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My positive experience as a Chevy Equinox owner.

I bought my 2006 salsa red Chevy Equinox AWD new in 2006. It has been extremely reliable and has needed no major repairs. I have been changing the oil every 3-5k miles. Last year I needed to put in shocks and struts due to normal wear and tear on the vehicle. Tires have been changed very couple of years due to normal wear and tear. We have not needed snow tires because it is all wheel drive, which I highly recommend. I live in NY and we have had a lot of snow in the last couple of years and I have never gotten stuck. The heat and air conditioning has always worked great. I have had to have to alignment adjusted once. Other repairs and upkeep have been brakes, rotors, fuses, but nothing major. We are a family of four and fit very comfortably in the car, with plenty of room in the back for groceries, luggage, etc., we have gone camping and fit all of our equipment in this car! And we now have a dog and he fits very comfortably in the back! There are 110k miles on the car and is still runs great. I am hoping to get as many miles out of it as possible. It starts everyday even in the cold weather. We have always bought Chevy vehicles, and will continue to buy Chevy vehicles because of their reliability and of course because the vehicles are made in America. Both the cars in our household or Chevy vehicles. I will most likely buy or lease another Chevy Equinox in the very near future.

- Lisa B

Short person approved, smooth drive, and great cargo space.

Overall I have really loved my Equinox! I love that it feels lighter and smoother of a ride compared to Jeep s that I grew up with. I wished mine had the option to switch into AWD from front wheel drive in the winter but I can get 355 miles on a tank doing highway driving so the mileage is pretty reasonable for an SUV. I love the shape and feel of the seats as some seats can feel to constructive for anyone who is not super skinny! I am only 5'3" so visibility while driving is very important to me and I have had no noticeable issues with blind spots or windows being too high to see lower cars. I also love that the backseat is adjustable to move forward/backward and that the back of the seat can fold down in two pieces as I often have a car seat for my son but need to haul larger/longer items at times. The cargo space is great! I road tripped with 3 other women halfway across the country for a week long convention and while it was cozy it was totally doable. I really love my Equinox and am sad it is getting older and higher mileage already!

- Amber S

2006 Chevy Equinox review: the car continues to experience problems as it ages.

The car gets a new problem every time you fix one. The brakes, oil, radiator, battery, and wheels have all given me problems. I do not know a lot about cars so I just take it to the shop and they fix it. The most annoying of these problems is the battery. At first when I bought it there was a new battery in it but within one year the battery was completely dead so I bought a new one and then within 9 months that battery was completely dead. I cannot keep putting in money for it to be repaired but at the same time I like the car because it still has a smooth ride and picks up speed quickly and that is what I like in a car. The car is fine when there are not problems with it but I just feel like it is aging really quickly.

- Isaiah Hall H

Equinox easy to handle in the winter on very icy roads.

The only issues have been with the heater in our vehicle but it is been worked on twice and only worked once out of the time we have had it cause for some reason you have to have an extended warranty to cover the cost of repairs and it is going to cost us about $2, 000 to repair it and hope that we do not have to fix this again cause the flapper doors seem to be faulty in this particular vehicle so be aware of this before getting this particular vehicle and year buyer beware and also keep it serviced cause if you do not then you will find yourselves with another issue you did not count on along with tires and that is another issue with these vehicles get and keep newer tires for improves fuel economy.

- Brian K

Seat warmer didn't need in fl but did use them a lot in ar,

I bought it new off the showroom floor, easy to drive and really comfortable to ride in. It has been on all types of road conditions and handles extremely well. I only have 91 k on it but have not had anything to do except the regular Maintenance, I am still on the only set of tires. In the mountains in ar with high winds it still handled like a dream it is good on gas, you into any auto parts store and get the few parts that you need like a air filter or wiper blades. I had on little quirk with the air and it was a $25. 00 repair at the Chevy dealerrater the best car I have ever owned. I will drive it until it will not go any farther then I would not like to get rid of it.

- Judy G

I'm not sure about newer models of the Equinox, but most of the '06s experience an overheating issue at least once in their lives. It turns into a very expensive ordeal!

I tend to be a practical person so I like crossovers for their versatility. I love my Equinox because it's just the right size for me to transport small to moderately sized items if need be. The back passenger seats fold down to allow for more room if needed for transport. But I'm not committed to transport space as I can be with a pick-up truck (without the extended cab). The only negative are the funky blind spots it has (due to Its design) and three expensive repairs my Equinox needed (thermostat replaced twice; fuel pump replaced twice; and engine head gasket once) all before the vehicle turned 10 years old. Aside from that I love my Equinox!

- Maureen C

Love my ‘06 Equinox! Handles great! Has great horse power! Rides smoothly!

Love my ‘06 Chevy Equinox. It is spacious and handles very well. I have not pulled any small trailers with it, and it is designed for it, but I have carried heavy loads in the trunk area. And it didn't even phase it. Meaning that we carried the same load in a different vehicle, a minivan and it affected the way the mini van drove. But not the Equinox. The only problem that we have with our Equinox is the side window panels on the two front doors came loose, I guess, while traveling and broke off. It is a small simple fix. But others that I know whom have an Equinox had the same problem. All in all a great car! 5 Stars.

- Alicia J

Chevrolet Equinox the best reliable car ever for you and your family.

I absolutely love my Chevrolet Equinox it is the best car I have ever had it's a reliable car that has a big trunk and a big back seat my 2 kids love it and so do I because I have enough room for both the car seats and me and my husband have enough room for us to sit and enough room for the strollers I also love that my speakers because they have built in bass. Another reason I love my car is because it drive so smooth and we are now able to take long trips and not have to worry because we have enough room and we have an amazing reliable car that had plenty of space for us to travel and it gets really good gas mileage.

- Hannah M

My road dog is a girly car!

The equinox has been a joy to drive. Not many problems at all. The oil change light gets stuck on sometimes over the years. Buy no real problems. Change the oil rotate the tires drive! The pockets, I call them on the back hatch are a great accessory for me a woman only 5ft 2.5 in. It gives me something to grab hold to when closing the back hatch. There are door pockets as well! Many places to hide things from yourself! I love the 'command center' as I call it. The window controls are near the gear shift between the bucket seats. Not great for my front seat passenger, but I feel like an airplane pilot!

- Dei H

It can definitely take a licking and keep on ticking!

I've had my equinox for about 4 years now. And while I purchased it used still loved it and I have certainly put the miles on it. It's not exactly in the best of shape at this time. But like I said I've put a lot of miles and wear and tear on this vehicle. In fact I'm well over 220,000 miles now. But it's engine is fantastic. And it's the perfect SUV size as it's not too small and not to big. Oh and it's great in the snow and ice. And though my vehicle is on its last leg I will be getting another Chevy equinox just a newer year.

- Kelly V

Great used car that is dependable in all conditions.

Overall my car is very reliable. It seems to have very good gas mileage and is great in all weather conditions. The transmission is a little weird I am not sure if it was from the previous owners or just how the model is. I would honestly though recommend this car to anyone who is looking to buy a car. It does although seem to use up oil a lot more than my other cars often needing oil added to it before the next oil change. But other than the transmission and using up all of the oil everything else about this car is great!

- Roy B

Low mileage under 110,000 miles, Clean title, Carfax available

I love the fact that my vehicle is a very good size with a lot of room for my family. The size of my vehicle is important because of how many are in my household. You would think the gas would be alot because of the size of my vehicle however it is very good on gas mileage. The only dislike is that I could of paid a lot less cash on the year and make of my vehicle after further research was done. The color of my vehicle is not a common color but a nice color to me. It is a real bluish green and very reliable overall.

- Kiona I

I like that the car has a hatchback, good for my sports needs.

I have had problems with the AC blower, battery, starter, ignition switch. With the ignition switch, there was a recall on the Chevrolet Equinox because of this issue. I took my car to a GMC dealership to try to get a new key made and they told me they couldn't remake the key because of how worn it was. I was told that when Chevrolet made the key, they didn't make a code for the key so the key can not be remade. How I have to take my key to a locksmith and try to get a locksmith to match the key.

- Marissa H

It is a very reliable car!

Nice reliable car! Lots of space and room for kids or if you haul stuff. I think it is great that the seats fold down so I can let my big 60 pound dog hang out back there while I am taking him places. Also good on long drives, comfortable for hours of driving. Downside is that it sucks gas like crazy! With the gas prices being so high, I spend about $300-$400 a month. I do not really drive extra places just 15-30 minutes a day for work. So it gets expensive.

- Kayla P

don't love it, don't hate it.

I got my Equinox used. I really like the body style and size. It is pretty comfortable. I don't not like the center console set up. No where to put anything and the window buttons are in a strange location, not on the doors but under the gear shift. Also, I thought it would have been better on gas than what it is. I had to get something in the transmission replaced when I got it. I think it was the lines because it kept leaking transmission fluid.

- Kristin B

2006 Burgundy Chevy Equinox LT 4WD

I really enjoy it although it does have its pros and cons. I like it because it's very Spacious, comfortable, and drives real smooth. The truck is amazing all of my groceries and shopping bags fit perfectly ai don't need to stick bags in the back seats. I have had continuous problems with it. Like the brakes. I've had to switch them out a couple of times and keep getting it aligned but other than that I love it.

- Cynthia A

Check out this great SUV the Chevy equinox..you won't be disappointed

I am totally in love my vehicle. It has been a very reliable for me. It has a nice radio system in it. It seats 5 and the back seats split and fold down... awesome cargo area. Great in snow and ice. Has a sunroof that has a shield on it to close out the sun when not wanted. Its an automatic so that helps drive more easy.it's an all wheel drive. With the option of four wheel drive. Overall this is a great car

- Elizabeth C

Chevy Equinox Review - from a busy mom of 1

There has been a recall on my vehicle about a cable that makes the breaks function. They used to lurch when being applied but not consistently so it has almost caused accidents because you never knew when it would happen. Other than that it's a fine vehicle for a small family. The back seat gets very small when putting in 1 car seat so I would want to upgrade to a larger vehicle when we have our next child.

- Lauren S

Black Chevy equinox, nothing worked..

The battery went out and the belt snapped, needed almost a whole new front end. It started overheating, the steering started going out, began vibrating very badly, ball joints, no air conditioning, and it had never been wrecked and was actually well maintained... The windows would not work, either. It was, however, a great size for my family of four and the back seats and boot gave plenty of extra room.

- Ashley D

The good bad ugly of my Equinox.

It is very spacious inside. But both front seats are very uncomfortable for long drives. Back seat spacious comfortable. Lots of floor room. Tons storage in back. drives smooth. Blind spot! Wipers need replacing more often than other cars. Car does not come with AUX which is a big problem these days with use between phones and cars. Additional piece is required to use aux. You have to buy that separate.

- Angela M

My favorite part of my car is how spacious it is.

My vehicle is very sturdy. It is comfortable to sit in while driving, and I enjoy the sensitivity of the brakes and gas. It is rather lightweight feeling, yet feels safe when driving on snow, rain, or other slippery surfaces. The trunk space is huge, and there is good legroom everywhere. My biggest complaint is that the turn radius is rather small, but it does not necessarily impede my driving.

- Gwen L

Car of hidden storage, spare tire well provides additional storage

Its a solid car, very dependable. I think it's perfect for both having all the room you need and the power to get where you have to go. I've taken this car from fishing, to hiking, to out of state, and with kids. The back seats fold down and give you plenty of space to haul a ladder or even lumber. The spare tire well provides additional storage and is in a convenient location

- Kyle L

The Equinox is a great vehicle for a single person or a growing family.

My Equinox is just the right size for my needs. There is plenty of room for my self and my boys. The split fold down rear seat is great when I need to haul something larger. I like that it sits a little higher, I am able to see the road and all around me. It is comfortable to drive and the controls are easy to reach and read. The all wheel drive goes really well in the snow.

- Michelle B

Room to grow and a tough exterior.

The interior is spacious and with the fold-down seats in the rear it makes the car very useful for moving large amounts of furniture when moving. The seats can become stiff and uncomfortable when driving long distances, but overall I am comfortable on my daily drives. With regular vehicle check ups my car still runs very well, save for the wiper blades never working well.

- Margaret L

This Equinox is a great SUV by Chevrolet.

Although my car is 12 years old and I have driven it over 160, 000 miles, it still drives great. As for repairs I have spent around $3500 in major work and I consider it very reliable. The interior has held up and the 6-cd player still works. I have a problem with the ac only the defrost fan works but that keeps the car cool in the summer. It works fine for my needs.

- Linda B

All I can say is that the 2006 Equinox is very roomy. It runs and rides good.

I really love my Equinox. I have been having serious problem with my right knee and my car front passenger seat is back far enough that even with a straight leg I can get in easily. There is lots of room in the second row seats and are also very comfortable like the front. There enough space in the back for a wheelchair to be place in it even with the leg left on.

- Brenda M

I could not live without my Chevy Equinox

I love my Chevy Equinox. It is a very reliable vehicle. Good on gas mileage. I love the space in the back. My air conditioner is amazing. During Hurricane Florence My Husband and I with our two kids pretty much lived in our car we would have died without that air conditioner. I have taken my car on road trips and it was dream to drive. I love everything about it

- Kayla D

Purple equinox! Best color ever

I love this vehicle however it does have some flaws. Personally love the cloth seats and lack their of a sunroof. Love the way it drives and how fast it can go when it needs to go and the best thing by far is traction control! Fits 2 very big car seats with room for one more and has excellent cargo space in the rear. Does well on county B roads in rural Illinois

- Christine B

Love my Equinox. It handles well. Reliable and a good family vehicle.

My vehicle has always been very reliable. It drives very well. I have found it to be the perfect size for my family and me. It is very easy to enter and exit. Performance is good. I had to replace the fan in the air conditioning system. The flaw I have found in the design is the weakness in the door handle. I also had to replace the driver side door handle twice.

- Karen M

Our experience with an Equinox.

We bought this vehicle used and it has been very reliable for us. We have had no major repairs and it gets good gas mileage. What we do not like too much is that it is narrower than what we prefer so it is a lacking space inside. Also, there are no air conditioner vents near the back seats so it is more difficult to cool the back area of the vehicle.

- Meg V

Equinox is a great car for those with families or who travel frequently.

I have owned my car since 2009 and have been very happy with its performance. It has been comfortable and reliable, and pretty good on gas for an older car. It offers lots of good storage space to carry around my things for work, and people are comfortable in the front and back. I do wish there were more air vents in the back so it didn't get so hot.

- Lauren D

Great and reliable, Easy to handle, Easy to clean, Has plenty of room

It is great SUV to drive, it has plenty of room for children, pets and adults. I love my SUV it so easy to drive and comfortable. My children love the leg room they have in the back and how they can adjust their seats. The radio system needs some work as it ain't too loud, you can turn up to max and barely hear anything. It is also easy to clean.

- Troy H

An interesting detail would be the way the chair slides.

My car is great because it has a sunroof and leather seats. I love the way it drives and it feels as if you will be safe when it drives. It has a great heater/air system and in the summer the sunroof is so much fun. It has two rows of seats, in total that's 5 available spots. Also it is equipped with a large trunk, big enough to store groceries.

- Madison T

2006 Chevrolet equinox 4 door ls model.

Very reliable vehicle. Only problem is abs sensor. Odd thing is that windows buttons are on center console. All in all great vehicle. If you guys get a newer version. Chevy is a great brand all in all I would purchase any Chevy. The seats don't absorb water well through and leave water spots that are hard to get out so you may need seat covers.

- Robin B

SUV home on wheels I work travel and sleep in it living a nomadic lifestyle.

I love my SUV it is my office I work travel and sleep in it. It is very cozy.. I haven't had any issues to it not problems and very reliable. And in style. I also like the color and motor size does not waste gas and easy to get in and out. It needs new window wipers and a better radio speakers other than that I am very happy.

- George S

If you need and do not have, then get one!

Gets me from a to b for over ten years. Has exceptional durability. A built to last vehicle. By the time that this automobile is of no use to me, other people will have been through 2 or more vehicles. I still count on the dependability to this day. When the time comes I will be looking for a vehicle with similar qualities.

- Randall C

It is a vehicle that has great economy.

The storage it has in the back and the legroom in back is nice, along with the fuel economy it gives me. The overhead rack on roof is a nice option to go along with it is easy maintenance. To go along with the power windows and locks, anti brake, tracking, etc. Radio option can very with CD player with on screen display.

- Robert J

She might be 13 years old, but she can take it all.

The only issue that I have ever had with my car is the heater doesn't work anymore, but with living in Florida, the heat is really not that big of a deal. The car is extremely spacious and comfortable and rides extremely well, and I hope that when my car does bite the dust, that I can get a newer Chevrolet Equinox.

- whitney M

Hate it will cost you more money to fix than it's worth

I have had the most problems with this vehicle. In 4 years that I have had it I've put in over 10,000$ worth of work into the vehicle and it still has problems. Most recently the wiring behind the radio started smoking and caught fire out of nowhere this was the first wiring problem I have had with this car.

- Anna A

A good family vehicle, very spacious.

It is a nice vehicle plenty of room for the actual size of it. I have had to replace, ball joints and tie rod ends and am going to have to replace the other wheel bearings soon. It is never broke down on me did have it almost over heat a couple time. Nice smooth comfortable ride. Over pretty decent vehicle.

- Cody C

I love my vehicle because it gets me from point A to point B.

I bought my used vehicle. Right after I bought it, I just kept having problems with it. I have pit so much money into my vehicle, it is not even worth as much as I put in to it. My son and I are on disability. Our disability benefits do not pay out very much. Unfortunately,, we cannot afford a new vehicle.

- Melissa M

Teal colored Chevy Equinox!

My Chevy Equinox is great! Heated leather seats, XM radio, teal colored, sunroof! Car is just about perfect! Have had some troubles but nothing that couldn't be fixed! Had the belt fixed, the frame welded, brake fixed, and new tires. It has not stranded me anywhere so I am very happy with this vehicle!

- Jessica C

I love my vehicle a lot I think it is very practical for my everyday uses going to school and going to different stores.

The comfort is all there, it is spacious in the back and in the front there aren't any problems with that. The performance aspect the ac stopped working and had to get it fixed and have also had issues with the stereo. It has been reliable for all these years but there needs to be money invested in it.

- Andrea U

Chevrolet is a wonderful company.

Really good car. Gets me from a to b easily. Would definitely be likely to recommend this car to others. Good gas mileage in both town and the interstate highway systems. Chevrolet is definitely one of the best vehicle manufacturers out in the business. They're top notch even in economics and pricing.

- Steven J

It holds 5 members in the car and plenty of room to haul things.

Not really major problems besides changing water pump, alternator, and a blown head gasket but I bought it used. It holds five people and plenty of storage room to haul stuff. I love the height of the car where I'm sitting too low to ground. It was easy to drive for my children to learn to drive in.

- Jeanne P

Perfect for our family of 4, everyone loves it.

Our Chevrolet Equinox is perfect for our small family of 4. It is not too big and not too small. Our kids love it too. Sunroof is perfect for summertime, and the "trunk" is perfect size. A/c and heat work great too. I have nothing to complain about with our Chevy Equinox. It is one of my dream cars.

- Amanda B

Problems with age but overall a great vehicle.

There are problems with the ignition cylinder that have cost hundreds of dollars to repair. Also issues with the fuse box, and the strut system. The sunroof needs to be adjusted so it doesn't leak. A lot of these problems come with age. The car is reliable, for the most part. Bought the car used.

- Jennifer G

It is a great car! Highly recommend it!

I love my car! I would definitely buy a newer one when I financially able. The only cons I would say, would be that it has had to be worked on quite a bit but with it being 12 years old and having been in a wreck, I wouldn't expect anything less. It has 250, 000+ miles and still drives great!

- Alexis P

They should get one. It is so incredibly comfortable and reliable.

Gas mileage, versatility, ease of maneuvering, comfort, dependability. However, it has a large turning radius which makes it difficult to park in tight situations. Also, failure of a $20 plastic part necessitated a $1000 repair in the AC system. Maybe more thought should be given to design.

- Ann C

Always appreciated all the room in the car.

I've had issues with the air conditioner. It gets really bad gas mileage. It has a very big turning radius. It has a lot of legroom in the back seat. It's a comfortable ride. The motor on passenger window works selectively. It has a small oil leak, but that is to be expected with a old car.

- Terri C

Vehicle nightmare, the cons of getting a used vehicle.

Gas mileage is good but in order to crank it you have to put it in neutral. I am overpaying for the vehicle. The vehicle is used. I hate the color of it and now the gas hand works occasionally. The ace where I bought it from was great. I wish I could get a better and more reliable vehicle.

- Reid Y

A really good dependable car with relatively low maintenance.

This car is good Dependable transportation the maintenance is low. It's not the best on gas but it's not that bad. The initial pick up is slow but once it gets going it moves quickly from 20 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour. It has great AC which is important because I live in Florida.

- Bill O

Lots of mechanical issues.

I have had this vehicle for about 10 years. It is constantly having problems with the whole bottom of the vehicle. A/c and heating system also been fix multiple times. This vehicle has cost me more than it's value. I don't drive this vehicle much, just locally to the stores, school, etc.

- Hannah P

Spacious vehicle that gets the job done.

Constant problems whether it be breaks, oil, battery, or something with the tires. But other than that it gets the job done and fits a whole lot inside of the car, it hold 5 people but the trunk is huge and with the seats down in the back, it transports big objects, perfect for moving.

- Kaitlyn D

Great car for the money would recommend to anyone.

It runs smoothly and good pickup. Interior is roomy and comfortable. Back seat in comfortable and accommodates 3 grown ups comfortably or a car seat and two people. Trunk space is plenty. Back seat can be dropped halfway or full seat for more room. Have used it to move furniture.

- Jennifer K

The roominess of the Equinox is more than standard.

I love the roominess of my Equinox end the gas nog but I have had numerous problems with it. From electrical like the power windows stopping, the and now my battery being drained by a shortage somewhere. Also mechanical issues like the front end balance off, the breaks going out etc.

- Lori E

2006 Chevy Equinox review!

It is partially reliable, it is a good car for a small family or single person. Trunk space can be adjusted to make more trunk space or move room in back seat. It is all wheel drive so it is good in snow weather and rain. Other than that I guess the car is okay to be a small SUV.

- Viki J

The 2006 Chevy Equinox is a gorgeous, family friendly vehicle.

The brakes are a little jolty, and the gas mileage isn't great. The car has a coolant system leak, but other than that, runs great! The car is very comfortable and spacious. Comes with leather seat covers, five cup holders, and three power jacks. Very pretty teal color as well

- Alix L

Most average car: the Chevy equinox.

I have had a few issues with my engine and my muffler. Most persistent issue I have had was with my coolant. Car would overheat very easily. Otherwise it is a great car. It is very roomy and easy to drive. I have had it for so long I couldn't see myself driving anything else.

- Taylor B

Chevy equinox head gasket

When I purchased my equinox it had a blown head gasket, though after a long weekend and about 400 dollars we had her on the road. Overall it's a great daily driver. Have had no other mechanical issues. It has 234,000 thousand miles mostly highway. Was cheap and a good starter

- Sierra G

Chevy equinox 2006 lt title.

I have been driving this car for a few months since I got it around the end of December. So far it has been very reliable with very few problems. The only big problem it is had was the missing wheel bearing, but that problem is fixed now. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

- Caleb L

I would say that its economical and affordable to own, comfortable to drive and ride in and roomy.

I love my Equinox. It is economical on gas, dependable, and very comfortable to drive. It does have a smooth ride. It looks nice on the exterior, and roomy for groceries, and other riders too. We even use it to go to Menards and get home improvement items. We love it

- Jeannie V

Keep up on minor maintenance work, and regular service check ups.

Our Chevy equinox is most definitely a great daily driver and very reliable. The pros- great gas mileage, plenty of space, and great handling. The cons- maintenance on this car can be very nerve racking. And may need special mechanical attention which can be costly.

- Arthur H

Not for looks but runs good!

Banged and bent but runs go. CD is currently stuck. Needs interior cleaning. Not a luxury car but gets me from point A to point B. Has not been driven much in past three years but battery is replaced each winter just because. But still needs a tune up & oil. Change.

- Cindy F

Chevy Equinox awesome car.

This car is amazing. It has a smooth ride. Great stereo and air. I use this for my job and my passengers love it too. The only thing that I would change is that the window buttons are in the center of the car near the gear shifter. This is not very user friendly.

- Robert D

Great vehicle! This vehicle is reliable.

This has been a great vehicle. My motor tore up about two years ago. A friend put in a new motor, well fairly new; it only had 20, 000 miles on it. We have gotten our money worth out of this vehicle. However, it is time for a new one. It's still running through.

- Annette A

Best vehicle for big family

We Love this Vehicle, seriously the best care I have ever bought. Lots of room for the kids. There is tons of room I'm the back for groceries. We take it camping, it's the best vehicle we have ever had. I would recommend everyone with more than 1 child get one

- J B

Love the style. Plenty of room. Good in rough driving conditions.

No problems until it was 16 years old then regular wear and tear maintenance. Only big issue is a faulty ac/heat door. It overturns with the heat/air dial and breaks off. Multiple people complain and no recall. Have to take off the entire dash panel to access.

- Missy B

An interesting detail about my car is that for being used, fixed wrong, electrical problems, and anti theft locking killing the car, it still runs good and easy to fix.

Well we bought the car used, so we have problems with the way the prior owner fixed it. Besides that it's a good car, except it has electrical problems and the anti theft always shuts car down and you have to wait for 30 min just to try and be able to drive.

- Drake M

Chevrolet Equinox 2006 ls.

My vehicle is very reliable. Its performance is up to par with other vehicles of its time. Features of the vehicle includes automatic headlights, as well as automatic radio volume. It is very comfortable, I could comfortably drive it for at least 250 miles.

- Alex L

Chevrolet equinox 2006 model

It's amazing for a family car. It's super reliable and dependable. Overall it's a great vehicle to own e especially for family road trips or just driving around town. The seats are really comfortable but the stereo does need upgraded to a Bluetooth version.

- Samantha H

I love the design and style of the vehicle as well as the space. What I dislike most is how loud the vehicle runs. It has gotten louder as I have had it and it is very annoying because it is louder the the radio most times.

The older models of the equinox are not as good as the newer versions for many reasons. One major one for me is the fact that it runs extremely loud on the highway. It feels as though you are driving with the windows down without even opening the windows.

- Mackenzie T

Great, family dependable car!

This car is absolutely reliable. It is a little rough on gas mileage so traveling gets a little expensive, but overall I would buy this car all over again. The AC runs cold, the car is spacious especially if you have kids, and it hasn't ever let me down!

- Tiffany S

It does very good in the winter time

My 2006 Chevrolet Equinox is reliable, but requires a lot of maintenance. Oil changes being one of them. I have to put oil in it, about once a week. It's a little bit out of date as well. But all in all it's a good. It does very good in the winter time

- Amber L

Chevy impala quality review.

Reliable, good on gas, drives smooth and has little upkeep. Overall a great car on a budget. Roomy nice trunk space, some electrical issues and water leaks but not a bad car for 14 years old. Easy to work on and most replacement parts are affordable.

- Patrick C

The parts or mechanics of the car work for longer than most other vehicles.

I love it because I haven't had many issues with this vehicle. I'm above 100,000 miles and I've really only fixed minimal items. I dislike that it is older and doesn't have all the fancy stuff newer cars have, but that's not really the cars fault.

- Kylene K

It's a functional vehicle, the family type, can be used for long traveling distances

Is a very spacious SUV, lot of features, everything is automatic. Good air conditioner, radio in excellent conditions. Since new the car started to show a malfunction, it will make a little jump when stopped. Now we know it was the transmision.

- Cris L

It is reliable and dependable.

It is getting older and needs new front brakes. It also makes a louder sound when driving than newer vehicles. It is in good condition and gets me where I need to go. I haven't had any major problems with it but would like a newer vehicle

- kim M

It is a very good family vehicle. It also has fold down seats, which makes it quite roomy for carrying large loads.

I like the size of my vehicle. It has been perfect for driving with my children and dogs. It is a very safe vehicle and gets fairly decent gas mileage. The only thing that I dislike about it is that it has had some electrical problems.

- Katherine B

The most important thing you should know is that the car works good.

The Chevy is a 2006 car is 12 years old but it still run pretty good. We have had a couple of problems with it but it still is running. If or and when I buy a new win I will probably more than likely upgrade my Chevy for the new one.

- Tiffany H

I like it but has issues. I will keep it until it is ran into the ground.

I really like my car. It runs smooth and good on gas. It does not turn sharp. A cd is stuck in the cd player and will not come out. A fuse in the blower motor keeps going out so my husband had to bypass it with a switch for me.

- Tiffany k

Don't buy Chevy's ever. I should know better

I like the room in the interior. I don't like how most everything seems to fall off it. I had a blend door issue, the drivers window is off track, one of the rear door lifts broke off. the dashboard looks like a christmas tree

- will T

Good car but after a while-need to trade in.

I have had my car for more than 10 years. It has been a reliable car until now that I am having a bit of an issue with the abs/tic functions. When the code is read, it gets fixed and still comes up with the same issue.

- Anita R

I make sure we keep it safe to drive always

I like it has all wheel drive... I don't like the heater which does not heat the car well in the winter... bought it used and did not notice the things we found wrong with it after buying it...(no through a dealer :(

- j B

It's reliable, comfortable and affordable. Easy to maintain as we as replace parts.

I love that the car is paid off and still runs great. I like that it still accommodates our family's needs. I miss some bells and whistles that our newer car has. I love that we can still travel when we choose.

- Enid A

Great size vehicle for a woman! The seats adjust great for a woman and visors actually work for a woman!

Love it to transport my dog. I put in a wire gate behind back seat and she can stay safely in the trunk. I worry about when she won't be able to jump in the trunk on her own but for now we travel a lot together!

- Denise R

It's pretty comfortable when traveling long distances

I love that I can get in & out with ease especially after my hip replacements. It's very roomy & pretty comfortable. I dislike the fact it seems to have intermittent electrical issues with the lights and radio.

- Sherry H

My car runs great on long distance trips and does great in town.

It has some issues but it runs pretty well. The thing that bothers me is the oil. It constantly needs oil. I do not know why, but the battery cable came loose a couple of times and the car stopped completely.

- Kathryn C

It has been very dependable.

I love the style. The over all look is great. The only thing I wish I had a newer model I really like the way it handles. I have not had any problems with except the air conditioning quit working this summer.

- Sharon F

When driving, the handling is comfortable and easy.

I have not had any major problems with my car. It performs well both in the city and the open road. I love driving the Equinox because it provides a clear view of the traffic. It sits high but not to high.

- Barbara M

Got great mileage and gas efficiency.

I like the gas, and reliability of the vehicle. It seems to have long term engine problem although I haven't experienced that I know some have. Do not like the fact that the car has front end issues.

- Jessica M

Lots of room for kids and daily driving

I love the comfort and size of my car having a one year old. Have had some problems with the timing belt and fans so it overheats when it is left idling but it is to be expected from an older car

- Madison B

It has several mechanical issues with the brakes and heating /cooling system.

My vehicle has constant issues and has cost me massive amounts of money. I'm very displeased with it but can't afford to purchase a new one at this time. I'm surprised it hasn't been recalled.

- Jessica S

It has 170, 000 miles on it and it gets 25 mpg highway.

My vehicle has a power steering issue which is most likely an electrical problem. Additionally, it is a/c is not working, it needs a new front left side axel, and has an overheating problem.

- Joshua W

It drives very smooth and is very dependable we have not had any issues with it yet.

My vehicle is perfect for a family. It's got the comfort and quality of a nice family car. It also has the durability and ruggedness of an SUV so I feel like I have the best of both worlds.

- Katelyn Q

Temperature gauge doesn't always work.

I love how much cargo space I have. I do not like the fact I bought it used and some of the features don't work. The temp gauge doesn't always work and that is an issue for 2006 Equinox.

- Kimberly G

2006 Equinox Review - Substantial and Relevant

Equinox is completely reliable, haven't had many problems with it. I have had it since 2007, and the only thing I have had done to it is tires and tires and small parts like batteries.

- Annette R

After college, moving three times, a baby, 80,000 miles it is great for parents!.

I love that its light and zippy. It heats and cools quickly and gets decent mileage. I do not like that it had such a wide turning radius, no hitch, and that it is not all-wheel drive.

- Amber S

That it's safe to drive in.

Lots of legroom and storage space. Runs smooth. Great four wheel drive. Nice design. I dislike the fuel mileage. I also dislike the fact that I have put a lot money into maintenance.

- Gary L

It is very comfortable on the inside. The A/C is great and I really like the sunroof.

It is a gift from my parents—that I love. It is roomy and I've always wanted an SUB. It has a sunroof. It's an automatic and I prefer a manual, and the gas mileage isn't great.

- Jared E

It is a good, worth the money car.

I like that it is a small SUV. I like the color and most of the options. I do not like that it does not have 3rd row seating and I do not like that the built in TV didn't last.

- Elizabeth S

She’s been great. Routine maintenance and we run the road.

My equinox is awesome. Great for hauling people and building supplies. She will be 13 this fall. Great gas mileage. Routine maintenance is what I believe has kept her going.

- Never S

Love my Chevrolet Equinox!

My Chevy Equinox has been wonderful! It has liable with very little issues. It has lasted for an extremely long time and shows no signs of me needing to get a new vehicle.

- Amanda J

That it has over 100,000 miles on it. And has been in the shop for various reasons.

My car used to be my moms car. She bought it in 2006. It has over 100,000 miles but it still works perfectly fine. The shifter is sticky. But other than that it's great.

- Lily S

It is perfect for city and country living.

I love the space. However, I bought it at a time when gas was more affordable. So, it is really that, I love my Chevy, I just wish it had a different fuel power.

- Reese H

It has been a dependable vehicle for my family and I for the past 12 years.

I love my Chevy Equinox because it feels safe to travel in. For a SUV, it gets decent gas mileage.Also, it is big enough to carry my family to and from events.

- Jamie J

I presently have 148,000 mile on it. No major breakdowns. .

No complaints. Just the right size for the family. I like the driver's seat. You are sitting high. You do not roll out onto the ground when you open the door.

- Beverly S

Rugged and reliable, this car is great for road trips and day to day errands

This car has been extremely reliable, I've had it almost 10 years now. It has normal wear and tear issues such as broken radio, brakes, and air conditioning

- Lauren S

It is a reliable vehicle that I recommend for people to purchase

The vehicle that I own is a 2006 Chevy equinox .. it is a good car I have been driving for about a year now and never had any problems yet.. it is reliable

- typhany m

Drives very easy. It also has a lot of trunk space.

I love almost everything about it. The size is nice. I dislike the power window switches being on the center console. I need something larger soon though.

- Ashley S

It is obsolete, production has ended.

My Chevrolet is actually a Saturn. The Saturn Vue and the Chevy Equinox are similar. My Saturn has a plastic body. This GM vehicle has a Honda drivetrain.

- Mister W

It is very comfortable and good on gas.

I feel that the 2006 Chevy equinox lt is the best SUV you can possibly buy. . Especially if you have a large family. It is good on gas and very reliable.

- Angelina G

Great for family trips, roomy, trunk is small, overall a good vehicle.

It's nice on gas mileage for long trips. Its roomy, I just don't like the trunk area, its a little small. The back up camera is great, it handles well.

- Jessica D

I bought it used but it has so far been reliable.

I like basically everything about my vehicle. I just like that it is an SUV, but I do dislike that it is not 4WD and also there is no AUX cord output.

- Tara G

The 2006 Chevrolet Equinox is an extremely reliable car

The 2006 Chevrolet Equinox has been very reliable over the years. It has been to the shop multiple times, but that is to be expected of an older car.

- Chris M

Gets great gas mileage & is a safe vehicle for children

The car has really started to fall apart. Door handle broke off , antenna broke off . it's a good car for the first 5 years after that it's down hill

- Amber B

The Chevy Equinox is a reliably performing auto, strong engine, comfy car.

Overall performance is great. Around the wheel well, the paint starts to bubble and flake off, which I have noticed on many of the same make/models.

- Mari M

It's just what we needed when we were looking. It's stylish yet efficient.

I like how pretty it looks and how much use we've gotten out of it. I don't like that it's not as modern as other cars, and it's in the shop a lot.

- Kari M

It can fit a ton in the back, as well as fit 5 people comfortably.

I like that it is able to drive through snow. It is small and easy to park. Do not like that it does not have an auxiliary port or backup sensors.

- Ian B

It's got a lot of wear and tear.

I don't like the problems that have arised with it, but it's a good family car. I like the way it looks and the interior. I like the gas mileage.

- Kari D

It is a great vehicle great gas mileage.

Love the vehicle except for the switch is going bad or something. Great power and very roomy. But the middle console should be made different.

- Terri N

Chevy vehicles are ok but they could use some changes

I would have to say my vehicle is ok there is problems but really what vehicle don't have problems. My vehicle does get me were I need to go

- Misty P

The car has a good ride and not to bad on gas usage.

I like the size of it. It's not too big. It has a good engine. I don't like that the fan plugs stop working and it's not easy to find them

- Cynthia W

Reliable for a long time but now need newer car.

Reliable car, but will gave to turn in soon. Having issues with the abs/tc. I am at 1000 in repairs and still unknown what the issue is.

- Anita R

I do love how roomy the backseat is!

I am overall happy with my vehicle. However, it gets horrible gas mileage. It also has a very wide turn! It makes it difficult to park.

- Cassie C

It can fit way more than you think.

It's very roomy and comfortable to ride in and drive, good on gas. I love the looks of this car and it's very useful for groceries etc.

- J H

I love that it's a crossover so it's roomy but small. I love the sunroof and the spacious trunk. I don't like that you can tell by the gas mileage when you're about due for an oil change. It will go from getting like 28 miles per gallon to getting only 20 quickly.

It is the first vehicle I purchased that both my children and I loved and agreed on. No one in our little family is embarrassed by it.

- Melissa S

Comfortable and reliable! Very trustworthy

One of the best cars I have ever owned very reliable and gets my whole family to and from where we need to go! I highly recommend one

- Jeanine J

It is great and we are happy with it.

Good gas mileage, easy to drive, easy to repair.. Front seat goes down so I can put in my kayak.. Is very noisy going down the road.

- Christi S

The engine will go somewhere around 70 to 80 thousand miles.

It gets me from place to place so that is good. But it has had so many problems over the years that I am not really happy with it.

- R J

It runs well but isn't very spacious.

It's a great-running car, but it seems so small inside. The gas tank is also rather small. It does have a lot of great features.

- Melissa Lynn G

It is very economical and also very comfortable and efficient.

I love my Equinox. It is roomy and comfortable. It has lots of cargo space for sporting equipment. It gets excellent gas mileage.

- Rebecca E

Reliable, comfortable, easy to load things in the back.

I have over 143, 000 miles on this vehicle. If I could ever get another new vehicle I would get the same kind. I love my equinox.

- Judy A

It is dependable and it is good for taking long trips on gas.

I love the space. I have a two year old and having her car seat in there is not an issue at all. Dislike just the age of my car.

- Devin F

Thus far this car has been a money pit

The car has had a few problems including but not limited to noisy engine, rust spots, bad breaks, needs new shocks and struts,

- Bryant H

Great car, but not so great used

We bought it used and so we do have issues with it, other than that it is a great car. I love the rommie back seat and trunk

- Brenda G

It has child lock windows in the front.

The vehicle is roomy and has a large back empty part to put lots of groceries in. At a good height and is very comfortable.

- Amanda T

Car is very good has many functions.

Get poor gas miles but all in all the car is really very good I would tell people if they want a nice car this is the one.

- Larry C

It's good on gas on the freeway.

Its ok I think I just need something bigger, it always seems to have something wrong with it. I just want something else.

- Lisa M

It runs good for it to be a 2006 model

There is nothing about my suv that i don't like i really do like my suv have been driving suvs only for the past 9 years

- Pat H

Not all of these are that large anymore. Most of the newer models aren't even large enough to carry a large wheelchair.

It is the only vehicle I could afford that holds my powerchair in the back without having to make modifications to it.

- Vivian L

I don't like the center console. I would like to find an insert to fill the space.

It's a spacious vehicle, with a lot of room to carry work items. Not sure about hearing the tires when I drive though.

- xena j

I fits well with all people.

I like how it gets around in all seasons. I like how it does for gas mileage. Perfect car for recent college graduate.

- Chris S

I fell like the should know about Safety and it is a great car

perfect size, Great look, Safe. I love the way it looks. It is the perfect size for us. I feel my family is safe in it

- Rosi m

a lot of storage it comes in many colors.

It runs smooth n has a nice stereo system it also has nice mph. Also it has lots of room it also comes in many colors.

- Natasha A

The Chevy Equinox is amazing because it can be an awesome everyday driver.

I feel like the vehicle runs and drives smooth. Could be better on gas. Overall though, very good vehicle for anyone.

- Benjamin S

very great suv for families

it has been great so far , spacious for the kids and has not given us many major problems yet we love it so far :)

- krystal o

It runs good and got good control

It's a good SUV Problems no AC in My ABS Light is on I keep the oil change every 3000 miles an got new tires on it

- Brian A

That it handles very well and that it gets good gas mileage.

It's all wheel drive and drives very smooth and powerfully. Also it has a great sound system and premium features.

- Erika B

like having a Christmas present every day

This is the Best vehicle i have ever owned. great on gas and very comfortable. lots of legroom for me and the kids

- Vern H

It is highly reliable. Fun to drive. Easy with kids. Spacious.

The only dislike I have is the back hatch storage area. No matter how nicely I drive, my stuff spills everywhere.

- Jaime L

Its dependability is top notch.

The equinox is very dependable. A comfort to drive. A good amount of room. Not very good on mpg. Has some quirks.

- Amanda M

It is a car and it runs and it is a Chevy.

Runs fine, safe, no blind spots, roomy. Gets decent gas mileage. Rides good. It is a good point A to point B car.

- Katherine D

I love my 2006 Chevy Equinox.

The struts wear out fast. That is about the only complaint other than the weather stripping wearing out quickly.

- Charity H

It looks good in the garage.

I love the size, I love the AWD. I do not like the steering radios, and I do not like the transmission jerking.

- Jamie B

It isn't that good on gas and it's a luxury SUV.

I like it because of the size and view. I love the color of exterior and interior. I hate the miles per gallon.

- Diamond R

Best car model for 2018 Chevy.

The color of color. Also the look of the car and shape. When it drive very smooth. Great on safe car to drive.

- Tony B

It does have electrical issues which can be expensive!

I dislike the mechanical issues. I dislike the mpg. I love that it fits my family of 4. I love the body style.

- Charmaine T

It runs smooth handling safely in various conditions like road, weather and time of day.

It has great smooth ride. It provides a safe mode of transportation. It has enough room to accomplish any job.


It was good when I got it in 2007.

Its ok I have had it for a while. So my car is dying. And I need to get a new one. And a better one at that.

- Rachel B

Chevy Equinox lt is the perfect family car.

Lots of storage space. Great engine power. Gets around well in bad weather such as snow. Great gas mileage.

- Carrie W

Chevys are always good cars.

Have not had any major problems. Its comfortable and reliable. Keeping up with regular maintenance helps.

- danielle w

Not flashy, but reliable vehicle!

Not real flashy, but roomy. Does the trick to transport kids, friends and equipment. So so gas mileage.

- Kim R

It takes me from point A to point B. I don't need anything fancy, just something reliable.

I like the amount of space inside the vehicle. I like the color (gold). I dislike how much gas it uses.

- Tia Y

She can make it out of town with no problems.

It's getting too old to take out of state. Would love another just like it with less miles. Great car.

- A B

Black Chevy equinox 2006 A

It's a great car. I wish I had something better but it gets me to work and back home. I think it'll do

- Shamar M

The sunroof is going to leak after a heavy rain

It rides rough on the road. The sunroof leaks. Odd starts with the ignition. I like the room it offers

- Mark C

Reliable form of transportation and quite comfortable.

It's very roomie and clean. Doesn't do especially well in the snow. The gas mileage is not too bad.

- Robert M

This car is Easy to drive and has good gas mileage.

I like the color and safety rating. It's easy to drive and good on gas. Con - it has a water leak.

- Beth H

very easy car to maintain, easy to drive, comfortable, It's just an overall good ride

It's a great car easy on gas easy to drive a lot of room for when we take the grandkids somewhere

- junior g

Great gas mileage for SUV, legroom for people that are tall, and room for luggage

Love the room on the inside and "trunk" space; does not set low perfect size for me.

- Lori W

none of their business-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

If I did not like the vehicle do you think I would have kept it since 2006, duh?

- dale w

That it is well maintained but the repairs are often and can be very expensive

The cost of repairs are expensive. The car is always needing something replaced

- kristin c

To be honest I can't comment a lot on it yet because I've only had it a few months. It's spacious for my kids and for getting large loads of groceries. It gets decent gas mileage for a vehicle it's size. The oil is a lot easier to change on this vehicle than on my last so that's a plus. So far I don't have any complaints

That I like it so everything else shouldn't matter to them. And it's spacious.

- Heather H

The fact that it gets great gas mileage.

I like the size of it. I like the ease of handling. The good gas mileage.

- linda T

Motor, tires gas mileage warranty

My finance bought it for me. It is a vehicle I have been wanting

- Daniel F

The back seat has a lot of room you'be not squished between the seats

It's been very reliable for the 6+ years that I have owned it.

- Samantha M

it has decent gas mileage and drives well in bad weather

It is a roomy car. has decent gas mileage. is easy to drive.

- yvonne i

Has a lot of space and It's lifted

It's a chevy not a big enough motor in it

- Marvin P