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Could have been a great little car.

It feels like there is always something wrong with this car. I started driving it in 2012, so 7 years now, and every year something has had to be worked on. If my father-in-law wasn't a mechanic I probably would have traded in my car a while ago. First I had power steering problems and things kept going wrong from there. The key would get stuck in the ignition -- luckily there was a recall on that part, but not for the bulk of time the problem was occurring -- I have had to replace the rotors several times, brakes need replaced more than normal, the driver's and passenger's mirrors will not move, shocks just got replaced, the stock CD player gets CDs stuck in it, the steering wheel buttons to control the CD system only half work, my back driver's side passenger door only locks half the time, I have replaced the key fob three times and now I just open the door with my key because I do not want to pay the $125 for another key fob, and the other morning my car made a funny noise starting up and it was determined I will, in the near future, need a new fuel pump. I am part of a Chevy hhr Facebook group and the issues are not only with my vehicle, rather they're common throughout the hhr community. Overall, the car is the perfect size for me, gas mileage is good, and the comfort level is decent -- although the leather in my front seats is cracking after only 135k miles of sitting time and I weigh a measly 100 lbs. Would I buy it again? No, absolutely not.

- Stevie T

Reliable and surprisingly spacious.

In my experience, the 2008 HHR is a highly reliable vehicle. I have not had very many issues with it in the time that I have owned it. As with all cars, there is a certain amount of upkeep which is to be expected. The suspension of the vehicle holds up pretty well. It drives very smoothly on the highway and has minimal road noise. On unpaved country roads it handles bumps and potholes very well. It has a surprisingly spacious interior. Three grown adult women were comfortable riding in the back seats during a six-hour road trip, and all five of our weekend bags, pillows and blankets fit in the trunk of the vehicle. It is not a great vehicle for those who are exceptionally tall as it is a shorter vehicle and does not have a ton of leg space. Because it sits so low, the headlights do not feel as though they reach very far at night. The interior is very comfortable and durable. Seats come clean easily and give good lumbar support. This vehicle handles surprisingly well in both the rain and in snowy/icy conditions. The heating and cooling systems in the vehicle are very responsive which makes temperature regulation easy. The CD player can only hold one CD at a time, but there is a CD player which is a feature you do not always find in cars nowadays. This vehicle is very practical for a single person or small family, as there is a good amount of storage space, but still allows easy access if you have children in the backseat who need car seats.

- Amanda S

This is strange. When you get in the car and turn the air to inside circulation the air gets cold like you had turned on the ac but you didn't.

The car itself isn't so bad it's the way it was built that has a lot to desire. The battery is in the hatch and to change the a front light you have to remove a front tire and go through the opening. Other then that it's pretty much a good car to have for going back and for to work or school. One of the other things I did not like and forgot to mention was that the year 2008 models had a feature that was kind of nerve racking and thankfully that was the only year they did that. When you got your speed to 40 mph and if you kept it there the car felt like it was pulsing, not good, and could not be changed. So until I get another car I had to learn to live with it.

- Allen G

The car is very comfortable, compact (with lots of space), and simple.

For the most part this vehicle has had no major problems but there have been a few minor one. Such as wear and tear (replacing tires, brakes, battery, air filter, oil change spark plugs, and wires) replacing the ball joints. Right now the current problems are motor mounts and suspension leaks. There could be more that I am not aware of. When we first got the car it ran smoothly/ hat lasted about a month and then car started to run really hard. As far as comfort and the features it has, the seats are comfy. The stereo is not world class but it is simple. There is plenty of space in the whether or not you put down the seats.

- Kara B

It had a lot of recalls that needed service but it is dependable if maintenance is completed accordingly.

Like the visibility even though it does have a blind spot. It has a large rear windshield. I did install a back up camera & side mirror attachments. I like that it has Bluetooth for the phone calls but after installing my own Soundstream GPS/Backup camera i can longer use the call buttons on the steering wheel. I wish it was compatible with that system or that it was easier to use voice command. Wish the back seats were more comfortable maybe arm rests. It's somewhat a hassle to install car seats in the back. I do like that I can fully collapse the back seats & have enough space for moving avg sized items.

- Rosio N

HHR stands for hillbilly hot rod

We bought the car used and in good condition from my grandma, it is a manual 6 speed. We have had it for 3 years. I don't particularly hate the car, but I know I won't be getting another one in the future, I am 6ft tall and its not comfortable enough for me, I feel like I'm trapped in a box when I'm in it. And if you want a window down to smoke or something you have to roll all of them down or the wind makes a really loud noise and it feels like your going to blow your eardrum out. Other than that it's a decent car, I like the hatchback and what the back seats go down, so you can actually haul stuff in it.

- Madison D

Chevy HHR SS Race Car Experience Off Track

My Chevy HHR SS has been a wonderful car. Great gas mileage, no matter the road conditions it's super stable, the mileage is currently 144 K and the only thing that has been replaced is one sensor all other work has been regular maintenance I eat oil changes tires and breaks twice one pair of socks. The car is a comfortable ride with the expected sport suspension I would say the only downside is a blind spot well looking to the left or right, your line of vision seems to hit the post in between the front and back doors, and the plastic trim also makes a mid range priced car seem cheap.

- Cynthia S

130, 000 mi with 3, 00 mi oil changes and keeping maintenance durability occurs.

Problems; after 7yrs a constant change in parts include such things as rear door latch, audio speakers, bearings, brakes, struts, small rust corrosion. Performance; 20-24 mpg city, smooth ride, well balanced, no sway, no shake. Comfort/features; plenty of leg room front, rear leg room could have a little more, rear space extends w/ rear back seats flat, storage compartment above dash, intermittent wipers, automatic headlights, 3 drink holders, air conditioning, am/FM radio, cruise control, travel pedometer.

- David P

A great car! Very zippy, compact but spacious.

I enjoy the car, I share it with my mother and it has great mileage. I have taken many trips in it and I have never had any problems. I life that it is compact but still very spacious. It can hold up to 5 people. I love that the it has a large trunk and the back seats go down. The only issues I've noticed are the tires. Since there are sensors in them if you change out the tires or move them they will not register that the tires are even on the car. . . Other then that I would be happy to get another hhr.

- Stephanie S

Classy, Roomy and Affordable

I love my HHR. The vehicle is very roomy and offers a lot of space when the backseat is let down. The gas mileage is great. I am usually able to go from Orlando to Atlanta on a single tank of gas. The vehicle is very comfortable and I have not had any issues with it since purchasing. I have nearly 270,000 miles on it and the ride is still smooth. I enjoy the CD player and aux cord features and the cruise control. Chevrolet should put the model back in production.

- Tiara S

Love my little 'high heritage roof' Chevy!!

I love the size of my little hhr. I have a 5 speed and love the ease of shifting. The smaller size makes it possible to fit into tight areas and parking spots. The small windshield makes it harder to see signals when stopped, but that is a minor problem compared to all the positives. It is a comfortable car to drive and ride in. There is plenty of room for passengers in the back and when the seats are folded down it has a lot of room to haul anything you want.

- Kathy J

Nice Looking But Tight inside

I find the vehicle a little claustrophobic I feel closed in. It looks nice and is comfortable to ride in. It does have a lot of problems but we bought it used. Has cooling problems, and front wheel, axle problems. My husband really likes the vehicle but I don't like it so much. It has good features, On Star, Sirius XM if you want to pay for them. I like the power windows and seats. Also if the battery goes dead it is very hard to get in the vehicle

- Nancy L

2008 Chevrolet with 2.4 ecotec engine.

I own a 2008 chevrolet hhr and I love it, and so does my wife. I've had very little mechanical problems with this vehicle. I've put about 35,000 miles on it, it is been extremely reliable. To date I have only done the front brakes, replaced the serpentine belt, sparkplugs, and done routine oil changes. It is a peppy vehicle with the 2. 4 ecotec engine. Gas mileage is fair, and averages about twenty two miles per gallon.

- Timothy S

Her 2008 is a great small family car.

We have had this car for about 2 years and so far the only real problems we have had out of it is the sensors for psi in the tires goes in and out. The radio speakers had to be replaced because they started make horrible sounds. Other than those few issues I love this car. It is reliable and spacious. It took some getting used to because the power window button are in the center console but overall a great car.

- Victoria H

The Chevy hhr: guide to buy or not.

It is very spacious, but not overbearing. Has one big blind spot that you just adapt to over time. Supercharged, so it goes very fast, so really no performance issues. The hhr also switches gears smoothly. Very durable as I have had this car for over 5 years without any major issues. Very easy handling, with nice sturdy breaks. Overall no major complaints, I would honestly recommend this to the intended buyer.

- Elijah R

Uncomfortable but good gas mileage, ok for cruising.

It is small inside and can be uncomfortable. I do not like where the window controls are. I like the sun roof and it get good gas mileage. It low to the ground which makes it uncomfortable to get in and out sometimes. I love the color, red, having a hatchback. It is not powerful on takeoff but runs well. My husband does not like to work on it because the engine area is small and metric.

- Gena H

Rusty doors due to design flaw.

This vehicle except for one thing, there is a lot of rust at the bottom of the doors and the back gate because of a design flaw. There are holes at the bottom of the doors and gate to allow water to drain as it runs down the windows and the design did not take into account the chemicals and salt used on the roads where snow is prevalent. It causes the doors to rust from the inside out.

- Kimberly A

A decent car but poor quality.

The car has a unique look and is an interesting throwback, but ultimately a station wagon. There are some troublesome blind spots and the battery is located in the wheel well. I am starting to have electrical problems which are very costly; the radio has broken and the lights were not shutting off on their own. It sits very low to the ground and cannot handle gravel very well.

- Emily S

Comfortable, reliable, good gas mileage

Only had one recall for Ignition switch replacement paid for by the dealership. One issue at one time was a faulty gear for the passenger side door. I keep the fluids changed on time and runs great. It is a very reliable vehicle. For loading through the hatchback, just drop the rear seats down. I have transported things as large as a 55' television in it. Still in the box.

- Timothy B

My favorite part is the option to fold the seats down for hauling bigger items.

The HHR is roomy and very convenient for family life. The back seat folds down in case you need to haul anything. The gas mileage isn't bad when compared to other SUVs. There are several cup holders including one for the back seat. Even with the back seats in place there is plenty of room to fit groceries, sports equipment, really anything you would need day to day.

- Alison H

Their is nothing special about this car, not a car I would but again.

Sensors were bad. Good on gas, converter went bad, ride hard, not a car I would buy again. Has enough room to carry supplies, brake lights go out a lot. Engine can be loud, not good if you go fast on highway. Car did not pass emission test, had to take test 3 times. I am going to sell this car soon, not going to spend anymore money on this car.

- John T

This is a great car for a family. It has enough room for everyone and storage in the back.

My HHR is the SS version, so it has a lot of power when I need it. It handles well, gets decent gas mileage for Its size, and I haven't had any mechanical issues with it. It is surprisingly spacious for storage when you fold the back seats down. I would like to get better gas mileage, but the extra room for people/items is worth the compromise.

- Rebecc G

A deliciously compact car.

Small and compact, in a good way. The stock speakers aren't that bad. The lack of proper window buttons is a drawback but nothing major (they are located between the driver and passenger seats). The car is pretty good on gas and will last you a long time. I have put over 20,000 miles on it in six months (Uber driver) and experienced no issues.

- Mitchell L

Fun to drive and super reliable!

My hhr has been extremely reliable, only ever needing routine maintenance. It is fun to drive, with plenty of room for the whole family and all of our stuff. My 6 foot tall husband does complain about the windshield being to short for him, but the only thing I would change would be the location of the cup holders and window controls.

- Melissa M

Loving my Chevy and would not buy a different make.

Never had any issues. . Drives great. . Comfortable. . . Great gas mileage. . Would recommend it to anyone. . . I have had mine since 2010. . 7000 miles on it when I got it. . . I wish I could explain how much I love my HHR. Hard to explain. . It has plenty of space to move things. Great for vacation. . . Room for my dog. . .

- Doreen S

Great for loading or unloading 4 door and spacey hatchback. Great for groups.

Very reliable comfy to drive on trips great for unloading and loading. Have only had to have one major repair in last 10 years. Love the satellite radio and sunroof. Glass has been broken in storms easy to replace. Leather seats have worn out wish they had more stamina. Overall great performance and would recommend to anyone.

- Jeff C

It is red it came loaded with a CD player 6 changeable disc automatic.

I bought this car from jd Byrider and it is the most reliable car I have ever had. It is a 2008 Chevy hhr red it has a 2.4 l 4-cylinder motor automatic very decent sized inside enough room you could actually live out of it is one of the most reliable cars I have ever had and if I had to buy another one I definitely would.

- Samantha L

I love the mileage I love the time that it can go before tune-ups.

The Chevy HHR is a economic vehicle to drive plus it is good on gas and I really love the way that you do not even have to change the oil but every three thousand miles or when you check the status on the information computer and I like the tire pressure system because it lets me know when to put air in the tires.

- Karl G

Great vehicle but has its drawbacks.

It is a great car mechanically but it rides very rough. It is good on gas and the upkeep is not hard. It is very roomy and lots of storage in the back for those shopping trips. The drawback like I mentioned earlier is it very rough riding but that is probably because it has a truck body is what the dealer told me.

- Charity F

The car is ok but has come with some electrical problems.

I think my car rides smoothly. I have taken it in for several factory recalls to get repairs. I still have problems with my electrical warning lights. My passenger airbag light warning occasionally comes on when no one is in the passenger seat. My tire is low light comes on when I have plenty of air in my tires,

- Shelley J

Love the car, but problem

The car is great. It is extremely reliable. The seats are comfortable. It is a great mini hauler for people and stuff. One downside is the tire pressure sensor cost an arm and a leg to buy. Although you don't need them you get a really annoying light and display every time you start the car. No way around it.

- Adrian K

Good car but had some problems.

I have had to take my car to get serviced a few times. My car alarm always seems to break. There is a shortage in the fuse. My door locks do not always work and sometimes the lock gets jammed but eventually works again. My blinkers will not hold I have to hold the blinker myself until I have made the turn.

- Lindsay F

Not the best choice for a vehicle.

The radio stopped working, my automatic starter broke, I've had to replace almost everything, it does have good gas mileage, it has a sunroof, it drives smoothly, I had to replace windshield wiper, the part that the water for the windshield wiper, the drivers door handle broke and had to be replaced.

- Christine F

My vehicle not a good car.

The windshield wiper went the part to push water on windshield wiper broke radio gone sunroof broke brakes went after 7 years undercarriage rusty needs to be replaced noise car makes no one can figure out what it is the gas mileage is good the interior stains really bad make sure you get car covers.

- Christine F

It is not the best, but it works to get you around and is affordable.

Since the model that I currently use is rather old and wasn't very expensive around the time it came out, I run into several problems and it takes quite a bit of upkeep, although that can be the case for any car. It drives smoothly, though, and definitely works when it comes to getting around town.

- Gale G

Chevy HHR very reliable vehicle.

My black 2008 HHR is really reliable. It is very good on gas and have only had a few minor problems here and there like new spark plugs and brake pads and tires but nothing major has really gone wrong with it. I really recommend the Chevy HHR to any small family that wants a very reliable vehicle.

- Kenneth T

Hhr Body Style: This style is a classic zz top of the 70's ' Vintage' look.

My Chevrolet Hhr gets great gas mileage. Very comfortable. Lots of room for a small SUV. Car has a nice vintage look which is that 70s 80s flare. Makes a long trip seem enjoyable. Plenty room for a small little family. I would rate this car a 4 out of 5 compared to my other cars I have owned.

- Tammy W

Reliable, good driver and plenty of space.

Very reliable car, no problems for the most part until it hit 100, 000 miles. Frame is too "fragile" like most builds these days. Love the color I chose, but the aesthetic is not the best - kind of a cross between a PT Cruiser and a sedan. Would definitely buy another Chevy in the future.

- Rachel K

Love that it is not a car, but not large as an SUV. It is kind of a cross/hybrid!

Love our hhr! It is got plenty of trunk space, ample leg room in the front and back seats. Our daughter's car seat fits nicely. We bought ours used and it has had some issues. The ball joints are needing replaced, we had to replace the modules in the computer system, and a few other things.

- Kayla G

A Vehicle with Versatility

I like that the HHR is a mid car size but sits up higher than other cars. I like that it does not have a traditional trunk and the front seat folds down which gives me versatility. For being an older vehicle, it has been very durable with minimal repair needed. It's easy to drive and park.

- Theresa K

Good car for the money. I can get at least 28-29 miles to a gallon.

Good gas mileage, has plenty of space, but it does ride like a tin can. It is ok to drive, it does eat some oil. It has been a good car for us because we do haul a lot of stuff and we drive a long distance to work. If I can find another one at the right price, I would buy another one.

- Sue E

Looks geeky, performs well.

Very reliable car. Electronics are shot, no radio. Came equipped with OnStar. Mpg 27. Blacked-out exterior gets hot. I purchased this car in 2012. I knew when I test drove the car that I would be comfortable in it. The interior is roomy and can accommodate 4 people without issue.

- Melissa C

Keeps on running, great value and great mileage.

I have had my hhr since 2008, I have not had any problems with it at all. It gets great gas mileage, fun to drive and is very comfortable. It has never broken down on me or left me stranded. Great cargo area for bags and groceries. Paint on car is like new and no rust spots at all.

- Janet S

2008 Chevrolet HHR awesome little car!!

It's a very practical car!! 2008 Chevy HHR with Key FOB with remote start, driver notification panel below speedometer that tells you everything, lots of storage, lots of pep & good gas mileage. Bought it used with around 74,000 miles in 2014. Still runs like it is brand new.

- Kell B

My car is the Chevy version of a pt cruiser.

I bought my car used, but overall the car runs really well and smoothly. I have not had to do any repairs in the past year that I have owned it besides getting my oil changed. The space in the car is amazing and I would recommend this car to anyone who was considering buying one.

- Samantha V

The 2008 HHR sits perfect for me. It is at the perfect height.

My blend air door broke. I had to replace the upper heater box and I have to take dash apart to fix it. The ball joints seem to go bad on theses cars easily. The shocks don't last very long. This is not a smooth ride. The air vents don't reach the back seats very well.

- Debbie Z

Loads of room to put just about anything in it.

I love the hatchback and the seats folds down in the back for extra good space. The check engine light is going on and off. The performance is peppy. The battery is at the back of the car which makes it easy to maintain the engine. I like the lumbar support in the seats.

- Nicki P

It's pretty good on gas. i have never had any major problems with it.

I like my car but it has rusted a bit prematurely. The shape of it has contributed to that, I believe. When it's too cold, it doesn't ways to unlock. I think it's a bad system to have only one key hole. You can't unlock hatch or driver's side door, it's no good.

- Regina P

It has very few miles on it.

Perfect size for me, good on gas, plenty of room in back for groceries, no major problems in the 10 years that I've owned it. It still has a lot of life since I've only put 49000 miles on it. Would love to have it painted in the future and give it to a grandchild.

- Pamela A

An interesting detail about the hhr is the divider in the trunk easy to put in.

Very good for a new family. Rides real smooth and is great on gas. Perfect for those who are really short like myself. It has an AUX cord port for those music lovers. Trunk is big and has a divider in the back so you can separated the fragile goods you are carrying.

- Natasha G

It is very dependable! 11 years as my daily driver and no service issues.

I love the exterior design, modeled after the old Chevy panel vans. I also love that even though mine is a four door, it doesn'T have the side windows in the cargo area. I?Ve never seen another one like it! The only thing I do not like is where the cup holders are.

- Melissa M

Roomy with great gas mileage SUV.

It may look like a car, but it is a SUV. It has automatic driver seat and you can have it sitting high above the road which is better vision. It drives nice, not sporty as it only had at cylinder. It gets about 21 per gallon in the city. Nice vehicle. Lots of room.

- Tracy L

Dark gray, fast and reliable.

Ball joints, old tires, making a loud noise or something but I am grateful for my car it gets me from point a to point b so I cannot really complain it is reliable it is a gas saver so I am happy for that one hubcap missing front tires needs balanced that is it.

- Briar S

Highs and lows of an Chevy HHR .

Drink holders not very convenient to use. Window controls on center console also an inconvenience. For the size of the vehicle only being a 2 seater is kind of a waste. Having charger ports in rear by hatch is rather nice. Plenty of headroom and spacious inside.

- Sue C

It is comfortable to ride in and gets great gas mileage, so join me on road trips!

It has a lot of seating space, so I can take up to four friends with me on trips. Additionally, it has fully flat folding seats that have allowed me to help friends move recently, saving them some expenses on moving. Finally, it is just a fun vehicle to drive.

- Chris S

My hhr is great on gas when traveling on the road.

I really enjoy my hhr. I brought it used so there were pre-existing problems but for the most part it is a great vehicle. I was able to take it on the road so it is reliable. I recently had a third child so space is tight with car seats. Love all the features.

- Crystal W

Facts about my car. And my disappointment.

The lower window failed to work within six months. Trouble with door locks. Air hose blew our in three months. I only drive 5 mile radius from home to anywhere I go to. I seldom travel many distance. the dealership blew me off. I will never buy a Chevy again.

- Ruth S

Great car for the size...

It is a good car, good gas mileage plenty of legroom no problems with the car. Just regular upkeep. Oil changes, tune ups and the such. Plenty of headroom and the cargo space is amazing. The look of the panel car is sleek and unique. A good all around car

- Lisa B

2008 reliable, dependable Chevy HHR

My vehicle has 267,000 miles. I am the original owner. Other than repairs for normal wear, tires, brakes, etc. I have not had any issues with the vehicle. Gas mileage is great. I can get close to 450 miles a tank of gas when traveling on vacation.

- Kathy L

2008 Chevrolet HHR: Affordable Mini Bus

The car is mechanically sound. No problems, no defects, etc. The car is very comfortable; seats 5 and has the option to lower the back seat down for extra trunk space. Features a sunroof, cruise control, and is ultimately very reliable and affordable.

- Brittany L

Very reliable and has lots of cargo room

no to bad had to have the key switch changed. and some updates that the manufacturer had to pay. Every once in awhile has a problem starting that nobody can seem to figure out why But the car has over 200,000 miles on it So it lasted a long time.

- scott h

Very customizable, fun to drive

One of the best cars I have ever owned. Full options, power, leather, auto. No timing belt to change, good mileage etc. The one preceded fault is the view forward. The HHR does have a low roof line, but the is the main draw, Heritage High Roof.

- Patrick J

It's better than a PT Cruiser, which is the car it competes with.

It is roomy, has nice features, not bad on gas. I dislike the fact that it only has one single keyed entry, but apparently that is a thing with newer cars? Also rather inconvenient to have to remove the front tires to change the headlights.

- Kristen W

It's a fun car to drive, has pretty good acceleration for being just a standard car, and there's quite a bit of space in the back to store items.

I feel the visibility is not great sometimes, as the windows seem small and seeing out the back sometimes is difficult. I also hate that the window buttons are on the dash rather than on the doors. Otherwise we've been pretty happy with it.

- Kendra N

It has great gas mileage.

The look of the car is not very attractive and its nearly impossible to see outside of the thing when you are trying to look for oncoming traffic. I do not like the seats or the feel of the plastic that surrounds everything inside.

- Ashley S

It is great on gas, have to change the oil once a year or 10,000 miles.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b and has not quit on me yet. I don't really like the slow take off, the hatchback, that its almost 11 years old, there have been a few recalls, I wish it was more stylish.

- Breanna M

I love my chevrolet HHR and you will too!

I love my vehicle, I've had only one issue with it in the last 7 years. There was a recall on the ignition switch, although it got fixed and working fine. It's great on gas and doesn't require to much maintenance.

- Mary V

If you want an HHR, look at this review.

When I first got the car is was a good car. After the 6 month mark was where it went down hill. Pros: Good on gas and comfy Cons: Cap and funnel for oil keeps popping off, loud on the engine, tires wear down easy.

- Ernesto p

Versatile. Has many uses such as carrying lumber, small furniture, or kids.

I love my HHR. I am very sad they quit making them. I would but another one in a heartbeat. Low maintenance, great gas mileage, and I can haul eight foot boards in it. Also like the higher seats.

- Darla J

It is drove a lot of miles, and still going.

to begin with my HERR’s gas mileage is somewhat good. There is plenty of room. Can be used like a truck when the seats are laid down. Not my favorite car but it is okay especially for the price.

- Sherry M

It is very good on gas mileage.

My vehicle is good on gas. Its small enough just for me to get into. Its big enough for my family. The only thing I do not like is how the dealership do not let you know when there are recalls.

- Danielle L

It is a good car. I like the way it looks, handles and drives.

I love my vehicle. It has been very safe and reliable. I have had no major issues with it. I have had to replace the brake rotors a few times, but I think that is more because of where I live.

- Alex N

The Chevrolet hhr lt is a great family car.

I like my car because it is dependable, I can carry my grandkids with me and still have room for shopping. It gets great mileage and it starts right up in cold weather. It is quiet and roomy.

- Marita C

If you intend to only drive this car in the city it's perfect. With the suspension it has do not expect to have a smooth ride on dirt or gravel.

It has been a very good car. One thing I love about it is how comfortable the seating is and how much power it has. The suspension could be better though, on gravel roads, it is very rough.

- Kevin W

Do not buy one. There are too many issues

Only 1 door has a key lock. I don't like that because the drivers side gets stuck so I cannot lock my car. It has made noise since day one. I like the visuals and the gas mileage

- Jessica M

Reliable, spacious, and inexpensive.

It's spacious and it gets good gas mileage. The interior finishings aren't high-end, but they're practical. It's reliable and I'll probably keep this car for the foreseeable future.

- Andrea H

It's more fun that it appears to be. It looks boring but it's not

I like that it's fast, fun, can fit all of my children and I, and that it unique. I don't like that it isn't the best quality of builds and parts are hard to find because it's rare.

- Brian R

The great gas mileage and reliability. It is easy to work on but the battery is in a poor location. It's very difficult to jump another car.

I love the gas mileage. It is very reliable. It is my first car and the only car I've owned. It is also very easy to work on. The only complaint is the location of the battery.

- Douglas C

Do Not Buy This Car Unless You Want To Spend Money

Always having mechanical problem and engine light on for no reason. Has front end problems, catalytic converter replaced . Now engine light is on because wheel sensor is bad.

- Mary B

The chevy hhr black model I own is one of the easiest, good performing cars I've ever owned

Great car for children, spacious with lots of trunk space. After 13,000+ miles there's a few things that were major that needed fixed but other than that it runs smoothly.

- Chance S

Great cargo space in a fuel-efficient vehicle for a great price

It was inexpensive when we bought it certified pre-owned. It has a lot of cargo space. It's reliable. It doesn't fit our two carseats well. I still need more cargo space.

- jacque a

HHR Pretty Decent Vehicle

This vehicle has performed fairly well. I have driven it for about 35000 miles and bought it used. I would consider buying a similar vehicle with more passenger capacity.

- Thomas F

Great car with few issues.

Sensors tend to go out often, ac, tires, and information sensors. Other then that this car has had very few issues over the past 8 years and has been a very good car.

- Janessa R

It is very important that they check to see if it has any safety recalls.

I like that I can fit it easily into small places... And that is somewhat good on gas..... I dislike that I have problems with the power steering and not very roomy.

- Melissa K

It's very good on gas! Will get 500+ miles on one tank.

I love my car. I think it is cute. It has served me well in the eight years that I have had it. There is nothing I dislike about it, except that it is getting older.

- Alexandra B

It is a reliable vehicle that allows me to transport large items

It was my husbands car. When he could no longer drive it it became the spare vehicle. When he passed it became mine. Its okay but I wish it were it not 5 speed

- mary p

Great value and good, reliable family vehicle perfect for daily activity and travel.

My HHR has been a solid vehicle. No major problems. I love that I can put down the back seats and fit my bike. Great family vehicle and good on gas mileage.

- Jamie Z

Reliable and safe comes to mind when I think of my HHR.

I will say that my HHR is very dependable and I have over 180,000 with no major repairs. It is roomy and I feel like my kids are safe when driving them

- julene r

It's comfortable and serves Its purpose.

The vehicle still looks good on the interior and the exterior, however, it is a 10 year old vehicle and there are issues with some of the mechanics.

- Perri W

It's a great, all-round vehicle with a long life span

My HHR is good on gas, easy to drive. Because of the hatchback, it is great for transporting things. Loading and unloading groceries is a breeze

- Ellen G

It's been very dependable and also gets good gas mileage.

Dependable vehicle and great AC! Horrible in winter driving Pain to replace parts...even the headlights. Location of battery is inconvenient

- Angie G

It's a good car. Good on gas.

Like style and gas mileage. Dislike air conditioning breaking easy. Front end always needs repair and very noisy. Cost some money to keep up.

- e s

Has some prominent blind spots.

Love the look and style of the vehicle but wish it was a little roomier inside regarding drivers section. Extremely smooth and easy to drive.

- Margaret B

Runs good so dependable and is comfortable riding in the car.

It's roomy as hubby is over 6 feet tall, it's comfortable like a car, very few problems other than general maintenance, Great with mileage.

- Dawn N

that i love it, and will hate when time comes to trade it in

i love everything there is about my car. it gets excellent mileage and i like the retro look of it. it has a sunroof which is pretty cool

- karen M

The gas mileage on this car is amazing and it will get you where you need without worrying

I love the gas mileage that it has on it, it takes me where I want to go but it seems like it has more issues quicker than most vehicles

- Meghan G

It gets good highway miles.

Its small and cramped. The seats do not take well to cleaning. The key fobs stopped working. The transmission tugs while accelerating.

- Rebecca W

that it runs well, gets good mileage and i just love it

i love my hhr. it has a good look, it runs nice and it is very comfortable. i will buy same car if available when i need another car

- linda m

The size of the vehicle is great.

A little too small inside and I do not like the layout for window controls, door locks, and cup holders. Could be designed better.

- Valerie T

Very very good on gas, can haul large items with seats down.

Seats fold down for moving large items. Standard shift, not everyone can drive it, good on gas. Only has one key lock entry door.

- James G

I considerate the interior comfortable for at least four passengers.

It is very fuel efficient, comfortable seating and headroom. When you put the back seats down you can several rifles(in cases).

- Rebecca M

Just a great family car for all around use.

I love my car and the size which is good for family trips, transporting pets and moving. Also love the way it drives and rides.

- Amber D

It is hard to maintain by myself.

Does not have air in the back for the kids. Has stains and minor body damage. Needs to be more comfortable when on long trips.

- Zack M

Has heated seats which is great since the seats are leather

It is a decent car for a family. Has lots of space can easily put two car seats in the back seat. Nice overall appearance.

- April G

It has many dangerous blind spots.

I dislike the blind spots. I also dislike how I cannot change the headlights without a lift. I dislike the window buttons.

- Joy A

Drivers very good and has good fuel mileage.

I like the performance and the fuel mileage. I like the interior room and cargo space. I dislike the blind spots it has.

- Billy M

I love my car because it is the perfect size for me. It gets great gas mileage and the ride is smooth. My only complaint is that they don't make them anymore.

I have no intentions of selling it ever. I have a cargo style and it will hold quite a bit and still have a smooth ride.

- Janet J

it has lots of storage space. i need all that room

smooth ride with great storage space. the color is really good. i am ready for something different, but no complaints

- syd f

I like it is fuel efficiency and it is size.

I like the size and fuel efficiency.. I do not like how the car is shaped and the lack of room i. The drivers area..

- Joseph F

It gets great gas mileage.

Its to small for everybody to be comfortable. We bought as used for my daughter n law to use for dr. Appointments,

- Frances K

It has sport mode, but has to spend much more gas with the sport mode.

I like how it has lasted so long and continues to get good gas mileage. However, it doesn't really look very cool.

- Matthew D

Cargo space is excellent, even with rear seats up.

Compact, energy efficient, versatile. Seats 4 comfortably, can accommodate 5. Able to load 8 foot length lumber.

- Raymond R

Fuel efficient. It seems small but it has enough room for three people to ride comfortably.

I love that it is easy on gas. It is big enough for my boyfriend and me to go where we want and not cost a lot.

- Christine W

Affordable, good gas mileage.

To many blind spots, does run very well. Back seat to small. Paint not holding up well. Some front end issues.

- Karen C

They should know about it's fuel efficiency and it's an easy car to maintain.

I like it's size and fuel efficiency. I don't like the shape of it and the space I have in the driver's seat.

- Joseph F

The reliability. I have never had even the most minor problem with this car.

I like that it has a good motor and transmission and pretty good on gas. I dislike that it rides real rough.

- Charity F

This car is great on gas.

It is smaller than I would like. It is a rough ride. I like be the cute look. It is red. Love the color.

- Denise O

It has been a good vehicle. Would purchase another one like it.

It has been a great car. Not to many issues. Have had it since 2008 and only have 55,000 miles on it.

- jac a

It gets great gas mileage. It's great for taking on long trips if only a few of us are going.

It is vintage style without having vintage problems. It's easy and fun to drive. It is easy to park.

- Amy T

It drives well and has lots of room for storage. Great for vacations

We have had the car for about 10 years. It has been a great car. We like how it drives. No complaints

- Laura L

it runs perfect and i take good care of it everytime

i love my vehicle cause i use it for travel and i spend a lot of time in it and use it to sleep on it

- Eddie B

even at the size, it does get great gas mileage. It has easy to move seats and storage in the back

I like the size and the gas mileage. I would change the storage in the front of the car to hold more

- Bonita D

it gets me to where I want to go and it gets pretty decent gas mileage

I like the style but I do not like that it is an American car because it is not as durable

- rich m

That it has great horsepower to it.

I love my cars size. I do not like the size of the backseat. I also hate the trunk door.

- Tabitha S

That it is an older car and still surprisingly runs well.

Its red. It drives pretty well. It does have its issues though. It's terrible in snow.

- Abby A

it is very reliable and has great gas mileage

it has great gas mileage. it has great handling. it has everything on it that I need

- charles S

That I can't go over 45mph because the frame is rusted out

It's rusting away and I'd like a new one. Otherwise, it's an okay car for a beater

- LJ S

The car is very easy to handle and has great mileage.

I love the fact that it is roomy, but the seat belts in the back are hard to use.

- Louvinia R

I have had no problems with this car. it is always dependable and very easy to drive.

Low maintenance lots of room to take all of my family on trips easy to drive

- jac m

It's a good brand of cars.

It's been a good car. It's just a little small for a family of 4.

- Marcie A

easy on gas and easy to drive with little maintenance to do

lots of room to haul things around town and seats 4 to 5 people.

- sam z

A good reliable car. Excellent mpg.

Love everything from the size to the color of the interior.

- Beatriz G

It has a sunroof and it is the best kind of car on the road - paid for!

window movers are in the center and not on the door.

- Jeanne E

It is a very dependable vehicle.

No complaints. It is the best car I've ever owned.

- Brian S

it's a safe and fun car to drive

I love the way it drives and the room in it

- Laurie H