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My 09 Chevy hh are safe spacious and even has a nifty little compartment.

My 09 Chevrolet hhr has plenty of room, seating 5 people, including the driver. The backseat is very spacious. I have plenty of room for even bigger people. I really enjoyed all the safety features it has including many airbags and I love the digital panel that allows me to see how many miles per gallon I average as well as how many gallons I have left in miles. I do wish the center consul was a little bigger and wasn't so such tight squeeze for my coffee. The trunk although it is a hatchback is very spacious and even has a shelf that you can stack up for even more space. I do not like that it does not have anything to secure any of the stuff in the trunk, and it is a plastic lining so things are constantly sliding around back there. Doing home oil changes are very easy to do as well as much other car maintenance that you would do at home rather than have a shop and there is plenty of space under the hood to work. There is also this awesome hitting compartment in the front that allows you to store stuff away not in the glove compartment. My car was bought used in came with a remote start which is been very convenient during the winter months in Massachusetts state. I feel very safe when driving this vehicle and I enjoy how safe I feel my son is as well. I have not had any major issues with my car and it has served its purpose with many years left still ago.

- Vanessa B

A black hhr: a decent little car.

Overall the hhr is a nice little car. Its unique shape gives it a little more room than just the typical 4 door sedan. So its size and shape are great. Small features that will not be the deciding factor in buying a car are excellent. The radio will stay on after you've pulled the keys out of the ignition so you can listen to music without wasting petrol. The window controls are in the center of the console making the easier to reach, the layout of the dashboard is overall simple and unobtrusive. There are issues however, and unfortunately they are under the hood. Because of the location of the battery jump starting the car or replacing the battery is way more effort than it should be. A plug needing replacing once and was a simple fix but so much of the engine needed rearranging to even find the issue. Some of the mechanical choices made even a small fixable issue more complicated than it needed to be. However, there weren't that many issues to begin with so overall the hhr has been a decent car to me for around a decade now. Shame they were discontinued.

- Allison M

2009 Chevy hhr - extremely reliable and mostly comfortable.

I have had this car for about a year and a half now and it has been extremely reliable and performed well in all areas, whether I am driving in the country, city, on the interstate, or anywhere else. It is very comfortable and has lots of room, especially for how small it really is. The absolute only complaint I have about it is something very minor: the gear shifter is on the floor, and it makes it so the cup holders are farther back and sometimes inconvenient to get to. Overall, it is a great car and I enjoy driving it.

- Cora H

I like my HHR. I would like to have a newer model.

We have not had any major work done. However, there in something wrong with the computer that is not being fixed. The radio goes from low volume to high by itself. The light for that area goes off and on. The ESC light is often on. Service engine light comes on even though it has been serviced. I really like the ease for me to drive. The seats are comfortable for me...a smaller older lady. This is the only car that I not my husband picked out and I really like it.

- Jane s

Her. The vehicle is easy for me to drive.

The radio does not work. Even when replaced. I think this is a computer problem but it is never fixed during service and oil change. I like the performance. It does not slow down when on cruise and you hit a hill. I like the heated seats in front. It has a good take off speed. I do not like it because the computer warns of things that are not happening. Clock lights only work part of the time. The radio volume will go loud by itself.

- Jane S

The HHR is a fun car to drive.

I like how my car drives. I like the info tab so I can see the tire pressure, oil life, etc. on the dashboard. I like the cargo room. I don't like how narrow the car feels inside. I don't like that temperature control settings must be reset every time I get into the car. It is Florida and hot and it should remember the A/C. I also don't like that there is only 1 keyed entry and it won't unlock all of the doors at once.

- Anita o

An interesting detail of the car is the automatic window buttons.

This is my mothers car so I use it sometimes. She has complained about a circuit cut where her engine light comes on and off. She has been recently having a lot of leaking in the driveway. One side speaker sometimes goes out when we hit a bump. I enjoy the but warmers and sunroof. It is pretty inconvenient to have the window buttons below the radio. Maybe more space in front of the car, rather than the back.

- Gabrielle R

The engine has an odd sound especially on the freeway.

I have had my HHR now for about a year-and-a-half and it is been very reliable. Other than regular maintenance, I have had no problems with the car or any of its systems. It has lots of room for just about anything you want to do. The only thing I found about the car that I do not like is that it is a little bit uncomfortable on long trips for my left leg if I am not using the cruise control.

- John L

Compact commuter small but efficient.

I have haven't had many problems with this vehicle. It is great for commuting. It even does well on rocky /muddy terrain. The air conditioner has started acting up. You have to open the glove compartment and close it hard for it to come on. The one main problem that I have always had with this vehicle is that it is very compact. It is uncomfortable. Would not want to take on long trips.

- Sara S

2009 Chevrolet hhr summary highs and lows.

The cup holders are in a weird spot like the driver and passenger has to put up their arm rests to use the cup holders. It is a very reliable car, as I haven't any bug problems more than normal wear and tear. The seats are comfortable, maybe not multiple day long road trips but definitely not the worst seats, 7 out of 10. The drives nice and I would recommend this car to others.

- Morgan H

Overall a good little box car.

Overall this is a reliable vehicle. I have not had many problems with this vehicle. I love that the seats fold down and give me plenty of room for storage and hauling things when I need to lug things around. However I also have the option to have the seating capacity to have multiple passengers in my vehicle. Overall this vehicle has been reliable and been great to me.

- Tyler B

It has running lights and the second row of seats can be folded down.

When I first bought it 3 years ago my son went to tighten the timing chain. When he went to replace it he found other things wrong with the motor which he fixed. Since then it runs fine. I am short and have arthritis and a bad back. This car is easy to get in and out of and it fits my height. I drive on the interstate frequently and have no problem.

- Karen S

I like the automatic windows and I have my windows tinted.

The performance is pretty good and on the highway it is good gas mileage I like the size of engine that I have and the sound of it. The seats are pretty comfortable and the back seat of the car the seats fill really good the windows are automated and electric have a racket carrier on top and a sunroof top which really feel good when it is opened.

- L B

It has lots of storage space in a relatively compact footprint.

It had a few problems that were part of a recall by Chevrolet. I have some electrical problems now - the remote doesn't work to lock/unlock the doors, and the tire pressure sensors sometimes don't work either. I like having a hatchback and the ability to fold down the back seats. I have the manual transmission model and enjoy driving it.

- Julianne L

Smaller but spacious on the inside.

It is comfortable to sit in and drive for long periods of time, everything is easy to reach and adjust. There was a few issues with the door handle when I first got it but that was three years ago and everything has been great since. I love the hatch back and that the seats in the back go down, makes great for hauling large items.

- Brittany E

Chevrolet HHR reliable, spacious car.

The car drives smoothly, and comfortably, it is reliable and good on gas for its size. It is also a good pick for a regular car with some extra space I am the back. The car is also extremely durable and does not require much maintenance. This was my first car and I have not had any problems with it so far.

- Oliver R

Great reliable vehicle! Would recommend.

Has run great since purchase. It has over a hundred thousand miles on it and is still going strong. Needs occasional service, but not bad for a high mileage vehicle that sees regular use. It is just now running out of Freon despite being a Florida vehicle with the air conditioning one almost every day.

- Rosie C

Peppy with electrical problems

The car has a lot of pep, impressive really. The major drawbacks are in the electrical system and the main computer. We have had to have the car serviced several times and still have intermittent problems. The interior is quite spacious if not luxurious and seat 5 comfortably with room for belongings.

- Paul V

Good car for family of 4.

It has a lot of room. I can fit 4 comfortably and 5 is not bad. Could use more cup holders for the back and the front could be arranged different. I have not had many problems with this vehicle, other that the steering wheel shakes when I brake and can not seem to find the problem. Get ok gas mileage.

- Shawn S

Over all great reliable car, I am just ready for a change.

My car has been great for the most part! I have driven it for almost 9 years and have had very few issues. The ac runs great, the drive is smooth and the car is comfortable to sit in. With proper maintenance it can last! My only issue is just that I am bored with it! Nothing wrong with the car though!

- Julie R

Do not know. Replacement parts are reasonably priced.

The ride is uncomfortable, cheap plastic parts often crack and noisy in the cold weather. Location of battery for replacement is difficult. Gas mileage is so so. Replacement parts are cheap though. Back seat is small, so unless you are driving small children around it could be a tight squeeze.

- Lynda W

Smooth ride. Easy fix good on gas.

Great on gas nice amount of room smooth ride hands free talk and radio no looking down concentrate on driving. Parts are not too expensive, easy to change parts out. Headlights a little tricky hard to get too. Lot of plastic parts. Been very reliable drive over 200 miles once a month.

- daniel K

The battery is in the trunk of the car--where the spare tire is.

My hhr has been a reliable vehicle for me, although it has had some electrical issues. Great car for flat lands comparing to the mountains. It has comfortable seating and enough space when the back seat is put down for bigger items. Perfect family car as I use it for my family.

- Kristen C

What is important to me is the ease of driving my car. The adjustable steering wheel makes it just right for me.

My car was a replacement for another car that needed too much in repairs. I enjoy driving it. It is easy to handle and I like the way I can adjust the seats. They even recline. The back seat is able to lay down. providing more storage area. I think this is a great car.

- vinette d

HHR a fun to drive, roomy vehicle.

I bought my car used. It has about 77,000 miles on it. in the 7 yrs i have had it , I have only had to replace the alternator. It has great get up and go, It is very roomy in the fold down back. It is very comfortable and fun to drive, I wish the company still made them.

- jamie c

Awesome and reliable ride with Chevy.

Love the ride, it is very comfortable, we love to take it when we go on trips. I haven't encountered any problems with this car. We maintain our service on our vehicles in order to keep them running good. Only weird item is that the battery is in the back of the car.

- Debra B

Firsthand thoughts of 2009 Chevy HHR.

I would rate the overall quality as very good. The steering wheel should tilt more to accommodate all sizes of drivers. The 2. 4 L engine is peppy and works well with this car. The standard air conditioning is more than ample. Very good automobile for the practical.

- Gene H

I like the extra space in the back. It gives you a larger car feeling.

This vehicle is not like the HHR's that were made in previous years. This HHR runs differently and seems to have more mechanical issues than the one we owned before. I would have kept the first HHR but I was T-boned in an intersection and the car was totaled.

- Laura R

Great car with great gas mileage.

Its comfortable for long drives. Great on gas miles. Roomy enough to transport most furniture when moving. Kid approved. Easy to fold down the back seats to make more room. Comfortable seats with great back support. Air and heat work fantastic and quietly.

- Sabrina J

It will have problems with the electrical system and onboard computer

It is attractive in It's styling but suffers from electronic malfunctions. It has nice pep but is not very economical for fuel usage, I think it is comfortable to ride in and has significant storage space but really only seats 4 comfortably.

- Paul G

great car for short distance commuters

I love this car. The only thing I wish it that there was slightly more back seat leg room. the cargo area is great for 4 suitcases, or a huge load of groceries, the back seat fold down for even more cargo area. great gas mileage too.

- Suzy M

It feels small and low on the inside to tall drivers.

My specific model does not have back windows in the cargo area which creates a huge blind spot. The windshield is also lower so I have to bend down to see lights if they are too close to the car. It is a very generic "average" car.

- Erika S

Great vehicle!! Only ONE complaint!!

No issues other than visibility while driving. At times you cannot see other drivers coming into roundabouts as there is a blind spot between windshield and driver door window. Otherwise it is great!! Great turning radius too!!

- Laura F

Great car overall. It is an economy model vehicle in price with a load of great standard features.

I love the look of the car and the flex fuel option. It rides well, and has some nice features like remote start, satellite radio. What it lacks: a third row of seats, AWD, and a USB port (which I made up for with a plug in).

- mike g

Despite Its appearance, the HHR is an exceptionally capable work vehicle. I've used it to haul garden supplies, animal feed & the occasional landscaping necessities.

I enjoy the responsiveness of acceleration and steering. I have found mileage to be surprisingly good even with the AC engaged. My only complaint is the low header when entering the vehicle - I'm always bumping my head.

- Harold E

The shape of the car is pretty interesting

The car has a lot of blind spots. It's very difficult to park because of the blind spots. The hatchback is convenient with the storage area under the lid We Fall Down chairs or convenient for storing and delivering items.

- Charla F

The comfort and quietness of the vehicle on the highway are very pleasing.

My quaint little car is pretty reliable and I have only had to take it into the shop due to my actions. I have the 4 cylinder model and it has notable speed and acceleration all the while handling speeds remarkably.

- David W

The large interior space.

I like the the large interior space. I really love the fact that the front passenger seat folds down for extra space. I do not like the small engine, and it's not easy to work on. I love how the car is very unique.

- Devin Q

My blue Chevrolet car that is cute.

Haven't had many problems with the car. Handle broke off and the windows sometimes do not roll up the first few times I try. Water leaks into the gate when I use the back windshield wiper too many times in a row.

- Emily O

Gets good gas mileage. Is a comfortable ride, uses no oil.

My vehicle is candy apple red, I has 100, 000 miles on it, just had a transmission put in it, has black leather seats, has a sunroof, is great on gas, very comfortable to ride in, cost was really reasonable.

- Olivia W

It is only a 4 cylinder so it isn't very fast and has issues on get up and go.

The HHR when first purchased was excellent. However, as it has aged it's become terrible. We are constantly doing repairs to it from minor to major. With a growing family, it's no longer a practical vehicle.

- Olivia G

My vehicle has been very reliable as long as the maintenance is done regularly.

I have had my Chevy hhr or 5 years I have not really had many problems with my car. The only real problem that I have had is I recently had to pay $400 to have the gas line replaced otherwise no problems.

- Flora L

It is a well made car and I would buy another one if they still sold them.

I like that it hasn't given be too many problems. I like the shape/size of it. I like that there aren't as many of them around (since they stopped making them). I just wish that it got better mileage.

- jan m

It's got lots of room for its size.

I love my vehicle Right now, it is overdue for some servicing, so, it's not in the best condition it can be. Once we become more financially stable, we'll get that done and, then, it will be perfect.

- Cheryl D

Reliable and comfortable ride.

My car is great on gas. It is very comfortable. I feel safe when I am driving. My only complaint is the placement of the gas tank because I am lazy and would rather have it on the driver side.

- Patrice D

It is paid for. It needs some minor body work from the deer strike. However, I am not going to pay what they want for a , mostly, cosmetic repair.

It handles almost as good as my TRIUMPH tr4 which I had 40 years ago. It gets decent gas mileage of 25 Miles per Gallon in town and 35 MPG on the road. It has enough room to haul some things.

- Frank H

Great small car, as long as you remember it's small

Great little car. Holds the family comfortably and gets a respectable gas mileage as well. Cargo space is only fairly sized. I have had a few issues where I needed out to be a little bigger.

- Richard F

My bright red Chevrolet HHR is sporty and fun to drive.

I like the maneuverability of the vehicle. It is sporty and fun to drive. I don't like how difficult it can be to see sometimes. The headrests seem to be positioned right in my blind spot.

- Andrea C

Chevy HHR just right!! If you have trouble getting in and out of a car or SUV because it sets too low or too high this is the just perfect choice!!

I love my Chevy HHR. It is like a mini SUV. It is good on gas. Haven't had in major problems with it. It is perfect to get in and out of if you have joint problems. Just the right height.

- Margaret P

Takes a while to stop the car because of the anti-lock brakes.

Smooth riding car. Gets great gas mileage tells you when you need to get oil changed or put air into the tires. Still learning all the different warning lights on it, some are confusing.

- Jean T

My car is the most top working tool I have ever had.

My car is great, with the regular oil changes, maintenance, and cleaning I do not have any problems with my car. Chevrolet has always been a reliable, comfortable, , and dependable car.

- Jason L

It's a great car, and I wish they still made them.

It drives well, is a good size, and is very dependable. I really love it! The only issue is that we wish the car was a couple of inches wider, for comfort, and had better cup holders.

- Tiffany g

It gets really good gas mileage and it run extremely well

I like my car. It's a nice running vehicle. I do not like the fact that my speakers have a short in them and that I can not let down my passenger window without reaching over there.

- Chelsea L

Perform regular maintenance and it'll run great for a long time.

Reliable, cheap/easy to repair, solid construction, style is nice, good on gas, have almost 150,000 miles on it and it still runs great. Doors rusted and bushings wore out quickly.

- Chris K

2009 HHR SS Review must read!

My HHR SS has been pretty solid and reliable. I've had a few things go wrong like the back windshield wiper fluid pump, but it's been a good car. I love the handling and pickup.

- Allen W

Best car I've ever bought

I love my car it's dependable and fits anything an SUV would. It is sound mechanically and runs no matter the weather. I wouldn't trade my HHR for anything in the world

- Nichole L

It plays awesome music and the seats are comfortable.

I like my vehicle because it is comfortable. I also dislike it because it has a mechanical issue that gets on my nerves. Overall I like it because it is easy to drive.

- James D

It is a vehicle that works.

Its an old car. It has the problems of an 11 year old car. There isn't anything that makes it special or bad. It gets me from point A to point B without an issue.

- James H

It is very comfortable and fun to drive.

There are a couple sensors that keep messing up also I have very wide hips and they go over the seat belt receptacle to where I am unable to use the seat belt.

- Barbara L

Very reliable, comfortable and economical.

I haven't had any major problems with my car. I keep on top of oil changes, tire rotation, belts etc. I have had one or two recalls and had them taken care of.

- Mary E

The HHR has tons of truck space but the car inside is actually tiny

The hhr has several issues that seem to the computer will tell you your low on oil but when you check it your not. The o2 sensor goes frequently as well.

- Mikki G

good on gas. came with 5 year warranty, reliable, dependable

The CHevy HHr is great. It has been in our home since 2011. It is a workhorse and no issues ever. Good on gas. The only issue is kids are getting bigger.


Gas mileage is not great.

I drive many miles and it has been reliable. Have 207, 000 miles a this time and hope to get many more. Wish it got better gas mileage, only 24 mpg.

- Kristen O

It is easy to drive the fuel is economical .

I like the appearance. I like that is roomy. I like the royal blue color. E85 fuel is cheaper. It is easy to drive. The onstar system is great.

- Marcia C

the car functions like a smaller SUV for half the price.

i dislike the size at times. could have more interior room. i do like the gas mileage, design or looks of the car, and the ease of maintenance.

- nate b

I think this car is really fun to drive. It's a good looking car.

I like the way it looks. I like the color of it. like that it's a Chevrolet. I don't like the amount of money I have had to spend on repairs.

- Andrew H

should buy one lasts easy to drive looks good dependable love it

great car love it good mileage reliable rides well good looking dependable gets me where i need to go no problem. really love chevy products

- charles b

All the cup holders the room in the back of the truck.

No complaints. I keep the back seats down because I have 2 chows. They love riding in the back. I haven't had any problems with it at all.

- Dianne S

Gray chevrolet HHR four door

So far it's been really good to me. Got it in February and haven't had any problems at all with it. And my husband likes driving it also

- Melissa K

Great engine makes my car reliable.

Great engine, plenty of room for 4 passengers. Steering wheel has a recall. Keyless entry does not work. Cruise control does not work.

- Rachel M

It runs well & hauls a lot of gear!

I like the room in it. I like the fact that it has run good. I do not like the rust. I do not like it that the wheels get full of ice.

- Laura K

It lasts a long time if you take care of it and do the maintenance.

It has been a great car for our family. I don't like the windshield, it is small and sometimes we have to duck to see the stop lights.

- Laura B

It's roomy and comfortable.

Like the ability to lay the seats flat. I like the higher seats. It drives like a truck. The gas pedal is at an uncomfortable angle.

- Nancy C

Flex fuel option is awesome! Great gas mileage. E85 fuel is cheaper and easy on wallet.

I like the gas mileage it gets and the e85 option for fuel. I like easy maintenance. I dislike the plastic bumpers and easy dents.

- Jessica L

It can run on so alcohol which is good when there is a gas shortage and cheaper

I like that it's easy on gas and good on long trips. Indoor that it doesn't handle good on curves and that it is a pain to work on

- Nathan C

If I baby it, I can get 28 mpg out of it.

Pretty good pep for what it is. Comfortable to drive. Decent fit and finish. Smells like ammonia on start up, could just be mine.

- Brian M

Consistent worry. Do not know if I'll have problems.

Unreliable always needs work. Check engine lights always coming on. Brake lights, power steering lights abs lights, lock lights.

- Thomas M

It's paid for and has very low miles. I am keeping it

I like that my car gets fair gas mileage. My car has all options I wanted when I bought it. I wish the front window was higher.

- Czenzi K

Great performance and very reliable and great gas mileage

It's a great car it's good on gas easy to maintain performs very very well very reasonably priced good power for a four cylinder

- Travis C

It is the best one I have ever had. I'm very fortunate to have it. I want to keep it for awhile.

I like the height for getting in. I don't like where the air conditioning vents are located. The turn signals don't turn off.

- Julie M

It's small, reliable and it can perform with the big boys!

Had 2 recalls on my car, other than that, no problems. Just normal wear and tear. Performance has been great, Very reliable!

- Mae W

Wonderful HHR with gas mileage.

My vehicle is comfortable to ride in. It is easy to drive. I can make sharp turns in it. The gasoline mileage is wonderful.

- Shirley C

Good response and good for transporting.

There are no real problems, the only thing is I wish that it got better gas mileage than the 20 mile per gallon that it gets.

- Christopher J

it is basically a miniature sports utility vehicle

i wish it had more head and leg room. i love how much storage it has, though. i hate where the battery is, it's an annoyance

- kamron w

It has heated seats that I love.

My vehicle takes me to work everyday and it's to fix with reasonable prices. I love how it runs and my kids love it as well.

- Isabel E

That is safe and reliable.

I like how comfortable it is to drive. I like the look of it. I like the gas mileage. I do not like the outdated stereo.

- Jill C

All the leg room and the reliability.

I love the roominess of the equinox. It has lots of legroom. I dislike it riding like a truck. It sounds like a truck.

- Pam S

It is a good all round car.

It is compact and just right for me. Very good gas mileage. It is a sporty little car. Can heal most anything I want.

- Kathleen C

HHR. looks like a PT cruiser. been great.

it's been great for the most part. overdrive transmission is having issues, needs a part right now hope to get soon

- earlene w

HHR review in a nutshell...... don't buy it

Noise issue, bad in weather, burns thru tires quickly. AC is inadequate for the car.stereo is fine most of the time.

- Josh M

This car gets great gas mileage.

I love that it gets great gas mileage, it's a very dependable little vehicle. I wish it was a little bigger though.

- Nicole D

Going around corners is really smooth

Handles really well, has great turning radius, engine sounds really good. The shape reminds me of the PT cruiser.

- Nathaniel M

The thinner tires make it less steady, which takes getting used to.

I love that it is very versatile, handles easily, and is fairly economical. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Paul W

Easy to drive and strong engine.

I love the mileage I get out of it,i love this space it has in it, and the quality of ride it gives me is great.

- Crystal D

It has no back seat or side windows. Makes a great travel vehicle. Hidden side doors

Makes great u turns, good on gas and it's been coast to coast 5 times with no problems at all. Awesome vehicle

- Roberta B

The front suspension is noisy no matter what you replace.

Like the good mileage and hauling capabilities. Reliable from day 1. Dislike the noisiness of the front end.

- Mike R

It is a stylish, fun to drive, and has good gas mileage.

I really enjoy driving my chevy HHR. It is good on gas, stylish, and it goes through the snow very well.

- Sue H

It is smaller inside than it looks.

I like the design, the overall look. I like the interior and the available space. I like the horsepower.

- Jon T

It's a damn chevy gotta see To believe

Its a Chevy 4 door runs good good on gas its red cloth seats a.c. Cruise control c d player towbar on it

- Steven Q

I like it. My dogs like it. It is unique. Inexpensive to operate.

There is nothing I can bad about this car. It has been a great car for me. I have traveled a lot in it.

- Elson R

The car has lots of space to put things.

The car has lots if space in the back for things. The car is easy to drive. The seats are comfortable.

- Amy D

I really enjoy how good my car handles.

a times my hhr is to small for all my & my families needs. Sometimes I need a much larger cargo area.

- Tammy W

Easy on gas and good to handle.

It is a newer car than what I had. It is easier to drive and great to get in and out of. Good on gas.

- Joanne F

All cars are similar in construction. Choose the body type you love

love the body style. not crazy about the mpg's though. front wheel drive takes getting used to

- bobby B

trusty.trustworthy , well built even though i am a ford man through and through , okay

It is a model car that affords us to carry all and everything we do in our lives in comfort

- james r

plenty of cargo space throughout the vehicle front and back

I like everything about my vehicle however it's a stick and my wife can not drive it.

- Alan B

Great cargo capacity, wide rear opening

135,000 miles and virtually no problems. 30 miles to the gallon and fun to drive.

- Jim F

My car is fantastic for the shorter limbed driver.

I like the way it handles. It is good on gas. It is just the right size.

- Necia Y




If you use higher octane fuel, you'll get better mileage. It has a better turn radius than the last compact I owned.

I love it. Best purchase of a used vehicle I've ever made.

- Jym D

My car gets me from point A to point B. It starts. It can open up and carry a lot of stuff.

It is reliable however it could have more pep and style.

- james z

It's a very reliable car that can take a beating

It's a good vehicle that has lasted a long time

- Noah L

It's unique, roomy, fun to drive.

Unique, Fun to drive, Roomy, good mileage.

- Sonny J

Even though it has some minor problems, it is still reliable for me and my son.

- Dana M