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HHR is no longer produced, as it was such a good car.

The HHR has been the perfect size combination and durability, really in all the time I have had it I have had no real mechanical issues other that which would be expected with the age of the car. I have had an accident with the car and I was told if it wouldn't have been an HHR it would have been totaled, but since the car was built on a truck chassis it was repaired and you would never know it had been through what happened to it. I bought this car new, I was able to personally design the pin striping and decoration of it, chose all the details available and loved it hoping that as it got older I could get another. Unfortunately Chevrolet has decided in their infinite wisdom these cars were too good so they no longer produce them.

- Wendy W

It is bigger than a car but smaller than an SUV.

So the main problems I have had with my car so far is the power steering has gone out twice one time was a manufacturer problem the second time had to do with fuses whenever it rains and it rains too much my car will fill up with water somewhere on the passenger side and then my whole passenger side floor it will be soaking wet. Those are the major problems I have had with the car. The car drives wonderful and I love all of the space that I have on the inside of the car for a car seat and two grown children myself and my husband plus everything I can fit in the very back of the car. I love the fact that it is almost as big as a SUV. Other than the few issues that I have had with my car I love my car.

- Monica J

Chevy hhr: reliable, comfortable family vehicle.

This vehicle is absolutely fantastic when it comes to gas mileage! I had noticed traveling as far as 50 miles on the backroads without hardly a decrease on the gas gauge. The seats are very comfortable as well and the heat is more than sufficient. The only problems I have noticed with this vehicle is that if it is cold out sometimes the windows will not roll down, even when heat had been left on for a long period of time. Also the buttons that control the windows are in the center of the vehicle dashboard opposed on the doors, and that had taken some getting used to. The vehicle overall drives smooth and comfortably and makes a great family vehicle.

- Samantha M

Best truck/ crossover ever. 109k miles and still kicking it.

I have own my hhr for 13 years. Purchased new. The car has been a pleasure to own and drive. I have had only a single major issue and that was replacing the ac compressor. Other than that; the only expenses have been gas, oil, tires. I love the hhr because it is quite versatile. I can put the rear seats down and carry 8 x 2 sheets of lumber and 8'x2'x4'. This is my truck! I was sad to learn that the hhr is no longer being offered. I have 109000 miles and hope that it will last much longer. Concerned what to do once I need a new vehicle.

- Chuck B


The car might be small, but it is really spacious inside, the seats are comfortable, and there are few compartments for extra space. Great for long trips. Since the car is a 4 cylinder it doesn't take too much money to fill up and the gas last. These cars work great for both roads and highways. It's extremely reliable. Even with a few hits and a lot of traveling I do the car is still working like new. This car might look like a weak car, but it's a pretty strong car, it's not easy to flip, it can take hits and keep you safe.

- Vicky P

Reliable and safe 4 cylinder lt.

Overall this has been a good quality car. The only problems I experienced were a recall on the electrical switch, replacement fuel injectors, and replacement of camshaft actuator solenoid. The solenoid could cause problems with your timing. The vehicle would not shift properly when reaching certain speeds and would cause the car to jerk extremely hard. I am the only owner to this vehicle and after 12 years and 106, 000 miles, it is still a reliable vehicle. Good maintenance and this car will be a good vehicle for years.

- Andrea B

Great mileage , great space , overall a great functioning vehicle.

The HHR is a great family car or for a single business individual. My favorite party is how the seats fold down to make a table for a small child to color own, or business partners working on the go. If your worried about having enough space to haul stuff the truck area has plenty of room. If it's not enough room the back seats always fold down to free up the whole back area for hauling large loads. It gets great gas mileage and it is our go to car for ball season when we do a lot of traveling.

- Selena W

Great gas mileage and hauling space for a smaller crossover/wagon style

I typically love my vehicle. It does not handle as well I would like it in the snow as it does not have traction control that I can activate myself. It is quite difficult to change out the lamps in the headlights. I do love the fact that it is great on gas mileage and has a ton of room to haul things for a vehicle of that size. If they still made them, I would buy a new version. I know that the newer models had more features. It is a solid car if a bit wimpy in more severe weather.

- Megan M

Love my craft hauling vehicle.

My HHR has been so reliable for me. It seats 5 comfortably and has a backspace that will fit all my groceries from Costco with easy access via the hatch back of tailgate. I purchased it used in 2011 and I participate in craft vendor fairs and with the back seats folded down I can haul 3 6 foot folding tables, 4 large plastic storage totes. Have been very happy with my HHR and have not had any major repairs. It also handles well in the snow.

- Maria D

I like my car, which is an HHR by Chevy

I don't really have any problems at this time. I really like my vehicle and I get great gas mileage. I love the electric windows but do not like the location of the buttons. My HHR is reliable and I travel often so it is important to me that I can depend on my vehicle. I especially like the rear window wiper blades and heater. It helps in bad weather so I can see. I also love the little mini glove compartment on the dash, that is so cool.

- Sher O

Great car. Good gas mileage and very reliable.

I have 210, 000 miles with no issues regular service and maintenance very reliable car with a lot of room inside gets up to 29 mpg on highway. 22 mpg in city. It uses no oil, change the oil every 8000-10000 miles. I use the high mileage oil for best protection. I bought this car when it had 87000 miles on it. Since I have only serviced, tires and brakes. We put around 4000 miles per month on it as we travel a lot on business.

- David F

I love it !!!! I would recommend purchasing this car for local and long distance driving to all my friends and family members.

When I was looking for a small compact car I checked out 2 and the HHR was my final choice. It is an easy car to drive and park and has given me great memories of my numerous trips. It is good on gas mileage. I have many compliments on my choice of car and color!! Color, it's orange and I call it my pumpkin car!!! I recently found how easy it is to park since I was faced with parallel parking and it was easy to relearn.

- Mary B

I truly don't know how to summarize my vehicle.

Performance and reliability of my care is just fine. I wouldn't say superior, but not lacking in any way. Unfortunately, it is lacking in legroom, especially in the back seat. The most frustrating issue is a leak. I cannot determine where the leak is, but if there is a strong rain the car leaks and water gathers on the floor of the front passenger seat. If enough water gathers, it spreads to the back passenger seat.

- Christina H

The car I own in a 2006 Chevy HHR . It is a silver color with tan interior.

My family has owned this car for a little over ten years. It has gone through three kids learning to drive, and my parents gave it to me to help me get through college. The car has 190, 000 miles on it and there have been a few problems, but they have been minor problems. The car still runs well. However, my biggest complaint would be the passenger door leaks when it rains, flooding the passenger floor.

- Breanna W

Sometimes good, frequently not.

Things break. The fan broke while I was sitting at a light. It had 2 blades broken off. The door handle broke off. There is a mysterious water leak that soaks the front passenger floor after a heavy rain. The check engine light and traction control light are usually on and have been for at least 3 years. The panel lights are sometimes on and sometimes not. I like the space for carrying stuff though.

- Nancy M

Chevy HHR is a great, reliable car.

My Chevy HHR is very reliable. I make a two hour (one way) drive and back at least twice a month, as well as regular day-to-day travel, and it gets great gas mileage. The heated seats are comfortable and the air/heat keeps the interior at a comfortable temperature no matter what the weather is like. The only complaint I have is that it is a little small and it would be nice to have a bit more room.

- Courtney M

Compact but too cramped for usability.

Blind spots are terrible. Has had to have the whole engine replaced. Buttons to roll down the windows are located in the center console. Axle has broken twice. Cramped. Because of the shape of the windshield makes it impossible to find a windshield wiper that actually works. Car is terrible in snow even if you have new Tires. Plus side is the car actually can fit a lot when traveling.

- Julia R

My low mileage hhr and its few minor issues that have come about.

I love my 06 hhr. Great vehicle, roomy interior. Gets great gas mileage. I've had to replace the o2 sensor in it along with the alternator so far among a few other minor problems that arise. One complaint that I do have about my hhr is that the sun visor loosens after a while. I find myself constantly having to move it out of vision. Overall, the hhr is a great car.

- Tawny R

The hhr - a reliable transportation.

The hhr is comfortable and cozy. It's also nimble and good in all weather conditions, including snow. Its major flaw is the stereo system, which is known to fail. It has been able to fit households of things with the seat folded down, saving us money on a u-haul. It's still going strong after thirteen years, despite being in a couple wrecks and hitting a few deer.

- Nicole C

The hhr looks great and great gas mileage.

I love the Chevy hhr it is a great car and good on gas. We have not had any problems breaking down and the motor is still in great shape. Can't always get so lucky with the cars we buy. Me and my family love to travel and we can cross country in the hhr. I am so glad it is dependable and has great gas mileage. Also the up to date features help.

- Allison N

Ugly car with leaks after rain.

Chronic leaks when it rains. Leak occurs on the passenger side and comes in under the wiper area. Hard to see stop lights turn green because of windshield shape. If you're taller than 5 feet you'll need to crane your head to see traffic light. Plenty of storage and comfortable seats. Also speaker wires went bad so I only have the left channel.

- Ted H

It gets me where I need to go

Not very good on gas, wheel bearings need changed often. They are hard to get parts for because there isn't too many of them, on the other hand, it has awesome turning ratio., there is a lot of miles on my car and it is still going.I like how the seats fold down for extra room and I don't like that the window buttons are on the console

- Kimberly W

My Chevy hhr is a great car. I didn't do bad when I chose it.

My vehicle is reliable. Gas mileage is way beyond proficient it's exactly what I was looking for. I haven't had many problems with it. I have had to replace the starter but I was able to get it fixed very cheap. I would recommend my vehicle to anyone I come in contact with that is looking for a vehicle. It hasn't let me down.

- Andrea S

It turns on a dime and doesn't take up much room. It's very easy to park.

Great pick up. Good turning ratio. Not good readout on speedometer. Less than handy door handles and interior trim. Nice looking and pretty dependable, it is comfortable when traveling. It is also handy when hauling stuff. I would recommend the HHR as a good value in a middle of the road vehicle. Not luxury but does the job.

- Theresa R

A great car. Reliable good on gas and spacious enough without being a SUV.

The cars is good on gas. It is a nice size for a small family. The seats let down for more storage if need be. I dislike the tires it always seems as if they are low on pressure. The car is great on the highway. It really does pick up speed and keeps going. I just hate that is gets pushed easy when the wind is blowing hard.

- Jordan H

Good on gas. A/C works great

You can't really do anything under the hood. There is no way to change transmission fluid. Seating is uncomfortable. Not a lot of room. However it is very good on gas. Everything else works well. It's not good around town. I would not recommend driving it on a trip more than 3 hours or your back will be in a lot of pain.


Hhr was a great choice for me.

My hhr has been a great vehicle. It is good on gas and has not used a drop of oil since we bought it. It is great to go on vacation with especially if you have kids. When we bought ours we had to put a new motor in it but it was well worth it we've had it for about 2 yrs now and do not have a complaint about it.

- Kim W

I like it and I think it has been a pretty decent car for me.

I like that it is a small SUV or crossover. When I bought it I was looking for something that could haul my loads but that wasn't too big to control. I also like it's gas usage. It's pretty good for its size. I did not like that the power steering went out and that there was a small leak I had to get repaired.

- Kim B

Overall performance of my Chevy hhr

It has plenty of space for traveling. Unfortunately suspension seems to always be an issue with the car. Enough where it should be a recall from the manufacturer. I've driven it for 5 years and most problems I've had are problems due to age. There are several blind spots in the car that could be dangerous.

- April D

The Chevy hhr is a very reliable car.

Car has really good engine. Holds up really well especially with all the wear and tear. Still drives very smooth. You will have a lot of front end problems and the interior door handles break very easily. The hhr is spacious in the back but it feels a little tight up front. All in all it's a pretty good car.

- Samuel G

Looks like an old gangster car, that's why my husband bought it! Now he hates it!

The handles on the door are plastic and snapped the first winter I had the vehicle. I have to roll the windows down and open from the outside. I have had multiple recalls on my hhr. No storage in the back, very squished in the back seat. The vehicle is set up in a way that makes any repairs very difficult.

- Erika P

Problems with the front end!

My car has problems with the front end the front wheel hubs went bad then the struts started leaking and the idler arms went bad I also had to replace the rear shocks. Putting on a hitch was quite easy to do as well as the wiring harness. I do love my car though and will always stick with Chevrolet

- Susan B

It has been a very reliable car.

On the outside it looks like a small car, however I can fit a ton of items in it. I have had no problems with it other than the normal upkeep with any car. I have a rack on the top that fits 2 kayaks. I love the look of the car. The only thing is I would have liked softer more comfortable seats.

- Judy C

My HHR is a dependable car.

My HHR has been a wonderful car. I have had it for 12 years. As long as it is maintained, it will last many years. The features are great. It is very roomy. The cargo area is a good size. I have not had any problems with it until now, as expected. After all, I have put plenty of mileage on it.

- Virginia L

Overall the Chevrolet HHR is a great vehicle.

The Chevrolet HHR is awesome. I have a daughter with cap and the trunk is perfect for her wheelchair. The front is very roomy. It drives pretty smooth. I didn't like the original interior so I had it replaced with leather. And my original radio was also replaced with a touchscreen CD player.

- Nene W

It gets good gas mileage.

The sunroof has problems mine don't even work. It gets good gas mileage. Mine has problems with the air conditioner. I believe it has a problem leaking in the passenger floor I don't know where it is coming from or what's causing it. But overall I like it and it gets me where I need to go.

- Dana S

This vehicle is very roomy, we fit a 7ft Christmas tree inside this vehicle.

Great gas mileage, very roomy, comfortable ride. Very reliable we were able to put a 7 ft Christmas tree in this vehicle. I have over 200 thousand miles on it and going strong. Had to replace bearings. The headlights did get foggy. But with cleaning no issues. I have a sunroof. No leaking.

- Vicky H

My car and how good it is.

It's easy on gas. Easy to drive very smooth. And room to carry a lot of stuff. Can carry at least 5 people and 6 or 7 grocery bags in the back. I can carry my walker and still have room for my granddaughters. Have had it for 3 years now and no problem yet. Hope I don't get any soon.

- Susan M

This vehicle is fair to poor rating.

This vehicle is somewhat dependable. There have been a plethora of issues regarding the front axle and rotors. It seems to need constant extreme tlc. I definitely would not purchase this model in the future. It does not feel as though this is a safe vehicle when driving on highways.

- Sky Q

I'm sorry I brought it As it is dangerous in my opinion

The car is too low to the ground. If I need to travel to my veterinarian, you can barely make it on the road out in the country. It's cramped and crowded. There are a lot of blind spots in the windows. I have to dock down in the seat to get a complete view out the front windshield

- Carol S

The new Audi is available in five trim levels ranging from the base s cars.

The design and construction of a performance car involves not only providing a capable powertrain but also providing the handling and braking systems to support it. " - Carol w. Vernon w. I love this place and love my new car more!:) The second I walked in the door I was welcomed.

- Charisma S

A lot to offer in a compact car.

The car has power steering issues..The brakes seem to go out. Seats go down great for hauling stuff and great on storage. Nice compact car. Great on gas mileage. Poor radios and electronic system..Great high headroom. Great foot room with a little car. Enough room for car seats.

- Bonnie G

Awesome vehicle! Best car I have ever bought!

Very reliable vehicle. Total gas saver! Best car I have bought so far! I have a burgundy color and it is honestly the best vehicle hands down that I have ever bought myself! I drove it from Kentucky to Florida and back and forth and it is never given me any problems whatsoever.

- Justin H

I love my 2006 Chevrolet HHR!

I love my HHR! It is unique looking; I love retro. It is reliable, and comfortable, and has features I have never gotten to experience before. Too bad Chevrolet stopped making them. I have never had any problems with this vehicle and I have driven it well over 150, 000 miles.

- Cheryl W

The HHR is a great family car

This car hasn't had many issues, it's a very realizable vehicle and has very good gas mileage. I've owned this car for 11 years and still love it to this day. It is a vehicle that I trust with my families safety, and will probably own it for another 5 years. It's a great car!

- Erika S

Built like a tank and gets good gas mileage.

It's been a really good car. Haven't had many problems, a relay switch went out, don't like changing the oil. It uses a weird filter. Otherwise it's built like a tank. Love the maroon color, gets great gas mileage. Has OnStar, ECT. Got a great deal on it when I bought it.

- Robert T

It is very fast and very reliable to get me places.

I have had troubles with the alternator and gas burning fast. Otherwise it is a great car! It is fast, gets me to point A to point B, it has cheaper parts, and it is such a family vehicle. I really love the setup inside the car. It is very comfortable. I would recommend!

- Allie K

I've had no engine problems and I have over 150k miles on it. So, if you take care of your car it will take care of you.

I like how easy it is to put the back seats down so I can use it for things I need to move. Overall it runs well. I was upset with how long it took GM to fix the gear shifter pin that broke in it. I also don't like their cheap plastic door handles because they break.

- Wanda W

Great on gas, lots of room for stuff but not for people.

Practical and a great gas saver. The interior of the car is not as spacious for passengers as you would think for a station wagon. It does have a lot of cargo room and the back seats fold down flat so you can really pack a surprising about of stuff in there though.

- Malachi M

No wonder it is no longer available on the market for brand new vehicles.

Power reduction problems, happened two too many times. Costly for me to fix. Gas tank/line problems . Shifter problems. Blind spots-this caused me to have an accident which totaled out my vehicle. Electrical problems. Rotor/boot problems costly for me to fix.

- Katharine C

2006 Chevy HHR. Gold color.

Good car. A lot of room. Not bad on gas. Could use a better radio. Easy to keep up maintenance. Very nice family car or work. See many on the road by business men. Power windows, power locks, electric starter. Great car for the price. Would recommend to a friend.

- Julie R

I love the controls on the steering wheel for the volume and all.

I love the Hhr it's been a great vehicle with very little problems. Chevy is the type of vehicle I prefer because I have had bad experiences with Ford. The HHR is very convenient no too big and not too little. It has great motor and the style is also very unique.

- Allie N

Common issues with the Chevy hhr.

Inexpensive quality cheap to fix but must be replaced often visibility inside the vehicle is poor ride in any seat other than the driver is rough driver side window has a flaw that causes shorts often auto lock feature is non functioning once the key fob breaks.

- Patti F

I like that it fits my family comfortably.

Somehow water leaks inside the car and into the Air Conditioning Blower Motor Resistor causing it to short out and only allowing the motor to only operate on the high setting or not at all. The dome light switch in the rear of the vehicle does not work properly.

- Matt L

Over all a good but basic car.

Limited viewing through the windshield. Very reliable. Not a fan of the low profile wheels, causes dents in the rims. Basic common problems from a car that is 12 years old. I enjoy the car starter and heated seats. Wish it had a newer radio with newer features.

- Melanie S

Great vehicle enjoyable to drive.

I have had only normal maintenance problems vehicle has been very reliable love to drive have replaced tires and brakes recently needed battery after 12 years of service it is a great vehicle to drive and for carrying stuff I love this car very nice= to drive.

- Edward G

Plenty of room in the rear, especially if you put the seats down.

I really like this vehicle. It has been one of the more reliable ones that I've owned. It's easy to maneuver, has plenty of space and gets really good mileage. It's also comfortable and roomy. I don't think you could buy a better vehicle for the money.

- George D

Drives smoothly and gets great gas mileage.

This is a good family car and. Safety is great, but I am a big guy so it can get a little uncomfortable on long trips. It's also an easily dented vehicle. Also because of the year(2006) it is not equipped with luxuries like dual air bags or sunroof.

- Reuben B

This car gets me where I need to go with no issues.

I like that it runs smoothly, and that it is able to carry my friends with me. I like the space that it has. However, I do not like the exterior look of the hhr. It is not stylish, and it differs/stands out from other cars in parking lots/highways.

- Bryan H

Great on gas and very comfortable and roomy it has all of the desired bells and whistles

I like the car but there have been a lot of recalls on it and we have had front end issues that appear to be a common problem. it is great on gas and very comfortable, the layout is great. it's a nice car with all of the bells and whistles

- john b

It is perfect for those who are looking for a cheap alternative.

I like the fact that the seats are comfortable to sit in. I do not like the layout of the vehicle; I am large and the vehicle does not really support that too well. The gas mileage is average and the cooling system just right.

- Tyler G

I am very appreciative of it is body style and color design. Very eye catching.

I have issues with the location of the window switches which are directly under the radio/DVD console and positioned right above the gear shift handle. The seating is very uncomfortable for a man of my girth and size.

- Willie M

That if you use the inside lock when you get out the alarm will go off when you unlock it with the key.

I like the size and the maintenance. I like that I can fold down the two back seats and double carrying space. I don't like that the remote key is so expensive and the only outside lock in at the drivers door.

- Darlene C

The car has a problem with the passenger side getting wet on floor depending on how hard it rains and the way wind blows.

I size of the car is good for me. Can't really to much about it I don't like. Did by as a used car and one of the biggest problem is that when it rains depending on how the wind blows my car floor gets wet.

- Karen S

Make sure mirrors are always adjusted correctly and be cautious changing lanes due to blind spot.

My car is great! It is very reliable, good gas mileage,excellent braking , perfect for carrying large loads with very easy to fold down seats. Only complaints are blind spots and no low tire indicators.

- judy w

2006 orange Chevrolet car works great.

I love the hhr. It gets me from home to school good throughout the year which is quite a drive. It's got a good amount of miles on it and eats through oil fast but works great still.

- Yousef A

Nice compact, city car for a small family.

I really like our HHR. It parks easily in our large city, where parking is often overcrowded. I love the little running board, it's great for my kids to step down from the car on.

- Ann F

It is great on gas. I have had no problems with it.

It is small but has plenty of room. It gets good gas mileage. It has heated seats. It drives great. It has a leather interior and a great sound systems. It fits my needs perfectly.

- Goldie C

I was very surprised that it is very reliable.

I love the fact my her is just the right size for me. I do not like that it is getting old. I really do not like the fabric color, it stains very easily and hard to keep clean.

- Sonia H

It is a 4 cy. And it is very easy on gas.

It is easy on gas. Its is not a big car and I can take it a lot of places off the road. I do all my hauling in the back of the car. It is easy for me to load and unload items.

- Judy H

It's very good on gas! And is a safe car!

Overall great car. Very good on gas and reliable. Features include sunroof, CD player, heated seats, power windows and airbags. I would recommend this car for any buyer!

- Chris L

It's fun to drive and has a unique look but not cheap to own

I love the way it looks and the amount of stuff i can put in it. THe mileage is pretty good. It has had some significant problems though, with the stifter and gas lines.

- beth k

It takes $30 to fill up the tank.

My car is old and is not running as well as it used to. It has become unreliable and causes me anxiety when I drive long distances. Check engine light comes out often.

- Melanie B

It has excellent reliability and is just a great, affordable, efficient and safe vehicle.

It is such a smooth and easy riding vehicle. Bought it used and was in great shape. We haven't had any engine trouble since owning it and couldn't be happier with it.

- Warren B

It is my baby. I love to care for it. It requires a lot of money though.

The car fits me perfectly. It is too small for my boyfriend. It gets very good gas mileage it has a problem with the radiator fill cap which makes the car overheat.

- Valerie H

It is an economical car.

I have almost 200k miles on it and it still gets over 25 mpg around the city and 30 mpg highway. I have done basic maintenance and have had no major issues with it.

- Missy T

That it is reliable and little repairs are needed during the life of a Chevrolet HHR

Very oriented never have repair problems for liable everything I wanted the car to be a more fit very little problems with it almost a hundred fifty thousand miles

- Jeff C

The car is great on mileage.

Do not like the placement of the window controls. Like the ease in parking that this vehicle has. Do not like the placement of the wiper blade for the rear window.

- Joan N

This vehicle has really Great gas mileage! Great daily driver

It runs great with very low maintenance. Great gas mileage. Does Not have very good acceleration though. Also has a few blind spots due to the boxiness of the car

- Mike C

I have had almost no problems with the car & its great for long drives, gas mileage is a plus, 30 mpg, you can't beat that

The front seats are a bit close together, otherwise I love my HHR, the gas mileage is wonderful, roomy in the back & it can carry my 180 lb dog with no problem

- Anita C

My vehicle. Is a very bright red, and easy to find

I have very low maintenance, it's very easy on the gas mileage. When on trips it's very comfortable to drive. Easy to park. Easy to maneuver in tight places.

- Michael C

I am genuinely concerned I am going to have to replace the transmission.

I like how much space the car has, but there are some issues that should have been recalls that are not that motivate me to get to where I can replace it.

- Liz L

It has too many blind spots.It has more blind spots than any other car I have driven.

I like the unique look of the car and gets good gas mileage. I think the layout is funky and the seats are uncomfortable and the back seat is too small.

- Angela B

If a sensor goes out it is hard to find out which one it is.

It shakes really bad when you hit the brakes. You have to take the front fender off to replace a bulb. It is difficult to put transmission fluid in it.

- Kimberly M

It gets great gas mileage.

There are a lot of blind spots. Seats are uncomfortable when going on long rides. I like the size of the vehicle and the gas mileage that it gets.

- Leslie B

It is dependable. It is got 200, 000 miles on it.

It is sporty. Lots of room good on gas. And a very dependable car. The paint held up good on it. It is front-wheel drive. Has electrical problem.

- Bruce A

It is got a lot of space to carry essentials around. No need for a large SUV.

I love everything about my hhr. The interior is great. It is very comfortable and roomy. I like the design and I rarely have any problems at all.

- Amanda C

This car Lack cup holders.

This car is great on gas mileage. It lakes proper cup holders. It is difficult to get a carseat in and out of it. It is pretty roomy up front.

- Brittany A

It is a dependable, easy to start and drive, handles well

Very dependable, quite comfortable...only problem is the radio is not too good. Great steering and road control, plenty of room for my dogs.

- Linda G

This car has recalls on lots of different parts. The only reason I use it is for the gas mileage and it is available to me.

I like the gas mileage it gets. The design of the car is cute. I don't like the lack of lights or the way it accelerates or how light it is.

- Lauren W

It's not built good, do not buy it if you can buy another car

Yes, many complaints. The dealership did not care. Always came up with an excuse as to why it's not covered. I will buy a Toyota next time.

- linda s

That it has some get up and go to it and it gets great gas mileage.

It get good gas mileage The blind spots on the side of the windshield are huge. I can still haul plenty of stuff. I has some get up and go.

- Pamela B

Plenty of room in the trunk.

Haven't had any issues I love this car! Great gas mileage. It is great for a small family and long trips I would recommend it to anyone.

- Olivia B

The car is cheaply made, but the engine lasts. It's a good car

The car has lasted us with minimum maintenance. I like the driving ease. I hate the cheap interior, it shows spots and looks horrible

- Melissa C

My wonderful Chevrolet CUV

The vehicle looks very stylish. Runs smooth. Has a nice interior with plenty of space. I love this vehicle. I recommend it to everyone.

- Susan B

A lot of space good driving good gas miles.

Like to drive it. Good miles, good room for 5 people to travel around the city. Good tires. Nice exterior, good color. Brakes are okay.

- Erica G

It is very reliable and has smooth ride.

Car has over 236000 miles and runs like a gem. Wish it did not have a internal oil filter. Changing the engine in it was not too bad.

- Kate S

That I enjoy driving it and how much I can store in it.

I really like the hatch back. I Also enjoy That it seems like a small car, but has loads of space. Plus Chevy is a good car company.

- Aaliyah D

Tall people should not stop too close to the stop light if they want to see the light change.

It is roomy and has good gas mileage. It handles good and is a good mix of speed and size. It needs about 3 more cup holders in it.

- Jay V

They look nice. But they are very light weight.

Power steering problems, driver foot will not open from the inside. Other than they it an ok car. Cannot tow anything heavy either.

- Suzi B

The vehicle is very unique and different than most vehicles. It's a modern day old fashioned car.

It's a pretty dependable vehicle. But right now it has a few minor problems with it tho. It's very roomy and my kids love it too.

- Stephanie M

I love my HHR it good on gas

best car every it great on gas in on miles i can go to new orleans on 60,00 or less i love my HHR i will not trade it for any car

- Regina g

It does everything I need it to do and more.

I love my car because it is a 5-speed manual transmission. It is a fun car to drive. It has plenty of cargo and passenger space.

- Lori M

Great car with lots of storage.

This is a great car. I bought it used and soon after buying it the check engine light kept coming on. Even after "fixing" it.

- Laura S

Love the color of my car and how nice the ride is.

I like that I get good fuel economy. I hate that the car has so many issue. The issues make me nervous about driving the car.

- Amy E

It's a good make car,gas mileage

i like it very well,good gas mileage,easy to drive,i don't like having the battery in the back of car were the tire spare is

- linda Z

It has lasted me a long time I've had it since 2006 it is 2018.

Don't have any complaints the car drives good never had a problem with it. It has good gas mileage never gives me a problem.

- Barbara C

Lots of room for cargo. Gets 30 miles per hour on highway.

Heavy car ride. Lots of nice features. Loads of cargo space. Power seats, windows, locks. Speakers front and rear doors.

- James B

It is has amazing gas mileage.

I dislike the speakers. They are not located all the way through the car. They are very spotty and it is frustrating.

- A S

Perfect city vehicle. Great mileage

Very reliable. Have over 150,000 miles on it and still runs and drives like new. One of the best vehicles I have had.

- Ken S

Lots of cargo space! I can fit a full size mattress in it.

I love the hatchback. Only issue I have is there are rust spots popping up all over and I take good care of my car.

- Nicole K

It is inexpensive and does not zoom around quickly

I like the compactness of the HHR. It makes parking easier in city conditions. I like the low cost of repairs also.

- Patti F

Its spacious, simple, but comfortable and it's reliable to not break down.

My vehicle is spacious and comfortable. The controls are easy to use. The drive is smooth and has great mileage.

- Samantha H

The car saves a lot of gas.

The design that look like a car that carries a casket. The way the radio is set up. The doors are easy to break.

- Irving S

Runs smoothly with great mileage.

Great storage space. I have had it for 12 years and have over 130,000 miles. Runs fantastic. Very few repairs.

- Lee T

Dependable and trustworthy vehicle that I trust with my children learning to drive.

It is a very dependable vehicle, one issue we have is with the door handles breaking on the inside of the car.

- Naomi G

gets good mileage and it is fairly easy to maintain

it has good gas mileage it can seemed cramped hate the placement of the drink holders, they are inconvenient

- Barbara H

It is dependable, gets good mileage, good for hauling d-i-y supplies.

Best car I ever had. Comfortable, good gas mileage, turns on a dime. Roomy. Sorry they're not made anymore.

- Fred C

It's a great car for anyone of all ages. It is also fun to drive, and has plenty of room.

I love my car, it's easy for me to get in and out of, especially at my age. It also get great gas mileage.

- Christine R

It handles great, and I have the open roof top so I can let in the air and have fun being young.

I don't like where the window buttons are in the car. I love the gas mileage on it I love how it drives

- Lynn B

in high wind its kinda hard to control because of the light weight of it.

I like the gas mileage on my car. it handles really smooth. I don't like that it is really light weight.

- sandy s

It's a safe car to drive, it makes me feel safe every time I drive.

I do not like that it doesn't have a 3rd row. I love the way it drives. As I love how it saves on gas.

- Naomi R

The gas mileage that it gives you the way I think drives very smooth

It I should a great driving little vehicle pretty good on gas love the shape and the model of the car

- Gloria J

it's small enough to get around in, yet holds a lot of stuff when shopping and moving

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I am able to load a lot of stuff in it. Easy and fun to drive

- Denise K

I love the style. It has a lot of room for shopping. It's very good on gas and it's very dependable. I would buy another one. I don't have any complaints.

That it is a very reliable. It is very low maintenance. It rides very good & comfortable.

- Phyllis W

My Chevrolet HHR Takes a lickin and keeps on tickin!

It's a Chevy with 250k miles. I love the way it handles. It's a very durable tough car.

- Christina S

how much carry space and passenger room. great mechanical history very little repair

love the storage room the style of the hatchback dislike battery in the rear

- jeff C

It is very reliable and gets us where we need to go

it is a good solid car has plenty of room and is comfortable for my family

- Gerald m

It fits our family and what we need it to do. Drives great

We love our car. It fits our family just like we need it to. It's roomy

- Jennifer H

It's very old and American made.

It's an American made car. Therefore it's. Or built for long time use.

- Bobby B

I like so many things about the car but I would have to say the most important thing about the car is that it is very easy to drive.

I like how it fits my lifestyle, it's just the right size for me.

- Mary C

It works. It gets me to where I'm going. It is reliable.

I like the hatchback. I like the sunroof. I like the interior.

- Travis T

it's a good all around vehicle good on gas and no problems

no complaints it has been a good car low miles good condition

- michael h

It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. Just the basic maintenance of a car is all we have really needed to do to keep it running.

It has been very reliable. It is not the best in the snow.

- Angie B

At first it was a great car and then after a few days engine light came on and have had nothing but problems. I then found out others have had same issue. But I still like my car with all its problems

Good gas mileage and I really like the design of the car.

- Amanda H

The mileage is great. The ride is smooth. It has a great look.

The HHR has a fantastic look and rides very smoothly.

- Virginia L

It gets good gas mileage. It's got a lot of room . Been a great vehicle to travel in.

You cannot jump start others vehicles with this car.

- Elda S

The cheaply made door handles

I like the style of the car the good gas mileage

- Gloria T