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My car. My Chevy Cruze. The ups and downs with it. I would still buy another!

I like my car. It drives well and gets good gas mileage. It's the lot so it's not the top of the line but it has most of the bells and whistles. It runs really well. For being a 4 cylinder turbo. Great pick up when I step on the gas in a hurry. Its ok as far as comfort goes it's the same as most cars that size. There has been I think 2 recalls on it, and the rearview mirror fell off twice which was a problem since OnStar and all the wires run thru it. The plastic reservoir cracked that goes to radiator. Just things went have gone wrong that you would expect to go wrong with an old car not a car that is 5 years old. It's more of a pain when these happen. But I do overall like the car. I would consider buying another one if I bought a car. They have a nice style, especially the hatchbacks. The price reasonable and there and American car. My car I have to take into consideration maybe some of the things had to do with the fact that it was a rental before I bought it. Overall I love the car.

- Susan L

2012 Chevy Cruze ls is a comfortable vehicle for a more petite crowd.

Overall, I do like this car. I am a tall individual (almost 6'0) and it is a little small for someone who is tall with a big frame. In addition, it is a bit small in the back for my passengers in terms of leg-room. Otherwise, it is quite comfortable. I do like the radio, Bluetooth capabilities, XM radio capabilities, and CD player. The brakes are a bit... Hair-trigger? When I first got them changed, I barely had to tap them to stop abruptly which is good, but stopping is not really smooth. I can feel every single bump in the road which is good for gauging the terrain and the car's reaction to the different terrain, however it is a bit of a bumpy ride. If all maintenance is done properly, the car's idle and ride is very quiet. The headlights are hard to reach to change the bulb. The trunk is quite spacious. Overall, it is a good vehicle, but I would probably go for an SUV for hauling bigger people/ more people more comfortably next time I am looking to purchase a vehicle.

- L K

The most reliable Chevy vehicle.

Drives extremely smooth. Large trunk space where the back seats fold forward to insert longer objects. The back seats has a cup holder in the middle. The front passenger seat has a deep pocket in the back. The back seat is comfortable for those with smaller body frames. The features it has is Bluetooth, XM radio and OnStar. It has 2 USB ports. The car will alert you when you need air in your tires while also showing you which one. It will also alert you when you are backing up too close to something. The beeping will speed up as you get closer to the object or person. If you've forgotten about your turn signal, the car will start beeping as a reminder. You can make phone calls by ordering the car to call your saved contact. Totally hands free. It has navigation. Outside temperature reading. When it tells you that the fuel is low, you can see how many miles you have left on the fuel.

- J R

The gas mileage, make it a hatchback. It is a 6 speed turbo, quick & responsive.

My cruise is very quick and response quickly. I like that I can adjust the seat the steering wheel and that the back seats go down so it looks like it is a hatchback. It is front wheel drive. I much prefer all wheel drive and a crossover but I needed something that had great gas mileage. Thing that sold me the most was the gas mileage. I live in northern Minnesota so I think all cars should come with a remote starter and heat seats which I wish mine had. I bought it used and the condition it was in was very good for the price they were asking. I have never owned anything this low to the ground but it is what it is. I do like that it has four doors it was hard getting used to a manual but it came back quickly sometimes I do have a little problem but I like that it tells you when to shift.

- Catherine S

2012 Chevy Cruze leaves a lot to be desired.

The Chevy Cruze is a very comfortable vehicle to drive. It is Bluetooth enabled, as well as offering OnStar. It gets very good gas mileage. It has heated seats and cruise control. There is adequate space in the backseat. Controls are relatively easy to understand. Now for the cons. It accelerates slower than other cars I have driven. There seems to be something going wrong with the water pump or engine at least every 6 months to a year. The headroom in the front seat is inadequate, as I am 5’4” mad my head is within 2 inches of touching the roof. Unless the seat is in the lowest position, IN risk knocking myself in the head getting into the car. Overall, I definitely would not buy this car again.

- Linda B

If well maintained the car can be very reliable.

Very overpriced for the features or lack thereof. I was really disappointed with the features of the car and service I was told I would receive that were later denied me from the car retailer. Although I know it is a poor habit to have, I am a smoker and the car did not come with a lighter and ashtray or any some such options. The car is very basic. Really the only positive thing I can say about it is that it has Bluetooth connectivity so that I can talk on the phone hands-free. Upon buying the car I was told that I would receive free windshield wiper replacement and oil changes and basic maintenance for up to the first year none of which were true.

- Tammy P

All is great but no touch screen or back up cam. It does have sensors though. . .

The car saves a lot of gas. I have leather seats and that come in handy when you have kids in the car. Each mess is wipeable. Another good thing is that it is very informational the dashboard, it tells you how many miles are left till you are left on empty. The only problem I have with the car is that it feels really crowded when you are in the backseat, and the a/c flows through the back but not as good as it does if you are in the front seat. Also, there is no Bluetooth for music, but there is for phone. I do not know why they would do that, like why could they not put both? Overall, the car is a great buy if you commute long ways.

- Marina P

It has the highest safety rating with 5 stars. It has numerous air bags that will keep you safe in an accident.

I like the fact that my car received a 5 star rating for safety. It has the features I like such as leather seats, moonroof, fog lights, front seat warmers, and automatic start. I don't like the amount of work that goes into fixing something on it. For example, it was going to cost me $78 to replace a fog light, because they would have to take off the cover from underneath my car in order to get to the fog light. In addition, my air conditioner has 4 settings. I have to put it on the 3rd or 4th setting to get any benefit. But having it on that setting is loud. So, then I have to turn my radio up louder which isn't a good thing.

- Shae J

Cruising in a Chevy Cruze.

I purchased my vehicle used with only one previous owner, at 96000 miles. I didn't have to do any big repairs till 129000 miles. I had to replace o2 sensors, both front and back, my timing chain, have had continuous problem with inside blower cutting out. Other than that I have had tire, spark plug and fan belt replacement. I get oil changes every 3000 miles verse every 5000. One thing that irritates me is the black plastic trim under the from bumper. Its clips break off easy and the strip gets pulled off from parking too close to curbs or parking blocks. It also gets hit pulling in and out of steep driveways or parking lots.

- Crystal M

Good, reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

This car gets good gas mileage and is fairly small. But just because it is small does not mean it is made for small people. This car is made to fit a larger person and would probably be more comfortable for someone who wasn't 5' like me. I like that it has an AUX input and the features are fairly nice. I do wish that it had an electric driver seat though so that I could position it exactly as I would like it; it only has the bar to put it forward or back and the one to recline it to different angles. It does not seem to have many problems and is reliable. Not the nicest car, but certainly not the worst either.

- McKenzie R

Chevy Cruze Transmission issues and my problem with newer model cars including my Cruze

The main issue I have had with my Cruze is when it was 5,000 miles over warranty (105,000) the transmission gave out and it costs me almost 3,000 dollars to fix. (I'm still paying on my car) The other issue I have with it, like most newer cars, the body is not strong and dents and scratches easily. The plastic body/bumper is not something I like. I had a small bump up with a girl on an older car and her car had a small scratch. My whole bumper bent.. But this is an issue with most if not all newer car bodies. Otherwise my Cruze has had no major problems and only normal wear and tear.

- Christa S

Chevy Cruze has great handling compared to similar cars that I have driven.

I have had my 2012 Chevy Cruze for about four months now. I love the way it handles, and the interior and dash features make driving a pleasant experience. There have been one or two minor repairs needs since I have owned the car: a battery cable and the coolant reservoir tank. The battery cable was an easy fix, and Chevy has a coverage that will help replace the battery cable if it has an issue like mine (the clamp wasn't done properly on the old cable). The reservoir tank was also a relatively easy and cheap fix, and my Chevy dealer was great about getting the repair done.

- Dom L

The features are nothing to rave about but it is dependable.

With over 150,000 miles I have yet to experience any major problems with the car so I am very comfortable with the reliability of the car. The performance is pretty good, we get good gas mileage. However, it does not accelerate very quickly. The backseat is not very roomy but the front seat has plenty of room for me and my husband is over 6 feet tall and is comfortable with the seat all the way back. The features are basic and this is probably my least favorite feature of the car. I wish I had heated seats, leather, and cruise control but these options are lacking.

- Jennifer T

It is a nice and safe car for a teen and college driver.

Overall, it has been a reliable car. It currently has 130, 000 miles on it and it still going strong. I have replaced the battery once, which is expected in an aging car. I have replaced the coolant hoses three times, which is a defect in the car. It costs about $500 each time. Overtime, some of the electrical pieces have gone bad. My trunk does not open without the key fob anymore. Also, my backup sensors no longer work. My key fob start has not worked for about a year. All of these are minor and do not affect the overall drivability of the car.

- Sara G

Even though the Cruze may seem small and unsafe, it is actually rated one of the safest vehicles.

What I love most about my vehicle is that it gets wonderful gas mileage. It is one of the safest because of all the safety features. I was rear ended by a very large van and barely had any damage to my vehicle while the van was severely mangled. The main complaint I have is that it takes a second for the turbo to kick in so I will go to take off and sometimes feel like I am not going anywhere for a few seconds before it finally accelerates. Overall I think it is a great vehicle especially for a young driver.

- Sara S

Comfortable and stylish: lots of features and it looks good too!

I love my Cruze. It is very comfortable and has a lot of features for the base model. It has a key fob, remote lock and start. I really appreciate the Bluetooth which allows me to sync my phone to the car. The sync process is easy. I love the satellite radio feature and the onstar capability. It gets great gas mileage. It is had a few issues with the fan running constantly, but easily fixed. The front bumper runs low and I often scrape it on parking blocks. Not a huge deal, just a touch annoying.

- Jessica L

Sports elegance with spacious storage and perfect gas mileage.

My vehicle is a great vehicle is the perfect size the fits in every park area. The Chevy cruze has great mileage and driving performance feels smooth with a sporty feel. My interior also has a sporty yet elegant look that sets four adults or four children comfortably. The trunk are is extremely spacious. The only thing that could be improved are the front sets; after sitting for a longer pirouette of time it starts to get uncomfortable on the rear/ butt area. The rear seat could more leg space.

- Jennifer G

It's a nice light gold color so it blends in.

I haven't really had any problems out of it yet. I hope not to for awhile. It's amazing on gas especially if you do a lot of highway driving. It's only a little 4 cylinder so you cannot expect it to be a race car. It drive smooth and quiet when running. It's a comfortable ride for long trips. It has a good sounds system as well. And the keyless entry and push start is a nifty little detail except it makes your car a little more computer reliable. Heated seats are a definite plus in my car to.

- Crystal D

The acceleration is not very fast.

I love the color, and the car rides fairly smoothly. However, I quickly had a malfunction in one of the Chargers, two sets of keys have broken, and it does not have fast acceleration. Everyone who has a 2013 or after loves their Cruze, but my 2012 is just. . . Okay. Good trunk space, and I can fit a surprising amount in the vehicle itself. However, it is short, and many of my passengers hit their heads getting in the front passenger seat, and larger people struggle to get in it easily.

- Alex H

Simple and comfortable, if a little lacking.

Chevy Cruze is a simple, comfortable little car. It can comfortably seat 4, has a decent sized trunk for hauling stuff around, and gets good gas mileage (I average about 30 mpg). It is somewhat lacking on features however. My model lacks cruise control, which is a pain. The auxiliary plug in is in an awkward spot in the center glove box, and that box itself is rather tiny. There also aren't any heated seats, and the mechanism for leaning the seats back broke within a few months.

- Mason E

Love the interior. It rides so good. Great gas mileage.

The care is very reliable. I think it's a great first vehicle. It has all of the features of a luxury vehicle I do wish I had a back up camera. The sound system is great. It's very comfortable I have a huge truck. I love my interior. I have never really had any major problem. I have almost done the route requirements to keep it car running. The gas mileage is wonderful. I had only one recall on the car and the dealership notified me and took care of it no problem.

- Jessica L

My Chevy Cruze! She gets me through the winding road of life!

My car is fantastic! All the upgraded features are great. Ac is lacking a bit (it does not have a temperature control knob and it barely blows to the back seats) but that is workable. However, everything else is wonderful in car like remote start, OnStar services, and built in-hand free phone! Additionally, my car had power brakes, front wheel drive, a gear for climbing mountains, driving well during difficult conditions, and a way to charge your cell phone also!

- Pamela R

Sporty looking vehicle with great safety features.

The Cruze is a gas saver. The drives smoothly and it has plenty of space for it to be a family vehicle. The only issue I have had with it is the transmission is a 6t40 and it went out at 83k miles. Lucky with the type of vehicle it is, it is a relatively cheap repair. I have taken this vehicle on a week trip through 13 states. It was a comfortable ride and I fully trust this vehicle. It is very affordable to buy this vehicle and it has saved me on gas.

- Deborah P

Great Chevy Cruze! I love it!!

It is a great vehicle. It runs great. Has little to no problems. It is comfy and has a decent amount of space. I like the Bluetooth capabilities. I also like auto start features. The only thing I do not like about the car is the trunk does not work like it should. The only way to open it is using the keys, either the remote open or the actual key. And to do that you have to remove then keys from the engine, open the trunk, the turn your car back on.

- Natasha S

Fuel efficiency in a smaller package, without sacrificing comfort.

My Chevy Cruze is a fuel efficient (approx. 42 mpg average), comfortable (even though I'm 6'3"), and generally nice car. It is good for longer trips, as well as the quick jumps to the store. The compact design of this sedan makes finding parking spots easier, yet still provides adequate legroom in the front, even for taller people, and puts everything within reach on the console. Overall, it is a good all-around car for everyday and for travel.

- Brian M

The Cruze gets wonderful gas mileage.

My car is wonderful. Sometimes It's fun to drive a 6 speed, but than again sometimes I miss having an automatic. Not all models are like mine, so Its not likely that everyone Cruze you test drive would be a 6 speed. You are more likely to find more automatics than anything. They get great gas mileage. They are super small on the inside though. Some car seats Won't fit in the back seat. So if looking for a family car this wouldn't be for you.

- Savannah F

Recommended reliable compact car.

This car is very reliable and gets great gas mileage which are two very important things to me. I generally get 34 miles per gallon on my daily commute and up to 42 when driving on the highway on a trip. I take it in for routine maintenance and have not had any major repair expenses. It is comfortable for a compact car. I do not mind driving long distances in it. I really like the on star service that is available through the company.

- Peggy M

This vehicle is wonderful except the ac.

I love my vehicle, but there is one negative issue. The ac in my car is not great. You are not able to set a temperature. It has a knob only and you can turn that knob all the way down, but it is not that cold. Anyhow that is the one challenge. Everything else is really great. I like the remote start, OnStar service, hands free phone calls, adjustable seats along with adjustable steering wheel, Sirius radio, a plug in for your phone.

- Pamela R

Cute and classy without sacrificing safe driving.

Purchased my car specifically as I had once driven a Chevy Cruze as a rental car and really loved it. Completely happy with my decision, the interior is comfortable and ergonomic, the handling is intuitive, the viewing angles are great. The car display lets you know ahead of any problems (oil change, low air pressure, etc. ) It is also a very classy looking car, compact frame but still comfortable enough to fit a full car of people.

- Robyn S

2012 Chevy Cruze- overall a reliable but uncomfortable car.

Overall my car is okay. It is safe and reliable in my experience and I have owned it for about five years. However I do have somewhat of an issue with blind spots with it. I find it to be very uncomfortable, one of the most uncomfortable car seats I have ever been in. Maintenance is fairly inexpensive. It did have some recall issues and a thermostat issue that seems to be fairly common with this vehicle but was never made a recall.

- Shayla W

The 2012 Chevy Cruze would work for almost anyone.

This is not my personal vehicle but the person in which I live with has me on their insurance and I find this car to be very economical. It has most of the perks for the price. I would buy one of these cars myself, but the only thing I would change is to a convertible if they are available or to one that has a sunroof. The color I would choose would probably be silver or more of a gold color. I think that would be an awesome car.

- Cindy W

Great commuter car, reliable and phone hookups!

Very reliable, great fuel economy and comfortable! I love the Bluetooth connectivity for hands free when I get calls while in the car ( I drive about 2 hours a day to and from work) and being able to plug my phone in to play my own music and charge my phone. Have taken this car on road trips with no issues. Are you bad at remembering to get your oil changed? Me too. No worries with this car, it lets you know when it's time!

- Bree R

2012 Chevy Cruze - my favorite car to date.

I love the performance of my car. It has been very reliable. The comfort and the features of my vehicle have by far exceeded all expectation I originally had when I purchased it. There have been a few problems with the car. There have been a couple of recalls, had to replace my turbo and intake at under 50, 000 miles. They have all been covered by warranty or extended warranty. I wouldn't trade my Chevy Cruze for anything.

- Cheryl C

The most important thing others should know is that the gas mileage is horrible.

I strongly dislike the gas mileage on my car. My likes for my car would be more so in the appearance of the car. I like that my car is perfect for my size being petite. I also enjoy that it can get my from point a to point b although there are a lot of things I dislike about the car in general. Lastly, I dislike how when certain things happen to my car, the part usually cost more than it would on a typical car.

- Kia A

Will forever be my favorite car.

My vehicle is really good on mileage at the moment, and it saves me a lot on gas. I love my car because it is small and it is white. Try interior is leather so it stays really clean most of the times. My car does go really slow all though I feel as if I am going fifty mph, it feels as if I am going 20mph. I love the quality of my speakers and how smoothly my vehicle runs. I love the power of mph that it gives.

- Brittany L

The thermostat and housing can go out easily and quickly.

I like the gas mileage i get from my car, as well as how comfortable it is to drive. My favorite feature of my car is that it has a usb port that i can use to charge my phone, while hearing music or gps directions from my car speakers. The only dislike i have with my car is that sometimes it automatically shuts off after driving up a hill, and it has had to the thermostat and housing replaced multiple times.

- Madison D

It handles so well! Very zippy and easy to use, it doesn't feel heavy or jerky like some other cars.

It's a great car, it looks good and it drives better than other cars I've driven. It handles lightly and accelerates easily. Bluetooth only lets me make calls since it's old but I can play music with the USB or aux ports. I also like that there's a sensor when you backup that beeps. I like that better than a backup camera, personally. Overall a solid car, and if I ever need a new car I'd still get a Cruze.

- Nicole C

The Chevy Cruze is a good compact car.

The Chevy Cruze is a good compact car. It provides a smooth, comfortable ride and offers some of the highest fuel economy estimates in its class. Its handsomely designed cabin features an easy-to-use infotainment system. The Cruze also has above-average trunk space. This car does have its drawbacks, though. It offers pokey acceleration, and its fuel-saving engine stop-start system cannot be deactivated.

- Jade S

My blue beauty: she turns heads .

I have very few problems with my Cruze. . The ones I do have include the censors in the tires the air floats up and down depending on the weather. Sometimes the engine light comes on and stays on and the so called mechanics can't figure out what the problem is. It always has to be taken back to the Chevrolet dealer, which is a lot of money, then as usual, one thing leads to another. But I love my Cruze.

- Cynthia P

Gas mileage is one of it is best features. It can get close to 25 to 30 mpg.

I have had to replace wheel bearings, and have had some idling trouble, however with steady upkeep my car has run well. I love the gas mileage that this car gets, both in town and on the interstate. On thing that is frustrating is that I have the eco model and it requires synthetic oil. This car seats two comfortably, but anyone besides a child or young teen would have trouble fitting in the backseat.

- Ashley M

Excellent, fuel efficient for a driver on the go!

My 2012 Chevrolet Cruze has been the most reliable car I have purchased. The fuel efficiency is incredible. My daily commute is a total of 40 minutes, city miles and I only fill up my gas tank every other week. The space in the car is perfect for someone who most often drives themselves. The trunk space is an added bonus. In the six years I have had it, I have not had any mechanical issues.

- Abigail W

I love the way the car looks on the outside. I love the interior, its all black.

I haven't really had any issues with my vehicle. Maintenance is expensive. My family has grown since I purchased the vehicle and I need a bigger one. I sold on this car because of the gas mileage and I do not feel like it gets any better than my old car. When I first purchased my car there were a lot of recalls. The dealership that I was going to in Kansas city on Nolan Road is terrible.

- Angela B

Great mileage. Very spacious.

When I first bought the car I did not pay attention to what I was getting. Some of the basic models do not come with cruise control. I love the gas mileage that I get. It's around 30 miles to the gallon. The seats are very spacious and there is a great amount of room in the trunk. Sometimes there is some jerking when you accelerate and break it is not always a smooth transition in gears.

- Carolyn C

If you want an efficient, well built vehicle, consider buying a Chevy Cruze.

I purchased my red 2012 Chevy Cruze brand new in 2012. I have had needed no repairs. The only things I have had to replace are tires and windshield wipers due to normal wear and tear. This is a well built vehicle. Over 6 years later, it still looks great. Its high gloss red paint still gleams in the sun. It was pretty when I bought it and it is pretty now. I plan to keep it a long time.

- Joyce P

Do not buy it unless you want to be fixing the car almost every year!

I hate my Chevy Cruze the reason is because I own this vehicle since December 2014 and it already broke the gasket 3 times! It is always something with the gasket! I am so tired of it! I do not recommend Chevy Cruze! If you want a vehicle that last longer and does not give you so many issues do not buy this one! Also is too small if you have kids not a family car. I regret buying it!

- Maria J

I love the sleek look of it and it is good on gas.

Brake issues as well as problems with certain sensor/lights coming on. I also am not sure because me and my girlfriend both have the same year, make, and model of car and bought it at the same price but she has the built in controls for her steering wheel which I would have liked. Now it would be $300 to get them in my steering wheel which is an extra expense I am not willing to pay.

- Marisa M

It is basically been a good car to me so far. Beautiful color and design.

I have 53, 000 miles on my vehicle. I think it has a six speed auto. Transmission it shifts the way it does when I got it but it does not shift very smoothly and it seems to not shift quickly. It has a lot of blind spots it is very hard to see over the hood or right side for me. . But I like the looks of it, color etc. It is been very good for me so far. Hope it continues.

- Diane Z

It needs to be maintained regularly in order to achieve this good performance.

The 2012 Chevrolet Cruze is a very good and very reliable car. It is driver-friendly, and absolutely easy to use. Performance is amazing despite my 100k+ mileage. I also use my car for long drives, although the most I have driven was a 2-3hr drive to the beach, and it was great! I thought I would have a more difficult time but everything went smoothly! I highly recommend!

- Francesca F

A pretty good well mannered vehicle.

When I 1st bought the car (certified used), I had to have it in the shop because of a very strange electrical problem. Once that was cured, I have nothing but good things to say about the car. It is comfortable and a very well-mannered car. Only other problem was I had to replace the wiper transmission on the passenger side. I would buy (and probably will) another Cruze.

- Allan H

An economic, gas-saving friendly Chevy car.

The fan in the front is very loud, sounds like the car is overheating. It is a great car to save gas and money. The performance is good for a daily work or school commute. It is only fit and comfortable for 4 people. It does not have a touch screen radio, and you need to plug in a phone cable in order to play music. The stereo can be loud if you put the volume up.

- Jennifer S

overall in love with my Chevy Cruze.

My car was one of the best decisions we made. It gets 45 in gas mileage on my daily trips to and from work. There have been recalls but really the only repair we had to do was the water pump went out after about a year. we was told a common problem they had with the first few years they made the cruze. It was covered by the warranty. Overall I still love my car.

- Carla B

The Chevy Cruze is a great little car for a couple or a small family. Buyers should stay on top of factory recalls and make sure that they have the repairs done in a timely manner.

My Chevy Cruze is a great travel vehicle for around town or cross country. It gets great gas mileage either way and it is very comfortable to ride in for 2-4 people. For long trips 4 people would be cramped, as there is not as much storage as I would like. It runs great, however there were an awful lot of recalls on it by the manufacturer, which is disturbing.

- nita m

Small but has good features.

The inside of the car is very small. The seats are too close to the middle of the car. The back seat is so small that the people in front have to seat close to the dashboard just for an adult to fit in the back. The seat are very uncomfortable making long road trips painful. On the other hand the heated seat feature and the Bluetooth feature are good perks.

- Samantha K

Great Chevrolet cruze for small family.

This is a really great car. The mileage and horsepower are perfect for a small family like mines (family of 4). The interior is just beautiful. The seats are very comfortable and the leather is like silk. This car has great technological features. I really love this car. I just wish it had more trunk space. But overall, it is a great car! Would recommend.

- Lisa Y

American-made, good gas mileage car with a few problems

There were several recalls on my car that had to be fixed. It does NOT have a good heating/cooling system. The air barely blows out of the vents. It does get great gas mileage which is why we bought it. The inside door handles were coated with something really cheap that keeps peeling off - and it's sharp, so whenever I open the door, it cuts my fingers.

- Tabitha W

I like my car very much I am happy with most the stuff in my car.

My vehicle is very reliable. It has heated seats, GPS, hands free calling that my favorite. Very good gas mileage. The down fall of the car is not enough room in the back for peoples feet and the seats are not easy to sit in with booster seats and to buckle. Lots of trunk space. I like the digital for the speed and to tell me how many miles till empty.

- Ashley L

Overall car has been good so far.

Car has ran well while I have owned it. Receives really good gas mileage. Would be small for someone with kids but great for commuting to and from work. Wish that it had cruise control and a button in the car to open the trunk, as only the key fob can be used and only when the car is turned off. Otherwise, have been pleased with the car overall so far.

- Amber C

That it is a great starter car that is high quality and reliable.

I like that the cars good on gas and is easy to drive. I also like that it does not have many maintenance issues, in the 6 years I have owned it I haven't needed any major repairs. I do not like the size of the car, I wish it were larger. The backseat is small for adults and the trunk it is too always large enough for the things I'd like to transport.

- Becky A

2012 Chevy Cruze personal issues.

Within the first year of putting my car, on a 6hr road trip from home, my car started acting like is was misfiring a cylinder. 2 hours and $700 later at a Chevy dealership I was back in the road. Then a month later my car just wouldn't start and I ended up with a dead battery. The car is reliable now, but it seems like everything goes wrong at once.

- Danielle S

Chevy Cruze. Buy or sell?

My Chevy Cruze is a dependable smooth ride. I love the overall look of the car. The rs package I chose has the car sitting lower to the ground with a nice tire package. Gas mileage is awesome. The only downside is would be that it can be a little tight with multiple passengers in the vehicle. Just big enough but could have some additional leg room.

- Cody S

I love the leather/heated seats and the sunroof. The car is stylish.

At 140, 000 miles, the transmission starts to slip. The heater tube breaks easily which causes coolant to leak. The vehicle is very reliable and gets great gas mileage. The only issue is wear and tear and the transmission slipping over time. Overall the car is reliable and I am happy with my purchase. My next car will most likely be a newer cruise.

- Penny J

Has required little maintenance.

My Chevrolet Cruze has been an excellent purchase. I have had it for 4 1/2 years and it has 77k miles on it. The only maintenance I have had to do besides replacing tires is front brakes and just replaced the battery last week. It has been a great car which has proven to be reliable. It handles well, good on gas and good for winter driving in snow.

- Christine R

The Cruze is a smaller, fuel efficient vehicle that is low maintenance.

I wish it had a trunk button inside the vehicle, not just on the keychain. Also I do not like that the car must be turned off and the key out of the ignition to open the trunk and I do not like that you cannot open the trunk without the key fob. It is a smaller car so not ideal for tall people, but very fuel efficient for someone who drives a lot.

- Anna S

2012 Chevy Cruze is a great starter car.

Had problem with power steering, but it is a great car. I have never had many problems with it. Drives really smooth, gets great gas mileage, and it looks really nice. The radio and speakers are nice and I have never had a problem with them. It is really comfy and surprisingly roomy for someone who’s tall. It can easily fit 4 people in it.

- Zach W

My 2012 Chevy Cruze review.

The car runs great. The only think is the breaks. You have to get the high performance brakes because the cheaper ones go out too fast. Great on gas mileage. Very comfortable for my family if 4. Very reliable. We've driven from California to las Vegas in it a few times. We also drove from California to Arizona. Didn't give us any problems.

- Britney C

Take a cruise with the Cruze.

My car has always been extremely reliable. Thankfully the only things I have had to fix on it are basic maintenance and the water pump. Otherwise I have not had any issues thus far. The horsepower is nothing to write home about, but what do you expect from a 4 cylinder? My main disappointment is that my Cruze does not have cruise control.

- Gabrielle R

don't regret buying this car for first big purchase! Stylish, comfortable car.

My car is awesome. I have had a few issues after 120, 000 miles such as computer glitches and fuel pump. Other than that my car has been very reliable and I love all the features, one of my favorites being the USB hook up. Only downside is no Cruise control. Took a 9 hour trip and it was comfortable. overall I do really enjoy my Cruze!

- Jena C

Not a head turner but great for someone on a budget.

My Chevy Cruze has been a very reliable car with a lot of low maintenance. I usually just take it in for general maintenance, (oil change, etc). There has been a few recalls when I first got the car but Chevy was very helpful and willing to replace parts in a timely manner. Very good on gas mileage, usually average high 20's to 30's.

- Ryan S

2012 Chevy Cruze review detail

I would recommend my car for someone who is a young driver with no family. There isn't a lot of room in the car but it is great on gas and had wonderful crash ratings. My biggest complaint is that it takes a second for the turbo to kick in so you have to take that into consideration when accelerating to take off in front of vehicles.

- sara c

It is great on gas, rides like a dream, fun to drive, affordable.

I love the car!! It gets great gas mileage, drives and rides a luxury vehicle. The price of the car is fairly reasonable and up keep is not expensive. Perfect for anyone that is on a budget but seeking a reliable vehicle that looks sharp on the road, is comfortable for long road trips or family vacations, and gets great gas mileage!

- Jessica C

Basic no frills car to get you from point a to point b, but definitely a solid car that can hold up for years. Worth the money.

This vehicle was purchased during grad school - i.e. low on money, but needed something reliable for transportation to school and clinical sites. There have been a few issues with the brakes and the car can be loud when the air conditioner is on. Car was comfortable enough to survive 2 cross country drives without any great issues.

- Dana P

Automatic windows, wipers, side mirrors. Big trunk with lots of space.

Transmission, and oil leaks. The transmission leaks fluid after 120,000 mile and then the oil started to leak as well. I am constantly having to put fuel injector fluid in car because it runs sluggish 24/7. It is a great car to have, it is good gas mileage. But I have hadn't nothing but problems with it ever since I bought the car.

- Miranda C

Has been a great car until it hit 70000 miles.

Has needed rear axle seal, water pump, thermostat, now has a small oil leak, they re checking, seems trust after 70000 miles things started happening. I like the ride and the style. I had the plugs changed and gas mileage is better. The print job is very durable and shines up nice. Brakes last long time. The car is just ok on snow.

- Gregory G

My Cruze is the best! It gets great gas mileage and is such a smooth ride.

My Cruze is amazing! It has heated seats and automatic start, which comes in handy in the winter. It gets great mileage and the ride is super smooth! I love the leather interior. It is extremely reliable and an all around great car. It handles great on back roads and on the highway! I travel in it constantly and it does wonderful.

- Danielle R

Nightmare cat from hell!!

I have replaced just about everything on this car. It is currently in the shop to have $1500 in repairs done for the catalytic converters (there are 2 of them). I have probably put $3000+ into this vehicle in the last year.. I still have it because I paid to much for it and cannot afford the down payment required to trade it in.

- Jessica W

2012 Chevy Cruze great daily driver.

I love the 2012 Chevy Cruze. It is honestly a good all round car, has the performance needed and I was able to get it for a good price concerning it was 1 in 6 manual transmission cars in the lot. The dealership was not the best and kept it for the first month I had it but other than that I have had no problems and love the car!

- Trent H

They should know that the maintenance costs for very small things that can easily be repaired elsewhere at a much lower cost. And that having the air conditioner on sometimes makes the car run slower.

I like that it's small and the sensors make it really easy to park anywhere. I like that it's very easy to drive and handles all kinds of weather nicely. I don't like that it makes a strange shifting when being driven for a long time. I don't like that it lets bad odors in from outside even though the windows and doors are shut.

- Jasmin R

Decent vehicle to own and drive.

I like the car enough. It is a small vehicle. The acceleration is slow in my opinion. I just recently had to get the alternator fix and some electrical. The car heats up fast in the winter. The air condition in the summer is great. Decent trunk size for car size. Easy on the eyes and pocket. The sound system is really nice too.

- A W

The Bluetooth never drops calls, it is pretty awesome.

The car is a basic sedan but very reliable. I have had practically no issues with the car. It is not a particularly fast car but I feel like I could quickly get out of the way if I needed too. It is comfortable and has good visibility from all angles and spots. It has very few features but I enjoy the simplicity of the vehicle.

- Isis M

This is not a good car for living in the Midwest or for an expanding family.

The Bluetooth went out of it within a year and they wont fix it without demanding that they get access to personal information from our phones. The car is terrible in the winter the slush just takes you and the car hydroplanes very easily. Not enough room for my growing family, my son's car seat barely fits in the back seat.

- Marley K

Cruze 2012 four door sedan.

The 2012 Cruze is a reliable car. The only thing I do not like about the car is that it does not take off as fast. When u are accelerating it takes to long to accelerate. I do like that it is good on gas you can fill up your tank with thirty five dollars. It is a five person car so it does have a lot of room for a small car.

- Tanya M

Our Cruze has been a lemon!

We have had to replace the water pump 3 different times, the vacuum pump 3 times, the rotors before 30, 000 miles, it has idling issues and misses. And we've had the head gasket cover replaced 4 or more times. We like the car as far as gas mileage. But it has cost us a lot of money out of pocket to repair it over and over.

- Stephanie C

Chevy Cruze ltz good commuting vehicle.

I have the ltz model and I like all the extra features: sunroof, heated seats, back up sensors, keyless entry etc.. I have had several electrical problems with this car around 50, 000 miles and I learned that these vehicles have a head gasket cylinder cracking problem around 75, 000 miles which I just recently experienced.

- Kate B

I like how my car fits into any parking spot. My car gets amazing gas mileage.

I hate the fact that my car is so small that no one can fit in the back seat without me having to scoot my seat up so far I can't drive. My car is falling apart. Every year I have had something wrong with my tires. My car does not accelerate at the speed I would like it to. I also do not like how my car is not white.

- Madison L

It's a great gas saving car that has enough power and comfort.

I enjoy the fuel economy. It's a comfortable car. I like the color. It's a manual. Has a great radio. The performance is great. Roomy for a compact car. Great for long trips. Controls are easy to understand. Has the power I was looking for. Plenty of trunk room. I like the power window. I like the auto on and off lights.

- David E

It is slow to build up speed, so don't try pulling out in front of people.

My car drives very smoothly, and has great gas mileage. It has bluetooth and OnStar capability. It has an auxiliary port which is great for connecting phone to vehicle. The only things I don't like are that the center console is very small, I have to lean awkwardly to rest my elbow. And the seat is not very comfortable.

- Lacy B

I like my 2012 Chevy Cruze!

The gas mileage is great and the ride is very comfortable, the style is very nice looking and the handling is really great on the highway. The dashboard is easy to see and has a lot of functions that help the driver. Plenty of legroom in the back seat when the front seats are moved up and still plenty of room in front.

- Don L

I love driving my Chevy Cruze.

I enjoy this vehicle for many reasons. It is a nice size for everyday use. It has great features such as OnStar, 4 passenger seats, and it storage compartments. There is a place on the dashboard that tells you when to shift, which is great for manual transmission beginners. I plan on keeping this vehicle for a while.

- Kris S

The seat warmers are amazing in the winter.

Thus far, my car has caused me little to no problems. The car is most just functional although it does have some nice options, like seat warmers. The car is unremarkable but it does serve its purpose and gets me where I need to go. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a reasonably priced mode of transportation.

- Stephanie M

Push to start is a godsend.

Minor mechanical issues like the thermostat went out and the air conditioning went out at one point but everything else runs fine mechanically. I would recommend getting the extended warranty just in case. I love the leather seats and seat warmers with the car as well as the push to start/ remote start feature.

- Tucker W

Chevrolet Cruze: pcv valve cover engineering issue.

The year model has an engineering issue that affects the gas mileage. The part that has to be replaced will become damaged again, and needs to be replaced regularly. The size is good and roomy for such a small car, but it has really bad blind spots. Many people I know who have the same car have had many issues.

- Sydney K

Bad transmission troubles.

This car has been reliable for five years and now the transmission has gone out of it. From things I am reading online this is a common thing with these vehicles. I really didn't expect the transmission to go out this soon. Other than that the car has been good for us. We have rarely had any trouble out of it.

- Constance C

Good and bad aspects of the Chevy Cruze for people with children.

Key fob is consistently misfiring. There is only one single key fob. The car gets good gas mileage but does not have a very large gas tank at all. Leg room within the vehicle in any sitting area is limited whether it is the back seat or the driver. Truck is spacious but does not open very far for larger items.

- Ron K

Chevy Cruze is realizable and worth the money.

Small issues with regular wear and tear. Otherwise performance is great and can go long distances without and issues. Comfort is great since it does not have leather seats. Features are good but can upgrade. I upgraded the stereo system, speakers and add subwoofers and is a great addition to the sound quality.

- Val P

2012 Chevy Cruze is the best!

It is the perfect car! It handles really well when roads are slick, and can even drive in the snow. The only complaint I have is that you cannot really fit three people across the back comfortably. The trunk is huge though you can fit a ton of stuff in it! Overall it is a great car, and I would recommend it.

- Lauren G

Easy and little maintenance.

Have had this car for 3 years, and it is been great. Good distance car and great on gas mileage in town and highway. I love the screen size on the dash and how it is automated lights for the darkness level outside. Bluetooth and hands free calling was a must for me so I am glad this was offered in the Cruze.

- Taylor R

Wonderful gas saving vehicle!

There are not really any problems with the vehicle. It is a great gas saver and good car to travel in. Very reliable and trustworthy. Comes with seat warmers and automatic start. I would not recommend it as a family vehicle because it is small. Other than that there are not reported issues with this vehicle.

- Gabrielle C

The Chevy cruze is a reliable car.

The 2002 Chevy Cruze is a great car. It drives very smooth, and shifts with ease. It is good for everyday use. I haven't had to have any major repairs in the time I have had it, and it is very reliable. While it is not the most roomy vehicle, it is still good for a decent length drive with 2-3 passengers.

- Christy S

My vehicle is the perfect size for a medium height person or shorter person.

Its had some sensor problems, a long pick-up speed time, a little small. Its comfortable, has Bluetooth for phones calls and maps. Pretty big trunk, cloth seats, does not get very hot, good heating and cooling. Reliable for driving on short trips as long trips to other states or nearby. Good gas mileage.

- Sara D

It is cute small and great for a college person with no kids.

My little Cruze is a nice car for a kid in college. I have had zero problem with my car and all I had to do to it is the usually oil changes and getting gas. I would recommend these cars to anyone looking for a small car. I have own it for a few years now and plan to tell my family grows bigger one day.

- Reese H

Cruze without cruise control?

The only issue I have with my Chevy Cruze is that the driver's seat needs a back support adjustment, especially for longer drives. It would also be good to have cruise control standard. Who knew a base Cruze would not have cruise? It is available only with a package of other options I would not want.

- George J

2012 Chevy Cruze has been an exceptional car, I am happy with her performance.

This has been one of my favorite vehicles, it drives very well, it is good on the road, good on gas, handles the roads well. It has over 100, 000 and has recently needed quite a lot of service work but that is to be expected but she is such a nice car we felt it was worth outing the money into here.

- Michele F

Chevy cruises to you, reliable for you.

Acceleration issues, ticking, and spark plug replacement. The performance is good. The gas mileage is very good. Reliability is good. Not good for snow or ice. Heated and leather seats. Sound system is excellent includes Bluetooth and hands free calling plus satellite radio and onstar capabilities.

- Anna N

Mom of two infants says car is ok.

It is not that comfortable for long drives. It drives fairly nicely on the road and in weather-related conditions. Two car seat do fit in the back, but a shorter person would have to be the driver. It has a large truck capacity. I do not like that the armrest is so far back and cannot move upwards.

- Elizabeth S

Can be automatic or you can put it into manual mode. Heated seats. OnStar.

I love my car. Heated seats, Bluetooth, OnStar. I had an issue with the turbo recently. But other than that it is great. I couldn't be happier with my vehicle. As long as you stay on top of maintenance, the Chevy Cruze is the vehicle to get. Roomy back seats. Which helps because I have 2 children.

- Krystal E

The most important thing about my car is that it is a very safe car.

My vehicle is a great, reliable car and it is perfect for a college student. It gets amazing gas mileage so I am able to go back and forth between school and home and not have to worry about gas being too expensive or nervous that my car may break down. It drives smooth and I feel very safe in it!

- Molly B

The gas mileage is crazy good.

I love how smooth it drives and gas mileage. It stores more than I could have ever thought, and it is great for long road trips. It is super easy to park and drive in cities. The color is red which is by far my favorite color! I do wish the inside was not a light tan because it shows dirt easily.

- Hannah W

Fuel efficient, affordable, and overall good car; without sacrificing comfort.

My Cruze is an efficient, comfortable, all-around good car. Even with my height (6'3") I am comfortable over long journeys, aided by the climate control system working very well. Additionally it is a fuel efficient car, that handles well in inclimate weather. Generally an overall good vehicle.

- Brian M

Good, steady. Reliable car.

The only issue I have with this car is the air conditioning stops working when you accelerate. That is not a good feature when you live in the desert. It runs well, we have had virtually no problems with it other than the air, it is dependable, it has good gas mileage, and is fairly comfortable.

- Karen K

It has been the perfect first adult purchase.

Perfect car for college lifestyle and beginning adulthood. Four doors is super convenient for having my first child. Lots of trunk space. Plenty of legroom in the back seat. Very good on gas and drives very well. I do wish it had cruise control, but other than that have been very happy with it.

- Danielle C

It is very reliable and fuel efficient. Almost no major problems with my vehicle.

I love my vehicle. It is very reliable and fuel efficient. Any repairs needed all sensors in my car notify me immediately. I feel very safe in my vehicle and know I got the most for my money. I love all the features that come with it as well, like onstar, my Chevy app, Xm radio, and navigation.

- Roberto S

A great cruise in my Cruze!

My 2012 Cruze has quick get up and go, and good gas mileage. The gas mileage is about 23 miles per gal on expressway. I tote my two grandchildren to church occasionally, so there is room for two children's car seats in the back seat. I also load groceries and other items in the trunk regularly.

- Kathy D

The Cruze was wonderful at first!

The vehicle is very comfortable and spacious. It is great with kids. The drive was pretty smooth when I first made my purchase. Now, the most irritating issue is the transmission, which is not a cheap repair by far. Upon further research, it seems to be a common issue with this make and model.

- Debby W

Cruze has been great for 5 years!

This car is the greatest. Reliable. Easy to park. Sporty. It has great gas mileage. I love the red color and the interior. The hatchback is great, especially with the ability to put the back seats back. It is extremely comfortable to drive. It is 5 years old so it does not have a touch screen.

- Beth W

Safety, Comfort, and Affordability come standard with this car model

The Chevrolet Cruze is a basic sedan but it makes me feel like I drive a mid-size, mid-tier car. It has a top safety rating, adequate trunk size and leg room, nicely styled interior, and quality sound system. With only a V4 engine, it lacks power, but great fuel economy is a fair trade-off.

- Ben W

I've driven my to several states and back with no problems. Good gas mileage!

It drives smooth. Gets okay gas mileage. Doesn't need frequent repairs. Cruise control is great. Some problems are when it is too cold out the sensors do not read tire pressure properly and I've had issues with the windshield wiper fluid holder cracking and spilling out in cold temperatures.

- Amanda R

Chevy Cruze is great compact car with great gas mileage.

The vehicle is very compact and small which is a very good thing for new/young drivers. It is great on gas mileage, therefore it is very cheap if you travel a lot for work, etc. On the down side, if you do have more than one small child it is difficult to fit multiple car seats into the car.

- Makale C

The car from point A to point B.

The positive about my car is the gas mileage and the ride is smooth. However if your looking for luxury and comfortable seats it is average at best. I would recommend this car as a second car for traveling to work only. If you looking for fun this is not the car, this is truly for function.

- Carlton C

This is the story about the Chevy.

The car that I have is nice but it is not good on gas and when you start to drive around a lot you start to notice all of the car problem. The battery will gout and a takes a special kind of oil so that starts to cost a lot of money. It is a very cute car but not good for a lot of driving.

- Jasmine W

This car has every feature I could possibly want in a car.

Fantastic gas mileage, wonderfully smooth drive, safe and reliable. Extremely luxurious. Family car with plenty of space for both family and seats that fold down so that you can load the trunk to its absolute fullest. If I had an option I would absolutely choose this car again and again.

- Brittany B

I have a 6-speed manual eco version, gets fantastic gas mileage.

The car is pretty small and cozy, does not have much power. I have a 6-speed manual eco version. The gas mileage is absolutely fantastic, I averaged between 28 and 40 miles to the gallon. The car is relatively inexpensive and I was told that maintenance is not a big burden on the wallet.

- Art J

2012 Chevrolet Cruze. The best car for the money.

My 2012 Chevrolet Cruze has been the best and most reliable car I have owned. The gas mileage is phenomenal, usually getting an average of 30 miles per gallon. The car is comfortable and spacious. I have only had the oil changed every five thousand miles and one set of new tires put on.

- Melody H

I love this car - perfect mix of comfort and sport.

I love my vehicle. I have not had many issues with it. There have been a couple of components that have needed replaced, but I am not sure how the previous owner took care of the car. I love the sportiness of it, the comfort and the overall performance. A huge plus is great gas mileage.

- Cheryl C

That it is a great car for the price and has always been reliable for me.

I love my 2012 Cruze. It looks very upscale for the price. It has a lot of features, such as sunroof and USB port in the armrest. The only issues I have had is several recalls, but that's just about every car these days and all recalls have always been fixed for free by the dealership.

- Shannon B

It is very reliable in the beginning, but gets much worse.

This car has worked really well up until I put about 100, 000 miles on it. Ever since I have hit that mark, the car has broken down, shakes very bad, and I get nervous every single time I drive whether I will make it to my destination. I have been looking to get a new car immediately.

- Rachel B

It is good on gas and is cheap to fix. They last long.

I love my Chevy, however, the battery is corroded and it dents easily. I will say they are easy to fix and they are good on gas mileage. I would recommend Chevys. My monthly payments aren't too bad and the insurance is okay. They are reliable and I feel safe. The inside is pretty too.

- Christine P

Very reliable and good on gas!

I have had my 2012 Chevy Cruze for 3 years now and it is very reliable and very good on gas. Haven't had any problems with it so far. But it is very small inside, that would be my only complaint. Runs very well and I love my little car. Would recommend this car to friends and family.

- Ana M

It's the most economical car I have owned.

I love my Chevy cruze. It has a leather interior with heated seats which are great in the winter. It has Bluetooth and syncs with my phone. It has a remote starter, again great for the winter. It is just the right size for me. It is fuel efficient. I have had no problems with my car.

- Janet P

In the 6 years that I've had it, there has been no mechanical problems.

I would like more get up and go sometimes but still keep good gas mileage. The car is not as roomy in the back seat as I would like. I like the fact that I can lay the back seats down for more cargo area when needed. I like the car enough I would consider buying another one later.

- glenda W

Very reliable, comfortable, and sleek vehicle.

I really enjoy the interior. Although it's not very easy to clean if you have children, it is very comfortable. We have had to replace the water pump and fuel pump within the last 4 years. It drives really smooth and has great gas mileage as long as you keep up with the maintenance.

- Madison F

The gas mileage is amazing! I'd recommend it for that reason alone.

I love my car. I love that it gets great gas mileage. It has the turbo engine so even though it's a 4 cylinder it drives like a six. Even in the winter with all the snow I've never had any trouble getting where I've needed to be. It's a great car and I'd definitely buy another one.

- Sarah T

I really like my Chevrolet Cruze.

My Chevrolet Cruze is my everyday driving vehicle. I put at least one hundred miles per day on the car. I like the car with it is manual transmission, but I might like it better with an automatic transmission. I will keep driving it until it is done, then probably get another one.

- Larry S

Great vehicle but Stabilitrak is a pain!

Overall the vehicle is great. Gas mileage is amazing perfect size for new drivers. Only one downfall, the Stabilitrak is always needing service and it messes with my electrical in the car like the radio. Other than that it is an amazing car. I have nothing else to complain about.

- Breanna J

Warns me if the outside temp is below freezing to be careful of ice on the roads.

I have only had this car for 2 days but it is certainly an upgrade. More or less there is a button for everything and going to have to sit down with the manual to find out where everything is and what every feature does. Definitely wish I had gotten into a newer vehicle sooner.

- April C

Good, quality, long lasting car.

The Chevy Cruze is a quality vehicle that gets decent gas mileage, and has comfortable seats. It is always a smooth ride and handles really well. I have had this car for 3 years and it is just as good today as it was when I first purchased it. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Stacy A

Chevy is trustworthy and worth the investment.

It has been reliable but it is getting up. In miles. Chevy is known to have issues when you're past 100k miles. I've had issues with it leaking oil and spent a lot of money getting it fixed. Otherwise it has been good to me. I have regular oil changes and keep the tank full.

- Ashley E

The main thing I love about my Cruze is the great gas mileage that is gets!

I love my Chevrolet Cruze. It is the perfect size. It get great gas mileage and when I am driving in the city it is easy to get in and out of places because of the size of the vehicle. I love that it gets me from point A to point B. I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Amanda A

Its blue and amazing and small.

It's nice and small and comfy and its blue and it's really nice to make money on a survey sight well sitting in my amazing blue Chevy Cruze that is so amazing in every way possible and it is blue and its from 2012 and its a Chevy Cruze. You would like the car if you got it.

- Jeffrey B

Great value for price easy to maneuver.

Could be larger good on gas very maneuverable easy to park priced well for the value quite reliable very few mechanical but overall very good car problems can seat four people comfortably could use more legroom steering wheel less maneuverable (up and down) than other cars.

- Felicia W

My Chevy Cruze in baby blue.

The Chevy Cruze is the perfect vehicle for a young lady or college student. My only complaints are that it does not have cruise control and the cup holder is in an awkward position. It seats four people comfortably and has an awesome trunk size. Fits in most parking spaces.

- Katrina H

I love this car, it is reliable and easy to drive but it very small.

The car is easy to drive and great on gas. The one problem I have is space inside. It is very uncomfortable when there are passengers in the back seat. There is very little leg room. It is not recommended if you have children! I have not had many mechanical problems either.

- Haley K

This car is easy to drive and great on gas!

The vehicle is very reliable! It is a nice size and very easy to drive unlike bigger cars. The maintenances is just like any other car. The car is also very good on gas. When gas prices are reasonable it takes me no more than 25 dollars to fill up for the week maybe longer.

- Von M

I love my Chevrolet Cruze!

I love my car, its perfect for my needs and gets the job done! It's very reliable with great gas mileage. It however, is not a good vehicle for taller people as my boyfriend has a hard time seeing out of mirrors as well as getting in and out. I am very happy with it for me.

- A G

Standard baby blue go getter.

It is an amazing family car very roomy the only problems that we have had with it is the air flow system. So it kinda sounds a lil funny at times and it is also a standard so every once in a while it has trouble taking off on a step angle hillside and will stall out on you.

- Joseph L

My favorite about the car is the Bluetooth connect.

It is a very reliable vehicle, perfect size and drives amazing, it is good on gas too. I have not had any problems since I first purchased it one of the best cars I have ever had, has Bluetooth which I love also nice and spacious on the inside great car for a small family!

- Jasmine C

Great ride, great efficiency, and great performance.

The Cruze is very reliable in my experience. It is not prone to breakdowns or improper operation. The performance is adequate. The ride is very smooth and comfortable. The engine has to work somewhat hard on uphill slopes. Gas mileage is great, especially on the highway.

- Aaron W

Cruze review and arisen issues as the car ages.

This vehicle is reliable but it is not sounding as good as it ages. It has not broken down completely though. The water pump has broken on 3 occasions and only once was it replaced for free. The defrost in the front has also stopped working and would be expensive to fix.

- Britt K

I love the cruise control and the auto start.

I love my car and the comfort of it. The sound system is ok as well however maintenance on it can get expensive I had someone try to steal my car and had to get 2 new keys made coming to total 500 shortly after I had to replace my engine due to overheating costing 5000.

- Sidney K

Dependable and non-finicky Chevy Cruze

I've had this car for 5 years and have never had to any troubles with it. Aside from routine maintenance, I haven't needed to do any work on it. It sometimes has a hard time accelerating quickly, but that is the only issue I've ever had with it. Gets great gas mileage.

- Elizabeth H

Only one issue I can find with the car.

I have the manual transmission edition and love the car. The only issue with the car is the cooling system, the sensors keep going out and no one knows why. The car still runs correctly just has the check engine light on. I would buy it again if I was given the chance.

- Brian D

My 2012 Chevy Cruze eco:).

My vehicle is highly reliable it is a 2012 Chevy Cruze eco it is my baby! It is a good family car very comfortable my girls love it! The inside has nice beautiful beige interior with a black dash it makes it look luxurious. It is a really a beautiful car in & out.

- Ana O

Very comfortable, and fun to drive!

The thing I love the most about my car is how comfortable it is, the seats are very comfortable and can be adjusted to fit me even though I am very tall for such a small car. It is very easy to drive and handle, and sometimes I find myself driving around just for fun.

- Joshua W

It's amazing and most of all great on gas.

So far we have had no problems. Other than slight issues like a headlight and we also had to get some new belt for it. Does great on gas too. The acceleration could be better in it but it's only a 4 cylinder so I guess I can't say much. Fixes are simple and cheap too.

- Joel N

Fuel efficiency! Gets me around during the long winter months in Iowa.

Bought my Chevy Cruze used a few years ago and absolutely love my car. It gets around just fine during the winter. I have been averaging about 33 miles per gallon. To me fuel efficiency is the number one thing I look for in a vehicle. This car exceeds my expectations.

- John N

The great silver shark of the Cruze.

These vehicle runs great, and is great on gas. Comfort wise the seats for great and in the front a ton of leg room, in the back it is a little tighter of a fit. Sometimes my fan runs a bit long and fast, even when it is cool outside. My car has never stopped or died.

- Faith L

The most interesting detail about my vehicle is that it has a small turbo.

My car is a small yet dependable car, I have had issues with a oil leak that only the dealer can fix, that is what I was told by another garage. But the dealer is asking too much money to fix issue, so I am stuck with a strong smoke smell every time I use my heater.

- Danny S

A Cruze without cruise. Fun and sporty yet practical and useful.

It does not have cruise control but I think that is an option on the cars. It is perfect size. Not to big but comfortable for my taller friends and for me as I am petite. Check engine light has come on twice for sensors going bad. Trunk pops very easy with key fob.

- Sierra P

10/10 would recommend this vehicle.

This vehicle is super reliable! It is great for driving anywhere. It is the perfect size, and it drives perfectly. I am a new mother and I feel safe having my child in my Cruze. I love it is sleek look and comfortable interior. I would recommend this car to anyone!

- Ashley G

Great gas mileage close to 400 miles a tank of gas.

Great gas mileage heater and air conditioner works great rides smooth runs quiet radio is great speakers great. CD player is great lights come on a automatically. Beeps when backing up to let you know you are getting close to something seats adjust with no problem.

- Mary G

An all-around great vehicle

While a relatively small car, my vehicle has plenty of leg room and substantial storage space. It gets great fuel efficiency, and has plenty of safety features. I feel comfortable and safe in my Cruze, and also know it can help accomplish my goals and expectations.

- Ashley W

Great fuel mileage and space! I can fit anything in my car and I'm constantly filling it up with equipment and kids!

I did not plan on buying a car when I got it, but I will and have recommended this car make/model to others, and other have purchased. Love the large trunk. Great fuel mileage. As my kids get bigger, I've noticed the back seat gets smaller! But that's expected.

- Brandi L

Great car overall in every aspect.

Love the gas mileage I get with my Cruze. It is a smaller case, which I like. Good storage space in trunk. Very reliable car, never given me any issues. The year on mine is 2012, and it still runs like brand new. Wouldn't trade my car for any other make or model.

- Chelsea Y

I love the fact that is good on gas.

Chevy Cruze is very reliable. It is great on mileage. It is a bit smaller than expected but it is convenient for couples. I recommend it for anyone. It is very economical and it is and easy fit anywhere. It is also easy to fix mechanically speaking and cheap too.

- Ale L

Amazing quality and performance.

Very good performance, extremely good gas mileage, usually gets around 38-42 miles per gallon, comfortable interior with plenty of room, a lot of trunk space, heated seats and the ac/heating system is a+, overall amazing quality vehicle and 10/10 would recommend.

- Jennifer K

Body kit the way the car sits and love the pictures also is really fast.

To much to list from motor work to interior, to aftermarket lights inside, and out under glow, rims, aftermarket intake, headers, exhaust, injectors, turbo stage 2 tune 2, and a half straight pipe, sits on adjustable coilovers, surround system, kicker everything.

- Thomas F

Great on gas and nice body.

Nice interior, safe for kids and adults, good on gas, and nice body. The car is small if you have multiple kids. Love the Bluetooth connection, AUX cord, and the port to plug in the phone. Satellite radio and onstar. Perfect car to drive if going on a road trip.

- India S

The Cruze is a smaller car that offers lots of legroom for the tall driver.

There is a lot of legroom and the truck is adequate as well. It is comfortable and gets great gas mileage. One problem is there is a blind spot along the front side when looking out. The windows and locks are electronic and there's room for storage in the doors.

- Kathleen W

Nothing fancy. Just a great dependable car.

Its pretty good car. Not a lot of power when you try to accelerate, but eventually gets up to speed. Never had any mechanical problems. Great gas mileage. Not a fan of the console area, but that is just cosmetic. Nothing that hinders the performance of the car.

- Carolyn M

Has been a very good, dependable car.

Nice heated leather seats. Good sound system. Good gas mileage, handles well, nice zippy little car. Have had to do very little maintenance other than general upkeep. However, the gears broke that switch settings for the heat/air (defrost, front facing vents).

- Laura A

It is dependable, reliable, and has good get-up-and-go.

I love the car for its sleek and comfortable feel. I like that it is reliable and sturdy; It has over 100,000 miles. My only real complaint about it is that the truck does not hold my walker, and we have to put it in the back seat in order to take it anywhere.

- Helena G

I love my Cruze! It is comfortable and extremely reliable!

My Cruze is amazing! It gets awesome gas mileage and is extremely comfortable. The ride is very smooth in town and on the highway. I have over 180, 000 miles on it and it runs just as good now as it did new! I stay on top of maintenance and treat it like gold!

- Shonda R

Miles to the gallon has be as high as 28 mpg. Good for road trips.

Engine problems happen regularly. When it comes close to the time of an oil change the AC starts not being able to put out and is inconsistent even when on the same setting. Drives good but about twice a year it is in the shop for the same recurring problems.

- heidi s

When to change the oil and make sure you have oil in the car.

This car gets great gas mileage but the engine has a lot of issues. I've had this car for 2 years now and have had to replace the spark plug wires, the valve cover, and the coolant outlet valve. All three of these issues are extremely common for this vehicle.

- Michelle C

Very good comfortable, safe and fast.

My car is very comfort and excellent, very ease to use and fast, stable, without any problem so far very satisfied, quick easy maintenance without problems when trying to make some change, without any complaint and very good car insurance company. I love it.

- Brandon S

Not comfortable to drive.

Since it is automatic transmission, the car jerks when the gears shift. At first I thought there was an issue with the car but the mechanic at CarMax later clarified. Also, there are no cruise controls, so driving long hours are very stressful on your legs.

- Jennifer A

Chevy Cruze reliable and great!

My Cruze has been dependable and reliable. Great gas mileage for trips I take across country. Handles really easily, and so fun to drive, feels like an extension of me! Great cargo space for all of my things, and also can comfortably fit 4 adult passengers.

- Rachel S

An interesting detail is that it has 10 airbags.

My car has been a great car throughout college and moving. I will always be a fan of Chevy cars because my car has held up so well! It has been reliable, it has been sturdy and it has held up through the years. It is my first car and I am 8 years in on it.

- Elizabeth N

It's an amazing car to work on.

My 2012 Chevy Cruze is the most amazing car I've ever bought. The eco is a baseline model with a 1.4l turbo great for fuel efficiency. It's got back up sensors to monitor how close you get to objects. The gas mileage is amazing and well worth the purchase.

- Carter C

The Cruze is an amazing car!

It is a great car, it is just very small. I wanted to get a midsize and ended up going compact because it is cheaper and better on fuel. Those parts are amazing! And the car runs wonderfully. . I just wish I had stuck to my guns and gotten the midsize. . .

- Alyssa C

So efficient for moms who drive a lot for work and school.

My Chevy Cruze is very fuel efficient my tank fills up with 30 to 35 dollars and will last me about two weeks until needs to be filled up again. The leather interior makes it easy to clean and the car has not given me any problems that I know of just yet.

- Tiffany F

Love the ride, enjoy the dependability, relax with OnStar.

While fairly small on the inside, the dependability is impeccable. The Bluetooth hook up is awesome and the OnStar option is great, the gas mileage is good but leaves more to be desired if you commute a lot. And the back up camera is very clear and great.

- Jessie H

The ups and downs of Jenelle's 2012 Cruze.

I have had issues with the radiator fan. I am currently having issues with the temp sensor. Other than that the car has been okay. It sucks in the snow. It also lacks power. But fuel economy is good. The back seat is a little small but its a compact car.

- Jenelle F

Chevy Cruze: fair car, worth the buy?

Runs ok. Valve cover gasket has broken a few times and a weird clicking noise takes place when the car gets hot. Other than that it runs ok. Air conditioning is not the best as it may need to be recharged but all in all it is an ok car to own and drive.

- Chad V

Chevy Cruze. Decent gas mileage.

Back seat seatbelts are difficult for an elderly person to engage. No cruise control on my model. Decent gas mileage but not great. Paint peeling on lower panels under the door. Trunk spacious. Handles easily. Hand grabs are at a convenient placement.

- Therese Y

Chevy Cruze-cool, cute, and fun for any type of person.

The Chevrolet Cruze is an awesome car and has never given me any major problems. It is very comfortable on the inside and has a lot of cool features, my favorite is the digital speedometer. It has good gas mileage and is perfect for a college student.

- Alexa S

Pros and cons of a 2012 Chevy Cruze eco.

Not very quick. Miles per gallon is good. Very inexpensive. Nice on the inside rims are nice. You can download an app that will give diagnostics. Remote start. Cloth seats are no good. Not too flashy but still look nice. No sunroof. Good sound system.

- Jonathan J

My vehicle is easy to drive and reliable for long commutes.

As a full time commuting student, I find the Chevy Cruze really reliable and gas efficient. It is also a decent size that can be parked anywhere without problems. My year is 2012 and still has so many up to date features for a car that is 6 years old.

- Amanda-pauline S

My car is a very dependable car and it's awesome on gas mileage. It has an impressive safety rating as well.

I've had my vehicle for a few years now. It's a dependable car and it's great on gas mileage. My main dislike overall is just that it's not as updated as I would like it to be. I really would love a vehicle with newer technology and safety features!

- Krista C

It get 40 miles to gallon on highway it is a great car handle well very smooth ride and very safe

It has satellite radio,cruise control,Bluetooth,good gas performances it 4 security alarm, I don't like manuel adjustment seat not lot of head room CD player on star large trunk, turbo engine track stealing, air conditioner,rear defroster, cellular

- Henry C

I really enjoy the eco model, as it helps with gas mileage & I get about 30 mpg.

This car has been great for gas mileage going around town and up and down interstate frequently. It is very comfortable for one or two people and has a sleek design. I have run into a number of problems, however, with wheel bearings, idling, etc.

- Ashley M

It a dependable vehicle with good gas mileage and minimal upkeep.

I really like how dependable my car has been since the day I bought it. I've only have to do basic maintenance on it. The gas mileage is also amazing. I dislike the lack of horsepower and the fact that it doesn't have cruise control (on a cruze!)

- Gabrielle L

Absolutely great on gas, it gets on the average of 35 to 38 miles per gallon and that's all the time.

I have had many different cars from Chevrolet and I have to say that this Cruze is one of the best, it drives good, it is comfortable and performance is super, the only thing that it does not have and I wish that it did was an in-dash GPS System.

- John J

The price I paid for it was good. You definitely get the value for your money compared to other vehicles.

I like that it is small and easy to maneuver. I like the way it looks inside and out. I do NOT like the brakes. They do not work very well when it is raining. Instead of gripping and holding the rotor it skips and continues to let the car move.

- Susan R

This car gets great gas mileage, usually is better than 30 miles per gallon.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage, usually 30 mpg or better. There is plenty of room in the trunk for the two of us to put our luggage when we are traveling. I have no complaints, but would not get a black car with a black interior next time.

- Julie A

Gets great gas mileage! You can travel over 500 on a tank of gas.

I love my car because it's cute, it's got great pick-up, and it gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is that it is occasionally sluggish, but that doesn't happen very often. There does seem to be an odd odor when the heater runs sometimes.

- Lisa F

This car stretches a tank of gas.

Uncomfortable to get in and out of, even though I am not a tall person. Interior is too small for some friends to fit comfortably. Suspension system does not keep me from feeling every ripple in pavement or pothole. Good mpg. Few mech. Prob.

- Gail W

It's a modern convenience to get you where you need to go. It gives you freedom.

I like that this car is compact yet it has a big trunk size. It's comfortable and it drives well. It's a little sporty looking because someone put a spoiler on it before we bought it. My husband usually drives it and he does really like it.

- Michelle L

Car is cheap and compact. Probably wouldn't recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new car.

This vehicle does not accelerate well. It's like driving a race car. I personally have had many problems ranging from a cracked windshield, to my car stalling, and my check engine lights coming on for no reason. Safety rating is horrible

- Kelsey M

This is a very versatile car that is perfect for whatever you need.

I like the size of my car, it is very versatile. There is a lot of room for storage but it isn't too big either. It is good on gas mileage which my budget loves. I also like the appearance of my car, it looks nice and has been durable.

- Sarah J

My car was bought used from an Uber driver and we had to get its engine replaced a week after buying it resold from him.

My Chevy Cruze is an amazing vehicle that gets me from point A to point B comfortably and stylishly. My biggest complaint would be that the front is low and gets marked up on curbs time to time but that is also most likely user error.

- Sophia B

It does not have cruise control. That would be my one complaint.

I have really not had any issues out of my Chevy Cruze that were not related to normal maintenance/ wear and tear. Everything has always worked very well for me and the air conditioner has always been superb. It has never broken down.

- Alan A

You can save a fortune on long distance trips using this car.

I love the gas mileage. When I hit the open road, I get about 50 miles to the gallon. The trunk is also nice, for a small car there is a ton of space in there. The only real complaint I have is the back seat is a little compact.

- Josh M

It is perfect for a person without children.

I am 5'6" and this car is the perfect size for me. If I were a 6' man it probably wouldn't be very comfortable but it works for me. It is great on gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. I have never had a major issue with it.

- Bailey B

The vehicle seats 5 people, it gets great gas mileage and is a great, reliable car.

Love that it is compact and gets good gas mileage. It is a good, reliable car but it does not fit car seats in the back seat very well. We will have to get a new car soon due to it not fitting convertible car seats comfortably.

- Katelyn K

With all of the technology in the car, it can become more annoying than anything

I enjoy the easy features. My trunk does not work properly and I cannot figure it out and there seems to be engine problems and it is a newer car. All in all, a decent car. Definitely an upgrade from my 2003 mitsubishi Galant.

- Brandan F

It is good on gas and is extremely reliable. Would recommend to anyone.

I love my vehicle. It drives smoothly and it is comfortable driving and riding in the back seat. The only thing I would change is the AC it has 4 settings and it goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Also I wish it had Cruze control.

- Sarah C

that overheating issues on the car happens way to often.

Love the look of the car. love the space on the inside. millage is great. i don't like that it has a large blind spot. it doesn't have a trunk opening button in the car. and it overheats and has cooling issues too frequently.

- maxine g

The gas system failed and needed to be rebuilt. Clunker.

At first, I loved the car. But as I started putting more Nikes on it, I had to get it repaired a ridiculous amount of times. I have spent more repairing the car in the past year than it is even worth, but cannot trade it in.

- Candice S

My Chevrolet Cruze is good on gas mileage

My chevrolet cruze is a great economical car that is small enough to fit into any parking space. It is comfortable seating and can raise the seat if necessary. The one problem that I notice is that it has slow acceleration.

- Vera C

It shows you how many more miles you can go on your tank of gas & it's accurate.

I like the way that it rides. I like the color and the feel of the car. I like that it is reliable in getting me to and from work. The only thing that I dislike is that it is getting a lot of miles on it. No complaints.

- Debbie M

the most important thing about my car is that it is really easy on gas.with the prices of gas out of this world this car is perfect for my most need.

i love that it's easy on gas. i have had it for 3 years .the only thing that i've had problems with is the turbo went out of it. thankfully it was still under warranty or that would of been an expensive fix out of pocket.

- stephanie s

All in all, Chevy is the way to go, it's a very roomy sedan, great power, and gas.

I believe the Chevy Cruze is an amazing car, I love it. It's the best car I've ever had. Never had any problems with it, drives very smooth, very comfortable in my car, maybe a to little! What can I say, I am a Chevy gal.

- Tay H

It is economical and would be a good car for your teenager. It is safe, but does not accelerate too fast.

It is a safe car with good steering and brakes. It also gets good mileage and has been pretty reliable. I do with the driver's seat had more adjustments, especially for lumbar support, because I am taller than average.

- George r

It is good value for the money - it isn't a lemon.

I like that it is manual transmission yet includes many modern accessories. It has cruise control, a good audio setup, and gets good mileage. It has been low-maintenance and does not struggle up steep hills unless full.

- Brian W

I'm planning on driving it for as long as I can.

My car is great on gas and reliable. It's nearly paid off and has served me well while I've had it. Life has changed and something bigger would be nice but I am very content to keep this car for as long as possible.

- Kristi W

It is trustworthy and reliable. It drives nicely and meets my needs.

I really like its reliability and the fact that it's easy to drive. It meets my needs. One thing I dislike is that there is no cruise control. I would have had to pay for an upgraded vehicle just to have cruise.

- Michelle R

It is my only mode of transportation so I need it to be in good working condition.

The seat is comfortable and the lack of electronics (computer screens) is very appealing to me. What I don't like is the transmission. It is very sluggish and doesn't not like to shift, especially going up hills.

- Nancy W

Its sexy styling will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

My 2012 Chevrolet Cruze gets me to where I need to go in style. Heads really turn as the cobalt blue paint sparkles in the sun. The sleek interior hugs my body as well as the tires hug the road! I love this car!

- Patrick T

The car is very reliable.

Only feature I would add to the car would be wipers for the back windshield. The car itself is really comfortable and I drive it without issues. The passengers also feel comfortable and not to tight in the back.

- Nelly R

It gets good gas mileage.

It has had issues with turbo and intake manifold. Have had to change water pump. I have maintenance the car when one should but there was a lot of thing a that went wrong. Good thing most were under warranty.

- Brenda R

It is not a good car to have if you have young kids that have car seats.

I really like the gas mileage you get with the Cruze. It is very durable and reliable. I do not like how small the back seat is, with a car seat in there it is nearly impossible to sit in the passenger seat.

- Stephanie B

Chevy Cruze is a great car to own

My gas mileage is great and I love the hands free talking ability. I had to have my turbo replaced but this is the only issue I have had with the car. It's comfortable and drives great. I also have on star

- Jackie C

The car handles well and is a smooth ride

Car is great on my own but is quickly becoming too small with adding a car seat and definitely won't work when we add a second car seat later this year. Drives nice and is quiet and gets decent gas mileage

- Becky L

the cruze is a very reliable car..good mileage and It's a workhorse!

I love my car..It's very practical. I get good gas mileage and have had very minimal problems with it. My only complaint is it is hard to fit a carseat in the back and have passenger leg room in the front

- Jessica T

You will be taking it into the shop for repairs frequently. My car has had quite a few recall notices on it as well as other more costly things happening to it.

I like the color and that it has bluetooth, and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't have much get-up-and-go when speeding up.There is also something breaking down in it about every 6 months.

- Linda B

It is a very comfortable car to drive distances. Even the grandchildren are comfortable and do not get restless.

The Chevy Cruze is a very good car. I have not had any trouble with it this entire time I have had it. It runs well, is comfortable and my grandchildren are comfortable in it whenever we go on trips.

- Hallie S

The Chevy Cruze gets great gas mileage and has a pretty big trunk.

I love the Chevy Cruze because it has been a very dependable car over the past six years. I love the way it feels to drive, as well as the way it looks. It also gets pretty good gas mileage at 29 MPG.

- Cameron P

It's a Chevrolet, and American made.

I like most about my vehicle is the way it was purchased. It was my biggest online purchase up to date. Everything with the experience was nice and convenient. The exterior styling is high quality.

- Jonny S

If you keep up with routine maintenance, this car will last you a long time.

The gas mileage is great and is a smooth ride. Biggest complaint is some of the misc. things that broke early on but we're covered under warranty. Overall, a great car once the kinks were ironed out.

- Tasha F

The most important thing about my car is how easy it is drive!

What I like most about the Chevy Cruze is how easy it is to drive. The acceleration and steering is awesome. The only thing I dislike about the Chevy Cruze is there are only 4 levels on the air flow.

- Destiny F

It gets good fuel economy. And if it did not have so many recalls, I would have barely had to send it in to the shop to be fixed.

Too many recalls. I got frustrated with this. Would like something roomier, but I don't know what kind of car I want nor do I want to deal with buying one. It gets good fuel economy, which I like.

- Tess A

It is a fuel efficient vehicle for everyday driving.

I like the efficient gas mileage of the car, but it's physical size is a bit too small. It drives very smoothly. There is no mechanism on the interior to open the trunk. Overall, I like the vehicle.

- Sarah R

The seats are not built for long distance driving.

Car gets very good gas mileage. Appears to have been made with senior citizens in mind. Not very comfortable for trips longer than two hours. Some blind spots in the rear. No real pick up or power.

- Joanne R

The seats fold down Turbo charger

Turbo charge is great to have on your car. The cameras on the back make it easy to back up. The back seats come down with a baton which is also great just in case to forget your keys in the trunk

- Annmarie C

Its reliable. In the 6 years that we've had it, we've had not problems with it.

It is a beautiful red color. It gets great gas mileage. It is small and easy to park. It has a black interior which I am not crazy about because it show the dust, but other than that, I love it.

- Carolyn J

Fantastic car for everyday use, great for young professionals

I like the way it handles on the road and I feel that the steering is much better than my previous vehicle. The sound system is broken and I don't like that I cannot play music via Bluetooth.

- Liv W

I love Chevy cars. I have owned 4 of them in my life and they are the best. My Chevy cruze is my favorite so far.

It is good on gas and i commute to work. The AC works very well and so does the heat. It is just the right size. I'm used to an impala so it does feel sluggish but it's a 4 cylinder not a 6.

- Erin P

It is economical it has good gas prices.

The Cruze is the best car ever. You can send a text while driving. The backup cam is awesome it helps you backup good. The gas mileage is great and it drives smooth. The car can talk to you.

- Mariah D

It is great for traveling. It has lots of space for more than just two people and their stuff.

My Chevy Cruze has been such a reliable car. I have lived in the desert and the snow, and it handles it well. I have the base model, so my only critique is that I do not have cruise control.

- Hollie W

My Cruze. Stylish, reliable, fun to drive, and great gas mileage.

It has been a good and reliable vehicle. I've had to change the battery...that's it. It gets great gas mileage and is fairly comfortable for long trips. I would definitely buy another one.

- Jeff W

Great little car! Good gas mileage!

I love this car!! Haven't had any problems with it! Drives great! Could be a little roomier in the back seat but other than that it's an all around great car and it gets great gas mileage!

- Brooke B

The best thing about it is that it gets good gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle gets incredible gas mileage for long trips. It has a decent amount of space and extra features (hands-free calling, USB port, etc.). However, it has poor visibility.

- Alex C

The car is very slow and the shifting is very harsh. The transmission sucks.

I semi-like the vehicle. One thing I dislike is that the car is very slow to take off. The transmission sucks. They need to upgrade it or at least make the shift a little less noticeable.

- Sherry B

Underpowered for my preference but reliable and no real problems.

Very few problems. Only real complaint is the minimal power it has. Love the 6 speed manual transmission. So far 6 years old, 116,000 miles and still very good condition and reliable.

- Kevin K

It drives well and is easy to take care of, it's not a frustrating vehicle to have.

I like the design, and that it works well for what I use it for. I wish it had better gas mileage, but that's true with almost all cars. I like the way it drives and has easy maintenance

- Jenna M

Good gas mileage with proper maintenance.

Windows freeze shut in the winter, trunk release does not always function. Otherwise, the car is great, good gas mileage and looks sporty enough to not appear like an "old person" sedan.

- Margaret K

It is really good on gas, takes about $40 in Buffalo, NY to fill up (we have the highest gas prices, so $40 is good)

I wish the middle compartment was bigger so I can fit more loose objects in my car. I like that I haven't had to pay for any maintenance other than oil changes since I've gotten my car.

- Laura D

It has a bad blind spot where the hatchback is.

And the other people that are we gonna was a great night and a great day for me to get to the house I was really excited to get back home and I wanna know how to get it to myself I just.

- Dallas B

The Eco has a crappy delay and the gas mileage is not as great as it could be.

Like the style and it gets decent gas mileage. There has been a lot of recalls on the vehicle and I've had electrical problems and it has a delay in the engine it doesn't pick up fast.

- Natalie S

Fairly cheap to fill the gas tank up and it gets very decent mileage.

Air conditioner on car went out first. Then we had a cheap hose that had to be replaced. Other than those two issues car runs good tranny is starting to slip. Decent gas mileage also.

- Joshua P

take care of it, and it will take care of you.

I love the gas mileage on my car. I like that it look somewhat sporty, and that it handles well. I don't like the transmission, and feel like the engine could have been built better.

- Melissa L

It is easy to drive and is a great car to learn how to drive a manual on.

My car is a 2012 chevy cruze LT with a four cylinder engine but it is a six speed manual transmission turbo. It is blue and has served me well, but I have had some mechanical issues.

- Carroll B

2012 Chevy Cruze - expensive repairs required.

Not very reliable. Needed jump starts on multiple occasions and major repairs within just 18 months. However, the interior is comfortable and roomy, with a nice entertainment system.

- Maria M

The Chevy cruze rides nice and has great gas mileage.

I like the interior and exterior of my Chevy cruze. I am not happy with some of the recent problems I have had with the air conditioning unit and the lag when I start to accelerate.

- Karin J

It gets me and my family from a to b.

I like the mpg it gets and the fact it's a manual Chevrolet is my favorite brand of vehicles and its red like a big fire truck and it has wheels and it gets me to work and back too.

- James H

It's a really reliable car for a few years but you need to do a lot of routine maintenance.

It seems to have a lot of issues, if one thing goes wrong another thing goes wrong in about a week. Could use bigger back seat for my kids. I love the color and style of it though.

- Amber B

The most important thing is that it is really good on gas.

I like the that my seats are leather and black. I dislike how the air conditioner does not work very well. And I also like how my car is gold so it is easier to keep looking clean.

- Serena F

It is safe and family friendly.

I've had more mishaps with my Chevrolet than I ever had with my Ford. Thankfully my car will be paid for in about 18 months so I can sell it by owner and go back to Ford vehicles.

- Amanda R

It is one of the safest vehicles out there! I always feel very protected in my car, it is comfortable and secure. It also is a very smooth ride.

I love my Chevy Cruze, I just wish it was better on gas. Also there are a few issues with the air conditioning and CD player. But overall it's a smooth ride and I do love my car.

- Caitlin K

Shows digitally how fast you are going, stock radio is pretty great.

I love the features of my car but do not like that there are a few problems with cooling system in the model. Along with intake manifold. Other than that gets great gas mileage!

- Victoria W

It's smaller than the average sedan style car.

I love my car. It's perfect for a teenager as their first car and it has a lot of hidden features. I've had the car for 2 1/2 years and I still learn different things about it.

- Ashleigh C

The cruise control is inconsistent with the "set" and "resume" functions. Also some maintenance stuff reports incorrect info (such as tire pressure).

The size of the Cruze is perfect for me. I also like the way it looks from the outside. Also everything essential (headlights, cruise control, wipes, etc.) is very easy to use.

- Matthew S

Great for the short people!

I absolutely love my chevy cruze. It gets great gas mileage and is comfortable for long trips. It's also really good in the snow. I would recommend rain guards for the windows!

- Casey B

My car has great gas mileage.

I enjoy the gas mileage that my vehicle provides. I dislike the air conditioning unit as it has inconsistent levels of airflow. I enjoy how it looks and how smooth the ride is.

- Megan S

It is a perfect car in looks, and mechanical wise too. I love it.

I love the color , size and make of my car. It is just perfect to ride in and it handles well when I drive. Everything works great, looks great and I am so happy with my car.

- Anna J

Red Chevy Cruze with Bluetooth!

This is a nice car and has all the features you could want. It has good gas mileage. I have had very few problems but Chevy garages have always taken care of anything wrong.

- Brandon Y

Great safety ratings! It has an amazing amount of airbags, even ones to help cover the windshield to protect you from flying glass or going through it in an accident.

I enjoy the safety features such as multiple airbags. I love having remote start. I dislike the lack of uniqueness, as it looks very similar to a Nissan Sentra or Hyundai.

- Patrick Y

Chevrolet Cruze: A Great Car

My car is very comfortable, reliable and performs well for the things that I need. I drive mainly city traffic, and not much highway but I have never encountered an issue.

- Amanda H

Chevy Cruze is very reliable.

The Chevy Cruze has been a very reliable vehicle for us. Little to no maintenance issues and we stay up on all of the required services. Preventative Maintenance is key.

- Aubree S

Excellent fuel economy. The Cruze gets almost 40 miles per gallon on the highway and handles like a dream.

I like the excellent fuel economy. The size of the vehicle leaves something to be desired. I like the "smart" features. I like the Bluetooth. No complaints thus far.

- Thomas K

Latest gadgets in the frontal arm rest including a headphone jack and USB port.

The car is pretty great besides the fact that every so often the windows fog up in chillier weather and the defroster does not heat up as quickly as I believe it should.

- Tayler D

Sometimes when I turn on the heat in my car the fan speed gets confuse.

My car has a radiator leak, recently it had a check engine light and I needed to get a new vacuum hose and valve cover. I needed to get 4 new tires a couple months ago.

- Tracy K

Good on gas and it is really safe.good dependable car

I love how the Cruze handles and drives for a small car it is roomy for me my wife and 2 kids.and it is really good on gas.just wish I could get a newer one like a 2019

- Shawn M

The most important thing is that it is reliable.

I like that the cruse gets great gas mileage. I also enjoy the room the car has in the cabin and the trunk. However, I do not like that it does not have cruise control.

- Laura R

The gas mileage is great!

I like the size of my car, it is easy to drive. It also has lots of room for storage. The one thing I dislike is It's lack of ability to drive in icy/snowy conditions.

- Michelle A

Great car for driving to work or school. Small but still has a backseat big enough for passengers.

I haven't had any major issues with my Cruze. I did have to get a new transmission right before the warranty ran out so I was lucky. Good on gas. Maintained regularly

- Olivia B

It is eco friendly and reliable.

I like the style and look of the car. It is a great car for someone with my personality and perfect size for me. However, it is small for when I bring friends along.

- Dania S

It is an easy ride and fun to drive.

I like everything about this vehicle. Currently, we are looking for something bigger though for our growing family. It is great for a single person or couple though.

- Whitney T

It is a reliable car, and has not given me much trouble.

I like that it never gives me trouble. I like that it is comfortable, and drives smoothly. I do not like the air conditioning notches. There should be more options.

- Hannah S

It is very roomy for a small sedan, especially the trunk space.

I like that I actually fit well in it, since I am quite short. I love how easy and fun it is to drive. The trunk is also awesome, much bigger than you would think.

- Stef F

Great car for road trips and fold down back seat and hatch are dog friendly.

Love the gas mileage and cargo room. Has awesome trunk space as well. Also love having the sports mode to shift gears on my own. It's also a very nice looking car.

- Thomas D

Although small it runs good on gas and is very comfortable to ride in and drive.

No complaints -the cruse is very good on gas, is comfortable and runs good. I like the way the seats are controlled because my daughter and I are different sizes.

- Margerie B

It gets great gas mileage. I have had no major technical problems with my car.

I love my Cruz. It gets great gas mileage, is small, but yet is roomy enough for my family. I love the satellite radio option and the hands free phone capability.

- Michele M

Cruze reliable and comfortable.

Reliable, good gas mileage, comfortable ride, average repair costs, back seat is not spacious, some electronics do not last, e. G. Window trays. Would buy again.

- Donald R

It's great on gas. A very practical car, but luxurious

I like it because it is great on gas. It is small, but the inside is spacious. It is s nice looking car. It would be nice if it had heated seats. But I love it.

- Jasmine F

The gas mileage i get for highway driving.

I love the built in features including Bluetooth calling. I love the automatic safety features. I like the size of the car and the amazing gas mileage i get.

- Sam M

it is a low cost vehicle with good gas mileage. very roomy for such a small car.

it is a good, dependable car. there are a few things I would change around on the inside, and though the gas mileage is good, it's not as good as advertised.

- Judy M

It drives very nicely and is good on gas and handles the road well

The cruze has been a pretty decent vehicle, lately, I have been having problems with it but most of them are just normal maintenance when a car gets this old

- Michele F

This car is a smooth ride that reliably gets you where you need to go.

I really enjoy the way it handles and how smooth of a ride it is. I like the Bluetooth connectivity and the stereo. I don't like how low it is to the ground.

- Jim F

Very good car and reliable

Very comforting, no major problems. Most reliable car I've ever had. Drives more like a go cart at times however. Have had problems with ignition that's it.

- Lisa B

It is reliable and will do what it needs to do. Great mileage and dependability.

The biggest issue in my opinion is the alarm system where there seems to be many issues with these models of car. Everything else is simple and consistent.

- John G

It requires a lot of maintenance. Periodically, something will malfunction.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size. It is reasonably priced. However, it has quite a few mechanical issues. Luckily, most were covered under warranty.

- Gary D

Fun peppy drive with good mpg.

Fun to drive. Good mpg. No problems to date. Backseat not super comfy, but nice center drop down. Cup holders not very convenient. I just love to drive it.

- Em K

That it leaks antifreeze and oil;

It has leaked antifreeze since I have owned it. And it leaks oil and the car is horrible made. And this means I will never purchase an American car again.

- Curtis C

The mileage is wonderful for my long drive to work.

Love the mileage. Dislike the room in the backseat. Love the size of the trunk. Have never had many problems. Lots of recalls but were fixed at no charge.

- Jennifer L

plenty of room for everything and everyone

The car is pretty roomy, allows me to seat 5 comfortably. The trunk is roomy enough to fit groceries, golf clubs, and roadside emergency gear comfortably.

- wesley H

It runs really well and goes far on a tank of gas.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. It functions well. Repairs and maintenance are such a pain. A/C setting is weird. The car key cartridge is broken.

- Brian R

Gas friendly great family car

Over 100,000 miles and no major mechanical problems yet. It gets great gas mileage but still fits all three of my young kids including two in car seats.

- Amber B

It's good and gas and it doesn't require a lot of maintenance as long as you keep up with the scheduled maintenance.

I like that my car is good on gas. It's small and compact. The backseat drops so I can move large objects in it. I haven't had any problems with my car.

- Alicia J

It a good saver on gas if other things did go wrong.

It a turbo eco so it not a slow car. It ok it can have so engine problems. I like Chevy but this one is a lot different then the other cars I have had.

- Penelope V