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Great car for the money, relatively

It's a fantastic car. It really is. Comfortable, powerful, and easy to maintain. When you factor in the cost of these cars, it is tough to beat. The only issues I had with the car were problems with the wheels. I had a 2017 Grand Sport (I actually had two Grand Sport 2017 models - the first was repurchased by GM after check engine light and electronics issues couldn't be remedied). My second Grand Sport was found to have 3 bent rims after about 9000 miles that were giving it an unacceptable shudder and vibration on the road. GM didn't view this as a warranty issue. I suppose there are some quality control issues with the car in general, but overall I'm leaving Corvette ownership happy with my experience. The Corvette Grand Sport was as fast and fun to drive as my Porsche 911 Carerra S, but only cost me half as much. The Corvette wasn't as refined as the 911 by any means, but considering I could buy two Corvettes for the price of one 911, giving up a bit on refinement is a reasonable trade-off.

- Dean

It may look very expensive, but it is not. It is a great bang for your buck.

This Corvette is beautiful. For a sports car it is so comfortable and has a huge trunk for carrying items. The pickup is phenomenal and it runs great. The only thing about it that annoys me is that the NAV system is not as good as my cellphone's with Google Maps. It has so many bells and whistles I will never learn them all!

- June D

Best bang for your dollar.

Without a doubt the best performance vehicle you can buy for the money, incredible horsepower and handling, not good in the colder weather because the grand sport comes with very soft performance tires and they need to be warm to grip the best, hud is amazing keeps your eyes on the road.

- Michael B

Problem free and the car insurance is not that expensive for the car.

The corvette is an amazing machine. Everywhere I go, I get compliments. The gas miles is really good for the horsepower that it currently has. It has been my favorite car I have owned. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good sports car. My insurance is cheap as well.

- Jason Z

Gm really have outdone themselves to improve the corvette year after year.

The performance of my corvette is incredible, very reliable, the ride is outstanding, my convertible top is the easiest to use and the dash and instruments are very user friendly. This is my fourth corvette and would recommend highly if you are looking for a dream car.

- Suzanne M

Fantastically good vehicle.

The car is really nice. It runs smoothly on the road which is really great. It is fast which is what I like to see in a vehicle such as this one. The seats are comfortable and practical. The cost for repair will be pricey when the time comes but it is worth it.

- Mike S

Good car for a big traveler!

I have only had the car for a year so far, but I drive a great deal and I have probably accumulated about 36000 miles on it already but it has not had any problems at all other than having to get an oil change here or there.

- Pat B

The power my car has makes you love it 10x more.

It is very powerful and fast great handles and comfortable. I love my car and my girl does too, it is great for getting place to place quick, I can save gas money.

- Tae M

A vehicle that will turns heads when driven down the street.

Haven't had any problems with 5his automobile. The performance is phenomenal. It is a fun vehicle to drive The exhaust system has a very powerful sound.

- Marna O

I will trade it in within a few months.

I have been driving Corvettes since I was 22 and an Officer in the Army. I trade in the vehicle within a year and get the latest model.

- Rafa D

Nothing much oh wow now it needs to be 25.

Nothing much idk what to say. . . I like it didn't have many problems y dis need to be 100 characters like wtf bro my car is ok.

- James S

The vehicle is a nice and comfortable the seats are nice and air conditioning is really good

It is very comfortable good handling good for a vacation or road trip it has really good seats and features I like

- Juchan C

It is a fun ride. I really enjoy riding around in it not to mention it has great gas mileage.

I love that it gives me the freedom to lift up the roof of my car. I love it.

- Kevin J

Gas mileage is great on the highway getting 30 miles per gallon.

Love driving. Car handles well through the mountains. Great looking.

- Linda H