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2005 Chevrolet equinox. Good, dependable ride with lots of features.

My 2005 Chevrolet equinox has heated leather seat, which I truly enjoy in the winter. It has a sunroof. It has been a very reliable vehicle for me. 2 years ago, however, I had to have the head gasket replaced. In speaking with my mechanic, this is a common problem with this make, and engine. I certainly enjoy the room in the bag for groceries etc. There is ample level room in the back seat. My equinox has power steering, electric windows, a very good heater and air as well. Of course it has cruise, and can be set from the steering wheel, as can radio volume and station selection. My equinox includes OnStar, which I truly enjoy. This equinox is an all wheel drive, which makes winter travel easier and less stressful. My equinox gets approx. 19 to 20 mpg with city driving, and close to 30 on the open road. The side mirrors adjust easily from the driver's side. This vehicle came equipped with a tow bar. I have had very few issues with this truck. The seats adjust easily as well as steering wheel, for comfortable driving.

- pam H

2005 Chevy Equinox review.

I have a 2005 Chevy Equinox. It is my first crossover/SUV! I had small compact cars previously and living in the northern part of the us I needed a vehicle that could be more reliable in the winter months. My Equinox has given me the ability to drive through large amounts of snow without any trouble. The backseat is actually larger than most smaller SUVs as I can fit three car seats side-by-side. This has definitely been a huge benefit to having this vehicle. My Equinox drives very smoothly on the interstate and I have noticed that it runs super quiet which is nice when I have kids sleeping in the car. I also got AutoStart put into my vehicle if you years ago which made my vehicle even better! My Equinox is now 13 years old and I still drive it every single day without anything wrong with it. If I ever upgrade I will probably stick with an Equinox!

- Leah L

Looks nice, affordable, good gas mileage.

Runs great, plenty of legroom. It has all wheel drive with the ability to put it in 4 low. It handles great like an SUV, but gets much better gas mileage. I have a basic model, but other friends have added options to theirs and love them. The factory sound system also sounds nice. I just replaced the battery in my car, it was the original battery that came with the car in 2005. I love it is set up like an SUV but gets decent gas mileage. I can drive through all sorts of weather conditions with this car. I was in need of a second vehicle. I did not purchase this from a car lot, a relative was selling this privately and gave me a good deal. My next vehicle will be upgrading to a newer Chevy Equinox.

- Jennifer K

Many issues but still works well enough

This vehicle was purchased from my uncle 4 years ago. Since then, I have had many issues with it. The tires have been replaced twice, the brakes and brake pads once, the AC has been clogged for two years, and the computer system has issues which cause a safety hazard (i.e. suddenly the ABS and no Traction Control lights come on causing the vehicle to not brake correctly). I have been searching for a different vehicle for two years, but we are unable to afford anything at the moment. This vehicle still works and gets me from point A to point B, but I often do not feel safe.

- Sheela R

It drives well, looks good.

I got my Chevy Equinox as a gift from my daughter, who brought a smaller car. I had to have the headlights replaced because water was accumulating in them. Since that time because of the age of the car, 2005, I bought 4 new tires, had new brake pads put on the car. I had an accident, not my fault, so my insurance replaced my front bumper. Since then, I have not had any problems, I keep up with my oil changes and fluid replacement and I hope to keep this car until I chose to stop driving. It serves me well and I love my car.

- Ann P

2005 Chevy Equinox and long trips.

The vehicle was purchased used but I have had no issues with it. When I first bought the car I had drove the car to WI to MN to WI to IL back to WI all in the space of 1. 5 weeks. The seats were very comfortable and I had decent gas mileage. One of the features that I really like is the auto locking doors when you put the car into gear and start driving. It is a very good safety feature. I would recommend the car to others as well. Although the newer cars may of different features I am happy with the one that I have.

- Brenda P

Very comfortable, dependable ride.

We enjoy the height of the seats and the ease getting into the car. We're not having to climb up as a pickup, and we don't have to lower ourselves into a car nearer to the ground. The cargo capacity is amazing. I just picked up 13 boxes and there was room for a least 3 more! We he car runs great and We've had no problems with it. We enjoy riding in it and driving more than our other vehicles. I wasn't looking for a crossover vehicle, but We've been very happy with it.

- Patty B

Chevrolet equinox review 1.

I like my Chevrolet equinox due to the height of the vehicle and it is comfort level. However, it has broken down a few times including the gear shift and timing cover gaskets. The radiator has also experienced issues. I only just hit 100,000 miles but feel I have had to throw a lot of money towards repairs. I do like the design of the car and the features overall, but they are outdated since this car was made in 2005. It is not a fuel efficient vehicle.

- Jessica Z

2005 Chevrolet Equinox, all wheel drive, power windows and locks. Four door SUV,

No problems at all, runs and drives very nicely, seats are very comfortable for an 05, comes with heated leather seats, all wheel drive, cruise control, power windows, sunroof, power locks and wonderful seat adjustment controls. I would suggest this vehicle to anyone from a new driver to family. Would make a wonderful family car, four doors easy for car seats. Also would be a good vehicle for camping or exploring the road, very roomy for road trips.

- Cassie R

The ease of driving an equinox in the Midwest in wintry weather.

My equinox rides smoothly. I drove it daily for almost a year while delivering newspapers. It is not affected by snow or rough terrain. It easily powered through the snow to climb the hills on my route which is a rural route. It came with a double CD player installed in the dash and has a lot of room for newspapers and plenty of room for my family to ride and both my guys are big men. My son is 16 and 5 foot ten and husband is six foot tall.

- Linda H

The one most important thing about my car thinks people should know is that the gas mileage is great

I love my vehicle for one main reason it is made by Chevy the drive is real smooth I love the audio system it's clear without Distortion unlike most cars one thing I do not like about it is the seats they're not comfortable for a long drive gas mileage is fairly good it also can handle tough situations making it suitable for a male as well as a female really don't have anything bad to say about it besides the comforter of the seating

- James P

Very reliable, dependable car.

I have not had any issues with my car. It is reliable and handles well in the snow. It has a sunroof and that does not leak. It handles well in the rain. It has very comfortable heated seats and is very roomy in the front and also the back seats. It also has plenty of room for hauling stuff because the back seats fold down. It always starts right up and it has 170, 000 miles and still going strong. I love it.

- Monica S

Perfect for a family vehicle

My Chevrolet Equinox is a fantastic family vehicle. It comfortably seats 5, and has been a very reliable vehicle for commuting back and forth to work, as well as a reliable vehicle for traveling. My family and I do a lot of traveling and weekend trips, and this car does a great job of holding all of our luggage. My vehicle also gets pretty good gas mileage for being an SUV, which is important for my family.

- Morgan R

A very dependable vehicle for a long time.

It is 13 years old now. It has been a very good vehicle. I haven't had a lot of trouble with it - just things that you normally do. I have bought a new battery, new tires and recently a new muffler & tailpipe. It is time to trade it in. I have taken my grandkids on trips in it and just run around. It got me to work for 10 years. It has never left me stranded. It is a comfortable ride and I really liked it.

- Barb G

Family friendly Equinox, we love ours. Seats fold down and also slide back.

My Equinox is awesome. The back seat is ok for size, but if you were very tall, it would be harder for you to have a car seat directly behind you. Other then that, it is awesome. It gets around very well in the winter and we live in pa so the winters are nasty. The back hatch is a good size. This vehicle is a nice size for an SUV. It also gets good gas mileage, roughly 24-28 depending on road conditions.

- Courtney W

It is very reliable and fairly low maintenance to take care of.

I really like my car but have had issues with the starter for years in my car. It is one of those issues that never seems to get resolved. Some other problems have been fairly common problems that happen with a car 13 years old. It runs nice but sometimes not as smooth as newer model cars. It has overall been a very reliable car to take my distances and also to travel locally back and forth from work.

- Jamie O

I love owning a Chevrolet Equinox.

I really love my Equinox. I have kept it too long and I am having to fix a lot of things on it. But it has been very reliable and it never left me stranded. I have had a few Chevys and they have all been very reliable. It drives smoothly and holds almost anything I buy or need to transport. It is very comfortable, even in the back seat and has lots of cup holders. I have really enjoyed owning it.

- Barb G

The leather interior and sunroof make for a delightful ride on a beautiful day!

It's a very reliable vehicle especially in the winter. The four wheel drive is most helpful during the snow. The cab could be a little bigger. Or I could be a little smaller! However overall I love the car. Its plenty of room for storage when me and my family when we travel. And once we lay the back seat down there is even more space. It's not that bad on gas. Normally 19 to 21 miles per gallon.

- Charles S

2005 pre owned Chevrolet Equinox.

I love that it has power. When I hit the gas, it really moves. That is probably my favorite thing about it. It is fairly comfortable, roomy enough to haul some stuff when needed. Gets decent gas mileage. Pretty reliable. Looks good. negatives: no cruise control, no handles on the side for driver or passenger seat, not that roomy if you want to squeeze 3 people in the backseat.

- Sher R

The AWD drive is perfect for our area.

Our equinox has been the most reliable vehicle we have had. We have a couple problems with a belt and the bearings, however, the car has been great. We have never been stranded. The vehicle runs great in all weather. The interior is comfortable and roomy. We have a big family, so if the equinox had a third row seating it would be absolutely perfect, but is a great vehicle.

- Shannon W

2005 Chevy equinox, the window buttons are on the column between the seats.

My SUV is a 2005 Chevy equinox, it's a very dependable car, smooth ride, it is very good on gas, it gets great gas mileage in town and on highways. There has been no recalls on this car that I am aware of, which is a plus. It's just a great car to have, and at a pretty decent price. It's also a nice looking SUV, its a 2005 and looks just as nice as some 2019 SUV s.

- Debby M

Over 100, 000 miles and still purrs like a kitten.

The Chevy Equinox is great on gas. It looks small on the outside but is very roomy inside. My vehicle is an older model but it looks like a newer model. It has a smooth ride and maintenance is very reasonable. The Chevrolet Equinox is a very sporty sedan. My vehicle has over 100, 000 miles on it and as long as the maintenance is done she purrs like a kitten.

- Tra B

A great family vehicle good gas mileage depending on your travel distance.

I love my Chevy Equinox no major problems so far since I have had the vehicle just normal wear and tear but I learned from my father to always keep it serviced, get oil changes when it is time etc.. I am satisfied with my Equinox but I have recently looked into upgrading to the traverse which is a little bigger than the Equinox. Happy Chevy owner.

- L F

I trust my car, I trust the Chevrolet brand, and it's in really good shape. If a friend needs a recommendation for a car, I wouldn't hesitate to offer my opinion of my Equinox. I would go so far as to recommend a 2005 like my car because of my positive experience with it all these years.

My car is relatively old and what I love most about it is that it's reliable. There are times that I've had problems starting it and maybe the check engine light will come on but when I bring it in to my mechanic, any repair costs are minimal to none. In fact as long as it costs less to repair than typical car payment costs, she's a keeper.

- Colelia H

The title says that it is purple, I think it is more blue. Her name is blurbule!

I love my car. It gets about 28-30 miles to a gallon of gas. Heated seats are amazing and so comfortable. The only problem that we have had to fix, is the struts when out about 7 years ago and we had to replace them again 3 months ago. There is plenty of legroom between the back seats and the front. I plan on buying a newer one next spring.

- Monica L

Simple repairs are often more costly on the make and model of vehicle.

I like that it seats my family of five. However, I have to get mechanical work done often. Right now the serpentine belt needs to be fixed. The part is only 17 dollars but because of the position of the belt the engine has to be lifted. Now, that is the costly part. The way the car is built is not cost effective with regards to repairs.

- Candice B

Looking for a first car? The Chevy Equinox is perfect for you!

This is a fantastic vehicle overall. The car has an absolutely phenomenal turn radius, making it ideal for a first car owners like myself. The all- wheel drive makes it great for snowy weather conditions. A very family friendly car, I take my younger brothers in it all the time. The ride is super smooth. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Bree C

My hatchback is the favorite part because all our groceries fit in there good.

I love my vehicle. It is an all wheel drive and it will go in the snow. That is the main reason why we got it so we could have a vehicle in the winter time to get back and forth to work in. It has a roomy hatchback to where all the groceries in it. And the back seat is roomy to where people will have plenty of legroom to move around in.

- Jennifer P

It is very comfortable with all the bells and whistles, it's a great car.

I bought this car eight years ago it was my dream car several of my friends had this car they told me how great it runs and how great it was on the highway. I found that to be true. As long as you keep your car well maintains it has been a really great car, performance is good very reliability car. Will buy another when ready.

- Denise R

It is a fun car to drive. And looks good!

I have no issues ?? runs great, love the anti slip(traction control) OnStar, has a receiver hitch for a trailer, plus very roomy inside, gas mileage is a plus, rides smooth, lots of power, the car looks good on the outside, has leather seats, all the bells and whistles inside we work great, oh the sunroof is great also.

- Steven C

My Chevrolet Equinox has lots of room for families. Great vehicle.

My 2005 Chevrolet Equinox has been a very good vehicle. I purchased it new so I know everything about. Always keep oil changed and everything else maintained. I've replaced tires a couple of times cause its been on several vacations. It gets pretty good gas mileage for the most part. I would probably buy another one.

- Brenda W

A car well designed for everyday use.

I like the mileage for being an SUV and all wheel drive. Plenty of room for wife and grandkids. I do not like how noisy it is on the highway. It is very easy to drive and park. The few times I have had it worked on it seems to not be expensive to maintain. Over all it seems to be a car well suited for my needs.

- Max B

I do not hate my car but I do not love it. I currently am looking for a new car.

Alternator problems, weak head gaskets, runs hot when at a stand still or at a red light, leaks coolant, front right brake sticks, rattle in the front end, exhaust leak. I have read up that the 05 Equinox have all of these problems and they are very common, especially weak head gaskets since they are aluminum.

- Brittany B

Although it is pretty roomy and a bigger vehicle, it's not a very good choice in vehicles if you have to have more than 1 or 2 car seats in it. Especially if you want one of the car seats to be in the middle seat. Best option for 2 car seats at a time in this car would be to have them both outboard.

I absolutely love my car. The only negative complaints that I have with my car is how the cup holders are in it. And that my AC and CD player doesn't work. I love that It gets decent gas mileage. I also love that it feels like a safe choice in a vehicle since I am a mom & have my son in the car with me often.

- Tracey G

It is a very standard 'mom' car.

Lots of repairs recently, and the audio set up is very outdated. CD player only. I have had to replace the water pump, starter, alternator, radiator, air conditioning, among other things. Additionally, the car takes very long to heat up and cool down. The backseat is spacious and the trunk has adequate room.

- Kate R

My car is a very good car for a first car anyone would be lucky to have a car.

When I was looking for my car I looked for little to no problems and good on gas mileage and how it drove and things like. The one problem that my car has is that my driver side window does not roll down and it seems that it died really quickly. Another problem my car has is it has a really small gas tank.

- Hannah A

Safe, comfortable and economical for the size. Very good shape for the year and low mileage which is a plus in my book

Even though it is an older car it was purchased with less than 50,000. It is a very safe vehicle and with the year it has a lot of nice features that I really enjoy. It has cruise control, stereo. Equipped with Onstar, Sirius radio and a sunroof. I drove this in the winter in Colorado and felt very safe.

- Connie C

All-wheel drive is a must have during severe winters.

I've had this vehicle going on 5 years and for the most part I've loved it. I drive on canyon roads frequently and it's been awesome for that. The only major downsides to this model and year is the breaks have problems pretty regularly and they can be high maintenance when things start to wear out.

- Zoi B

Oldie, but goodie: 2005 Chevrolet equinox.

Being an older car, the Chevy equinox has its share of problems. I've had to have many parts replaced, but nothing crazy. With 124k miles it is very reliable and I do not worry about being stranded. The car is big enough to fit my two toddlers in the back comfortably, but not bulky and unappealing.

- Leah W

That it is great on gas, doesn't take much to fill her up.

I love my vehicle. It is very spacious, drives smoothly, great family car. It also gets great gas mileage and doesn't take much to fill it. No complaints on my part. If you keep up on the maintenance it will run just fine. But my family is growing, so I will be needing to look for a bigger vehicle.

- Amanda M

This vehicle is very spacious and comfortable.

Reliable. Leather seats very nice. Feel that it is a safe car. Towing package a plus. Smooth ride. Plenty of space for children and camping equipment or luggage. Back seat has plenty of room for 3 adults. Lots of legroom. Would highly recommend. Considering replacing with a newer Chevy equinox.

- Heidi C

I love my SUV it is a great vehicle.

I had to replace my head gasket twice. And now my drive shaft. It's a great running car. If anything should happen to it I would love to get another 1. It rides really nice and is comfortable. I do wish the radio had Bluetooth and maybe a sunroof. Love how it drives. And how much room it has.

- Dawn D

Movable backseats and the removable shelf in the back has been very handy.

It has been very reliable. I converted it to synthetic oil immediately after purchase and have met or exceeded gas mileage expectations. The size of the vehicle has been perfect. It is not so small that you worry about safety, but not so large that going to tight areas downtown is a bother.

- Danae D

The Chevy Equinox experience.

My vehicle is a 6 cylinder but very good on gas. Fills up with just 40. 00. The back seat can fit four comfortably with plenty of legroom. It has had wheel bearing problems but not until after 100, 000 miles did that start. It is just front wheel drive but drives like it is all wheel drive.

- Angie H

Spacious and smooth ride.

The Equinox is spacious, the back passenger seat moves back and forth if needed. It drives quietly, sometimes it does not feel like it is on. The parts are not expensive. I do not like that I cannot check the transmission fluid myself. Makes humming sound when the bearing need replacement.

- Carmen R

Sits higher than most so is easy for me to get in and out.

The equinox drives and handles wonderful on long drivers or short hops the gas mileage is better on long trips not so much on short trips around town. It is easy to get in and out because it sits higher than most cars and I have bad knees so it is a god sent for me to get in and out easy.

- Judith B

It is an amazing car I have had it for over a year now I have no complaints.

I haven't had really much problems with the vehicle so far just minor repairs like the brakes rotors the normal wear and tear. It gets great gas mileage it has plenty of room in it for long trips or going grocery shopping it has a minivan feel to it without the minivan look which I love.

- Desire B

Very roomy and reliable. Plenty of space.

My car has really held through the last few years for me. It is very reliable and has held up in different countries. It has great truck space and plenty of passenger space. My husband and I are very tall people and we seems to have a good about of room and not feel stuffed in together.

- Ashley K

2005 Chevrolet Equinox lt.

It uses a lot of gas otherwise it runs good as long as you keep up with maintenance. . . Love how the window buttons are in the middle and how much room there is which is great with kids. It handles awesome with the abs and traction control. So I would definitely recommend this Equinox.

- Car S

I love the amount of space I have for the price I spent on the vehicle.

Check engine light is always on even it is cleared. Also the sun roof leaks if it rains to hard. I recently has the amplifier to the radio blow out and start smoking and had to stop on the side of the road and remove it. I am unsure if a normal individual would have know how to do so.

- Nicole S

Turning around is hard to do.

The vehicle is 12 years old and therefore has it is better days behind it. Normal wear and tear have begun to take it is toll and costly repairs have been required but it has been a good vehicle. The one thing that I have never liked about it is the turning radius is not very good.

- Kip M

05 Equinox. Still runs good with 180000 miles.

It runs well. The back has plenty of storage especially when you fold down the seats. Its older but works great. The plastic needs to be shined up but that comes with age. The car has never gave me a problem and pushing 182000 miles. The tint on the windows is very nice too.

- Donovan O

Likes, dislikes of my used car.

My engine clicks, the window button is broken, the air sometimes does not work unless I am accelerating, other than that, I like the SUV aspect of it and it is good for winter driving. I do wish I would have gone with leather seats though, the cloth are so hard to take care of.

- Jami S

Just that in the 2005 model, lots of people know that it has an overheating problem in the engine, so you might have that problem in that year Equinox

I love my equinox. It is nice looking, gets pretty good gas mileage, is comfy, and lots of room. I don't like the fact that it has a problem with overheating in the engine and they don't know why, but I've fixed it temporarily with Blue Devil, only overheats when it is idling.

- marla Y

Nice good car nice good car nice good car nice good car nice good car.

Car is nice but has a lot of engine issues. Also it being old doesn't help. There was a lot of recalls on the car but overall it runs good and it's very sharp looking. Perfect for a first car very cute. I personally would recommend to someone even though it had some problems.

- Vicky B

Dependable, comfortable. Enjoy it. Like driving it.

I enjoy driving it, its very comfortable and reliable. I like all the room it had for shopping or caring my mom with her wheelchair to the dr. I would definitely buy another one. It's good on gas it has a lot of miles but extremely dependable. Chevy is a good maker of cars.

- Bonnie S

That I love it! That it feels safe and provides enough room for my family even when my step son and niece are over. It is a very smooth ride and has amazing ac in the Texas heat

My only dislike is that there isn't an auxiliary port for my phone but I will install one myself. I love the space it provides for me and my daughter it is also much better on gas the many suvs. My only complaint is that some of the parts seem cheap and need repair quickly.

- Natalie R

Newer equinox a great buy.

2005 was not a good year for the equinox. I do love it though. The newer versions are much better which is why I will be trading mine in for a newer model. As far as SUV's go it is a fun car. Plenty of room. Lots of little extras. Console is very handy with great features.

- Teresa R

What I like most about my car would be the window controls on the center console.

As most older cars do, this one definitely has its kinks to it. I have taken this car from Florida to Michigan and vice versa about four times and have had no problems. It is a car that does need maintenance every once in a while, but would be highly recommended to others.

- April S

Comfortable fun fit for a family of four.

Comfortable, spacious, easy to drive with great gas mileage and safety. There is not anything I do not love about this car. I guess the only drawback is the hood. It bounces with harder bumps and makes a thumping noise. But it has not influenced how I feel about this car.

- Kyra C

A great car with great mileage!

It is a great car. It gets really good miles. If you do not keep up with the oil and having it looked. It will quit on you. 5 people can fit comfortably. The seats do lay down. The very back has an extra shelf so you can have extra room for groceries or Christmas items.

- Rebecca B

My Chevy Equinox is the best and most reliable vehicle I have owned.

The Chevy Equinox is roomy and rides very smoothly. The rocker panels need a little bit of body work, but nothing too serious. I bought this vehicle used and had to replace both of the front wheel bearings. It has decent gas mileage and has been a very reliable vehicle.

- Amy A

The window controls are in middle console.

It has been very reliable. I do not like where the window controls are located. The brakes wear out very quickly. My heat doesn't blow warm air most of the time bit the air conditioning is very cold. Overall it has been reliable. The seats fold down for hauling things.

- Cindy C

The spare is inside so you do not have to crawl under it to get the spare.

There are few issues as long as you do the, maintain the vehicle. Mileage is good, it is easy to drive and comfortable while driving. Parts for repairs are reasonable and if you are at all handy you can do some of them yourself. The owners manual is very well written.

- Cathy W

Smooth, comfortable ride with gas saving qualities.

4 doors which I like, compact but roomy, drives smoothly, has all features I need. Like to travel in it because seats are comfortable and gas saving is good. Has airbags which I like for safety plus a luggage rack, seats fold down so I can transport things in it.

- Barbara R

Great in the snow with the all wheel drive.

My car, 2005 Chevy Equinox, has a few things that is wrong with it. Most of it is just regular wear & tear on the car. Right know my right window is not going up or down. I hear that if you have a sun or moon roof that in time you will get water come thru there.

- Carlos P

Chevy Equinox has been the most reliable and longest lasting car at 240, 000 mile.

My Equinox has 240, 456 miles and is going strong. I have been pleased with it beyond my expectations and do not feel I did any repairs beyond normal wear items. I would buy again in a heartbeat and have been generally impressed with the quality of the car.

- Darren M

Always an Equinox driver!

Did have some problems, day lights don't go on, struts, engine blew, I was told the first year they came out in 2005 which is mine, that they should have been declared lemons but I do have a couple friends that drive newer ones and have never had trouble.

- Kelli M

Comfort, safe, reliable, roomy vehicle with great features.

Absolutely love how comfortable to seats are and how much room and space it has. I like how unique it is with the power window buttons being in the middle consul. I feel 100% safe driving this vehicle. I like how it has the hooks for my child's car seat.

- Cheyenne W

The Equinox is a very reliable and safe automobile that is also fun to drive

I purchased my vehicle used and it was in great condition with low mileage. I have had some minor mechanical issues that had to be repaired over the last 5 years, but I have really enjoyed owning and driving my Equinox. It is a great versatile vehicle

- Duane H

It has taken a beating and it keeps on ticking.

For a car with 135000 miles, it runs like a champ. It is dependable, even when I slack on the maintenance. It needs to be retired, it still has a couple good months on it. An oil change, a couple new tires, a new filter. Should be good as gold again!!

- Vanessa C

Chevy Equinox best and worst

I love the backup assist camera, the automatic lift gate, the Bluetooth phone capability. I don't love the collision warning feature where the brakes lightly apply and an audible alarm goes off if you get too close to the vehicle in front of you.

- Penny M

It has a big back seat with plenty of legroom.

It's a dependable vehicle with all wheel drive and plenty of legroom! One of my favorite qualities about this car. Its a 2005 so its getting older but I haven't noticed any problems other than the normal wear and tear of an older vehicle.

- Jennie B

The one most important thing other should know about my car is that it does great of gasoline.

I love the color of my vehicle. It is black which makes it a clean color that is easy to hide the dirt if it gets dirty. I like the size and the comfort of driving this vehicle. It has the right amount of seats and is great for traveling.

- Rita M

I can put 5 adults in my car and still have room to spare.

what I like is how spacious it is inside. Pretty reasonable on gas and does not burn oil. Even though it's pretty good on gas for a medium size vehicle. I don't like how.much gas it uses, it's still a lot of gas so.it.costs a lot.

- Lori N

I've owned it for about a year now, and I am surprised by how well the vehicle holds up as far as maintenance and things needing to be repaired.

It gets better gas mileage than I would have expected. It also handles snow and ice much better than previous vehicles I have owned. There is a lot of room for cargo or passengers. I can't really think of any complaints.

- Brianna M

It's nice for a SUV but not really big enough for me

Bought my car used and had a lot of issues with it. Already replaced the motor and transmission. Only one speaker works and it hums like the passenger one that they unplugged. Passenger window sometimes gets stuck down.

- Cassi S

The back seat is small if you need to put a car seat or two in it.

I love everything about this vehicle. It runs and drives great. It's function and offers the room and space needed for my family. Only complaint would be the cup holders but they have been updated in the newer models.

- Christopher B

It is older and there are always maintenance repairs that need to be done so that you won't break down anywhere.

My Equinox handles really great in the winter. I do not get stuck anywhere! There is plenty of room in the back when I collapse the rear seats when I have to take assembly work home. I can fit a lot in the back.

- Patricia T

Runs well and good gas mileage.

Car has good gas mileage and runs really well considering the age of the car. It is not as quiet as other newer cars but it gets me where I need to go. Also it has a lot of storage in the hatchback when I need it.

- Claire R

This vehicle is great on gas, especially for an SUV.

I love how it drives, very smooth, great on turns and very comfortable for trips with the family. The only complaint I have is that the paint on the control knobs has worn off completely which is very minor.

- Angela S

It is a white Chevy Equinox that is very roomy

I like my car so much. It is very roomy in all the seats. My husband and are are tall and we have plenty of legroom. It is very reliable and we have had ours for years now. I will be sad to give it up.

- Ashley K

it can be costly trying to figure out why the check engine light stays on after you supposedly fix what the problem is.

the seats and steering wheel are uncomfortable. not the greatest on gas. too many problems, which are hard to figure out. weird placement of window buttons( below shifter). cd player won't eject cd's.

- tracy t

Very reliable SUV, almost brand new tires also and good on gas.

It's a very dependable vehicle, it has not done me any wrong it has gotten me to all the places I need to go, also served as my home for about a month this summer, heat is excellent and so is the a/c.

- Nicole S

The air conditioner does not work.

My car is very dependable and good. The mileage is wonderful for city and highway. The only bad thing is that the air conditioner does not work. . . Like a all. . . The interior is huge and spacious.

- Elena C

Chevy Equinox Great Car For Kids to Learn To Drive On.

I love that it's all wheel drive. It nice for my kids to learn to drive on. It fits 5 okay, I would not suggest 3 adults in the backseat. My overall opinion is I would definitely get a second one.

- Melissa U

Has a nice trunk space for hauling a large amount or groceries.

It is a roomy vehicle. I wish I had more seats in it that I could fold down or something. I do like the leg room in the back seats. Good amount of cup holders. All around good dependable vehicle.

- Amy M

Good mileage and appearance.

It is a good size for in town, but still offers lots of cargo space. It gets reasonable gas mileage. It handles well in inclement weather. It has been very dependable - minimal mechanical issues.

- Danae D

The most important thing to know if it gets good gas mileage.

I do not like that the car does not have an aux plug, I do not like that there is an antenna. Other than that I love ny car. It is spacious, gets pretty good gas mileage, and drives real smooth.

- Jan H

Do not buy unless you have a lot of time and money to deal with the mess that is this car.

It's always needing to be worked on. When one part gets fixed another goes bad. Nothing but bad luck with it. The only thing likeable about it is that I don't have to make payment on it anymore.

- Tanya M

The horn doesn't work and its been in a wreck.

Dislike only having radio, no Bluetooth or working cd player and that its older.. Like that it is a good mommy car, built tough, has automatic windows, ac and heat and drives pretty smooth.

- Veronica H

Comfortable and smooth ride.

My Chevy has an real good amount of foot room and enough room in the back heated seats all wheel drive ac great heat regular maintenance brakes rotors that kind of thing I love it.

- Melody H

Love this vehicle weird cupholders

I love this vehicle. One weird thing is the cup holder situation. The main cups holder is one the floor in the front of the car and there are 2 other pull out ones in the console.

- Breanna P

My car gets low gas mileage that I do not like. However low parts I do like.

I do not like the low gas mileage that I get. I do like the low maintenance that I get. I also like the high sitting factor that I am able to be above most cars on the road.

- Mike C

My Equinox is roomy for people, rides smooth and gets okay gas mileage.

I have no problems with my vehicle that would not be expected due to normal wear and tear. It is very comfy, has lots of room for people, but not able to haul/hold a lot.

- Ness W

It is very comfortable and safe as a family vehicle!

I have only had minor issues with it. The radio and CD player do not work. The exhaust needs to be fixed. Overall it is been a great car and just needs minor maintenance.

- Jaime S

It has a good safety rating.

I like the car a lot I think it is very comfortable and I like it has enough room for my daughter and her friends. Plus I have a large dog and can lay the seats down.

- Natasha M

My first car ever since i was in highschool

well my car is a 2005 so it's kinda old but it is very efficient it is very spacious and comfortable, there are no problems with the a/c or steering wheel or engine.

- Ana M

The horn does not bellow very loud.

The SUV is comfortable enough for 4 people. It gets pretty good gas mileage and it feels safer in the winter. Lastly, it has a sunroof and fully functioning windows.

- Emma W

A/C does not work. Unfortunately!

It's a first year run of the model so it has a bunch of issues. The a/c is broke. The windshield is leaking and it need new tires. Other than that it's an ok car.

- Kaytlynn H

It's a great small family SUV! It has child safety locks and rear window locks which is great when you have busy toddlers in the back seat. I love that the rear seat is moveable, slide back for more leg room or forward for more trunk space.

I like that it's small and gets average gas mileage, I do wish it had rear ac controls and better cup holders. Its older so it needs a lot of upkeep these days.

- Dawn G

The most important thing that I would tell people that it is a dependable car.

It is been very dependable and it is comfortable and easy to maintain. The only thing I dislike is there's a blind spot on the driver's side when looking left.

- Barbara G

It is a good, reliable vehicle.

It is easy to get into and out of. It is compact but still roomy. Is economical on gas. Is smaller to park. Wish it was built more study to withstand crashes.

- Carolyn M

This vehicle is comfortable, sturdy, and is easy to drive.

I like the size and shape of the vehicle, making it comfortable. I have had problems with noises and the check engine light coming on for a few minor reasons.

- Hailey S

My SUV may need some work. My driver side door handle doesn't work from inside so you gotta roll the window down to get out. An don't ride with the air on.

I like that it's a chevy. It's really good on gas in the city and highway. They have some get up and go power. Sound system sounds good even if it is factory

- Lauren G

It's an excellent road trip vehicle -- it's made it across the US several times, including up to Alaska and back!

The Equinox was very affordable for Its size and features. It's been a trusty car, however, the interior feels pretty cheap and has been chipping for years.

- Steve W

It is very safe on the road.

I like that it is very good in snow. I like that there is plenty of room. I like the way it looks and feels. I don't like that it is already 13 years old.

- stephanie L

I feel safe in it. It has good gas mileage and pickup on the highway.

Love the space, drives well, fuel efficiency could be better, year is 2005 so would prefer more features like Bluetooth compatibility, gaps, heated seats.

- Heather P

Equinox is an awesome car!

I love my Equinox. I have had little problems with it. It has always been reliable and the performance is great. I will buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Lena M

It is perfect for families and transporting things (such as moving)

I enjoy how comfortable I feel when driving my car. I also love the space my car has. I don't like the gas mileage ( seems like I am filling up often )

- Hannah R

The trunk space is amazing! Tons of room for storage.

Runs pretty smoothly and handles weather situations like a dream. The only issue I have is mpg. I feel like I'm constantly putting gas into the thing.

- Heather J

It is a great vehicle for anyone. Whether you are a single person or have a family.

I like the size of the vehicle. I like the storage capabilities in the trunk. I like that it will comfortably seat 4 people. I also like the color.

- Becky H

It is falling apart, however it is a great size and has lasted through many long road trips

I like the size of my vehicle and how long it has lasted me, which is around 7 years. However my car is old and I would like a newer more updated car.

- Emily S

It is a comfortable riding vehicle with poor gas mileage and loose steering

I have a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox which rides very well but gets very poor gas mileage per mile. It has good space for additional riders and hauling.

- Deborah G

The good and minor bad about my 2005 Equinox.

I do not like the fact that there is only 1 cup holder in the front. The backup lights are not bright enough. I like the all-wheel drive feature.

- Richard B

Handles lots of miles well and doesn't break down often

I haven't noticed any problems with my car and I've had it for over 10 years. It's handled the miles I put on it well. Hasn't broken down at all.

- Danielle J

Very Dependable Gas Saver With Comfortable seating for five passengers and luggage

Great gas mileage. It has required very little repairs. I also like that the body and interior are still in great shape for a 13-year-old vehicle

- Gary B

The chevrolet cavalier has been a very good car.

I like that it is an SUV but a compact one. I love the color blue that it is. I love the roomy area in the back seat. I love the hatchback trunk.

- Angie H

it's fun to drive and get around town in

It's the older model so the back seat does not lay flat there is a lump that i don't like. other than that i like everything about the vehicle.

- steven R

gets good mileage wherever I travel

get good mileage when traveling. Perfect cause I work at a GM facility and allows me to park closer than if I had a different make of vehicle

- Darryl D

It is good on gas and has a lot of room good for a family car.

I like my vehicle because it is easy and cheap to fix and good on gas my only dislike is the age and things start breaking the older it gets.

- Sean Z

Great for families and travel, it has special features in the trunk.

I like the size and the color. I don't like that there is no key for the trunk. The driving is good but would like my cruise control to work.

- Beverly D

It is very reliable despite its age.

I love my 2005 Chevy e because it is a SUV and good on gas plus it is purple. Easy to drive and easy to handle being a women. I just love it.

- Debra B

Comfortably seats all my kids and fits all there gear my son needs for sports and can carry the stuff I need for my special needs daughter and I can still run by the grocery store and have room

I like it it has just had a few problems like the water heater and thermostat went out and when replaced the bolt on water pump broke easily

- Misty J

It is a fairly reliable vehicle.

I dislike the color and have had to fix the recall on it multiple times. I like the way it handles on the road. I like the interior design.

- Jonathan T

It runs so smoothly! After all these years.

It is getting older. The problem is that when something breaks. I need to pre-order a lot of parts for it when something needs replacing.

- Erin R

It is very reliable and you get a lot of perks with this model.

I like the way it handles. It is very comfortable. I love the heated seats, I call it my rolling heating pad. I have no major complaints.

- Lana P

That it's made by the best manufacturer, Chevy! It's American and far better than Dodge or Ford.

I like the storage space. It provides a smooth ride and has ample power. What I dislike it is just that I wish it had more accessories.

- Holly L

Low gas mileage for daily trips but it is comfortable.

My suv is a 2005 Chevrolet Equinox which is a fairly comfortable riding vehicle which is roomy for riders but it gets low gas mileage.

- Deborah G

To be a SUV Our Equinox is easy on gas and we haven't had any major issues for repairs.

I love my Equinox it is easy to drive. It is a very comfortable ride. It is easy to get in and out of. It is not bad on gas either.

- Dawn E

Comfortable, Reliable, Spacious, Easy to Handle, Great on Gas

The 2005 Chevrolet Equinox is a reliable vehicle. It is comfortable, has plenty of space for just about anything you need to carry.

- Madelyn B

Just keep up with maintenance and it will last a long time.

Its old but still runs great. Never put much money into it besides basic maintenance. Is pretty good on gas, and very dependable.

- Susan R

It is not a race car. Handles better than a full size van, but watch out in winds.

I like the height and comfort. Has some vision limitations. Has decent acceleration and handling. Gas mileage could be improved

- william h

It's a great vehicle and has amazing gas mileages.

I love my car it is very comfortable for long drives and drives smooth it has been the best car I've purchased in a long time.

- Crystal M

A reasonably dependable car

It has been pretty reliable overall. It gets fair gas mileage, has required minimal maintenance, and handles reasonably well.

- Don Q

It is very reliable and safe.

I do not like that there is no vent in the backseat. I like my window controls not being on the door. I like my gas mileage.

- Kala G

It gets you where you need to go.

It is a really good car, very reliable, no problems, has a very good air conditioner. doesn't make any noises while driving.

- Dora H

Great storage in this vehicle.

It has really spacious storage in the cargo area and the air conditioning works great but hate how I have to change the oil.

- Jessica B

The drive shaft needs replaced so the AWD will work come winter.

Drives good needs new windshield and drive shaft like that it has a sunroof like that it's all wheel drive. . Or should be.

- Carla S

It drives great and it's perfect car to start a family in.

None. I love the car, it drives great! It is perfect for me and for when I expand my family. I'll keep this car for years!.

- Abbie S

That it is dependable transportation.

It has been a very reliable car its rides very nice. I like the way it sits. I think its a body style that stays in style.

- Nancy G

Reliable car, a lot of space.

Has a lot of space good with gas mileage with proper maintenance haven't had many issues other than standard maintenance.

- Caitlin T

The gas mileage is great.

I like the midsize. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the dimness of the headlights. I dislike the missing in the engine.

- Odessa T

The battery is hard to get too.

I like how the back opens up. The back has lots of extra space. It's easier for me to load stuff. Wish it had a sunroof.

- Jodi S

Its safety is great. AWD for snow sand dirt mud. Has a lot of room cargo area.

It use to run great. than the engine blew oil pump went. Brakes are the worst. Its AWD. Cost me way too much to repair.

- David K

People should know that it's a good car.

I like that is its not big or to small for me. I love the way it drives n I hate that the windows are not on the door.

- Emily M

It is spacious, and versatile.

I love my vehicle, I just wish it was newer and more updated with backup camera, updated radio, and updated features.

- Beth W

It gets good gas mileage with a good handle. The four wheel drive is excellent.

I like suvs and it drives quite well. The 4wd is a big help! Gets decent gas mileage with a good stock stereo system.

- Travis B

It take us where we need to go and we are thankful to have it

It has it's problems. It has 4 wheels and goes where we need it to most of the time. It makes a lot of weird sounds.

- abigail h

That it runs really good and gets good gas mileage.

It is very comfortable and get really good gas mileage. What I do not like is that it does not have cruise control.

- Lori W

Wonderful SUV for a working mother.

Perfect small sub. Does not feel like your driving a boat, no vision blocking or huge blind spots easy to maneuver.

- Jill C

It is a four door, and it is silver

Seems to have a lot of mechanical issues, such as: engine replacement, window motor, water pump, brake failure, etc

- Jason E

Gas mileage could be better, but car runs smoothly

It's a good car. Runs well, despite the high mileage it has. Ac runs very cold and enjoy the sunroof in the ajmmsd

- Alison R

It is decent on gas mileage and is very roomy. With plenty of cargo space.

What I like is that I can drive it after my knee surgery. I do not like that it is not leather seats or a sunroof.

- Tracy S

It is great! Safe, reliable, easy to drive.

It's a very good, dependable car. It's good on gas. It's a really good brand of car. I enjoy driving it each day.

- Bonnie S

It is the best riding truck I have ever owned.

I like the way it drives, and it runs good. I love my Chevy equinox. It runs good for its age. Lot of room in it.

- Cathy A

It is a good all wheel drive car

It is a very reliable car but the check engine light is constantly on even with regular maintenance done to it

- James O

It's very old, be careful.

My vehicle is a White 2005 Chevy. It is very old so It's not as good anymore. It needs a little bit of fixing.

- Carlos T

It is very roomy. But there are problems with that year in all models of the car.

I love the size. I love how it drives. I dislike the glitches that comes with the year of the make and model.

- Ashley P

safety is the most important of my car best car i have ever own and will enjoy it yet in very good shape

I like all of my car and nothing else Good safe car to ride. All is great with it/ No rust and in good shape

- Kath k

The Equinox has been very reliable (few repairs) over the past 10+ years

Very reliable and I get good gas mileage. I especially like that it sits high which is good as I get older.

- susan f

it is roomy can fit everything i need in it and still have leg room

i have no problems with is its roomy and comfortable i love it fits strollers and the grandkids comfortably

- deb c

Good for a family who is on the go and doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

Reliable. Comfortable. Large. Good on gas. Not the best for bells and whistles. Nothing fancy pretty basic.

- kelly w

Great all wheel drive vehicle to own.

My 2005 Chevy Equinox is very spacious. The trunk is huge & you can't go wrong with the All wheel drive.

- Carlos P

My 2005 Chevrolet Equinox LT is All Wheel Drive. The LT model is a higher package than the LS model.

It's a comfy ride. Newer AWD vehicles get better MPG. It is AWD so it does handle better in rain & snow.

- Daniel M

It is paid for and that is a good thing.

Comfortable, good on gas, reliable. It is one of the best cars around and has won lots of awards. Roomy.

- Chris F

It may be older but it gets me where I am going and I love it .

It's a nice vehicle even though it is a 2005. It runs great but needs some new shocks and an oil change.

- Aleshia P

Good for long trips plenty of room and drives nice.

Been a good car no major repairs need and very dependable, plenty of room and drives very comfortable.

- Roderick E

That for an SUV it gets really good gas mileage, usually 28 miles per gallon

My equinox has a sunroof, black leather interior. It is a very smooth ride, great on gas for an SUV.

- Deanna B

Very reliable transportation

I really like the Chevy equinox series. It has been very reliable and spacious vehicle. It is an SUV

- Vanessa F

Comfort quietness of ride and a great sound system.

It is junk, to much mechanical trouble. Do not like anything about it. Nothing, nothing, nothing .

- Robin W

It has sufficient pick up and gets me where I need to go.

I enjoy driving my car. It has plenty of room. Has good gas mileage. Is comfortable and paid for,

- Pat R

I like how roomy it is on the inside and in the back. It gives a good wide view when backing up. I don't like where the buttons are that roll the windows up and down. I would like those to be on the door.

It's an all wheel drive, midsize suv, and it uses more gas than a car that has a similar engine.

- April G

Almost no maintenance needed.

I love the fact that it needs almost no maintenance. I wish the roof rack had side openings.

- Susan S

It is very comfortable and it gets really good gas mileage. I dislike that it does not have cruise control.

That it gets really good gas mileage.Also that it drives really good and is very comfortable.

- Lori W

That it beats most other vehicles on the road. It's one of the best cars I've owned.

I love the size of it, and the speakers are very loud. Also I love the mileage on my truck.

- Ken A

It is a small SUV but has plenty of power and plenty of interior room.

I love the look of the vehicle.i like the way it drives. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- suzanne L

It gets me to work safely. I like the color and it is very roomy.

Gets good gas mileage. Very roomy. I don't like the window buttons in the center console.

- Robin B

It's a great family car. You Will love to travel home the trunk is very big and it drives so good

Spacious and nice we love it. We have tons of space. We love the color. And it's comfy

- Tara F

The only issues I have are minor. Antenna for radio doesn't work well. Other then small things it's very comfortable and safe.

Comfort and low issues! It's a great car. Would highly recommend as a family vehicle.

- Jaime S

It is very reliable and gets decent gas mileage. Has over 200k miles and still runs well.

I don't like the interior design, seats stain easily. I like the reliability of it.

- Adam S

Chevy's are dependable, reliable and fun to drive.

I love the reliability of a Chevy, I love that it is an SUV, I love how it handles.

- Vikki H

It handles well and is very reliable

I love the unusual L blue metallic color it's dependable and a comfortable ride

- Kenneth H

This car drives well in the snow.

I wish I had a back up camera on my car. I also wish my windows were tinted.

- Kristen A

It's been well maintained as I'm getting ready to sell it.

I've never had any problems with my vehicle. Gets good gas mileage

- Holly K

It is a good size and drives well. Easy on gas and oh so comfortable

No complaints. The bumper was hit from behind and crunched a bit

- debby r

Very reliable good on long trips plenty of room for the family.

Good reliable car No major issues or repairs Great on long trips

- Roderick E

My car is not great on gas, but it is a SUV, and that's how they are.

I like that my suv is roomy. I like that it's a mid size suv.

- Josh K

it's me! easy,comfortable for me with knee surgeries

it's comfortable, seats 5, lots of legroom, easy to get into

- mae d

The car has been somewhat reliable over the years, and travels continuously up and down the parkway for about 100 miles a day.

The car can go a tremendous amount of miles without service

- Bryan B

Dependable. It's a great road trip vehicle. Decent amount of room.

It's dependable. Good size. Can take it on long road trips.

- Paul J

It's a pretty compact SUV that is easy to drive and it's cute

I like that it is a good car for short people to drive.

- Elysia F

the best car out there it do not cost a lot you get a lot for your money

there is no complaints at all the best car i ever had

- joseph s

great in snow, has plenty room to haul things around. not to bad with gas

great in winter, needs lots of work done to it.

- mickey R

Chevy equinox . Information of a.

- Sydney D

The old reliable equinox.

- Madison B