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The car is 7.8 inches off the ground, so I don't recommend you go over big bumps larger than a speed bump.

The second generation Equinox was announced by GM on December 21, 2008, and debuted at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.[9][10] The 2010 Equinox went on sale in June 2009. It is built on a stiffened version of the same "Theta" platform used in the previous model. The second generation Equinox was built with a pair of upgraded gasoline direct injection engines, with better fuel economy claimed by GM. Earlier 2010 models had the GM badges on the front doors, but were later deleted.[11] Marketing of Chevrolet Equinox resumed in Mexico during late November 2009, for the 2010 model year after a year of absence. Sales of the Chevrolet Equinox to Mexico were stopped after the 2011 model year. However, in October 2015 the Equinox was reintroduced in Mexico to replace the Captiva Sport for the 2016 model year. The second generation Equinox is available standard with a 2.4-liter straight-4 engine produced in Tonawanda, New York and Spring Hill, Tennessee, with a 3.0-liter V6 engine is available as an option.[12] Both powertrains contain six-speed automatics and optional all-wheel-drive systems, with front-wheel-drive being standard.[13] The second generation Equinox is Chevrolet's third best-selling vehicle in North America, after the Silverado and Cruze, respectively.[14] -Wikipedia

- John G

2010 Chevrolet Equinox lt2- reliable and beautiful.

I own a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox lt2 in the color "cardinal red metallic". While my Equinox only has a four cylinder engine, it gets the job done when it comes to speeding up on the highways. Since it has a smaller engine, it has great gas mileage for its large size. I love that feature. Being the "lt2" model, my car has some extra features that the base models may not have, like a back-up camera, hands-free calling and Bluetooth, and chrome details on the exterior of the vehicle. The chrome is on my fog lamps, door handles, lining the windows, and on the side mirrors. It gives the car a more luxury look without the higher price. The interior is black, fabric seats, which is what I would always choose, even leather is available, so I am very happy with them. They still look beautiful and brand new, even 8 years later. Performance-wise the Equinox does everything I need it to. I do not do any off-roading nor do I live in a place where the weather is extreme, so the fact that it does not have 4-wheel drive, is irrelevant to me. I have not had any serious problems with my car except for it being called in for a recall a couple years ago. Of course, the dealership got me in as soon as they could and they fixed the problem. Overall, I adore my vehicle and I would recommend it to anybody.

- Kate D

We have done little to no maintenance on it even though it has 128, 000 miles.

We bought this vehicle brand new. It is by far the best car we have ever owned. We've had not big problems besides replacing tires and the battery a few times. It is roomy if your traveling or need to move big items. The lumbar drivers seat is great if you have back problems. However the driver's seat is uncomfortable on long rides. The backup mirror is wonderful and helps when backing out in parking lots. The only problem is if it has rained, it is hard to get a good view. The mirrors can be turned in when going through a drive thru. It gets approximately 27 miles on the highway. The roof rack is great if you need to carry extra luggage. However, we have never needs to use it. The air conditioner works ok but I wish the car had vents in the back since passengers have complained that it is warm back there. However, I would purchase an Equinox again.

- Mary E

Extra power in a smaller package.

My vehicle is not the ltz which is what chevrolet calls a premier now, but it has almost all of the same amenities without the price tag. . The v6 engine give me the little extra power I want in a smaller SUV. . The child locks are not located on the doors of the rear seats, but in the front under the radio. This is an absolute lifesaver if there is someone else in my vehicle besides my child. I do not have to jump out of the vehicle to let them out but only push a button. . I also enjoy the awd drive part of my vehicle. I do like that it is always in awd but I can also pull out of my driveway without worry of my tires spinning or not all gripping the ground. . I live on a hill and must cross both lanes of the main road to pull out all of the time. It is very nice not to have the worry.

- Laura P

Good car, not super spacious in the back row.

This is overall a wonderful car. It is more of a compact SUV in size, but functions nicely. It gets good gas mileage for the style car that it is, and seats 4 comfortably. The only reason I do not say 5 comfortably is because the back row is not super spacious so if you had 3 children it would be fine, but it would not be a comfortable ride for 3 adults in the back seat. Going off of the spaciousness of the back seat, it can be tricky fitting car seats in the back. We have one car seat behind the passenger side and there is not too much wiggle room for the passenger in the front seat to adjust their seat. Not sure how functional it would be with 2 car seats in the back, the driver would probably not have adequate space to drive safely. Overall it is a very nice car for the price.

- Brenda C

It drives as well as it looks. I feel safe in it and I am proud to drive it everywhere. It's a great car for singles or families.

I purchased my vehicle after having a sedan that gave me a lot of trouble. I was so excited to get the care I actually wanted. I searched online about Chevrolet and the reviews on Equinoxes were really good. It was important to me to drive a vehicle I felt was going to be safe and dependable since I had a baby at the time. Now my family loves the car. It's great the tinted windows for my daughter who often falls asleep on long drives. Its comfy because I am almost 6 feet tall and roomy for passengers. I have gotten some work and recalls fixed. My seatbelt recalls needs to be addressed but other than some new tires and other normal maintenance I have been very pleased.

- Grace M

Engines in these vehicles are junk. Test everything before buying.

My vehicle is great except for the issue of the motor. When we bought it the timing chain went out. Found out after paying to get it fixed that the car was known for that and that there was a recommended recall, but was not required and was only fixed if under certain amount of miles. My car would also randomly shut itself off. I would step on break and it would just die. Checked in with that and it again was a recall for a fuel pump but only if under so many miles. My car could kill me by turning itself off and gm would do nothing about it. Finally got so bad that we just had to put a whole new engine in it. Have not had any issues since new engine was put in.

- Elle F

Review of the Chevy Equinox.

Problems:. 1) sensors are constantly telling me the tires are low, even when they're not. 2) there are no vents in the back seat for air conditioning or heat. 3) for tall people, there is not a lot of leg room, especially if you are the driver. 4) there are not any cup holders in the back of the car, if you have to have the middle seat occupied. Perks: 1) it has Bluetooth technology, so you can talk handsfree on the phone. 2) there is a USB port so that you can play music from a USB or plug your phone in and play music from there. 3) you can remotely start the car. 4) there is a good amount of room in the back of the car.

- Emily S

The good and the bad.. equinox

I love all the room,you don't feel squished...it has a great factory radio that's a plus for me because I love to have my music loud and with some bass... seats are big and comfortable.. Now on the other hand we have had major timing chain issue with it and have been told by mechanic at dealership we bought it from that they have no idea what's wrong with it!!the car drives great when you are moving but if you aren't it putts and jumps and wants to die and sometime it does....but that issue I believe to be with the crappy dealership that refused to even work on it anymore...

- Kenna B

My roomie clever Chevy equinox.

I really enjoy driving my Chevy equinox it gets decent gas mileage and it truly is a joy to drive. I love the room it has I can carry my family and all their gear with no problem. I really like the way it handles. I enjoy the way the seat controls let you go forward and back and let you lift your seat up. I like the menu on the equinox that lets me know my air pressure in each tire. It alerts me when my oil life is getting ready to max out. It lets me know road conditions and lets me know approximately how far I can go until I must stop for gas.

- Mary J

I like the exterior bright blue color!

I loved my Equinox but it started burning through oil and my engine was damaged. Even though the make, model, and year have had a recall for this reason my VIN doesn't qualify. So that upset me in regards to reliability. As far as comfort gies I LOVE the interior. It's very comfortable and has lots of room to stretch out. I also like the simple design of the interior and the pattern of the fabric. Before the issues with my engine I didn't have a lot of problems with performance. I do notice that it is a bit slower to accelerate.

- Jennifer M

2010 Chevrolet equinox car.

Navigation system failed immediately. Couldn't be fixed. Finally replaced after third visit to the dealer. One tire sidewall had a pinhole leak after two months. Dealer tried to blame me, even though there were no scuffs or nicks indicating I had hit anything. Finally, after talking to the owner of the dealership blaming manufacturing defect, he relented and replaced the tire. Car oversteers if accelerating and immediately turn after a stop, such as when stopped at a stop sign at a corner and then make a turn at the corner.

- David A

Very roomy and great family car.

We had gotten the vehicle used and have had it for 4 or 5 years. Its held up fairly well. In the years we have had it its needed a new battery the computer had needed work and a door handle came loose also the windshield wiper has jammed and fuel sensor went bad and needed replaced. All in all I'd say it's not a bad running vehicle. The vehicle is very comfortable it has seat warmers up front that I love it is also very roomy. The back seat bench moves up for more room to haul things. Great back seat for kids and animals.

- Courtney M

Great Car, Some Problems.

I have had my car for about 4 years and it has been a great vehicle. Very reliable, very spacious, gets good gas mileage, drives nice, etc. I feel safe in my car which is the most important thing. My year vehicle did have a recall on it, the pistons were bad but they were replaced under warranty and everything has been going well since. My air conditioning did go out and the dealership told me it was my air compressor which I have not gotten fixed yet because our summers are short and it is pretty expensive to have fixed.

- Cassie H

Equinox: comfortable but worrisome

Very comfortable and spacious vehicle, but have had multiple issues. The radio/dash screen gets 'glitchy' if it's too hot or too cold, it always sounds like something is about to break down when idling, sometimes it doesn't seem to want to shift when driving (automatic) and typically goes into pretty high RPMs when shifting 3rd/4th gear. The worst problem so far is that it consistently burns oil, so much that I usually end up putting in 2 additional quarts between oil changes.

- Courtney Z

The seats are great because I hate leather seats.

Only problem is gas but everything else is great I love my car it takes me everywhere it's great to travel out of town on and it drives very good and its has a lot of space and its great to take to store to put groceries in my mom bought me this car a year ago after my died passed and it was a very special gift and I appreciate it a lot and happy I was able to own my own car and it works and don't have to worry about catching rides anymore and paying people.

- Hillary W

It's comfortable and not too big. Everyone likes the way it rides when they go with me.

I have an SUV because I have kids. I love that the seat can be adjusted so I have more a little more room in the back or more for their feet. I feel very safe in this vehicle. I can fit most things that I need in the back and then some and fold the seat down if needed and I have no kids or car seats. It's a smooth ride and everyone who has driven in it has found it comfortable. I like the way it drives too. I felt comfortable in it almost immediately.

- Tonya C

The Chevy Equinox drives well and it has many safety features.

I do like the Chevy Equinox, but my particular one has had some major issues. The 2010 year had an oil leak "bulletin" on it that I didn't know about when I bought the car. It took some time to figure out what was going on and why I had to keep adding oil. Our Chevy dealer (repair shop) is pretty useless so My car is still not how it should be. All in all the Equinox is a good vehicle. The back seats slide and fold down, which is nice.

- April E

Jackie means just a Chevy kicking it everyday.

It had some minor manufacturer problems but once they were fixed my car runs like a champ. I love the setup of where the radio and shifter is. I live the way it runs and the way it feels when it accelerates. The seats are extremely comfortable and I can truthfully say that I can fall asleep in this vehicle comfortably. The safety features in this car are phenomenal. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who is looking to buy an SUV.

- Anne A

Comfortable seating and riding.

It is a reliable vehicle, and I love it! My only complaint is that this specific year (2010) is known for transmission issues, which I didn't know when I purchased it a couple years back (used vehicle). Within the year I had to have the transmission rebuilt because buying a new one is very pricey. I wouldn't buy another equinox of this year but would definitely purchase another in a different year because overall I do love the vehicle.

- Marissa S

Driver's seat is very adjustable. Lots of options in radio, CD, music. Harder to learn Navigation system. Touch screen controls are helpful. Don't care for the side mirrors moving in a downward fashion when placing vehicle in reverse but others might like that or that when in reverse, can't change the radio station for several seconds after putting back into drive. Steering and turn radius is great. Size is perfect for me.

The Equinox of this date has known transmission issues caused me to have to replace the transmission a month after I bought it used, Chevy knows this is an issue but chooses not to address it. Comfort is great for me at 5'5" and that's who matters. My 6'ft sons fit in it well but if you are a larger build, it may not be comfy for you. Would like for there to be back seat air conditioning vents for creature comforts.

- Tracy K

Great patient or large person. transport.

I have a knee injury which required surgery and a brace. This vehicle provided enough room for me to ride comfortably. Room to carry my walker and other devices. The vehicle gets good gas mileage for an eight cylinder. Plenty of room for transporting the grandkids. Equipped with OnStar maintenance is always on time and potential problems are foreseen. Finding locations is also easy. Would recommend this vehicle.

- Jim K

Our Chevy Equinox has taken us many miles.

I currently have 125000 miles on my 2010 Equinox. I love the gas mileage and comfort of the car. I did have a major mechanical problem about 5 years ago. I was driving down the highway when suddenly my car slowed down and would not go over 20-30 mph. I had to have my car towed to a dealership. There was an issue with the motor which had been a recent recall. The car was fixed under warranty. No issues since.

- Sheila W

Haul it all in your Equinox

I have had no problems with my Equinox. The ride is comfortable and smooth. I have hauled all sorts of things in the back with rear seat folded down. Furniture, lawn mower, even loaded it down with landscaping blocks, mulch, plants and much more. I bought mine used and it is not four wheel drive, which is one thing I wanted but have never got stuck in snow with it. I would buy this car again in the future.

- Christina C

Modern luxury in an older car.

Besides the weird churning noise the car makes when I brake, I love my car. The size makes me feel safe and I know that the safety features do keep me safe. It is big enough that I can haul lots of things to and from school with me and it has good room for friends to ride with me. The sound system is great and I love the option for Bluetooth calls even though it is an older vehicle. It still feels new.

- Abby K

It has features that are comfortable & convenient. The seats fold down to allow for lots of storage & to transport things.

I love the features my car has like the Bluetooth system, heated seats, spacious interior, etc. But I've also had many strange issues with it like the windshield wiper motor mechanism breaking & stranding me on the side of the freeway in a torrential downpour - putting my life at risk. This issue was the subject of a recall in Canada, but it hasn't been recalled in the US (which is unconscionable).

- Morgan W

Great-looking reliable family car.

Reliable, comfortable, drives smooth, and is easy to handle. Sleek classic look, but still a little something to turn heads. Excellent performance and mileage. Very few issues (usually tires) and easy/inexpensive to maintain. Lots of trunk space and back seats fold down to allow even more storage. Safe and trustworthy vehicle, definitely something you'd feel comfortable driving the kids around in.

- Sydney S

The car is perfect for our family of 4

I love this car! It's very roomy without having to get a full-size SUV. It's very gas efficient which is great. I've had issues with the sunroof leaking and the backup camera not working. If I were to get another car I would never get a sunroof again. For my family of 4 this is a great size car and we have plenty of trunk space for our large double stroller and more. I highly recommend this car.

- Joy P

A somewhat reliable vehicle.

The check engine light goes off and on frequently making the remote start not work when this message light is on. Often needing to add motor oil to the engine, it never shows any oil leaks. When the remote start works its very nice but it runs the temperature from when it was last set, so if you had the air completely off before it was last shut off, it will remote start with no air running.

- Maria L

Less reliable as it gets older.

I love the amount or space in my car. I have never had a problem fitting anything into it. however, I feel like as it has gotten older, it has become less and less reliable. Over the past 2-3 years, the check engine light has come on with some random issue every 6-12 months that costs between $500-$1000 to repair. Now, I only use it to drive to and from work or to run some light errands.

- Alison O

Best car I've ever had, and it�s done it�s job of getting me places and what not

My car has great I love how much space I have in the car in the sleek color and how big the car is perfect for any occasion use it every day has never broke down on me rain or shine. My cars comfort is great not some bony Car with bad seats and what not. The car has some great features that I don't quite use often but I bet they work just fine. My car is pretty fast and reliable

- Max G

The space is what I like most. The gas mileage is pretty decent also.

I really do like my vehicle. It drives nice and has a good amount of room. The only thing is that it had a recall that required the whole engine to be rebuilt so that sucked. It was leaking oil so you had to constantly be keeping an eye on your oil level. I know 2 other people with Equinox around the same year that had the same problem. Other than that it is been a great vehicle.

- Jordan W

Has it all but the pick up

I love how my Equinox handles in the snow. I have all wheel drive. The heated leather seats are with the money. The sunroof is a dm feature. Gas mileage could be a bit better. My biggest complaint is that I wish the car had better pick up. I feel like I have to step all the way down on the gas pedal and even then it takes a bit of time for the car to speed up significantly

- Dana C

Lemon not lemonade, beware of the year!

When I bought my vehicle I wanted to make sure I was getting a good deal, something that was fair to the seller and myself. It turns out I bought a lemon and put as much work into it as I did the purchase price. I had the Pistons fixed, two new transmissions and various other work done. These are things that aren't done on a standard vehicle that is used to get groceries.

- Emily L

Just the vehicle I was looking for. It has everything I need and more.

I love my equinox. I was looking for an SUV to make transportation with my dog easier, and my equinox has been perfect. It is spacious, a comfortable and easy riding vehicle, and gets decent gas mileage for a 2010. I bought the car used 2 years ago and have not had any problems with it. When the day comes to get a new vehicle, I will probably upgrade to a new equinox.

- Bryan G

Good, but maybe something wrong with all equinox engines

Had some engine problems when I got it new. Had to replace the whole thing, cost like 8 grand. Luckily had the money, otherwise good vehicle. Just watch out for the sound the engine makes. The interior stays fairly clean even when something is spilled it's easy to clean up. The exterior is easy to, just go through a drive up wash. Also it is a fairly smooth ride.

- Sabrina G

Comfortable, attractive, but has some internal issues

I love the comfort of my vehicle and the space has been great. I really enjoy the hatchback and how spacious it is. I love the color and look of my vehicle, however it has had some issues internally. My husband has worked on cars and says that this specific car is very difficult to work on and gives him quite a bit of trouble. It has had its fair share of issues.

- Jordan N

Gas mileage is good for SUV.

The 4 cylinder engine is pretty peppy. Good mileage for SUV. Comfy for long trips. Controls are nicely laid out. You can even shift the automatic transmission manually if you want. Only issue for me is the key fob. I kinda old school and thing that if something happens they are expensive to replace. Would rather see traditional keys. But that's just me.

- Randy S

Well pleased with my Chevy.

I love my Chevy equinox. It has enough room in the front for my hubby, he's 6'4 and its enough leg room. I love that it's a smooth driving car. I have an older model, but I wish I had the rear view screen, to let you see behind you as you backup out of a parking spot. The newer models have this feature. Other than this, I am very pleased with my Chevy.

- Smith G

Pretty decent crossover, but gas mileage is poor.

Good styling. Fairly reliable. Gas mileage isn't great with the all-wheel drive. Drives and handles very well. Trunk struts wear out way too quickly. Power is good. Roof is leaking, possibly through the sunroof. I wouldn't get another car with a sunroof because of that. Good cargo space. Back seat folds down and slides back for more legroom.

- Jeffrey K

Good car, with one major issue.

My car has 140000 miles on it, overall it's been a nice reliable vehicle. I had major problems with the engine around 70000 miles, but it was covered under warranty thankfully. There is a leak somewhere around the door on driver side that has resulted in some rust. Other than that it's just needed routine maintenance. I would rate a 7 out of 10.

- David R

Bad luck with the vehicle I got but in general it's a good vehicle.

I bought this vehicle about a year ago since then I've have multiple issue, I've have timing belt go out, oil issues and eventually we had to rebuild the whole engine, but with that being said it drives really smooth. I was able to get threw the winter weather just fine with no problems. I do wish the trunk was bigger or at least deeper then it is

- Ashley B

Pricey but way worth it. Love my equinox.

This vehicle is a little pricey but worth every penny. Since buying it used with only 20,000 miles its had barely any problems besides the basic wear and tear brakes, oil changes, etc. Very roomy yet easy to drive despite being higher up then in car. The music sounds great and would absolutely tell someone to get one if they can make it work.

- Raymond M

Excellent Everyday driver car

My car currently has an exhaust manifold crack and the speakers make a buzzing noise. Before all these issues it was a dream to own! Also, the A/C vents on the driver side do not hit the driver, the A/C hits the steering wheel. I would love my car more if there was vents in the back for my children. We live in Florida so it gets super hot!

- John S

The a/c is amazing, it cools down so fast when I first start the car.

I like the economic setting for my mileage as it helps me save gas more efficiently. I also like the stereo and the surrounding speaker system as I love to listen to music any time I am driving. I dislike the handling a bit, parking in the covered space at my apartment complex is a little more difficult to pull into than with my last car.

- Kristin T

Roomy with plenty of legroom and storage space.

Very roomy and comfortable to ride in. Plenty of legroom in both front and back seats. Cup holders easily accessible and can store a laptop computer in the armrest. Gas mileage is average with about 24 mpg. Seats are cloth and harder to keep clean and back wiper does not work. Rides a little noisy but hoping new tires fixes that problem.

- Jackie B

Fantastic every day car!!

I absolutely love this car! It has ran great and has awesome features. They only downfall, the transmission went out at 60,000 miles. But otherwise, I have had no mechanical issues. It is a smooth ride and has never failed me in all terrains and weather. It is spacious and is fully loaded with add-ons, making for a great trip vehicle.

- Miranda K

The interior is very nice.

My car has lasted for 8 years so far, but I did have to replace the transmission and a couple other things, the car was burning through oil pretty fast and the engine was making a loud noise. The car design is beautiful and the inside of the car looks great, very comfortable seats and a nice sunroof plus an automatic back door.

- Gabriel S

It is like driving a cadillac.

Comfortable to drive, reasonably reliable, I like the ability to move the back seat back and forth. Do not like that the back window wiper needs frequent replacement because the rubber always tears. Keys are expensive and I have had two break due to quality issues. Do not like the blind spot created by the back corner supports.

- Karen S

It is a great vehicle great to try great gas mileage do it around town.

I do not have a problem with the vehicle. It ride good it is great on gas, it is easy to manager I have no problem with it. It is one of the best vehicles of all time I have no problem to be here cuz I love the color I love the mileage is great to drive it easy to teach other the driving maintenance-free very good with gas.

- Betty S

Fun and reliable family car.

My equinox runs great, it is highly comfortable, roomy enough for family road trips and lugging children's sports gear, it is stylish and I feel good driving this car. It has 125,000 miles on it and I have never had any major mechanical issues. The body is. It showing any signs of rust yet after 9 years in a Chicago weather.

- Jennifer M

The car that would not go.

It drives very clunky and is awkwardly wide. It also burns oil extremely fast and that causes issues. I do not trust it or find it to be reliable because it has so many problems. It also breaks constantly, whether it be parts of the seat or parts of the engine. I would not feel comfortable with a young teen driving this car.

- Hannah L

The GPS that is built in, it does need to be updated from time to time(years).

The vehicle is great. Does have a lot of mechanic work that needs to be done, seems to be same issues with this year for other people. Gas mileage is great while traveling. Back up camera and sunroof. Its very spacious in the back. The on star is great especially if you lock your keys in the car you can unlock from the app.

- Patricia S

My Equinox my everyday car.

I love how it handles in the rain and snow. I get great gas mileage with the Equinox. The sound system is by pioneer. It is a 7. 1 surround sound. The maintenance has for the most part the basic that you would do on any car. However, I did have to replace my air compressor and another part in my a/c. It cost me 1500. 00.

- Mia H

Gas mileage, exterior styling.

Roomy and comfortable. Looks good and feels good with smooth ride. The problem I have is with the remote keys. The plastic buttons broke in, which makes it difficult to open the car without actually inserting the key in the doors. Unwanted expense. Just like any vehicle you buy, maintenance is key for long lasting usage.

- Charlie C

A very family friendly vehicle

The vehicle is very roomy. The seat material is great for toddlers/pets. Great gas mileage. Great latch system for car seats.The 2010 model had transmission problems. Transmission, catalytic converter and timing chain had to be replaced at 121000 miles. Other than the transmission problem, this has been a great vehicle.

- wendy w

I enjoy the vehicle storage.

The Chevy Equinox has been a reliable, comfortable, and efficient vehicle. Loaded with solid features that make driving it a good experience. Gas mileage could be a little better, but the storage space and dependable name make it a reliable vehicle. With routine maintenance, car should run well for a number of years.

- Byron F

Average review 2010 equinox

Vehicle is very reliable, always starts in cold WI winter's. Also handles very well in snow and rain with a decent set of all season radials. Did have some internal engine repairs needed, few pistons and rings. Front is fairly roomy, unfortunately if someone tall is in front the back is profoundly cramped.

- Mike N

Nice interior and electronics hook ups

The Ecotec engine is terrible. It takes oil weekly and sounds horrible. The interior design is nice and comfortable but mechanically it's unreliable. It handles well. I was surprised how well it handles in snow. It has more than the usual amount of cup holders, storage, and different hook ups for electronics.

- Marie R

My vehicle is the best vehicle!

My vehicle is really comfortable to drive. It needs a little more knee room for the driver but other than that it is very comfortable. The seat is adjustable with numerous settings. The seats are very comfortable to sit on. It has cup holders in the backseat. The hatch has ample room for all your purchases.

- Lisa R

Stylish, sharp looking vehicle.

I really like my Equinox. I haven't had any problems with it at all. It drives well & smooth. It has been very reliable. The only time it left me sitting was when the original battery recently went dead. The only negative I can think of is that it does have some blind spots because of the way it is designed.

- Lori H

Comfort, design, gas mileage

Love the gas mileage the comfort and the spaciousness. Only downfall is you can hear the tires on the pavement on the road pretty loud. Love the sleek design on it. Getting about 24 mpg currently and I do a lot of city driving. Also, (expecting a baby) this car has a lot of space in the backseat/cargo area.

- William M

It is a Chevrolet, great for single people or a small family.

Car gets great gas mileage, has great power for a 4 cylinder, engine had to be replaced after 125, 000 miles due to a general motors manufacturer recall. Although the recall was only covered up to 125, 000 miles, so I had to pay to have a new engine installed, cost was $4, 000 dollars. All in all great car!

- Curtis R

Great on gas for a v6 AWD.

I love my truck! It's great in the snow and in the summer the ac keeps you nice and cool! I love the hands free features it offers along with onstar and XM radio. I would suggest this vehicle to anyone looking to buy. Very reliable the downfall most of its parts are dealership only items which is a bummer!

- Nina M

My favorite thing about my car is how fast it can accelerate.

It is very spacious and you can fit many boxes in there if you are moving something. It is also very child friendly. You are able to fit three car seats in the back seats. The chairs are also very easy to fold down for extra room. The airbags are very reliable and the car is very safe in a minor accident.

- Macy R

Comfortable, dependable, great options included.

Comfortable, easy to drive. Roomy, with drop-down back seats for extra storage space. Adjustable driver's seat option is great. Feel safer than in a regular-sized car -- higher seating and more vehicle around me. Gas economy is great. Love the menu system showing gas range, tire inflation, oil level, etc.

- Grace L

How I feel, and any issues with car

Really Reliable Vehicle. Nice SUV. Only problem is have to change and add oil frequently. The check engine like doesn't turn on when low on oil. But it does have a fail safe. If it is too low it will automatically turn the vehicle off. Only had to take it in a few times since purchasing over 2+ years ago

- Amanda M

It has an amazing capacity for luggage etc. when the back seats are put down.

The only problem I have noticed is that visibility is compromised because of the position of the upright column between the drivers window and the front windscreen. The Equinox performs well and has been extremely reliable in all weather conditions. It is comfortable for both short and long drives.

- Lee J

Fun to drive would buy another one.

I really like how it is an easy car to work on and fix. Cheap easy to drive good gas mileage. Love the leather seats. Good on highways good in town. Sporty looking does not look like a mom's car. Easy to get car seats in and out of. Lots and lots of room in the trunk. Wish it were four wheel drive.

- Morgan C

I love that the rear view camera. It makes the vehicle even more safe.

I bought this vehicle with 11 miles on it and love it. I appreciate that it was designed by females and it is a very user friendly vehicle. I always have plenty of room for passengers or equipment and it has been great to travel in. It has been very reliable and the perfect vehicle for my busy life

- Monica B

Keeps breaking but I like the electronic parts.

Everything keeps breaking and needing replaced. I have had the car in the shop non stop. It feels like it is cheap okay made. I do like the digital speed however. There are also several blind spots that could be dangerous. I have had trouble with the sensors needing replaced, throttle, and exhaust.

- Chelsea D

Loving the Chevy Equinox life!

Very comfortable and easy to drive. Maneuverability, and has mileage are great assets to this vehicle. I enjoy the storage, and space. I have moved a one bedroom apartment two times in this vehicle and only needed two trips. If I could just update the technology in this car, I would be in heaven.

- Jared B

Glad I bought this vehicle!

Very reliable, easy to drive and requires minimal maintenance. Feel safe driving in the rain and snow. Gets low gas mileage and the back seats do not fold down flat, which is a pain because I transport dogs as a part of my business. Overall am happy with the car and it appears to hold its value.

- Sienna M

Overall not impressed with quality compared to other vehicles I have owned.

When it gets close to time for a oil change the engine starts running rough and loud. Overall not impressed with performance. Air vents are inconveniently located to blow on driver, left side is blocked by steering wheel. When it rains or gets washed it leaks from the rack on the top of vehicle.

- Sarah S

Silver, dark interior, spacious for the type of vehicle, OnStar capabilities.

I bought the vehicle brand new, at around 30,000 miles it had pretty extensive engine work. Since then, there have only been minor issues and normal maintenance. At this time I have over 100,000 miles and the vehicle is doing great. The vehicle is a 4 cylinder, so it has very little power.

- Ashley C

I would say the rear view camera.

I never thought I'd love my e Equinox. But I have had no problems with it and the rear view camera is wonderful it did take me a little time to get used to it but now I use it all the time, I always hated leather seats but they are so comfortable that I do not know why I didn't like them.

- Rachel D

Nice vehicle with no problems.

This car drives. Good. It has over 100, 000 miles on it and everything still works well. Engine has been perfect, and everything inside works well with no problems. Has been very liable. I would like a 3 seater due to raising 2 great grandchildren now. The body is good with no rust on it.

- Janet M

2010 Chevrolet equinox very dependable.

The Chevrolet equinox is a very comfortable and dependable vehicle. It has won best in class awards several years running. It is a low maintenance automobile. The downside is that some of the minor maintenance is a bit of a challenge to do. That being said I still recommend the equinox.

- Alan K

2010 Chevy Equinox, good and bad

Issues with the brake system. Other than that I haven't had any issues with my vehicle, lots of space for keeping/ storing items or transporting items, it is also very reliable . Poor/lack of air/ heating in the back seat area. Car has blind spots that make backing up and turning hard.

- Gia B

The Equinox is a very comfortable and reliable small SUV for a family.

The Equinox has been extremely reliable and gets very reasonable gas mileage. It comfortably seats 4 and can fit 5 very well if not using any car seats. The cargo space is good. My only complaint is that I would prefer more AC vents and then ones in the front do not position very well.

- Anna G

Roomy and nice but some issues

Overall, I like this vehicle. But there have been lots of recalls on this. The 4 cylinder engine is tough to have on an SUV, it can take some power to get up to speed, especially on the highway. But very comfortable nice ride. Love the trunk- spacious to fit my 95 lb German Shepherd.

- Katie G

Spacious good on gas and reliable

The car is good on gas, lots of room if you have a family, very safe. It's long lasting car. The only reason why I don't like it that much is because I'm single so there's no reason for me to have such a big car until I have a family. Other than all that it's a pretty good decent car.

- Alannah P

The only thing I like is that my car has a DVD player for my son.

From the beginning I was in the shop having problems with engine had to be rebuilt, navigation had to be replaced, paint started to rust within 3-4 years, when I do a car wash, water gets in the door jams and rear hatch. Almost every aspect of my Equinox has been repaired or replaced!

- Therese M

Maintenance and problems with most newer rigs.

Airbag repair. Hvac repairs. Other wise has been a good transition. 2500hd transmission repair very costly. Equinox mileage has not been where advertised. I4 leaves a lot to needed as far as horsepower. Seats very comfortable. Mechanic would not work on air bags do to maybe a recall.

- David E

2010 Chevy equinox you should buy one.

My check engine light stays on all the time when I take it to the dealer no one can ever tell me what the issue is. On the other hand it runs really well I keep the oil changed and all maintenance up on it. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is in search of a midsize SUV.

- Ayesha C

My experience with my Chevy Equinox.

My truck is very good for everyday driving it is not too big or small. I have a family of seven and it gets us all where we need to be my older son and daughter works my younger boys play sports and my wife and I also works so we drive a lot and we never had any major problems yet.

- Perry F

Equinox are terrible, do not buy.

there's a new noise every week. hadn't had it a month and had to have motor replaced. didn't get it back for almost three months. Thankfully winter was over because the heat did not work. I am not satisfied but I keep it because it's pretty decent on gas. Its smaller than I'd like.

- Kimberly F

Not happy with Chevy Equinox.

Problems with engine light coming on even after car was serviced at the auto repair shop. Not good on gas. Back hatch sticks at times. Does not ride smooth at all. You can feel every bump you go over. Radio volume control on steering wheel is not visible and not easily accessible.

- Susan C

Very nice, reliable vehicle.

I have no issues with my vehicle outside of issues related to normal wear and tear. To date, the vehicle has been very reliable. It drives smoothly, it is all wheel drive, power locks, windows. In the future I would like a vehicle with Bluetooth, navigation, backup features, etc.

- Kara C

The vehicle that fit me and my family.

Amazing vehicle to drive, good on gas and have space for my family. It fit me just right, I believe that I will eventually get a newer model. The only thing I would prefer to have is a third seat so I could separate the kids a little more. But other than that. . . Great vehicle.

- Travis G

Gas mileage is awesome-in town and highway miles.

Excellent gas mileage and very comfortable. Have animals that travel with me on trips and plenty of room for them. Love the ease of the backup mirror and the release inside release button for the trunk. Wish I could afford a new one but i'm retired so not feasible at this time.

- Susan H

More than enough room for all my needs.

I've had no problems with the Chevrolet Equinox. It's amazing! Everything is so perfect about it. The reliability is very great, I haven't had any problems with it. I love it so much! It's very comfortable, it fits the needs of my everyday life and it has more than enough room.

- Christy M

Love the moon roof. Also love the AWD.

No problems at least yet. Seems to be a lull on acceleration. Would be nice if the rear seat laid down fully, like I have already stated, I have owned this vehicle I haven't found any problems, I also am advised by the dealership that this vehicle is not designed to tow with.

- henry H

my nice smooth good looking car.

it's starting to have some problems. iI have lots of miles on it. But it is a good car. It is the right size for a short girl like me. It also has lots a pick up and go. Great mapping system. It has plenty of move to hold things and even the seat will fold down if I need it.

- Christie J

Chevy Equinox is a totally fuel saver.

My chevy equinox is a very comfortable SUV, since bought there have been just small issues which were fixed right away, it's really comfortable, travel long distances without worrying about fuel, it's totally a fuel saver. It's compact size, so there's always a spot to park.

- Claudia S

I love that my use car with almond 200.000 miles runs great

I bought the car used almost 1 year ago from the auction. The car has 197.000 miles on it. So far I've put a fuel pump and new timing belt into the car. The car drives very well and it's good on gas to travel mostly on the highway. It's a nice size vehicle for a family of 4.

- Ivana D

A lovely red car is the title. The red car has lot of different features. .

The car lighting needs to be replace. I need two tires on the front of the car before winter sets in. I think I am to need an oil change, and a car wash. I just love the color red on my car. I like to ride it on a very sunny day. I be glad when winter comes and winter goes.

- Marcia J

My ltz equinox is very stylish. I did not want a family van, Chevy has class.

Great riding vehicle. Very reliable, had very few issues or repairs. Taken on several trips done great. The only thing I would change would be vents in the back set for air/heat. It gets very stuffy during the summer. Love the heated seats, and package the ltz comes with.

- Leslie H

Looks great! Reliable. Roomy storage.

White Chevy Equinox. Plenty of room for 5 passengers. Nice size storage for luggage or sporting equipment. Love the automatic headlight feature. Have a problem with ac actuator which I understand is common for this vehicle. Other than that it's a very reliable car.

- Robin K

Good American made Family SUV built for driving around town and adventures

It's a good honest SUV. I just maintain it and keep up with scheduled maintenance. It's a good family car, I have taken it on may vacations with the family. Including camping upstate NY. It's a reliable American made SUV that I would buy again. I wish it was better on gas

- David B

that�s my baby, gets me from point a to b

No issues thus far .. bought from a used car dealership and the maintenance was kept up with. It does eat a lot of gas but drives smooth .I assume with any car it's a good time as long as it's kept up with. The life span has treated me well. No complaints, great first car

- Colleen H

Chevrolet Equinox: Great family car, but with no air ventilation

Overall, this vehicle is good. The gas mileage is comparable, and the ability to completely lower the seats for optimum hauling is handy. The only frustrating thing about this vehicle is that there are no vents in the back seat that allow for air conditioning or heating.

- Brooke B

Reliable and dependable for daily travel

I absolutely love my Chevy Equinox. It is incredibly reliable and efficient. I get great gas mileage, having to refill once every two weeks. The only issue that has arisen is the backup camera. In the past two years or so it has become less reliable and rarely works.

- Michelle O

Pro / con some things that are issues and so things I like.

There is a timing chain problem that gm knows about but will it recall. It is not all wheel drive. But is available on other trims. The size of the interior is great for a family of four and camping gear I wish my trim level had roof rails so I could add a roof rack.

- Jeff G

Rear View camera, trunk space and sunroof are extremely nice features!

I love the rear camera. Trunk space is great. Drives smooth. The only bad thing is the truck does not have dual a/c. Other than that it is very reliable. Sunroof adds a great touch to the vehicle. Love the outside view of the vehicle. Overall it is very comfortable.

- Elizabeth C

On the dash is a hidden compartment that looks just like it's only decal

I like the reverse camera. It's not too big or bulky where it blocks my view from driving, it is comfortable. I like all the space it has inside the vehicle. I also like the features it offers such as OnStar and SiriusXM, great deal on those for purchasing the car.

- Erin H

Good automobile low problems good gas mileage.

The only issue I have really had with this vehicle so far is the tire pressure sensors went bad and needed replaced other then that all I have had to do is regular maintenance and upkeep have taken it to Mississippi and back couple times with no issues whatsoever.

- Cody S

Equinox is the best vehicle I've owned

I absolutely love this ride. I love the all wheel drive, the fact that it sits up higher than a car, it is comfortable, love the heated seats, love the sunroof, I love the backup camera in the rearview mirror, so far I have had no issues with anything mechanical.

- Tara L

It's a great car for big families and also for traveling

Overall, the car is ok. I mainly choose it because of the space. It hasn't broken over the years for me... It's also really comfortable with a lot of room for each passenger. The only thing that I don't like is the performance of the gas- it takes up a lot of gas

- Gabriel J

The safety is insurmountable.

I recently became the owner and I am still learning how to use the controls, however;.. It drives very smooth.. Very easy controls and easy use for a SUV.. I love that although it is a 4 cylinder it switches to 2 cylinders on the freeway. It is still new to me!.

- Sharon T

It is a great family vehicle.

I have never once had any problems with my vehicle. It drives really well bad gas mileage is pretty decent. Wish it was a little better but I am happy with my car. Only issues I have had with my car is the seat belt sensor on my car, I am not sure how to fix it.

- Danielle G

Not a fan of this car. It's just not for me.

Its cheaply made. I really don't like it. The interior is plastic and the engine has problems. The jack bend in half its first use. Can feel a transmission problem coming up soon. It's also very basic and boring. The perks? It has Bluetooth. I do like my music.

- Penny M

A beautiful car.

Interior wise my car is beautiful. Leather seats, beautifully designed and comfortable. Under the engine, however, has not been the best. My transmission has gone out twice since I have had it, and I have had to multiple, smaller auto repairs along with that.

- Holly F

It is just an ordinary car. There is nothing special.

It is very comfortable, but it is too big for me. I usually prefer to drive smaller cars. It is very reliable, yet it has gotten old. I believe it may be time to change it and get a new one. The performance is good though it had a problem with shifting gears.

- Lari J

The high techness, and the smooth ride makes it enjoyable for the whole family.

The wiring gets faulty at times, radio and or lights will dim. Other than that, it is a solid vehicle with great gas mileage and low maintenance needed to perform day to day running around. I highly recommend this vehicle for anyone looking for a smaller SUV.

- Ady C

Comfortable ride... Make sure to stop for oil.

I like the comfort level of the vehicle. I have put a lot of money into repairs. It drinks oil... I have to get oil in between oil changes. I feel like it is built well. The trim around the front window is built for safety but does block visibility somewhat.

- Kathy D

Equinox excellence not to be matched.

I have only had it one month. No problems at all. Very comfortable! Great on gas. Quiet on the highway. My other car has a remote start, and I wish my Equinox did, too. Love the hatchback and roominess there. Interior is unique with two colors of upholstery.

- Vivian F

I love the seat warmers and the Bluetooth audio.

It has really bad blind spots. The gas mileage is really good and the Bluetooth speakers are nice. It drives smooth and breaks easily. The steering is perfect. There is a lot of room in the car and can fit a lot of stuff. The blind spots are just crazy bad.

- Elizabeth E

Pretty, but problematic crossover.

This was our secondary car until recently. Since I have been driving it regularly it's given me nothing but problems. The check engine light turns back on the second we get one issue resolved. It's been a lot of front end issues and very inefficient on gas.

- Nikki S

Solid, consistent performance.

I love most of the features of my Equinox. The cabin is roomy and comfortable, it is been very solid over the nearly 10 years I have owned it. I have had some issues with the brakes over the years, but it is been driven hard. Generally, it is very reliable.

- Will H

Very good on gas and my 2 children fit perfectly in the back.

I had a lot of recalls on my equinox. It was nice that Chevrolet was able to take care of everything. I had to have my motor rebuilt and timing belt redone. I hope the newer models are better. Over all I have been satisfied with my car and it's gas mileage

- Megan H

Black car grey interior drives good everywhere you can do anything

No previous problems nothing is wrong good car drives good Jeep makes car good to travel in it and to go on trips it's the best thing ever invented. So amazing what this company can do people come get jeeps durable anywhere good for the trips good choice

- Christopher G

All positive about Chevy Equinox.

I absolutely love my vehicle. There is plenty of room considering its a small SUV. I had problems with my exhaust manifold but the dealership where I bought the truck from helped me out tremendous. My truck is extreme reliable. It's awesome in the winter.

- Ashley M

Review on a 2010 Chevrolet Equinox

This car is an SUV with a ton of space. It's very comfortable and great for road trips. It's performance has been good as well. Gas mileage isn't bad. I've had a couple issues with the oil changes but that's about it. It's a smooth and comfortable ride.

- Maggie B

Chevrolet 2010 Equinox benefits.

Decent size of SUV which is perfect for both city and country ride. It is very spacious, so this could be a great purchase for single or small family. It is energy efficient and durable, but does not need a lot of maintenance. Great value! Worth buying!

- Baumann P

Just don't care that the seat in back don't lay flat.

I don't like the way the seat come down in back the don't lay flat. Not so good when hauling a lot of thing. My car drive great and confiable. Has room when going on long trips. Room to move. But not a lot of packing space. Is easy to get in and out of.

- christine H

It is has a lot of dents lol.

I like my vehicle because it gets me to where I need to go. I like it because it gets great gas mileage. I do not like it because my family is growing and we're running out of space and because it struggles to start when it gets too cold in the winter.

- Monica B

I greatly appreciate the adjustable seat height.

All though the ride is comfortable with a comfy and roomie interior I had several problems with the vehicle after a recall was performed. I do like the adjustable height of the driver's seat. I have had problems with changing the rear windshield wiper.

- Erin V

My 2010 Chevy Equinox rocks!

Very smooth and comfortable. I have had very few issues with it. None out of the ordinary. I drive as a salesperson so I am in the car most of the day and it is very comfortable and spacious. It is also a great vehicle for my family on the weekends.

- Ben J

Happy driver who loves her Equinox.

The car performs very well. Very few mechanical issues. Large and roomy inside. Front seats could be more comfortable. Ample room in trunk area. I have leather interior and it is held up very well, and I have a dog who frequently rides with me.

- Nancy I




Love the style, don't love the mechanics

I have a love-hate relationship with my Chevy Equinox. I love the style, comfort, and roomy interior. There have been mechanical issues, however, and we had to replace the transmission when it was only 6 years old and just out of warranty.

- Marcia G

That it is reliable and will satisfy your needs.

I dislike that my vehicle is starting to fall apart and there's a lot of parts that need fixed. I like that I can have Sirius radio in my vehicle and that it's a safe vehicle to drive. There's also plenty of room for me to carry things.

- Madison C

The ride in the equinox to me is smooth like you are riding in a car

I really love my equinox. We took a trip from Chicago to Minnesota and the ride is beautiful in it. I do wish that there were a few more safety features like a bigger camera which I know the newer ones have maybe back up beeper.

- Laura M

I drive in the snow and I notice it was better to drive with the traction control off for more control.

I like the truck because it lasted me a long time. I mean the build of it is pretty good and I like the space because I took it on many road trips. The only personal Problem I have with it now I's that the cd player don't work.

- Asan J

This car has many high safety ratings. I would bet it's why my husband wasn't injured in the accident he had a couple of years ago.

We bought our Equinox new in 2010. It's been a great vehicle. My husband had a nasty accident but was safe because of our Equinox. It's been repaired and looks new again. We take good care of it so it will last another 8 years.

- Kathleen B

The vehicle is black in color, with metallic flecks. It has cloth seating and a detailed interior with a killer sound system.

Our vehicle fits out family perfectly. It is spacious, great on gas with the ecoboost feature, and makes us feel safe. The only issues we have had is the sunroof broke fairly recently, and the brakes are giving us problems.

- Kassandra K

That is reliable and it gets good gas mileage.

My vehicle is roomy and reliable. It does not waste to much gas. It has not given me any major issues in the almost 8 years since I purchased it. If I was to buy another vehicle I would probably purchase the same vehicle.

- Madeleine H

The most important thing about my car is that it is good on mileage and it helps on a long trip!

I love my vehicle because it is mid-size but it is exactly what I need. My husband and I are the only ones at home and we don't need a large vehicle. I have not had any problems with my vehicle and also it is good on gas.

- Catrina M

It fits a small family great. The seats fold down which is an awesome feature. I was able to fit a dryer in the back of mine just fine.

We bought our equinox used with 100,000 miles on it. We have had very few problems with it. For a small family it is wonderful. The only drawback is there are no rear air vents. Overall I'd recommend it to a friend.

- Whitney B

The Equinox is easy to handle, and has plenty of leg and storage room

I like the room in this vehicle, plenty of leg space in the front, and also in the back. I like the car's interior work and feel of the upholstery. The Equinox gets great gas mileage is great in town or on trips.

- Linda M

do your research on the equinox before you purchase it.

I love the gas mileage for a suv. I dislike the the top heavy feeling in the back. the transmission always feels like it is coming out but it's not just how the transmission is made. the back suspense is too stiff.

- tara s

The most important thing is that it is a safe and dependable vehicle.

I like the size of the vehicle, not to big or too small. It has always been a very dependable vehicle. I never have to worry about it breaking down or something going wrong. I dislike the way it drives in the snow.

- Jordan H

It is a very smooth ride and it is very stylish as well.

It is really comfortable and it is very dependable. We have now had it for about 5 years now and we have had maybe 1 or 2 issues with the car. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in buying a Chevy.

- Jordan T

Front wheel drive SUV, easy on fuel

There is plenty of room for passengers. I love the hatchback area better than a car with a trunk. I bought it used so I have had a few aches and pains with it. But, other than that it is a great vehicle.

- Sandy O

Apparently, it's rated as the most quiet of vehicles and I can attest to that concept. It is awesome.

I can't think of any thing I don't love about my vehicle. I am blessed that I got it when I was looking for something much less and was offered my SUV. It's the perfect color, size, everything. I love it.

- Dee D

It has a lot of legroom for taller people. It is comfortable for larger people as well.

We bought it used in april and have since put in a new starter and it now needs an exhaust system. Love the comfort of the ride and the room inside. Wish the very back trunk area was a bit bigger though.

- Wenddie M




its my car so dont touch it cars are too expensive to be careless about

I like that its a truck and it's not super big but I really do want a jeep instead but it was what i can afford at the moment but if i ever got the chance to trade it for a well running jeep i will

- Gabby W

It is dependable. No issues so far with anything.

I like how it accelerates and brakes quick. The car is reliable. There is a good amount of space in the car. It is not too comfortable and it is not too uncomfortable. It is. Perfect for driving.

- Megan C

Use a good quality synthetic motor oil: this will keep your engine clean.

The 2010 Equinox is a decent vehicle. It is somewhat small for more than 4 people, but we rarely have more than 3 in the car. Mileage is ok, however Id like closer to 25 mpg vs the 20 I now get.

- Major J

Reliable, dependable and fuel efficient. Handles well in the snow and rain. Plan is to replace this vehicle with a newer Equinox

Car has just under 200k miles on it. Been a very reliable vehicle. Have had no major issues with vehicle. I consider the car to be fuel friendly. Plan is to buy another one in the future

- Mike C

It is the perfect size for our family and our pets.

I love the way my Chevrolet, equinox drives. It is the perfect size for my family. The only thing I would change would be adding air vents to the back. It does get very hot in the back seat.

- Lisa W

It is a nice big car for families.

I like how big and spacious it is. I enjoy that there is an auxiliary cord and the big screen. I do not like how many problems I have with it and how much it takes to fill up the gas tank.

- Willow D

I love my tinted windows & the cleanliness of the dashboard with radio features etc.

Love my equinox! I love the comfy back seats, perfect room for my kids and they're car seats! I love my auxiliary cord port, and my screen on my dashboard telling me about oil, miles etc.

- Kelsey M

the most important thing about my car is that I couldn't live without it. While it has had the recalls, it has been a great car for my family and I. Love all the room and love the body style and color.

I dislike that I have had many recalls on this vehicle since I bought it. I love the car, but the recalls drive me crazy. I feel like I have to take it in about once a year for a recall.


Great backseat for car seats, but only for two kids.

It has a lot of breakdowns, ie the transmission went out at 80k miles, oil consumption problems even after the factory recall, plus various other problems despite regular maintenance.

- Shanna D

This is the newest vehicle I've owned so I'm enjoying almost entirely. I love the bluetooth for phone calls. However, 2010 didn't allow bluetooth for anything outside of calls so I cannot do Pandora which is a bummer. I also wish my vents weren't angled. With today's tech my phone holder is a bit of a challenge. I believe it's a V4 so pick up in speed can sometimes be a little slow, but it will get there. Overall great vehicle.

It's great for a single parent. I live in WI where winters are tough. I have the comfort for my daughter and I of AWD. It's functional as an SUV and provides just the space we need.

- Brianna A

Unless you know about cars - stay away from purchasing this money pit of a car.

The 2010 Chevy Equinox is a great vehicle for the amount of space and gas mileage, however the severity and amount of repairs the car needs with failing equipment is unacceptable.

- Tyler E

The digital speed monitor is amazing. Backup camera is great to have for safety.

I like the back up camera. I like the comfort of the car. I like the all wheel drive. I like the digital speed limit display. I dislike the placement of the door lock buttons.

- Terry D

I love the heated seats in the back up camera.

Everything you need is on the work the steering wheel the seats are very comfortable on the computer help you get around the navigation system great on gas and it runs smooth.

- Rachel D

Don't assume mid size suv means it is small, the car offers spacious seating and a large trunks.

I really enjoy driving the Equinox on a daily basis. I was finally about to move out of the minivan thing, but still wanted room and space. The Equinox fill all my criterias.

- Sharon M

Quality vehicle that will last

This is a great crossover SUV that's big enough for all of your stuff, but not so big that it's unwieldy. I'm pleased with the performance and haven't had any issues with it.

- Allison Y

Low on gas and mileage, very roomy and spacey

I love that it's an SUV over a car so when snow falls I can use the AWD to move around in it better. I love everything about my SUV and will hold on to it for a long time.

- John P

This car is practical and reliable. Although there have been a few repairs over the years, this car with over 150,000 miles on it runs great with regular maintenance!

My vehicle is a reliable and practical SUV. It gets okay gas mileage. It does well in all types of weather conditions including rain and snow. It also has all wheel drive.

- Caroline G

It has a really nice ride, it drives like a much more expensive car.

I love the size, the ride is nice, the only thing that I would change is the cargo area seems cramped. if it had about 10 more inches across it would be the perfect car.

- Kelly N

It has amazing gas mileage.

The gas mileage on the car is great and it is been very reliable. I haven't had any significant problems with my car, there was a recall but it was fixed right away.

- Lauren S

Equinox roomy and a comfortable ride!

It's very roomy, has enough room for my 2 kids who are both in car seats and still has plenty of room for groceries. It drives smooth and the seats are comfortable.

- Tiffany L

Good mileage and drives great.

Has trouble sometimes during idling. Sometimes it seems as if it wants to stall while sometimes it will stall. Other than that it runs great and gets good mileage.

- Bernard G

Reliable and comfortable.

Comfortable, reliable SUV. Great gas mileage, dependable, great for many adventures. Comfortably seats 5 (nobody gets smashed in the middle seat), spacious trunk.

- Melissa P

It has been a great family car for a smaller family

My vehicle is great on gas, has a wonderful hatch for extra space, and has been fairly reliable. I dislike how small it is though now that my family is growing.

- Daniel S

Comfortable Chevy crossover.

The Chevy Equinox is very roomy and a comfortable vehicle for road trips. It comfortably fits 5. One thing that I would change about it would be the gas mileage.

- Victoria H

It was reasonably priced for the features it came with and comfortable to drive.

Love my car. I think it is stylish. It is comfortable. Gas mileage is good. I did have to replace engine at 95,000 miles. Thankfully I had an extended warranty.

- Carolyn L

The 4 cylinder is fairly weak and doesn't have much pick up.

It is a salvage title but still runs pretty smooth. The dark blue color looks good and the seats are comfortable. I really want a Chevy truck instead though.

- Matt L

It's so roomy. The only thing I don't like about my car is that the back seat dont get much of the ac.

I really love my car. It's a SUV so I have just enough room. It's not to big but not to small either. I have a backup camera, leather seats and tinted windows.

- Cristi S

It gets you where you need to go safely but has the frequent GM failures.

The vehicle is reliable, however it seems to have several small faults from service airbag light intermittently going on and off to tire monitor failures, etc.

- Corey R

How seriously Chevrolet is about safety in their vehicles.

I like that it's bigger and taller than a regular car. I like that my family can fit into it. However, I wish it was a little roomier to accommodate car seats.

- Jennifer S

Its fast and can go a long time on empty.

I like that it is the perfect size for me. I do not like that it is 8 years old and would love to get another car. The steering radius is also off on the car.

- Maria A

a very nice ride with all wheel drive

it's all wheel drive. and a nice ride the air is good ..but the heat in the winter could be hotter we don't have seat warmers but we could have gotten them.

- patricia w

Reliable, minimal need for service.

Back seats do not fold down flat & poor gas mileage. Reliable & easy to drive. Meets my needs as I occasionally transport large dogs & they fit in the back.

- Jere H

People should know how spacious the car is. There's plenty of space in the trunk and feet area in the backseat

I like my vehicle cause it's the perfect size for my family. I wish it would take off quicker without having a little delay. But overall, it's very reliable

- Laura R

I have been the only owner and I have had no mechanical problems.

I love the size of it. Also, sounds strange, but I like the steering wheel size. I dislike that the computer stuff in the console is so hard to figure out.

- Heather S

Chevy Equinox is great! I was a Jeep fan before this.

Comfortable ride, roomy, great gas mileage. Easy to maintain, no repairs in over a year. I would tell friends it was a good decision to buy. I am happy.

- Georgette S

Spacious and reliable family vehicle

Best family vehicle ever. Reliable and we have never had any problems. Take vehicle in for regular maintenance. But other than that its runs excellent.

- Cindy G

Stay away and find another vehicle. This was my first Chevy, never again.

The car gets excellent gas mileage. However, the throttle body is known to be defective. Wheel sensors go bad frequently. Overall, not pocket friendly.

- Allen Z

It is awesome. It is a great car to have.

It is the perfect size and love the look. I do not like that it squeaks. When I hit bumps it can be a little noisy. I really do love my vehicle though.

- Tammy R

the vehicle has engine issues not covered by the manufacturer

The vehicle has many engine issues. The manufacturer will not cover any expense for repairs. There are many of the same engine issues reported online.

- Bob L

reliable and drives well.

IT's an SUV. I'm tall and I fit really well in it. I dislike in that there's not as much trunk space as you would think. It does drive really well.

- Victor M

It has really good gas mileage and I don't have to fill it often.

It gets good gas mileage but in the winter my heat didn't want to work and this summer my air won't work. We put Freon in but found out I have a leak.

- Rhonda C

Reliability with good gas mileage.

Great gas mileage, very sporty, good maneuverability, low maintenance, poor design for wheel well and snow packed problems getting back doors opened.

- Amy K

It is a very dependable car.

I love my Equinox, the style, the 'fit' to me, the way it drives and that it is easier for me to get into. I also love the cardinal red color of it.

- April S

The back up camera is really nice because it shows how close you are to something when backing up.

It's nice because it has a back up camera. It has power seats. It has a remote control start in it. It has Satellite Radio. The trunk is very roomy.

- Amber L

The car has heated front seats that help w/ back problems.

Like the easy to understand and use display of features and the heated front seats. I do not like how difficult it is to regulate the heat and a/c.

- Carolyn S

Dependable and Low Maintenance

I like the size and the comfort of the vehicle. It has been easy to maintain. I wish it got a little better gas mileage. Overall very satisfied.

- kristie p

Smooth ride and comfortable. Stylish and roomy. Lots of compliments on the room in the back seat

Rides very smooth Comfortable Spacious Drove 800 miles one way on vacation and back. It was comfortable and smooth. Love, love, love my equinox

- Tracy H

I've owned my vehicle since February 2018. I have already replaced the engine twice and transmission once. I'm unhappy with the vehicle, it drives like a tank and is horrible on gas mileage.

Other people should know that the Equinox is not a reliable vehicle. It dies when it's at a complete stop; it won't even start back up sometimes!

- Alexis M

Poor quality transmission.

Transmission and air conditioner have been a huge problem. They both went out and had to be completely replaced. Huge hassle. Big waste of money.

- Katherine E

Equinox vehicles from around 2008 to 2012 seem to have transmission problems and need to be replaced between 80,000 and 120,000 miles.

I love the gas mileage of the vehicle. I like how the vehicle handles while driving. I am not the happiest about the engine and transmission.

- Andrew C

roof top rack to carry canoe and kayak

great value and gas mileage over 150,000 miles. comfortable to drive. carries canoe and kayak. only major issue was a timing belt replacement.

- George R

It needs some work done on the suspension.

It is big enough to haul things. Small enough to maneuver easily. And really smooth ride, and plenty of legroom in the front and rear seating.

- Becky O

The important thing others should know about my car is that, it is durable!.

I like the spacious seating.. I like the great gas mileage.. I like all the cargo room... I dislike the compartment between the front seats..

- Clare J

Great gas mileage and lots of room for a family of 4.

I love my car it has a lot of room for me and my family. It's great on gas mileage. And the heated seats help me out when my back is hurting.

- Sue F

My Chevrolet Equinox rocks my socks off

I really love my vehicle, the only thing I'm dissatisfied with is there are no air vents in the back so it takes longer to cool down the back

- Shannon C

It is a very low mileage automobile. I has a V8 engine.

I love the comfort. I like that it has four wheel drive. I enjoy the option of satellite radio. I have had no complaints about this vehicle.

- Paul F

I love that there's a lot of space for when we travel out of town.

I like that it is not bulky. I like that it is gas friendly. I like that it does not have much blind spot. I like the interior and exterior.

- Ging O

I like the traction control

My SUV has a nice ride. It has a lot of extra stuff, it's an LT model. I have had problems with the oil disappearing, and some sensor issues

- Jean M

It is poorly made. Something is always broken. don't buy one.

tHIS CAR IS A PLEASURE TO DRIVE. However it is always breaking. Major parts like the transmission. It has cost me thousands over the years.


My car is very fun to drive and handles well. It is a great car.

My vehicle is very reliable. It drives very well and is low maintenance. It is very roomy on the inside. I have no issues with my vehicle.

- Donnie G

Lots of room and space for whatever you need to do.


- Debra M

Reliability, Handling and Comfort are all fantastic features of the Equinox.

Perfect size, rides great, love the options. Like it so much we bought two and recommended it to others. (My mother had one) Great car.

- Eric M

Loving my reliable equinox

I love it, it's comfortable reliable which is really important to me. I love that if there's a issue with the car tells me on the screen

- Steph L

it's very spacious for its size

i love my car. i wish it was slightly better on gas, but i still love it. great features, very spacious, easy to control. i love my car.

- angela m

It is safe and dependable.

I love its size for a family vehicle. It feels safe when driving. It drives easily on the snow. There's really not anything I dislike.

- Ashley R

Silver smooth riding vehicle.

My car is sufficient for my family and I. Big enough when we take trips. Comfortable. I would never drive anything but an SUV again.

- Alyssa G

My car is reliable and is economical on gas.

I love my Chevy equinox! It is a comfortable ride, roomy and cute! A very reliable vehicle. I have had no problems with my equinox.

- Cindy S

It is great in the winter, it had plenty of space, and it is comfortable.

I like that it is AWD, it is great in the snow. It is also an SUV, so I feel safe in it. Only thing I hate is having car payments.

- Cara P

Wipers can fail at bad times.

Like look, size, gas mileage, and comfort. Dislike unreliable, lots of issues. Engine is bad, issues with wipers, lots of recalls.

- Jamie A

It is great for a small SUV.

We greatly enjoy this vehicle. We seem to have enough room when we only have 3 children. We would enjoy it more if it was 3 rows.

- Christina F

V4 for a suv is the worst to small to pull

The motor is loud and sounds like a diesel truck and it's a small v4 other than that it's ok I have to change the oil frequently

- Sontia S

It is absolutely amazing on gas!

I love that it drives amazing in the snow, great on gas, love the sunroof. It's the same as a 2011-2017 so I def can't complain!

- morgan s

The amount of space it has.

I like how smooth my vehicle runs. I like the amount of room it has. I wish it was better on gas. I wish it had 3rd row seating.

- Callie C

Its affordable and comfortable for small families.

My car has been reliable and safe for my small family. It has had many recalls but it was only minor issues. It does well on gas

- Daniel A

The car is not reliable. It also bad on gas.

Not roomy enough, the ride is not smooth. I didn't feel safe in that car with my kids and dogs. Would never buy that car again.

- Natalie C

The AWD works great. In MN the snow is always a concern, but the Equinox plows through the snow easily without issues.

I love my Chevy Equinox. It is very spacious inside but yet I can pull into small parking spaces. It fits my family very well!

- Hannah B

The check engine light comes on when the tire valve goes bad.

I enjoy the space and comfort. Vehicle is reliable and great on gas. Vehicle could use a little more trunk and storage space.

- Marvin M

It has over 280,000 miles and is still running great.

The SUV has some room and is good no the gas mileage and really has given me very little trouble. After 280,000 pretty good.

- Cary H

2010 chevy equinox issue after issue

We have had issues from day one with this car.. transmission problems to oil leaking, engine making noise when acceleration.

- Leslie P

It is a mess, very hard to clean the seats.

I like how it looks, the interior is beautiful. I hate all the problems I have had with it. I hate how much it guzzles gas.

- Tiffany A

It had been very dependable thru harsh Minnesota winters!

Very reliable and comfortable to drive. love the leather seats and sunroof too. It looks classy but is very functional

- Gregory B

Make sure the engine has been inspected thoroughly before you purchase one of these models used.

The size is very good, but the engine is very bad. I have had to replace it once and it looks like it is going out again

- Keith B

It's a great midsize suv for a small family. It has good gas mileage.

I like the spacious interior. The outside looks sleek. It needed many repairs but luckily it was during the warranty.

- Nikki C

Very economic with gas, drives very well

Only thing I don't like about it is a light that keeps popping up every now and then it's the "check stabilitrak" light

- Sand H

It has areas where there are blind spots so you can get hit easily.

I like the size. I do not like the blind spots. I dislike that it doesn't have a vent for air-conditioning in the back.

- Kimberly C

Peppy car that works like a minivan with style.

Good dependable car. It gets great gas mileage. Has a peppy engine. Comfortable seats and it is solid so I feel safe.

- denise t

I love SUV's . I love how much room I have.

Everything that has been said to go wrong has went wrong with is car . We have replaced transmission open other things

- Tina M

This is a sleek very nice looking crossover. Perfect for a small family.

Runs beautifully. I have no problems. I do not like the placement of some things on the dash but I love my little SUV.

- Ashton H

Meets all my needs. Can hold a lot of stuff and gas mileage is very good.

Size. Comfort. Dependability. Has XM Radio and heated leather seats and cruise control. Everything I wanted in a car.

- Mary N

i really enjoy the moonroof and the color

it is a nice vehicle with some good upgrades. i enjoy the simplicity of using all of the technological aspects of it.

- Jay Q

The inside is not stained easily and it is a great family car.

I have had to replace the transmission. The gas mileage is great. The sound system is great as well. It a great car.

- Lillian P

It is a reliable vehicle. Gets me from point A to point B.

It needs new muffler and something with the electrical. Nice vehicle, roomy, spacious. Rusting in the undercarriage.

- Sara V

It has good highway gas mileage.

The car is a good vehicle, rear backup camera. Heated seats and a sunroof. It does have quite but mechanical issue.

- Patricia S

Hands free hatch makes loading and unloading easy!

Great car! Lots of storage. Poor turning radius. Good gas mileage. Nice sound system and sunroof. Hands free hatch.

- Maria J

It is very reliable and very roomy.

It is roomy. It is easy on gas. It is the right side for my grandkids. They love riding in it. Good stereo systems.

- Marie M

it is reliable and has low maintenance . it is quite comfortable to ride in.

my car has proven to be a very reliable vehicle with little mechanical problems. It is very roomy and rudes nice.

- jane b

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Good looking & safe pretty reliable I like the size of the vehicle could have more options and better gas mileage.

- Jim T

Its big SUV and bluish color with rear view wipers.

Love how roomy and hate the gas mileage but love the drive and color. Love how many seats and the storage space.

- Tracy A

The Chevy Equinox gets good gas mileage and stills has an abundance of room.

The Chevy Equinox gets good gas mileage while still having lots of legroom and cargo space. Drives quietly too.

- Lisa M

Great value in a modest priced car.

Gas mileage is good and it is roomy for a small SUV. It rides rough around town but handles well on the highway.

- Tina B

Does not fit 3 car seats well.

I have 3 kids so need more room. Also the motors go out in them very quick. I had to buy a new motor in my car.

- Abigail Z

Very gas efficient and perfect for a family of 4.

I love the gas efficiency on highways and how roomy it is inside. I do not like that it tends to be a bit slow.

- Andrea H

It is dependable. I enjoy owning SUVs. I have owned it since 2004.

It has recalled about 3 times. Needed a brand new engine 3 years ago and will only last me about another year.

- Ashley E

DON'T DO IT!!!! Buy Korean or Japanese!!

every major system of the vehicle has had a problem: powertrain, heating, electronic, tires, upholstery, etc.

- Andrius B

Very roomy. Very reliable. Fun to drive.

No problems. It is roomy, rides smooth. Drove 12 hours one way and it was s smooth, comfy ride. Love my car.

- Tracy R

Tons of space and room for a family car

No problems. Very reliable and comfortable. Drives well and smooth. Has lots of space for a family. Love it.

- Teya J

The most important thing is that it is really affordable.

I like it because it drives smooth.I like it because it is higher than a car.Also it gets good gas mileage.

- Vanessa B

Transmission problems more than once.

Transmission problems is why I do not like. Love the size and space. Can haul things and use as family car.

- Diane Burke B

It has the capability to tow 2,000 pounds.

I like it because it is paid for. I do not like it because we have had a lot of mechanical trouble with it.

- Samantha C

It is not worth the purchase.

Always breaking down, something's always wrong. It has become a waste of money and a danger to passengers.

- Irene P

Equinox, it's grey, big, it has so much more room than any other car I've had.

It's a very nice car I use it to haul many different things. It has so much room for everything I love it

- Carmen N

Large space but good gas mileage.

Good on gas. I can see better, sits up high. Very clean and well kept. Very comfortable for longer trips.

- Linda C

It's very dependable and roomy. I love it and everything about it.

I have had my Chevy equinox for about a month. I love it. It gets good gas mileage and it's very roomy.

- Kelly M

The backup camera is the best part of the whole entire car.

Other then it not having air conditioning in the back, it is super awesome and really great to ride in.

- Amanda W

The electronics can fail at -40 degrees or act like they have failed

It gets me from point A to point B. However when something goes wrong with it it cost a lot to fix it.

- Deane M

Great gas mileage and comfortable seating for up to 5 people.

I dislike that it's only a 4 cylinder, but I do like that it's comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

- Ginny M

Don't buy because there are more product recalls than any other car and it's hard to park.

The audio in the car is good. The mileage is all right. The only problem it is huge and hard to park.

- Clayton F

Great gas mileage and great room. Sporty but practical

Love it. Perfect size. Great gas mileage.. Great price & warranty. Love the color. No complaints

- Janet H

It is very spacious and allows me to accommodate five passengers comfortably and a significant amount of cargo.

I have no complaints about my Equinox. I especially like the rear view camera and the spaciousness.

- Millie C

Needs a Longer Warranty...... Needs to lower price.

once the warranty runs out the car is a lemon Air Conditioner is broke, needs a catalytic converter

- Tracey H

Like the appearance and very roomy

The engine when they go only take 2010. You can hardly find them anywhere. took me 6 months to fine

- Sandy R

That it is All wheel drive.

Like the all wheel drive, that it's a crossover suv. Dislike how the seats sit and the headrests.

- May D

it sucks. what else can I say. save your money. cheap piece of crap

Suck, sucks sucks - put so much money into this piece of crap. would never ever buy a chevy again

- Rick B

I think somebody should call that the gas mileage is bad

I dislike the gas mileage and lack of options. I do like the size and way it looks also the ride

- Jim H

It seems to eat oil. Otherwise it is a nice comfortable vehicle.

It has great gas mileage. It seems to eat oil. It runs smoothly and is comfortable on long trips.

- Victor H

You will never be sorry for buying it.

It is a great roomy ride. It did have some recall work but they fixed everything up just great.

- Lisa S

AWD handles great in the snow. Excellent gas mileage for the size of the vehicle. Body of the vehicle prone to rusting even with rust prevention measures.

It is a great car for the price and size. Interior is much larger than it looks from the outside

- Jasmine A

It's a good looking Chevrolet that seats 5 and has cruise control.

The car is comfortable. Gas mileage is not the best. I like how it looks that's why I have two.

- Gary M

It rusts easily. The transmission is built bad. They charge too much to repair.

I feel it is made cheaply. I have had nothing but problems,s. I would not recommend it.

- Stacy L

Comfortable and very reliable

Great car, good gas mileage, comfortable but very limited turning radius. Hard parking

- maria B

THERE IS LOTS OF ROOM . you don't feel like you are on top of each other when traveling



It was made to be driven easily. Very steady steering

I like the size of the car. The compact truck. The ability to fit a lot of people

- Lacey M

It is very economical and it doesn't waste too much gasoline.

I like the AC works. I like that it is economical. I like that it's spacious.

- Lorena S

I find it very safe, I feel safe driving my son and my whole family in it.

I love the seat memory. I also like the rear view camera. The mileage is good.

- Darian C

Could get a backup camera installed. It also come with a tow hitch

One tank of gas gets up to 450 miles. Has get handling and nice easy breaks.

- Jason B

Get the six cylinder, not the four

Love the comfort and drive of the car. However, oil consumption was an issue

- Alicia C

It has everything I need in a vehicle.

It has enough room for my family. I don't like that it shifts gears roughly.

- Holly C

it fits my family of 5. it is great to travel in and go different places

it is stylish. it is great to travel. it is pretty. it runs low on oil alot.

- stephanie r

Great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway

Love the style. It's easy to drive. It gets great gas mileage. It's roomy.

- Sandy F

it is mine and no one else's I drive everywhere across the country

size and then color and then cargo area and then handling and that is all

- mary s

It looks stylish. It has seat warmers to keep.my bum toasty.

It has all the bells.and whistles. It's comfortable roomy and powerful.

- TJ H

can't fit 3 carseats across the back and the seatbelts overlap

like all the perks, dvd player, room, etc. dislike not having 3rd row.

- savan c

It is dependable car. I have never had a major problem with this vehicle

Love the way it looks . It has plenty of space . It is a smooth ride.

- donna h

its comfortable, trouble free, sized right and great

it's awesome, never wanted a Chevy, it's been my second favorite car

- ma a

It is a two wheel drive.Not good in the winter.Lots of blind spots.It gets good gas mileage.

To many blind spots.Not a front wheel drive.Gets good gas mileage.

- Michael G

Great reliability and comfort. I love this car and will continue to by Chevy's for the rest of my life

Great safety features. You don't have to sacrifice look for price

- Jen K

The most important thing others should know about my car is the fact that I had to have the transmission replaced.

I like it. My only complaint is that the seat belt is too tight.

- suzi B

I love the leather interior. I love that when you ride in it you sit up higher than when riding in a car. I wish it had more trunk/back hauling space. I wish it had more passenger leg room & USB connectors.

It is safe & handles well on the road. It is a comfortable ride.

- Kris S

It's good on gas. It's economical and it' easy to maintain.

I love it. I have no complaints. It's the right kind of car for.

- cheryl m

It's roomy, rides smoothly and is great for transporting things. Only seats 5 comfortably. Like the white color.

You can slide into your seat without having to bend or jump up.

- Olga D

It's a efficient car that does what you need.

I love that it is reliable and efficient, It's comfy and roomy.

- tammy R

It is spacious and fuel efficient.

I like the overall size, the features, and the internal space.

- L W