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A consuming vehicle that is dependent on willingness of money and work.

This vehicle has been very tough on someone with a varying income. The reliability of a Chevy impala is not high in most mechanical ways, and has costed more money for me than convenience. It has an unusual under the hood set up; meaning, the vehicle's units are not placed according to others and easy things are placed in hard to get spots. For example, to put steering fluid into a 2002 impala, you are required to remove multiple components in order to do so. Also, this vehicle does not do well in snow or rain. It is a smooth riding vehicle, so if you live somewhere warm, you could have a different opinion. Most times I spend my days scraping up money to get this car on the road, and for someone with a spotty income, this vehicle has been nothing but a disaster for me. I do, however, love the interior and the message board center in my dash. The sunroof is a great touch. Would not buy this make or model again.

- Megan S

Older model Chevrolet Impala.

It has been a very reliable automobile since I purchased it. I have had no major issues to report besides the normal maintenance required such as new tires, oil changes, and so forth. It offers a smooth ride with plenty of room inside. Recently I have noticed the air conditioning has not been cooling well. I took in to a service center to have Freon added which fixed the issue. There was also an issue with the turn signals not functioning properly. It was a simple matter of switch out some fuses. Considering the age of the vehicle these small things are going to happen. But overall it has been a very dependable vehicle.

- Roscoe G

For the love of the Chevy impala.

This is my second Chevy impala. I love them. They look good and run good. Body is sporty yet has 4 doors for the family convenience. The ls model has it all love the heated seats on a cold winter morning or just cause my back hurts on a long road trip. The v6 3.8l engine just runs and runs. My car has 264000 on it and motor still purrs. But I also keep up on maintenance to motor with oil chances etc. Have had positive experiences with both impalas I've had. Just love them.

- Brenda H

It is very reliable and a great first car for teenagers.

I've had it since I turned 16 years old, it was my first car I have ever bought. It is a very reliable car. I haven't had to replace or fix many parts on it. For the past 7 years I have been happy with my car. It might not be the prettiest or newest car on the road, but for buying it all on my own and at a young age it has been a great car for me. One thing I wish I had was leather seats, but it's nice having the option to have six passengers.

- Hannah W

A very normal impala, apart from gas gauge.

Seats are soft nylon and cotton, some people may dislike that. Otherwise very comfortable. The gas gauge does not work properly: it displays a much higher reading than what is actually in the tank. Otherwise vehicle operates reliably. Has standard features for a car of its era: anti-lock brakes, alarm system, CD player (but no cassette player), AM/FM radio, standard heating and cooling system. All work properly in my vehicle.

- Seth S

Excellent vehicle. Good gas mileage and repairs parts are not expensive.

Bought this car when it was a year old, one previous driver with extremely low miles. I have had very few issues besides regular maintenance. One of the issues early on was with the security function. That was fixed by the dealer and had not further problems with that. The car is now 16 yrs. old and I am beginning to have issues with parts wearing out. It has been a excellent vehicle overall and would recommend it to others.

- Yvonne B

The fact that it runs great at this mileage is wonderful!!

We love it so much that we bought a 2nd car of the same kind. We never intended to have the car this long but due to economics we haven't bought a newer one! This one now has 297,000 miles on it and is driven every day! Lots of room in the car for comfort and easy to get in and out of. My husband is disabled and has no problems getting in and out of it and it holds his walker or wheelchair in the trunk just fine.

- Beverly R

The good and the bad of an older car or truck.

My vehicle is good most of the time, but as it gets older, it almost feels like it is going to break down. I believe it is reliable and it has leather seats, which feel pretty comfortable. The vehicle has nice tires and rims, but the paint is slowly coming off, the view from the driver's seat is great. The only thing that I don't like about the car, or any car, not truck, is that it is just so low to the ground.

- Tony L

My beautiful blue Chevy Impala.

I have a blue Impala. It is a very good vehicle. It has heating seats, leather interior, and powered windows. It also has 4 doors for convenience. It is a wonderful family car with plenty room in the back seat and extra room in the trunk to haul all your luggage on your long trip. It has power steering and cruise control. So when you are tired on your trip home just chill out and push the cruise control.

- Mary S

don't let others complains about impala steer you into not purchasing one.

I have had this car since 2003 it was used. I have had several minor problems but all repairs was under $500 no major problems. But the most common problem with these cars are that sometimes they want start and after a while of trying it starts up. But it the hard problem to diagnose. They are overrated with crank issues and I feel like general motors could have done a better job with the recall issues.

- J S

Positive insight on the 2002 Chevy impala.

Easy upkeep, and at 170,000 miles I got the engine rebuilt and the cv changed and its literally brand new! Keeping it for at least another 5 years. The car has so much space inside and I locked my keys inside once before and the car is so safe nobody could steal it unless they broke out the windows! I honestly have nothing negative to say about the car is reliable and comfortable.

- Kyler B

Long seat belts lost of room.

Great in gas has lost of room in the back seat easy to put car seat in a lot of space in the trunk good mom car but men live it too came with nice rims tinted windows very happy with my car plus the seat belt fit I am over 300 pounds no problem getting in or out of car never had a flat always do the oil change on time has car alarm and auto starter in nice in the winter.

- Julie M

Riding in comfort with the Chevrolet Impala.

For comfort while driving or riding this car is great. We have taken it on many 10+ hour road trips so far and it is a comfy ride. The model we have has heated leather front seats so that is a bonus in the winter for sure. It has a sunroof, power windows, locks and mirrors. This vehicle rides so smooth, I have no problem doing my makeup while riding in passenger seat.

- Sara H

Engine still like new, and is fun to drive.

Love the way it handles, great turning radius, lots of scat. Ride could be just a bit better, and of course due to age, some features are not working. Gas gauge and traction braking are not currently working, but it is 17 years old. I have had very little trouble with this car, and have owned it about 10 years. The only expensive repair was a co2 sensor.

- Carol B

A true reliable family car, that suits any age

It's been in my family since it came off the showroom, it was passed from my dad to my older sister to me. Still runs great after all this time, but that's because we are good about regular maintenance. Very reliable, the leather seats are still in great shape, sound system is still original. Overall great car, only wish they would make new ones with AWD

- Natalie W

My car is a trooper, its great and reliable.

Not all windows work. Nice and reliable. Gas thing doesn't work I never know how much gas I have. It makes a rattling noise. All lights are on like check everything like oils and coolant and battery. But everything is fine I just did a top off and put in a new battery but it still comes on to check it. My car is a trooper.

- Marilyn S

Chevy impala pros and cons

No problems. Cloth seats hold smells. Is not made with a six cord and the sound system isn't up to date. The seats are only able to be adjusted in two ways. You sit closer to the steering wheel or to layback or sit up. There's a middle console that dumps everything out when you lift it but a convenient third seat belt there.

- Shai M

It gets me to the places that I need to go.

It's a 2002 white Impala. I got this car maybe like 5 years ago. My mom's car is a used car. My mom owns this car so I just ride in her car since I am her child. I rely on this car a lot to get me places and it does with a few minor issues since it is a used car. We brought this car from a lady that owned the car before us.

- Erica H

Pros and cons of a used 2002 impala.

My main problems are exhaust hangs kind of low, air conditioner should work but barely does it blow cold. I do enjoy the comfort my car offers and the ride is mostly smooth. Gas mileage could be better but not bad. Another thing I love is the sunroof for a very hot day it really does some good to open it up.

- john Z

Great overall vehicle with heated seats.

The 2002 Chevrolet impala is a really great vehicle. It has heated seats, plenty of legroom and the seats are comfortable for long distances. The only problem I have run into so far is the power steering reservoir is underneath the windshield washer reservoir on the passenger side. It's a rather smooth drive.

- Michael S

This is a work car and it takes a licking and keeps on ticking, is very forgiving.

My experience has been quite middle of the road. I have over 265k miles and other then minor issues with burning out multiple headlights the car has performed well the engine has had no issues mechanically. The car is very forgiving as far as missed oil changes it still uses no oil and starts right away.

- Roy M

Chevy white impala 2002. Supersport

This vehicle has had some problems such as the starter going out. It also has a clicking sound when the air conditioning gets turned on. There is a slight side swipe on the car. I like the car but it has poor gas mileage for traveling. It is a super sport so it has a V8 engine and has some kick to it.

- Lauren K

Smooth and very reliable and affordable.

Haven't had any problems until recently. I am currently repairing it now. It is very reliable and great gas mileage when operable. Comfortable and accommodating for a small family of 4. Highly recommend this vehicle. Looks very luxurious but classic. Not too fancy. Not too old fashion. Perfect blend.

- Fernandez O

Chevrolet's will run forever

Runs great, spacious, very reliable, parts to fix it aren't highly expensive, blew a head gasket two years ago and it's just now starting to malfunction and leak water, needs new tires, was someone's work vehicle so the interior is kind of trashed but it gets my kids and I where we need to be

- Stacy H

It has been a very reliable car and still is with 86, 000 miles.

There are no problems with performance. It get great gas mileage and is great to drive. It is very comfortable and I love the heated leather seats. Had a problem with the catalytic convertor getting plugged and had to be replaced. The paint is now worn but the engine still is in great shape.

- Sue K

My summary of my Chevy Impala 02

Great car if you maintain it. Drives really smooth. It is a car that is good on gas when it comes to mileage. If things need to be fixed, this a American car so the part are not hard to find and there rarely very expensive. All in all this is a fantastic car and I would recommend to anyone

- Brandon W

Great older model vehicle.

Older model has held up very well with few needs for repairs (other than one accident where we were hit on side of car) other than typical upkeep. Easy to drive and comfortable. Only complaint is would like to update to larger vehicle to accommodate our larger two dogs more comfortably.

- Liz Q

Electrical issues and computer issues.

There are a lot of electrical issues with this car. Sometimes it will start sometimes it will not. Other than that it is a good car to own. Just wish they would of checked the problems first before selling it. Comfortable riding and roomy just the electrical and computer issues.

- Jodi B

Satisfied by how mechanically strong this car is.

We bought our vehicle used and it had over 200, 000 miles in it which made me a little bit nervous but Chevy apparently built this model of car strong because it drive almost like brand new and we haven't had any problems out of it all in all we are satisfied with our choice.

- Charity M

Large enough for several people and the ride is ok, gas mileage is not so good.

It's been a good car. Just the normal things need replaced like breaks lines, the window has a short in the controls which seems to be a thing with these cars that have the control right on the arm rest. The rain comes in and shorts it out. I've replaced it several times.

- Roberta S

Overall vehicle is great. Wouldn't give it 5 stars though!

Problems would, fuel efficiency, motor is V6 and takes a lot of gas. Interior is comfortable, heated leather seats, also cabin space is great. Cabin can comfortably fit about 5 people with room to spare. Trunk size is also a great feature if have anything large to move.

- Brittany P

My Chevrolet Impala car handles fantastic and accelerates fast.

My car has plenty of room. It drives great. I have room for 6 people. I can take all my grandchildren with me. I haven't had to repair much on it. The headlights have gotten a fog like covering on them. The only complaint I have is, they don't make that style anymore

- Martha W

Comfiness and durability with Florida conditions

A lot of electrical problems due to weak starter and alternator. The car has been an all around good car just due to the electrical problems it has been an ongoing frustration. The maintenance has been very easy and self-explanatory but a lot of electrical problems.

- Cody G

Lots of problems, even for an old car.

The brakes stopped working a few months after I got it. The service light is on even after I got it serviced. The ac also does not work. It cost more money to fix than it was worth. It still takes me from A to B, but getting a different car would have cost me less.

- Emma T

Awesome car! Great ride! Pretty too!

It is beautiful, has a CD player, tan cloth interior, a spoiler on the back, gold colored paint, v6. I haven't had any trouble out of it and I have had it for over 3 years. It has over 250k miles on it and is still kicking. I really couldn't ask for a better car.

- Michelle T

It handles very well when driving on the highway.

It rides great. Evenly with the road. Seats are perfect fit for my larger size. It's great on gas. . Services are simple. Easy fixes not costing me to much out of the pocket. It heat up fast in the winter and is cool in the summer. Never had a problem starting.

- Patricia S

The 02 Chevy Impala is a red 4 door and has volume/seek buttons on the wheel.

The car is easy to drive and reliable, we haven't had any issues we could blame on general motors. The only issue is the ignition switch can move on its own if there's too much weight on the keychain. Gm was nice enough to send us a recall notice on that part.

- Candy K

Impala�s are where it�s at!

I really like my car. I have had to replace almost the entire front end. It runs smooth again. One complaint I have is where the power steering fluid Reservoir is located. Also, it is a gas hog! Other than that it is my favorite vehicle that I have ever owned!

- Vanessa B

By a newer car but older car are easy to fix and save u money.

My car is old. But it is reliable and parts are cheap.. Ac runs great and everything in the car works great.. But you can get newer car to have on the side. If I had different car I would get a small one that saves on gas and so my kids can drive the car too.

- Chapman J

The life of a 2002 Chevrolet Impala in 2018.

Very reliable. Can get you around anywhere you need to go. The only thing is, the blinkers only work when they want to. Should really get that fixed. A very comfortable car though. Perfect interior & exterior. Bought the car from someone else. I own it now.

- Carrie D

Reliable, roomy, and comfortable.

Overall great family car, roomy space inside, big trunk. Quite a few recalls recently but all easily taken care of by dealer. Some trouble with traction system but has not caused any big trouble or danger. Very reliable and comfortable for long road trips.

- Katherine B

My vehicle has been very reliable.

The Chevy impala is very reliable. It has great gas mileage. The heat and air work great. I have not had any problems with this vehicle. All maintenance has been done on time. I have no issues with the vehicle, I would not hesitate to drive it anywhere.

- Jennifer R

Chevy the best of the cars.

I think it run very well for being 2002 vehicle. I love the interior and find that it is very cozy. It has a smooth drive and has good gas mileage compared to that of my previous cars. The car is in good condition and has been used as a daily driving.

- Rey T

It's had some issues with the signal lights. I've had to get them "looked at" at least twice in a very short period. The indicator notifying me of needing coolant seems utterly haywire.

I'd like it to be lighter for better gas mileage; the stereo inexplicably lacks a 1/8 inch jack. It's old and a bit stained in places, but I like its reliability overall and the trunk has good space for items for traveling. Same with the seats.

- Jonathan C

It is extremely well kept and maintained. Will continue to be a very nice car for years to come.

It's a maroon color which I like. Love the sunroof and the sound system. It was well kept so it looks good and operates well. The only thing I don't like about it is that it sits so low to the ground and I am use to larger vehicles like SUV's.

- Christina m

Comfortable seats and reliable driving.

It's got a lot of room inside the car as well as in the trunk. Which is huge and holds lots of stuff. For vacation, shopping etc.. . It has comfortable seats front and back lots of legroom its very reliable to drive it floats down the road.

- Michelle M

This car is very stable on snow covered or icy roads.

I love that the car handles well in the snow and has a large trunk space. It's comfortable to drive for both short and long distances. I hate how it is not fuel economical at all. It does feel a bit like driving a boat on narrow streets.

- Darshan H

That it is not a car it is a truck and it is my baby.

I like that it gets me places, but I do not like that it breaks down frequently, finding parts is expensive, the front of the car is really long so I cannot see over the hood, the back is bulky and presents blind spots for me when I drive.

- Jad W

The controls for the radio and cruise are on the steering wheel.

It is comfortable to ride in and to drive and large enough to take friends. The size makes me feel safer if I were to be in a wreck. With regular maintenance it runs great. I have less than 70,000 miles on my car.

- Carolyn O

Good gas mileage I've never had any bad things happen so far so good.

Just the regular maintenance that you put into your car like tires oil changes fluids I do all the work myself haven't had any major issues with the car I like it very reliable to get you where you need to go.

- Shannon D

It's a great family car and has a large trunk.

I've have car for about 6 years and have put in around $6,000.00 in repairs plus still have about $3,000.00 in repairs still to be done. It runs great and is very reliable. Features and comfort is great.

- Jason V

Old Impala Still Kicking It

Our Impala has been really reliable. Sure, it's had its fair share of breakdowns and repairs, but overall, it's been a keeper. It drives really well, and is almost 20 years old and still running well.

- Rene W

It is very reliable but you have to maintain it.

I enjoy that my car gets good gas mileage. I dislike all of the problems that I have had with it like tire problems and transmission problems. I enjoy that the insurance rate is low on it.

- Alexis J

If well maintained, your car will get you anywhere and be reliable.

As a brand new car it's reliable, comfortable with nice features but as it gets older performance starts to go down. Need to maintain it to keep running well or else it will break down.

- Marilu V

I was always a Ford guy but this impala rocks

My impala has over 250,000 miles and this car runs like a champ. Even during last year's record low temps. My impala never gave in to the cold were as newer vehicles were breaking down.

- Benjamin C

That the battery is old and needs to be replaced.

What I do not like about my vehicle is that is old. I do not like that I cannot turn on the headlights when the car is on. Not even in the day time. Other then that I like my car.

- Kari G

LOVE MY CAR : I have been very happy with my car the entire 16 years i have owned it.

i have been very very happy with my car for the 16 years i've had it. i have no no mechanical problems and the car has been very reliable and comfortable the entire time.

- barry s

It's great on gas and very reliable.

It. don't like that its old and like it because it's good on gas and its gold with black trim and it sits kind of low with brand new tires and ac and heat works great.

- Craig H

The make and model of my car has been very reliable. Chevrolets is a great brand

I have had this car since 2004 and it has been very reliable. It is spacious and comfortable. I have only had 3 problems with my car since I purchased it

- viviana G

DO NOT BUY ONE USED, they have known flaws! They will drive you crazy.

so many things wrong, blower only works sometimes, turn signals malfunction, speakers will not work, car passenger floor fills with water when it rains.

- Wendy M

Chevy Impala with sunroof!

I love this car because it is roomy, great on gas mileage and the sound system is great. Very large trunk space too. All repairs have been simple to do.

- Jen W

2002 chevrolet impala 4 door

i love my car it has never let me down and has more than 130k on it it makes a great family car and gets you where you wanna be and back home safely

- khristina d

White excellent 2002 vehicle

Reliable,no problems except needs new wheel covers which is minor,good performance,low milage easy on gas,drives easy & comfortable,color white.

- Daisy O

this car is pretty fast so do not judge a book by its cover.

it is fast for what kind of car it is. Chevy has always been a great company. I definitely like this car even though it was not my first choice.

- Derek S

There can be difficulties with the transmission and it needs tune ups.

This vehicle has lasted a long time for our family. It has a nice interior and drives nice, recently has been giving transmission trouble.

- Alyssa V

it is dependable and reliable....and it still looks good after all these years

I have had this chevy for 16 yrs and it is still going strong. other than normal wear and tear for such and old car it has been great.

- suzanne f

It runs perfectly well, I have not had any major problems

i love my car,it gets great gas mileage, engine runs great, haven't had any major repairs. My mechanic has kept an eye on everything!!!

- tracy b

It has a lot of problems. Once one thing goes bad there are a million other things that follow.

The transmission has issues with shifting. The power steering hose has had to be replaced. The rack and pinion have gone bad 3 times.

- Elizabeth J

They breakdown a lot and are expensive to repair.

I like the size. I dislike that it breaks down frequently. I dislike the gas mileage it gets. I dislike that it does not look sporty.

- Pam F

this was my review of my car

The car was fast. It was amazing and handled driving on all road types, had a cassette player and cd player. Not many problems ever.

- Dav P

I've had a lot of problems with it, especially electronic problems.

I like the size of the car. The engine has a lot of power. I don't like the electronic problems it has. I don't like the rough ride.

- Kathy W

not like other cars that has only two seats up front mine has three

when I went car shopping the thing that drew me to the car was it has a sunroof ! ,and I loved the color. I haven't had any problems

- brittany s

It is black so the outside is very hot to the touch and it gets very hot in the inside during the summer and the ac does not work

I enjoy the way that my car drives. I also love my car because it is very comfortable. I really dislike that it using a lot of gas.

- Cassie C

It's a bit old but it gets the job done. The ac only works on full blast. The sunroof doesnt open.

I really wish I could have gotten a brand new car instead of a used one. The car is fine in every aspect. I like how Impalas look.

- DeMarcus M

It's a 2002 model which makes it 16 years old and it's still running well

I love my car. I've had it for 16 years now and it still runs well. The usual maintenance over the years nothing over the top.

- Suzanne T

The radio has an aux cord.

It's comfortable and gets me to and from where I need to go. It runs good. It's good on gas. It's spacious and it has an ac.

- Nautica S

It's very helpful and my kids enjoy it!.

I love that it's a really reliable car. It takes me from point a to point b. I dislike when it has its electrical problems.

- Mariana V

Always do regular maintenance oil tire pressure etc. , the basics.

Chevy Impala with a 3. 8 without a doubt the best engine gm ever made, also compatible with grand prix, monte carlo, etc.

- Tim S

It is insured and my favorite daily runner!

It is a very reliable vehicle. This car does not require a lot of maintenance. Generally good on gas and runs smoothly!.

- Stacey S

My car is is very comfortable and is good for long drives if you can afford the gas.

I like that my Chevrolet Impala has lots of room, is comfortable and dependable. I don't like that it uses lots of gas.

- Jeanette L

It's a very good car with a spacious backseat and trunk.

I've had steering issues in the past. Performance is great. Very reliable, comfortable, and the features are very nice.

- Abbi R

It is very reliable and will last me a long time.

It is very old, and has a lot of rust. It is loud and does not run smooth at all. I have a big family and its small.

- Heather H

It has lots of problems everytime you turn around but is a good car

problems with brakes,engine makes noises,goes down the road nicely and gets you where you wanna go very comfortable

- Marci W

I do not want to sell my car

I do not want to sell my car.I do not want to sell my car.I do not want to sell my car.I do not want to sell my car

- Andrea H

Not At All Bad For An Old Car

Needed to have the transmission replaced. Would not have expected that on a car with only 80,000 miles on it.

- Bre C

Not very stylish. Hard to do motor work.

Runs good. Dependable affordable. No major problems. Just regular maintenance. Comfortable and good looking.

- Jordan D

That it is the most dependable car that's out there.

I have a very dependable vehicle. It is low maintenance and I've had it for awhile. I really trust this car.

- Daniel K

A lot of advanced technology for 2002.

With a v6 engine Chevy impala has a lot of power. Built like a tank feels way safer than Japanese tin cans.

- Abner S

One important thing people should know about my car. Is that it is mine lol.

It's a reliable car. I like it because it gets my children to school. As well other important appointments.

- Martin M

I've had this car for u years and the repairs have been minimal.

I like the trunk size. It's great for shopping. Repairs are rare. It's comfortable to use for long trips.

- Lis S

That it drives better than it looks.

Because the air and window let down. Also i love the color of my car. The car itself has a lot of room

- Tonisha J

It is very safe. It has low mileage and is great on gas.

Very roomy and nice color. It drives very well and is great on gas mileage. Love everything about it

- Amber W

It starts and gets me where I need to be. I spend too much on gas

Wish I got better gas mileage. It's showing lots of rust. Wish I could afford something newer.

- Bev R

Stands out over the others. It's a classy car. !!!!!

I love my Chevy Impala. It rides smooth. Looks great. and I get so many compliments on it.

- donna b

It is always ready to go.

I like how fast it accelerates and there is really nothing that I don't like about it.

- Penny M

my car has ignition wire issues, sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't! it also has traction issues, the traction says its off and so is the ABS system is also off! besides those issues it runs great. it's almost 20 years old, so the problems are expected. it's very comfortable, and i love the steering wheel controls.

the blind spots in the car aren't as bad as others and the safety rating is very high

- Grace M

My car is important to me to maintain my hobby. I would be totally lost without her

I enjoy having my automatic car starter. Also opening the trunk with a button.

- Susan G

its clean always vacuum always update to day with the oil change

it's a little bit older with some miles on it things are falling apart repairs

- dianna s

This car gets good gas mileage with some get up and go.

I like that It's roomy and holds a lot in the trunk. It gets good gas mileage.

- Diane M

It is very reliable and a smooth ride with great gas mileage.

It is a smooth ride. I have not had to fix anything major. Very reliable car.

- June H

It's paid for drives good haven't had any problems out of it

Good solid car good gas mileage good air conditioning no problems love it

- Billy K

maintenance schedule that was performed over the years

good size; not new; needs updating; outdated and don't like color

- sonya g

It runs all the time and haven't had any problems with it

No complaint about my car that I can think of at this moment

- Jim R

nothing can not buy a Saturn now

none it is a SATURN the best car we ever edown

- Carolyn E