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Handles like a midsize car even though it looks like a sports utility vehicle (SUV).

I am only a passenger - I like that I can raise or lower my seat. The lighted vanity mirror is really handy. I love the blindspot assist in the mirror and the back up camera. Having OnStar is a great crutch, especially since we are older driver & passenger. I dislike the lack of a "sunshade" for the all important touch screen. Our previous Equinox (2010) had everything just right for us. We traded it in order to get the more advanced safety features. This new one has the cargo door release on the driver's door so the passenger can't assist the person trying to open it. The second row seat is stationary. When our grandchildren rode with us I could barely reach them from the front seat. The rearview mirror is a manual day/night switch. There is no longer a navigation program - you must have a smartphone in order to transfer your driving map or contact OnStar and ask for their navigation to be sent to your car. There are enough issues that we decided within the first 60 days we would trade it much sooner than any of our other vehicles. It is very reliable and our local dealership is great.

- Elizabeth P

2018 emerald Equinox feat. -4g Wi-Fi & OnStar. + USB. All in all-a great vehicle.

The 2018 Equinox drives perfectly in all weather. The seating in very comfortable in the front 2 seats, that can be heated and the 3 seat in back has a middle section that pulls down to a cup holder for 2 and table. The trunk area is roomy and has hidden compartments for storage. There many USB charging area throughout the vehicle. The sunroof opens up from the front to the beginning of trunk area. The roof opens up in the front only. The vehicle is loaded with 4g Wi-Fi (with activation) OnStar is allowed loaded (with activation) both came with a 6 mo. Free service when vehicle was bought. This vehicle is a one-of-a-kind color, emerald green. In my state only 2 were shipped here in 8/2017. Vehicle also has an auto engine stop when car in idling. Very safe, reliable, comfortable, useful SUV I have ever owned.

- Tracy G

2018 Chevy Equinox many safety features.

The only problem I have is that the battery can run down if you do not unplug something in the rear auxiliary socket. I love the push button start and the way you can lock and unlock the doors by pushing a button on the driver side outside door. It also has a great backup camera with a warning if something is coming from either direction. Also on the outside mirrors there is a warning light if there is a car in your blind spot which really helps when trying to pass on interstate highways. I also like that there is no gas cap to take on and off. The radio is great but there is no CD player anymore but you can play music off your phone through the radio. I am getting better gas mileage than on any other Equinox that I have owned. Also the four wheel drive can be engaged at any time.

- Patrick D

Wonderful small SUV. You will not feel like you are driving an uncomfortable boat!

My Equinox is great! I am a small woman just about 5'0 feet. I am able to adjust my seat so that it is comfortable. The seat length, which is not adjustable is the right length for me. I really do not like being uncomfortable when I drive. It's nice to have some more space but not feel like I am driving a boat. I feel like it handles nicely and picks up speed for entering the expressway really well. I like the touch screen which has a big display. It is very easy to put the back seats down and up for more cargo space. The only issue I have is that I can not get the voice activated call to work. I have tried to call several times about it and cannot get it worked out. Not sure if this is a glitch with the model or just mine in particular.

- Amanda R

The turbo engine of the Equinox.

The 2018 Equinox AWD is for an all around nice vehicle. Comes with different temp settings for drive and passengers, heated seats and the seats are powered. Your able to put more support in your lumbar spine, which is nice for anyone who has lumbar spine issues like myself. The back seat is very spacious if you have children there's plenty of room for them. The trunk area is just perfect for groceries or luggage. The back end is also powered, meaning all you need to do to open and close it, is to push a button, either on the trunk/hatch or there's a very convent button on the drivers side door. Our vehicle has the turbo engine which I find I have issues with the gas pedal being very touchy, it definitely is a turbo.

- Julie F

The over the door handle bars that can assist getting in and out of the vehicle.

New auto. . . No problems. Previous car was a Chrysler Sebring this was a low vehicle that was becoming uncomfortable to get in and out. The equinox is a higher and wider model making it easier and comfortable to enter. Also, the multiple seat adjustments add to the seating and comfort level. The window wipers have multiple levels and the back wiper comes on automatically. A safety feature includes the side-mirrors that have an auto alert letting the driver know that a car is approaching on the 'blind-side'. The equinox has a provides a smooth drive with controls for the music system on the steering wheel. The trunk is a large open space that can be made even larger by folding down the seats in the rear.

- Donna V

Economical, comfortable, keyless remote and start.

I purchased my Chevrolet Equinox in august. Three days after I bought it I took a lengthy road trip. The car was so comfortable on the long drive. Equinox is a turbo diesel and I get 39 miles to the gallon. I love the remote start feature, especially now that the weather is turning colder. I have an automatic lift gate and that is a wonderful feature for me, no effort on my part, just push the button and it is open and push it again and it is closed. The interior feels very roomy. I love the heated seats and lumbar feature. Especially when my back is hurting, the heat and lumbar feel amazing. The backup camera is very helpful. I am completely satisfied with my choice of this vehicle.

- Patricia T

2018 Equinox - dog mom ready!

I just bought this car 2 months ago after my Chevy Cruze died. I have built a trust with Chevrolet cars and new I wanted to continue my relationship with the dealership. My 2018 Equinox is spacious in the backseat when visitors come into town and the hands free calling system is my favorite feature. The contrast gray/black interior is slick and makes the car feel current with the latest car trends. The added feature of roadside assistance is a plus that makes me feel comfortable at all times! I would recommend this car to just about anyone looking to purchase an SUV!

- Shannon F

Great family car for a family of four.

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is a great vehicle for our family of four. We live in an area that has all kinds of weather. It goes great in the snow and the heated seats are definitely a plus. There is plenty of legroom in the back seat as our children are older and fit comfortably. We used this vehicle for our family vacation and the only complaint I have is there wasn't much room for luggage. We had owned a 2015 Equinox and it had more room in the rear compartment for luggage for 4 people. Overall I would say the 2018 Chevrolet Equinox is a great family car.

- Michelle H

My 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, the fuel miser.

2018 Chevrolet Equinox. The vehicle has a tight and sporty, controllable, yet comfortable ride. It is very stable on the highway even in heavy crosswinds. There is lots of room for both passengers and cargo if/when necessary. When the back seats are folded down it is equivalent to a small pickup truck in capacity. The fuel mileage is exceptional. Overall we get 32 mpg as the estimates state and around town, which for us does consist of a 50/50 mix of highway and city driving, we get over 28 mpg. I would lease it again without question.

- Curtis S

The 2018 Chevy Equinox makes is the must have car of this year!

I love my 2018 Equinox. The new design is very sleek and classy and there is so many colors to choose from. The apple carplay is great and is a very safe feature because if you get a text message, it reads it out loud to you. I have had my Equinox for almost a year now and have had zero problems with it. This car is reliable and I know when I have somewhere to go I will not have any problems with my car, unlike my last car. The interior is comfortable as well. The 2018 Equinox is overall a solid, reliable and great car.

- Katie R

Android auto does not work.

I was very excited about the interface that connects my phone to the screed (android auto for me) but I have had so many problems with it connecting. Sometimes the screen and radio just does not turn on until about half an hour into my drive. When I bring it to the dealer, I was just told that they could not replicate customer complaint. Very frustrating because one of the selling points that the salesperson had was that it "just works". He said he used to be the head of mechanics and he never had anyone with problems.

- Jessica S

Equinox: comfort and ease.

I love the heated seats in the winter! Living in Michigan it truly makes a difference. The backup camera also is an amazing feature. It does not necessarily replace actually looking out your windows; however, in busy parking lots, it helps to see if someone is behind you. The comfort and ease of the seats is a giant selling feature for me. The Equinox is the perfect size: not too large so there's too much car, but also not too small where you cannot put all of your things or people in it. Honestly a great buy!

- Grace G

It has a 360 camera! The 360 camera helps you seeing your surroundings.

I love my vehicle. It has been very reliable I haven't had any issues yet. It is very comfortable. It has a lot of nice features I feel like I still find new great features every once in awhile as I keep using it. I love the heated and cooling seats. The temperature can be sync or controlled individually. There are heated seats in the back seat as well. The back seat folds down easily to increase trunk space. My favorite feature though is the 360 camera. It helps seeing your surroundings and helps park!

- Lauren F

2018 Chevrolet Equinox is a great purchase.

Really love this vehicle. Great gas mileage, very reliable, comfortable and loaded with extras. Automatic shut-off when you stop is a little unnerving at times and takes some getting used to. Love the elongated sunroof which can be opened for air or just opened for sun. Like how it tells you instant gas mileage and keeps up with your oil usage so you know when you need service. Great internet service so you can keep up with diagnostics on the vehicle. Love how it has internet available for purchase.

- Denise F

It has every detail that I wanted.

This car has nice exterior. It feels quite sturdy. I feel safe in it. The interior is all leather. With nice trim. The features such as heated and cooled seats is a great feature. Heated steering wheel is very nice. All of the features that belong to the radio are available on the steering wheel as well as on the radio. It has every bit of information that you could possibly want readily available. It features seats that contour to your body and are very comfortable. I am very satisfied with my car!

- Patricia M

I travel a lot and often alone. The CarPlay system is wonderful. The navigation and sound is a big help in keeping me on track and allows me to listen to my books on tape.

I love my Equinox. I have growing grandchildren and I needed more room in the back seats for their comfort. I also quilt and love to go to retreats. This means I'm bringing two sewing machines, equipment, fabrics and projects. I also have a folding sewing machine table and often a chair as well. The back seats fold down so easily and the area doubles with them down. Loading in things from the back door is a straight shot. The vehicle is so quiet as it idles and so comfortable to drive.

- Chris G

Fun to drive but not a lot a space. Trunk is roomy.

Love that it sits higher than a car, seats are comfortable, plenty of storage and has turbo for.. The 4 cylinder engine and has onstar, satellite radio and screen that links with phone to quickly access phone, messages and any other programs on my phone that are linked thru Bluetooth:).. I do not like that I do not have sunroof and that the driver and passenger windows are not tinted like the other windows... My only complaint would be that the car does not come with a CD player..

- Susan M

We love our vehicle. Glad we got it. Probably we get another one.

We love the size and comfort when we travel. We have enough room for us and any thing we have to take. We like the way it looks , t shape and color. We paid extra for just the right color. . We always get good gas mileage around home and when we travel. We travel out of state at least twice a year. We do like leasing a vehicle. We like having the features of power locks and remote start. Also power seats. My favorite things. We know it is reliable. This is our second Equinox.

- Alice N

Equinox improvements from 2016 model and recommendation for improvement.

In the Chevrolet Equinox, I like being higher up to see over cars in front of me on the highway. We have rear heating/cooling vents in the passenger seat on the 2018 IT model which is an improvement over the previous 2016 model and we have front seat heaters for cold weather. The one area for cooling that could be improved are the vents in the front seat. It is hard to get them in a direction which will truly cool the driver and passenger. They seem to point to roof too much.

- Dorothy W

This car is fantastic when it come to gas mileage.

I have only had this car for 5 months. At this point I really like the car. Not only is it a very comfortable car but it rides nice as well. This car is great on gas mileage too. I have yet to see how it handles in the Pennsylvania winters but I have no doubt that the AWD will work great to. This is the first car that I have owned that has the Bluetooth capabilities and I am enjoying that as well. It is also equipped with the back up camera.

- Sheryl F

Chevrolet Equinox-a nice family vehicle

I have a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox which has been reliable so far. The vehicle drives smooth and is comfortable. Being that it is a 2018 there has not been any problems as of yet. I enjoy the fact that the car has a navigation system since I have no sense of direction. The radio system is the only thing I have had issues with. Sometimes it does not recognize my phone and it takes me literally turning off the car and then turning it back on.

- Christine T

It has great gas mileage so it's eco friendly and is a perfect vehicle for a family of 4.

I love the sleek style and spacious trunk. I also love the my Chevy app that allows me to connect to my vehicle from anywhere and lock or start it. I would love for vehicles to have a little pouch or cubby for a small garbage bag. I have one hanging from the glove box and it takes up a lot of the passenger foot space. One complaint I do have is the trunk is deep but it's not very wide so my daughter's umbrella stroller is a tight fit.

- Taylor B

Very spacious and smooth running.

I own a Chevy Equinox 2018, and it is a really good car but sometimes it does have some issues with the engine but after I got it fixed it was great. It is very spacious and comfortable to sit in. It has an aux, but no Bluetooth to connect to a phone for music which I do not like. Performance is great. It runs very smoothly and is very reliable. The Equinox has 5 seats in it with cloth interior and a very spacious trunk.

- Maddie D

We have an extreme amount of snow and I have never had an issue driving.

Love my Equinox - it is our third and I would buy a fourth. We live in upstate NY where the weather makes driving a nightmare and this car is great in the snow. It is comfortable, not too big and not too small. A great family car and a great retirement car. It is easy to get in and out of as well as easy to drive. I love having the back hatch for luggage and groceries. It is roomy and even the back seat is comfortable.

- Judith G

Love my Chevy SUV! Perfect for the price!

This car is by far one of my favorite cars I have had and I have had a lot of new cars. Rides great very comfortable and is very efficient love the keyless auto start it does not have a sunroof but. I do not miss that. It even has an app to start your car from inside work I use that in the cold weather a lot it can also unlock / lock the car with the app and my Apple watch. For the price this car is perfect!

- Vera T

Equinox: gadgets for everyone.

Overall, my car is fun and dependable. The design and interior are what caught my eye. There are several features in my model that I enjoy including android auto, Wifi and onstar capabilities. Keyless start is a nice feature as well. The cooling fan failed in the first 2 months of purchase but was quickly corrected by the dealership. This seems to have been an issue in the Equinox in the past models as well.

- Alexis C

The front wheel as well as the all wheel drive.

I have had the vehicle for 2 months. So far we have not had any problems a all. It has cloth seat, the front seats are heated. The a. C. And heat have climate controls for the driver and front passenger. We have satellite radio, on star, and internet services well as a backup camera. It comes with front wheel as well as all wheel drive. A 1. 5 turbo charged engine. There is also an automatic hatch lift.

- James B

The most important feature others should know about is the ease of the overall operation of the vehicle

I have had my Equinox for 6 months now and am very pleased with it. The ride is very comfortable with a homey feel. Love the back-up camera but you do have to get used to the sight of the side distancing with the actual,and it get grainy if the camera is dirty. I have had no problems with the performance except when the engine stops to save gas at red lights or stop and go traffic, built in feature.

- Irene C

Equinox one of the right choices.

The only thing I would have to say is that the air and heat us not controllable on either side. It has one control for the whole thing and it would be nice to control it from either side. There is perfect alignment when it comes to steering the vehicle and letting go of the wheel for a moment. It has no pulling to either side. The Equinox is one of the smoothest driving vehicles I have ever driven.

- Christina S

This vehicle is a 2018 Chevy Equinox.

I really love the space and comfort that the Chevy Equinox provides. This car is extremely reliable and gets me from a-z safely. I really love that this car has the lane change notifications so that it can help me ensure a safe drive. My only complaint about this car is that the defroster in the vehicle is very slow. It often takes as long as my commute for the defrost to actually begin working.

- Katy J

Chevy equinox. Easy on gas. Handy on safety.

My equinox is the basic edition, but it still comes equipped with several features I like. I can link my phone to it and accept calls and use my "google" commands while safely driving. The vehicle is very easy on gas which makes it cost efficient. The only issue I have with it is the size and performing on certain roads. It is hard to drive uphill on a gravel driveway without spinning off.

- Tiffany A

2018 Chevy Equinox is a great affordable family option.

Very reliable. Quiet ride. High quality on a modest budget. Heated seats and side mirrors. Love the Chevy my link accessory for use with my iPhone. Ability to open rear hatch with key fob is major convenience. Large screen for back-up camera. Do wish the my Chevy app would offer the free package again that would allow me to use my phone as a key fob no matter how far I am from my vehicle.

- Melissa H

My 2018 Chevrolet Equinox best value for the money in a compact SUV.

Very nice car. Smooth ride nice fit and finish good technology. Good engine power goes uphill effortlessly. Seating is are comfortable and well made. I like the Bluetooth system in it and also the way it connects easily. The android auto feature is nice and makes it convenient when using google maps or waze. All things considered it is a very nice car for the money and a good value.

- John H

Equinox review from a student.

My car is very reliable and has great gas mileage, my one concern would be that I believe it should be a v6 instead of a v4 just because of the acceleration. I love the space that the Equinox provides as well as the storage the car has. I enjoy the size of the car it is perfect for my everyday needs as a student and believe it will be a good transition car into my future post grad.

- Emily W

Chevrolet equinox...A pleasure to drive!

I love the equinox and how it performs. All my friends are impressed by the looks and all the features it has. One friend in particular went out and bought one after seeing mine. My husband and I travel to visit the grands. The comfort of my equinox is great and allows plenty of foot room and adjustable seats. The seat warmer is a plus and even comes in handy when trips are long.

- Rhonda B

Perfect vehicle for a family!

I think it is a great family car. Very comfortable front seats and easily fits 2 car seats in the back, with a spacious trunk. Both front seats are heated. I love the Bluetooth feature that allows me to make and receive phone calls without taking my hands off the steering wheel. The large display screen is also very nice. I like the side detection services on the side mirrors.

- Casey G

Heated seats are the best feature.

It drives nicely. I love the heated seats and there is plenty of space for people in the back seat. The gas mileage is okay, and find myself filling up more often. The start stop technology can be a pain to navigate at first but once you get used to it, it is not bad. The remote start is helpful and it always reminds me to look in the back seat after turning off the car.

- Andrea G

It has lots of safety features like the all surround camera, backup camera, lane departure, etc.

I like the exterior style, color, and size. I like sitting up a bit higher off the ground so we can see better. I like the interior design, and the tech and safety features, etc. My husband wishes we got the bigger engine but it runs good once up to speed. Only complaint is there is a booming noise from above at higher speeds when the wind is blowing at times.

- Virginia T

The vehicle’s safety is on par!

I am in love with my equinox! It is spacious, stylish, and safe! Extra bonus is the awesome gas mileage and cool features that connect to my phone, such as GPS, hands free calling and texting, and playing music from music apps like Pandora! If you are looking for a reliable vehicle to drive all year round, rain, snow, or sunshine, this car has got you covered!

- Allison B

Highlights are heated and air conditioned seats and the 360 camera is very nice.

Incredible gas mileage, heated seats and steering as well as auto start. Smooth ride and 360 camera is amazing. Very comfortable and lots of legroom and storage. The sun roof extends to back seat. Has tire pressure sensors and also on road collision sensors as well. Sound system is great and large back up screen shows both back up cam and 360 cam for safety.

- Susie D

Comfortable and easy-going.

It is a smooth drive, has a backup camera, looks nice. The only issue I have with it is that it sometimes stutters when I stop and does not accelerate very quickly. I love the seats and interior design, though. And it has great gas mileage. It is also got apple carplay which is very convenient for me since I do a lot of commuting with school and work.

- Courtney P

2018 Chevy Equinox = awesomeness.

I love how comfortable and spacious my Equinox is. I have only had it for a couple months so I haven't seen any issues. I love that it has a backup camera and other safety tools. It has a beautiful panoramic sunroof that my family loves!! It gives the car more light on our dark dreary days! My best mile per gallons is 34. 9! Which is great for an SUV.

- Brenda H

2018 Equinox good but room for improvement

I wish WAZE was a part of the navigation. Apple carplay is good but room for improvements. I wish the screen flipped up like the screen did in my 2015 Malibu. I would have liked my rear view mirror to auto dim. I don't like that I can't turn off the idle stop thing. There needs to be more USB/charger spots in the back seats for the kids!!

- Kera P

Equinox made me switch from foreign cars.

I like the safety features such as backup camera, side view mirror warnings. It is also roomy. Would like a larger cargo area but what is available is sufficient. I would also like it if the audio system was easier to figure out. Right now you need a young adult to show you how. My one concern is security with all the Wi-Fi connectivity.

- Helen G

Love this ride for all the modern technology it has to offer.

I have no problem with my vehicle, it has been very reliable. I am getting great gas mileage and it is a very comfortable ride. The auto stop feature really helps improve the miles per gallon. There is plenty of legroom even in the back seat. The heated seats are a great comfort on cold days while waiting for the vehicle to warm up.

- Nancy S

The 2018 amazing Chevrolet Equinox.

The Chevy Equinox has great gas mileage. The Chevy Equinox is stylist. It has a lot of legroom in the back seat. It has heated seats. It also has remote start. This is great to start to get it warm on winter days or cool on summer days. You also have the availability to leave car running while the car is locked. It is a great car.

- A S

It is a great family vehicle that is good on gas and has a roomy backseat!

Going from a small Ford Focus to an SUV, I worried about how I would adapt to the size. I had no problems - it is so easy to navigate. The backseat legroom is amazing and I love that the 2018 has heating/cooling vents in the backseat. I have had a few problems with the apple carplay connectivity which I wish Chevy would work on.

- Holly A

It's a crossover suv and it's fun to drive and safer in the winter weather.

I like that our new Equinox is AWD. We live in an area that can get a lot of snow in winter. I like the sleek design of the car it rides well and makes me feel good drivin* it. I like the electronics in the car though I also feel they could be the first thing to go wrong. I like the back cargo area it holds a lot when we travel.

- Roberta V

Security. I feel so safe driving it in all Western New York weather conditions

This is my first ever new vehicle, so I love how up to date it is with all the features, like remote start, Apple CarPlay, backup camera. Also, having a child, I love how secure it makes me feel. I feel safe driving it. The only thing I would add is a CD player because I do still have a lot of cds that I only used when driving.

- Meghan K

In its class, it is one of the best and leads in several categories. Beautiful exterior and decent interior. Came with top of the line tires.

This is my 3rd equinox. It is better than the others. Faster, more powerful, more intuitive, better value. But gets less gas milage and the appointments inside are still not even middle of the road. I had to pay for someone to install leather seats. This is a change. The cargo is slightly smaller but adequate for my use.

- John R

Loving my Equinox. Great economically SUV.

I love my Equinox. It has great performance on the road. It has great features like Bluetooth, onstar, rear seat reminder, satellite radio and touchscreen audio system. It gets great mileage. It also has an app download to keep with your monthly diagnostic of your vehicle right at your fingertips. It is an all round great SUV.

- Rhonda F

Love my Equinox, best purchase I have ever made.

I love my Equinox, its roomy and comfortable. It's a smooth ride and you can't hear outside noise. It has Bluetooth for hands free phone calls and listening to music. There is the opti9n of OnStar as well. The sunroof is a great addition as well. This is my 5th Equinox and I plan to stay with the Equinox for future purchases.

- Michelle A

Big comfort in a smaller SUV.

It is perfect for us when we go visit family in another state; comfortable, quiet ride, plenty of room for suitcases, gifts, etc. I hadn't driven an SUV in several years and thought i'd feel awkward at first but I felt right at home. I would recommend Equinox to anyone looking for a new SUV, without wanting something huge.

- Lois N

Spectacular- smooth ride and classy features.

Love my car. Have driven an Equinox for the last 5 years. Reliable the only thing I have ever had to do wash an oil change. I have never had any issues. Love the dashboard. Plenty of room. Easy ride comfortable ride and does not feel like you are sitting in a car. I would recommend this car to anyone with a small family.

- Meagan B

Safety Features Galore and Reliability on the Road

My car is extremely comfortable and I feel like it is a relatively reliable vehicle. Sometimes the car takes a second or two to 'go' when I hit the gas pedal. It has safety features including a back-up camera, and lights that flash when there is a vehicle to either side of you. Overall, I am very pleased with my vehicle.

- Nikki O

Not what I thought on second go around.

It cut off and was in shop for weeks. I was not happy. I do not like that feel of this car during the break down. This is my second equinox I kept the other one for over 15 years. I also didn't like the service I received from the dealership I got my car. Learning so much about a dealership has been very eye opening.

- Nis B

2018 Chevy Equinox review.

The 2018 Equinox is very great all around. Heated seats, remote start, push button start, great gas mileage, sound system. The 1. 5l is turbo charged with cloth interior, lift gate with motion of your foot, keyless entry, OnStar, Wi-Fi. I am very pleased with my Equinox, its back seats fold and you have under storage.

- Kristina R

A very great car for the price.

2018 Chevy Equinox is a really and realizable smooth cars. It is features alone gives the car justice. This vehicle is perfect if your single, or even have a family. The vehicle very spacious and it is also great on gas. I plan on having this car for awhile. I bought it new. I cannot stop stressing this car features.

- Ashley B

Great balance of big and small!

It is a great size that is small enough for good gas mileage and maneuverability while still allowing me to haul basic things. The a/c controls (back/front and left/right) including ventilated seats are great! Having built in car play and all of those features make it hard to drive cars with less features anymore!

- Will J

Noticeable size difference.

I really love this model. The only drawback is there is no CD player. There was a recall that I had to take the vehicle in for the brakes. Before I purchased the car, I looked at a lot of reviews. There were quite a few comments on how much smaller this model is compared to previous years. It is very noticeable.

- Kim M

One of my favorite features in this car is the blinking light on the side mirrors.

I absolutely love this car. It is such a smooth drive and has so many added features at a great price. It is extremely comfortable, with heated seats as a bonus. My car has a sunroof which goes into the back seat. I absolutely love it. I have a 4 cyl with turbo engine and it is perfect for traveling around town.

- Jennifer R

Smooth ride with a roof top view.

The vehicle rides and drives nice. I love the color that I chose; it has a full sun roof which I enjoy on nice cool days. It has heated seats for cold days ( plus heated steering wheel) and for the hot days, there is an option for cooled seats. Touch screen on console, makes it easy when scrolling for music.

- Tamara D

It's a powerful, safe and comfortable mode of transportation.

I have had my equinox for nearly 4 months. As the main driver I love the comfort of the seats, the numerous adjustments available, the heated seats. The power of the turbo motor when the extra oomph is needed. The reliability factor. Love the keyless entry. As a passenger on long road trips, it is relaxing.

- Roxanne L

Style, power, safe and amazing Equinox.

Love the style, performance of the Equinox. 4 cylinder has great power. Awesome safety features. Comfortable and quiet ride. The Equinox allows for rear fold down seating for storage. The hands free phone is awesome!! Blind spot indicator is a must! Easily to understand. Phone easily converts screen to GPS.

- Laurie L

Equinox comfortable, tons of room, great for families.

It is extremely comfortably. A ton of leg room, the seats can go down with a push of a button. I have a big convertible car seat in the back and there’s still room for two more plus a ton of trunk space! I am so glad I switched over to this car. It is high enough off the ground that I can just slide in.

- Amber R

Excellent vehicle inside and out.

I have owned this vehicle since Jan 2018 and not one problem has come up. It is extremely reliability, has all the features I need. Heated seats are the best and has plenty of room and comfort. I can haul a lot of things when the seats are down and have room for adults to be comfortable in the back seat.

- Janet M

Surprised I like it so much.

The equinox gets great gas mileage. I was skeptical at first going back into an SUV only because I thought the gas mileage would be bad. It is not, I average 30 miles per gallon. The only issue I find is at times the get up and go is not there and if I give it too much gas the tires spin on the pavement.

- Deborah D

Happy with my choice of car.

It is roomy, has great visibility because the driver sits up higher, and is economical to drive. Gas mileage is 28 mpg in town and 35 mpg on the road. It is also pretty and stylish. It is comfortable to drive on the road with lots of legroom. We are tall people. The second seat has good legroom as well.

- Laura G

If you lose your keys it cost $350 to replace them that's too much money.

The keyless entry is my biggest concern. You always leave your keys in the car with this feature. It is ok as long as you have OnStar to open it for you but what happens when you don't have the service. It has a lot of great features if you can figure them all out. But as far as performance its great.

- Diana G

The window roll down when you press the unlock button on keypad for 3 seconds.

I have always wanted an Equinox since the day I got my license. I had plans on trading in my Cruze in April to get the Equinox but god had other plans. My Cruze keep giving me trouble so I decided to trade it in early. I was approve one of the best days ever. I am loving every second with my Equinox.

- Amber A

2018 Chevrolet Equinox smooth quiet ride you will be pleased.

I love my 2018 Chevrolet Equinox it has plenty of legroom inside and super great gas mileage on highway gets 34 miles per gallon and if your looking for a SUV this is the one to purchase you will be satisfied for sure it is well worth its money smooth quiet ride. I am very pleased with my purchase.

- Sharon W

Chevy Equinox--a very reliable car!

I love how my car drives. It has beautiful lines and I love the color. My car has been very reliable. My back feels good even when I go on long drives--not like in other cars. My car has never let me down. The air conditioning is great in the summer and the heated seats are very warm in the winter.

- Beth A

My new car use etI want in a vehicle.

Love my new car. It is very easy to drive, gets good gas mileage and drives very smoothly. We travel from Tulsa to Dallas quarterly and it is a very comfortable ride with plenty of room for 4 people. All of the features in the vehicle are easy to set up. I get compliments all the time about my car.

- Teresa M

Comfort and reasonable price.

I like everything about the Equinox except the trunk door is not automated so if you are not tall it is hard to reach to close. It has lots of places to store things. Easy to drive, easy to adjust seats. It is easy to adjust the seats to fold them down. It has outlets to plug in computer equipment.

- Cynthia P

It's roomier than a car and provides a comfortable ride for a small family.

It fits out lifestyle - giving us a good amount a room in a small package. I miss having a truck which is better for hauling larger objects, especially home improvement materials. I do like that it fits comfortably in our garage and allows more room to get into my wife's SUV when loading a baby.

- Matt D

A great SUV with plenty of trunk space.

Issues when I plug my phone in the Apple car play is very touchy and often disconnects. The Bluetooth works well though. Car is perfect size not to big not small. The automatic start is great in the winter and in the summer. Seats are very comfortable. And the heated seats are great in the winter.

- Leslie T

I'd say the most important thing would have to be the incredible gas milage it gets.

It is a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, and it seats five passengers. It has great features including an excellent sound system, power steering, and lots of room for passengers as well as cargo. It also rides really nicely, and handles very well. My only regret is that it didn't come with a CD player.

- Brent B

Motor stops when the vehicle comes to a stop.

Get between 29 and 34 mpg. Great pick up, handles easily. Shortly after (approx. 30 days) I noticed the windshield wiper blades were not working properly. Was told they cleaned them. So did I. No improvement. Have to replace out of pocket. Interior very difficult to keep clean. Gas gauge off.

- Diane A

The most important thing about the 2018 Chevy equinox is the turbo engine.

I like the new taillights on the 2018 Chevy equinox, I think they make the SUV more elegant. I also like the option of switching from 2 to 4 wheel drive because of the weather in Minnesota. The one thing I don't like is I wish the seat adjustments would stay set for a longer period of time.

- Tara D

My Great Handling Equinox

It's nice looking It's very roomy It came with a luggage rack It has fold down seats It has a nice silver color The steering is very responsive For better fuel conservation it almost shuts off when you stop but when you use the gas pedal it goes right away without hesitation It's a good car

- Denis M

The all new redesigned 2018 Equinox.

Extremely dependable, never have had any problems that require service. Nice roomy cabin, easy to read and use controls, nice choices for options. Seats are comfortable. Engine is a bit doggie at low speed, but when the turbo charged engine kicks in plenty of snap, great passing ability.

- Ken P

The interior cloth seats, there heated.

Rides nice, roomy, good on gas, and the heated seats. I love the color of the car. The automatic rear hatch. The style of the car. The interior of the car is very nice. I like having the Sirius radio station in my car. My Chevrolet app for the car, it keeps me up to date on the vehicle.

- Vicki L

Gets great gas mileage and drives well.

The vehicle is great for driving and drives very smoothly. It also is able to hold quite a bit of stuff with the seats folding down almost completely flat. There is also a section in the back that flips up making a little cubby in the back where you can put grocery bags to not tip over.

- Jenna J

My 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

I have had my Equinox for about four months now. It has gotten great gas mileage on the freeway during the couple of big trips that we have had. It is spacious enough for my teenage and youngster in a car seat. I personally love the small touch of having an umbrella holder in the door.

- Steph M

Reliable car for every age.

The car is great! It is very stylish and comfortable. So far it has had great gas mileage and awesome features inside the car. The only downfall is that when you come to a stop, sometimes the car will turn off. This is a newer feature that I do not love, but other than that I love it!

- Brooke C

Comfortable SUV vehicle car.

I love because is spacious and not big. The only thing it wastes gas bit other than that is a great car. Drives smooth, soft engine. All you need to do is maintain it. Various colors to pick out of. Family car. Is a comfortable SUV vehicle. Cannot complain much, my first American car.

- Diana D

Equinox has everything and then sum of what you want in a car.

The Equinox is a very nice car. It has many features. It has many safety additions. The lane departure, back-up camera, blind spot cruise control are right on. They are a nice addition. The heated front and back seats and heated steering wheel makes warming up in and winters a breeze.

- Etta R

Chevy Equinox review 2018.

My 2018 car is simple and comfy. Has all basic needs, automatic windows, pressure changing air chair ( only drivers seat). Gas tank fills quickly and last's normal. Automatic transmission. Bluetooth and aux, connect your phone to car play through either. Air conditioning in the back.

- Nicole T

Good gas mileage, very roomy, good transportation.

Vehicle was purchased new, in 2017. At present I am leasing this vehicle. No issues at this time. There are NO performance issues. Vehicle is very trustworthy, and the gas mileage is very good. It was leased, due to two grandsons who are presently living with us. We needed more room.

- George T

Uncomfortable ride and seating.

It is a rough ride nothing like my past SUV. The seats are very uncomfortable in the front and back. It is ok for short rides but anything over 45 minutes they are uncomfortable. It should have more choices. We won't buy or lease another. Loved our traverse should have never switch.

- Carrie S

Small, perfect size SUV for a small family.

The only problem I have had with this vehicle is the seats. The color of the seats is a light gray so it shows all the dirt. I wish we would have gotten leather seats because of the clean up. The size of the vehicle is my favorite because it is the perfect size for my small family.

- Hay-lee C

Equinox vehicle by Chevy.

Great, easy, comfortable drive. Elegantly designed for modern travel. Gas efficiency prevents frequent stops to gas stations resulting in large savings. Very spacious interior providing multiple storage options resulting in the ability to transport a number of items and passengers.

- Fatma L

The Chevy equinox is just ok.

Love the color.. Ivy moss.. 400 lbs. lighter than the terrain for easier turning.... Just not excited about if. Have driven terrains for the past 5 years and while I know it is "like" the same, overall much "cheaper" in materials/construction...And not that much cheaper in price.

- Dana M

Love the car but needs some tweaks.

I wish they made the lt with leather. The seats in back need to fold down fully so there is no gap in between the front and the back seats. Need feature where I can play text message without having to hit the screen. Also the lane change notification needs to beep not just flash.

- Dee L

It's just a great handling and awesome SUV!

This SUV is comfortable, quite, rides smooth, and is very good on gas. This is the second Chevy Equinox that I have owned the first was a 2007. Best SUV for me. It is very stylish as well, not to big or too small just a great size. It handles wonderfully in all sorts of traffic.

- Dina V

Great Fuel Economy with a style all its own! Not your run of the mill SUV!

I like the fuel efficiency of the diesel. The size suits my need well & the safety features are top notch. Dislike-Difficulty in finding Diesel. Unable to use Costco anymore. The color although a beautiful cranberry, is very popular. I sometimes walk up to the wrong car LOL!

- Tamara T

Equinox, 4 cylinder pep and great safety features.

Love everything about the Equinox except does not have CD player which for a 57 year old is disappointing. Downsized from a town and country touring van, and miss that I am not able to haul wood or other larger items anymore. The trade off is a better price and better mileage.

- Laurie L

There are warning indicators in the side mirrors which covers the blind spots.

No complaints with this car. Bought it to replace a 2011 GMC terrain. The car was built to coverall points. The backseat reminder is a plus. It is a 4 cylinder turbocharged engine that carries a lot of power. The access to OnStar and Wi-Fi with vehicle location is a big help.

- Kathie H

Love my SUV because it is roomy enough for my needs, but not too big.

Brand new so haven't had any problems yet. I was disappointed when they no longer made the trailblazer however, the Equinox performs just as good. I am very happy with it. My only complaint is that it is a lot smaller inside and wish the backseat and the trunk cold be bigger.

- Amy B

A large car with amazing bells and whistles.

I have had this car for only a little over a month. It is very comfortable to drive. It has many "bells and whistles". I really like the safety features, the front camera as well as the back camera, and the full moon roof. It is larger than I wanted but am very happy with it.

- Nancy N

2018 Chevrolet Equinox- reliable vehicle.

I love the back-up camera and heated seats. It is annoying that the back-up camera always alerts me when I back out of my garage- it would be nice if it could learn that I pull out of that space daily. I have only been driving it for four months, but so far it performs well.

- Madison G

2018 Chevrolet Equinox. Car gets excellent gas mileage. Rear is roomy.

Backup camera and sound system have a short that maintenance cannot find. Car has good pickup from stop and when changing lanes. Side mirror safety system does not always sense vehicle in next lane. Seat is comfortable but car could more legroom. Car has serious blind spot.

- Ruth T

Great, comfortable vehicle.

No problems to report at this time. Any issues are taken care of by dealership. Great car, drives very smooth, very comfortable and lots of room. Rear view camera is very helpful and great quality when used. Very convenient set up inside the vehicle for Optimal performance.

- Fatma S

The 2018 Chevrolet Equinox.

Heated seats, automatic gate lift, rear camera, warning lights on outside mirrors, great ride, dual heat, good fuel efficiency, the ride is very smooth and the inside is quite quiet, it has good lumbar support that helps with my back pain, it is a very good looking vehicle.

- Rick N

It is sleek, smooth, and spacious.

I like that it feels safe and drives smoothly. It also has apple carplay, which I like. I wish the apple car play would allow for other map apps to work on the screen (currently only allows apple maps, which I do not like). I like that the seats fold down well when needed.

- Katherine H

Mid-size Chevrolet Equinox SUV

Great gas mileage that averages 33 mpg. Great room in the back for suitcases, golf clubs, etc. Front seat comfort is excellent. Car has an occasional phantom noise that seems to be due to air catching under the carriage and causing the felt lining of tire storage to bang.

- Shari P

My new Chevrolet Equinox and all the features are wonderful.

Just got an Equinox a few weeks ago and there are so many features I love about it. Has great pick up, interior is very nice, love the storage, and all the tech features as well. The model I have has a moon roof that goes the whole length of the top of the car, very nice.

- Barb S

Great economy car and good on gas.

The equinox lacks amenity, no problems so far, it reliable, comfortable, and fun. The cost was ok, the color is great, good highway drive, has a v6 engine which is awesome, it has great protection, good on gas to be an SUV, does not have a lot of space but its a nice car.

- Trina J

Love my Equinox features!

So far no problems, great performance, reliability, comfort and features! Love the room and has great trunk space. I also love the extra storage space in the trunk area. Great on gas mileage for me and I spend less on gas when filling up my tank. My favorite Equinox yet!

- Michele S

Apache red power, apache red power.

Owned just over a year now. No problems whatsoever. 4 cyl. Turbo has a ton of power, especially when you need it. Very comfortable, dependable and stylish. The new apache red color is eye-catching. I will definitely buy the new Equinox when it comes out next September.

- John K

The Equinox is a safe and solid vehicle.

The Equinox is a good, solid, and safe car. It has a smooth quiet drive and roomy interior. Good safety rating and standard safety options. I am very pleased with my Equinox so far. If all continues to go well I will be leasing another one when this lease term is over.

- Mary M

Sleek look, plenty of space.

It is very nice. Rides well with plenty of space in the back to move large items. The inside is very nice. I do miss the boxer bigger crossover SUVs for a few years back. These newer ones seem small and less SUV like. I am glad I decided to check out the Chevy series.

- Jill H

It is stylish and I love driving it. Very easy to navigate and the rear and front camera makes things so easy.

I dislike that it doesn't come with all of the bells and whistles. I like that it has a lot more features than my prior vehicle though. It has a hide a spot in the back near the spare tire that I like a lot as well as rear seat A/C vents and weathertech floorboards.

- Christie G

Car has all we need its beautiful and comfortable.

The perfect size of car, its very spacious car, comfortable very unique, its run perfect has a lot of technology, easy to use, comes with heater in the set. Can star the car even if you are out the car. It has Bluetooth all the equipment inside the car are advance.

- Juan B

Convenience package for the win!

I added the convenience package and as a toddler mom, it is been a real game changer. I previously had an let 2009 Equinox, and while I live it- this one blows it out of the water. Rear vents, back up camera, the thermostat controls and auto lift gate are amazing!

- Carrie N

comfortable, reliable easy to drive.And, my SUV is easy getting in and out.

It is very roomy It is great on handling. Gas mileage is quite good. The ride is very smooth, especially on the highways. Truck space is also very good. Can great several big suitcases in back with carry on as well. I'm glad I bought it. Never had a Chevy product.

- Elliot G

It conserves gas when you have stopped driving. Also has wifi.

The Chevy Equinox is a wonderful car. So far no problems. It has a new system known as start/stop. When at a red light or stopped for a long period of time, the car engine seems to be off but then starts up again. this feature is a way to preserve gas. wonderful.

- alexa c

New car. I purchased this car new.

Its new so I really have not experienced any issues as time goes on and drive the new car more I will come up with things I like or dislike. So far the car runs fine and I like to drive the car. The new car seems to get very good gas mileage and is fun to drive.

- Robert P

No key entry. Auto start. Air conditioning.

Love it the radio screen could be better comfort. Plenty of room electric start nice color. Automatic all wheel drive no key entrance. Button for back door push button emergency brake air conditioner works great everybody loves it no auto change lights at night.

- Dean A

Great vehicle we recommend for anyone.

It is very nice vehicle. High technology safe stable. Much impressed. I bought it at a great price and it is a safe reliable family vehicle that I enjoy very much. There is really truly nothing I do not like about this good vehicle. I recommend the vehicle too.

- Carol G

Watch out for the driver's seat, there are issues!

Having an issue with the automatic drivers seat adjustment. Had the car back four times already, and they cannot seem to figure out what is wrong. When I get out of the car, the drivers seat moves on it is own, and no one a Chevrolet dealers can figure it out!

- Peter M

Great gas mileage for a SUV.

My 2018 equinox is great to drive, comfortable seating with roomy back seat. The one think I am not real happy about is the automatic start/stop system. I am always worried that this is going to hard on the transmission. We get great gas mileage on open road!

- Carol H

Details on my color what I like and don't.

So much bigger than my last car lot of room and the kids fit my husband fits and loves it. Great family car can't wait to add another. Loved the car high off the ground I need a new upgrade one wish it had seat warmers and sunroof. And another third row seat.

- Courtney Z

Safety features are great!

The equinox has a great back up camera along with great side mirror detection. The pull down seats are easy to pull down to make plenty of back cargo room. The color selection of the interior is very showy for cloth seats. The gas mileage is great for an SUV.

- Jean V

Great vehicle - must try!

The new Chevy Equinox has such a smooth drive and enough space to hold 5 people comfortably with a dog in the back! The seats fold down nicely. The car has great gas mileage. I recommend the seat heaters if you live in a climate that is cold during the year.

- Heidi W

That it has to be clean and checking the old tires.

The car is very good when it comes to saving money on gas and reliable in the winter time as it is all wheel drive. The dislike about the vehicle would be that the car seems bulky like a truck and the acceleration on the engine takes time to build up speed.

- Kristen R

Great gas mileage and roomy!

I LOVE my Equinox! It is absolutely amazing on gas mileage, it's roomy, and it looks stylish too! My only complaint with it is it doesn't have adjustable seat belt height anymore. They removed that feature and as someone who is 5'4, it was a needed feature!

- Stephanie J

Engine shuts off automatically when you come to a stop.

I would recommend the car I drive to anyone since it is all-wheel drive and it is a smooth driving car and good on fuel economy and it is not overpriced and can use it to haul cargo and other things since the seats fold down. No problems yet since I got it.

- Dale B

My vehicle is great and reliable with its best feature being the turbo engine.

I love my vehicle, it is comfortable and is efficient. It had a turbo engine which is amazing and rude smooth. The speakers are great with even better bass. It has built in Wi-Fi, an AUX cord, and is Bluetooth compatible. It heats up and cools down quickly.

- Rachel H

I love the great gas mileage. Heated leather seats.

miss my cd player that I had in my old car. I miss having the volume control on my steering wheel. my new car does not have this feature. I like the push button hatchback closure that my new car has. I also like the keyless ignition. No complaints.

- Pat S

Chevy Equinox, the new Jeep .

This car comes with many features, like heated seats and a back up camera. Very roomy and drives great! I went from a mid size sedan to this SUV, and live it! This car is Versatile as it could be used for a nice family ride, or for hauling and off roaring.

- Brittany T

I love my 2018 Chevy Equinox. It is a small but great vehicle.

The only problem I have with my 2018 Chevy Equinox is the seats. We would have gotten leather seats if we could go back. The seats gets really stained up. It is comfortable for a single family. It is not a big vehicle but it is perfect for a 3 to 4 family.

- Hay-lee T

Has all the latest comfort gadgets.

Great gas mileage. Great get up & go for passing. Has Wi-Fi which no other vehicle had. Has great storage in back. Has sunroof, no hands tailgate opening and keyless entry with remote start. Heated seats and steering wheel and air cooling seats for summer.

- Barbara C

Equinox 2018, power and Cruze.

Equinox has pick up power to merge smoothly onto interstate, rides smoothly and quietly. The features in the car are easily accessible, will never have a car without a rear camera again. Fits four adults comfortable on long trips, lots of legroom in back.

- Karen L

It has great features, great handling, and excellent design for the price point.

I love the body style, the safety features, the interior and exterior functionality and design, and fuel economy. However, I do not like the fuel saving auto-off feature (engine shuts down when idle). I also wish there was a little more rear cargo space.

- Lucas L

The engine is quite, sound quality on phone calls is amazing!

Dislike the exterior, doors dent and scratch too easily. Like the turbo boost. Like the screen display. Like the hidden cargo storage space. Dislike difficulty in using the display screen. Dislike the seat style, sometimes! Back seat is very comfortable.

- Julie V

Great SUV! Helps save gas!

The new 2018 Chevy Equinox is great. The new engine is much better than my previous 2013 Chevy Equinox. It also has an auto-stop function when you are sitting for long period of time where your engine will such off so you do not waste gas. It is awesome!

- Tracy S

Equinox styling very classy!

Storage and trunk availability. So easy to use. Radio view and. Other info on dash! Beautiful handling when driving. Easy access to controls on dash. Great radio with good reception. Window view because of vehicle height. Speed control on steering wheel.

- Shirley B

My Chevy Equinox gets great gas mileage and it's fun to drive.

I love that It's a really pretty color ,, kind of a goldy orange, and it has wifi. I love that it gets great gas mileage too. I can't think what I don't like, other than I'm afraid to get it dented and my husband won't let me put dirty stuff in it yet.

- Heather H

Amazing interior features.

Very spacious interior, easily seats 4 grown adults and one large car seat. I purchased this car because of the spacious interior and other interior features. Does fairly well on average mpg for a small to midsize SUV. Easy to drive and enjoyable ride.

- Natalie J

I like the feature to turn off the four wheel drive option.

Although the vehicle came with a 2. 0 turbo, it seems at times a little underpowered. Also I am displeased with the engine stopping (most of the time) when I have to stop for a stop light (gm has this as a fuel savings and pollution control standard).

- Todd J

Functional, technologically advanced, efficient, fun to drive

I love the size of the vehicle and the trunk and passenger space. The technology available in the model I have is aces! I do with, given it is an SUV, that the vehicle profile was a bit higher up. It's a lower vehicle, not that dissimilar from a car.

- Meghan S

Chevy Equinox with top of the line safety and comfort features.

Great comfort and plenty of room in the second row for a toddler. Ample cargo space and really like the hidden compartment in the back. Love the panoramic sunroof. Active safety features like lane departure warning and crash avoidance and tremendous!

- Michelle J

Great all round car. Remote starter & heated seats are a plus.

This is the best SUV. Powerful engine, lots of space to carry items. Comfortable to drive. I haul bags of planting soil & bird seed. I hauled 50 adobe bricks from Arizona without any problems. It sat a little lower, but didn't change the performance.

- Buffi V

The safety rating and features.

I like the blind side alert and rear backup camera. I also like it is wi-fi capable and has apple carplay! Keyless remote start is great. I dislike that the windshield wipers are not automatic. And I also dislike that there is no memory seat feature.

- Becky C

Chevy Equinox: dependable.

The overall vehicle is amazing. It rides nice and has nice features. The only thing is the automatic stop feature. I feel like that should be an option, because there is many times which it would jerk my vehicle when trying to stop. It wasn't smooth.

- Carlie N

It has some really good safety features.

I like the look of the vehicle, specifically the colors and clean lines. I really like the back-up camera, as it is an added safety feature I know feel like I couldn't do without. I also like the storage available under the floor of the trunk space.

- Kass A

Premier princess Equinox.

The Equinox premier had everything u need. I love the color. It has leather interior, GPS, heated seats and steering wheel. The Equinox has a Bose radio, 6 speakers. It gets 34 miles to gallon of gas. It is very sleek and stylish. I love my Equinox.

- Cheryl S

luxury yet comfortable and practical

Smooth ride, great gas mileage. On Screen display which pulls info from my phone for navigation, audible books, and other items. The power saving mode which occasionally shuts off the engine when I am at a stop light, when it restarts startles me.

- Christine G

It is a great vehicle. It is great for any type of family, with one or two children.the trunk is great sized for storage.

I love the backup camera on my vehicle. That is probably one of my favorite things. The automatic start is pretty nice too as well as the heated seats for when it is cold outside. My second favorite thing is the keyless entry. I have no complaints.

- Jamie C

It's eco-friendly and so smooth to drive.

It has great trunk space for vacations with my family of 3. I love the automatic trunk, Bluetooth features, and the MPG tracker. Also, having so many cup holders is great! One thing I dislike is the backup is hard to see out of when it's raining.

- Nathan R

Great on gas. Good in snow.

Great on gas, good pickup when I need it. I have the lt trim, very nice center console display. I have heard that passengers do not like the cab and that they have gotten car sick. I do not experience this and rarely have anyone as a passenger.

- Michael R

I feel very safe in this car. The blind spot indicator in the side mirrors very helpful.

The ride is very comfortable. The Mirage on the open road very good. The best Mirage I cooked was 38.3. The Around town Mirage 17 to 20. The safety features the best. The only thing that could make this car better, is to build it in the USA.

- Roy P

It has push button start that's the only thing I like about my car

Turbo went out on vehicle the first 3 weeks I had it , it was a brand new car never been driven before. Now it sputters all the time like it wants to stall out and not as much room as the old equinoxes, I feel like I'm driving a station wagon

- Heather E

2018 Chevy equinox- comfortable and reliable vehicle.

I haven't had any issues with this vehicle. The seats are extremely comfortable which is helpful with my lower back issues. The engine stops when you are in a prolonged stop, such as a traffic light or heavy traffic, which is very efficient.

- Mary G

The backup camera. Also the rear mirror collision lights are very helpful.

I like my vehicle. It's comfy. I also like the rear mirror collision lights. The only I don't like that the vehicle can stop engine when I just staying in traffic. It's sometimes scary because I had a vehicle that stops without any reason.

- Svetlana K

It has a great combination of comfort, dependability. power, drivability and affordability.

For the price it has a lot of features you would expect on higher price vehicles. It's also the 4th GM SUV I've purchased and all have been incredibly reliable. The all wheel drive is great for the sometimes snowy rural area I live in.

- Dave H

My car is fun and comfortable to drive while also being safe.

I like the safety features of blind spot and cross traffic notifications. I like the storage space. I also like the comfort of the driver's seat and adjustment options. I am still getting used to it as I've only had it for a week.

- Emily N

How safe the car really is.

My Chevy is very comfortable and the sound system is nice. I do not like how light the seats are and how they only gave two options for interior color. The car drives really smoothly. I wish it had a little more room in the backseat.

- Nicole M

It's affordable and easy to drive. It has great features that are tech savvy.

I like that my vehicle has AWD, the back up camera and the side mirror assistance. It was difficult to get used to unlocking without a key fob. I do not like the Silver color that I choose but it's a reliable vehicle nonetheless.

- Jennifer M

It is difficult to see out the back side windows.

I like the turbo engine that gives it good pickup speed. I also like to good gas mileage it gets when we're on the road. I have surround cameras which helps immensely as I have difficulty turning and looking over the back seats.

- Cindy W

That it is beautiful, yet powerful & technologically advanced.

I first fell in love with the emerald green color & style. After I started driving it, I first noticed how the powerful engine performed. I also liked the amazing technology in the vehicle like the navigation & voice commands.

- Nancy C

Very high comfort level and the sound system is great

My car is very nice and has a smooth ride. I do not like the autostop feature. I also do not like how the pickup is very slow; meaning when I go to accelerate, it is slow to go unless I slam on the gas and then the tires squeal.

- Lauren S

It has so many amazing and user friendly features.

I love my vehicle because it has plenty of legroom in the front seats and back seats. I also love the touch screen, heated seats, leather, and keyless entry. I do not like how there are only two small air vents in the backseat.

- Collins A

it has excellent special features especially for safety while driving

I like all the features. We paid for the Premier model to get those features. I also like the color. However I do not like that it seems to dent very easily. I also wish it had more power but that would reduce the gas mileage.

- Rusty L

The increased pep of the engine and the reduced fuel usage at idle is special.

I enjoy the upgraded engine in the 2018 model. The keyless ignition and gas mileage improvement over the prior years model is a plus. On the negative side is the ease at which the doors can be dented. The steel is very soft.

- Earnest H

When purchasing this vehicle I thought it would be more efficient on the road, due to the fact that it does not accelerate one getting on the highway makes me wish I want for something different.

I like the fact that I can load a lot of stuff into my truck. The fact that I can fit more passengers in it then is it in. I also wish that it would accelerate more when I get onto the expressway that is the only downfall.

- Tricia P

That it is well made and a fun car to drive.

I love the design of the new Equinox. I don't like the way the engine shuts off every time the car comes to a stop. I do like the power of the turbo 2 liter engine. I like the new transmission it makes the car run quieter.

- Edward r

Chevrolet equinox- great vehicle- great value.

Great vehicle in every way. Comfort, features, gas mileage, reliability, easy to get into, great safety, smooth ride. Very surprised with the overall quality. A food over the road vehicle. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Michael K

It's economical and easy to drive. Big enough for a few people but not too big as to make it bulky

I have loved Chevy equinoxes for a long time. I love the look and feel of the vehicle. I don't like how touchy the brakes are in the 2018 model and I don't like that it doesn't have remote start like the older models do.

- Courtney M

It has a smaller gas tank.

Buying a 4 cylinder vehicle, I was reluctant due to my last 4cyl car but this equinox has a 2. 0 turbo and makes my car get up and go. I also love having my remote start along with the heated and air conditioned seats.

- Heather B

you can also get satellite radio and I love the heated seats on really cold day also love the camera and the helpful lights on the mirrors

This car is very nice it has a moonroof heated cloth seats 7 inch backup camera driver seat has power options I would of given it 5 stars but they did not have it in the color I wanted and it is not an all wheel drive

- Jennifer B

I like that it is easy to drive/handle.

This is my second Equinox. I liked my first one so much that I got another one when it was time to trade in my eight year old car. It is comfortable, easy to drive, a good size, gets good gas mileage, and looks good.

- Barb D

It's a good dependable car that rides and handles great

Great riding car. Easy to drive gas mileage is just what the manufacturer claims. Seats are comfortable the only flaw is that the sun reflects off the chrome trim around the side windows and can distract the driver

- Richard B

Good value for price paid.

Good value for price. Good size SUV with trunk space. I wish that the doors stayed open instead of closing on your legs when trying to help children out of the car. It takes a long time for a/c to cool back seats.

- Sarah O

It gets great gas mileage and it is fun to drive, even in crazy Michigan winters!

This is my 3rd equinox in a row. It is my go to car right now. The equinox gets great gas mileage and is the perfect size for my family of four. It also comes with all of the bells and whistles I look for n a car!

- Becky H

Wonderful all around vehicle.

Our Chevy Equinox is just the right size vehicle for us. Plenty roomy without being too big. The seats are very comfortable and we've had no mechanical issues since our purchase. The 2018 body style is very nice.

- Dona R

My car is a quality car great for a student with a long commute. It has just enough luxury to make me feel like I am in a car that is much more expensive.

My car is a huge upgrade from the 10 year old car I had before. The mileage is great for my long commute to school. The use of android auto makes listening to music and using maps so much better than my last car.

- Andrea R

It drives smoothly and I've never had a any problems with it

I love this suv! Enough room for my family! Drives smoothly and very reliable. The trunk is very spacious and and when you sit in the back seat there is a lot of legroom. Love the overall look of the car as well

- Olivia W

The car is capable of 30 mpg regularly while maintaining a reasonable amount of power.

The car is very comfortable to drive and gets good fuel mileage for an SUV. I was disappointed that the original tires wore out before I reached 20k miles. Overall, the car has a few nice features like CarPlay.

- Jason J

It is a diesel and high performance turbo.

My vehicle is one of a kind because it is a diesel. Mileage is 34 in highway and we recently used it in Colorado. Performance is very good, fuel efficient and no problem with driving whether uphill or downhill.

- Gretchen M

Safety: stops if close to car in front, warns if I leave my lane, back-up camera.

I like it because it was what I wanted my sister has the same vehicle but a 2017. It' just the right body color, but I do not like the color in the inside. It' a dark gray I never had a dark gray color inside.

- Wanda S

Gm is a brand I and my family have trusted for many years.

I love this vehicle; it is my first SUV. I trust the brand, as I have had seven gm vehicles. It is easy to handle, picks up speed quickly and does not burn a lot of gas. It is roomy and seats five comfortable.

- Charles M

I love how comfortable it is and how easy it is to drive.

I love everything about it except I wish the voice command was more clear. Specifically I mean what it hears. Sometimes I say an easy name and it comes up with something that isn't even close to what I said.

- Lori B

It gets great gas mileage.

to this point I have had no problems. It gets really good gas mileage and has a smooth ride. The brakes are quick to grab and stop. When the windows are open it does make a motor boat noise that is annoying.

- Daniel M

The body seems to be made up mostly of aluminum and plastic; not sturdy at all.

It is a smooth riding vehicle and comfortable. I would prefer higher quality performance with the motor and body and less "frills" and technology. It is supposed to be a vehicle, not an entertainment center.

- Stormy G

It is a great value for a family car, features that are reasonably priced.

The technology is top notch. Apple carplay is a great feature that I use all the time. I also like the safety package on my car, rear camera and cross assist. It is roomy and comfortable and looks nice too.

- Jennifer N

It's a Sleek SUV, not boxy. No complaints.

I like the Equinox because of the smooth driving, push button start, can unlock and lock doors by pushing a button. Very few buttons inside the car to operate heat/ac, radio. Spacious interior and trunk.

- Alycia F

How sleek and roomy it is.

I love the ease of handling. The gas mileage is excellent. It is roomy and comfortable for five people I love the USB port in the back seat and three in the front. Just enough to charge multiple devices.

- Lori H


I truly enjoy my Chevy Equinox. It is a smart looking vehicle and has very nice gold metallic paint. Got a decent price from the dealer. The only thing I hate is that it does not have a CD player in it!

- Cindy P

My car is very reliable and still has its new car smell.

I like that I have AWD and sit a lot higher now. I also like the color and comfy feel of it. I don't have any complaints and would get something similar in the future. My vehicle has been very reliable.

- Marissa Y

It is surprisingly economical for a larger vehicle.

I love the amount of features it has at it's price. The panoramic sunroof is perfect for California weather. Infotainment system is complicated but at least the vehicle retains manual climate controls.

- chris m

Nothing spectacular to comment on. Sort of wish I still had my Ford Edge.

Do not like the "stop engine" when I have to wait for a stoplight to turn get. Even though the vehicle is a 2. 0 turbo, it seems underpowered compared to my previous vehicle (Ford Edge) which was a v6.

- Todd Z

Sits up high, easy to drive, great gas mileage, and good in snow!

The Chevy Equinox does great in the snow and on ice. It gets great gas mileage and is good for family travel. The only problem I have had is with the cup holder popping out of place and not going back.

- Kirsten S

The on off engine shut off helps save gas also technology

The vehicle has smooth ride like a car. I love the engine shut off when sitting in traffic or light for a period time it saves gas. The technology is amazing a very roomy car you don't feel squished

- Marisela B

Great for the whole family!

Great car for families, and I love the WiFi and Bluetooth. Able to have onStar also. I get monthly checks on tire pressure and maintenance to keep up on everything. Great leg room and huge trunk.

- Erica S

And handles really well and all different types of weather.

I love my Chevy equinox it has great features it is excellent in the snow and handles really well. I can listen to my Pandora do everything hands-free such as text look for a location on the map!

- Melissa Y

A really nice and affordable car.

Great vehicle. Really spacy. Also saves a lot of gas. Nice color able to clean with no problem. I do not have any problems with my car is brand new car also be able to use my GPS with no problem.

- Cynthia C

The all new 2018 chevy equinox

It is a very comfortable vehicle. I like the color and most of the controls. The sound system is great and I love the bluetooth capabilities. Drawbacks are I don't like the auto stop engine.

- Becky R

Chevrolet Equinox it's the most versatile vehicle on the market.

My Equinox has great gas mileage, it has plenty of room for groceries, it's very easy to drive, I have leather seats, and the back up camera is a nice feature. I also have a sunroof that I love.

- Candice G

It does not have third row seating which is a downer when you have 3 kids who want to bring friends to anything

I love the gas mileage that I get in this car as I drive for a living and that makes a big difference. I have the premier version, which gives me all the safety features you could ever ask for.

- Melissa o

Sportier looking model with a goodamoybt of interior space

I like the redesigned Equinox. It is sportier and less van looking than before and I like the features that come pretty standard like remote start and a large screen for radio/ipod controls etc

- Kris B

It is got a great motor, it is very reliable.

I like the upgrades from 3 years earlier. I am still not sure about the engine cut at stops. I have had my last two cars Chevy equinox. I like the drive and comfort. Love the extended sky roof.

- Susan H

It rides very smooth and very quiet. Also, engine rests when vehicle is at a stop light or just stopped.

I love my Equinox. It is the 3rd one we have had in the past 6 years. We presently own 2 of them. I have a turbo engine and it is really powerful. All the dashboard accessories are wonderful.

- Mary A

The most important thing for others to know is that it is comfortable to drive.

Love the remove start for the winter and summer. When I have had to go in for service, the service team is professional and courteous and with the shuttle, it makes it very convenient for me.

- Joseph S

It drives and rides great. Very comfortable ride highly recommended.

For the most part I love the equinox. However they did change a few things on it this year that I dislike. They lowered the car which I do not like at all! The front seats are much smaller.

- Jody B

That if your looking for a great SUV don't overlook this car it's safe and affordable

I first love the color of mine especially that it's orange. And it gets amazing gas mileage it depends maybe 25 to 30 mpg witch is incredible. I feel safe in it and overall it's a great car

- Cody S

GREAT GAS MILEAGE. I get about 38 miles to gallon average.

It gets great gas mileage. I also love that it also has its own Wifi. I love the safety features like blind spot notification. I do not like the fact that it does not have a c.d. player

- Stephanie C

The WiFi capability is by far the most important thing for someone to know because not everyone is aware of the option

My favorite part of my vehicle is the in car WiFi. It makes traveling with children so much easier! I wish this vehicle had a little more room both in the back seat and in the cargo area.

- April S

The backup camera is great for parallel parking and backing into a space

I like how smoothly it drives. I love having the back up camera. I love having Satellite radio. The heated seats work great, along with the A/C. Only dislike is the navigation system.

- Michelle S

I believe it is fairly good on gas.

The vehicle has not had any maintenance issues so far. The vehicle drives nice, and it is very comfortable to drive. I wish there was a little more seat room. It is fairly good and n gas.

- Colleen M

Dependable and Affordable

I enjoy the capabilities and features of the car. Enjoy the capability to combine phone and car, ease of opening and locking car from phone and quality of the pickup with the car/engine.

- Kevin H

AWD is worth the extra money, if you get stuck, in Michigan that is easy, you will regret not getting it.

The seating is great, I like sitting up straight. The AWD is very easy to use, I used to have 4WD and it was harder to use. The vehicle is a little noisy, there must be small air holes.

- dawn s

The vehicle drives well. It is beautifully styled.

Love the style and ease of entry. Also love the vehicle approaching system. The ONLY thing I dislike is it is NOT comfortable for vacation driving and the seat belt is NOT adjustable!

- Barbara K

about it shutting down when you stop. they might think something is wrong

do not like that it shuts down when at a light. like the keyless entry and push button start like the wifi. do not like you have to plug the smartphone in the get music from the phone.

- John B

It's comfortable and fun and perfect for our family.

It's a perfect car for families. The power liftgate is so convenient and there's ample space for the things we haul. Sometimes it gets a little cramped, but for every day it's perfect.

- Stephanie M

It's has a ton of room, but is also not a bulky car. It's perfect for any situation.

So far I have no complaints. The car drives great and has all of the features that I enjoy. I love that I am able to turn the all wheel drive off so that I can get better gas mileage.

- Alyssa M

The automatic trunk is great, especially for groceries.

I love the trunk that opens and closes by itself...I have two young kids so this really is helpful with groceries and such. I love the automatic key and the automatic locking system.

- Alaina M

Very dependable and classy ride, for the money, you won't be disappointed.

I love all the advanced features my Chevy is equipped with. It has a very comfortable ride and I love the heated and cooled leather seats. I do wished I received better fuel mileage.

- George N

They are very safe to drive.

I love the comfort of the vehicle and it's leather seats. All the little bells and whistles make it fun to drive. If I had to dislike something, it would be the size of the vehicle.

- George S

An easy drive with room for the entire family!

I love my Equinox! It is roomy, sharp looking, and easy to drive. I have enjoyed my ability to transport multiple people at one time. I could not do this in my previous vehicle.

- Cheri P

the most important thing to know about my car is that it is affordable.

I really like the remote start capability from the app on my phone and like receiving the diagnostic updates on a monthly basis. I do not have any complaints about the vehicle.

- Joe S

It has many useful features.

Love the way it drives and I love the apple carplay feature. I wish all my seats were power seats instead of just the drivers. I feel like that should be a standard feature now.

- Megan K

Gas mileage is a million times better than Jeeps.

Great performance and comfort. This vehicle beats out any Mazda or Jeep SUV I've driven. Will never switch from an SUV back to a car. Will probably continue to lease equinox's.

- Lindsay M

chevy equinox best car owned so far

very smooth riding, very dependable love the remote starter and the navigation system rear seats are easy to fold down and when they are down the back of the car is very roomy

- kay l

It has the room you need for luggage or groceries, or taken your pets to the vets.

It is what we need for our vacations. It does not have the remote start to start it outside of the car. Also does not have the heated seats. But all in all it is a great car.

- Kimberley F




Like the rear seat advisory when getting out of car.

No problems with vehicle. Get good gas mileage around town and on open road. I have bad knees and this car is easy to get in and out of. It is very comfortable to ride in.

- Carolyn V

The room it provides and the gas mileage.

I love the color and style of the car. There is more room in it than my last vehicle. The gas mileage is good. The inside of the vehicle is really nice and very comfortable.

- Vicki B

Gas economy and ease of handling.

Very satisfied with performance but wish it has a third row of seats. Took time to get used to it shutting down when you come to a stop, but appreciate he gas saving value.

- Connie F

My care gets great gas mileage.

I have no complaints. I like the safety features, for example the back up camera. I also like that the seats fold down for more room. I also like that it great gas mileage.

- Tina R

It is good on gas mileage.

I like driving the Equinox as I sit up high and feel safer that way. It has a lot of cargo space, a lot of legroom for the back seat and yet is pretty good on gas mileage.

- Marie B

Equinox, more for the money.

No problems, could have better pick up but I love it starts every am a d drives smooth also sound system is great and all that including 4 wheel drive for 299. 08 a month.

- Bob D

I feel very safe in my car.

So far no problems. Hate the auto stop feature. My car did not come equipped with remote start and for the money I paid, remote start should have been included in my trim.

- Michelle P

Fuel economy and comfort to drive.

Love my 2018 Equinox. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage. It has several nice safety features like the blind spot cameras that show on the rear view mirrors.

- Ronald N

It is good on gas. Good on the highway and I light the new lighting system.

I don't have any issues with car. It is good on gas and drives smooth. The only complaints is that the back of the car is smaller and if you have 5 people it is cramped.

- Erin M

It's a great family car and rides nice.

It is good on gas and has the power I need. The car has enough space for what I need. I am used to being up higher in a truck so it sits a little low for my preference.

- Carrie T

The screen for the display is big and allows you a wide field of vision when backing up and using the back up camera.

Me and my wife bought a dark blue model. I enjoy the technology that is included in the vehicle. It would be nice if the passengers side seat had power controls though.

- Eric D

Affordable lease payment for a car with decent options

I love the remote start, power liftgate, remote start and heated seats. Price point for a lease payment made it a good deal. I don't think I would actually purchase it.

- Edward B

No glove compartment light

I really like my equinox. It has the panoramic sunroof and power liftgate. I wish it was a little more sportier looking and the glove compartment does not have a light.

- Stacey C

The safety features are amazing!

I love the safety features. The body style is sleek. There is a lot of space. I like how the back seats fold down because I have dogs it makes for easy transportation.

- Lesley P

Fun and spacious for a small family, lots of room in the back.

I love my car and all of the co features that come with the LT model. However, one feature that probably would have stopped me from buying an Equinox is the Auto Stop.

- Steven M

It has storage compartments that double as coolers.

Love the new design. Love how it drives. Has great gas mileage. Seats are very comfortable. Love how easy it is to drop the back seats down to make room to haul items.

- Carol V

It's a very comfortable ride. The Equinox does well on gas. It's easy to get in and out of.

We haven't had it very long but it is nice to drive. I like the way you sit up high and can see the road well. We haven't taken it on a long trip yet but will soon.

- Barb F

The 2018 Equinox offers a lot of "bang for the buck."

It has a 2.0 litre turbo so it performs well. Has a surprisingly smooth ride for a compact SUV. Handling is quite nimble. AWD will be appreciated come winter time.

- Ron H

Great car for a great value!

So far I have loved everything about my Equinox. It drives great, gets good gas mileage and has all of the latest upgrades in technology. It's a great mid sized SUV!

- Kim C

Amazing features on my vehicle

Love all the extra safety features it has. The panoramic sunroof is amazing. My favorite thing is the surround vision camera that see where you while trying to park.

- Ann P

It's comfortable, and has great gas mileage.

I like that it is newer, has good gas mileage and is roomy. I do wish that it was a little bigger, and that I had gotten the premier model instead of the basic one.

- Meagan H

Being a Chevrolet, it is reliable. We only drive Chevrolets.

We like everything about our 2018 Equinox. It is comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage. It is roomy and has a comfortable back seat. It is also very quiet.

- Mary C

Important? It is a car that is versatile in uses.

It is a comfortable vehicle in that the seats are supportive and there is plenty of room in each of the 3 rows. The back up camera helps me parallel park downtown.

- Jodi S

Apple carplay available. Very neat feature, one I didn't know much about before.

Comfortable, roomy, reliable crossover car. Great on gas mileage. Hate that it says low instead of counting down to 0 at a certain point when indicating low fuel.

- Nick M

2015 Chevy Equinox - Best Economical SUV

My vehicle has been nothing short of amazing. It has great gas mileage, provides comfort for short as well as long distance trips, and has a lot of storage space.

- Chelsea W

It is a very safe vehicle.

I love the carplay technology to keep me hands free while I drive. The car is pretty spacious for being so small. I am not a fan of the auto stop feature, though.

- Grace G

Rear hatch can be opened 4 ways - however you'd like!

We have a premier model that came loaded. Many of the added features are intuitive to access, but some media related do require checking the manual to figure out.

- Ellen W

The equinox has many features to keep my family and myself safe.

I love my equinox. It has all the bells and whistles. My favorite feature is the heated steering wheel. I have absolutely no complaints at all about my equinox.

- rita c

I like the back up camera feature

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It comfortable spacious and fairly cheap on gas. I would recommend this vehicle if you are wanting a good family vehicle

- Kayla C

There is a lot of room for rear passengers and luggage space.

Rides very comfortably Handles very tight and controllable Gets great gas mileage It does not have enough cubby holes for stuff I like the Apple Carplay feature

- Curtis S

2018 Chevy Equinox is the best purchase we have made.

I love our vehicle. I haven't had any problems with this SUV. I do wish we would have gotten leather seats though because the cotton seats stain pretty easily.

- Haylee T

The steering is great and it is a nice little SUV. There could be more features.

I like the steering, it is very responsive. I do not like that this model does not have Chevy mylink. I do not like that it does not show me my text messages.

- Nick M

I love the room and all of the features of the vehicle.

I absolutely love everything about my Equinox! If I had to pick one thing I didn't like, it would be that heat/ air does not come on when you remove start it.

- April S

It is a really nice vehicle

I like that it is bigger than my last vehicle, which has made it easier to get in and out of it. I dislike that I no longer get text messages through the car.

- Deidre F

It has the most bang for the buck compared to other suvs.

I love it! It's a smooth ride, very spacious, and many convenient set-ups to make loading & unloading a breeze! I especially love the sunroof AND moon roof!

- Becca G

Just be aware of the auto stop engine. It a little strange to have you car shut off at a stop light.

I love my new Equinox. It looks great and has a lot of options that make driving it fun. My only dislike is the auto stop engine it is hard to get used to.

- Melanie B

This car is a roomy vehicle made by Chevy, it is very versatile. It is great outside of the braking system!

I like the room in my vehicle. I like the way my vehicle drives. I love the features on my car.I hate the brakes on my car, I feel they should stop better.

- kelly P

A great suv for the money. A good size cargo space. Good leg room for someone sitting in back.

I hate auto stop, and has a blind spot.. It gets great gas mileage. I love the color, a dark blue. It has great "get up & go"; when merging on the highway.

- patricia h

It is a Ford explorer sport trac, it is considered a midsize pickup truck.

I like the room in side.. The way it drives.. I hate how it turns off at stops.. I hate gas miles on it.. I hate the air pressure light.. I like the color.

- Kelly F

The mileage is great on this vehicle whether it is highway or surface street driving.

I love the how much leg room you have in both the front and back seats. Minimal blind spots. It has great gas mileage. I love everything about this car.

- Denise P

Quality of the 2018 Equinox.

My Chevy Equinox is very comfortable and rides very well. The back seats can be reclined if I want. For a crossover vehicle it has a lot of get up and go.

- Julie E

It's more affordable than it looks, especially when compared with similar vehicles that have higher price tags.

My car performs as expected. No issues mechanically or cosmetically. Reliable transportation. Nice technology features. Thoughtfully appointed interior.

- Michelle D

Its economy for the size of the vehicle.

The vehicle drives smoothly, comfortably and is economical. I get over 32 mpg. I love the looks of the vehicle and the many features that are available.

- Vincent V

Smooth. Reliable. Lacking in comfort

This vehicle is not very comfortable for long rides. It does offer a smooth ride however and i have had no maintenance issues so it seems very reliable.

- Samantha P

Very happy with gas mileage and very comfortable.

Car shuts down in stop mode to conserve gas it takes a couple of seconds to restart. The air conditioning shuts down as well. Not great in hot weather.

- Susan B

The car drives nicely and it is quieter than some of the other cars we tested when selecting the Chevy.

Mainly there is very little compartment space in the front to put things when travelling. Plus seat are a little uncomfortable when taking long trips.

- Paula G

that it is very good on gas

I like that the car has an auto shut off when the car is not moving, it saves gas. and the car has a lot of room on the inside for a comfortable ride.

- bruce G

It is has auto stop at a stop light it cuts off for two minutes.

I love the keyless entry and start. I love the carplay feature. I love the remote start. I love that you can use the app to start the car and lock it.

- Lena S

This car got a lot of safety awards and makes me feel better driving it.

This is a great family car. It has a lot of safety features but I wish the windshield was bigger. It's nice to be able to see everything on the road.

- Stella R

You can hook your phone up to it so there is no more distracted driving

It is 100% reliable and saves me money on gas than any other SUV that I have had. It makes me feel safe when I am driving with my 7 month old nephew.

- Karley R

The Back Seats completely fold flat.

good gas mileage, nice sized car for a small family, connected phone thru bluetooth for songs and phone calls. only a little amount to fill gas tank.

- autumn d

It's not overpriced. It's a top end car at a great cost.

I love the space inside the vehicle. It's safe and provides a high standard of elegance. I don't like that it doesn't come with an automatic starter.

- Luke O

fun and comfortable to drive

We were extremely surprised at how much safety technology is incorporated into this car. we like all of the safety improvements over older vehicles

- Robert S

It has great features for a non-luxury brand.

Rides well and gets good gas mileage. Negative is that the windows are noisy. Engine light came on at 30000 miles. I am concerned there is an issue.

- Elisa C

great vehicle! would recommend to anyone

Amazing gas mileage, very comfortable for my little family, I feel safe in the driver seat and I feel like my children are safe in the back as well.

- Kelly W

it is a safe and very comfortable vehicle make sure you try one

chevrolet equinox is a great comfortable relaxing vehicle I have no complaints and would definitely buy another one and will never go back to a car

- jeanine w

When I bought mine I was a little upset that it didn't have power seats.

My car is awesome. I am a truck guy. I have never actually driven anything smaller than a 1500 truck but when I drove this I fell in love with it.

- William T

I really Love my Chevy Equinox

I love my Chevy Equinox. It drives very well, gets great gas mileage. The seats are comfy and I love the driving in snow with the all wheel drive.

- Jennifer S

Up to date features on the entertainment console with Apple Carplay.

I like the sleek design and interior features. I like the black and grey cloth seats and design. I dislike the acceleration and auto-off feature.

- Marcin B

It is very dependable and safe.

I like the gas mileage the most, the Bluetooth calling and the all over design is gorgeous... I dislike that there is not a little more space..

- Meghan G

For its size the gas mileage ain't bad.

It is comfortable and I love the heated seats... It has enough room for everything I need... It is great on gas and has easy to use features..

- Stacey C

Looks new and updated. Has lots of lighting.

Not worth the price. Features are boring. Gets dirty way to easy. Expensive accessories. The auto stop function should be able to be avoided.

- Megan G

Excellent car - with a moon roof view

Runs well everything works great the interior is perfect but the gas mileage is on the low side. Air conditioning of steering wheel is great

- Rolli G

Great mileage. . . Love the heated and air conditioned seats.

I love my vehicle but had to order it to get it with the options I wanted. The dealership only had base or premier vehicle with every option.

- John S

It has a heated steering wheel and cooled seats.

I like the car very much. One complaint is: the back seat is very uncomfortable. The back of the seat leans too far back to be comfortable.


Awesome family vehicle! Spacious!

Perfect size for my family. Has just enough features. Love the WIFI option. The kids have plenty of room and great trunk space for road trips

- Amy M

It's the perfect size for just going to the grocery store or even for a long drive road trip. Very accessible

I like that it is very high quality. The apple car play ability is extremely helpful. I wish it would have seat and steering heating options.

- Shahida U

The car runs good and has not needed a lot of work.

Inexpensive with several color options. Also comes in two different models. I am able to get everything I need to get done with this vehicle.

- Jeremy E

I like my Equinox! Like the color choices.

Comfortable, smooth ride. Like back-up camera. automatic lift gate is great. Next time will buy with even more options. Like heated seats.

- Bonita v

It handles well and inexpensive to drive and is a very nice and mid sized car good for families

I really like my car. It gives me a very good ride and the mileage is very good. I find that it handles very well and I am satisfied with it

- Sandra P

This car handles very well and gets great gas mileage for a SUV.

I really like the gas mileage. I like the way it handles. The Bluetooth could connect better. I like the design. It is comfortable to drive.

- Deborah K

Best thing about my car it has built in Wi-Fi!

My car drives very smooth, it is very spacious, it has great sound, built in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, portable charges, it is an overall great car.

- Sierra S