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Orange is to stand out but car is decent vehicle for my family.

The fuel injector is going out and it is costly to repair BC there are 4 and no way to tell which is the bad one. The parts are expensive for any repairs needed even upkeep is expensive. It has no power compared to other vehicles I have driven. But it is reliable has so far last over a year for our family of 5 and has been through close to probably 70,000 miles if not more in that time. Having 3 young children the back seat is a tight squeeze for all the car seats. And due to me being so short it is difficult for me to get comfortable in it. The seats are hard leather and could be a bit softer for those long trips to visit family. But I do love the bass speaker in the back of the car we are a music family we love having loud music with loud bass and the system in the car is great for that. The radio even being an 07 could be a bit more high tech rather than a regular basic CD player/aux combo. But overall sound system is great.

- Felicity K

Spacious reliable 2007 Chevrolet hhr.

I really like my hhr. I have bought it when it had 70, 000 miles on it and I had no problems until I reached 140, 000 miles. I had to get the breaks completely redone after that but haven't had any other problems. My only complaint is that I can not change the headlights on my own. Because of the model of the car, the whole front of the car has to be taken apart to put the headlights in. The interior is very spacious and comfortable. It has a very large trunk with extra storage space under the floor. The tank holds 15 gallons which means I can go farther between filling up then when I did with my Saturn and it has good gas mileage.

- Ashley T

Funky family car: my Chevy HHR is a bright orange color with a unique style.

I received my car through my mother who the prior owner. I love the car because of the unique style of the vehicle, and how it is able to endure the rough, bumpy streets of Philadelphia. The car is decent on gas. I have had the vehicle in my possession going on a year now, and only had to get major repairs done once on the rotors and brakes. I also had to get the oil changed twice. The car has an manual transmission which I like, but may need to be repaired soon. Also the standard radio that came in the car has not held up very well. Overall I am pleased with my 2007 Chevy HHR, it's a dependable car with a unique look.

- A W

Chevy HHR good commute vehicle hands down.

Chevy HHR is one of the most reliable cars out there. Does very good on gas, low maintenance. Vehicle performance is unbelievable to be a four cylinder. I give the Chevy HHR 5 stars hands down. The only real downside about the car is the doors. What I mean by that is you need to keep them well maintained or the door will not open for you. My passenger door handle broke on the inside so the door will not open. The replacement part is only $5 at junk yard, so the price to fix it is little to nothing. That my only bad experience with this vehicle and some suspension issues but it still was little to nothing to fix.

- Troy J

Chevrolet hhr, Comfortable, reliable, saves on mileage, nice, great buy.

We have had our 2007 Chevrolet hhr since last February, we totally enjoy this vehicle. The greatest benefit is that the gas mileage is over 30 miles per gallon, and the ride is one of the best I have ever had. The seats are very comfortable, and has heated seats as well. If you are looking for a vehicle that is well worth the money and is very dependable a Chevrolet hhr is what you would want I am so amazed they do not make this vehicle anymore, it is a great wagon with plenty of storage if your traveling.

- Carla B

The Chevrolet SUV 2007...

I have owned my car for 8 years and it was a wonderful surprise to find it was considered a SUV. As soon as I sat in the driver's seat, I knew it was the car for me. The only problems I have encountered is the replacement of the muffler, seems from an event that occurred before I purchased it, and a couple of years ago my power steering went out and I panicked, only to find out on google I could fix it myself for under $10. Other than that, just the usual maintenance: tires and oil change. I love my car!

- Carmen R

My go to vehicle that I don't think I would give up.

Hello, my vehicle is a 2007 Chevrolet her ltd. wagon. It doesn't any serious problems, the brakes need to be replaced with new ones so it can stop the silly squeaking noise. Everything else is okay, it runs great and gets you where you need to be! Inside the interior it's very impressive and nice looking. The radio has an AUX hole to plug in AUX cable to hear what you really want to hear by attaching a smartphone or any other device. The seats are comfortable and the rugs have a nice feeling to it.

- Rosario A

Great reliable car for everyday. Roomy inside but drives like a sedan.

The engine is reliable and even when little things go wrong it keeps going. Small things keep going wrong with the body. For example the interior door handles are cheap plastic and all 4 broke off at one point or another and had to be replaced. If you do not mind constant maintenance for small annoyances it is a very reliable car. The cargo space is great for camping or sports equipment lots of room inside for a handful of boys and all their stuff!

- A M

It is the perfect size for a small family.

I love my Chevy hhr! Even though it is over 10 years old it is still reliable, strong and easy on the eyes! The extra features, such as the heated seats and sunroof, still work. The leather seats are still beautiful. The paint has little blemishes after all these years. The engine is still strong. It looks small on the outside but it is pretty roomy on the inside and the trunk has plenty of room, as well.

- April H

Great little car still doing well even with high mileage.

Performs well does have computer problems some problems with the drivers door handle now has almost two hundred miles on it two sets of brake one set of sharks had to replace wheel bearings once since I had it a very reliable vehicle gas mileage was good but now with so many miles it does not get good gas mileage drives good had to change one turning signal bulb in the front replaced one low beam once.

- Helen P

Hhr: good car but has problems.

This hhr that I have is really good for travelling. I live 6 hours away from my school and it has great gas mileage. The car was used when I got it but it had a terrible battery which to jump it, you do not actually connect to the battery though which sometimes does not work. The fuses come out all the time from the slightest bump. Overall it is a good car but it does have some problems.

- Emily C

Will my car become your car?

I have driven a Chevrolet HHR for ten years. It has no performance problems. It both accelerates and slows down very well. I like it because it is reliable. It is also comfortable with its front bucket seats. The front passenger seat and both of the back seats can go flat. That was very helpful when I moved from one house to another. I didn't need to use or pay for a moving van or truck.

- Sue G

My HHR is excellent for transporting rescue dogs!

My HHR has been a reliable, useful Vehicle. Decent gas mileage, holds enough people so I can haul kids or pick up people at the airport, haul dogs, etc. Nice vacation and travel car. Easy to maneuver and park. I transport rescue dogs and it is s great car for that purpose. I also pick up people at airport and it fits families as well as their luggage without being too big. ,

- Carolyn W

Not a recommended vehicle many issues Chevrolet must not have addressed at least on my 2007 year model, or it was made in Friday or Monday who knows

Evaporative vent control issue that triggers check engine light which in turn doesn't allow you to ever be able to use remote start. Seems like a for sure recall issue. Alternator replaced, gas line leak had to replace. No full disk brakes, no anti lock brake system. Rear windshield washer line disconnected or broke leaks into trunk. Rust issue growing around car

- Travis W

A comfortable vehicle for people with back problems.

I like the fact that I can adjust the seat up higher and tilt it so that I can drive comfortably. I, also, like that I can heat both the rear end and the lumbar region of my back. Lastly, I like that my HHR has a trailer hitch on the back, so if I had to haul a U-haul trailer or something of that nature (i.e. a boat, a trailer for sleeping, etc.) I can do it.

- Clarisa E

My HHR has been worked on more times than I can count.

I give a low rating because I have had to replace almost everything in the car. It is only a reliable car because I have rebuilt it piece by piece. There have been many recalls on it and there should be more recalls. When I first got the vehicle it was nice how everything was smooth an easy but a year into it and almost all the features started failing.

- Kim H

Hhr Chevrolet. It's good on your pockets, gas, and good on the road.

I love my 2007 Chevrolet hhr. Its compact and yet spacious inside. It seats 3 people comfortably in the back. It's good on gas, 17 miles per gallon in the city and 25 miles per gallon on the road. Very reliable on the road. We've only had minor problems so far. Alternator, tires, belts, brakes, cv joints. Alternator was resent. Price was around $200.

- Sylvia H

If you are referring to advice, I'd tell others not to frown upon sub compact size cars as I did. Chevrolet is as good a brand as Toyota and Nissan. Just keep the repairs done and it will keep doing its job.

Although it's a station wagon type car, I like it more than I thought I would. The interior is more spacious than it looks from the outside. It has a good bit of storage space. The car is fuel efficient and provides good performance on the road. The only complaint I have is in regards to the interior lighting. It is strange compared to other cars.

- Raven H

The shape of the vehicle is neat & different, very similar to a p. T. Cruiser.

My car is a cute and reliable little vehicle, the only problem I have with it is the fact that the air conditioning goes out sporadically but I think it just needs a recharge. Other than that its very reliable and gets me around where I need to go! I do wish the cupholders were maybe in a different place but that is really my only complaint.

- Liz W

I love that it's small because it fits places other cars would have a hard time fitting and the interior is very roomy.

It is very roomy. The car is small but there is a lot of room on the inside so you don't feel cramped like other smaller cars. It is very reliable, it is almost at 200,000 miles and I still feel comfortable driving it. The only problem I've noticed is that I have to get it aligned a lot and I only ever drive it to work or a store and home.

- Alex H

Mostly positive with some little cons.

Affordable lots of space. Good gas performance. Drives good in snow. Smooth riding. Problems: the front window is not high so to see the lights I have to duck. Hard for elderly and heavy people to get in because they have to bend down and duck their heads. The window controls are down where the console is so it takes some getting used to.

- L B

The perfect car It is the perfect car for a college student.

A Chevy HHR is very economical I spend $20 in a week and half for gas. It has an AUX which is very use full but it does not have ac in the back but I only get in on a daily basis so it's fine because no one is the back. The trunk is big and it fits a lot. For a college student it is perfect because its small and seats five all together.

- Eva C

Comfortable, reliable transportation.

I love how spacious the back trunk area is, and the fact that you can lay down the back seats to give extra room is awesome. Wonderful gas mileage and comfortable to ride in for long trips. Very reliable vehicle and easy to maintain. For a small vehicle, is does have a good amount of horsepower and road noise is almost inaudible.

- Brittany L

Economical comfortable 2007 Chevy HHR.

Great gas mileage, great road trip car with get up and go on uphill mountain roads. Only negative is it does have blind spots which you will get used to, and battery is located in the rear underneath console area and not easy to use with tools when trying to unscrew bolts and put back in. Overall, great reliable comfortable car.

- Crystal R

Solid dependable transportation, looks good, drives well and is comfortable.

Good solid transportation, great mileage, however the model seems to have a number of small electrical problems that are endemic to the model. The radio no longer works,the turn signal no longer turns off automatically, the cigarette lighter pops the fuse as soon as you replace it. But the car runs great and is dependable.

- J C

Fun compact easy to drive 4 cylinder.

Only issues arising after 10 years old is the fuel injectors and I would have loved to have the seats of cloth not vinyl other than that I have been lucky to have the car so long and use it daily it is fun to drive, safe, comfortable and good on gas the style of course is back from the 50's panel which gives it character.

- Elizabeth F

This car is super reliable.

Very reliable. Good in the ice and snow. I have 260,000 miles on it. Yes that was not a typo. Almost 300 thousand miles. I have been in a couple accidents. And the car was very safe in both incidents. It handled the damage very well, and I was not injured. The upkeep is very affordable. Very very happy with this car.

- Julie G

My 2007 chevrolet hhrs problems

I have had my car for six a little over six months and when I got it the check engine light was on. Since then I have had many problems such as control arms needing replaced, wheel bearings replaced, shaking when slowing down to stop, and many more. I love my car but seems to have more problems than I can afford.

- Brittnay A

I am very happy with the car. Love the CD player, heated seats, and sunroof.

It is great on gas, getting 24 mpg,has 4 doors and it is a wagon style. For putting in my husband's wheelchair and when I get food it great for that. Too. Only need to change the oil once a year. Good radio and CD player,I do not have any problems with it. Only bad thing is battery is under the back spare tire.

- Janet L

These cars have a lot of problems. They aren't made very well at all.

Fuses constantly blow. Weak lower control arms. Ball bearing issues. No air conditioner blower. Water leaks in car when it rains. O ring on gasket wears fast. Not very good as mileage. Transmissions goes out. Gear shifter problems. Seat heaters get way to hot. Radio issues. Blinker always goes out.

- Julia S

Needs a lot of work done to the car.

It needs an element and a new windshield wiper and the air conditioning fixed also it needs new tires an oil change and new speakers maybe new breaks I am very comfortable in my car and it gets me where I need to go it just needs a lot of work. I think if it gets the work done it would be a great vehicle.

- Megan H

Reliable vehicle with a funky shell.

The hhr has been thus far very reliable, I drove it across the united states with no issues. It does lack power but proves durable. The rear hatch is oddly shaped making it difficult to load and unload furniture but otherwise the cabin is roomy. Features are normal, related to the year the car was made.

- Sara R

That it doesn't get great gas mileage. Also, there isn't really a bluetooth capability.

I don't like the fuel mileage on my vehicle. I drive a lot for work and I wish I had better gas mileage. Also, I wish it were a newer model with bluetooth capability. Other than that, the vehicle works fine for what I need it for, which is taking myself and my son to school and work every day.

- Jeanelle R

Best car I have own/driven in years.

My HHR handles well, is fuel efficient, comfy, stylish, and Versatile. For a 4 cylinder vehicle it has great pick-up. I am sorry gm no longer makes this model. It is affordable, heats quickly in very cold weather. Drives well in inclement weather. Handles well in city and highway driving.

- Judy W

2007 Chevrolet hhr worth the money.

I love the comfortable ride and maneuverability of this car. Had enough room for family plus storage area, easy on gas. I have all the extras for less money! The only problem I have is water getting in from somewhere and pooling on passenger side of car. Think from sunroof but not sure.

- Pat S

It does get good gas mileage.

Only problem had a recall. Performance it does what I need it to do it's no hot rod that is for sure. I would say it's been a reliable vehicle. Comfort not bad you could take a five hour trip and not be sore or tight through your body. Just have the basic features along with ac.

- Rusty M

Not well put together. Battery is in the back end next to the spare tire.

Seat are cracking, brakes go way to fast and uses to much gas for a car. The car is not good in the snow, it gets stuck every time. Have had problems with the back hatch not locking. The sunroof has broke 3 different times. And isn't a very comfortable ride for long distances.

- Loren H

We had a couple recalls when we hadn't had it long--things supposedly fixed much earlier. And it likes a gently touch on the gear shift.

like the arrangement of tire and tools in the back--everything fits nicely. Like the mileage and "small care" feeling. Dislike a hum we're hearing. Love the color (dark red). Love the ease of moving seats forward or back, and that the back seat will lay flat if needed.

- Cheryll J

It is small and really girly.

I really hate the shape and how close up tight the front is. It is kind of hard marking turns in that vehicle. It is also really small from time he inside comparative to how it looks from the outside. The seats are pretty comfortable and it is easy to use and understand.

- Fazal F

The HHR vehicle from one man's point of view.

Only problem with vehicle was had a recall other then that it has been very reliable and does have a comfortable ride do not have a lot of features that were not standard has for performance it's no corvette but it gets me to where I need to be with a comfortable ride.

- Rusty M

That they no longer make the car and that it gets good gas mileage.

It runs real smooth and you are able to carry things in the back because the seats go down the only thing I do not like is that you can not roll the windows down from your door the only problem that I have had is that I had a oil leak and that the alternator went out.

- Diane K

The Chevy hhr is definitely reliable and has lots of space.

I really like my hhr. I have had it since my junior year in high school and it is always been reliable. It is old so it is had a couple problems with the wheels and the brakes here or there, or just minor stuff but she’s always got me to where I need to be!

- Kiki J

My car is a 2007 silver Chevy HHR.

This vehicle is a really nice car to have. Only problem that I have is the smell. I have tried to get the smell of gas and oil out of it but the dealer says it is the engine. Other then that it is a great car. Runs smooth and does not have any other issues.

- Marie H

Great little car with enough room for light hauling.

I have loved this car. I have no issues. Other than tires, brakes and regular upkeep the car runs very well. I would buy another if possible, but unfortunately they do not make them any more, though I would consider buying a used one if the mileage was low.

- Lee Ann A

Hhr stands for high head room.

My Chevy HHR is a four door, 5 passenger vehicle with a sunroof that opens enough to just get fresh air or opens all the way. The back seats are split so they can fold down individually or together for more cargo space. Hatchback type opening in the back.

- Maria D

Minor mechanical issues, nothing bad.

The right headlight likes to burn out and we're having problems with the right front control-arm, but it is an otherwise solid vehicle. Gas mileage is decent and you are provided with a percentage point of expected oil life. Overall a decent car to own.

- Phillip D

A unique car for a unique driver

Car is very unique, there aren't many other car models similar to it. It's quite comfortable with cloth seats and gets around 28 mpg which is great for short commutes. However it doesn't handle too well in the snow so use it in the warmer months.

- Jake H

The gas lines that run around the underside of the car do wear out faster in HHRs than other cars. It's very expensive to fix.

My car does not have the battery under the hood like most cars. The battery in my HHR is at the back of the car. Because of this, I have to take my car to a mechanic to do it. Also, the battery is a lot more expensive than a regular car battery.

- Marsha W

What do I call it? It's not a car or a station wagon. It's not really an SUV. So what category does it fall into?

I love the room. Adults can sit in the backseat with plenty of room. Great cargo space. I hate where the window buttons are at. And I hate that the door locks don't go all the way down. Good gas mileage. Great overall vehicle.

- Lori S

Dependable, at 125,000 miles i only had to replace the air compressor for the cooling system.

Overall, a wonderful vehicle. I am upset that i cannot purchase another one just like it. Back seat folds flat for transporting anything from boxes to dogs. A full sized air mattress fits in the back for quick camping.

- Adrienne H

There is no up or down to get in.

The retro style is so cool. It is in sunburst orange which is my favorite color. It gets good gas mileage. Has plenty of cargo space. It's little crowded where the e brake is but that is minor as far as I'm concerned.

- Matthew B

It is a nice car I drive it far.

I love this car I drive this car. This car is black in the parking lot. It is all my car I drove it far. Until I came home and cut off that car. I tried to crank it but it didn't start, now my cars at the auto shop.

- Maria S

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the size of the vehicle as it has room for passengers and cargo without being overly large. It gets good gas mileage and an excellent turn radius. It can lack some power when the cargo is a little bit heavy.

- Sandra c

Hhr electronically unpredictable

Car has electrical issues- radio and dash gauges work sporadically. Good on gas, if car battery quits working- the back hatch automatically locks preventing you from being able to get to the battery to jump it off.

- Ashley C

Very good long term car for smaller families.

The comfort of the car is good for not so big families. It is a smaller car, but can hold a decent amount of things. I have had the car for awhile and it just needed some basic maintenance repairs, nothing crazy.

- Cheyenne P

The HHR is a dependable car that has given me no great difficulties, other than often needing brake shoes and rotors.

I like that it is an SUV that provides enough leg room for me. The only complaint is the blind spots it has but I have grown accustomed to them and know where they are at now. I wish they continued to see them.

- Robin M

The interested detail of the car that it has a lot of room in the trunk.

I love how the car is very comfortable. It also has brought me many benefits from it. It is a good car for 3 people. It can be detailed & look great. I haven't had a problem with this kind of make of the car.

- Miguel G

Gas saver and the repairs no

It's a gas saver easy to drive and it's like a truck and a car it's also not a huge expense on repairs I personal plan on getting another one a few years down the road hopefully a black one and newer model

- Nancy S

If maintenance is kept up regularly this car will last for many years.

The car is actually very reliable. All maintenance is done on time and runs great aside from having 233, 000 miles. The only issues I have with the car is a knocking sound from the front driver side wheel.

- Israel L

This vehicle has Great fuel mileage! She runs with low maintenance

I like the cargo and passenger room. I like the fuel efficiency and the smooth driving of the car. I dislike the acceleration, it drives too slow, and has more blind spots than previous cars i have owned.

- Rose C

Chevrolet doesn't manufactured this vehicle any longer.

I like that it has a cargo compartment and is easy to drive. I like the tinted windows to help hide the cargo. I do not like the suspension as it feels more like a truck. It gets great gas mileage.

- Susan M

It is versatility and many uses.

It is sporty compact and economical. It hauls many different items besides people. It is comfortable on long drives, but the suspension & road noise on short trips are borderline intolerable.

- Val S

Surprisingly large in the back

The Hhr provides tons of room for storage you can fit large furniture inside! I have had issues with the rotters eating out quickly and the car bounces. It is very reliable other than that.

- Ashley K

You have the option to pick a manual or automatic

It's nice for traveling with the trunk area. The seats fold down in the back. Traveling in the seats are very comfortable. I don't like that the windows controls are in the middle console.

- Jessica F

Comfortable ride and good cargo space.

Stylish vehicle that is easy to drive and gets good mileage. Wish the seats in the front were slightly wider (they hurt my hips when I was pregnant because I was pushed against the door).

- Marie P

That it is a car that is suppose to look like a car from the fifties.

It is a car and it gets me where I need to go. I don't like that this year and model are prone to having electrical issues. I don't like that I can't afford to replace it right now.

- Jennifer W

The HHR offers reliable transport, and is an all around useful vehicle that offers much storage space.

I like that my car offers a unique shape, which is different from most cars on the market. I also like the orange color, and that my car has a lot of storage space. It's very roomy.

- Dustin W

That it is no longer made even though you will see quite a few on the road.

It's getting older and the model is no longer made, as part of getting older more systems are breaking down and parts are more difficult to find. But is spacious with good mileage.

- Joe B

My car looks small on the outside but on the inside, it is very spacious.

My vehicle is reliable, great on gas. I have coworkers who have the same model and year and they love theirs as well. I feel safe while driving. I recommend this car to others.

- Cindi p

A fun car to have and drive

Having an HR has been fun. It runs great. It does go really fast and you don't realize how fast you are going. It has been reliable and great on gas. Repairs have been minimum.

- Diana P

I'm only the second owner

It's grey. When I first got it, it had front end issues but they have been fixed. I love it! It's gotten me through a lot. It's been wrecked and fixed and still going strong.

- Marie H

It is a good running car, but it needs a lot of repairs

It is a very rugged car, it can handle all kinds of weather, but what i don't like about it is how often i have to take it in for repairs, it costs a lot to keep it running

- Michelle O

Rides very well and good gas mileage.

I like that it is very reliable and has great air conditioning but I do not like the color or shape of it. I also would prefer something that gets better gas mileage.

- Shirley D

It gets better gas mileage then you would think for something it's size. It is not good in snow.

Like it's size,it is good for shopping and for trips. I do not like how it handles in snow I will be adding sandbags in the back to make it better for this winter.

- Lois S

It was made to last- no problems!

This car never brakes! It's been the most reliable vehicle I ever had. Perfect air conditions, just enough space for all my stuff. 200000 miles and still going !!!

- Gosia f

It may only have 4 cylinders but it can move. it is hard to keep under the speed limit

Like I can get into and out of easily. Hate that people mistake it for a PT Cruiser. Like that it is very hard to lose my car because of its color----it's orange.

- Donna L

the comfortable seats are nice

I have always liked this vehicle. I wish it wasn't so expensive to get a new key fob and therefore it would be nice to have a keyhole on the passenger door

- Glennie W

How great it is on gas. That even a 6'7" tall man can fit in the passenger seat.

It's great on gas. Fits my family of 5 perfectly... Not a big fan of the low profile tires but they work. Speakers are great love playing music in my hhr.

- Hilary S

It is ugly, but it is functional.

I do not like the way it looks. I do not like where the window controls are placed. I do like the handling and ease for travel. The storage space is nice.

- Virginia D

I have gotten great service from my car and it almost seems like a friend to me.

I love my HHR!!!! I have had it for eleven years now and it has given me great service. I love the way it drives and the interior space is just right.

- Dianne P

It looks like the old gangster cars.

It drives real nice. Is not too bad to work on. It gets really good gas mileage. It has fold down rear seats making it easier to pick up large items.

- Syd D

the gas usage is great, i love the fact that i can fill it once every 2 weeks

i like the economical gas usage, dislike the constant repairs. door handles are flimsy, wiper blades need constant changing, exhaust is cheaply made

- sara n

It was a gift and it keeps us warm.

It is cute, super reliable, and great to drive. It has enough room for cargo without being too big. Very good gas mileage and very low maintenance!.

- Elizabeth P

Its reliable and looks good.

The car gets me where I need to go. Not real comfortable and needs more room. Ride is a little rough. All ways starts and run with few problems.

- Robert E

it's a great car and does not need a lot of maintenance.

handles very well, good on gas, lots of room, comfortable, nice looking. window controls bad location along with the armrest are too low.

- sarah t

The car is very versatile, many passengers or roomy for cargo.

I love that I can seat lots of family and haul some cargo on our trips. I dislike the vision when I am trying to back up or make a turn.

- Jana M

The back seat going down and lending extra room.

Love the car because it has a vintage look, has lots of optional room for my dog when the back seat is down and it has great handling.

- Lisa O

The number of owners you have had, the mileage.

It has been damage and I have spent fixing it, but it is comfortable and does not waste gas. After 3 years the car started to fail.

- Maria L

This car was so easy for my husband and me to drive. He is 6ft tall I am 5 ft.

We drove our car from Arizona to Nebraska, back to Seattle &then to Texas and Arizona. We had no troubles at all. Was a dream trip!

- Dorothy W

It is old. It is over 175,000 miles. It isn't in the best condition, but it will be faithful to what you need.

I like how easy it seems to fix. I like the tinted windows. I don't like the shape or the steering. I appreciate the gas mileage!

- Dekota J

it is very reliable and looks good love the way it drives



Good condition, reliable.

I love my car because it has a lot on room in it provides 4 seater like the color. I hate that they stop making them.

- Eugene G

That is it not a smooth riding car. But the car is really pretty and has a lot of features.

I love the look of the vehicle. I don't like the stiff suspension and rough ride. I like the equipment it comes with.

- Charlene S

it'll always have music playing - sometimes loud, and it's usually country.

There's nothing that I don't like about my car. I love the room it has and the cloth seats. Everything is wonderful.

- riley m

It is been a great car throughout the years.

Hate it is blind spots. Love the room. It is been a great car and gotten me we're I need to go. With little problem.


Just a great vehicle overall.

Great car with excellent mileage-has the capacity to haul 2 grandkids and still pick up groceries. Great vehicle.

- Michael L

this Car gets great mileage and has lots of room for carrying around stuff!

My vehicle gets good gas mileage both around town and on the highway. It has lots of room to carry stuff around.

- Marie C

Love my hhr good gas mileage.

Good on mileage, easy to drive, I can haul things . It. Just hate it is not an all wheel drive. Slides in snow.

- Rosie L

Great gas mileage and very reliable.

It is very reliable. I love the great gas mileage it gets. I don't like that replacement parts are so expensive.

- Debra L

It is no longer made anymore.

I runs good, but has a lot of problems. Rattles and rust are bad. I am not surprised they stopped making them.

- Bridget T

Great running family style vehicle.

Love how it still runs well, with minimal repairs.. Dislike the fact my leather seats have started cracking..

- Lee A

Good daily driver with lots of space.

Very reliable car. Not good for winter driving. Has a heavy front end and needs brake replacement regularly.

- Robin J

it is dependable, it gets good gas mileage it is tan

it gets good gas mileage, it has over 300 thousand miles on it. I dislike where the cup holders are located

- sonja c

that it is a good all purpose vehicle and decent on gas for in town driving very good on highway driving

decent on gas - lots of cargo space and seats 4 comfortably back seat roomy easy to park and travels well

- Katherine S

The interior is unique looking.

I just want a newer car with less miles on it. I would like something bigger and something more tech savvy.

- Sarah F

The inside feels dark and there is a light inside that is always on at night. The rear mirror is small and the car has many blind spots.

HHR has odd feature and interior, the rest has held up well but I do not see myself purchasing another HHR

- Marie D

My hhr is compact and gets great mileage.

I really like the size of my hhr. It is compact yet roomy. Great gas mileage and is great for long trips.

- Dawn J

It is dependable. Low gas mileage.

Plenty of room. For all of us plus it has a lot of trunk space for when I go antiquing and garage sales.

- Sandra B

Gas mileage is great 35 miles highway and 32 city.

Blinkers do not function properly once ignition was fixed. Good on gas mileage did replace transmission.

- Melanie D

It get me where i need to go. it look good and its always working.

It gets great gas mileage. It is low maintenance. Hard to see out front window. Need more space inside.

- Robert C

It's paid for and reliable. It gets me from point a to point b

It's puke gold metallic...starting to have quite a few things fall apart on it. It is reliable though.

- Kurt D

That it is a car that has low mileage and great on gas.

I like the mileage that I get, and I hate that it is not a all wheel drive. I love the way it drives.

- Rosie L

Fuel efficiency is economical and is very comfortable to ride in.

I l9ve the economic fuel usage, and the sunroof. Is great for traveling cross country. No dislikes

- Sara N

In town gas mileage needs improvement but does great on the highway

I love the size and look of the car. Trunk has plenty of space. Gas mileage could be better.

- Kari N

My car has welled traveled for many years and is easily maneuvered.

My vehicle is good on gas. It is in excellent working condition. My car is well built.

- Vickie J

It's a great car. No problems ever! It's very dependable.

I love everything about it. It is mine. I picked it out. I chose the color, etc...

- Audrey D

It dependable and gets good mileage

Love the size, the handling, mileage, comfort and accessories EVERYTHING about it

- Ann T

My vehicle needs frequent repairs, however, it is worth it

I like the fact that my car is so reliable, however it does need frequent repairs

- Michelle W

It gets us places. Plenty of good storage room too.

Mostly reliable. Turn signals don't cancel. Good size for us. It was available.

- Amy S

It's a smooth ride and that it handle well on all roads

I love the gas mileage on the car hate the fact that it has only one key hole

- Gianni C

Best vehicle I have owned. Over 200K miles with very little repair needed. Still runs great and get good gas mileage

Still running with over 200K miles on it. Only needed major repairs once.

- Jason S

This car has great gas mileage. It handles great, even in the snow and ice.

I like the way it handles and gas mileage. I don't like the compact size.

- Greg D

noisy and lots of bumpiness

it was a good price and has all the things I need and fairly reliable

- Susan D

That the car has the battery in the back of the care and the blind spots are had to see

I don't like the fact that the battery is in the back of the car

- Juanita T

Short engine life lose of speaker easy change oil filter and tune up

Like style dislike radio engine life like space in car

- Tom D

It currently has a lot of dents. Mechanically it is sound though

It runs very well. Haven't had to do much maintenance

- Hollie B