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The HHR is a reliable vehicle in favor of it is stature and fuel efficiency.

My vehicle has to have the tires rotated three or so times a year, otherwise it pulls to the side of the road when driving. It is comfortable and fits quite a fair amount for its size. Since it is a smaller vehicle it is easier to maneuver it into parking spaces that do not give you much room. It has not once broken down on me in the few years that I have owned it. The wipers have been replaced because the stock ones smeared less than cleared. I have gone the majority of the miles and I have no complaints about the handling of the vehicle. In severe weather conditions it gets thrown about pretty effortlessly. Even though that may be the case, I have braced the storm with little issue and never wrecked my car. Fun features of the her is that the back carpet lifts up and reveals storage spaces. Smaller cubbies for more portable items. Then it has a bigger one where the spare tire and battery are held. Other features include, a secondary glove compartment on top of the dash. The windshield is at an excessively odd angle and I have never been able to find a windshield shade that actually fits it. My brakes will be the next thing I have inspected because they are touchy, bumpy, and cacophonous when trying to stop. The side windows in the back past the doors are so good for seeing past blind spots. The automatic "trunk" door is really handy when my hands are full. My family owns 4 HHRs at the moment to testify how reliable and fuel efficient they are.

- Heath B

Chevy HHR is a fun vehicle. Has lots of pep.

Overall great car. You have to learn to compensate for blind spots. Oil changes have to be done at dealership because of oil type needed. Mileage best when driving on freeway. Great adjustability in driver seat. Not good for taller people. Room for 4 - 5, people. Lots of room in the back cargo area accessed by rear hatch. Nice radio, CD player that sounds good. Controls on steering wheel are nice. Info for car vitals are push buttons on steering wheel: odometer, temperature, trip a, trip b, mileage to go on tank of gas, mpg, oil life & tire pressures are displayed on dashboard.

- Sharon P

Chevy 2011 car review on black HHR.

The car has a lot of space throughout the whole car. I haven't experienced any problems yet and I bought the car used and have had it for 6 months. The armrest are very comfortable when driving and the power steering in amazing. The car has great sound quality with the speakers and the trunk is huge and is great for shopping. When driving this car it does not make you feel like your too high up or too low either. There is no armrest compartment instead it's on the dash which took some getting use to but I now find it very useful.

- Tammy K

It's a nice car to drive in town or on the highway. It is relatively fuel efficient.

I like the retro design. It reminds me of the panel car that my great grandfather drove. It is comfortable to drive, has a smooth ride, and is relatively fuel efficient. However, the transverse engine makes general maintenance hard. The decreased interior height, narrower width, and shallower depth of the vehicle makes it hard to use for transporting items such as a sheet of drywall, any item over 8 feet long, and any item that may be over 30 inches high. It also is not very suited to having a towing hitch attached.

- Brina B

Good car one scary issue.

MY hhr drives well is comfortable and practical. Maintenance has been easy and relatively problem free. I love having the safety of the back up camera although I had to used to having it at first. However, one issue I had early on was the rear passenger door would not remained closed as I was driving down the street. Imagine how scary that is!! It cost me 400 $ to have it fixed. Needless to say was not happy about that. However overall it is a good car with good gas mileage. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Stephanie J

It is small enough to fit in small spaces, it is easy to view all four sides.

I have had no problems in the past 5 years that I have owned this car. It is hardy (except for the driver's side door opener, which has broken) but has a few issues. It is so easy to grocery shop and other errands, very comfortable to drive and ride in. At my age, it is still easy to maneuver, drive, park, etc. I would buy a new one, but they quit making them after 2011. The air, heat, vent, etc. Have all worked and are still working to this day. My daughter also bought one and she loves hers, too.

- Carol M

My experience in my first Chevrolet HHR

Since I got my hhr it's never given me any problems, the drive is smooth and the car is reliable I've come and go and traveled in my car without any problems. It's great on Gas it gives you about 300 miles before you have to fuel up again which is exactly the range I travel to and from. Seats are comfortable, it's small but it's got lots of space in the hatch. Air is super cold on those hot muggy summer days. It sits 5 people, like I said it's small but it's a cute girly car and my kids love it.

- Claudia T

The hhr: versatile and economic, but some issues.

The mpg is pretty good at around 20-22 hwy and 18 in city. It heats up quickly in the wintertime. My only annoyance is I cannot adjust the wheel enough that I am comfortable, but I am over 6'. It is not a car for long drives if you are tall. While the seat can be adjusted hugely, not being able to fully adjust the wheel makes that only so useful. Otherwise I love it. If I want I can lay down the back seat and a camping pad and sleep there. It can carry a very decent load of 'stuff' too.

- Veronica L

Chevy hhr: smaller version of the 1940 Chevy suburban.

The Chevy HHR is a very gas-friendly vehicle (about 28 miles per gallon). Have had no problems with it since purchased in 2012. Adequate space on the interior. The vehicle has basic features (cruise control, electric seats) which is all that I need. Having all the "bells and whistles" in a car is not a priority of mine. Good, solid performance is important to me. The only unfortunate fact in regard to this vehicle is that its production was stopped in 2011 for reasons unknown to me.

- Paul J

Great Chevy for everyday living.

My vehicle is easy to drive and has comfortable seats. It has good acceleration when entering highways. It carries large amounts of cargo if you put back seat down. The gas mileage is good for this size vehicle. The cup holders are deep and in good location. Easy to see backing up even for a small person like myself. The one drawback is the weight of the hatch door at the rear of the car. I find it heavy when opening. Also some of the sensors seem to malfunction easily.

- julia G

Chevrolet panel wagon review

I've Never had any problems with the performance or handling of this vehicle. Runs great, very reliable. Plenty of space for everything! I've moved three times in this vehicle and can easily fit small furniture. Comfortable, nice looking, and affordable! The only issue with this vehicle is the huge blind spot presented by the panel wagon option I got. I wish they would've included a backup camera and possibly made the rear window roll down for air movement.

- Tawny Y

Everyday commute gas saver

I have owned my car about 3 yrs. It has excellent gas mileage making and great dependability. There is not a lot of fluff with this car. It's very basic but still offers power everything and automatic lock when you start driving and an optional window lock (2 great features if you have kids). Trunk space is great. Only fits 2 car seats well. It's definitely a smaller car. I also recommend buying winter specific tires if you live in near snowy areas.

- Megan M

Has had a few recalls over time.

Great, simple vehicle. Over time, has many issues but when maintained, these issues are manageable. It has pretty decent gas mileage, and drives pretty smoothly. The overall comfort level is pretty great. The seating is comfortable, and the mirrors are all well places for proper adjustment. It is a bit on the short side as far as interior height, so in order to see clearly through the windshield, your head must be almost touching the ceiling.

- David S

The 2011 Chevrolet her is good on gas and a decent size.

My Chevrolet her is great. I love that it gets me were I need to be. It is a very reliable car. I have had it for 3 years and it was driven through a flood, however nothing went wrong with my vehicle mechanically, besides my unlock button on my key not working. I have experienced cosmetic issues with it though. The door handles have fallen off and had to be put back on. It is a great first car for teens, in my opinion. Easy to drive.

- Amber S

It drives smoothly, is compact, but you can still fit a lot of stuff into it.

It drives nice and smooth and is easy to handle. It's compact, but you can still fit a lot of stuff into it, I use it as a work vehicle to carry my wallpaper tools around. My complaints are about interior things breaking, like power windows, mirrors, stereo speakers not working properly, FM radio does not work. Worst of all both indoor front handles broke due to being made of cheap plastic which I had to get fixed for over 350.00.

- Tabitha D

Spacious and reliable vehicle.

I had problems with the transmission but other than that it has been a reliable source of transportation for me. The inside of the car is very comfortable and it gives me the option to connect my phone through an six cord. Sound system within the car is good quality as well, has controls on the steering wheel to change the volume or radio station with is convenient. Just wished the car had Bluetooth capability.

- Victoria G

Chevy HHR 7 out of 10 stars. Dependable car but minor discrepancies

Well when I first got the vehicle I wasn't head over heels because for one the button to adjust your mirrors fell out and I tried putting it back in spot but there wasn't any type of secure way to do so. As well as the gear shift cover. It snapped out one day and just never went back in. I put it back in place ALL the time but it still comes out. The vehicle is very spacious on the bright side.

- James M

Clumsy and filled with blind spots

It's too small inside for me. I often am crouched in my seat and it is filled with blind spots. It's acceleration burns gas quite harshly and the wind blows it around too readily. It is hard to judge distance as the front sits out too far. Overall the vehicle seems frail and while maintenance needs are low, I still feel as though the vehicle could give out at any moment.

- Joshua D

Chevy HHR: small family hatchback

I love this car, the space alone is a good reason to invest in one. The back seats fold down making plenty of space to haul stuff, I've moved houses 2 times with the help of this car. Gas mileage is about 20 to 25 mpg so it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to drive this car long distances. It's a family car, with 5 seats there's plenty of room for a small or growing family.

- Meredith W

Do not buy one. It is one of the biggest failures of the Chevrolet line.

The hhr was built on the astro platform including the entire drivetrain. The transmission slams into 2nd gear every time even when it downshifts. This one also has a very bad electrical issue that continually burns out various lights and runs down my battery. Gm will not recall it nor will they do anything other than pay for the replacement bulbs when they burn out.

- Mike A

I do not have anything to feature.

Radio does not work when it rains. The seat does not move forward on the drivers side of the car. My car is very comfortable and drives like a dream. I like the way it looks and feels. It is a very good car. The car does not make any noise and it is one of the best cars I have owned. It saves me money on gas. It has a lot of storage for anything I want to put in it.

- Julie D

The vehicle is weird looking but drives great.

My vehicle is very comfortable, especially on long drives. It drives smooth. It has a good amount of space in the back and the rear seat folds down for extra space when needed. I have kept up on general maintenance so I haven't had much mechanical issues. The only downfall is how it handles in 6 or more inches of snow. It's low to the ground and can get stuck.

- Jessica H

This type of vehicle is great for everyday traveling are driving long distance.

This vehicle has little to no problem besides the routine check ups and oil changes. It's very reliable and runs great.it's really good on gas mileage and it rides very smooth. The features comes with hand controls for checking the car system, for example tire pressure, coolant percentage along with oil percentage to let you know when a oil change is needed.

- malcom S

the only one at my job with The same vehicle. The HHR, stood the test of time.

This vehicle has been very reliable. It still performs at the same level, as when purchased. The car is nice she compact. Very comfortable for someone who rides a high mileage rate like myself. I would buy another vehicle exactly like it I also encourage anyone who delivers or drives high mileage to please invest in this vehicle. Just keep the oil changed.

- Theophilus J

Plenty of room but engine problems not worth it.

The transmission shifts hard into first gear. The engine light is always on, no matter what is done to the car. The airbag light is also always on. It will sometimes die at a stop. Replaced spark plugs and coils. It is hit or miss. Sometimes it drives great and others I wonder if I will make it to my destination. Always something wrong with it.

- Michelle F

Love my Chevy HHR, with minor issues

I recently bought my 2011 Chevy HHR, and I have to say I love it! Never owned a Chevy vehicle but I am very satisfied. The only problem I have with my HHR is the stereo speakers do not work most of the time, every now & then my radio will work great. Most of the time it sounds horrible. Seems to be a common issue with the make of vehicle

- Tara N

The HHR is a wonderful car.

Its pretty quick for a little 4 cylinder. The acceleration is nice and tops out at 110. Put it into I for faster throttle response. It has enough space to haul 5 people and some stuff. You can even fit maintenance tools in the back under the deck and in the tire storage compartment if the items aren't large and your clever.

- Brian S

It is big but not to big easy to drive.

This car is good on gas and you can put five people in the car comfortable you can haul things if you do not have a truck. You have four doors so the person in the front do not have to move it is reliable I do not have problems I also like you have a lot of places to store things but it does need to have bigger cup holders.

- Laura M

Great little car that is a versatile as a truck.

Very good and reliable car with no major mechanical issues. Its small but we are both tall 5ft 9in and 6ft 3in but have plenty of legroom. In the front. The cup holders are placed in an uncomfortable spot. The hatchback and back area has ample space for transporting items.I would buy a new one if they still made this model.

- Linda J

Great in grad mileage and roomy.

This vehicle is very roomy and it is very good in gas mileage. It has air conditioning, heat, DVD, AM/FM radio, GPS, Bluetooth, cloth interior seats, airbags, sleek in design, looks like a pt cruiser. It is a good family car or a car for a teenager just starting out driving. I have not had any problems with this car at all.

- Kimberly S

A fun and only monomial problem car

The passenger headlight goes out a lot and there is a huge problem with the battery dying quickly but other than that it has a lot of room in the car and is fun to drive. Also the headlight and battery is something that only took 50$ in order to fix other than that we have not had to spend another dime to repair the car.

- Nicole B

Load and go, very spacious.

This particular vehicle is handy for hauling medium sized objects, good on gas! Reliable, very spacious, and drives great! Good for either a couple or family of five or less. Has not a decent amount of space in rear section of the car. Very comfortable, and I haven't had any major issues with the vehicle since purchase!

- Rosa M

The vehicle also has windshield wipers for the back window.

First of all I bought my car around my nieces. I was thinking of questions like, "do they have enough room in the back", "will they be comfortable but safe". I've had my vehicle for over a month and I personally love it. They're so much room in the back for the kids and also the trunk space is pretty impressive also.

- Amber B

Comfortable riding in my hhr

Very reliable. No real problems basic work oil change, comfortable setting, extra trunk space. And seat are electric, extra leg room, tinted windows, GPS system for location, abs brake system, child proof locks,4 people stealing. Interior exterior tint windows security keeps people from looking in vehicle to see you.

- Nicole C

I love the feel and shape of the car!

I love my car! The only problem I have is blind spots it took me a while to figure out all the blind spots. I had to get use to windows being small, but it actually makes me feel safer! I feel less exposed if I were in an accident or anything. Other than that it's a great car and I feel comfortable in it!

- Rachel D

I like it is runners. A lot of hhrs do not have runners.

My car drives great and is very comfortable. It has everything I need. It has given me no problems. It is very smooth and gets wonderful gas mileage. I have had it for 2 years. It is also affordable. I would buy the same car again. I recommend this car. I like the color but it comes in many other colors.

- Julie D

I like the hhr, it is large enough for passengers. Plenty of room for luggage.

Problem is, there is no way to get out the back, from the inside. Not a good feature. The battery is in the back and I do not care for this feature and this is an odd location. I like the size of the hhr as it is comfortable and roomy and plenty of room for passengers and room for many bags of groceries.

- Sandra G

Great vehicle but not for snow.

The Chevy HHR has great gas mileage. The storage is great, the seats fold down for extra room. It does not handle well in the snow. Car seats are easy to install with the latch system. The heated seats are amazing in the winter but wish they had cooling seats for the summer since it is a black interior.

- Jenny M

Chevy HHR-- a great crossover SUV for moving and trips.

We have had the transmission go out once in 7 years. There is no cruise control standard on these models, but it drives well and is a good commuter cuv. It gets about 20 miles per gallon on highways and about 15 to 25 on surface streets. It also folds down so you can pack things for a weekend getaway.

- Cody W

Love this vehicle. Wish it had a third row of seats for larger families.

I love my hhr. Good on gas and the seat laying down gives for trunk space for hauling large items. The space in the front is great with armrest that can be placed up or down. Kids love the ox cord feature. Love the steering. Wheel controls and that you do not have to remove your hands from the wheel.

- Carrie C

Best Car I Have Ever Owned!

I have really never had any issues with this vehicle. It gets great gas mileage. The most I have to do is change brakes, tires, and oil. I really want a newer model soon but have one more year to pay off my current HHR. I would recommend one to anyone who asked me cause I love mine so much.

- April D

I love my HHR! not only is it dependable it is also great on gas!

We as a family love our HHR. We used it for a cross country road trip and it was very economical and got us where we needed to go! Mileage was great and my kids rode comfortably and our luggage all fit in our spacious trunk! it's a very dependable and nice car we got it at a great price to!

- Angelina P

Great gas mileage good vehicle for older person or college student.

The seats are nice but not comfortable for long travel. Its very reliable out of the 5 years that I've had it only had to replace the manifold once and breaks 3 times. It has good gas mileage which saves you money in the long run. My car is equipped with tire pressure monitoring system.

- Monica C

Chevy crossover, compact yet a huge deal for families!

Best all around. Roomy, easy to drive and compact enough to park anywhere. The inside is huge, and can hold so much! Super reliable. Too small for tall men to fit comfortably. Annoying to switch the headlights, you have to take out the fender cover and wiggle your way under the car.

- Audrey S

Best car absolutely, my best choice.

Actually does not have any problems that is why I love my car, the tires and the engine are very good and I have 7 year with it, the color and the leather are fine, that car has very good everything, I am very happy to bought that car was actually my best choice and I am very happy.

- Artemis G

I am short & it is hard to get in & out of most SUV's, not so with the hhr.

Good size SUV, I am short and it is easy to get in and out of, reliable with regular maintenance, gets good gas mileage. Has good air conditioning and nice stereo. Roomy rear end with easy access. I have had some problems with bulbs in rear turn signals burning out fairly quickly.

- Joni H

Great Car. Would recommend

The Camshaft sensor was a problem but I got that fixed and it wasn't expensive. My door handles broke off at one point in time but you can order new ones on eBay for $20. Pretty easy vehicle great for first time car buyers. Runs smooth easy maintenance. Big trunk. Big back seat

- Sam J

It is spacious but compact!

The vehicle is very reliable. It is great on gas. It looks small on the outside, but there is a decent amount of space on the inside. It drives great for long distance trips or even just around the corner. It's a great car for a small family (one child or even a couple of pets).

- Karen K

For a small car it has a lot of storage space

Very basic comfort. Not a pleasant long trip auto. Not a fan of Chevy products when it comes to comfort. Not much power. Acceleration is kind of slow. Love the cargo space and the fold down seats really gives a person a lot of hauling capacity. Should check for current recalls.

- Linda M

Superior family car for budget conscious consumer

Very dependable well built family car. Spacious rear seat and cargo area. Easy to handle and great on gas. Use it daily for work and recreation purposes. Would recommend to anyone with pets. Low load in height made it easy to get in and out of for my special needs pet.

- Timothy M

A+ wish they were still manufacturing the hhr.

Size is great unless passengers are on the large side. There are no mirrors over the windshield. Window control is not in the center of the auto. It does not get 30 miles per mile as advertised. Like the style, also running boards. It can keep up with freeway traffic.

- Cheryl S

Good gas mileage for distance trips. Has a great turning radius.

When I bought it, it was a rental vehicle so a little beat up. Kind of wish there wasn't so much plastic on the interior(doors, dash, rear cargo area. love the gas mileage, highway 35. Smaller than my prior Explorer, the Escape hadn't been updated. Still enjoy my HHR.

- Theresa M

It drives nice and smooth and the A/C works.

It drives nice and smooth and you can put a lot of stuff in it. The trouble is little things keep breaking, like the inside door handles (they're made of cheap plastic), the power windows don't work right, the radio only works on AM, the speakers don't work properly.

- Richard V

Why I enjoy driving my vehicle.

The Chevy HHR is a great vehicle, it runs on a cheap ethanol based fuel, handles very well, and has plenty of legroom, one of the issues it has is blind spots, so I have to rely on my mirrors more than I would like to. It gets great mileage and has plenty of space.

- John B

My excellent review of a Chevy hhr

The only real problem I have with my Chevy hhr is no seat covers ever fit unless bought right from an expensive online store. I love my car and plan on driving it until it can't go anymore. My car is all leather interior which is extremely nice to have for my kids

- Chelsea G

I like it because of the look and all of the storage space.

I enjoy the HHR very much because I really like the way it looks and I like the storage capacity in it. I haven't had any major problems with it and it's almost at 100,000 miles. The only issue I have is the aux jack is loose and makes the sound system finicky.

- Matthew L

My Chevy HHR stands out in a crowd. People know it is me.

I love my car because it is the perfect size for my family and it is the perfect car for the way that I drive. The HHR has plenty of go power for merging onto the interstate for example. It came with lots of standard luxury features that I really enjoy using.

- Kimberly J

Good, reliable, comfortable car

I have not had any problems with the car except hitting a deer. It is reliable and comfortable. I especially appreciate the aux input in the radio. My least favorite thing about it is the gas mileage. It is not bad but I would like to get a smaller car.

- Emily J

Size is perfect for a family.

I like the body style. It is very much like the suburban I drove before I bought the her. It has a good amount of cargo space and the back seats fold down. The only thing I dislike is it is a gas engine. I very much want a plug in electric vehicle.

- Dianne C

A small quirky vehicle that is great for anyone.

The Chevrolet HHR is a great daily driver. It is a smaller hatchback that is great on gas but also is also able to transport things whenever needed. Reliability is great AC broke at about 135k miles and the starter had to be replaced at about 160k

- Grant L

I needs a car that wasn't low to the ground, because of back problems.

I drove an hhr in my job for several years. When I left the job and got a new personal car I found a used one and bought it for myself. It sits up higher and has lots of room. The back seats also fold down for more hauling space.

- Linda B

It is a very dependable car.

My car is a very comfortable riding and it gets very good gas mileage. The maintenance on my car has been minimal, just regular maintenance on it. I have always had the same gentleman work on it and I trust him with my car.

- Linda M

Great gas mileage and cost effective overall.

I like that is has great gas mileage. It is comfortable and has a lot of room in the back. The seat lays down to allow the hauling of big items. Tires are not too expensive and very cost effective overall.

- Mary B

It has bad blind spots especially if you are short.

The air conditioner works extremely well. The gas mileage is decreasing as it gets older and my husband has had to replace several parts on it. The windshield shape makes it hard to see out of sometimes.

- Celia S

It's great on gas mileage, I am getting around town 22 miles and on a trip around 28

I really like the gas mileage I get out of it. I like that it is small and easy to park. The only complaint is that it's only good for two people as the back seats have very little leg room.

- Karen B

It's small in regards to seating but the storage in back is ok

When needing to replace things It's harder to do so. For example headlights you have to remove the panel behind the tire and without touching the bulb replace it without being able to see it.

- Damaris Z

That they don't make them anymore.

I like the gas mileage and the comfort while driving. It's easy to see when changing lanes on the expressway. I wish it had a sunroof. I also wish the back of it didn't get so dirty.

- holly H

Wonderful car with sharp moves.

My HHR is a great vehicle with not a lot of issues. The only problem is the hard seats. When traveling long distance the seats make your bottom and back hurt. I feel safe in this car.


It has plenty of room to hold all our items when traveling.

I like that it is designed to hold a lot of items in the back. There is plenty of room for 3 people to sit in the backseat. I do not like that the seats are light gray and cloth.

- Dotty S

That for the money it is a great car. It meets every criteria I need. Like cargo space for suitcases for the whole family.

I like my vehicle because of the large loading space. The model (a little vintage looking). Good driving qualities. Low maintenance. I dislike that the model is not made anymore.

- veronica k

It has been very durable.

The car has been durable. It gets good gas mileage. We have had little problems with it. However it is somewhat simple, with no extras. It does not have a very smooth ride either.

- Michael H

it has no maintenance issues no problems with the engine since I bought it it has over 100,000 miles on it still driving like in the snow

it is very good on gas also I never had any problems with it since I bought it the only thing I really ever had to do to it give it a tuneup some new tires and new brakes

- Roswitha M

It's a great car for the price I paid when it was new...I have had NO problems with this vehicle at all

I love my HHR, gets great gas mileage, is comfortable has plenty of room so when I'm shopping. Only dislike I you cannot comfortably fit 3 carseats in the back seat

- Melissa J

It gets excellent gas mileage which means less fill ups at the pump and saves you a lot of money.

This is a tough vehicle. It gets excellent gas mileage and I have only had one repair needed in the four years I have owned it. I love this car. Well worth the money.

- Pam N

It is safe and reliable. It will get you to your destination without any issues

My vehicle is white and it has power lock doors. It has leather seats with wood grain. It gives you a smooth ride and it is good on gas. It is a good family car.

- Teanna B

My car is very reliable, and is surprisingly comfortable. It can be noisy when on the highway and it doesn't silence outside noises well. It is also not very stylish or pretty. Overall, my HHR is a good staple car.

It is very reliable and rarely has any issues. the only thing that has ever happened is the error code associated with the O2 and emission sensor tripping.

- Abigail C

The most important thing others should know about my chevrolet hhr vehicle is that is does get great gas mileage when driving in the city and that says a lot about my chevrolet hhr.

I like my hhr because it is good on gas mileage. I like my car because it was not to expensive. What i dislike about my car is that it is not big enough.

- Mary S

The mileage is great for a car that size and for its age.

It gets great mileage.It also has plenty of space for cargo and family.The only complaints are where the battery is located-a pain to get to if it dies.

- michael m

Blind spots are bad in this car. It is comfortable and roomy

Have had no problems with this vehicle, bought it used, but only a year after it was made. Only real complaint with it is the blind spots are bad in it.

- Michelle G

Unfortunately this model car is no longer made but I'd highly recommend a used one.

Easy to tow behind motorhome as we travel throughout this beautiful country. This car has a nice sized trunk and is easy to maintain. We love this car.

- Julia W

The big loading area is perfect. I wish this car is still made.

I do like the space in this car. Special the loading space. I dislike the plastic door handles. Complaint I have is that the brakes are a little weak.

- Rob I

By far the best vehicle I have ever driven.

The only issue I have had with this car is that the purge valve was going bad, it was a 30 dollar piece and cost me a total of 70$ for repair it.

- Nathan F

My Chrysler pt. cruiser is pretty good on gas.

It gets good gas mileage. It has a smooth ride. Lots of room to haul things. I do not like that the hubcaps loosen up and they start to rattle.

- George P

Have your timing chain checked before you get to 140k miles or it will tear up the engine

I like that it gets good gas mileage. I do not like that the engine had to be replaced at 140k miles and there are some other issues as well.

- Amber C

My HHR has been very dependable with few issues or recalls.

Good head room. Hauls quite a bit of large items. Lots of foot room. Unfortunately, it drives like a truck and not smooth like a nice car.

- Gina C

Good little car and very dependable.

Gas mileage is great! It is easy to park and a lot of fun to drive. The only complaint I have is the cup holders are too close together.

- Ginger P

The most important thing to know about this car is that it is great on gas.

The her is really good gas. It looks small on the outside, but it has more space than it seems. I do wish the trunk was a little bigger.

- Ashley K

The size and styling of the SUV and capacity.

I like the roominess in this size SUV, the small 4 cylinder engine provides great gas mileage, the interior styling and dash are great.

- Glenn D

The gas mileage is pretty good.

Good gas mileage and like the color, nice trunk size for storage. Not a lot of space inside, not awd, have to lift trunk up manually.

- Monica C

My HHR gets very good gas mileage, it is just the right size for buzzing around town as it is easy to park. The one thing I do not care for is the low profile tires, as they need filled with air often in colder weather.

it's economical it gets very good gas mileage, and I have only had to do routine maintenance on it. It's been a very reliable car.

- Karen B

There really isn't none i'm tired of it and i'm trying to get rid of it

It doesn't accommodate my family and i've spent more money getting it fix then the cost of the car it has electrical issues as well

- Tracy E

Car seems to be reliable and dependable, easy to maintain

Car handles well, gets decent mileage, only complaints are small windshield, not the easiest view when trying to switch lanes.

- Kel P

Overall the best thing about it is space for passengers and cargo.

The HHR has good space for passengers and cargo. The vehicle gets decent freeway mileage and I do a lot of freeway driving.

- Gary R

The battery is located in the back of the car and it sucks.

I don't like that the battery is in the back of the car. And the speakers are shorted out and you can barely hear the radio.

- Jo-Jo S

The door handles break easy.

I like that it's roomy. I like that it was new. I don't like that my kids are squished. I don't like the handles break easy.

- Sasha T

It is very difficult to perform lightweight maintenance

It does not have four wheel independent suspension. The motor is too weak. It has no high tech gadgets. the car is too noisy

- walter G

It has required very little maintenance and gets good gas mileage.

It has required very little maintenance. It gets good gas mileage. It is somewhat small, and it simple with little extras.


a great car for whatever you need

great car to run to work or to the store and back very low maintenance. I feel its a mini suv and it hold a lot of stuff.

- Dennis C

Good on gas big enough for four people to ride good.

This car is good on gas and it is not to big and it has room in the back if I need to move stuff and do not have a truck.

- Laura C

I can rely on it. I like it I can see out of it really well.

I like my car it reliable I can haul things in it haven't had any problems with it. It's pretty easy on fuel too.

- Pamela B

It's a used car but runs very well no major problems with it.

It good on gas. It's small and convenient. It's has lot of room in the back for storage. Easy to get around in.

- Valerie B

It gets great gas mileage and the roof is high so it is perfect for a tall person.

I like that it is paid for! I also like the leg room. What I dislike is that the seats aren't very comfortable.

- Laura H

Reliable transportation great gas mileage and love it!

Plenty of room for travel, no major issues, comfortable ride, great gas mileage. Great! I love it she is a gem!

- Carlie C

Plastic cheap door handles.. body dents easily

It drives good , but it's small. It's not made that sturdy. I feel if I get hit at 40 miles an hour I'm dead..

- Melissa B

it not longer is made and sensitive technology

It gets me where i need to get to and go. It's small and not roomy. It's falling apart needs things done on it

- Damaris b

It's a gas guzzler but the 4 wheel drive is nice in winter.

I love that it is roomy and does very well on gas, I can fit my whole family inside it and not be squished.

- Jennifer N

It's a great vehicle with more room than it appears to have. The only bad thing is your range of vision is somewhat limited.

It's so cute, like an old fashioned car. It's very reliable and easy to maintain. It was very affordable.

- Pixie H

Is great on gas mileage when traveling long distances.

I have had my vehicle for over five years and I have not had any problems with it. The size is just right.

- Melanie V

It is dependable, trustworthy.

Very comfortable to drive and ride, dependable, good gas mileage, unique looks, no dislikes or complaints.

- Linda S

HHR review after driving for 5 years

Hard to see out of. Not comfortable. To small for family ok for 2 people. Sporty and cute but blind spots

- Jean P

Like the look and shape of this car. Good size.

Overall, it is a good car. Good size., comfortable. Not a very good gas mileage. 1 recall was issued.

- Valeria H

I love how reliable my car is. It has great gas mileage. I dislike the door handles, the break easily. Overall a great car

One important thing others should know about my car is it has great gas mileage and it a reliable car

- Jess H

Awesome reliable car. Very comfortable and super roomy.

Love it. It's reliable and comfortable. Lots of room. But cheap small parts expensive to replace.

- Katie S

It's been a good car to have and great gas mileage .

My only complaint is that I had to replace a rusty fuel line on it that was not under warranty.

- David S

It is safe for all types of drivers. It is compact and gets around easy.

The car is fast. The car gets good gas mileage. I do not like the speakers for the radio.

- Brendan S

Gas mileage is great, for a compact car there is plenty of trunk space

I like the gas mileage , it has been pretty reliable . I don't like the interior set up

- Nikki S

I like the Chevrolet brand. It is a reliable vehicle and gets good gas mileage.

I enjoy driving it. It gets good gas mileage. I wish it set up a little bit higher.

- Lori R

It has great storage hatchback.

I like the color and it drives great. It is hybrid car so it is cheaper to drive.

- Amanda M

I only need to fill up once a week good gas mileage

Easy on gas Fun to drive It's a car I could pass on to my kids pass on to my kids

- Carol E

It's no longer in production, which is unfortunate.

I like the Color - both interior and exterior, manufacturer, economy and comfort.

- Linda L

The most important thing about my car is it's dependable.

My vehicle is very dependable. It's awesome on gas. I don't have any complaints.

- Deonna D

It's a great buy for the price

The parts are easy to find and fix, great mileage, car parts do not last long

- Teree g

I love my vehicle because it's the perfect little lady. She rides smoothly, never gets sick, and enjoys her maintenance trips to the local dealers. I have no complaints about my princess.

It is very efficient. It will take you a long way in a full tank of gas.

- Denise C

They are not worth buying

The visibility is very poor/the quality of the interior is unacceptable

- ed y

I like that it looks small but is actually pretty spacious. It's very good on gas. I don't like that there isn't much trunk space.

One important thing others should know is that it is great on gas.

- Shante K

No longer in production. Drives very well in snow and rain.

Good gas mileage. Ample room. Easy maintenance. Easy to drive.

- Paul Z

Only purchased for a business that I used to own. I sold the business two years ago.

It is very hard to see traffic lights through the windshield.

- robert w

it is good on gas and it is reliable I also like the looks

i like it is good on gas I wish it was higher off the ground

- kathleen a

This has been a great car for us. It hasn't given us much problems and we love this car. Cheap on fuel.

very good on gas. Not mush repairs for us yet. thanks

- Isaac H

they stopped making it, so I can't get a new one

fun and easy to drive, lots of cargo room

- Kathryn J