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Large, powerful, heavy GT car

My car was a 3LT GS with automatic transmission and every option except navigation. It was a pleasant car to drive, but not very exciting. It was so powerful that its acceleration capability was essentially useless in an urban environment - it would have been better suited to a place with wide open roads. Although it was pleasant to drive, its bulk inhibited the fun factor. It well illustrated the maxim that a slow car driven at 9/10ths is more fun than a fast one driven at 6/10ths. More of a GT car than a sports car. As has been said in many places, the seats were quite poor. I had to have the lumbar bag replaced in the driver's seat. after which it was better, but still not good. The main irritation was the front splitter, which was very vulnerable to damage while parking. I would advise against the GS in favor of a base car because of that splitter.

- Shy B

Ford Fusion. Highlights and comfortable features.

I think that my vehicle is reliable and always gets me to the place that I am going to. I always know that I can go to my car and get to the place that I am trying to go to. It is comfortable and I really like all the features in the car that help me be comfortable in it.

- Hannah S

It's a nice riding motor beast that looks nice and runs smoothly.

I love the feel of the motor when I drive. I love how smooth my wheels are. I also really like my air conditioner and speakers. I don't like how fast my gas runs out.

- Jesse J

Good gas mileage and built in Navigation system. Only hAVE TO CHANGE OIL EVERY 10,000 MILES

It's great and never fails to start. Has good gas mileage and smooth ride. Sleek and modern looking.

- Marcia G

Great car has been good to us. Took it on trips. Never had a problem with it has all original parts.

Has a lot of space also has Bose for music kids love all the small things

- Jessica C

It is a great sports car.

Fast and powerful sports car. It has great handling and looks great.

- John W