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Comfortable and classy Chevy Impala.

I haven't had any issues with the car. I have owned the car for almost 2 years now and have only taken it in to the mechanic for an oil change. It gets great gas mileage. I have taken it from Iowa to New Brunswick, Canada and returned it without any issues coming up. Very reliable! The seats are made of cloth which can make cleaning a little difficult, but I prefer cloth over leather regardless. It is a great vehicle to take on road trips! Plenty of room in the trunk and a reliable motor to get you farther than you could in other vehicles. It sits a little low to the ground, which means you have to be careful in certain areas, but it is a smooth ride! My friends and family have commented on the comfort and accessibility in the car, all positive comments! The defrost on the back windshield works perfectly and very efficiently. The car that I have has a remote start which helps a ton in the winter season. Heating and air conditioning work perfectly, and I have never had any problems with either. Space wise, the Impala is a great vehicle for a small family or for about 4 adults to comfortably share. I love the fact that the trunk has room for an extra tire and is concealed with a tarp like cloth so that I can fit more into the trunk of the car!

- Adrian S

It is comfortable & gets decent mileage per gallon.

My Chevy Impala may be old but has low mileage as I 'm 2nd owner & 1st hardly drove car except to do errands in our small town & her husband was controlling & did any real driving that needed to be done using his Chevy. Also he was friends with owner of the dealership & therefore cars were well maintained while they owned Impala, other than it wouldn't pass smog at time of sale because she never went anywhere where she could "open it up" & clear out the system. I took about a month of driving on freeway & open highway to get it to pass. I then took it to my mechanic (out of town) & had him go thru whole car & replace anything that he felt needed it as I am disabled & cannot afford to have car breakdown anywhere. It is a comfortable car to drive & I have a bad back from a car accident & years of nursing. There is good visibility & that is an issue of importance to me because it is hard for me to turn my head much do to back & neck injuries. It is a 4 door sedan with a spacious trunk & backseat is spacious & part of it opens down into trunk so you can get a lot into vehicle.

- Marguerite R

My very dependable vehicle.

Gets good gas mileage. Large enough to hold all my grandchildren. My car is very dependable to get me to the valley for doctor appts etc. The trunk is also very large and can hold a lot of stuff, making this a good traveling car. I get regular oil changes and have only had a couple of things that needed a mechanic's attention luckily. I feel this is a very comfortable car to travel in and would have no problem if I had to drive it to California and back, which I have not done in a long while.

- Gail F