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I feel very comfortable I am my vehicle. It can be used for nearly any chore.

I am very impressed with the comfort of the ride. My Colorado does not ride like a truck, and there is no road noise. It handles very well on the wet roads. I have plenty of legroom in the front and the back. The interior has a clean easy to read console with helpful features and settings. My radio sounds great. I like the way the truck steers, not sluggish or tight. The brakes are perfect for me as well, smooth and not touchy. I enjoy the temperature controls for the seats, especially in the winter. I had a feature on another vehicle that I wish was standard, and that would be lights on the side mirrors that illuminate the ground in the direction your turn when you use your blinker at night. I feel confident having the feature, especially with tinted windows at night.

- Karen J

The bargain of the smallest truck.

This truck is really good on mileage and gasoline using. I bought the stick shift manual one because it is performing better when I am hauling some load on it. Drives well. Not a fast truck but it is totally good for small businesses. The crew cab is quite too short for holding 2 additional people, so I only use that area for my tools and if I grab something from the shop I just load there. Maintenance is very cheap and the truck itself is comfortable. I was traveling to St. Augustine from coral springs once and from St. Augustine to Orlando Naples and back to coral springs. It ran well. I can only recommend to buy this if you do not need. A high maintenance truck. Also the price is cheaper if it is manual and not automatic.

- Attila K

Smaller truck with lots of power and capacity.

Much easier to get around than the previous Silverado we had. Used a 2012 Colorado to move a house trailer from Tennessee to Ohio and it had no problem at all. It had the towing package on it like our newer one. Only traded to get some of the newer features. Love the backup screen and electronic controls. So easy to switch from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive with the twist of a button. Easy to park, turn corners and get around because of it is smaller size but do not let it fool you it can manage just about anything in that bed you need to carry. We love the 4 door because it is so easy to get in and out.

- Beverly W

It is reliable, and has good gas mileage.

I really like the look and feel of the colorado, as well as the fuel efficiency and sufficient power that comes along with the v6 model. The wi-fi has proved to be valuable, great for long trips (especially with children passengers) and for disasters (wi-fi in colorado was one of my major sources of communications and entertainment in the aftermath of hurricane harvey). Only complaint is I need to purchase some sort of cover for the bed of truck, so that when going on family vacations or trips, the luggage and other trip items are protected from environment.

- Matt D

Make sure you choose the correct truck bed length for your needs. This one is great for day to day moving things but if you have a motorcycle or something long to put in the back, you may find you're lacking space.

I like the styling of the body, gas mileage range and the interior is very nice. I like the large LCD display and over all it is comfortable meaning the seats and ability to access knobs and controls within reach. There isn't much i do not like about this truck. Good height and size for a midrange. The only thing odd I've found are the creaks and knocks it makes when backing up or moving slowly over humps or when its off level. It sounds like there is something rolling around in back or breaking.

- Ricky B

I love that the vehicle offers the option to purchase a Wi-Fi connection.

I would say that the cab is too small. Having to put a car seat in the back does not allow for the passenger or driver to have very much room left over in the front of the vehicle. Our toddler is constantly kicking the seats. I also wish there were vents in the back for air and heat. I do love the Bluetooth feature and internet capabilities when they work. It comes in handy for playing movies in the car from a tablet. Overall, the truck does not have a very smooth ride.

- Lisa M

2017 Chevy Colorado. The ride height is surprising and handling is great.

This vehicle has the v6 and gets great gas mileage and lots of power. It is handling it excellent. It has a surprising amount of room for a small truck. It gets into the tight parking spaces well. I have 20,000 miles and no mechanical issues so far. The only issue is being able to mount a front tag to the front bumper. I have added a rollup bed cover and plan to adding step rails for shorter family members since it does sit up almost as high as a full size truck.

- Anthony W

Chevy Colorado, not their best effort!

The interior is way too small. The four 4 cylinder engine is powerless and gutless when it is most needed; entering the freeway or changing lanes in high traffic. I feel every bump in the road and the ride is not smooth. My passengers are jostled around constantly. I feel it was differently way overpriced. The computer is also low grade.

- Christine B

Awesome truck with helpful features!

This vehicle has been incredibly comfortable and reliable so far. It has sensors to let you know all types of details about what is going on with your vehicle and even an alert to let you know if you forgot something in the back seat, this is a great feature if you have a small child in the back seat.

- Taylor C

Go ahead, buy this truck! You will not regret it!

I have the diesel. Great mpg compared to most trucks. Tows great and still gets good mpg. Comfortable for long drives. All the latest needed technology for android or apple. The bed of the truck is kinda small. I am not a huge fan of the leather mixed with fabric. The leather gets hot in the summer.

- Katie G

Chevy Colorado is trail blazing!!

Light and 4WD control in a bad place. My knee hits them often. Seat is comfortable for driving but not sleeping. Very roomy and drives well. Back up camera is amazing and I have had no problem with Colorado rocky trail train. Bluetooth is much better than previous Chevy cars I have owned.

- Justin S

It is a dependable, fast truck that hits on all the things I want in a vehicle.

My truck is awesome! It is very quick off the line and has great passing power. The interior is very well laid out. It has multiple USB ports which is nice for charging multiple devices while in the truck. It also has a cylinder shut off feature which saves on gas while just cruising.

- Eric H

Chevy Colorado, best in it is class.

This has been the best pickup truck I have ever owned. I also had a 5 1/2 lift kit put on it from sca performance, overall I do not think you can buy a better midsize pickup truck for the money, although this is just my opinion. I think the Chevy Colorado is the best in it is class.

- Rick J

2017 Colorado modern technology in a smaller size pickup.

Comfortable, smooth riding, vehicle fits into garage, has great fuel economy, has good storage space, has all the new gadgets like TV screen with GPS, backup camera which are nice and heated seats, have not had any problems with it so far, great incentives for purchasing vs leasing.

- Tina M

Stylish midsize truck with good gas mileage.

Colorado rides smooth and quiet. It gets good gas mileage for a midsize truck. It is comfortable and stylish truck. It has towing package. It was a little overpriced for not having “extras”. It could be more accessible if volume and calling were available from steering wheel.

- Lisa A

Simple. Easy. Perfect... I love my car!

I always can rely on my vehicle! It is easy to drive, and is very comfy on the inside. I find it perfect for road trips with friends. It has a smooth ride to it. You have enough space in the car so you are not feeling crushed. I love driving in the snow as well in this car.

- Michele K

That it is a truck, not a car, they ride and handle different. But it is a comfortable ride and hauls us and another couple just fine to go out.

I needed a truck to be able to haul items that wouldn't go in a car, junk, trash, etc... This was a mid-sized model that does all that and more. It's comfortable, seats 5, and works well for what I need. I even decided to get a boat now that I had a vehicle to tow it with.

- Clay O

Fun to drive all the time in the.

Great truck very comfortable and handles well I love the black color this is crazy but when you drive up a hill you get less gas mileage and in the snow as well sometime when I drive on the street and hit a pothole the truck bounces and other times you feel a big bounce.

- Johnny G

Beautiful Chevy ride, I am proud to own.

Absolutely no problems. Roomy enough for 6'3 men. Smooth ride. I love "myChevrolet app. Great gas mileage for a truck. Handles beautifully. Back see comfortably seats 3. With one or two people in the back seat, the middle armrest-drink cup is so comfortable and useful.

- Trish R

I like it because it is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

I love it! I enjoy all of the features it provides for my everyday life! It does everything I need it to and much more! I am looking forward to the future! I would like to see more durability, power and efficiency but that's what we all want right! overall I like it!

- Mitchell L

The Chevy Colorado is a great pick up on the smaller size.

The Chevy Colorado is reliable and handles very well. It gets 22 mpg on average city & hey. It rides well both on and off paved road. The back seats are spacious for it being a smaller truck. The middle console is a little narrow for my liking though.

- Josh S

It's not a as large and spacious as other trucks.

I just recently got my new truck after owning an '09 F-150. I'm headed to college soon, and having a smaller, easier to drive, and more efficient vehicle is nice. It's nice that my new truck drives like a car, but has the functionality of a truck.

- Cade t

why i would buy a chevy colorado again

i love my truck. it is roomy enough that even though i am a big guy i have plenty of room. it has enough power to tow my work trailer and small enough to fit into small parking spots in high traffic areas. it looks cool and i love it.

- mike s

It is a great vehicle for running around like shopping and going to the beach. It is all black and looks smart. It works well to pull our boat the the launch area. We enjoy our little truck.

It is a little diesel 4 door truck. It has all the bells and whistles. It gets good fuel mileage. It is black with fun running boards. We have another car and SUV but the little truck is our fun vehicle for running around.

- Dauna G

That the value of the vehicle for the price is perfect. Most trucks with the same features cost thousands more.

It is a very reliable vehicle which is great on gas. Even in city conditions. The power is lack luster. If you want to tow anything behind it prepare to be bogged down. The extended cab has very small back seats.

- Jeremy L

Why the Chevy Colorado Is Perfect for Mw

I love this truck! It is so comfortable and it's the perfect size for me and all that I want to do with it. I really like to use it for hauling kayaks and camping stuff and it works perfectly for that.

- Kendra H

This truck is a serious off road capable vehicle but is refined enough to be a daily city drive

I have a Chevy Colorado zr2 and the ride is so comfortable. The interior is well appointed and driver friendly. Great on gas for a truck and has just as much horsepower as a larger Silverado

- Darique E

the most important thing about the vehicle is that it drives great and is comfortable to ride in

I own a chevy colorado truck. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. it drives great and is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage and is fun to drive and is affordable to almost anyone

- chris b

For a truck, it handles like a dream.

I have the ZR2 model, midnight edition. It really turns heads. It is a beast off road, and I love the amenities. There's nothing I dislike, but I would have preferred the diesel.

- Dave D

For a truck, it gets good gas mileage.

Vehicle problems are a clumping noise. We have taken it back to dealer several with no resolution. Otherwise we like the truck. It gets much better gas mileage then the Dodge.

- Judy G

Highly Recommend Chevy Colorado

My vehicle is a Chevy Colorado and the only problem I've had with it so far is the recall on some parts for the engine other than that I highly recommend this truck.

- Taryn C

Great Ride. Poor riding seats to get out of and poor seats for long rides.

Very nice ride, but DO NOT like the seats. Also, it has Cylinder Deactivation, changes from V6 to V4 when drifting. GM has a bad history when they try something new.


Can tow up to 7000 pounds.

Drives, runs, and looks great. Smooth ride and fast even only being a 4 speed. Chevy vehicles are extremely reliable and my last Chevy lasted for 20 years.

- Ian W

Great gas mileage for a small truck.

It is very economic, gets good gas mileage, and has a bed space for cargo and work activities. Drives very nicely and has a clean looking design.

- Christopher J

My 2017 Chevrolet Colorado is so very comfortable! There's plenty of room for passengers and groceries!

I love the looks of my pickup and it is so very comfortable. I feel safe driving it! I'm not too crazy about the gas mileage but I do love it!

- Ann O

My car has a great look and feel when driving.

I like the ride. I like the power. I like the comfort. The tailgate is a great length for hauling anything I need even with the smaller cab.

- John W

Dependable reasonably priced

I liked the looks of it. Gets good gas mileage. And I got 8 years or 160,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. Then lifetime on drivetrain

- James D

Looks great, runs great, not enough room

I love my truck. It's customized and all blacked out. However I have two kids and there's just not enough room for their car seats.

- Kyle C

The great gas mileage and the great radio.

I love that it has very good gas mileage and the radio! Also love how it is not a huge truck! But wish that it was 4 wheel drive.

- Cody T

It is comfy and being high - has great visibility without the bells and whistle extras which I did not want

I love trucks, I had a smaller car for a bit and missed my truck. I am thrilled to have gotten a chance to purchase a Colorado

- Vasilios C

It's unique reliable big car

it is a good car has good grip power is comfortable good brakes your model is very beautiful I have no problems with the car

- robert s

It is a capable midsize truck with fantastic styling and technology

I enjoy the vehicle. It offers many amenities as a standard. It, also, has a smooth ride and is relatively fuel efficient.

- Charles M

It's fun to drive in the run.

None I love the truck it drives great very comfortable and black is a great color. The bed is a good size for portable.

- Jason T

Great truck wouldn't change it for anything

Well shopped other makes Toyota dodge ford Nissan was hooked on Chevy price was right handling Gas Mileage and comfort

- Paul P

Most important is how well the truck drives and the comfort of the seats.

I love the way the Chevy colorado drives. It handles well, it is very comfortable and is a great value for the price.

- Christopher B

How comfortable the ride is and how it handles great on the road in any weather

Black Chevy Colorado truck. 2 door extended cab. Rides comfortably, great traction. Great in any type of weather

- Joseph K

Medium sized truck that acts like a full size truck

It drives and handles like a dream. Fuel mileage has been great. The Colorado looks very nice inside and out.

- Jeff G

The car is really great on gas.

I love my pickup truck. It's got a lot of room and it is fun to drive. It uses a lot of gas but its nice.

- Chris M

My truck is absolutely perfect

charcoal gray and very dependable. i have no complaints with this truck. It's the perfect size for my use

- brent S

My Chevy Colorado my Chevy Colorado is a 2017 extended cab and it has about 7,

I like my Chevy Colorado good gas mileage perfect for retired gentleman very comfortable rides very nice.

- Tom B

It is a great sized car to have

I like about this car is it is a truck. I like the cool nav system. I also like the color that it is.

- Andrew D

It has a great off road look

Love the look, sometimes too small. Height is too high for short people. Tech is pretty great.

- keith G

That it is very reliable and good on gas. It's a good looking truck also

Truck is good and reliable. It is very good on gas mileage. It's not to big and not to small

- Brandon B

my truck drives drives beautifully, I do not even feel like I am in a pick up truck, the interior is very spacious.

My truck drives smooth, great traction, quiet, I do not even feel like I am driving a truck

- judy s

Great performance. Problems with a/c when I first got it but none since fixed. z71 package. Very reliable.

That there is a lot of room inside and hauling space , even though it is mid size truck.

- Josh L

it has a great nav system

i like my truck because It's white. it has great technology inside. my family uses it

- Andrew C

Great gas mileage with awesome power. Has a 308 horsepower V6

Great power, excellent gas mileage, but poor construction and lack of interior room

- George P

i love to drive the truck and it is easy to unload stuff.And the front seats are comfortable. you can't sit comfortable in the back seats

it is great on gas and it rides really good When we go driving it handles nicely .

- kim p

dependable, reliable, runs smooth, built strong, back seat is not wide enough

not too expensive, dependable, well built, runs good, no mechanical problems yet

- ann D

This is a great midsize truck. I needed something to haul items to the dump, and be able to get large items home. I ended up getting a boat this year because I could pull it with this truck.

Great mileage, 4 wheel drive, eco friendly vehicle that can haul 5 comfortably.

- Clay B

It's very safe with all the airbags everywhere and the seats heat

I love it all but the big rear end gets in the way when I'm turning

- Dan S

Tough and reliable with the ability to go anywhere.

Rough, compact, off-road option, color. No dislikes so far.

- Patrick G

a good reliable vehicle that looks good

love color love gadgets love styling love get up and go

- larry E

The Chevy Colorado is the perfect truck for both city and country life.

- Rachael H