 150, 000 miles, but have no problems. The interior is very comfortable and is easy to drive and handle. Very easy to keep clean and plenty of storage space under the seats in back. Biggest downside is the center console is collapsed.

- Stacy M

Great work truck; not for multiple passengers.

I love my little truck. It suits me really well and comes in handy, especially being military, moving things from place to place or with construction projects. The drawbacks are that the windows are hand cranks and the transmission tends to slip. Plus, it is a single cab so I can forget about having more than one passenger.

- Kayla R

My Chevy Colorado is the best. 300 hp v8.

There were some electrical problems with the HVAC system and I blew up 1 transmission other than that it has worked well. It has over 180k miles and the engine is still strong. The only other problem is that it is starting to get rust the rust is becoming severe and I don't know how long it's going to last.

- Vincent O

The color is red and the paint holds up really well.

It is great drives very nice steering is great and motor is very fast and the service is great and the best work is there was done with my truck I had a truck driver for my car I was able to get a great motor coach for my first truck therefore I will be able to get it done tomorrow morning I can do it.

- Kevin W

I love the room you can have

Good vehicle, although I have a lot of problems with the tires, rods, etc. I'm always getting an alignment or something of that nature. The speedometer hasn't worked right since it hit 162000 miles, reached it twice but still doesn't show accurate miles. But overall and those flaws good truck

- Hannah B

It is a light grey Chevrolet and it has light grey cloth seats.

It is an old car so it takes a little pushing for it to go pretty fast, but it is wonderful on gas. It also has cloth seats, which are not my favorite, but they work and the air conditioner has trouble sometimes. Other than those things it is a really great car and I love driving it.

- Hannah A

Lot of power for a smaller engine.

I've owned the Chevy Colorado for 4yrs I bought it used I change the oil with 5 -30 oil runs good has lots of power it gets 20 miles to the gal. I would get another one the air conditioner and heater work good. Its has 5 cylinder I want to put a camper shell on it.

- William A

It is very useful. The back seats are not comfortable for passengers on long trips as they are jumper seats

I love my truck. I have wanted one for many years because they are so useful to have, especially in the country I am also a gardener so I can use it to haul garden supplies and amendments, etc.

- Donna B

My mechanic told me the engine and tranny on this make and model rarely have any problems.

I like the size of the midsize truck. It drives nicely on the highway. The only thing I don't like about it is it slows way down on the hills going down the highway.

- debbie w

I think it would be the engine. It is an inline 5. Which isn't very common.

The vehicle has be very reliable for me. I like the gas mileage. And the overall size of the vehicle. I am not a fan of full size trucks so this one is perfect.

- Eric M

Good reliable truck with room for four. It's able to tow a trailer.

It is very useful for many projects and is compact in size, being able to tow trailer. Interior is made up plastic parts which break relatively easy.

- David M

It is safe, reliable, it has a lot of room, it is a nice color.

I like having a pick up truck, but it is terrible on gas. I like the color. It needs repairs a lot. I like having a bigger car to drive with a child.

- Shelley P

So far, it has been dependable. With regular maintenance, it should last a few more years.

The vehicle is great as a utility vehicle. It is aging and starting to have some mechanical issues. The interior is also deteriorating.

- Spencer B

It has great speed. Great truck.

It gets great gas mileage and is a comfortable ride. It lets me get to point a to b. What I do not like about it is hunter wrecked it.

- Kayla M

It gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage I get, it is a great little truck. No complaints at all, love it! The Chevy Colorado is an awesome truck.

- Lynne B

It runs and runs well. It's a straight drive. It's paid for.

I've always wanted a truck. It's very small and compact. Has great legroom. Currently may have a dead or dieing battery.

- Mike B

Dependability and good for what I need a truck for. It5 is easy to maintain

I like the dependability and trust of this vehicle. I dislike the lack of gas mileage and the fact it is a truck.

- David D

It was well worth the purchase.

Haven't had any issues with the vehicle and it has been very dependable. I use it for just about everything.

- Vance L

I made a great buy on this used truck.

runs great for It's age, minimal repairs needed in 3 years, it was affordable as a truck

- lori B

so far very reliable. i have been able to tow full size sedan cars. i have plowed. very powerful. interior holding up awesome. no rust so far knock on wood.

Can do more than you think. Can tow and plow. comfortable reliable

- brett O

It was a used a vehicle and I got it for dirt cheap

It's a very large truck so it id a little difficult to drive

- Carissa K