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Stop throwing money down the drain and go buy a Chevy Equinox.

Our Chevy Equinox is a 2008 model SUV. It has been a very good car for our family. Radio/stereo works well, for singing with the kids on the way to school. It has amazing trunk space! Awesome space to go do groceries or for any trip you may have planned. Such as, a day at the beach! You can store your cooler, pool noodles, and bags. Drives good in any season for the most part. When I gave birth to my daughter in February we got to come home on a very cold and snowy day and our SUV helped us get home safe with our newborn. Great air conditioner during the hot summer days. Heat works great as well for them cold winter mornings. Good interior and exterior. Has tan leather seats inside and black glossy exterior. Had it for 2 years so far and only had to change a few things. Had to fix a headlight and brake light early this year. Recently changed front brakes and back brakes. Other than that we have had our regular oil changes and our SUV has been running great. It may be a little older for all the new models out today, but I love it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone with kids! For example, a soccer mom. You can put a cooler and other necessities in the truck for a soccer game away from home. Or for long trips. This SUV is also great with gas! And will not drain your wallet. 10/10 recommendation.

- Vere R

Great vehicle for small family

The 08 Chevy Equinox is a decent car for not being brand new. The gas mileage is pretty good. It has power locks and windows. The dashboard says how many percent until the oil needs changed, the temperature, tire pressure for each tire, if a door is open, and much more. It has cruise control and 5 cup holders. It is a very roomy vehicle with a nice sized 'trunk' that is good for trips. It has child lock on the back seat doors and the headlights are auto. I have had no major problems since I bought it a year ago. I have had to change the headlights bulbs and I had to send it to the shop once because the dashboard lights quit working, but it was an easy and cheap fix. Currently the ABS and engine light is on, so I will need to get that looked into, but it is still running good. Last week we drove from Kansas to Arizona, and back, with no issues. The vehicle has a CD player compartment, aux option, clock, and radio. It also includes options to change the bass, treble, and levels of volume from front to back and right to left speakers. The window buttons are below the gear shift in the middle, along with a windows lock option. This car is roomy for 3 kids and I can get in to buckle each of them comfortably. Overall, great family car!

- Jessica B

I love my vehicle and it is very dependable. It gets me from point A to B.

My vehicle is dependable and I love driving it. Most people do not like the Equinox. I love the color and the body and shape. It gets good gas mileage and gets me from point A to point B. I also have a spare tire. I keep the oil changed and tires rotated. My car is the most precious thing to me and I wouldn't sell it if it came to the last thing I had to do in order to get money. I am very grateful to have my car. My car is bought and paid for so therefore I am most grateful for not having a car note. I don't really have the funds to make payments anyway so it works out for the better. My car is very spacious. There's room for the car seat and about 5 to 7 passengers. My car is good for road trips I have only taken two and the year that I have had my vehicle. And I have not had any problems with my vacations with my car breaking down or anything of that nature.

- Carlos B

My Chevy Equinox is the most smooth riding vehicle I've ever owned or drove!

My 2008 Chevrolet Equinox is amazing! It is a very comfortable smooth drive with great road performance. My Equinox is very reliable and never broke down on me in the many years I've had it. I have not yet had to purchase any parts or replace anything at all. As long as I keep my oil changed and gas in the vehicle I'm good to go! I literally trust it to go anywhere! The air conditioning is amazing and works instantly. The seats are soft and comfortable for long rides. I highly recommend this vehicle for a small family looking for a decently roomy vehicle. I wouldn't trade my vehicle for any other, I'm very satisfied!

- Destiny H

What I like about the 2008 Chevrolet Equinox and the issues we have had with it.

We bought our 2008 Chevy Equinox used about 3 years ago. For the most part it is a good car. It is fun to drive, much like a go cart and gets good gas mileage. The seats are comfortable and it is very spacious. The back "trunk" space is nice and big and easily accessible. The negatives are that something seems to always be going wrong. First it was the ac, then the alternator. Now we are having to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses and the bleeder screw. We have a possible blown head gasket but that is yet to be confirmed. I would buy a newer model of this vehicle if they have worked out the original kinks.

- Robin A

Great long lasting car with little issues.

I love my Equinox. It is been in my family for 10 years and still works great. Only issues I have had with it (all within the last 2 years) is a stabilitrak alarm appear every so often. We replaced the egr valve and cleaned out the line and haven't had a problem with it again. Also, in order to check the transmission fluid, you have to get under the vehicle and dismantle some parts. . Just to get to the dipstick. Does not seem like the most practical to me and I am not even the one checking it! Other than the little things that are easy to look over, the Equinox has been fantastic!

- Jenny S

don't buy this vehicle if you have more than two children.

My 2008 Chevrolet Equinox is pretty comfortable and a perfect size SUV for two children. It is been very reliable so far with 170k miles on it. I get pretty good gas mileage anywhere from 23-28 mpg. I have the ls model so it is not to fancy. It looks very original inside. I love the cup holder space. It has three cup holders all together up front and two cup holders in the back. I would definitely recommend this vehicle if you like midsize SUVs and have more than two children. It is been a very reliable vehicle so far and I am sure it will run for a very long time yet.

- Heather S

Up close and personal! The SUV gives you maximum advantage of seeing the road.

I have had no major problems with the car just the usual upkeep... Oil changes, new tires, new battery, a new bulb in headlight., etc. It is an easy car to drive and handles well in heavy traffic. It is comfortable to drive on long road trips and has been very reliable. I have noticed when I ride in the backseat it is a little bumpy however I do not ride there very much. I love having the back area for having room to haul items and when the back seat folds down there is more length. All in all it has been a wonderful car for me.

- Linda H

It is safe, reliable and roomy.

The 2008 Chevy equinox has a very smooth ride. I feel that it is a safe and reliable vehicle. It is roomy enough to transport myself and my grandchildren on road trips and has fold down seats if I need space to haul large items. I have owned the car for about 6 years and have only had to make minimal repairs other than regular maintenance. Chevy's are easy to work on (I have heard from mechanics) and repair prices are very reasonable. I would buy another equinox and certainly recommend it to someone that needs a small SUV.

- Sandra H

It is roomy without being too big. Drives smoothly.

The color is silver. The inside color is gray leather. It has a sunroof. I bought this car last year. It was used, but in excellent condition. The dealership actually threw in a 5 year warranty. I love driving this car. Before this car, I drove a minivan for 15 years. It was easy getting use to the equinox. It drives smoothly. I haven't noticed many negatives. It does have some wind noises. Currently the air conditioner is not cooling. I will have that fixed in a few weeks when the weather gets warmer.

- Stacie K

A great SUV except for one major problem.

I drove my 08 Equinox for about a month and I loved it. Smooth ride, great features, good stereo, etc. My favorite thing about it is the heated seats, I would use these all year round if I could. But after a month of driving it started to overheat. I always kept my fluid levels good so it wasn't because it ran out of coolant. So now after about 7 months of working on it and replacing just about everything that can be replaced regarding an overheating issue, we still don't know why it keeps overheating.

- Amanda W

The remote start feature, and heated front seats, invite you into comfort!

I can honestly say, that my Chevy Equinox is the most physically comfortable vehicle, I have owned. The driver's seat with it is electrical height adjustment, and lumbar support are helpful. The all wheel drive feature and anti-slip are crucial for the roads in Maryland's changing weather. Fold down seats allow for extra hauling room, and the rear compartment has plenty of room for storage on trips. The 6 CD changer with the 8 speaker stereo allow for never ending concert sound!

- Michael H

I think it has a great space both in the back seat.

I bought it used and I have had to replace brakes twice and it seems to have more maintenance requirements but I also live in a big city with lots of driving so that may be why. I love how comfortable it is and I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat. I also love the trunk space, I can fit a double stroller and all my groceries. Overall, I think it is a great family SUV. Would purchase another newer one but may upgrade to the traverse for the third row.

- Nathalie H

Perfect for family, running errands, or hauling a studio.

I got this car used. The heater core was the only thing that has been replaced and that was right after I got it. No other problems since. It's comfortable, perfect for a mid size family. I work as a photographer and carry a complete studio and everything fits with plenty of room to see out while driving. I get around 26 MPG on the highway. Wish that could be better but when hauling a lot of equipment it could definitely be worse.

- Danyelle L

Reliable and fuel friendly.

My equinox is currently 10 years old. It drives well on slick or snowy roads. Gets about 32 miles per gallon on highway and 26 miles per gallon in the city. Mostly minor repairs after 10 years of ownership. I missed a recall a few years ago, and we believe that was the cause of an engine malfunction about a year ago. Even though we had the engine replaced at 160000 miles, I would consider a newer model when ready to replace.

- Tiffany P

Equinox Honesty from 10 year View

Performance wise the vehicle is more so a bottom end V6. Low end torque and horsepower compared to other vehicles in the small SUV spectrum. Reliability only problems I had for the 10 years I've owned it is ball bearings going bad and a recall for one of the spark plugs. It gets me back and forth and beyond comfortably so no complaints. If had it to do all over again I would probably get the same vehicle all in all.

- James W

Love my Equinox, I am just hard on my vehicles.

I love how big my vehicle is, however, the locking system does not fully work. I am not sure if it is due to age or the previous owner, but my doors do not always unlock when I hit the button on the keys or inside the car. However, I would totally get another Equinox because of how much I love the actual vehicle. I am pretty sure the issues I am having is just because of age/not keeping up with maintenance.

- Andrea B

Chevrolet vehicle model with features found not in any other car.

My vehicle is the perfect size to travel and do errands comfortably. It is reliable with the gas mileage and has great sound system. My vehicle is pretty low maintenance, in that even you can perform little work yourself and what the other repairs are lasting. Great visibility day and night for those who have trouble seeing and you do not feel like you are completely on the floor when driving.

- Rita M

Chevy Equinox for your vehicle needs.

Chevrolet Equinox is an economic vehicle that can help you save money. It is the perfect size for an individual or small starting family. This model comes in a variety of colors with reliability to get you where you need to go. It runs on great gas mileage. It has spacious room to fit your groceries, bags, or other medium sized items. While driving, you can also feel the ease of the drive.

- Karen L

Chevy Equinox is an outstanding vehicle!

I love my Chevy Equinox. It is a 2008 and I never had to put it in the shop ever except for routine maintenance. It handles great and has tons of room. When I decide to trade it in I will go for the current model out there. It is terrific on gas. I personally highly recommend this vehicle. You will not be disappointed. Take a test drive and you will fall in love with an Equinox.

- Bernadette B

Chevy Equinox is an amazing vehicle!

It is a great vehicle. Very dependable and really nice. Love the leather seats and all the features that come along with d vehicle. The Chevy Equinox is a very safe car so you can even pass it down to your children when they are old enough to drive. The only thing I would do different is I would have got a different color, other than white. But overall the wonderful car!

- Brittany G

Comfort, safety and reliability

I never thought I would be a Chevy person, but then I took a test drive and was sold. My Equinox is fun to drive, safe and reliable and extremely roomy for family. It is over 10 years old with close to 200K miles and I'm just now starting to have minor problems. When it comes time to buy a new car, I will be heading right back to the Chevy lot for another Equinox.

- Yvette C

Really good with avoiding accidents.

Excellent car drives good and smooth also comes with a control helps pull wheel back just needs a paint job but I love it also has a rip in the seat but nice blue camo seat covers and the white to black paint job will make my car look brand new only thing now is to get my husband a truck so I can have my car back once I started to drive it I never wanted to stop.

- Courtney P

The Equinox is a good vehicle for style, dependability and comfort.

I loved the Equinox even before I bought one. I knew they last a long time before I bought one. Once I bought mine, I can honestly say I have been pleased with the cars performance. I travel cross country with this car and I felt like I was driving in a luxury vehicle. Never once was I worried about this car making the trip. Very dependable and very reliable.

- Angela M

Great handling and power.

We bought this car used and love it. The ride is great, lots of space - took a cross country trip with 5 adults and stuff for 3 weeks and we were all very comfortable. Love the handling and the power- it is a 6 cylinder. Only complaint we have is that the lock system - it locks you in the car and you have to unlock the doors every time you get out of the car.

- Nancy A

Good gas mileage and an overall great vehicle investment. The maintenance costs for parts etc are relatively inexpensive. The car is a smaller SUV but has plenty of legroom for passengers and plenty of storage room for all your stuff. The air conditioner and heating system is great and does not take too long to get the car in a comfortable temperature.

- James E

Great car for adaptable people.

Controls are in very awkward places within the car that take a lot to get used to. ie. Where the window controls are and how the center console is set up. I have had problems with the body of the car not bonding with the paint which leads to a very rough looking car. The car drives great. Very smooth. Never had any problems with the car mechanically.

- Katie H

Great SUV. Space is great. Drives smooth. Good on gas.

Overall it's a nice SUV great on gas and fits my family size we have had some problems with the tire system but as far as problems that's all we have had to fix other that your normal oil change etc.. It's not my dream vehicle but it does get my family where we need to go with no problems! I would recommend this SUV to anyone it is a great choice!

- Mandi R

The Chevy Equinox is a very reliable SUV.

I own a cleaning business so having a reliable vehicle is important. One of the things that drew me to buying this vehicle was that it was all wheel drive. Driving in winter is a little less stressful with the Equinox. I have owned it for 4 years and have only had to replace things for normal wear and tear. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Lisa O

The most dependable SUV.. Chevy Equinox

The pros to owning this vehicle is that great on gas, roomy,compact but SUV, it's very comfortable, all stereo functions are on the wheel for driver comfortable, back seats go down for extra room, and for passengers in the back seat it gives them plenty of legroom, ashtray, power windows and locks .. The cons are that it's not a 4 wheel drive

- Kim V

My comfortable Equinox is great for comfort and reliable for road trips.

My vehicle is very reliable. I rarely have any problems. I have an elderly mother that I take in it most often, it is easy for her to get up into and roomy enough for her legs. I think it is also very comfortable for myself and it has lots of room in the back for friends. My vehicle is also for longer road trips because of it is comfort.

- Tracy M

I would say that the one most important thing others should know about my car is that it handles well and, in my opinion, is very easy to drive.

I really love my Equinox. I am the second owner and have had no problems with it in the 3+ years I've had it. If you take care of this car, it takes care of you. The gas mileage could be better, but that hasn't posed too much of a problem. Cargo room is great, as is the legroom which is important to my family and I. We're y'all people.

- Blair W

Remote start, heated seats, steering wheel volume controls.

Very spacious, and comfortable for hauling 3 kids in a back seat. I like best that there is not a center divider on the floor board in the rear seat, making leg room better for the kids. Reliable and pretty good on gas mileage. It is a 10 year old vehicle at this point, so maintenance is a regular part of life for us now.

- Lacy J

It has a back window that goes all the way down.

Not great for gas mileage but it has lasted 13 yrs. It has been a good truck to run errands around town but I do not do a lot of driving with it anymore. It needs some tlc inside but overall it has been very reliable. I will be looking at a truck for my next purchase hopefully with better gas mileage than what I have now.

- Tera C

Great mid size SUV for anyone

Vehicle runs very well for its age and condition. It was previously involved in an accident before I owned it, but I've had few issues with performance. I have experienced some electrical issues which I believe are related to some water damage, but nothing that has significantly affected my daily use of the vehicle.

- Nicholas C

A perfectly average SUV that does its job

My car does exactly what I need it to do. It's not fancy, but it's functional, and I've had no major problems so far in the first 6 months of ownership. I did buy it used, however, and the cigarette lighter outlets do not work, unfortunately. This is inconvenient on longer road-trips when I need to charge my phone.

- Katie E

Love my car! Comfy and reliable with no serious performance issues.

I love having a sunroof, heated seats and leather seats. This car is AWD and I haven't ever had any issues driving in bad weather. It is reliable and I will probably get another when I chose another vehicle. The car also came with OnStar. Only issue I have had with it is the passenger front seat will not recline.

- Shannon W

The Equinox was made to last.

The Chevy Equinox has a lot of room. It is a great SUV. It runs fairly smoothly. Mine has over 215,000 miles on it and it is still going. There are some bugs with the computer system but I think that's a normal issue a lot of Chevy cars seem to have. It's great for bad weather and is a very reliable car overall.

- Amber S

There is no interesting detail about the car that stands out to me.

The Chevy equinox has a horrible turning radius. I can barely get in or out of any sized parking spots. It also contains a manufacturing problem with the top back panels where the paint strips off. This causes an increase in rust and making the integrity and safety of the car decrease. It also looks horrible.

- Mary N

2012 Equinox is fantastic!

I have not had any problems. Very low maintenance. Great mileage and good on trips. Tires and oil changes are very inexpensive. Very roomy inside for road trips. No major repairs on car with over 142, 000 miles. No electrical problems with radio. , automatic windows. Made 4 road trips with no major issues.

- Linda C

Chevy Equinox 2008 reliable vehicle

Since I had the car for 6 months now. The u joint broke, one windshield wiper stopped working and my back tire sensors broke. Other than that the car drives good and has been great in the snow. So it's been pretty reliable vehicle to get me back and forth to work. It's a comfortable drive for a older car.

- Rob D

I love when I start it and it tells me the road conditions.

My vehicle is great in the snow it always starts I really do not have any problems with it I would definitely go and buy another one it is great it has lots of room for my groceries and no problems loading it is great I think fit the kids in it my grandkids they are always with me so it is great on gas.

- Mary Ellen E

Reliable and dependable chevy equinox with minor maintenance issues

My vehicle is a reliable and good running vehicle. It has never broke down. The only thing I have a problem with is the lights. I seem to have to change bulbs at least 2 times within a few months. The windows are also bad. I had to get the motor changed for 1 window already. Other than that it's great.

- Amber G

Compact with Cargo space.

The Chevy Equinox Sport gets me where I want to go and has enough cargo space for all my equipment. It has very good gas Mileage. My only issue is the power steering. I have to put a lot of power steering fluid into my car every once in a while. I bought the car 5 years ago and is still running great

- Kyle A

I like how spacious my vehicle is.

I have not experienced any major performance or comfort issues with my vehicle. The only issues I have is that it does not have very good gas mileage. Also, the headlights require a lot of manual work to take out so I always get charged labor fees for a simple head light that needs to be replaced.

- Yvonne J

2008 Chevy Equinox - all wheel drive nice for wintertime:).

It only has 41, 000 miles on it and I have had no problems with it. I received it as a gift from my deceased aunt who hated it my uncle is the one that bought it so after he died it just set in the garage. The only thing I have had to do it replace the tires on it and do regular maintenance on it.

- Laura S

Good gas mileage for an SUV.

Paint starting just falling off down to bare metal. Gm refused to help. Estimate to paint 3 spots over 1700.00. Easy to navigate car-no problems with engine or electrical portions of car. Leather seats have started to wear and leather is cracking. Gotta get rid of this car-only 56000 miles.

- Eunice S

My love for Chevy Equinox.

I love my Chevy Equinox. For how long I have had it is been extremely reliable even though I bought it used. It is a great family car because there's enough room for car seats and a stroller in the cargo space. I love that the back seat can be adjusted if the passengers need more leg room.

- Cara D

Info about 2008 Chevy Equinox

The gas mileage is not the best in this car. Only about 22 miles per gallon. Interior is pretty spacious and comfortable. Maintenances is pretty standard. Headlight bulb replacement not cheap. Basically need to take the front end of the car to change it. Otherwise fairly easy to maintain.

- Joseph J

Burgundy color with a tan interior

Very reliable vehicle, my point A to point B go to. Spacious trunk space, allows me to transport all kinds of things (groceries, TVs, bikes, small furniture). Great on gas, I fill up about once every two weeks but my commute is short. Not too large but not so small that I feel compact.

- A S

Not a car you want to purchase.

There is always some issue with the car from the very start of getting the car. It barely has miles and has to have something major always replaced. It does get you from point A to point B. It is not a dependable car. The computer messes up. The fuses always go constantly replacing.

- Michelle P

My vehicle is comfortable, easy to drive, dependable, enough room and trunk

My vehicle has a lot miles so I have do maintenance. The performance is still good and comfortable. Reliability with everything kept up is still reliable and some features such as power lock windows. Also anti lock brakes and sunroof. Seats are very comfortable and enough room too.

- Gil D

Great, reliable vehicle. Good job Chevy!

My vehicle just has regular maintenance right now. We recently needed to put in a new fuel pump, other than wear and tear, I haven't had a lot of issues with vehicle. I am in the military and my vehicle has been all over the world. It is been very reliable and comfortable for us.

- Raquel S

Chevy equinox not the car for our family.

Lots of maintenance, replaced transmission, bad lighting, blown tires, fading paint, new plugs, new tires, thought it would be more economical on mileage, 2nd Chevy we have owned and will probably be the last also, seems to be nickel and diming us to death, beyond regular care.

- Mike W

Great reliable and safe car!

I absolutely love this car. It is the best one I have ever owned. It makes me feel safe and drives very smooth. I bought it knowing it was a safe vehicle when I was pregnant so I would know that I could have a reliable and safe vehicle for my son. Very spacious and comfortable.

- Elizabeth P

Its miles are good and it has both a charging port and aux and CD options .

Check engine light is on for over 7 issues .. The airbags have been recalled . there's multiple issues with the engine and several other recalled issues. It is a spacious car and the trunk is huge . it's usually good on gas if you don't have problems with the engine like I do

- Lacey D

The Equinox is a very reliable vehicle.

This has been a great vehicle. Very reliable. We purchased it used but it was in really good shape. We live in a very rural area and I have to travel a mountain to get to work so the all wheel drive has been great. I haven't had any issues traveling in the inclement weather.

- Shannon W

Equinox is a decent beginner SUV

Front of the vehicle is spacious and the electronics are easy and comfortable to use. Problems include rust on the body of the car and issues with the wheel wells. The back seat should be more spacious with the intention of it holding a family. The exterior look is sporty.

- Alex S

Good traveling car good gas mileage on the highway.

I like the way it rides and is a good car to travel. I get really good gas mileage on the highway. Also like being up a little higher than a car but not like a pick up truck. The heater core is a really pain to get fixed have to pull the whole dashboard out. 10 hr job.

- Lori S

2008 Chevy equinox AWD ls v6 auto.

Safe reliable. Comfortable to drive. Very easy to maintain. If service needs done parts are easily available and relatively cheaper. I have had my equinox for 4 years now and have just had to normal maintenance. Mine is AWD and I have no fear of driving in bad weather.

- Deborah T

I have never loved a car more in my life.

I love the AUX port in the radio, the air conditioning and heat work wonderfully, really good gas mileage. The seats are comfortable, the back seats have a ton of leg room, and there's lots of trunk space! The car drives super smooth, and I have had no issues with it!

- Emily B

Chevy Equinox-. My first purchase.

I have had issues with ignition switch and power windows. Overall, the vehicle is comfortable to drive and dependable. The gas mileage is pretty good. Overall, the car has been reliable and the dealership where it is serviced, have been amazing and very understanding.

- Shay S

Solid family car for a Midwest family.

The vehicle is not very fuel efficient and the interior is hard to keep clean. I think it is a cheap and reliable vehicle but I am looking for something with more flash since I am in my early twenties and have no family. It would be an excellent car for a soccer mom.

- Mike L

Excellent car. Only car I have seen with metal on side.

My car is very dependable, never having any problems. I make sure it is serviced regularly. Handling is excellent. I have all wheel drive and it goes thru anything. The only problem I have is the sight lines on my right, the corner post on front door gets in the way.

- Peggy W

Positive attributes of the Chevy Equinox.

Great vehicle with rare repairs. Nice ride and roomy. Like sitting higher than cars to see traffic better. Pretty good gas mileage. Instruments are easy to read and easy access to buttons for windows , wipers etc. Inside is roomy and I like the look of the vehicle.

- Rita B

My car is white and can fit 5 people in t

Nothing is wrong with my car. It just is old and has a lot of miles on it. I drive it everywhere I go, to and from work, to and from my parents house, to and from home. I enjoy driving and I like the size of my car because I can fit a lot into it. It's a great car

- Emily C

The car itself runs fine as far as I know of.

The car is actually very reliable and great in the snow especially. I believe it might have a problem with the sensor considering a few things have seen yet to be wrong other than what it is saying, but other than that the car being a little dated it runs great.

- Kristin N

11 years of the Chevy Equinox

There has been normal wear and tear over the years. As long as you keep up with what needs to be done (oil change, normal maintenance, etc) it will last a long time. No serious problems after 11 years. It is a great car. Very, spacious and isn't hard to handle.

- Rebecca M

It tells me when oil needs to be changed and if my tires need air.

I love my car, the only problems I have had with it was my doors stopped locking. It runs great and it is great on gas. It has plenty of room for my kids in the back seat and plenty of storage in the way back for travel and shopping. It is a great family car.

- Heather F

2008 Chevy Equinox Sport

I love my Equinox sport because the stereo system is amazing, the leather seats are easy to wipe down, and I like that it sits lower to the ground. The back seats fold down to make more room in the trunk. The front seats are heated and the sunroof is awesome.

- Sarah W

The fog light help out a lot on dark nights. Seat warmers come handy on cold days.

I really enjoy having my vehicle it is very reliable, and gas efficient fills up with $40. Very spacious. 5 Passenger vehicle. Convenient for long family trips. Enough space to put all of your belongings in the back. And I have always enjoyed Chevrolet makes.

- Michelle E

The only car I want to drive: the Equinox.

I love my Equinox. It rides so smoothly, the air conditioner is stellar, and it is just deluxe enough to be impressive but modest and normal too. I love everything about the Chevy Equinox and in fact am looking for another one for my next car in a few years.

- Lauren R

11 years old but still under 120,000 miles.

Very few repairs. Mid size SUV. 30 miles to gallon. Very reliable car. Owned for 11 years. Catalytic converter replaced. Front wheel hub replaced. Original engine and transmission. Purchased brand new in 2008. Paint is charcoal. Front wheel drive. CD player.

- Joanna H

My Chevrolet Equinox. A great vehicle.

I love the gas mileage I get. It rides smooth and is very comfortable. I have enough room for 5 people and the back has plenty of room for groceries or luggage. The color of my car is easy to spot because it is dark red. It handles well on the highway also.

- Georgette S

My vehicle is good on mileage and is very comfortable for up to 5 people.

I have had to have 2 timing belts put on. Chevrolet would not do anything to reimburse me for this. I was crushed that a big company would not take care of customers. I will continue to buy Chevrolet vehicles because I come from a strong Chevrolet family.

- Sharon C

Comfort and driving my equinox

The biggest issue that I have with this vehicle is the short turning radius. Other than that the vehicle gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable to drive and use with a family. I would like to have a little bit more storage area in the back though

- Brandon B

Because of the way it is made, it does have blind spots and you have to be careful when backing up.

I love the large, higher up vehicle as it is easier to get in and out, The ride is very comfortable. As much as I like the larger, higher up car, I do not like it being that large when it comes to parking, maneuvering, etc. I do not like the blind spots.

- Janet V

Check up real soon. No highlights.

Doing ok. I get tune ups and oil change. I am satisfied with my car at this time. I could use a new car real soon. I will be getting a tune up on october 23, 2018. I took my car to the dealer to have car fix for a water leakage in my sunroof. Thank you.

- Cheryl B

I think my car works great I love everything about it.

I think the equinox is a great car but I also think that it does not last very long and as time progresses it needs more money and work put into it. I would consider buying the car though, especially if someone is looking for a cheap car for right now.

- Darcy N

The DVD player is a plus, especially when road trips are involved

Runs well, could be better on gas when traveling on the highways. Overall it is a good car. The window switches are where the gear shifter is which can get confusing, but you get used to it, DVD player has ran great, haven't had any issues from that.

- Mollie H

The head gasket cracking issues. It's a manufacturing issue.

The equinox is full of issues. I have had to replace my head gasket twice, it is a known factory issue and they did nothing about it. The time in which I have had to replace or repair items has been very quickly. I would never ever buy a Chevy again.

- Tamara C

The great gas mileage it has.

I have had my vehicle for almost 3 years now and have had normal issues with it. Overall this is the best vehicle I have had. I wish I didn't need more space but there's just not enough room for my three kids in the back seat with their car seats.

- Corrine T

It's a great family vehicle; safe, comfortable, and the perfect size for the average family.

I love how it drives, I feel safe and in control. It has enough space for our family including our dogs. It doesn't get great gas mileage and it won't fit more then two regular sized car seats but we love it and don't regret getting it.

- Kathie M

The car is incredibly reliable. It seems like it really should be able to last "forever."

Look is a little bit odd. Paint peels way too easily. Overall great car, good gas mileage for the size. Really smooth handling and quiet. 10 years old and 91,000 miles and still runs very well/l. I hope to have it another 5-10 years.

- Blaine H

The check engine light is always on. It is a faulty co2 sensor.

I like the way my vehicle drives. I got it used, so the speakers on the drivers side do not work and there are some cosmetic things wrong with it. It is also over 150,000 miles, I can tell the suspension is starting to have problems.

- Mikayla W

An interesting detail of my car would be the huge space it has inside, i love a small car on the outside with a huge space on the inside.

My vehicle has been very reliable to me since I bought it 5 years ago. It has great air conditioner and the only problem it has given me since is the fuel pump had to be changed other than that it runs really good and smooth.

- Carmela L

Reliable, reliable, reliable!!! Been a great car for me.

I have had my car for almost 10 years and haven't had any major issues or repairs. I love how comfortable it is to drive. One thing I do dislike is how noisy it can be. You can really hear a lot of road noise inside the cab.

- Lavonne G

It is customized with a chrome grill.

I have no problems other than normal wear. It is a wonderful vehicle. I keep up on every part regularly. I replaced my front grill with a chrome one and it looks fantastic! The only one I have ever seen with a chrome grill.

- Beverly A

My car is reliable, safe, and economical. I would recommend it to anyone.

I love my car. It is roomy and spacious. There have been a few problems, including a spark plug recall, and a gas line recall, all of which was covered. It is high enough off the road that I feel safe commuting as well.

- Devan H

It's an inexpensive vehicle, but is very cheaply made.

The vehicle seems to be cheaply made with multiple issues. The gas mileage isn't very good, the sensors keep going off when there isn't a problem. The vehicle is not very comfortable either, especially the back seat.

- Janice J

Equinox is spacious and reliable

I love my Equinox. It's been very reliable. There have been some minor issues, like the interior handle peeling and becoming sharp so I had to replace it. The CD player sometimes acts up. It's been a really great car.

- Megan F

Toyotas are good reliable cars and safe.

Runs good, it's all wheel drive that's good for where I live, its roomy and gets decent gas mileage. I actually would purchase another one, but I think I will buy a Honda next time, just an overall better vehicle.

- Sheila K

This car has been very dependable even now that the mileage is high.

I like that this has been a very dependable vehicle and I have not had to do many repairs, aside from routine maintenance. I do find that the interior is cheaply made and some components have fallen apart.

- Michele H

The equinox is roomier than it looks. You can comfortably fit 5 people.

I like that there is room to transport large items like bureaus or boxes. I dislike the placement of the window controls. Having the controls in the center console instead of on the door is strange.

- Dawn M

Comfortable seating and handles well.

It is perfect to drive with plenty of room for 5 to 6 people. Holds the road well, has cruise control, smooth ride, back cargo area is roomy big enough to carry medium size items and great price.

- Mary K

it is a versatile family car

I like the size of the cargo area. I also like having the ability to put the back seat down to create more room. I dislike the window controls being on the center panel as opposed to the door.

- Dawn N

Chevy equinox. . . Great buy.

I have the all wheel drive model and love it in these Michigan winters. It's a comfortable vehicle that easily fits my family of 4. It's great in gas and I'd our first choice for long trips.

- Jeremy Y

Driven slot of miles but still drives good

It's a great car. Mine has almost 200,000 miles driven. I've had to have it in the shop a couple times. Just now starting to give me more problems with wiring and the transmission slipping

- Shannon D

It's dependable. We have had very little repairs in 10 years. The gas mileage is pretty good too.

I love the size. It is not too big or too small. We can pile a lot of things in the back and still have plenty of room for five. I love the style too. The car has been very dependable.

- Judi W

My car gets very good gas mileage. Filling the tank is affordable and it goes for around 400 miles.

My Chevrolet Equinox is a 2008 model. While this is considered a slightly older model it has been a very reliable car. I bought it used and there were some problems with overheating.

- Jessica H

It does not get as good gas mileage as a car.

I like the way it drives. I like that it has plenty of room inside. It has good power, if you need to speed up fast. What i mostly do not like are that the tires are a little noisy.

- Roberta B

It is a very reliable vehicle. It is great on gas.

My vehicle is great. I like that it can haul many things. It also is good in the snow, going up hills. My only complaint would be that it seems to hydroplane during rainy days.

- jody l

It is very roomy, has plenty of leg space in front and back and can hold three car seats.

I miss having Bluetooth in the car. Otherwise, it is a great car. Uses a little more gas than my previous one but still good gas mileage all around. It is the perfect size.

- Frances H

It is a very economical and dependable vehicle to drive every day.

My vehicle gets fairly good gas mileage which is great. I've also never had to do any major repairs which is also great. There isn't really anything I dislike about it.

- Vicci F

Door handle being broke is annoying.

It runs good. It has the back passenger door knob is missing. The front passenger window will not roll down. It alarms about stabilization and the airbags need fixed.

- Marcia S

It has been very reliable & I have enjoyed driving it.

I own a Saturn Vue which is not on your list. I love it. It is just the right size & easy to get in & out of. Also, easy to load with luggage or groceries.

- Barbara H

It a very great vehicle and very good for the winter.

I love my vehicle just have some issues with my evap sensor and brakes. It's great for the winter mainly with good tires. It drives really well and great gas.

- Natalie W

I like that it can two my boat and that the hitch is easy to take on and off

Needs alignments often, the sunroof leaks, but I really enjoy driving it. I use it to tow my boat in and out of the water I do wish it had better gas mileage

- Susan M

The appearance it nice AND it's PAID for!

i like the handling. i like the space i have. i dislike the cost of repairs (chevrolet make thing way too difficult to access, thus costing a small fortune)

- Ed M

It's great on gas and a great running car with low maintenance.

I love the fact that it's an SUV and I have all that space in the back. It's always been an excellent vehicle that never breaks down and always runs great.

- Rene B

Best SUV is the Chevrolet Equinox!

The Equinox SUV is a beast on the road. Great in performance, gas mileage and reliability. When Chevrolet came out with the Equinox they outdid themselves.

- Kim Z

Great gas mileage for a full sized SUV(20-25 mpg)

Very spacious, second row of seats folds down for more cargo room. No serious engine problems. Nice leather seats with heating in the seats. Remote start.

- Dalton U

That it is easy to handle and park and is economical.

I like the size and it handles great. I like being able to haul things. Would be nice to be able to tie the tailgate to something when hauling long items.

- Marcella W

I think everyone should know how safe I feel while driving my car.

Drives great, gets up and goes like no other car I have driven. I feel very safe in my car and the maintenance is very low. The inside is very spacious.

- Jesse M

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It gets decent fuel economy and has plenty of room for our family. It is also comfortable on long drives. The only downside is its age and miles on it.

- Anthony B

Perfect starter SUV for a small family or family with no kids.

It is a great SUV but as our kids get bigger we need something bigger. Not a good vehicle for vacation storage. Easy to reach toddler in the back seat.

- Chrissy H

If your looking for a reliable use car a Chevy Equinox is a car to buy.

The only problems I have really had is just the wear and tear over the years. The car will drive smooth if you choose to keep up with maintenance.

- Valerie G

Do not purchase Chevy Equinox.

Blown head gasket about 5 years ago. Had to have both sides front wheel bearings replaced twice. Runs hot if I sit too long, like at a drive thru.

- Angela W

My car is very user friendly, fun and easy to drive.

It's not brand new but I still love my vehicle, wish it had the bluetooth phone however, for hands free. I have not complaints about my Equinox.

- Lindy R

Dependable, great value! Rides like a car, but can carry much cargo!

Love not having to squat to get in. Seat is level to my butt. The perfect amount of room in the interior for one passenger and plenty of cargo.

- Roxann H

That it is safe and roomy and will make drivers and passengers happy

I like that it is large enough to store stuff and roomy in the back seat. I like that it is black. I would like better gas mileage for sure.

- julie M

That my boyfriend drives it a lot and it can handle us so it is sturdy.

I love the way it drives. I love that there is so much room. I dislike how bad it is on gas. I dislike where the cup holders are in the back.

- Journey H

They should know about the poor turn radius and how it uses oil.

Likes: Comfortable and looks nice. decent gas mileage. Dislikes: The turn radius on it is terrible. Uses oil before it is time to change oil.

- Danielle J

She is very dependable and trustworthy! I love her to pieces!

Love LOVE LOVE my Equinox!! Wouldnt trade her for nothing! She has NEVER let me down and any MINOR issues, my husband has been able to fix.

- Kim H

It's nice when its working, but definitely would not buy it again.

It isn't big enough to fit your double stroller. I like that it has multiple cup holders. I like the gas mileage. I like the way it drives.

- Janice G

The gas mileage is wonderful. That is definitely a plus

It is a very comfortable car. Drives well. Great gas mileage. Back seat is very roomy. I don't like where the window buttons are located.

- Latrese A

Comfortable fit for busy family

This model year has a more spacious interior than current models. It has cloth seats that clean well. Maintenance costs have been low.

- Cheryl D

The turn radius is terrible and u-turns are pretty much impossible.

Like: center console design, spacious interior, steering wheel design for smart keys. Dislike: no Bluetooth, turn radius is terrible.

- Jenna B

There are some features that could be improved like the cup holders.

My car has been a very reliable car. I have never had any major problems. I like the way it drives and enjoy the SUV crossover feel.

- Jan M

reliable and inexpensive to maintain

purchased used and has been very reliable and not had any major service issues so no complaints and would purchase this model again

- Pat N

It is dependable, easy to drive and gets good mileage

I like the appearance and ease of use. It gets good mileage and is comfortable to drive. I don't dislike anything about the car.

- Barbara J

Low maintenance. Pretty good gas mileage.

I have had the car for ten years and it runs great never had major problems. Just normal upkeep. I would definitely recommend it.

- Lindsay C

Reliable and family friendly

The vehicle is bad on gas. It has ran and drove good and gets me back and forth to work everyday. Great size for a small family.

- Annie R

Spends lots of time in the shop

I really love the size and how spacious it is in the back seat. However, I have nothing but problems from a mechanical side.

- April W

Chevy Equinox is overall a good car!

Comfortable, smooth, lots of room, leather seats, good performance, family-car, good ac/heat, sunroof. Not very good on gas.

- Jane C

Good gas mileage and rides smooth.

Like the size, style and interior. Gas mileage is good, especially on long trips. Hate that the paint is not holding up.

- Mary J

The handing and driving ease and the power it has as your driving.

I love the size and space in it. I also love how it handles and drives. The only thing I dislike is the cupholder area.

- anita g

Solid choice; might consider again.

Handles great. A little heavy - a lot of work to press on brakes. Good for small family, running several errands, etc.

- Anne W

It can easiyl fit 3 car seats in the back if you needed too.

I love the smooth ride. I do not like the blind spots. Or how expensive it seems to be to get fixed when parts break.

- Cheryl P

I really don't know of anything.

I dislike the, fact that it is a gas hog and its too big. On the other hand I am thankful that I have a car to drive.

- Donna L

Over 200, 000 miles and still going!

I have over 200, 00 miles on this vehicle and it is very reliable. Still runs great, air conditioner still very cold.

- Shonda D

They should know that they are getting a reliable car that if needed fixing, it is easily done so and continues to be a great vehicle.

I like how sturdy and reliable the chevy equinox is. It's easy to drive and you constantly feel safe wherever you go.

- Amanda W

It is a great family car. Once you add a second child it does get slightly crammed.

I love the space it has. It runs great minutes occasional issues. Only thing I don't like is it is front wheel drive.

- Dayna S

She is good on gas, and is comfortable to sit and drive

It is blue small SUV and is my daily car! I love the way she drives, there is nothing about her I have issues with!

- Becky R

It is a 2008 Chevy Equinox has good gas mileage.

It performs well it is very comfortable there are leather seats and cruise control. There is also traction control.

- Madeline E

How well and handles even when loaded. Great local or on trips.

I like how it looks and it is been a really good car for a long time. I just need to get a few things fixed on it.

- Brittany H

It is a Chevrolet and well made.

Just an something to get me around.. Good on gas, low maintenance, easy to repair.. Inside is good.. Dislike none.

- Charles A

The leg room is amazing! Seating is comfortable. Lots of room.

I love that it has lots of legroom. I dislike that parts are expensive to replace. Wish the warranty was longer.

- Melisa S

The amount of trunk space and gas mileage.

I like the amount of space it has inside. I like the gas per mileage. I dislike how fast the bulbs would go out.

- Mario L

It gets great gas mileage.

It is very roomy. Gets great gas mileage. It is very comfortable. I like that it tells me my mileage gas range.

- Rebecca P

Durability and no maintenance which is good.

Economical on gas. Pretty color. Comfortable for short or long trips. Gas mileage good little to no problems.

- Jamie R

Dependable Easy to maintain good gas mileage fun to drive

I have always liked Chevrolets because of their dependability. Have had no problems at all with this vehicle

- Marion H

That its roomy and that it has good ratings, that it's a great suv to buy.

Love it cause its an suv. Dislike it cause it doesn't have a lot of perks. And I don't have any complaints.

- Shell C

Great car for the family to haul people and things around.

Great space to haul things around, use like a truck, drives well, doesn't do well in snow, great family car

- Kel H

It is very reliable in never breaking down.

I love my car. The stereo is easy to use, it has a great air conditioner, and it is high up on the ground.

- Laura R

It has a lot of sensor issues so it takes the right mechanic.

It is a reliable vehicle but does not have any luxury features and was expensive for very little features.

- Kay L

It is reliable and cheap on gas.

It is great on gas. Drives comfortably and so far reliable. I do not enjoy how much my ac goes out though.

- Johnny B

That it has a third row and electrical outlet.

It has plenty of space. It also has a nice size trunk. It is pretty reliable and also reasonable on gas.

- Nikki T

There is so much room in the back for hauling things

I love my car but it doesn't get the best gas mileage. It does have tons of room. lots of room in back

- Kristy M

Good vehicle to use as a basic beginner vehicle

It is actually a pretty decent vehicle. I did get a basic version. I love the sunroof & heated seats

- Jen W

Black Chevy equinox: very reliable.

Very reliable car, fits the family, fuel efficient, able to put e85 gas in the car which is cheaper.

- Jasmine B

It is a big old lemon. Wires in door break causing window not to function.

Paint peeling off. Spark Plug broken at time of manufacturing. Would not honor extended warranty!

- Gary P

If is a comfortable car to drive with my family

It is a very relaxing car to drive It can carry a lot of groceries I feel safe during my family

- Jim M

It's awesome! Runs beautifully with 161,000 miles on it.

It has been a great car for me. I commute 20 miles and spend over an hour each way in it!

- Lynn K

It's a 2008 but runs great. Keep your vehicle maintained and it'll last you a long time

Very roomy. Good gas mileage for an older SUV. Keep it maintained, it runs very good.

- James j

My vehicle is reliable and dependable. It gets me from point a to point b. I have plenty of leg space.

It is very dependable and a safe car overall. I sit high up but don't feel too bulky.

- Brendan B

It is just the right size

No complaints. It is just the right size, rides great, good gas mileage for an AWD.

- Tabatha M

Excellent room. My vehicle has room for the whole family.

I have had great success with my vehicle. Great motor. A lot of room for children.

- Kayla W

It's not your typical SUV, it's more like a sedan with a lot of room!

I love my equinox. Fuel efficient and fun to drive. I do not have any complaints.

- Michael S

Very dependable, no mechanical issues. I like the great 32 mpg that I get on it.

I like that is very dependable, no problems with it, except regular maintenance.

- Virginia S

It's a very spacious family car, and does a good job getting my family from point a to b

No complaints, i love that the window control is in the center of the vehicle

- Amanda M

Great vehicle for a small family or a new driver. Plenty of space to haul stuff around in. Fuel efficient. Haven't had any major problems with it outside of regular maintenance.

Great fuel efficiency. Lots of space. Great first vehicle for a new driver.

- Graham W

It's all wheel drive and pretty good in the snow, but would never buy one again

Uses too much gas. Blew a tranny with only 50K miles. It is not dependable

- David P

I liked everything about it until it started falling apart.

A lot of mechanical issues. Once one thing goes wrong, the rest follows.

- Jessika D

Has lot of room and reliable

Great ride lot of room just needs bluetooth and we would be all set

- Rebecca H

is a good buy for the money and is a auto you can depend on. handles well in foul weather, and holds the road.

Love the way it drives. good on gas. four wheel drive works great.

- ken m

It is dependable and requires little additional maintenance. It's a good size. Handles well.

That it is dependable, and requires little additional maintenance.

- Matt H

The gas mileage is not the best and the ac doesn't work

I like the height of the car and the all wheel drive

- Nathan H

It's a good car. It's a dependable car. It's good on gas. I love it.

Is dependable, it's good on gas. I enjoy driving it

- Bonnie S

It has low miles for being 10 years old

It's old. Transmission went on it at 50000 miles

- David b

easy to maneuver, gas saver, great for cargo utility

Small, gas saver, easy to drive and maneuver

- Mark G