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Basic Ideas of buying a 2006 Corvette Base Coupe

Main problems is due to its low 'profile' and in the area I live, potholes are a big problem. Bending the rim and damaging the tire tread is somewhat rare but is a big possibility. Performance wise it purrs like a kitten and runs like a cheetah. It is fast and is smooth throughout. Perfect for late night speeding or day time cruising.

- Jagger R

My vehicle is a 2006 Black Chevy Malibu.

Problems: Check engine light will go on every now and then; The engine with stop during the winter years Performance: Travels up to 40 miles per gallon Very reliable and comfortable Features a backseat, grey interior, black exterior, has a very spacious trunk

- Sara C

It gets good gas mileage. People think the gas mileage is not good but it is.

I like the horsepower. I like the handling. I like the styling. I don't like the recalls I got. After fixing 1 recalled problem it caused another problem that the dealer would not fix.

- Francis B

It is a great car and was definitely worth the cost. It was a fun purchase and I would definitely do it again!

I love my car! It is sporty, fast, and gets surprisingly good gas mileage. It is yellow so it is kind of a show stopper. No complaints!

- Jessica S

Corvette drivers have a camaraderie with other Corvette drivers.

I like the small sports car and I like to drive it. I have no complaints about the car. It has served me very well for these 12 years.

- Norma S

It gets good fuel economy.

Like everything about my corvette. My 13th one. I wish they were less expensive so I could buy a new one.

- Charles C

It is a lot of fun, goes fast, and has been well taken care of.

I love how sporty my car is, but it sits low to the ground and can be difficult to get in and out of.

- Stephanie H

No one drives it but me. I paid for it in full. I ordered it brand new from Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The performance is outstanding I love the Style Value increases with age It's my dream car

- Denise A

I like it gets me places. Yea I would love a newer car. The car is outdated for me.

How much gas the car uses and how much mileage is on it

- Kelly O