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Never again...

I got the car May 2018, so it was old when I got it and didn't expect it to be perfect. First problem was the radio didn't work for about 2 weeks and no one could figure out why, not even professionals. Then the power steering got ugly, changed the pump, but it was squealing again within a week, radio started working out of no where one day.. and currently comes one when ever it feels like it.. there's oil in my radiator, and I have to add a quart or 2 of oil every other week and refill coolant 2-3 weeks, power steering fluid every 2 days.. slowly things are just not working.. display on radio, radio, interior lights, dinging if keys are left in ignition, windshield wipers stuck strait up and down, trunk light, license plate light, gear shifter won't budge now, head lights are very dim, something muatve came off the trunk cuz it slams shut now.. llie hard!! Sway bar, atruts in back, loose steerimg if i have the fluid filled interior is garbage, gas gauge don't work...

- Erin T

This vehicle has been very reliable. Drives great! Comfortable & handles great!

My 2001 Chevy Impala has had very few problems. I've made sure to always change my fluids every 3000 miles. Which in my opinion if a person faithfully services as they should any vehicle is going to last a lot longer. It has a v8. So this car gets up and moves. It rides very nicely as well. This car is my daily driver so it's very reliable. This vehicle I don't care for is the leather seats. Comfortable seating. I'm just not a fan of leather! Has heated seats in front. Automatic door locks/windows. Both the heat/air work as they should. Very roomy even for folks sitting in the back seats. Very nice am/FM radio. Great speakers throughout. Is an automatic transmission. This will be my daily driver until it croaks on me. It currently has over 215,000 miles. Still running like a champ!

- Heather M

Love the features and its dependability.

My vehicle runs very well. It has just over 113, 000 miles and has not given me many problems. I have always kept up on the maintenance and get a yearly inspection and I haven't had any issue. I had to replace the alternator but being 17 years old that is to be expected. I love my leather interior and the ls model I own is all electric, windows, doors, seats, etc.. I would refer this vehicle's manufacturer to anyone. Chevrolet makes a strong, dependable and long lasting line or cars and trucks. I am lucky to have one of the impalas from the early 2000's and I'll drive it until it will not go anymore. Selling it has never crossed my mind.

- Dustin H

Great for family and doing uber.

My 2017 dodge grand caravan is wheelchair accessible. It has a ramp that conveniently folds up in the back. It has a touch screen with a DVD player and Bluetooth connection. I can make phone calls. It has a control panel on the steering wheel. All the windows can roll down. It take $40 to fill up on gas. It has a smooth ride to it. The van is very spacious but with the ramp in the back, the feel of having a trunk. I use my van to drive for uber so I cannot store any person items back there. Overall, I love caravans the can fit up to 8 people.

- Nevada N

This vehicle has a lot of room on the inside.

One of the best qualities of this vehicle is that it is very roomy on the inside and the trunk space is very big.. Comfortable seats and seat adjustments are excellent there is a comfortable adjustment for anyone who rides in this car I also like that there is a emergency contact button for help during a emergency it has hookups to apple products. Have had this car for three years and no problems out of it never broke down or anything breaking on it..

- Nicole C

It's in not so good condition and a bit rusty.

2001 impala, runs rough has fair gas mileage. Transmission slips in 3rd and 4th gear. Chime ringer stays on when driving as if door is open. Rusty, has wiring for amp and subs. Has noise in passenger front side wheel area. Had it since 125,000 miles it currently has just over 150,000 miles. Replaced many parts including gas lines, radiator, muffler, batteries, alternator, yes more than double what we paid for it.

- Alexis P

The 2001 Impala is simply amazing car.

I drive a 2001 Impala I think purchasing this car new would be a better option for a buyer. This car is wonderful and drives smooth but cosmetics tear real easy radio light switches etc. I'd recommend this vehicle though all in all its good. I also want to add that the factory amps quickly quit working forcing you to run new speaker wire to existing speakers to bypass the factory amp.

- Steven M

Durable, reliable and spacious.

I love my impala. It rides smooth and very spacious. The only real downside has been the key ignition switch has had issues and it was a recall for several models. I have had the motor replaced 2x and I transmission change. The parts are normal cheap for repair. I will say the tires tend to be expensive and the exact size is hard to find but you can use a smaller size or 1 size up.

- Phillip J

Impala still works fairly well

We've had this car for 18 years and it still runs fairly well. We've had to do quite a bit of maintenance work on it to keep it functioning but it still has its problems. The check engine light pretty much always stays on, the turn signals sometimes stick and don't work, and it has stalled out quite a few times. Other than that though, it is still a very reliable car.

- Sarah E

Performance issue remains unfixed on later model Impalas.

Reliability has been sketchy because of a sensor problem that took too many trips to properly diagnose. Same problem encountered thus far on our 2015 Impala. The car is VERY comfortable. It has a sunroof which we have enjoyed. We also like the built-in OnStar features, although we do not subscribe. The car has stood up to quite a bit of use over the years.

- chris r

Good reliable car. Good mileage. Never breaks down.

My Impala is reliable it is been with me for so many years since I was 18 had fun memories in that car. The performance is great good gas mileage and can make for a good road trip car. My car last me all this time and even till this day it is the only car I trust on the road may had a few accidents but still the most reliable thing I have in my life right now.

- Emmanuel C

Used 2001 Chevrolet Impala Base Model 3.4L

I recently started having issues with the engine stalling and not wanting to stay started. Other than that the only issues I had were minor fixes like replacing the battery, brake master cylinder, and a few fuses. Overall the vehicle has been good to me and once I fix it, I believe it will become reliable once more and will last me for quite a few more years.

- Bobby K

I paid 500 dollars for it and it shows.

My vehicle is very comfortable and roomy it runs decent but it has its issues the gas gauge don't work the radio don't work the turn signals only work when they want to work. Sometimes they just make a buzzing noise. It gets good gas mileage. It leaks transmission fluid and burns oil. My car is not the best but it gets me everywhere I need to go with no issue

- Tiffany W

The life of my Chevy impala, in a nutshell a good one.

My car is very reliable and has good gas mileage. I keep it serviced when I am supposed too. I have never had any problems with my car I use to drive to work downtown Nashville and good overall performance. The one problem I have had was motors on the windows. We have to order from dealer but our own mechanic installs them. I think these could be made better.

- Linda M

Never had to work on it since I have had it.

Has only needed oil changed and tires. Never broke down or stopped working. I wish that it had cup holders in a different spot and my cigarette lighter sometimes flies out of its socket when it is done heating up. I don't really know what else to say about it the paint held up ok other than the good and for like a week my air conditioning smells bad.

- Morgan P

It is junk and only worsening features of design.

Ever since I have purchased this vehicle I have worsening radiator problems. It overheats and also the heat quit working I have taken it to a mechanic 7 times just this year alone. Apparently Impalas have had multiple problems with there design to begin with. If I would have known this before I bought it I would have never had chosen this vehicle.

- Tyler M

Chevrolet makes the best!

This is a great car. Stylish while also being subtle. Smooth ride with not very many problem till after years of use. The motor is the strongest, to me, than other sedans. Power everything makes rides much more comfortable and safe. Under the hood, everything is accessible for easy maintenance and repairs. Most dependable car I have ever bought.

- Brian L

The 2001 Impala is a great car.

This is a great car. It handles well and is easy to work on. I have had a few issues with the electrical system, but otherwise, nothing major. It is comfortable and has great ac and heat. It is also a roomy and spacious ride. I have plenty of room for anything I may purchase. The gas mileage is also very good for a sedan of that size.

- Brandon A

2001 Chevy Impala: Pretty good car.

Nice sized car. Has a very large trunk which is great for groceries and the back seat fits three car seats pretty well. But it has some issues with the transmission slipping. Probably due to its age. Very strong car though. My husband had an accident in it and didn't get a scratch and it's still drivable. Overall pretty good car.

- Cheyenne H

Love the model and the color is great.

Starts everyday runs good don't use a lot of gas no problems really a dependable car good on the highway not a lot of wear on tires long as it does what I need it to do I am good nice interior color good you can't hear it run low maintenance I love it if something went wrong I would go out and buy another maybe different color.

- Francine D

Safety and comfort, what most of us are looking for in a car

I have had 2 Impalas now, both purchased 2nd hand. In the 1st one, I was in a bad wreck and the car help up very well and kept me safe. The paramedics were commenting on how little damage I had considering I was a good 4 ft into their trunk/back seat. I'm a very large person and the car is comfortable to drive and ride in.

- Vicki D

Smooth running, good gas mileage.

Chevy Impala is older but runs great and gets me from a to b. Being 17 years old it does need work. Always remember to change oil check fluids and fans and lines. Gets pretty good gas mileage. Smooth running only have intown drive just got it in may. If your interested in an Impala I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Tina C

My car is like a bolt of lighting.

My car has been to a lot of places. It rides great on the highway. I haven't really had any problems with it yet. My car came with banging speakers and rims. I've been to more than four states in my car and it still runs fine. It's a very fast car. It also rides smooth so it feels like you are riding in a airplane.

- Tee F

My Impala dependable and comfortable.

My Impala has been very reliable. It is excellent on gas mileage. I am a big and tall guy and the car has plenty of room and comfort. I haven't had any major mechanical issues. I drive one hour one way to work and one hour back home. So I am in my car a lot each week. I work 12 hr. shifts so I need dependability.

- Richie S

�01 Chevy impala still performing well after 220,000 + miles

I am the second owner of this vehicle. It has been a very durable car, even after driving for 220,000+ miles. The comfort is one of the best qualities. Leather and interior is great, even with age. Normal maintenance has been required, nothing major. Engine and transmission have been solid. Overall great car

- Terence J

2001 Chevy Impala. A very reliable and dependable vehicle. Also has OnStar.

The Impala is a very dependable car. The interior is roomy and spacious. The controls are all within reach. The controls for the radio are on the steering wheel making it less distracting when changing stations or volume. The gauges are very easy to read. There is also a warning chime when the fuel is low.

- Jane H

Great forward wheel drive and great gas mileage

Key ignition problems and right passenger tie rod is out I have electric problems in my steering area where I can't see the Park,Drive,neutral and reverse. I have to replace brakes every 4 months but I love driving my vehicle. I also have to get the oil change very 2,000 miles so I won't blow up the engine

- Destiny S

Want a good, reliable car? Pick impala.

Great car. It runs amazingly smooth. It is like you are floating in the air when you drive it. My father and I went half and half on it. Got it worked on to fix some odds and ends and now it is great. It also sounds real mean like it is growling. It was a good deal for a car. Impala is the way to go.

- Lauren B

Chevrolet is a great company and provides quality vehicles at affordable prices.

The vehicle is reliable. With proper care, I believe it could last for many years. I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. It is comfortable and can easily seat 5 people. It has power locks and windows. It has a v6 engine so it can go up to 160 mph. There was an ignition recall on the vehicle.

- Sha A

2001 Chevy Impala - still going strong years later

Still going after eighteen years! I haven't had any engine problems except for a little build up that was easily cleaned. More small issues such as fuel pump replacement, oxygen sensor, stereo speakers not working, exhaust pipe replacement, etc. Overall a very reliable car, especially for the age.

- Kimberly C

Used impala comfortable yet haunted.

Tire rod issues as well as windshield wiper issues. The gas gauge goes out and I have been having transmission issues. However it is comfortable and gets good gas mileage. It sets 6 which is convenient, and makes it easier on trips. The trunk is very spacious and allows for lots of storage.

- Trish M

It's a 4 door white impala, with no dents or chips in the paint.

It drives amazing, the only issues we've had with it is the coolant system. The impalas are known for overheating. We've had it for about 2 years and the only things we've had to replace are things to do with the cooling system. The one thing I do love about it is the stereo system in it.

- Tania J

Amazing car! Great mileage, amazing altogether.

It is an amazing car. It runs great, I am able to take it on long trips. Gas is great. Clean on the inside and out. Badass car man I absolutely love it. I used to own a pt cruiser and never thought I'd love another car but the Chevy impala has changed my mind. I have always loved Chevy's.

- Lauren M

My Impala was very dependable

I love my vehicle but the problems I have had were with the computer display that controlled the lights and mileage and all that. It didn't work properly. The ac stop working, and the steering went out. Other than that, the car drove smooth and I would definitely purchase another impala.

- Carol G

A reliable car that gets the job done.

This vehicle is still running great after 130,000 miles. A few sensors have needed to be replaced, but no major problems with the engine. Not flashy, just gets the job done. Decent gas mileage, averaging between 18-22 mpg. Flex fuel is an option as well, although seems to get less mpg.

- Jason S

Age does not matter. Old and reliable is my vehicle.

I have never had a car last as long as the one that I am driving now. I have over 214, 000 miles and it is almost 20 years old. I have had very few problems with it mechanically as well. I just make sure I do my routine oil changes. I will need to replace the tires this year though.

- Mary B

Nice vehicle if you know a little about maintenance and minor repair work.

The car needs frequent minor repairs and occasional larger repairs. The car has a persistent noise from 45 to 55 miles per hour. Engine light turns on frequently with gas cap error after multiple replacements and other errors that occur once and do not return after being cleared.

- Dan R

Long lasting, dependable, like other older cars does wear down over time.

Old, breaking down, has been a very dependable reliable car over the last 14 years though. I believe as long as you give whatever vehicle you own general maintenance they can run forever. If I were to go back in time and have the opportunity to buy this car again I still would.

- Justin D

It gets me from point A to B.

Air conditioner does not work, fan/blower only works on high (3 lowest settings do not work). Would like it more if gear shift was on console and it had bucket seats; make it feel more sporty -- it just feels like "an old people's car", but it does get me from point A to B.

- Gloria V

Perfect for a family with 2 children. It got tight after we had our third.

No anchors in the seats but other than that perfect family car. I have 2 children in large rear facing car seats, and another in a booster. The trunk is big enough to carry a pack and play full time, double stroller and I can even fit a medium sized cooler. Love my impala.

- Genista B

awesome vehicle hasn't let me down yet

The performance of my Impala is great does not use any oil,haven't had any major problems other than your typical small things battery, turn signals, brake pads, other than that it's been really a great vehicle, you sit in it comfortably everything in the vehicle is power

- Shane S

Great car for a first car.

It's an ok car and easy parts to find and maintenance is easy to perform and the seats are fairly comfortable. The car also has a good motor and can go really fast pretty easy to get up and go not to big not to small and is fairly easy to park and drive in tight traffic.

- Quan R

Chevrolet impala 2001 the good & the bad.

Great car. Parts are a bit pricey. Labor for vehicle is pretty average. After 100, 000 miles car starts burning excessive amounts of oil. Gas mileage reduced by almost half. Kelly blue book value is inaccurate. Pretty much stuck with the car. Wouldn't buy another impala.

- Amy H

My car has cruise control on it and the entertainment system is lit!

I have had my car for 6 years and it still runs better than any new car I have drove. Driving the car is so smooth, you might end up driving over the speed limit by accident because you cannot tell when the car change speeds. This brand overall is the most reliable car.

- Tra G

Dependable car, will get you from point A to point B without issues.

Steady starter, very little rust as it was a California rental. Has small issues, but has plenty of legroom. Perfect car for family. Sizeable trunk. V6 engine allows for good acceleration. Engine type has issues with head gaskets, but once replaced, is a steady vehicle.

- Scott B

Great car for your money. Sunroof tint heated seats.

No problems good car drives good. Never has and issues love the leather heated seat. Big roomy. Smooth ride. don't like silver in that car style. Should of made more black cars and more with turbo. Tinted windows. Great heat. Sunroof.

- Christy P

My impala, while a older model, is reliable

Ac goes out quick, good on gas, reliable, and good motor. I've had this vehicle for several years, only problem is a common one with the blender doors for the dual ac. Other than that the motor is very good and can withstand a lot. I would only suggest more luxury.

- Lucy H

My Chevy impala and the police package.

There is a police package on my car. It makes it more difficult to get repairs done or the repairs are extremely expensive. I have the search lights still on the outside of the vehicle. There is loads of room for my entire family and the car still runs smoothly.

- Martin M

A few problems but pretty reliable

I love the size and comfort, but I have electrical issues with the windows even after I have gotten them fixed. Also my gas gauge has stopped working. It is somewhat reliable other than those problems. I like the look of my car. Its spacious but not too big.

- Kimberly G

The headlights are easy to change.

Cheap made but it's a pretty reliable car. The headlights fall out of it and the transition is kinds slipping the power windows and locks are starting to quit and its ok car the windshield wipers are broke and the interior is in bad shape but besides that.

- Cody C

All around reliable nice feature can control the radio on the steering wheel.

Strong motor v8 it is leather seats so easy to clean but kinda cold in the winter its 4 door the problems I have with it at needs a new tail pipe the CDi box is going out the rack and pinion set is going out and sensors for almost everything is going off.

- Kristin T

01 Chevy impala good shape.

Silver. Nice interior. Has a very nice radio aftermarket put into it. Some electrical issues so the gas gauge doesn't work. Has over 200 thousand miles. Back passenger door is broken needs a new handle. Needs a new windshield there is a very large crack.

- Erica E

Comfortable Chevy Impala!

My car is so comfortable. I love the inside and how large it feels when you're sitting in it even in the backseat. The trunk has so much room which adds to it. When driving and parallel parking it may feel wide and hard to maneuver but that gets easier.

- Chloe R

In short no highlights for this car but the tinted windows are great.

My cars performance is lacking. I just had a starter put on it. I need an intake gasket and I just had an oil filter put on. It is not a very reliable car. I don't recommend this type of vehicle to anyone. Maybe a newer model Chevy but mine is a 2001.

- Cheryl W

The problem that does not go away.

With my current vehicle, Chevy Impala, it has an issue with the traction control, where I did take it I am many times, they replaced a sensor, wheel bearings a couple times, each time the vehicle was worked on, the error still comes up.

- Rachel R

Its a tank, and I can't believe you need 25 letters. . .

Its a tank, very reliable. I love that it can drive on four tires and that I can steer those tires. I love that I can drive to all of the places my heart desires to drive to. Is this more than 100 letters now or am I doing overkill?

- Garrett S

Overall a great car. Would definitely recommend this car.

It runs great. Starts up every time. Great on gas. Good suspension. Comfortable seats. Spacious trunk. For a compact car it has enough room for 4 adults. It lacks a little on horsepower but still love it.

- Manny I

The one most important thing people should know about my car is, it is an older type. It isn't all fancy and new, but it still works just as fine

It's nice, not too big, and not too small. The only thing i don't quite like is the air conditioning. It went out almost as soon as i bought the car. Other than that it is a great car. It suits me well

- Summer S

Wilma the working wagon!!

Wilma, as I refer to her, is great!! I love the fantastic gas mileage!!! I'm mostly alone so there is plenty of room for most things that I need to haul. I think she's gonna live another 10 years!!

- Donna C

Good family car. Roomy. Rides smoothly.

Our car was a gift. It was in an accident previous to when we got it. I love the car. But you could tell the previous owner didn't really take care of it. Inside or out. So we give it some tlc.

- Liz S

Great gas mileage for over 16 years in city and open road

Has been a dependable vehicle for many years. Had to replace motors on both front power windows one window twice. Had given very good gas mileage of about 25 in city and about 32 open road.

- Ann W

Its old, and needs some work done on it.

Runs great but its old and falling apart. It's a conformable car and very reliable. I've had it for 10 years and now things are breaking off and it's dirty, but I still enjoy driving it.

- Lacey D

Review of my Chevy impala

There has been some issues with the water pump/cooling system. The back window doesn't go down. The air conditioning doesn't work. It has been a reliable car for the most part though

- Kylie T

It still runs after 17 years!! Nothing else to write.

It has had A LOT of work done to it, considering it's 17 years old! But it gets me where I want to go.Don't know what else to write. Just trying to fill all of this square in.

- Cynthia D

Solid vehicle. No real complaints

Car is great. I'm currently having problems with the rotors and brake pads right now but that comes with general wear and tear. Ultimately it has held up pretty good so far.

- Reno H

It is very comfortable to ride in and easy to drive.

The Impala is a very comfortable vehicle to ride in. It has a great look and steers great. Dislike the fact that the seatbelt on the passenger side seems short.

- D H

That it runs good and is comfortable to ride in to your destination

Has good power and reliable...4 doors...spacious interior...what I do dislike was the beige interior color dashboard and carpet flooring...hard to keep clean

- Darla K

It's the second car of the same make, model, year, and coincidentally color that I've owned.

It is a reliable car that with regular maintenance has clocked more than 400,000 miles. Interior is comfortable for four passengers but capable to fit six.

- Curtiss M

It's a Chevy and pretty dependable and I can rely on it to get me where I need to go.

Needs a lot of repairs but not unusual for its age. It is basically pretty dependable otherwise. Also Chevrolet's have always been good cars for me.

- Lesa C

A safe and reliable vehicle that will hold up for many years.

My 2001 Chevrolet Impala has been one of the most reliable and comfortable cars I've ever driven. Just the right size for my family's needs.

- Scott S

Idk it's great awesome fun car to drive and the windows has a tent they are fark.

My car drives great and seats are comfy. Trunk is awesome its big and back seat is huge. And it don't eat a lot of gas great gas mileage.

- Holly L

It is so comfortable! My car is great for riding or driving around town and for a couple hour trip.

I love the size and the way it handles. I feel safe in my car. I dislike that it is starting to get old and take more money to maintain.

- Tracey B

car has plenty of space for putting groceries and other things

the car has definitely had plenty of issues over time but has been reliable for commuting to and from work and for other personal uses

- Brenden S

I really enjoy that I can raise the seat up and down, cause I'm short.

I love that it has nice space in the back. Not a fan that it has a small trunk. It's kinda long so you have to get used to driving it.

- Leela H

Slow Beauty Takes Her Time

I don't like how the impala I have has no power. It takes forever to get to speed which is dangerous when driving on the freeway.

- Desire E

Upkeep the vehicle and it will be good to you!.

I love it because it is mine but I hate it because it requires more tlc then other vehicles I have drove. It is just old I think.

- Kathleen B

Nothing really mentioned everything.

Has been a long last vehicle. The wear and tear has definitely taken its toll over the last 15 years, but it's been a solid car.

- Justin D




It worked very well as a first car, but it you're looking for something reliable, find something else.

Super old car which gave me a bunch of problems. It's a long car so parking it can be a pain but otherwise it is pretty good.

- Ebony J

Watch the gas gage. It's not fun to run out of gas.

My gas gage does not work so that sucks but I love it otherwise. I love the air conditioner and the comfortability of it.

- Elizabeth H

Its silver and has shitty tires.

All of the general attributes of the car are solid. No complaints for a car that still runs after almost 20 years. . .

- Dennis H

The car looks old but drives good.

The CD player doesn't work. The ABS system is broken. It is a dependable car and spacious. It's is maroon color.

- Darren H

This vehicle can be used for multiple purposes and on various terrains.

Good gas mileage, room for family, good family car, big trunk space.. Easy riding.. Handles well.. Smooth ride.

- Heather Z

It has been safe and reliable.

Nothing. It is been a good car. It has been reliable and trustworthy. This car has been great,a real workhorse.

- Kim S

It is reliable affordable to run it is good on gas and easy and cheap to work on

What I like about my 2001 Chevy Impala is that it's made in America is very dependable and affordable to run.

- Peter F

The security light can prevent the car from starting.

It's very roomy. It drives rather smoothly. It doesn't get great gas mileage. It has some electrical issues.

- Jesse P

Why the Impala is the right choice.

There is not much about the Impala I do not like it is roomy it handles well in the winter good gas mileage.

- Jackie S

I own the road, outta my way.

Convertible is something I like about the car. Putting gas in is something that I would consider a dislike.

- Michael M

It is dangerous to go above 80 mph.

I have no dislikes about my car it is a great car. It is a impala ls it has a sunroof. It also has OnStar.

- Wilson L

Comfortably seats five adults.

The car is comfortable to drive. It is reliable. Strong engine and dependable. It seats five comfortably.

- Iris T

Fold down hatch in back seats for longer items in the trunk

It gets great mileage ,has always got me where I'm going,electric bucket seat w/lumbar support reclining

- Michael R

It's old and falling apart. Other than that, it's been a good, reliable vehicle for me. I also love Impalas.

Old and rickety, but has been reliable. Very little work has been done since i've purchased it.

- Jamie S

It's running for now, I hope it continues to. It's a nice car just aged

I like it a lot. It's getting old though. I keep up with maintenance. It does get expensive

- Lacey W

It's great gas mileage, has a big truck. High miles and still runs great.

I love the space of the interior. The radio could be better. I like the smooth drive it has

- Crystal K

It doesn't run, the oil leak is bad.

It's a great car! Love the smooth ride and also the steering wheel controlled radio!!

- Dylan S

It gets me from point A to point B.

It is a solid full size sedan. It doesn't turn any heads, but it has been reliable.

- Bradley J

It gets Good fuel mileage and seventeen to twenty miles to gallon.

I like the style of it.The color of it.The leather seat in it and the rims on it .

- James M

It is a full size so it is bigger than most people realize.

I love how smooth it rides, but it is in need of some maintenance right now.

- Jaima L

It's a Chevrolet it's good on gas it has cold air conditioning

no real complaints other than everything under the hood is made of plastic

- Eric C

My car is my lifeline. I use my car to transport my kids. Also to get to and from work.

i love my car. it is silver and very roomy. i don't have any complaints.

- amber H

chevy are a very reliable car

i like the room it has and the style i don't dislike any features

- johanna B

My has a great motor and cold ac

My car has cold ac My car has a great motor My car is dependable

- Reginald B

Dependable and long lasting

Everything, good performance, dependable, good gas mileage

- Ann k

I never had problems with the car and it doesn't use a lot of gas

i like the car snd never had problems with it

- kathy M