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My 2007 Chevrolet Impala is the perfect for me. I love the space in the trunk.

The car is great! I have very little problems with it. A slight annoyance however is that if I wear a ponytail, it hits the headrest and is very uncomfortable. I have not tried adjusting it yet, but that is a very small problem. Also, the cup holders are two different sizes so you cannot fit two big drinks. I will say that the radio does not turn off for a long time when you shut off the car – you have to turn it off manually. Not a big problem, but I found out that owners of the same kind of car also have this problem. For my car, the back door on the passenger side does not always unlock no matter how many times you hit the button. Again, not that big of a deal and I am sure it would be a quick fix if I took it in to someone. The heating and cooling works wonderfully as well. It does not take long for the car to heat up or cool down at all. The trunk is great as well. It is surprising how much room there actually is – it is great for when you are traveling with a lot of luggage and whatnot. It was perfect for when I moved into my college dorm. The remote start is a great feature that I am going to appreciate a lot this coming winter. The AUX cord is also another great feature. I tend to use that more than the radio. All in all I am very satisfied with the car!

- Cheyenne B

Considering the miles I put on my car drives smooth and its good in the snow.

There are a lot of recalls on this make and model. A lot of the recalls just came out the last couple of years and it screwed people that a lot of miles because it didn't cover us even the fact is it is many years later so not fair to the car owner. It also has had many issues with the computer part that controls the traction control likes to turn it is self on and off very dangerous. I have had a lot of issues with the actual control part of the computer would give off the wrong signal and a lot of times the part was actually fine and worked perfectly fine. I am having issues with the board in my steering wheel that has my signal for my turning signals and my bright light control every time I hit a bump my bright lights switch on and blinds people in front of me.

- Alicia S

Great family car, dependable and spacious.

Purchased my Impala for it is dependability and roomy interior. Had one previous owner who took care of the car so I had none as well. First repair was a slipping gear in the transmission manifold. Not had any problems since replacing faulty parts. Car has remote start which has been helpful in the hot summer months and cold winter months. Had 3 kids since purchase of vehicle and was delighted to find that 3 car seats are able to fit in the back seat. Trunk is spacious for hauling groceries and car is also great on gas. Have had other minor repairs including water pump, alternator and battery. Overall satisfied with my car and it is perform.

- Shannon W

My car is very reliable and a beautiful red!!

I really like my Chevrolet impala. It gets at least 26 miles per gallon (highway miles). I have travelled from Pennsylvania to Florida no less than 10 times this past year. The performance of the car during those trips were outstanding. With regard to repairs, I have had relatively minimal ones. I have replaced the battery, windshield wipers and tires, which is normal wear and tear on a car. The interior has held up very well and is very comfortable. The car has am/FM stereo with a CD player and terrific speakers. When I purchase another car, I will strongly consider purchasing another impala!

- Kathleen M

Large trunk that can be made larger with fold down back seats.

My 2007 Chevy impala has approximately 82000 miles and I have had it over 5 years. Runs well, have had engine repair at around 29000 miles just after I purchased it. Have had to replace wheel bearings on both front, also front sway bar that broke in half. It is not the most comfortable car and it is not very soundproof. A great feature it does have is the back seats fold down to extend the trunk space. I use my car like a truck to haul things often. All in all it has been pretty dependable and gets ok mileage (also can use flex fuel which is great).

- Susan H

I love the automatic moon roof and stereo system in the Chevrolet impala.

I have a 2007 Chevrolet impala. This is the second impala that we have owned. Our first impala had over 200, 000 miles and was still running like a champ when we sold it. My husband felt I needed a car with less miles to travel back and forth to work. I am the second owner of the 2007 impala and have had absolutely no issues. The main thing you always need to do is maintenance your car and have your oil changed. The Chevrolet impala will take you many miles down the road. You will not be disappointed with an impala!

- April L

It is very good on mileage because it does not burn much gas.

My car is very dependable. I love it. It never lets me down. We've had good and even better times. Sometimes my car have had it is ups and downs because of like little stuff as in the heater not getting hot because of the water thing breaking or like the thermometer sticking because of it being so cold outside like little minor stuff basically but it was all worth the buy because my car has been a good car and I have almost had my car for a year it is good on gas and it is also good on mileage.

- Jack W

Chevrolet is the best! 2007 Chevy Impala.

My husband bought our 2007 Chevy in 2016. She runs great. We've only had one problem with her and that was a small issue with the wheel alignment on the rear tires. All it needed was special alignment bolts to fix it. My husband fix it himself. Two on the driver's side and one on the passenger side. We've driven down the san Diego, California twice from Modesto, California. Which is around 453 miles going and coming with no problems. My parents drove nothing but Chevrolet when I was a kid.

- Naomi M

Once every is fixed on these cars they can actually be nice cars.

The 2007 Impala is by far not one of the best cars to buy if your looking for something affordable on a budget, this car will make you spend more money in the long run with upkeep, and keeping this car running with all the parts breaking and not working, these cars are expensive money pits, if anyone thinking of getting one you should get someone who knows a lot about cars to check it up or else you will be spending a lot of unnecessary money on these cars.

- Jay K

It has 327,000 miles, but it runs like a brand new car.

My car is now 11 years old and has been very reliable. It is just now needing work done on it. Before 2017, the only work done on the car was new tires being put on or oil changes. Now, that my car has 327,000+ miles on it, it has a few transmission issues but I've found it to be very reliable as long as I keep up with the fluids in it. It has a fantastic air conditioner along with great gas mileage and is very comfortable as far as enough room in the car.

- Alexandria C

The bigger size engine so it has more power than the other impala models.

No major problems with my car mechanically. Just the standard maintenance. I really like the size of it for carrying 4 people. And the gas mileage on the highway and in town is good, however, I do not like that it is not four or all wheel drive. The best features is that it has the bigger engine in it so it gets up and goes when I need it too. The trunk size is a good size allowing me to transport most everything I need with a few exceptions.

- Cat N

Honda Civic 2003 and Chevy Impala 2007.

I happen to love my vehicle. I went from a 2003 Honda to my Chevy 2007 Impala it is much more roomy and drives like a champ. The only thing I miss, is the gas mileage it is a bit more spendy than the Honda was on gas. A Honda was a nice little go around car got me from place to place however not very comfortable. My Impala is like a old town car it ride smooth. However I am having issues with the electrical things such as speakers in radio.

- Finesse L

Love my impala.. Will definitely buy another when I decide to buy a new car.

I love my impala! Gets great gas mileage, is very comfortable to ride in and drive. My car is 11 years old and has over 125, 000 miles on it.. Still in great condition. The only problems I have had with my car have been normal wear and tear. The biggest problem I had was with the dealership which had my car for almost a month, ended up putting on parts that they never asked permission for,, and then charging me for the whole mess.

- Betty S

Sporty looking car that has the get up and go!

This vehicle has been a very good and reliable car. It moves fast, sometimes too fast. I have heated leather seats which is a must for my next car. I have had a few issues with the starter needing replaced, the power steering fluid leaking and has always had a problem with some kind of leak that my tech cannot find unless I have a major procedure done to find the leak. Otherwise, the car is fun to drive and is sporty looking.

- Lynda L

Very nice ride and easy to handle.

I really like the Chevrolet Impala. It handles nicely, keep the oil and regular maintenance current on it. When first purchased new, about 30, 000 miles I had to replace the water pump. It was covered under the warranty. Mostly everything that went like that was covered under the warranty and I liked that. I have not had actual problems with the car. General maintenance, batteries, etc. I have had to purchase which is normal.

- Loretta W

2007 Chevy Impala. Do you dare?

I have only had it a short time, it is silver with gray cloth interior. It has used some oil, alerting me with a dash light. It gets pretty good gas mileage. The interior is pretty plain, not even Bluetooth capable. No fancy rearview mirror, no fancy anything. I guess that's less to malfunction in the future. It has a 3. 5 liter engine that is in fact pretty doggy. But it runs good I guess for what it is a gramma car.

- Rebecca B

Chevy Impala: forever running (over 260,000 miles!).

My car has issues with the gas cap sensor. The sensor always thinks that the gas cap is open, so my engine light is always on. Because it is an older car with lots of miles, the drive train is starting to go out but it has lasted over 260,000 miles. The car does have very large blind spots though due to the construction; the largest ones are on the left and right of the windshield where the frame is connected.

- Grace S

Actuator goes bad frequently.

There are blind spots that cannot be avoided. These blind spots on are both sides of the vehicle at the rear quarter panel. There is an actuator for the heating and cooling system that goes out often. It makes a horrible noise when not working. Both actuators have been replaced twice since I bought the car used two years ago. Not an expensive part, just a pain to replace. Not happy having to do it repeatedly.

- Ellen G

It's comfortable, reliable and affordable.

This car is very comfortable, easy to drive and affordable. We have had minimal issues and those were caused by an accident caused by another driver. My family has zero complaints. I would strongly recommend purchasing a Chevy impala and would look for another newer model when I finally need to replace it. However, it is twelve years old and going strong, so hopefully that will be in a long time.

- Wendy S

My car has bad tires but still runs nicely.

My car has a tail light out, and needs new tires, as well as a new coolant tank. My car is very reliable and runs great. My car is used and has some minor bumps and scratches. It is silver. It also needs some wires replaced and currently needs an oil change. My car is good on gas but takes about 32 dollars to fill the tank. It has a spacious trunk. It has a clean floor. It needs more cup holders.

- Mackenzie H

It seems to be very reliable.

It helps me get where I need to go. It is not very comfortable or pretty, but it works and that is really all that I need from a car right now. So far it is never broken down on me though it has had typical car problems. However something I have started to notice is that I must have the ac running or the car makes a clicking sound. Also, it tends to "jump" when I start to accelerate from a strop.

- Katherine F

The pros and cons of a 10+ year old Chevy Impala.

The motor for the driver seat went out so it is stuck in one position and that is really inconvenient. It is a smooth ride and comfortable seats for the driver or passengers. It has a CD player, good ac and it is super reliable. However it only has a key entry from the drivers door that also is inconvenient at times. For a car over 10 years old it runs great and is super reliable.

- Marisol C

What I like about my car. It rides smooth and gets good gas mileage.

My car is such a good one. I have driven it all over and have had no problems. I do have the oil changed every 3 months. It is 11 years old and just starting to have some problems with it. But is only minor ones. The performance is very good. And is very reliable. The comfort is quite nice and I have ac, am/FM radio w/disc player. And come with built in phone and GPS.

- Laverne L

Why impala are a good midsize vehicle.

The impala lt is a very spacious vehicle. It also has good power for a car that big and it is consistently. Regular maintenance is not expensive if done on time. It also is very inexpensive to repair when it breaks down. The cargo hold is also very spacious so you can take your car for longer trips if needed. Gas mileage is decent compared to other cars that size.

- Michael C

8/10 stars for my Chevy impala!

My 2007 Chevy impala runs really well. The only issues that I have had are related to lack of care by the previous owner, but, otherwise it is in great shape! However, my tire sensor refuses to work, despite having been replaced multiple times. I quite enjoy the quick start feature, as well as the setup on the interior. Drives far better than my Corolla ever did!

- Alyssa A

There are many small problems, but none that have made a huge difference.

My vehicle has small problems such as shortages. The tire monitor system does not work most days, so I never know for sure what my tires are filled to and if they are really low or not. Also, the charging outlets do not work, and I had to get the wires fixed on the windshield wiper fluid. Besides that, it has kept up for me since I was 16 and I am not almost 23.

- Taylor W

High mileage Chevy impala.

It drives smooth. Has nice interior. Easy to service. Good on gas. Sound quality of speakers is good as well. Trunk is huge and fits a lot. The car is very spacious and can easily fit up to 5 people without feeling cramped. The only issues I have are the tire sensors not working and the oil sensor not working. It has 230,000 miles on it and still runs great.

- Lauren C

Keep up with fluids and oil changes. Change brakes when needs.

I purchased my vehicle off of my mechanic who is an authorized dealer two years ago. It is used and in semi great condition. I use it for delivering food so I put a lot of wear and tear into it. Overall the only problems I have had with this vehicle is minor issues like brakes, rotors, tie rods. Nothing major a all in the two years that I use it for work.

- Janice S

2007 Chevy impala: good dependable car.

I like my car. It has been dependable, only have needed to do regular maintenance on it. I wish it were bigger so it would be more comfortable like the previous model and the newer models are. There was a recall for the ignition but besides that everything has functioned as desired. The performance is great along with good gas mileage. Not many features.

- Tab O

Great Vehicle

Had for ten years and replaced the tranny. This car I use for work and is very good on bad roads. I bought it as a used car and I have enjoyed it for the duration of having it. The leather seats are starting to wear but I have had no problems with the automatic seats heat radio or anything else. This is a great car back seat is only comfortable for two.

- Ivy B

My favorite part of my car is the wood on the dash.

I love the interior of the car and the wood on the dash it is also really easy to clean and very spacy for a family. The trunk is huge and there is a lot room if you are traveling with your family. The headlights are bright and the look of the outside of the car is nice as well. I get a lot of compliments on my car people are surprised by the interior.

- Kimberly M

1. Gas saver. 2. Does not require lots of mechanical work if taken care of 3. Space.

My 2007 Chevy Impala is a great gas saver and has not had any major problems. I have had the car for about four years now. It travels well and has lots of space for a family of five. The trunk space is amazing. It is deep and also wide for those families and individuals who travel or carry loads for work and sports. I would not trade it for anything.

- Mitchell J

Reliable car with many minor issues.

My car speakers have gone out almost completely. The six cord does not work. The car charger plugin is very unreliable. The transmission is beginning to have issues. My shocks need fixed and I need an alignment. I enjoy the amount of space I have in it though. It has been pretty reliable so far. I have driven it across the country with no issues.

- Beth B

It has automatic lights you can turn off by yourself.

This vehicle is very comfortable on road trips the performance is excellent it drives smooth. It has power windows and locks. The problems with it are motor mount is going bad it shakes when driving after 1t0k miles transmission will start to fail. But overall it is a great family car and I count on it to get me to and from the store.

- Kayla C

Car family size car fits 5.

Good care just does not run as smooth as I'd like. No problems with anything. I would go with a more updated version of this car because the speakers are not the best. The car is a good family car lots of room and safe driving just not a car for me. It has bad blind spots on the front window but other than that it is a solid car.

- Brittany D

Great features for 06 Chevy Impala.

It has CD feature, cigarette outlet/charger port, heated back window. Has cruise control and auto high beam turn off when light is detected. It's a great starter car for a new driver. We've had the car about four months and it has not given us any problems. The dealership made sure it was in top shape when we first leased it.

- Josey W

Good on gas has a good get up and go.

The problem with my car is the tires it's like no matter what kind I use on the winter the make me slip and slide a lot key ignition is bad but other than that love my car its been the best car I ever had wouldn't change it for the world it's a good road car in summer travel good on gas. This going to be my first tune up.

- Bryant W

Best most reliable car have had.

We own a 2007 Chevy Impala have had for 2 years have not had any trouble with it, very reliable, starts without hesitation in winter even below zero temperatures, it has 211,000 miles on it, does have a oil leak in the gasket, have had to put brakes and shocks on it, tie rods on it normal things you have to fix on a car.

- Jason A

Our Impala. We named her glitch.

We bought a used 2007 Impala. It has been an excellent car. We have had no car issues. It gets great gas mileage. It is a totally good car. I have been a Ford person and I am impressed. I also has a big back seat so we can take passengers with us. The front seat is so comfortable. The trunk is big enough for groceries.

- Helen R

It's classy, it drives great, it has a lot of legroom and I really enjoy driving it.

I really enjoy my Chevy Impala. It is spacious, has a lot of leg room and it can seat six people. The only thing I dislike about my Impala is that it does not have a lot of cargo space. I am fortunate and grateful to have my Chevy Impala and feel very blessed to have a vehicle that gets me from point A to Point B.

- Lynn G

Really nothing just besides I love it.

I love my car but my issues are that it came from a used car lot so while I have had it I have had issues with it due to them not fully checking to make sure it is dependable yet saying it is. But Chevy impalas are really good car and will last a long time if you take of your car and that is with any car you purchase.

- Ashley B

Chevy impala that works and runs smoothly, great for a family vacation.

The air conditioning is out, the car has a knocking sound in the dash from the heat/air, brakes are dull, I need a new gas filter, new tires, & new windshield wipers; other then that the car works and runs smoothly an can get you from point A to point B & the vehicle is a good traveling vehicle for a family of five.

- Kayla C

To summarize my vehicle. It is a dependable, comfortable, standard car.

Nice reliable car. Not many problems. Half the engine has been rebuilt. New tires. Has been cross country a few times. It is a really comfortable car, rides smooth. Definitely has plenty of trunk space. Also it has the flex fuel feature which is very nice. On top of that it has plenty of power to get going quickly.

- Pablo M

All in all its a reliable car.

It's a good car that is reliable and gets me where I need to go. Ok gas mileage. Seats up to six passengers. I believe it has an 18 gallon gas tank on it which gets me a little over 400 miles to a tank. For me it's not the most comfortable car but I do have leather seats in mine. Heated seats are a plus though.

- Michael W

Long lasting reliable vehicle. Mine has just over 254 thousand miles and running strong.

I love the look and style of the car. I love that it has 6 seats: three in front 3 in back. I love that ALL the seatbelts have shoulder straps. I dislike that the back windshield has never defrosted: common issue with this year make and model. Also just spent over 1000 getting the air fixed and the belt fixed.

- Stacy T

2007 Chevy impala bought used. High mileage.

I own a 2007 Chevy impala. Have had it for 6 years. I love this car because it is very comfortable and reliable. Excellent in the snow. I purchased it used with 75,000 miles on it and it now has 172,000 miles on it. I have never had any major issues. Hoping to get another year or two out of it. Very happy.

- Sarah J

My 2007 Chevrolet Impala!

This car is in great shape! It is white with a gray cloth interior. I love to drive it because it feels safe. It is roomy but not too big. The car only has 21, 000 miles on it and I plan on keeping it until it or I die! I recommend the Impala. Gets great gas mileage and offers a smooth driving experience!

- Marjorie A

Cons of my vehicle & pros of why it is decent.

My vehicle is very good on gas & it is very spacious. I love the interior design and the fact that it is a four door vehicle. The air conditioning works great and the miles per gallon are even better. My vehicle drives very smoothly & I would rate it a 3 out of 5. It is not the best but it is very decent.

- Kaitlyn M

Great car for the price. Does not need a lot of maintenance.

Wonderful smooth ride. Power steering and brakes, cruise control, all the bells and whistles. Four door, great gas mileage. Has 136098 miles and still runs like new. Am, FM radio and CD player. Lets you know when it is time to change the oil and the air pressure in your tires. Seats are very comfortable.

- Dianne L

My favorite automobile I have ever owned.

This automobile has extremely low mileage. I have had this automobile for ten years. I have been to Ohio several times with it to visit my family. I have made two trips to Illinois with it as well. I am completely satisfied with this car. I would buy another Chevrolet impala if I sold this automobile.

- Paul K

Great vehicle for the family.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage, has a good amount of space and provides a comfortable ride. This is the second Chevy Impala that we have owned and we have loved them both, so my family and I would recommend the Chevy Impala to anyone looking for a reasonable size and priced family car.

- Amanda I

Beautiful silver Chevy Impala.

I have a 2007 Chevy Impala which has very little to no rust spots on it. This Impala is a good silver gray color. It has leather seats with no rips in them. This Impala has a working sunroof. The engine in this Impala is the 3900. The air conditioning & heat work very well and all power windows.

- Veronica F

Dependable good sized vehicle.

My car is great, I have had it for four years now. Most problems have been maintenance. Brakes, rotors, exhaust. Only major problems I have had are an oil leak from the oil housing unit and my gas line rusted. Other than that it is a comfortable car and I like the size inside and in the trunk.

- Jessica B

Mom car with tons of trunk space!

I like my 2007 Chevy Impala. I am a mom and it's a total "mom" car. It has a ton of trunk space. It also has little clips that make it very easy to install a car seat. It drives very smooth I haven't had any problems with it so far! I would recommend this car to young moms or college students.

- Mariah W

My experience with my 07 Impala.

Overall thus make/model holds up pretty well. Obviously keeping up on obvious maintenance helps. One drawback would be the gas/mileage. Being an 07, it doesn't hold up as well as newer makes and models in that department, but overall, I have haven't had any major issues as far as repairs go.

- Bryan B

Chevrolet Impala 2007: surprisingly smooth.

Speakers are somewhat quite. Steering is a little off balance. Feels like tires become flatter quicker. Gas mileage is actually nice for the year of the car. Drives surprisingly smooth as well for the year. Very roomy too however there is only two cup holders which can be a pain sometimes.

- Kyle H

Be prepared to only get parts from Chevy and have to pay double the price

I love this car I have drove it daily for years. The only major issue that I have had is the Transmission cable broke and I had to get one direct from Chevy. Auto Parts stores could not give me one.. this took 3 days to get .. not helpful and sucks as the parts should be readily available

- LeAnn B

I just love everything about the car an I am glad I got that one the kids live.

I haven't really had any problems my car but it has great performance an has room for me and the kids I love the in side of my car and would highly recommend it the gas mileage is good to I don't have to keep putting gas an I travel a lot around town so I hope you would pick a Chevrolet.

- Victoria R

The amazing Chevrolet Impala.

The Chevrolet Impala it is reliable and it is long lasting car. It is many qualities like saving on gas and great horse power. You can install a lot features to upgrade but it comes with everything a regular person could ask for. Great on road trips and highways for long periods of time.

- J H

It runs good and is excellent in rain and snow.

It's been a great running car except for a few problems. Steering wheel shaft was replaced at about 30, 000 miles. At 70, 000 trans started slipping, mind you this car has never been beat on. Eats up gas but its a big heavy car so I am ok with it. Leaks oil now but it at 110, 000 miles.

- Valerie D

There is a sun roof moon roof combo that helps daylight and air circulation.

Clicking coming from air system when switching between vent and circulating. No major engine issues. Monitoring system for tires went out and is spendy to replace. All parts and maintenance is reasonably priced either at dealer or at home due to common sizes for general motors vehicles.

- Christy H

It's a nice good reliable car.

None I have never had any problems with my car at all. Maybe a flat tire here and there but that is a bout it. I always have my car checked on a regular. Basis. I always have the oil done monthly and engine and tires checked. Always have gas in the car. Never had any problems with it.

- Autumn M

Chevrolet 2007 impala and OnStar are a good combination.

Problems: engine light came on. Performance: drives good; smooth ride; a++. Reliability: a++ (no major problems). Comfort: a++. Features: a. Oh yes, it cannot get OnStar turn service. That get the direction as I am traveling. It gets the read it to you and the replay of directions.

- Glee W

An awesome smooth ride. Great price. Worth every cent.

I love. My car. The seats are heated comfortable and are just right I love the way the dashboard is it has an amazing stereo that not only cranks but sounds awesome the backseat is very spacious and has lots of leg room. The outside has a nice shape and awesome wheels. Great power.

- Jennifer M

The headlights and the model of the car make it look really nice and sharp.

I love the look and style of the car I own. It runs quiet and smooth but the pick up speed is not at all what I expected. I feel it takes to long to pick up when beginning to take off and when stopped and trying to accelerate it stalls. Other than that I love the style and interior

- Lidia O

My car has ethanol and regular fuel capability making it possible to spend less.

Parts are easy to find and reasonably priced. The bucket seats which are completely adjustable are comfortable and not constricting. The seating in the back is roomy and extra under seat storage is rare. The fabric on the interior rear is fraying and pulling away from padding.

- Christy H

Great family vehicle and great gas.

Is a great family car. Only problem is I noticed that I have to get front end maintenance more than I'd like to, also head gasket problems. Otherwise great vehicle and great on gas, never broken down. Oil does need to be changed often it seems and also air conditioning ticks.

- Abby T

A reliable and comfortable car.

It has been a reliable problem free car for us. It has a spacious interior that has been comfortable for us when traveling. My favorite part is the trunk is very large. It comes in handy when running errands while my kid is with me. It has been a wonderful car for our family.

- Krystal B

Impalas have great engines!

My Impala had almost 100, 000 miles on it when I got it and it still runs great! The ride is smooth, the gas mileage is good, and I haven't had my oil changed since the day I got it! The car has been great since I've had it. No complaints. Plus the trunk space is great too!

- Casey E

All around average car to drive.

There are blind spots that make it difficult to drive in heavy traffic. Doing simple repairs yourself can be a hassle, due to the placement of parts. However, it is reliable, and all around a good car to drive, the ride is smooth, and the controls are simple, and intuitive.

- Patrick B

Trash car that keeps breaking down.

Breaks down all the time has a lot of issues that keep recurring. Need to keep getting new parts. If it's not one things it the next. The car sucks the trunk breaks and does not have a handle for easy access brights never turn off. Leaking fluids even after getting fixed.

- Clint L

It's a safe car, family car. This car can get you from A to B with no worries.

I like how good it is on gas and it's reliable. I feel safe when I'm in it and like my children are safe. I like how big the trunk is. I can fit a double stroller in it. My only dislike is that it doesn't have as many updated features but that's expected in an older car.

- Megan G

I always feel safe diving it.

This car is very dependable. Very comfortable. It has leather seats that are heated. I love the auto start, especially in the winter. I have only had a problem with the battery going dead. The trunk is huge, I love that. It handles very well and I feel safe driving it.

- Doris D

I couldn't ask for a better car all around.

I have had no problems with my car. It performs really well. It is very reliable, and comfortable. It is very sporty looking. It has adjustable motorized seats. There is a lot of legroom. It has front wheel drive which is very good on snow and ice. I just love my car.

- Jacqueline B

It is overall okay and is very reliable with comfy seats.

When I turn the heat from hot to cold or vice versa, it makes a loud clicking noise for about a minute. It is a comfortable vehicle. Mine has transmission issues because it has high mileage, but it is still a reliable vehicle. My car has an AUX port so that is nice.

- Jacqueline W

Flexible sedan, comfortable to drive

My Impala is very comfortable to drive. The main reason I bought it was because it has a split bench front seat. This means it can carry 6 people when needed, but the split bench has the flexibility of changing into armrest/ cupholder when the 6th seat isn't needed.

- Carole W

It is a 2007 Chevy Impala runs good comfy seats and gets me where I want to be.

It is a very reliable car drove it from Missouri to az. Still going strong. Only minor repair so for. Owned it for 2 years. It has comfy seats and enough space for a road trip. My vehicle came with standard features which work well. Really satisfied with my choice.

- Crystal G

Durable goes well in bad weather.

Problems I have had is transmission leak. It wants to lunge forward a lot. But other than minor issues seems to be reliable car that goes really well. It has flaws for its age but body and interior has held up well. It's very durable and has a lot pick up for a v6.

- Nancy S

It is dependable and has a very smooth ride.

The Chevy impala seems like a pretty reliable car. Since purchasing mine I notice that there are a lot of them on the road. I have had no problems with it at all. I wish it was a newer model with Bluetooth but it does have an AUX jack that serves the same purpose.

- Nikki T

My 2007 impala has been nothing but good to me.

I have really had no issues with the car. Its a 2007 with almost 60, 000 miles on it. Only things I had to replace on it is a water tank. It good in the snow and has always driven nice. I would love to get a newer Verizon. My family has always been a Chevy family.

- Roxanne A

Great first car, lots of space, super reliable.

Has had to be fix this past two month but it's a great first car. It's very comfortable. It will get you to point A to point B with no problems. Has a lot of space in the front and back for tall people. I would recommend this car within a heartbeat. I love it.

- Kristina J

The good and bad of an 07 Impala.

Good car, make sure you get an oil change. Car starter a known problem. Fits family of 4 perfect. Trunk is huge and great for traveling. Radio and controls easy to manage. Car has child locks is great for safely. Can only open trunk from button inside car.

- Douglas M

Overall reliable and great car.

Overall reliable. Have had to complete repairs but not anything more than expected of a car. The car is safe, reliable and overall a great car. It has plenty of space both inside the car and in the trunk. The car has features typical of the year and make.

- Crystal W

It's a six Cylinder Chevy Impala with a lot of scratches and dings 154, 000 miles

I would like a smaller car, with 4 cylinders instead of the 6 cylinder Impala that I drive. My Impala is nice and roomy, I can fit a lot of stuff in the trunk and backseat. I have too many scratches on the car and don't want to spend money on repairs.

- Rhonda B

Lasts for a while, runs pretty well, been in my family for a while.

My vehicle has been in my family since my dad bought it in 2009. He gave it to me and it does well and is pretty reliable. I feel like I have to keep sinking money into it, but it's better than a monthly payment for a new car and it's works well overall.

- Hannah M

The electrical harnesses are bad. Are not heat resistant.

I like the car for its style. I don't like the quality of the electrical harnesses because they lack heat resistant and lead to failure and misread by the computer. The gas mileage also sucks. Hell I just put a transmission in mine less than a month ago.

- John B

Chevy impala- the car with an antelope on the dash!

I like my car for its space. It is a large car, but it is easy to drive once you get the hang of it. I have not had many problems with my car, and I have owned it for years. I like to drive my car. It gets pretty good gas miles and has a nice interior.

- Sam G

It is reliable: If you take care of it, you won't have issues with starting it or with driving it long distances at a time.

My car runs well and is reliable. Sometimes it makes a strange sound when I start it, if I failed to shut off the heat or air conditioning before I shut it off last. It also has a lot of trunk and back seat space, so it is good to take on trips.

- Rachel N

My vehicle has a great look and is smooth to drive. It has a great air conditioner which is great in the Texas heat.

I like that I have a reliable vehicle. My car is over 10 years old and I have only had one major repair. I dislike that the air conditioner makes a clicking noise I was told that this is common on this vehicle. I have had it repaired once already.

- Patricia B

Old reliable: the Chevy Impala.

Only had one problem in the eleven years it is been running, very reliable. Low maintenance, perfect for someone who does not know much about cars. Not up to date on elaborate features, but it runs and that is what matters when you are a student.

- Jessica S

When something breaks in my car, it's very hard for the servicemen to fix and when you get it fix, it costs a whole lot.

I've had my car for a very long time. I hate that there's an oil leak in the engine block. I hate that the A/C clicks when you switch the environmental settings from warm to cool or vice versa. I hate that my sound system isn't upgradable.

- John C

It really do ride smooth I wouldn't be hesitant to buy a newer model.

For my vehicle to be a 2007 with low miles I keep having transmission issues I also keep getting evap sensor going off and have taken it to shops many of times with them saying it's nothing during the four smoke test and it still comes on .

- KeeKee P

U should always keep your oil changed. And keep your fluids checked.

It's a 4 door car, normally 4 door cars have cheaper ins than 2 door cars, Its a dependable car, plenty of legroom in the front seat and back seat, the seats in the back lay down for more room in the trunk, and it gets good gas mileage!

- Nina F

This car is very roomy and it's long ends can offer a bit more protection in case of impact.

Although I do like the trunk space, I don't like how long the vehicle is. The siding on the driver's side doors has started peeling off for no reason as well. I like Chevrolet vehicles because they are pretty sturdy and reliable though.

- Kayla O

It is a great buy,after 11 years still run very well. We have had no major repairs other than a new battery and starter.

My car is very comfortable to ride in which is very important for my husband and myself. The gas mileage is good. My husband loves the almost instant pick up when passing another car. It is still running with only replacing the starter.

- Diana H

Sturdy, reliable, and low maintenance. We have taken good care of the car with regular maintenance, oil changes, etc, but it has required very little additional service even after 10 years of ownership.

I like that my car has been very reliable, even with almost 200,000 miles on it. It gets good gas mileage and is small enough to be comfortable driving. I dislike that it is sometimes too small to haul my growing kids and their gear.

- DeAnna W

like all other cars, it really likes when you get it's oil changed.

The only problems I have with my car, is the tire pressure sensors and the oil pressure sensors. No matter how many times they are replaces, the light for them always comes on. Otherwise my car has been very reliable and comfortable.

- Susanne D

I enjoyed that I had at least an Aux input

At first the car was good. It was good on gas. My tire sensors started to go first. They cost a couple hundred of dollars and didn't want to spend that much. I didn't like how I had to take the whole headlight out to switch a bulb.

- Santos M

My car is a safe vehicle, equipped with airbags, seatbelts, and everything else needed.

I dislike the color of my car but I love the size. The trunk is perfect for all of my needs and can hold everything I need. I dislike that the seats are cloth and would prefer them to be leather so that they are easier to clean.

- Sarah F

Bad car wish I had never purchased it.

I have had nothing but problems with the car and dealership since I purchased it. Everything has broken down transmission air conditioning radiator trim falling off of course brakes and tires and it only has 69k miles on it.

- Debbie F

The most significant thing others should know about my car is that it's over 100,000 miles and still runs well.

What I like about my car is that it's dependable. I've had the car since 2010 and it hasn't let me down yet. My car has little minor infractions just like any other vehicle, but I haven't had any major issues except for two.

- Marcus J

I love it its awesome amazing nice great car.

Its red and has 4 nice rims on it. Great miles and engine just purrs. It is an amazing car it's actually the best one that I have ever owned in my life. It is awesome. You should probably look into getting one yourself.

- Autumn C

Small reliable gas friendly.

I have had this vehicle for years now and it is just been about everything I'd expect, need, and want from a car. It runs very well for it is age & date, the gas mileage is decent, and I haven't had any major issues.

- Bree J

The Impala is a great reliable car.

I love my Impala. The only thing that I did not like is the traction control light comes on all the time and no one seems to be able to fix it. The traction control is suppose to be working, According to my garage.

- Tina P

I live in Texas so air conditioning is important and the impala has great air conditioner.

I love that its reliable and gets me where I need to go. I like that it had low miles on it at the time of purchase. I dislike the color my preference would not be to have a white car but the price was right.

- Patricia E

Dependable, comfortable, the works.

I have owned 3 Impalas in my lifetime and I love them all. They are spacious and dependable. I love the features on the new Impalas. I have looked at other cars and I can really say Impala is my go to car.

- Jasmine D

This car is still pretty and can give newer models a run for their money. It's there for us when we need it. It's peppy enough for us.

The car has been dependable - starts in the coldest of weather. Has needed few repairs. Still looks good. Mileage pretty good. The only minus I can think of is it's not as comfy a ride as a luxury car.

- Jill C

The MPG is very acceptable, near impressive. The tire maintenance alerts are a pain.

It has been a very reliable vehicle. I appreciate the fuel economy and flex fuel capability. I dislike the driver's side sight line, blocks the left side view and the front seats are of poor design.

- Tom K

The car is fantastic for when we have 4 kids to take places because one can sit up front with us.

We have problems with the locks on the back doors. They do not unlock with the key or button, but have to be done manually. Otherwise we love the car. It rides well and we have had good luck with it.

- Jennifer E

That it is a 6-cylinder and very powerful and moves very quickly. It's pretty reliable and has no problems when needing to pass.

Again, I like it because it's a 6-cylinder and very powerful; it has a lot of get up and go. It's very roomy and can take 4 other passengers comfortably. The car is well designed and very reliable.

- Larry J

It has been reliable. I have not had any major repairs, just the normal oil changes, tires, brakes, that all vehicles have to have.

I like it because it is roomy and has a nice sized trunk. The thing I don't like is that when the air conditioning is turned off it makes a "ticking" noise, that seems to be common in older Impalas.

- Thelma J

Very durable - no consistent problems - had to have a recalled ignition fixed but that's no big deal����

It's very durable as I've been side swiped, and was not injured. The dent was able to be pounded out. When you need to fix it and get parts, they're very good priced parts. No issues with this car!

- Kassy K

Great commuter. Awesome school car.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage on the highway. Not so great in town though. It's very roomy with great interior features. The ac and heat work excellent and can go a while without an oil change.

- Katie H

Plan to do repairs on it often if you are looking to keep the car for a long period of time.

When I purchased my car I was excited to own a car that looked luxurious but had a cheaper price tag. Now, I am still pleased with it but it breaks down often. Luckily I do all my own repairs.

- Gavin M

It's a good car for a small family who doesn't do much out-of-city traveling.

The vehicle is great outside of the fact we bought it used, so it has had quite a few problems over the years. We've had to replace the AC before and the brakes twice. Comfortable otherwise.

- Korryn D

this would make a great first time car for teenagers or a young family

This is actually a really good car for the price that we paid for it. It runs really well. There's lots of room for two car seats in the back or three small children. The trunk is very big.

- Lara M

That it has a lot of power,and will go one hundred and sixty miles per hour

I like my car,because it will give power,when needed,and it's comfortable,and a nice white color.sometimes it stalls and in traffic that's a little scary,but it will crank right back up.

- Dairold W

Drives smoothly but requires maintenance to keep uptight.

My Chevrolet drives great and sits comfortably. How Weber the a.c is broken and gets very hot during the summer. Also the cup holders r too thin to fit most drinks which is unfortunate.

- Kyle H

My Impalas is very dependable and great on gas.

I bought my car several years ago and have not had any real problems with it. I love how it drives. I would highly recommend this kind of vehicle to anyone that is looking to buy a car.

- Beth S

My vehicle gets me to and from work and allows for me to take time for adventures because of the great gas mileage

It is roomy, seating is comfortable, for being a stock stereo it sounds great, includes cd player and aux availability, horse power is efficient, good on gas especially on the highway

- Megan S

It has a long lifetime and will be able to have almost 200000 miles. Minimal repairs.

I like that my impala has had a long lifetime without any major repairs. It has lots of interior space front and back and large trunk. I don't like that mine is on its last legs.

- Andrea h

It is very dependable and is comfortable to drive.

i like the roominess of it. It also handles well. I don't like that I keep getting a message to check the AB system which has been checked by the dealer and found to be okay.

- tanya p

Poor Performance, Expensive Repairs

I hate everything about my car. My previous car was totaled and I to replace it; I did this shortly after my husband died and I regret my choice. This is a horrible car!!!

- Gaynell b

People need to check to make sure exhaust is not falling off when they purchase

I like smooth ride and the air conditioning on very hot days I like how roomy it is inside and how big the trunk is I hate it when it breaks down on the road with no warning

- Cynthia S

It's a good vehicle and last as long as you take car of it.

I like everything about the car. The gas mileage on the highway is great. Vehicle has a great sound system. The design of the exterior is something I love about the car too.

- Aaron V

That the car is very durable and is a very reliable car with great gas mileage.

i like the cruise control and the heated seats and that i can adjust my seat to my needs. Also i love the huge trunk for things such as groceries or boxes or my kids stuff.

- ann t

Safe, reliable family vehicle.

A good solid vehicle to get from A to B. Easy to drive and has good gas mileage. A little light on features, but overall a car I would definitely recommend - no complaints!

- Neil P

The engine is only a v4 thank you.

It is too wide. Tends to be difficult to reverse and turn in certain situations.. Large trunk space is good. Travels well long distances and has great highway gas mileage..

- Amanda M

It is reliable and has never needed much work.

I like how big my car is and how reliable it has been to me over the years. I have had no major problems with it. I dislike the gas mileage because I have a long commute.

- Taylor W

This car is reliable and has few problems. I expect it to last me a lot longer.

It gets me where I want to go. It is reliable. I have few problems with it. It is difficult to open trunk in snowy weather. It is impossible to open trunk in icy weather.

- Gertrude W

That it is a very dependable car.

Dependable, roomy, good ride. And very comfortable. I have owned several Impalas over the years and have found them to be very reliable cars. They are also very stylish.

- Lila D

It's a great car easy to get parts and work on very reliable

Overall great car only problems I've had were normal maintenance and replacement issues due to.age it rides great very comfortable and roomy. Trunk is really too big

- Cleo A

Great value, worth every penny.

Reliable, durable, has heated seats, side view mirror defrost, leather seats, good audio sound systems, anti lock brake system, dual exhaust, and great gas mileage.

- Lisa G

It's like a luxury car but without the price.

It leaks oil, but I just add oil and make sure I change the oil. The performance is great. It has a fast take off and comfortable for everyone. My car is reliable.

- James Y

Travel in comfort and style in your Chevrolet Impala!

I love the large size of this vehicle, plenty of room for passengers. Also a lot of legroom. Has had some maintenance issues but performs well most of the time.

- lara w

My car is easy to drive. it's a very smooth ride and the inside of the car mutes outside noises.

My vehicle keeps track of oil changes, has excellent heat and A.C. My car is quiet and economical. The seats are comfortable and easily change to many positions.

- julia w

The speed positioning sensor on the Impala tends to go out around every 25,000 miles or so. Can't seem to build one that will last with the car.

My car has a strong motor. Most of the components around the motor tend to fail regularly. It gets great gas mileage. Has a strong body but weakly built mirrors.

- Nathan W

Fair car for money spent.

Transmission is going out. Two power windows are off track. Air conditioning doesn't work. Bad paint job. Good size car. Fair gas mileage. Comfortable seating.

- Vicky K

It is very large like a boat, so that is frustrating.

It gets me to where I need to go, and I am hard on cars, so it has done the job. I am not sure I will get the same model and make again though in the future.

- John L

Great long lasting vehicle when its the original engine.

My car is great. I have not had engine problems. It is a fast and safe car. I live in Iowa and the snow gets bad but this car will make it through all of it.

- Cecilia L

Love my car Great on gas only downfall the defrosting motor is messed up and just don't have money to fix it right now other than that I love Chevy models

Extremely great on gas! A whole tank will last me for a week. My week includes driving 2 hours from home for work then coming home to hang out with friends!

- Kyla K

The most important thing is the comfort we have while traveling in it.

Very comfortable to ride in. Mileage is fair . It works and runs like a great car. I believe they are made well as long as they are maintained like we do.

- Elizabeth B

That it runs smoothly and it is a gas saver. Also the heating cooling system works great

I like all Chevy because you can charge your phone while the car is off. This car has high mileage. Also there's a dent in the car and one window is broke.

- Mike G

It has leather seats and a sunroof

I have no major problems with my vehicle at this time. It works very good and I love the interior inside of my car. It has a sunroof with all leather seats

- Nola D

It is so comfortable to drive. It is clean and fragrant.

It is quite, the ac is cool. I bought it second hand yet I have not done any repairs on it even after the 10,000 plus mileage used. It is okay on gas too.

- Reg W

It runs well, nice driving, comfortable.

I like that my vehicle is dependable. My vehicle has good gas mileage and gets me where I need to go. I wish I had a larger vehicle for seating purposes.

- Courtney W

A solid car that gets me where I want to go.

It's a good solid car, that gets me where I want to go. It has had minor automotive problems and usually just needs it's regularly scheduled oil change.

- Jeffrey W

It has heated seats and it is comfortable to sit in.

I like that it gets me from point a to point b. I don't like it because it's not my style, it has mechanical problems like the exhaust manifold cracked.

- Shannon P

It would not be considered a good everyday car for a family with kids.

I love my Impala. Bought it used in 2010 and it has served me well for the past 8 years. Spacious interior, smooth ride, very reliable for an older car.

- Gina M

It gets good gas mileage. Easy and fun to drive as well as easy on the wallet

I bought it new. It has been very reliable. It is very steady during winter. I drive a great deal for work and it is nice to have a safe reliable car

- Julie V

That it is a Chevy, the best brand of autos there is, or at least one of the top brands.

Nice to drive, smooth, and easy handling. I like the color and the style. The only thing I don't like is that it is not a truck, when I need a truck.

- Lissa T

It is very dependable. It is low mileage. It has about 56,000 miles. It is a 2007.

it gets good gas mileage.I like the dark blue color.. I like the way it rides and drive. It has not cost me and expensive repairs only maintenance.

- Brenda C

It has some power to it even though it looks small.

I like how the car sounds more like a truck than anything. The radio is super loud and the a/c is great. Also has a nice wood interior look to it.

- Bailey W

Low mileage car with touch screen display runs great.

My car does not have any problems. It runs great and has a touch screen display with a back up camera. It has low miles and has a long way to go.

- Brian F

That it handles well and the ride is very smooth. It's very comfortable to ride in, like your floating

I like the way it handles. I like how its smooth and rides good. I like the way the Chevrolet impala looks. Can't think of anything I don't like

- Daniel G

They are great cars, always have been in my opinion.

I like the way it rides and drives, its very spacious and pretty good on gas. I just wish it was a little newer with more up to date technology.

- Cory R

It is a basic car which is very reliable, easy to maintain, and fun to drive.

I like how it drives. I like that it is a good dependable car and very comfortable. I just do not like the size, I prefer to drive smaller cars.

- Marisol C

A lot of trunk room, which is excellent for people with a family or those like me who just travel with a lot of stuff. It also gets good gas mileage.

I love my vehicle. The only complaint I really have besides the crack in my window is that it doesn't turn very well so parking sucks sometimes.

- Alex K

Great for college and easy to fix problems.

The window does not always go down and the door that controls the a/c gets jammed. Great gas mileage and lots of room for friends and groceries.

- Matina C

It is an enjoyable, speedy ride!.

Somewhat small for my needs but very dependable vehicle, haven had no major mechanical issues with this vehicle. Great service from gm dealers.

- Deb V

It's a good car, reliable, may need brakes in the next year or two

mechanically good, the tire monitoring system doesn't work, needs a/c system recharge, keyless system doesn't work very well, tires still good

- Gregory T

It is very dependable and sturdy.

I like the amount of room inside the car. I also like the quality of the interior. However, I do not like the width of the outside of the car.

- Jeremy W

My 07 Chevrolet Impala review

My vehicle is roomy. Easy to drive. Gets decent gas mileage. The trunk is quite spacious. Grey seems to be a very common color which is boring

- Jeri S

Autostart great for a place in winter. The heaters seats come in handy confirmations living in a folder state

I love the cruise control, heated seats, auto start, great mileage. It is easy to maintain and keep him to date. Great family car. No dislikes

- Cayden T

Has leather seats that are also heated and is a great family car.

Great car only problem I really have has is a small oil leak. I use it everyday and dry around 60-80 miles and it has never broke down on me.

- Seth B

I have no payments on this car, it was given to me by my Grandfather when he passed away.

I like the size of the Impala. I also like the way it drives and rides. I am getting to the point, though, that I prefer an SUV over a car.

- Laura R

It looks slick and new for being a 2007. It has a lot of space in it.

I like how much space there is in the trunk. I love how it looks expensive. I do not like how wide it is, I can not make tight turns with it.

- Shelby F

It heavily pulls to the left.

Has all the features we wanted. Sunroof, CD player, leather interior. Only complaint is that "monitor tire systems" light is continually on.

- Mary H

I believe the Chevy impala is great. I believe it is an all around great car.

I love the way it rides and handles. I personally love how clean it looks going down the road. I also love how reliable my vehicle has been.

- Des F

It is a good car however they have stopped making them.

I like the heated leather seats. I do not like the gas mileage that it gets but it is a good vehicle. I like the sunroof and remote start.

- Amanda G

It's got a lot of miles but still runs strong and performs well.

The car is a solid car. The engine is strong and has given me 177,000 miles so far. It's comfortable. No dislikes or complaints so far.

- Rob P

It lasts long past the 10 years and many miles. Lifetime

I like the amount of space inside vehicle. It has lots of trunk space. The seats fold down to get in trunk. I dislike how fast tires wear

- Andrea H

Gets good gas mileage. Can go from Abilene, Texas to Dallas, Texas and back on one tank of gas

I like the fact my car is bigger than my last one, has cruise control, and has good gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Cynthia G

It's a car that has been in the family.

I like that it get us to where we need to go but dislike that the gas goes fast as well as it needs a lot of maintenance due to mileage.

- Rebecca D

It has the option to seat six people if needed.

I like the amount of room inside and gas mileage. I don't like the shape of the trunk, as it can be difficult to get larger items in it.

- Cristy S

Great gas mileage. This car will get 31 mpg at 65 mph

I bought it used from a friend. I've only had it for 5 days, but it seems to get great gas mileage and is a very simple, clean interior

- George J

Easy to drive. Seats five easy. Child safety features.

It keeps moving. I do not like the threshold, its to high. I like the power windows, key photos, large trunk and child safety features.

- Betty V

Handles well in snow and ice. Also has back seats that you can pull down for extra storage.

Drives well in all four seasons, is very reliable, and had comfortable seating for 5 people. Has a very spacious trunk to carry items.

- Rachel M

It does not ride or feel like a truck. It is more like a sports car.

I love the longevity of the vehicle and ease of handling. I do not like that the sensors are a constant issue throughout the vehicle.

- Gena F

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it a reliable and safe car.

I like how powerful the engine is. I like the gas mileage I get. I also like the design of the inside of the car. Very reliable car.

- Elda E

This is a good vehicle for the money.

It is been a very good vehicle. We bought it used and have had it at least 3 years. We have just recently began having minor issues.

- Laura M

dependable and safe plus it is pretty good on gas even though it is a larger car.

it is very dependable and comfortable to drive. I like that it has a smooth ride to it and I feel safer then in a smaller vehicle.

- Anna W

Chevy: very dependable car.

It is a good, dependable car that has taken a lot of abuse from very long drives e. G. Put 2000 miles in just a few days time span.

- Elvis J

The Chevy impala capability.

My vehicle is very reliable wherever I go with my family. The air conditioning system and heat system work amazing on this AZ heat.

- Imelda B

My impala has tinted windows that get darker the further back on my car

I love my heated seats . I love that it tells me when I'm due for an oil change. I like that it tells me the pressure on my tires

- Tara B

It drives very good and comfortable and room to trip

It's a great car and rides good, comparable and comfortable, love the leather seat, Drive smooth and I been having it for 8 year

- Jean S

It is great for road trips. The gas mileage is great.

I love everything about my vehicle. I love the tinted windows. The miles per gallon.I also love that I have a two year warranty.

- Joseph B

How it handles the road and how roomy it is inside the SUV.

It needs a little work but it is very reliable. I never had any problems with the engine or motor. It saves a lot gas as well.

- Kenneth F

It is in good shape and low miles for its model year.

I don't like that my car doesn't really fit me. I wasn't the one to pick it out just kinda inherited it. I am a Chevy person.

- Donna B

Reliable Chevy impala 2007

My car has been great. Have never had an issue with it. Get regular car maintenance so it has kept up and is very reliable

- Sabrina R

The car is clean and paid for.

My car is very reliable. It does not have too many options. The gas mileage is good. Comfortable seats. Wish it were newer.

- Lynn H

It gets good gas mileage.

I like the fact that it has heated seats, a working air conditioner, heat, sunroof, a radio, gets fairly good gas mileage.

- denise C

Cannot go wrong with a Chevrolet.

Very dependable. Haven't needed many repairs. Very roomy. Good gas mileage for midsize car. Easy to maintain and service.

- Cindy E

Great gas mileage and long life. Keep up general maintenance and it will last a long time.

My car is very dependable. I dislike the lack of roominess. I would rather it had more room like the previous model had.

- Tabitha O

It has a V6 engine which takes a lot of gas.

It's a grey impala. What I dislike about it is the amount of gas it takes every week. If it was lesser I would be happy.

- Cathy A

It's a hybrid and it saves gas.

I like Chevrolet.. It rides smooth.. Has satellite radio.. It has leather interior.. It is a safe car.. It looks great..

- Kay D

It has been a pretty reliable car for the most part

Car runs and rides good. Problems have been that paint has faded in several places. Headlight covers have filmed over.

- Amy S

There was a factory recall on the ignition switch. Dealer will fix for free.

Very reliable, no major issues. The a/c will click for a couple minutes if the temperature it at it is coldest setting.

- Lindsay S

A really good overall car.

Never really had a really problems with it. Just normal wear and tear. Overall a decent vehicle. A good reliable car

- Jeff R

It does well in the winter and it would be safe if you got in an accident.

It is large and does well in the winter time. It doesn't have the "new features like many vehicles, but it does well.

- Desirae L

Good on gas mileage. Probably paid to much. But it's getting from point A to point B

Windshield wipers went I think the impala have bad electrical problems. Also my starter went out. Otherwise an ok car

- Cheryl B

I wish it was more sporty

I don't like the style I'm a sports car person it's not that great it's headlights go out a lot I just don't like it

- Brittany S

It is dependable, great on gas and it has plenty options to select from.

Lots of space looks good. Has many sensor issues stalls and a governor that prevents it from going faster than 107.

- Ronald C

It was a cop car before I bought it.

It is very reliable. Bought it from a used car lot two years ago. Has a issue with the thermostat. It's good on gas

- Dana T

My car has really good gas mileage. I drove to KY and back to PA and spent very little on gas.

I love the roominess of my car. The trunk is huge so you can fit a lot in it. I've had to invest very little in it.

- Diana T

It gets great gas mileage.

I like the look of the car but I wish it had a windshield wiper for the back window. I also like It's fast mileage.

- Ryan S

They should know that this vehicle is very dependable.

I'm very tall, but I have plenty of room. Gets good gas mileage for a big car. Rides very good. Have had problem s

- Richard T

It is very reliable even with high miles.

I like that it's a great ride and has not given me no real troubles and dislike the year wish it was a newer car.

- Paula E

Very roomy and comfortable I love being in my car!

My vehicle is very nice inside. It gets pretty good mileage. It rides nice. It is very roomy and very comfortable

- Sabrina H

It drives really well and can fit five people.

I like that it has good mileage. It runs very smoothly and is easy to use. It is also the perfect size for me.

- Melissa N

It has a 3.9 motor. Other than that only problem with the impalas is the axle.

Only problem it has the axle. Have to change it every other 3 months and also it shakes when i go over 65 mph.

- Mariela G

Is fairly easy on gas and drives great.

Like the way it dives. Is a larger car so there's more protection if I would be in an accident. Very stylish.

- Sharon P

My trusty 2007 chevy impala.

My 2007 chevy impala is a very dependable vehicle. It is quite spacious. It gets decent gas mileage as well.

- Roger M

I have gotten very good service with this vehicle.

Love it. Drives good. . . Good gas mileage. Stylish car. Haven't had any problems thus far with this vehicle.

- Cynthia M

This is just a standard basic car. I like cars that have a lot of options to them. I do like the low mileage and affordability of my car.

This car is not designed for high performance. It is a standard car and will get you from point A to point B.


Great emissions. No problems fast. Roomy. Great gas power

I love my car . Never had any problems with it . I love to room. Fast car quite.looks good easy to wash.

- Christopher L

My car gets great gas mileage on highway and town.

Love my car and the space that it has. Love the electronics in it. My car is great on gas so that helps.

- Christina H

It's very dependable. I haven't had an issue with the whole 8 years I have had it.

This is the older of our cars but since I am the primary driver of this car, it it is very comfortable.

- Linda R

Be prepared for bad gas mileage. I like it but wouldn't buy another one. At least in the first two years of a new body style change.

Comfortable and easy to get parts. Gas mileage isn't good and I've had a lot of parts wear out/break.

- Jen N

Impalas are dependable cars and are fuel efficient.

I like the comfort of a full-size vehicle that rides well. It is starting to get some age and mileage.

- Lonnie V

Save money when you get gas. And 6 cylinder gives it fantastic pick up.

I like that it is great on gas. Also has great pick up. Only complaint that I have is it dents easily.

- Mary K

It gets great gas mileage and is a stylish big car

I really like the gas mileage and the style of my car. It has problems here and there but overall good

- Paul H

Why the Chevy Impala in Underrated

All is great. Roomy in both the front and the back. Highly durable. Comfortable seating and steering.

- Kat S

It's a Chevy so you know it's gonna be a good running car!

It has a knocking problem when you turn off the air conditioning off and when you turn heat on an off

- Lucas D

Everything I love it. Family car. fits two carseats in back. has a huge trunk

I just love everything about it. The a/c radio the space in the trunk. It's a family car. ...........

- joyce g

Chevrolet easy on gas mileage and it is comfortable to drive.

Like the comfort. Vehicle does not guzzle gas. Dislike wheel wells rust and tires lose air sometimes.

- Karla G

it has the power of a cop car.it has the power and will get away from you so if you have a like this be careful it could get away from you.good luck on your next car purchase,

it's a gas saver and easy to drive.love the radio and using the steering wheel to control the radio.

- wanda w

It probably did great for the first 100,000 miles, but it's only been downhill since then.

It's reliability is low, and nothing is easy to work on. It does have heated leather seats, though.

- Wil W

That the brakes are undersized for the weight of the car.

It is just an okay car. I hate that it rolls and I go through brakes and tires more than I should.

- Mary K

It is very good on gas, it's got a lot of room and it rides comfortably.

I love my car, it's roomy and very comfortable ride. It does very well on gas and it has OnStar..

- Beverly S

It's really cozy and easy to drive because of its compact size

No complaints. I like the color of the car as well as the size and ease of which it can be driven

- Ellie L

Nothing really Seems like a good car if you keep up with it.

I don't like that it has this loud clicking noise that I have to fix but it drives pretty well.

- Nicole T

There are only two problems I have had with the car which are an oil leak and the actuator going bad.

I like the style of the car, and it runs very smoothly. However, the actuator keeps going bad.

- Michelle K

Has had a recall last year on the air bags. I didn't take my car in to have it checked

It was been a good car, haven't had many repairs. Has a little trouble with the air condition.

- Elona S

My car was built will an is real dependable.

Since my vehicle is older with over 300,000 miles on it. It is start to show it age a little.

- Brian C

goes a long way in a tank of gas about 23 miles to the gallon

it's comfortable easy on gas and has everything you need in a good car i have no complaints

- darley c

It is a reliable vehicle that has never failed me and it gets great gas mileage

My car gets great gas mileage. It is dependable. It looks nice on the exterior and interior.

- Cassie P

Keeping it good running condition. I have the oil and tires checked regularly

I have had this vehicle. Gets mileage. Really like the cruise control. Have no complaints

- Geraldine L

It can tick from time to time which is annoying but it's just the heating vent getting jammed and I wish that Chevy had thought ahead for that.

I love my Chevy, especially the easiness to use it and it's extra front row bench seat.

- Jack M

It has a large trunk and can fit 2 car seats in the back with room for an average sized adult

It's comfortable to me and I'm used to it and it gets my kids and I where we need to go

- Diane S

that it is fuel efficient good family car moderately priced you get your money's worth

few complaint great full size sedan gets great gas mileage and has plenty of cab space

- shannon m

It is heavy and has a good wide wheel base that helps it get through the the snow easily.

The transmission is beginning to slip. The seat is a little low for my tall husband.

- Tina M

It gets good gas mileage for how old it is, and is in pretty good shape.

It runs smoothly and gets good gas mileage. The power seats do not always work.

- Michelle V

it is reliable and makes me feel safe

love pretty much everything. there are no complaints it has been a GREAT car.

- lisa h

It has a high safety rating, handles well in curves

I gets good gas mileage, its dependable, stylish, and handles well on the road

- Ilisa G

It sucks. A lot. I wouldn't buy.

It's not an electric vehicle and there is no Bluetooth radio or Apple CarPlay.

- Michael M

It's dependable and safe to my knowledge. Very spacious.

Big fan of Chevy vehicles. Love the features it has and good for my family!

- Terry W

it runs like a well oiled machine, and is good gas mileage.

The car is easy to drive and it is comfortable. It is roomy and convenient

- Patricia V

It gets good gas mileage get good mileage when traveling

I like the way it handles. I don't like the seats. They are uncomfortable

- Wilma T

It's a nice riding car and very dependable.

I like that it is dependable and has a nice ride to it. No complaints.

- Anna T

It drives well for its age, and I haven't had any major engine or body-related issues outside of normal maintenance. Seats are surprisingly roomy.

Comfortable and reliable car that will get you from point a to point b

- Nicole F

The car gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway.

I love the car it is dependable, just have battery trouble one a year.

- Nancy H

It's a very dependable and reliable car. I love it.

I like everything and don't hate anything. It's a good dependable car.

- Christina S

The most important thing about my car is the features including Bose sound system and cruise control.

I like the full size and trunk space. I like the look. No complaints.

- Hannah P

it rides very good and the dealer will fix anything that's wrong

I can talk in the car it has gps it has sunroof it has leather seats

- carmen m

What going on with it and get it inspected before buying any car

Everything that on the vehicles work fine no complaint love the car

- Cynthia C

This car is dependable, in great shape and gets wonderful gas mileage.

It is very dependable. It is great on gas. It could be more sporty.

- frank b

I have had my car since 2007, purchased new. It has been very reliable and has had very few problems.

It is very reliable, dependable and comfortable to drive or ride.

- Cindy P

The car has a Powerful take off. It has a lot of power. Good safety features.

I like bose stereo system and sunroof. I dislike the gas mileage.

- rick n

It is very dependable!!!!

Very Nice ride. MPG could be better. Relatively low upkeep cost.

- Barry G

a good car good on gas Good model good family car good ride good wheels

Size Gas savers I love Impala I own Three Chevy Impala's

- Esperanza R

fast and quiet and rides like a dream. great sports car. wonderful on gas

panel inside nice dislike how low it is great color rides nice

- audra b

It is a great ride, It is very good on gas and goes great in snow.

I like the ride. It is comfortable. It gets good gas mileage.

- Betty p

It runs very very well for most of the time. It has all four brand new tires

The damage done to the inside as well as the outside damage.

- Caitlin C

it is a nice, big car for a single person or a family

I like the size on the interior and the pickup and drive.

- rosie b

It's very dependable and low maintenance

It's very dependable It gets good gas mileage it is roomy

- Todd N

2007 Chevy Impala with over 200,000 miles. Dependable, comfortable, affordable, would buy another Impala.

Dependable and comfortable automobile for everyday life

- Tammy B

sturdy heavy and drives well especially in the snow

It's getting older and needs work but it was a good car

- amy h

I bought my Chevrolet impala used and i have never had any problems with it. It is in great shape and is very reliable. I have only had to have maintenance work done on it.

Chevrolet is a good brand and my car is very reliable.

- kristina p

It is reliable and durable!

Reliable and durable but not my favorite aesthetically

- Stephanie B

It's a great car for reliability. Especially for the cost.

Very Reliable. MPG could be better. Very smooth ride.

- Barry H

Good on gas. Easy to work on it.

Good on gas. Reliable to take me where I need to go.

- John M

Dependable silver 2 door, sports car looking........

It has always been very reliable. Good gas mileage.

- Tracey F

It has the required room and gas mileage and specifications for anyone to like.

It's a very reliable vehicle. Sound system is good.

- Aaron C

plenty of headroom for the driver and the rest of the passengers

It is comfortable and gets good mpg. no complaints.

- Robert K

Dented hood and missing chevy emblem.

Too big for me. Insurance high. Uses gas.

- Kat T

Chevy impala the good and bad.

- Jasmine A