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The constant rattling has become the background music to my very sad life!

Actually the make model and year of my car was not on the list but it would not let me move on to the next screen so I had to put in my dad's vehicle and I do not know much about it. I do know that he's had it for a long time it is a smaller truck so it does not call very easily it is only a two-seater it gets decent gas mileage it does drive pretty smooth that is about all I know.

- Bridget B

Reliable truck. Big on durability, small package. Maintained its a great vehicle.

My 2010 Chevrolet Colorado is a small truck that is great for those big jobs but in a smaller version. The truck is a very reliable vehicle. It did have a water pump recall that I had done at the dealership along with sensor problem that wasn't part of the recall. I always get all my oil changed at dealership.

- Pat V

The four wheel drive is the best feature on this small truck!!

I like the fact that it is a small truck easier to maneuver around!! It makes it easy to move bigger things that you can do with a care. I like that it is a four wheel drive it comes in really handy when the snow starts to fall and I don't have time to clear the driveway!!

- Kit D

The vehicle is a fun drive, and has not required many maintenance fixes.

It works well and has had very few problems. It is not good for a huge family as it does not fit very many people comfortably. It is nice to drive and has great off-road abilities if that is what you happen to be into. Overall, it is fine but not amazing.

- Sarah D

Durability. Enough said.

I have owned this vehicle for 8 years without any problems. Only had to perform scheduled maintenance. The brakes lasted 7 years. The tires lasted 5 years. Still has the same pickup as the day I bought it. Honestly, the best vehicle I have ever owed.

- John S

Good for single or couple.

It is a great running vehicle however.the extended cab is small. So, for a family it is not practical, but for a work truck or an elderly couple it is just right.

- Jean A

Dependable ride and the A/C Works. It's has the bruises but still works!

No payments, Runs, AC Works, You can haul stuff! No power windows are locks, Rough Ride (the items that have to do with the quality of the Ride has been done)

- Karen h

It is loud for sure and it will go very fast but it tops out at 99

I like my truck because it is small and I am not limited on where I can park. It is also loud because of the pipes I have on it and everyone likes them

- robbie M

The car is close to the ground.

Great air conditioning and spacious trunk. I don't really like the cloth seats, I prefer leather. The cup holders are an odd shape/size.

- Mia N

It runs very well and doesn't have many problems that come with it, other than the tire pressure monitor.

The only problems I have with my vehicle are that it consumes gas very quickly and the tire pressure monitor keeps falsely going off.

- Jacob J

2010 Colorado. Best vehicle I have ever owned.

I love my truck. I have had absolutely no issues with it. I bought it used about 3 years ago. It's a Z71 and is great in the snow.

- Bryan M

It is my husband's dream truck.

For it to be a truck for heavy duty activity the driver seat belt has broken the latch on the glove compartment is broken as well.

- Natasha T

I love it so much. That but man do I feel great in my Colorado.

Nice size pickup for someone of my needs. It has been a trusted family vehicle and I also taught my son how to drive in it.

- Gean R

My truck does just what I want it too.

Cons: starting issues and the front brake system. Pros: great gas mileage, roomy but small which is just what I wanted.

- Laura M

It's reliable in all weather I plan on driving it until it won't run

It has 192,580 miles the train motion is starting to slip from first to second. That's the only thing that is wrong

- Tyler D

I love the color of my car and the comfortable rides it gives.

My vehicle gives a smooth ride and really good on gas. It is very comfortable and has lots of room and cargo space.

- Paula L

It can be frustrating at times

The security system does not work sometimes. I have taken it to the dealer, but they cannot find the problem.

- Mark G

It is cheap on gas and easy to drive.

I love my 4 doors because it is easy to get in and out of the truck and with kids that is a big improvement.

- Paula J

There is a problem with the security system which will not let you start the truck for 10 minutes.

It is easy to drive, but there is a problem with the security system that the dealer can not figure out.

- Mark A

It rides really nicely, that is all

I like everything about my truck, i just wish I would have gotten a few more bells and whistles on it

- Julie w

It is a domestically made vehicle.

I like the higher ride height as well as the ride quality. Pick up and acceleration are good.

- Bruce S

It's a reliable, stable truck for you to get around and get stuff done.

It's a great work truck. It's good to get my family around. The gas mileage could be better.

- Olivia A

it has a v8 engine that has great power for a small pick up truck

I dislike the gas mileage, I like the size ilike the performance of the vehicle

- noetic C

My car brings me to places I need to go.

I like my vehicle because it is innovative , safe to drive and used less gas

- lin f

It is dependable, gets great gas mileage, and was affordable

It has been dependable and I do not have any complaints

- kim r