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I am a huge fan of Chevrolet vehicles and have driven them since 1970.

Being short of stature, I need a couple of cushions to sit on so that I can see adequately to drive. Other than that the seats are well cushioned and comfortable. The mirrors and windows are easy to adjust and all the controls are very convenient to reach. There are an adequate number of cup holders both front and rear. There is ample leg room front and back. The cargo area is large and has a shelf so that everything does not have to stack on top of the rest of the cargo. The one thing that I would like is to have a lighted control panel for the window controls and locks and the temperature and fan adjusters so they would be easier to properly set in the dark.

- Suzanne J

Good vehicle for snowy climates.

This vehicle performs well in the snow, which is important as we have heavy winters. I do have occasional problems with the stabilitrak turning off, however this does not happen often. I am happy with the fuel efficiency of my Equinox, and feel that it has saved me on gas expenses. I currently have 130k+ miles on my vehicle, and have not had to make any significant repairs outside of routine maintenance. One thing I would like to change is the amount of rear storage. I have two young children. After loading their double stroller, there is not room for much else in the back. A roomier back hatch would be very appreciated.

- Katie S

Good, reliable family vehicle

I really like my vehicle. It's an SUV, so it sits up higher than a standard car, which gives the driver a better view of the traffic around. It's comfortable and fun to drive, but it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a luxury car. The cargo area has plenty of space, so I have no problem getting things like groceries, luggage, etc. in the vehicle. It gets pretty good gas mileage, probably about 25 miles per gallon in town and closer to 30 on the highway/interstate. The vehicle is well built too. I once hit a deer and the car kept right on going!

- Michelle J

Dependability and features.

Love the dependability of this vehicle. It is easy to maneuver in parking garages. With the back seat folded down, there is plenty of room for hauling even a dresser or other large things. It handles well in the snow. The fog lights add increased visibility especially in the mornings right before the fog burns off. The heated leather seats help with comfort on cold early mornings. Appreciate the remote start so the car can begin warming up before I get in.

- Linda D

SUV, fits 4, push start, storage, Bluetooth.

I have really enjoyed my car since I bought it. I haven't found many issues with it yet. Mine does heat up slowly in the winter as well as cooling off with ac. Other than that it is a really good car. The seats are very comfortable and placed nicely to drive as well as having the options to move the seats. My car is also a push start which helps sometimes when you are in a rush but must have the key fob near in order to use. Overall it is just a good car.

- Lauren C

2009 Chevy Equinox review.

My Equinox is so comfortable. I like the space that it provides. The backspace is very good for moving any items. The front is spacious as well. The mechanics are a tad bit different. The mechanics is the stabilitrak sensor. The stabilitrak sensor is activated when the road is swerving. Keep in mind that this SUV is a 2009 I am sure the 2014 and up Equinox is better with additional features. I am not sure about the 2014 mechanics.

- Mary K

My love of the Chevy Equinox.

I really love my Chevy Equinox. I bought it used several years ago and even for its age it has held up really well and has been really reliable. I love that the back seat can be moved forward and backward. I love that it has a good amount of cargo space to haul things when needed. I also like that the back seat folds in two different pieces instead of one whole piece.

- Cara D

I have always had good luck with Chevys and did my research.

This is a reliable vehicle. I have had a wheel bearing replaced and the brakes done in the 6 years I have had it. Normal oil changes were made with spark plugs and wires. Other than that, I bought my car with 40,000 miles which helped a lot. I could have bought a newer model but with less options I do like my vehicle, I bought mine from a dealership.

- Christine G

Family-friendly Chevy Equinox.

I enjoy my Chevy Equinox. It rides and drives well. There is plenty of room for my family as well as to haul groceries, etc. There are many good features, but the backup camera may be my favorite. The only problem I have had so far is with the sunroof drain tube. It will come loose sometimes and cause leaking. Other than that, I love my car!

- Jess R

Very odd lines of sight when backing up. The edges of the vehicle windows block full line of sight.

I had very few problems with the vehicle. There was a problem with the traction control device that require a costly fix, because the device is located behind the wheel assembly. Also the headlights tend to burn out quickly for some reason. Hate the line of sight when backing up. Otherwise, like the vehicle fine.

- Linda L

My vehicle is a four door with hatchback. Silver.

Like everything about my vehicle except the center front console. It is set too deep and is nothing but a dirt catcher. Useless space. The car runs great, handles good and has lots of legroom. I would purchase another Chevrolet. I have driven other brands but would default back to Chevrolet 9 times out of 10.

- Christy R

Great all around car for adventure or just tooling around town.

I love my car because of its spaciousness. With the seats down there is lots of cargo room. Even with the seats up the back row slides up to 8 inches to make more cargo or leg room depending on need. This car also has enough power for seeking adventure while being relatively efficient fuel consumption.

- Nina C

My car is an affordable crossover that receives good gas mileage.

I like that my vehicle is reliable, roomy and gets good gas mileage. My Chevy equinox is 9 years old, but it has been very reliable and has only needed general maintenance. I really like that there is plenty of legroom in the back seat. A bigger plus is the fact that it gets 25 miles to the gallon.

- Alicia S

Comfortable and reliable crossover.

My equinox is very comfortable and reliable. It has plenty of room for shopping trips. The middle seats seem comfortable and has enough legroom. I haven't needed many repairs in the eight plus years I have owned it. The mileage could be a little better, but is not that bad for long distance trips.

- Mary W

Pros and cons of owning this car.

Good gas mileage. Runs good with few problems. Enough room for my grandkids and decent cargo space. Low maintenance. With a good general maintenance this car will last a long time to come. The only problem I have with it is I go through back tires fast due to the tires sitting kinda inward.

- James K

It saves on gas and gets me to point A to point B.

It has a lot of problem, doesn't start sometimes, the check engine light is on, and it is always overheating, windows always stick, and I always have to fill the tire up with air even though I just got a new tire on it, need new windshield wipers, the brakes squeal and I just changed them.

- Mary S

Lots of legroom in the front and back seats. A large trunk. Locks don't work.

It does well on gas mileage and it's very room with lots of storage space in the back. It's handles pretty well and drives smoothly. It has easy to use features. It does have an that I think is common with the locks: they don't all unlock and you have to sometimes manually unlock them.

- Aubrey M

Nice Chevy Equinox crossover.

My Chevy Equinox is a 2009. The comfort of the device is nice the seat warmers are very enjoyed by my children. The AWD works very efficiently for all traveling needs and conditions. A lot of space for a car seat and two additional children. Really like my Chevy Equinox lt AWD.

- Mario H

Few issues with 09 Equinox.

Overall a good vehicle. However, have problems with transmission slipping which no dealer/mechanic can fix. Sunroof has gone off track. Too expensive to take off liner inside of car and recently the traction control has developed an error that lights up upon the car being started.

- Gina T

My equinox is the best car I have ever had.

I really enjoy my car. It is a smooth and comfortable ride with very little outside noise seeping in. It provides me the room I need when running to the stores. The car is very reliable and I have not had any issues with it. I get good gas mileage and can count on my car.

- Cj J

Long running with little to no maintenance

I have had it since 2009. I have only had to do routine maintenance until this year. at 10 years old I had to have the rear wheel bearings fixed, surprised it took this long as I live in a city known for its potholes. It is good on gas. It is roomy and comfortable.

- Katrina o

Very reliable, no complaints.

I know very little about cars. My main concern will always be if it works reliably. My vehicle has only needed routine maintenance since I purchased it and I have been very happy with that. My daughters enjoy how much room they have in the backseat, which is nice.

- Kelsey M

Overall happy with vehicle even having to use extended warranty

I like the vehicle even though I have had a couple problems with it. I have on 2 occasions had to use my extended warranty within 2 years of having the vehicle. Had to get a new transmission put in when under 120,000 miles. But overall pleased with the vehicle

- Britt V

The Chevy equinox experience. The drive of the SUV the reliability of the SUV.

Chevrolet equinox has issues with the stability tracker. I love the SUV its reliable and spacious. It drives smoothly and great on gas. The only issues I have is the stability tracker system. I love the feature that alerts when oil change is due on vehicle.

- Betty K

One of the most important things others should know about my car is that it is a fun and fuel efficient vehicle.

I love my car because it is higher off the ground than a sedan but has the seating that I need. I also love that I can haul things in it if I put the seats down. One of the biggest downsides to my car is the small engine and the design of the windshield.

- Jen D

2009 Equinox automobile - very reliable.

No problems. Just wish it was a little bigger. Very comfortable car. Like the charcoal color. Good gas mileage. Low mileage. Nice bucket seats. No issues with the car so far. Very reliable. Cannot find anything to complain about the car. Very nice car.

- Betty S

Back seat moves forward or back giving extra leg room or more back storage.

Very dependable, enough room in the back for sports equipment, will hold five passengers, comfortable ride. Is able to tow smaller things example watercraft, motorcycles or golf carts on a trailer. Great gas mileage but cup holders are not convenient.

- Tracy M

The best tank you'll ever drive.

It has good horsepower for sure and it's speedy when you need it to be. The interior is very comfortable and has cloth seating. I would say my biggest issue with it is the turning radius, it's sort of like driving a tank sometimes.

- Kassidy C

Chevy cars and trucks are not as safe to drive as they once were and you would be better off going to online forums and checking out all the complaints about Chevy before you decide to buy one.

It is unreliable and not an enjoyable ride. When I get my mechanic to replace parts , he uses original parts for the vehicle, and they do not hold up well. I love how comfortable the inside is but Chevy is poor quality now.

- Debbie H

The Chevrolet Equinox is very reliable.

I really like my Chevrolet Equinox because it is just the perfect size for me. I can get around real easy with it. I have always driven Chevys because they are so very reliable. I would recommend this vehicle to everyone.

- Rebecca D

The most important thing about my car is that it has been the most reliable out of all vehicles I've had in the past.

I like the smooth and quiet ride. I also like that all the button features are within easy reach from the driver's seat, and were easy to figure out controls. There isn't much to complain about. It's been my favorite car

- Darlene c

The safety rating by the auto and insurance companies for that year and model

I like the cargo space in my vehicle, it is also a comfortable ride, easy to handle and a good heavy vehicle. I would love to have been able to have a backup camera but it was not available at that time on that vehicle

- Jessie L

It has a lot of storage space and drives nice.

I love how my vehicle drives, the way it looks, the gas mileage and how comfortable it is. I do not like how difficult it is to get 3 car seats in the back seat. I love the amount of storage space available.

- Ashley D

Our Equinox is a reliable vehicle that served us well over the past few years.

The overall performance is great. The only major mechanical issues that we have had so far during the duration of our time with this car has been the engine light coming on and various fixes for that.

- Tracy G

Smooth ride, and lots of options.

This vehicle is a great size and has a lot of power. I enjoy the cargo space. If has many of the options that make driving comfortable. A smooth ride overall. The location of cup holders is not ideal.

- Kris T

Insulation seal around the windows wear out in about 7 years.

Good on gas mileage, comfortable and roomy. Only issue was the fuel pump, but it was covered under the warranty and recall. Great service from the dealership in getting vehicle taken care of.

- Gloria C

It is good on gas and has a smooth ride.

I love my car so much and would recommend it to anyone! It is perfect for my and my two girls. Its safe and dependable has playoff room. The car seats are easy to get in and take out.

- Kari M

It's a fuel-efficient crossover.

Good room for a mid size crossover and decent in terms of fuel efficiency. The seats can be uncomfortable for long drives however, and the visibility when turning isn't the best.

- clayton P

vehicle analysis, easy driving

my vehicle is reliable and have no serious problems since I purchased it in 2012. It includes a high quality cd player and plenty of space in the rear to store equipment.

- John L

if you take great care of your car it will take great care of you.

it has been super reliable, I do regular maintenance and keep up on things and I have had no problems other than tires brakes struts and oil changes for the last 9 years

- jeff k

It is dependable, good gas mileage and is very spacious

I like the dependability of my equinox however I dislike how the center console is set up. I also do not like that the widow controls are on the center console.

- Amanda M

It is the first car I have ever had.

It is just really reliable. I have never had any problems, but this one time we had a problem with the seal on the headlights, and they went out several times.

- Sydney G

It is a nice vehicle with lots of room. You don't feel closed in when driving and sit up high enough that you can see around.

My only dislike would be the blind spot it has. Everything else if good. Lots of let room and storage space. Handles nice in the winter months on the snow.

- Carla B

Smaller than you'd like if you want an SUV

Smaller than it seems from the outside. Not a lot of trunk space. Had to have the entire bottom frame replaced as it rotted out. Good on gas mileage.

- Jamie B

When you need acceleration, the engine responds beautifully.

Good gas mileage, Plenty of seating and room to carry store things, Engine is responsive and accelerates well, SUV sits higher off the ground, Has AWD.

- Charles H

has good power for climbing the mountains and it is front wheel drive

it's a good size, easy to park and maneuver. good gas mileage, roomy for a small car. I do wish it had 4-wheel drive or all wheel drive and ash trays

- Marc T

The everlasting Chevy Equinox 2009.

It is comfortable and it drives nice, but the turning radius is not the best for the car. The inside is cloth and there are many storage spots.

- Kass C

It's a safe car and is very comfortable. It's a great car to consider

I like the interior of the car. I don't like the lack of technology in the car. It drives great though. I wish the gas tank was more reliable

- Kimberly D

The equinox is dependable, affordable, and we love

I love that my car is a Chevy. It has a lot of room to store things. This comes in handy for travel and taking the nieces and nephews places.


Equinox- great but needs some improvements.

Overall I like my car. It runs great, gets decent gas mileage. Only thing is when it comes to changing headlights it's hard to get to them.

- Kim B

It is ok after I put another 3000 in it.

Had to replace cams. For 2400 after I bought it something else was another 600. Headlight fuses every month drives window doesn't go down.

- Amy R

An overall very reliable car.

Overall it's been a good car for me. I really like the towing space. I've had issues with the transmission, heater core, and radiator.

- Amanda D

It is a great car for a family. It is good for road trips.

I like that it has held up for almost ten years. I don't like that the headlights keep going out. It is hard to change the headlights.

- David r

It is extremely good on gas.

I love the size. Has a bunch of room. Rearview camera and sunroof installed. The color of the vehicle is my favorite inside and out.

- Destiny C

Not a Chevy man. Would buy another one.

No problems has been a good car. A good size car for me. Since l�m over 6 ft 5 and I am not a Chevy person. Pleased with the car.

- Norm K

It can comfortably carry 5 people and a reasonable amount of cargo.

Love the roominess and pick up speed. Back seat slides back for more leg room. Cargo space very generous. Dislike the turn radius.

- Nina C

It is in disrepair after the first 100,000 miles.

Drives nice, hate the gas mileage. I like how it has high clearance and handles turns. Mine does not hold windshield wiper fluid.

- Charity G

2009 Chevy Equinox. Maroon, 4 door.

I've had a few minor problems, but overall it's a good car. Battery charging system has issues. Easily fixed, just a bit costly.

- Pamela L

Maintain it so that the motor doesn't give out.

I love my car! It is very reliable and roomy. As long as you do regular maintenance it will last forever. Good gas mileage to.

- L K

The chevy equinox is very reliable. It will take you thousands of miles.

I love the size of the vehicle. The low cost to repair the items on the car. The mileage. I don't like the middle console.

- Jen K

Very well priced for a mid size car, it is roomy in rear seat area.

Like- easy to drive, reliable, big hatchback, good price when bought new, paid off.. Dislike- old, need 3rd row back seat.

- Michaela H

That its reliable..And works grate.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like the compactness of the interior. I like that it had a variety of colors available.

- Rita M

It's the most dependable car I have ever owned and looks great.

I love the size of this car. It is very safe. It is dependable . Has not caused me to spend a lot of $ on maintenance.

- Beverly H

My mother picked out the car. That is the only reason I still have it. My kids don't want me to get rid of it.

I like the color but dislike that it doesn't have a backup camera and has problems with the heating and cooling system.

- Cat A

It is been a very reliable vehicle.

I love my equinox-this year model had had which is a great feature. It is getting older and I will need to replace it.

- Pam R

It is a reliable vehicle that runs well. I like that it has a large trunk.

I like that it is a reliable vehicle that runs well. I do not like the way it looks on the outside or on the inside.

- jennifer m

Equinox pros and cons in my honest opinion.

Roomy and smooth ride. Leak in the sun roof but had it fixed. Hesitates at times when accelerating but not always.

- Erica F

Smooth Ride, lots of features

This is a smooth riding vehicle. It has a lot of power and many features that make for a comfortable experience.

- Kristi T

It's a very comfortable and affordable car

For almost a 10 year old car it runs excellent, very few problems aside from typical upkeep and maintenance

- Lacie N

It's a great family car and perfect for kids.

I love my car it handles nice. The only thing I don't like is the cheap cup holders and the sunroof leaks

- Ashly P

That i really like it and hate that it has songs from people not Watching when they back up or open their doors

It is so comfortable and easy to drive. It has been relatively problem free. It has lasted a long time.

- Lee N

there are lots of blind spots, a backup camera would be a great addition

My Equinox is very reliable however it has a lot of blind spots because everything inside is very blocky

- Ebony B

That is it is great on gas.

I like the space in the car. Drives smooth. Dislike the center console. I also like all the cup holders.

- Mario M

want a reliable car,chevy

this vehicle is very reliable...easy on gas...very comfortable and good on the highway...I love car

- bet g

Very dependable, even in the coldest of winters. Love the seat warmers too!

It's a great vehicle. Very dependable. Only drawback is that the moon roof leaks when it rains.

- Ruth N

Great car. Safe. Good price. A lot of nice space.

The seating. The safety. The price. The room. The spaciousness and able to carry a lot

- Cinnamin T

Love the amount of room. I get great gas mileage. I have had no major repair work in the 5 years I have owned it.

Great gas mileage. I can fill up today and drive to and from work for about 2 weeks.

- Latanya B

This SUV drives quiet and is smooth driving. It does have a lot of problems with oil leaks and overheating. I have heard it is a problem with most of these vehicles.

The oil leaks and the overheating. Also the heated seats sometimes does not work

- Angela S

It is dependable and a very good family car that will last

Trunk is a little small. It is very loud when you drive it. Over all I like it.

- Karah S

Easy to drive while still having a lot of room to haul people and things.

It's big enough without being too big. It gets good mileage. Easy to drive.

- Jen S

It is a good reliable vehicle. It is good on gas and drives very nicely.

I really wanted the equinox because I wanted a smaller economical vehicle

- Susan H

I like it except it's hard to see when backing. Not good side vision either. Does set up higher than a sedan and I like that.

vision problems for me? No other problems that would bother anyone else.

- janet w

Durable and great handling. Great in snow and rain. Great car

Very durable car. Able to withstand minor damage. Poor gas mileage

- Jim V

My car has a great color.

It gets me where I need to go, next cue ride. Low maintenance

- Sky p

It is comfortable to drive and ride in. it is economical.

fits my lifestyle. There are few blind spots. good mileage

- anna k

Chevy equinox are very comfortable for short and long trips, very reliable. I've had some wiring problems ( maybe bc I live next to two big fields, mice like wires.lol) I have over 200,000 miles on my car and haven't had any big problems just the back tail light. The safety rate was the reason I got an equinox. My sister was an EMT she went on a call where one flipped over and the ppl were ok.

Very safe family car. Lots of room. AC/ heater are amazing.

- Tonya K

I love my vehicle. It's the perfect size, not too big not too small. It's very roomy. It rides nice and smooth. Its equipped with satellite radio which is great. Only thing I don't like is you have to remove the fender to change the headlight bulbs.

It rides really smooth for an affordable price ranged car.

- Ashley R

I love that our vehicle is an all wheel drive. I also enjoy the feel of driving it. My only complaint is that there isn't air in the backseat.

The Chevy Equinox is a great SUV to drive and to ride in.

- Chrystal R

I love the equinox for several reasons. I enjoy that all the seats fold down. I do miss my cassette player and it sits lower than my last SUV but I love it

It's sturdy and it also does get some great gas mileage.

- Rachel H

I ENJOY DRIVING IT. It is the best thing I ever had

The best ever car. Reliable, economic, fancy.

- Marina H

This equinox is a pretty good size, comfortable to drive in as well as ride in!

- Davis M