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Chevrolet impala lt: the power sedan.

The car runs well for a long time, so the life quality is great! Gas mileage is something I always want the best of, but it does fairly well even compared to some newer models. Nothing beats the spacious interior and-better yet- the trunk has enough room for even the longest road trips! The digital dashboard features are much more useful than I originally expected and can help a lot, like showing me the pressure in each of my tires or even the oil life. The car does seem to have some issues with the actuator(s); a couple have 'gone bad' and create an awful knocking sound. It is temporary, but starts up at certain times. It is more an annoyance than anything else. The car can handle a lot from hot summer days to far below zero temperatures. The gas tank easily hold 16 gal, which is nice to not fill up so often. The e85 flex fuel alternative is a great sustainability mark! That on top of the upper tier gas mileage really sells me from an environmental standpoint. Electric seat adjustment allows for that perfect, custom fit to give you a comfortable drive. The armrest compartment provides room for your sunglasses and more. It even flips up to serve as the back of a sixth seat- with an extra seatbelt, of course. The 'seat' converts into a pair of cup holders in two different sizes to save you frustration. The back middle seat also reveals a pair of cup holders, though this does remove the option if there are three people in the rear. There is no shortage of power adapter ports! Everyone will be able to charge their devices with two in front and one in back. It is all-around a stellar choice sedan for a single adult or a small family.

- Elaine P

Good investment -

I have no problems. My vehicle has great performance it I very reliable. I is very comfortable the vehicle has cushion seats I believe that cushion seats are great and more durable, the seats can be cleaned with carpet cleaner compared to leather interior which will crack up if exposed too long in the sun. I have always driven a Chevy I paid cash for my car in 2008 and I am the first. Owner. I believe that regular maintenance should be done on any car for instant regular. Oil change, maintain good tires, check, battery and safe driving without running into. Potholes which could cause alignment damage. My car is ten years old and only. Have a little over thirty three thousand miles. Even if I would purchase another car at this time, I would keep the one that I have and it would be a new Chevy also it is very important to keep the car clean. It is a good idea to use a protective car was in order to maintain the paint on your car. The Impala is very roomy and can ride six adults comfortably. Also it ha a large trunk which comes in handy on many occasions such as traveling, shopping, camping and many other chores. For example I delivers meals to the elderly and my trunk is very useful for hauling and various goods that I need to deliver. It can also accommodate the wheelchair that I sometimes use to help the handicap. So in summary would not hesitate to say if you purchase a Chevy Impala you cannot go wrong.

- Florence R

Safe and reliable, with some minor bugs.

In my experience, the car shakes when you use the breaks. The breaks work fine, and it is safe, but the shaking was pretty alarming before I got used to it when the vehicle was new. Other than that, it is a very smooth ride. It is easy to go fast without noticing because it is so smooth at high speeds. Overall it is very reliable and I would make the same choice to purchase it if I were to do it all over again. One minor issue that has caused some inconvenience is that the button in the car that pops the trunk jams every time I use it, and it is extremely difficult to unjam it. This is inconvenient when the car battery is dead, since you cannot access the trunk through the backseat and the only other way to open the trunk is with the remote key, which does not do much when the battery is dead. I keep jumper cables in the back seat instead of the trunk to work around this.

- Julie N

Chevy Impala, a great car all around.

My Chevrolet Impala LT is a wonderful car. It is very comfortable and roomy, even on long trips. The trunk is huge, so there is plenty of space for luggage, groceries, coolers and all of the belongings you want to take along with you. I purchased my Impala new and have never had any problems with it. There were a couple of recalls on it but very small issues that were easily corrected at the dealership. I never had any performance issues. It is a very well-built, safe vehicle that responds quickly. I am amazed at the pick-up when I accelerate even now, as an older model. I am also impressed with its reliability. This car has never failed me. I turn the key and it is ready to go. I like the dash information about gas mileage, oil life left and tire pressures. I would definitely buy another Impala.

- Lynne K

Reliable, practical mid-size car with new AC and tires

My 2008 Chevrolet Impala is a mostly reliable car for long trips with only minor issues currently. The mechanic assures me it's a solid car. It's a bit too large for me when it comes to parking and turning into tight spaces. The gray exterior and interior have seen better days, but there are no major dents or stains. Its features are mostly basic, but it does have access to Sirius XM radio and OnStar with a subscription. There is plenty of trunk space, but the back seat does not fold down for extra room. The V6 engine gives it some pep on the highway and it has good gas mileage in town. There are two main storage compartments: in front of the front-seat passenger and in between driver and passenger. It seats five and has plenty of legroom.

- Wendi W

Still a comfortable, reliable and fun car at 222,000 miles.

The problems with this car have been.There is a wire connection on the shift lever below the console that one of the wires works lose with shifter movement.When this happens the key will not remove from the ignition. There is another wire connection on the floor of the passenger door jam.One of the wire connectors burns thru and the rear window defroster ceases to function until the connection is repaired. . The performance of this car is still excellent at 222,000 miles. . And has been very reliable during the time I have owned this car. It is a very comfortable car with eight way power driver's seat. Auto tinting rear view mirror and cruise control and stereo control on the steering wheel . One of the best liked cars I have ever owned.

- Alvin A

Chevrolet Impala: The best vehicle I've ever owned.

The impala is probably my favorite car I've ever owned. It provides a smooth ride and nice luxury details inside the car. I get great gas mileage, usually 25 miles per gallon. I have approximately 180,000 miles on my 2008 Chevy impala and I have had very minimal problems with the car other than normal upkeep. Recently, I am starting to see a slight deterioration in my car, but I have driven it everyday for 8 years. Multiple trips have been out of state and it has been a very reliable car. It's now reaching its 10 year Mark so this wear and tear is to be expected. When I make my next auto purchase, I plan on getting another Impala, just a newer model. I highly recommend this car to anyone.

- Erin E

Reliable gas efficient vehicle.

I bought my car used from a business agent who drove it heavily so it has 230, 000ish miles on it. The locks on the back two doors don't work most of the time so I have to engage and disengage them by hand. There seems to be an oil leak somewhere in the front of the car but we cant find where it is. The air conditioner went out about six months after I bought the car and it costs too much to repair so it hasn't been repaired. Overall the car runs well but it just has a few nonessential functions that have fail but they are not truly necessary to the cars function. I do enjoy this car very much and it's much more reliable than my first car which was a 2005 Chevy cavalier.

- Megan M

Impala: the way to move truck stuff without a truck.

My car is super reliable, I have had it for nearly 4 years and have only had to perform regular maintenance type things (oil, brakes, tires, etc. ) It is super comfortable - I love the leather seats. I have a 3 year old and 2 dogs, so if they make a mess, it is no big deal. Just wipe off and go. I also love the heated seats and the sunroof. The only complaint I have is that sometimes my gas mileage is not the greatest, but most of the time it does decently well. There's the Sirius radio capabilities which is very nice. The back seat can fold down and have direct access to the trunk which gives more versatility when trying to use a car to move bigger objects.

- Taylor B

Stylish, Reliable, and Roomy all in one.

I love owning my 2008 Impala. It is very roomy, has a huge trunk, and is very comfortable. My first Impala has over 200,000 miles on it and is still running. My main vehicle is also an Impala just with fewer miles. The engines are great! The downside to this year Impala is that they can have shifter issues due to the wiring assembly having too short of a wire. I have also had to replace actuators in both Impalas. They are small inexpensive parts that control airflow. When they break they make a loud tapping sound. Although inexpensive, there are 3 of them and they are tricky to get to. Otherwise, this car is super reliable which is why I own a second one.

- Angie C

Chevy Impala, 10yrs old and never a flaw.

I have been driving my 2008 Impala since I was sixteen years old and I have no complaints now. It currently has 165k miles on it and is no worse for wear than any "gently" used car I have encountered. Over the course of the last 9 yrs this car has been in my family it has not had a single mechanical issue; surviving three accidents and multiple out of state and cross country trips with nothing to show for it except some cosmetic touch ups being needed. It may not have all of the newest technology features but I have seen many of my friends go through multiple cars in the time I have had my Impala and I would never hesitate to recommend one to someone.

- Heather P

2008 Chevy Impala is the 50th anniversary of the Chevy. With a v6 engine.

The vehicle is very reliable. No major issues with it in the four years that I have owned it. The v-6 engine gives the vehicle I good amount of power. The 50th anniversary also gives the car a unique feature that shows that the Chevy has a long history of having and making great vehicles. The comfort of the Chevy is very good with heated seats, power windows, steering, brakes etc.. . . Great performance with the vehicle and always a smooth ride wherever you drive the car. I would highly recommend the 2008 Chevy Impala to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, great features with a great price. I would give this vehicle 5 stars.

- Gregg P

It is reliable and is low maintenance.

I loved my cat because it very reliable with low maintenance. I had my car for over five years and it still runs like new. My car has not giving me many real problems. I would recommend a Chevy impala to anyone I know. The body style is great because it is not to big or to small. Perfect for a family with children. I would consider it to be very safe car that drive amazing. Chevy has been around for a very long time and is trusted by millions people, as a great America made car. In the future I have plans on purchasing another Chevy impala only because that is a car I feel I will get my money worth. Go Chevy.

- Alexandria M

My car has been a very reliable car that I've always been able to count on.

My is very reliable. The main issue I've had with it is it makes a ticking sound sometimes when I turn the air on. It doesn't happen all the time but just every once in awhile. It has a standard radio, CD player, and aux cord feature. The middle console sits up and you can fit a third person in the front. I've had this vehicle for about 7 years and it has been a really good car. It was experiencing some oil leaks recently that I had to check on, but it has been good for the past year. I am looking forward to moving on to a newer vehicle some day. Overall, I'm very happy with it though.

- Jen T

Love it and is reliable and sound.

I love my Impala it is very reliable and gets me every where I need to go it does have a light that comes one a lot that says check tire monitoring system but all tires are fine I am told by a mechanic that its a sense and is easy and not expensive to repair also it makes a knocking noise inside the car also told by a mechanic that's it's an actuator that is s. Also not expensive to fix but is more of a pain to get to because it's in the dash other than those things I love my Impala it has a lot of miles on it but still runs and drives like brand new I would recommend it to everyone.

- Kathy C

Arguably the worst car I have ever owned.

My car is old and in horrible condition at the moment so my opinion may not be truly indicative of how an impala is overall but I have hated the car since day one. It is way too large, the back window is so small, the car gets average mpgs but something will probably go wrong with the car before you can really tell the gas mileage is saving you money. It is one of the most popular cars on the road and I have never heard a single person tell me one nice thing about it. All I can say is that I am happy I do not drive a Malibu.

- Carl G

2008 Chevy Impala review. Chevy strong and running long.

The Chevy Impala has always been a great car. Speaking about mine, I have had only minimal issues with it, like the tires and a few electrical problems with the drivers seat electric system sticking, making it hard to adjust the seat for myself or anyone else in my household who decides to drive my vehicle. I do notice from time to time that when I hit the turn signal, the brights tend to come on briefly until I make the turn and the signal pops back in place. Overall, I have 168, 000 miles on there and it continues to run.

- Alicia C

Chevrolet Impala 2008 cons.

This particular model has a/c issues, emissions errors, and poor visibility out of the back window. Front seat is lower than back of car. People that I have asked about certain issues with this model say they have same issues. I've had my car in the shop on multiple occasions for the emissions leak and no one can figure out the issue. My engine light has been in for 3 years and the gas cap has no vacuum. Had 2 gas caps checked by dealer and they are both good. I do not recommend any year model between 2003 through 2010.

- Flea R

One of my favorite cars I have owned. Very reliable and comfortable to drive.

It runs great and has needed very little in repairs. The biggest issue I have had is with some of the electric sensors not working properly. Other than that it had been very reliable. It drives smooth and is comfortable. When it does need repairs they haven't been very expensive. Even the electric sensors do not cost a lot to buy new and to get replaced. It also gets good mileage so it is not too expensive to drive long distances. I travel often so that is vet important to me. One of my favorite cars that I have had.

- Julie H

My Impala is pretty sweet.

I really like my impala. I've always driven chevy, and you can feel the size of this car when you drive it. My friends drive small 4 cylinder imports, and they feel like go carts. The impala is a sturdy car with good handling that's very comforting. I have no noticeable blind spots, and the only issues I have are that my heat actuators were going,bad, and they are cheap, but timely to replace, and all of the electricals for the car go to one connector under the carpet, so if one goes, the connector must be replaced.

- Miles L

It�s a lot of fun to take on road trips and late night drives!

My car drives very smooth but it does has a lot of blind spots like when you're about to turn onto a road you have to double/triple check because you sometimes can't see what's in front of you. I don't know what to call it but it's thick plastic between your door windows and the big window. But other than that it's great! It very comfortable, you can fit 5 people in the car. I love my cars sunroof! I think that's my favorite thing about it! But it does has a really nice big trunk as well!

- Chelsea Y

Smaller vehicle but a great deal for two occupants.

I love my impala it is a comfortable small size car that I drive daily. I would recommend it to anyone. I have had a few repairs since owning it but nothing major has been repaired. Considering the age of the car at the time I purchased it, I got a very good deal. I am the second owner and bought it from the original owner. Chevrolet really has a quality vehicle in this little impala. I would not recommend it to anyone with a large family. It only allows for room for four occupants.

- Robin H

Great for long road trips.

I really love my Chevrolet Impala. I have taken it on several road trips through my time owning it and it has always performed very well. It is great on gas, which is good as gas prices seem to continue rising. I have been able to keep it in top condition with routine maintenance. It is comfortable to be in for long Journeys and has the accessories (radio, AUX input, CD player) to keep a person entertained during long road trips. I plan to get another Impala in the future!

- Shaun F

over 100k miles and still going strong.

I love my car. It is comfortable to drive and my child has plenty of room in the back seat. It has heated seats for the winter and a great heater. I have never had issues driving in the snow. it has about 109,000 miles on it so I've had to do some front end work and normal wear and tear items over the past few years. the only big ticket item was when the transmission died about 3 years ago. hopefully, with the work I've put into it I can get a few more years out of it.

- Kris M

Chevy Impala 2008 write up

My car drives well on clear, dry roads but slides easily on wet or snowy roads. It is big enough for most of my belongings and not too big or too small. It gets excellent gas mileage and very little maintenance. It runs well and only had to change the battery once. It is very reliable on both long and short trips. The radio speaker in the front has gone out and only comes on every now and then but the back speakers work fine and it's pretty loud, the way I like it !

- Kimberly B

2008 Chevy Impala is generally a good first car.

This car is really good in the snow for not having 4WD. One of the main things I do not like is how low the seats are it is really hard to see the front of the car. Also the power-steering has been a problem for the past few years. It still screeches when I turn no matter how many times I get it checked. I feel safe overall driving it since it is a relatively bigger car, but it is uncomfortable to ride in for long periods of time as it hurts my back.

- Bridget W

It has a decent amount of trunk space, I'm always surprised by how much I fit.

I've had this car for a few years now and I've driven several thousand miles with it. I moved from Massachusetts to North Carolina and I have made several trips back and forth. It makes great mileage and I have a lot of fun traveling. I don't know if it's just my car but the driver side door and rear door on the driver side sometimes do not open and close with the electronic auto lock. I just make sure that I check them whenever I leave my car.

- David L

Even though my car is over 10 years old, I enjoy driving it.

I really enjoy driving my Chevy Impala. I bought it almost two years ago from a private party. Since then I have never had any issues whatsoever with the car. Normally buying a used car something happens and I usually need to replace a part by now. I use this car everyday and within the first month I owned it noticed I was putting a lot of less gas in than my last car, which surprised me because before this Impala, I drove a 2008 Chevy Malibu.

- Lisa H

Comfortable car with fabulous trunk room for all our supplies.

No problems with motor or transmission. Automatic door locks do not work very well and never have. The leg room in the vehicle is fantastic. We are a very tall family and all fit in the vehicle nicely. When we go on trips there is plenty of room in the trunk for all of our luggage. We do regular maintenance on the vehicle, which I am sure helps keep it running smoothly. We have traveled very long distances, and have been very comfortable.

- Diane K

Quiet and smooth ride. Overall great car. As with any car this car has unexpected surprise expenses.

The car is nice and roomy. I wish the trunk was a little bigger but overall I really like this car. It runs great and has a smooth and quiet ride.. My complaint about this vehicle is rust spot on the back quarter panel. I learned this is common for these vehicles and the fly by wire so if your car stops running while you are driving for no apparent reason it's probably the fly by wire. This also a common problem with these vehicles.

- Paul B

Basic but reliable vehicle.

Limited vehicle problems since getting it 8 years ago. Other than general maintenance, have had to replace the serpentine belt and drive shaft. Some of the electrics have gone out, such as the lights on dash and window buttons. The gas pump is sensitive, shuts off the gas before it's close to full. Easy to drive, fits a full car pretty comfortably. Plan to keep the car until it's dies on me because I have had such good luck.

- Danielle M

It is a very reliable and smooth riding car. I also feel that the mpg are very good.

My Impala is already over 10 years old and still rides very smoothly. The backseat is plenty large for the comfort of passengers. The trunk size is more than enough for my needs; I camp and am able to pack in almost everything I need for a full tent campsite right in the trunk. I've done a little body work to be able to hold on to it for at least another 3 years. I'm about to hit 100,000 miles and hope to make it to 150,000.

- Danielle J

2008 Chevy Impala: a brief review

I've had my Chevy impala for about 6 years, and it has been very reliable. It's comfortable to drive, and has to power to get up to speed quickly. I've never had any large maintenance expenses or issues. It does however have its quirks. There's a loud hammering/clicking sound when adjusting the air on or off from a/c. The locking mechanisms for both back doors don't work... as in they have be unlocked manually from inside.

- Christina S

The message system it has to let you know all information going on with your car.

Love my impala I have had almost two years now and have to fix hardly anything on it besides the basic upkeep of oil changes, new brakes, wheel bearings just the normal wear and tear a vehicle would get while being your daily driver. Honestly one of the best cars I have ever owned! Getting ready to roll over on 221000 miles and still runs awesome! I am so glad I decided to purchase this car it is been a great car for me!

- Haley S

It is reliable, roomy, simple and easy.

I love this vehicle because it is very easy to drive. I have had it for 3 years so far and it has never broken down on me. It is a very roomy car, it has passenger seats. I like to drive me and my friends places so the extra room is always nice. I like how it is a small car but not too small. The fact it is small, makes it easy to park. I am not a very good parker so this is necessary for me until I feel more confident.

- Brooke B

Ideal car for individuals/ families

Not ideal for short-legged drivers. The steering wheel is way to close for comfort. You can change ac/heating on each side. Aux cord option available also. Plenty of cup holders, very roomy. The trunk is actually a lot bigger than it looks so it's great for traveling and going shopping. Great on gas! I can travel from southern ky to northern Indiana on $30 with gas left over. Ideal car for families, couples, and self.

- Monica G

Comfort, style and room - Awesome car for me.

My 2008 is the 4th Impala we have purchased. All 4 of them have been very reliable and quite comfortable. This is important, because I travel and spend a lot of time in my car. It is a smooth ride that gets on down the road. The driver's seat has several electric adjustments. I am short, so this is very important for me. This Impala has an extra large trunk for just about anything I need to haul home or out of town.

- Doreen S

Chevy impala 2008. Clicking??

there is a problem with the fan motor and the CD scanner. The sensor in the fan motor clicks even when the car is not in use, it doesn't allow ac usage or heat until it stops clicking, and the CD scanner eventually wears out and will tell you there is a disk stuck in there even if there isn't. The seats are very comfy though, and adjustable. The backseat is roomy and allows lots of space for 3 back passengers.

- Sam R

Comfortable Chevrolet Impala Review (with some negative features)

Very comfortable vehicle with average gas mileage (~28 mpg highway). The heating unit is excellent when in working condition. However, in its current state it only works for half the (the passenger side), and the other half (the driver's side) only blows cold air through the vents, even when it is set on the warm setting. Overall, however, this is a very comfortable, reliable vehicle. I would recommend it.

- Mark J

My 2008 Chevy Impala aka Daryl.

I bought my car in 2008. My Impala has been very reliable but recently I have had to do some things to it like replacing sensors everywhere. The computer went out had to take it to a garage and have that fixed. Window motors quit on front and back, had to have those fixed. I know with age things happen and I understand. I still love my car, even though Daryl is getting up in years and mileage.

- Helen M

Chevy Impalas are great cars for reliability and families.

My Chevy Impala has been great, it gets great gas mileage. I haven't had any major problems with it. The only thing that has come up is that the oil burns through really quick, I have been on long road trips and find out the oil tank is completely bone dry. No leaks were ever discovered, mechanics told me that the Impala just burns oil really fast and recommended using a higher quality oil.

- Nicole S

Chevy impala- cannot beat it! Great car!

This car is not fancy but it is incredibly reliable. I have owned two of these and both have been great! Maintenance on these is not very expensive, and if you maintain them they run for a long time. Right now I am at 200 thousand miles on the speedometer and it still runs like a champ. In five years I have only had to replace the windshield wiper motor and it did not cost much at all.

- Lacey H

Versatile care with good MPG and good cargo space!

My Chevy Impala is a very good vehicle, it gets good gas mileage (averaging 26-27 MPG) and has a lot of cargo space. It has room for car seats and can fit four passengers. It meets my needs for getting around town as well as driving across the country, either with other people or with cargo. I have had no maintenance problems so far, driving it from 55,000 miles to ~106,000 miles so far.

- David N

Black 2008 reliable Chevy Impala.

My car is fantastic. It gets great gas mileage (it is a daily driver so I need something reliable). I enjoy the ability to use an AUX cord and use the sunroof on sunny days. The seats are comfortable and well adjusted between me (being short) and my boyfriend (being tall). The driving is smooth and I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me, which is the most important thing.

- Emily D

Chevrolet impala 2008: A good choice for a small family.

This is a solid, smooth-riding, fairly roomy car. I have got two small kids and the back seats fit car seats quite nicely. The trunk is pretty big, which makes the car handy for grocery store runs. The car gets decent mileage. It feels safe on the road. I would recommend it to anyone with a small family or who wants a sedan for carpooling, driving friends or clients about town, etc.

- Evan C

Frequent repairs that once your warranty expires, you're stuck fitting the bill!

I purchased the car brand new and it began making this awful knocking sound. It turned out to be the actuators which help regulate the ac. There are 5 or 6 and when I would get one fixed another one would go out and begin making the same noise. The window bands would snap every year and I would have to replace them or my windows wouldn't go up. Terrible experience with the Impala!

- Lorena T

Long term issues with the impala

My car is a luxury car from 2008. As the car has gotten older I've had to get the oil changed more frequently. Recently the power of stirring started to leak, and was told it would expensive to fix. I opted for patches, and went on with my day. The next thing that happened was that the radiator had a hole in it. I paid just over 1000 to have that fixed, and now I'm all fixed up!

- Bridget M

My car picks up speed really well. Its old but it accelerates very well.

My car is a 2008 Chevy Impala, It was once my sister's car but she handed it down to me. It was a fixer upper but it's a really reliable car. I put a brand new battery in it, got my tire fixed, air conditioning recharged, all my windows were broken I got them fixed. It's truly a reliable car brakes are great picks up speed perfectly as well. Just overall a really excellent car.

- Mak W

Chevy Impala great family car!

My vehicle had been great. We haven't had any real maintenance problems. The only issue we noticed is that our oil burns through really fast. We have been on road trips and had our oil completely disappear multiple times, bone-dry. It gets really good gas mileage though and has not have any other major problems. I love the size and trunk capacity. Perfect for small families.

- Nicole M

Crappy fix for traction control!!

The Impala is famous for the fans for heat and air to quit working and are expensive to replace. Check engine light goes on and off for no reason. The traction control light comes on for no reason and the car automatically reduces engine power. This has not been on a recall list but when you take it back to the dealer they will charge for a fix that eventually does not work.

- Lisa O

Chevy Impala SS great made car

Overall the car is great. It drives smooth, perfect for long on the road hours it's like flying when your on the interstate you don't feel any bumps it glides. But gas will eat you up if your not careful. 5 or 10 dollars doesn't go anywhere. Driving on the interstate 40 dollars will fill it up and it'll go a good ways but in town it'll eat it up full tank won't last a day

- Crystal W

My truck is very dependable when it comes to bad weather.

I have a 2007 GMC Yukon. My truck is reliable and I have very little issues with my truck. It haves power seats, heated seats, power windows, power locks, four wheel drive, sunroof, and parking assist. The only issue I have with the truck is the gas consumption. Other than the gas consumption and the prices to fill the truck up, I do not have any problems with my truck.

- Eric E

My 2008 Chevrolet Impala is a great reliable, comfortable and full sized car.

My 2008 Chevrolet Impala is a great car, mine specifically is a retired state trooper car. It is the most reliable car that I have, I do not need to wait long for it to get going, I just turn it on and go. It is extremely comfortable, I could take a nap in it without even being tired. The radio is great especially when I use my AUX cord and turn the bass all the way up.

- Beth F

A smooth, quiet ride that has lots features that make it a must have.

This car is a smooth ride you will hardly feel road bumps. A gas efficient quiet ride that has lots of sensors that keep you notified of air tire pressure, oil levels, gage notification, and compass. The seats are leather and well cushioned and the heated seats feature is a huge bonus. My guest or copilot would say the best feature would be dual climate control A.C..

- Ally G

Great gas mileage and comfortable to drive.

Traction control and wipers have issues other than that the car drives really well and it is easy to drive. The seats are comfortable and the interior has a sleek leather design. My favorite feature is the sunroof. It gives a nice breeze driving with it open on hot days and adds a lot of natural lighting to the inside of the car. It also gets really good gas mileage!

- Emily K

Leather seats, heated seats, fully loaded, power doors and locks.

My 2008 Chevy impala is good on gas, I have leather interior, and heated seat, it drives good and I have no problems out it, as long as I keep my oil changed and a tune up, the color is tan and it's fully loaded, once washed it looks like it came off the showroom floor, I would recommend it to anybody that's looking for full size sedan that's good on gas mileage.

- Brandon M

It's a reliable sports sedan that is roomy and great in the snow.

My Impala is a supersport with a 5.3 liter v8 producing up to 303 horsepower. I love the power it comes with and the practicality of a roomy sedan. the only things I don't like about my car is that it is a front wheel drive car with an automatic transmission. In my opinion, it should of been rear wheel drive with a manual transmission. it's still an amazing car.

- Santi m

Great car cannot wait to get my next one.

My Impala has been relatively problem free. Other than routine maintenance oil change tires brakes no problems my next vehicle will be another Chevy. It provides a smooth ride handles great and is fun to drive. I have a 60+ miles commute every day for work. This is a very comfortable vehicle. Gas mileage is good maintenance is fairly cheap what more can I want.

- Jerry B

Impala issues for 2008 model ltz.

I keep having to fix different actuators and had the traction control issue which has never been fully resolved and cannot be fixed. I had one actuator go out right when weather turned cold and I had no heat plus where it was located to be fixed was very expensive. The traction control wasn't too bad but still having issues and no one can seem to figure it out.

- Becky B

Like the radio a lot and it starts in the cold winters.

My Chevrolet Impala has been a good and dependable car. I have quite a few miles on it and have replaced brakes and tires, just the normal everyday car repair. I do change the oil every so many miles. I have replaced tires, also. It heats in the winter time and cools in the summertime. The ride is fine, not like a Buick or Cadillac, but definitely comfortable.

- Cindy R

Impalas prove their worth and value time and time again.

I love my Chevy Impala. It is a full size sedan that is very roomy, extremely comfortable to travel in and has great storage room. It is very good at getting good gas mileage. In all the years I have owned my vehicle there have only been 1 or 2 minor problems related to age and weather factors. Overall it is excellent and I would definitely buy another Impala

- Barbara D

Chevy impala zero major problems and many miles!

I have had zero major problems with this car. It has nice leather seats and has about 200,000 miles. It has a huge trunk which has come in handy for road trips and it fits 5 people relatively comfortably. The only thing that I wish was different was that the electronics were more up to date, but that's how it goes with an older car. Awesome other than that!

- Veronica P

Sleek car with Black and gray leather seats with seat warmers

The 50th anniversary edition has limited backseat space oppose to the other trim of the same year. It runs well on gas price and mileage for the car that it is. 10 gallon tank so gas isn't a price issue. Very durable car that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Very adjustable driver seat making it very easy to find your comfort spot. Very spacious trunk.

- Jose R

Black Chevy Impala with tinted windows and almost a half a million miles.

The car is amazing. It's about 11 years old right now with almost 500,000 and still runs like a charm. The only issue I've had with it is that the starter broke a couple months ago but it was a quick fix and I was back on the road in no time. Takes bumps well, long distance travel isn't a problem and neither is consistent use. I couldn't be happier with it.

- Jacob K

My 2008 Chevy Impala. The thing I like best is it having a sunroof.

The seats are really comfortable back rest is not as comfortable, it has sun roof along with start button from key button. It rides smooth, but has a tiny jerk to it when you put on brakes. It don't have economic button, it is very reliable, handles really good in the snow or even the rain. I love the car, do wish it had Bluetooth, but its not a necessity.

- Robyn L

I like the fact that I have a soft top it makes it stand out in the parking lots

I haven't owned my car for very long. I bought it second hand, 7 months ago. Since then I have only had a couple problems with it, most of which could have been prevented had I known more history of the vehicle. (General maintenance) although now I have to fix the window since they are automatic and the whole switch fell into the door. Just my luck though

- Krystal B

Comfortable and reliable!

The Chevy impala is a medium size sedan. It is very comfortable with cloth seats. Very nice interior. Great gas mileage. It is just a really nice smooth ride. I feel safe in it because it is not too small but easy to drive because it is not too big. It has everything I need in a vehicle but not a ton of extras so it seems it would be easier to maintain.

- Jennifer O

They are dependable good running cars. Good on gas. Chevy as a trustworthy company .

I have had my car almost 7 years. Haven't had any major problems with the car.It's big enough to fit my family has plenty of trunk space.Good on gas. The only thing that I have a problem with is my locks.Over the past couple of years when you push the lock and unlock button they won't work.I have to manually lock and unlock them.except my driver door

- Morgan S

2008 Chevy Impala Police interceptor

I have had no issues with the car since it was purchased two years ago. Performance for the car is great since it is an old police interceptor car with the 3.9 v6. The handling of the car is great on both dry and wet roads. During the winter it will plow through the snow no problem. The only thing I have not noticed that the car has is the abs system.

- Jordan O

Car is very good on gas, never had any problems or issues.

Very reliable, never had problems with a/c, seat warmers for leather seats comes in handy in the winter time, rides very smooth, wish the backseat was a little bigger for car seats, car is ten years old and never had a problem with transmission or starter, keep up with oil change and tune up. Very good on gas, thirty five dollars to fill up tank.

- Samantha B

I would recommend this car to anyone who wants an easy to drive, fuel efficient vehicle. I would also recommend it to nervous drivers (like me!) who do not want a huge vehicle with a touchy gas pedal.

It is a great car, it still looks brand new (no rust-which can be difficult when driving in upstate Ny). It is easy to handle and fuel efficient. I have had some trouble with the check engine light being triggered and several mechanics being unable to find the problem. I am unsure whether this is just this particular car or an Impala problem.

- Tammy L

2008 Chevy Impala Review.

I have quite a few Tire Monitoring System problems, but that's all! It's a reliable car that can do long distance trips with ease. It get great mileage on these long trips and I typically only have to fill it up once in a 500 mile trip. It's sleek and a beautiful blue. Aside from the previously stated issue I haven't had any trouble with my car.

- Darby B

My car is silver and it is perfect for me and my two kids.

I have no problems with my car my car was gave to me when my mom passed away 4 years ago it is still in good shape and I love not having a car payment I use my car for everyday use for work and getting around I would love to get another car soon but right now it do not fit in my daily financial budget so nothing is wrong with my car I love it.

- Danielle S

A Chevy speaks for itself a very reliable car.

My car is very reliable. What I hear mostly with people the drive and have purchased the make and model of car I drive is that they have problems with the heating system. Currently my car is making a rattling noise that my mechanic says may be the heating system. Also the tire sensor system tends to mess up. So alerts are constantly going off.

- Crystal H

Best car ever! 2 car seats!

I absolutely love my car. It came equipped with leather seats, ac, and an amazing sound system. This car was 10 years old when I bought it and it had nothing wrong with it, so this is one of the best cars I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot of cars. ) I was concerned about not being able to fit 2 car seats in the back but they fit great.

- Tiffany K

Chevrolet Impala is a great value and high quality car.

I have not ever had a problem. It has been a great vehicle and I plan to replace it with the same newer model. I have no complaints at all. Very high quality and dependable for me and my family. I made a great choice when I made this purchase so I plan to get another one to replace it because of its age and high miles, but I intend to keep it.

- Jackie E

It is comfortable, and safe. A good purchase for a first car for a teenager.

A/c has had a ticking noise in the past that caused any temperature change to start the ticking noise again. Boyfriend fixed it within 30 minutes after buying the actuator fan part that was broken. Other than that, the flex fuel option is wonderful! I can buy gas for up to 50 cents cheaper than regular gas when I am around an e85 location.

- Moriah B

Impala vehicles are very comfortable to drive & be a passenger.

Love the car but HATE all of the weirdo problems we have had - ignition gear sticking (twice) & now we need to replace a tire sensor. Very comfortable car for both my fiance & I as we are both tall & this car is very comfortable for us to travel or just everyday driving. Car handled BEAUTIFULLY driving in the mountains earlier this year.

- kimberly d

Needs some work to it but it's perfect for my little family.

Really reliable just needs some yearly maintenance to it and it'll run perfect for us it needs an alignment very soon case winter is soon too my chrome on the window needs replaced because when I roll my window up and down it comes off track a little and the car needs a deep clean cause the people that had it before messed it up a bit.

- Sierra S

My favorite car is the Chevy Impala.

I have a 2008 Chevrolet Impala. The car is overall very dependable and is reliable. I bought this vehicle at a local auction 2 years ago. And the Impala needs work but is good on gas and still looks good on the eyes. This is my second Impala and they both were very reliable. When I purchase another car it will be another Chevy Impala.

- Barbie J

Very reliable dependable car.

The whole time I have had my car I haven't had a problem. I keep up on the maintenance of my car. It's been reliable and its got almost 200, 000 miles on it and now I am running into problems. The key is stuck in ignition and the tranny is shifting hard other then that the life of the car I have had no problems with. I love this car.

- Derek H

I like to call my car Toni.

Seems to have a lot of problems. That's only because my car is getting older. All cars have problems when getting older. However, my car is very reliable. Which I love. I love the gas mileage. The seats are very comfortable. Everything else about the car is great. I have had little to no problems for the first 10 years of driving it.

- Maddie G

2008 Chevy Impala - a good car.

It has alright fuel efficiency. I like how it does not have leather seating, making it so I do not stick to the seat in summer. It is not small, but not too big. Storage is a bit lacking, but for my needs, it does the job. I like the ability to use e85 if I want to. I wish the car was a bit higher off the ground than it currently is.

- Jon D

2008 Chevy Impala, Reliable!!

Bought the vehicle with about 27k miles. Have put almost 20k and had very few problems. The Impala has been very reliable and a nice ride. Need something reliable with our 1 year old son. Car is a decent size. Still plenty of legroom even with a car seat in the back. Has all standard features with A/C, power locks and power windows.

- Josh R

Heated seats in 2008 Chevy impala ltz.

The transmission is beginning to slip. Performance is very good. Its reliable older model with only 130,000 miles. I love how spacious and comfortable it is on the back seat. I love the heat control seats on the front of the car. I was disappointed in regards to the tire sensor, constantly changing them out and they are not cheap.

- Gale S

Great gas mileage all around

Amazing performance easy on gas rides comfortably features power windows and seats power steering and safety 8 airbags plus crush protection on the sides bars on the back passenger doors to prevent detestation on back passenger wrecks amazing handling and no feedback on the steering I absolutely love our impala and hope you do to.

- Kenneth S

The best car ever along with remote start up.

It is a great ride, heated seats, remote start up, and a sunroof that we absolutely love, very happy to say that it has great gas mileage, and lots of trunk space and leg room, I have had no major issues at all, just a few minor issues that goes along with the everyday usage but all in all it is the best car that we have ever had.

- Tammy P

Definitely A Cool Car to be seen in.

It's a reliable car. Just outdated. It's comfortable. High mileage. Rims. Good on gas. No problems. I might keep it since Chevrolet is no longer making Impalas. Stereo system that is touch screen and Bluetooth features. Manual windows and locks. Small side windows and rear view mirror. Makes it hard to see when your backing up.

- Kristina A

Great performance and very reliable

No problems. Great on fuel. Low maintenance. Good riding vehicle. Only issues might be sensors with the tires. ABS is on the vehicle. Good performance in driving. Good suspension system. Also a fuel efficient rated vehicle. Bought vehicle used from CarMax with 25,000 miles. Currently has 156,000 miles. New spark plugs and wires

- Ricardo K

My Impala gives me the comfort, confidence, and control I need.

The actual driving experience is fantastic. I particularly like the acceleration and cornering. I am a larger guy so the seating is important. The Impala is comfortable for me. Where I am seeing some wear is in the electronics and locks. I have to be particularly careful when auto locking the car as they do not fully engage.

- John S

My Chevy Impala is the nicest sudo sporty car that is meant for family!

My Chevrolet Impala is one of the best cars I've ever owned in my life!! Great fuel mileage and very dependable also it makes for a great family car with four doors and it still looks sleek and sporty!! I'd recommend Chevy Impala's to anyone who needed a good reliable car for the next 10 years who doesn't already own one !!

- Justin L

Nice tech for a 2008 model.

I really like my vehicle. I do wish there was Bluetooth connection, but for a 2008 model, it has enough tech upgrades, so I cannot complain. This is especially true when compared to my last vehicle. There's a AUX connection, so I am still able to listen to my music when I drive, which is a nice bonus I wasn't anticipating.

- Kristin H

2008 Chevy impala ltz The best car ever

Love the impala. Easy to drive, nice sleek look. Power everything, leather and heated seats. Very spacious but doesn't feel like driving a big car. Very comfortable and handles well. The Chevy impala is my favorite car out of all the cars I have ever owned. I have 2 of the, same year because I think it's such a great car.

- Becky W

I call my car princess diana cause I love her.

I love my impala the heated seats are my favorite features. I also like that the trunk is huge. It is a very smooth drive I have had very few problems now that it is getting older however some of the wiring is going bad. It no longer tells me when I am low on gas, or if I have a light on or if my passenger is not buckled.

- Betty B

My vehicle is great, reliable and comfortable.

I have really enjoyed driving the Chevy Impala, it was passed down to me from my grandpa for as a car for me to drive in college. It has been reliable and comfortable. I have driven to well above 200, 000 miles. With age things have gone bad such as the starter and leaking oil but that is expected with any car and age.

- Ginger I

Very reliable car. Good gas mileage. Gets you from point A to point B.

Recall on a part. Has dents. Bumper is gone. Headlight is duct taped because it is broke. 190, 000 miles. Makes a clicking sound. It is a dark gray, beige seats. Has AUX hook up. Trunk is nice size. New tires. No front wheel drive. Comes with seat covers. Remote to start. Play CDs. Has air conditioning and heat works.

- Lauren N

My vehicle looks new for the year it is with no rust.

I love my Chevrolet Impala. It is a 4 door & it is very spacious. The trunk is big & can hold a lot in it. The only problem I have had is with the headlights. They got moisture in them, therefor making them kind of a film on the inside. I cannot figure out how to get the seats down if it is a feature in this vehicle.

- Mary B

Good Clean Car - Older Model

I've recently had an issue with my gear not shifting from park to drive. I looked into it and there were various reasons it happened but fixed it at home with the help of YouTube. Other than that, the mileage is actually great. I've been able to drive 5 to 5 1/2 hours on a full tank. It's spacious for the most part.

- Anita N

It is a sleek dark blue car, with amazing leg room.

At the moment the only issue I have with my car is a valve that needs replaced and the driver door can only be locked or unlocked manually. Other than those things the car runs very well and does very well on gas mileage. I drive 5 hours to go to and from school after breaks and it only take half a tank to do that.

- Danielle R

The car that can survive through it all.

It is a very reliable long lasting vehicle. But it will eventually have transmission and engine issues during the course of you owning the vehicle. But overall the interior of the car is amazing. The wheels can also withstand a lot of damage on the road and are big enough to overcome most potholes in the street.

- Sean A

The car has been lifted an inch in the rear to ensure a quality ride and helps.

I love this car, there is nothing wrong with it. It is a 2008 Chevy. It is like new. It is has microfiber seats, automatic windows and locks and it has 5 seatbelts. It is really roomy and the automatic seats are perfect for long trips. Good gas, but not gas saver. And it run like it a gas saving. That a blessing.

- Barry L

The air is amazing and so is the heat.

Runs great. It is an old car but it runs great and has minimal problems. It is a very reliable car and I couldn't ask for a better one. I've had this car since 2009, my senior year. So it's really great. The trunk is big on it. The o2 sensor is out on it now but its too expensive to replace it so I deal with it.

- Elizabeth A

Don't buy this car, may problems have occurred since I bought it.

bought it used and it has many problems. dashboard lights that continue to light up, problems with the transmission and shifting. The glove compartment did not close; seat belts uncomfortable. With Michigan roads, hub caps disappeared and were not secured. Problems with dashboard notifications for tire pressure.

- Donna T

Good car not great for a family

The biggest problem I have with the vehicle is the lack of anti lock brakes. There's been a few occasions that the car has skidded. Also I do not believe the car is big enough for a family, we have 2 children now and its cramped. For just us the car was ok but with kids I would like something safer and bigger

- Arianna M

Reliable vehicle with good gas mileage and features.

Has a lot of electrical issues but has overall good gas mileage and is pretty reliable. I've owned this vehicle now for 4 years and it's only had minor problems. It gets good pick up since it's a cylinder and I like that it takes flex fuel. I would recommend this to someone who needs reliable transportation.

- Kris C

2008 dark gray Chevrolet Impala.

I bought the car with several maintenance problems, one of which was an battery with a dead cell, but that repair was easy to make. Overall, the car runs great, has a nice big engine, and gets good gas mileage. The car is very reliable, and since those initial repairs, I have not had another problem so far.

- Tj P

Impala in Montana is right at home.

I have had this car a few years now and it has been the classic dependable Chevy. Big enough for more than a couple people to enjoy a nice ride in comfort. Aside from getting stuck in a couple snowdrifts it has really never let me down. Routine maintenance has kept it the same strong runner the whole time.

- Andrew S

It's a good car that holds up well. There have been a couple major age issues, but nothing that I wouldn't expect for a 10 year old car.

It's been a good car and am happy with it. Has a deep trunk. Just wish the backseat had more leg room. One problem that this car eventually has is the air actuator in the dash will need replacing. When you open the door and start hearing a tap, tap, tap that lasts about a minute...it's the air actuator.

- Diane B

Wood grain interior and tan and brown vinyl.

The only problem I have encountered with this vehicle so far is a ticking noise that comes from the ac on the passenger side. Also a problem with the gas tank sensor that makes the check engine light come on. But other than that this is a wonderful car to have just need to fix those two minor problems.

- Jennifer G

Maintenance timing,when to do it. It safe and reliable.

I like the pick up on my Chevy. The pick up helps me keep up with florida traffic. The weight of the car helps me feel safe And after 10 years the upholstery still look nice. The only thing I don't like is the fact that I don't have the modern tech objects.Rear camera ,side camera, bells and whistles.

- Mary H

Chevrolet Impala 2008 review.

I drive an 08 Chevy Impala, with over 160, 000 miles and she’s still running good. I have had to get the transmission replaced a little bit ago and she’s been running strong since. Overall good car. Very spacious on the inside for being a car and very comfortable seating. Overall great first car.

- William L

Chevy Impalas are extremely reliable and safe vehicles.

My vehicle is comfortable. It offers a lot of extra room for the drivers legs and in the trunk. It is also very reliable. I have never had any major issues with my car and I bought it used a few years ago. It has a lot of miles but still runs great. I really like the heated seats in the front seats.

- Sarah C

My 2008 Chevy Impala is pretty reliable

My car has power windows doors and seats. It has been pretty reliable since I purchased it in 2017. At the present time it has minor issues power doors and seats are not working cigarette lighter isn't working. I cannot charge my phone when needed. Need new tires part has to be replaced on gas tank.

- Shawn M

Very basic car but nothing fancy.

This vehicle is cheaply made with just the basics. There is lots of road noise and it isn't very comfortable. They also have transmission issues with the transmission slipping in low gears. It has been fairly reliable for the long hauls I have used it for. I love the large trunk area for storage.

- Megan G

Need a vehicle with more features.

My vehicle is comfortable and reliable. However, I would like to purchase a new vehicle sometime in the near future. I have had this vehicle for several years and would like a newer vehicle that provides more features. My current vehicle is a older model an updated features will be a great asset.

- Alexia B

The seats are very comfortable and supportive.

The car runs extremely well for its age and is very reliable. When first purchased it was a good price for the model and the interior still looks the same. All things considered it's an all around good car with little to no performance problems. Would strongly recommend to other possible buyers.

- Chris J

My comfy Chevy like no other.

My car is really good to me. Only major issue is a flat tire, oil change. It still rides good for me. It gets me where I need to go without issue. The gas is 40-50 to fill up depending on price. I feel good in my car & hope to keep it for some time. There's no major features just standard stuff.

- Rachel V

My vehicle is very roomy for a car

Overall the vehicle is good. Most problems I have had were very easy fixes. The power steering pump needs replaced at the moment, but besides that the car drives really smooth! The mileage is pretty high but the vehicle is still beyond reliable! I would definitely recommend this car to others

- Roll T

I've always had the oil changed religiously, and the headlights burn out often.

I bought the car with 130, 000 miles 4yrs ago, it now has 230, 000+ miles on it (my work commute was a distance) and it has gave me little problems. I replaced battery, alternator, and maybe a few other small things. It has been a wonderful car and doesn't show any signs of slowing down yet.

- Amanda W

A roomy comfortable ride!

My Chevy Impala has been a reliable vehicle. Handles good in the different weather changes. Very roomy and comfortable for all occupants. It has massive trunk space. Been having some issues with a miss and the odometer cluster. Flapping noise when turning off the heater or air conditioner.

- Ashley C

Good car for the most part.

Mechanically reliable vehicle. Electronically, not so reliable, a lot of issues with sensors. Vehicle is powerful and has plenty of room and trunk space. Vehicle rides smooth and gets decent gas mileage. Vehicle is durable and has the ability to reach high mileage without mechanical error.

- Anthony V

The car is very efficient and very roomy. Lots of leg space and even trunk space

Reliable up to about 100,000 miles and then everything seems to be breaking down. Everything from shocks, sensors, lights, cables, and even dash lights are burning out. I would expect a car to last longer with less issues, but it seems a bit early for everything on the car to be breaking.

- Josh P

It's got a roomy trunk, the backseat is a little small but the front is comfortable. It is good on gas and runs well.

My Impala is a good car. However, we have had ongoing trouble with the check engine light being triggered. The car runs great but I have spent thousands trying to figure out which tiny sensor or wire is triggering this light. I do not know if this is common for Impalas or just my car.

- Corleen M

Overall, the Impala has been a great car for my family.

Very reliable car with lots of room and seats 3 people in the back seat very comfortably. The interior is a light grey cloth which unfortunately and very quickly started to show dirt and wear. I would go with leather interior next time. Overall, it has been a great vehicle for my family.

- Birk D

I like this car and if asked I would recommend it to a friend. Handles well.

No major problems. . Handles very well. . Smooth and quiet. . Speeds up in a short amount of time compared to most other vehicles that I have driven from the same time period as well as that price range. . Looks good. . Easy to fix. . Maintenance is easy. . Overall a very nice vehicle. .

- Abbey S

I love my Chevy Impala, would recommend this vehicle!

I love my Chevy Impala! It has so much room in the front and back seats. The trunk fits so much (groceries, travel bags, large strollers etc.). It also had a great safety rating. It drives very smooth and I receive a lot of compliments on it! I would definitely recommend a Chevy Impala.

- Sue K

Silver Chevy Impala, still pretty after all these years!

It's been a great car. No major problems. I don't put a lot of miles on it, but has held up well. Still looks good too. Has a small spot of rust on front left fender, by mud flap. Can probably be due to winter weather in our area. Doesn't use much gas, about 30 mph even at 11 years old.

- Linda K

Nice, sharpening looking car with repairs on a low mileage vehicle

It's a 2008 only 71000 miles and have had a couple repairs that I'm not sure is adequate for the amount of miles I have on it. Thermostat, bushings, muffler. And next is water pump. Other than that it's a good car. Starts up right away in cold temps, good on gas and drives smooth.

- Teresa K

My vehicle has given me so many problems I am ready for a new one.

The rod and pinion has went out 3 times, all kinds of problems with this car including the battery, the radio, air conditioner. I've had 3 Chevy Impalas in my time and they all have had the same kind of problems. But it has lasted a long time. Much rather have a different brand of car.

- Alena C

Chevy impala, flex fuel, automatic lights.

The only problems that is I have with my car is that the parts are starting to get warm out so I am constantly having to change out the parts. The car is a good car all around, it is a comfortable car for my self, a lot of room. Pretty good on gas. Overall I will give the car a 3.

- Gabriela H

The most interesting detail about my Impala? The beauty it shows.

My vehicle is one of the best cars on the market. To date it is serving me very well. I must say, keeping up with 3 to 4000 services will assure great performances. I have had no major problems. My present miles are 93, 000. My next car will be a SUV midsize from the same dealership.

- Rosetta F

Old car with many problems but it's a good little car

Transmission stickers, door locks don't work right, fresh air pump knocks. Rides nice though right front tire valve don't work anymore. The window up and down button sticks and makes a clicking noise. Can't take it through a automated car wash or one of the lower spark plugs goes bad

- Amanda S

A great car for a small family.

I really can't say that I haven't had many problems at all with my vehicle itself. The only thing wrong that I have experienced was a nail in my tire. I have had this car for almost two years now and it is been a great vehicle to drive and use for my kid. I have no complaints at all.

- Alyssa H

2008 Chevy Impala: a great commuter car.

Great all around vehicle that does well in all seasons. For a 2008, it still runs very well as it also has 150000+ miles. Not the best car for the snow as it is front wheel drive. Gets decent gas mileage, better gas mileage when it is newer, but over the years will begin to go down.

- Corey K

Most Long lasting and reliable car

Had Great performance. Very good on gas. They are long lasting vehicles. And very easy repairs. Cheap overall but good vehicles. I would give it a good review and recommend these vehicles. Nice design compact car good for families with kids. Has a lot of room inside of the vehicles

- Barbara A

Good diagnostic display in the car

Not many problems. Haven't owned it long. Seems to run fine. Maybe a tire issue but like I said I haven't owned it long. Have had to do the brakes all the way around but that is to be expected hopefully that will stay the same in the future. I this point I would buy this car again

- Pam A

My vehicle is a flex fuel car.

I have had issues with the fuel pump and air conditioning. I have replaced the fuel pump which is in the tank. Cost was $700. The air conditioner compressor is bad and needs replaced. Cost is $700 including labor. This air conditioner had a prior leaking line, which was replaced.

- Mark C

It is safe reliable transportation that will get you where you need to go.

The air conditioning fan system in the Chevy Impala is made with cheap plastic parts that break off easily. Due to this manufacturing choice, the car makes a loud knocking sound when the air conditioning is turned on. I like the color of the car and the smooth driving capability.

- Meghan D

Great on gas, wood grain interior, powered seats and windows.

Drive smoothly nice reliable car. Spacious and luxurious inside. Seats six soft seats with enough leg room. Loud radio good on gas and great brakes with spacious trunk can fit up a lot of things for family trips. Wood grain powered windows and seats windshield wipers work great.

- Angela M

Great reliable car for a young family or someone who need a good daily driver.

No major mechanical issues other than regular maintenance that should be performed anyway. Comfortable to ride in. Lots of room for kids and car seats in the back and tons of trunk space. Most reliable car we have owned to date. Love that it has XM radio and aux cord capability.

- Megan D

An interesting detail of this vehicle, is sturdiness and the comfort of space

Very reliable sturdy vehicle. Has great gas mileage. Minimal malfunctioning equipment. I use this as a daily driver and have a long commute to work. That being said, I typically fill up for gas around once every 4-5 days. This is great because it saves me a ton of money on gas

- Michael S

Nice reliable car that drives well throughout the whole year.

The 08 Chevy Impala is Very reliable, it has a big trunk which is good for people who carry a lot of things on them or for trips and moving things from one place to another, Very rarely has the car ever given me any issues in the 10 years I owned. Had a great run with this car.

- Peter B


My impala drives great, and really holds up for a 10 year old car. The only problem that I have with it is the constant clicking noise that comes from my dashboard. I can't seem to get that to stop. But other than that awesome car. The seats are cloth so I'm always comfortable.

- Jay A

Impala is a practical long lasting choice.

The Chevy impala provides a reliable ride in a pragmatic style. You see so many on the road because with proper care, they last a long time. My 4-door is very comfortable for up to 5 passengers. There is not a ton of legroom, but overall is spacious for the average sized adult.

- Linda L

Review of 2008 Chevy Impala.

It has been a good and reliable vehicle without any major problems. Just has the normal wear and tear due to the year of the vehicle and the mileage. Due to the age, it is getting a few rust spots, and have had to have the brakes fixed and the tires replaced and a new battery.

- Mary S

The Chevy Impala is a very smooth ride.

overall my car is a very good car. Although it has high mileage, there is an oil leak, and I need to replace a fuse. It is very comfortable with the leather seats and very reliable. I trust my car getting me from point A to point B safely as I have my child in the car with me.

- Amber N

My take on my Chevy impala.

My car has been pretty reliable for being ten years old. I have had it for about five years and the only problem I've had is with the steering. When I drive through any level of water it makes the steering wheel stick. Overall I do like the car, I think it is the perfect size.

- Ashley G

Review of 3008 Chevy Impala.

My Impala is a decent car. It gets me where I have to go and doesn't mess up to often. If I could change one thing is I would remove the fold up armrest that makes the front 3 seat because it spills everything inside it if you lift it up I would prefer a normal center console.

- Zach W

It is a really nice and dependable car. I have driven it for five years and been happy with it for the most part.

This is the nicest car I ever owned. Love the leather , heated seats. It has been very dependable. It is getting older and starting have occasional electric lock problems. One window stopped working and I have had to repair two of the4 air conditioner actuators at $200 a pop.

- Margaret L

A few problems with the impala.

It needs wheel alignment, I believe new rotors because it shakes when I am braking. Is not the best on gas and I do not love leather seats. Wish it had remote start and also my lock button does not work for all of the doors. It is hard to find uses tires for this car as well.

- A S

Smokey as the Chevy Impala

I honestly think my transmission trying to go out but overall it's an amazing car. It also gives good mileage. Also, the lock on the passenger side doesn't lock have to lock by hand. The key itself is messed up. I have a new battery in it and it's still not working correctly.

- Natasha P

The good life of the Chevrolet.

It is an old car but in it is day it was a good one, of course Chevrolet makes good vehicles. My family buys mostly Chevrolets and they have been very dependable, as with all vehicles, a few things had to be bought new like spark plus, nothing expensive. All around good cars.

- Kelly S

The Chevy Impala is a great car for the future.

The vehicle is very reliable dependable good on gas smooth ride very comfortable for traveling a long distance comfortable for 4 people to travel its a midsize sedan not to large or to small trunk is a pretty good size for luggage the air and heat is great had cruise control.

- Sally L

If You Have a Chevy Impala

I really like my car, it's clean and drive smooth, it's a very nice car, it's good on gas and I bought it from someone so for maintenance and repairs are minimal, making sure oil is changed and I will need tires soon. It's very roomy and gets me around for my everyday commute

- Julia C

Has a smooth drive but bad start.

Car now jerks when putting car in reverse. Making horrible squeaking sound when braking. Drives really smooth and good sound system though. It could have better gas mileage. Shouldn't say low fuel when I get down to 40 miles makes knowing how much gas I have left inaccurate.

- Grant H

It has wheels. Four of them, actually. They rotate in circles.

I bought it with quite a few miles on it, so I dislike that, but it was also pretty cheap, which is always a perk. The vehicle itself is still a smooth ride, and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that the gas gauge is broken as well, though that's likely due to the car's age.

- kelsey L

An interesting detail about the car would be how smooth it rides.

The transmission is going out of the impala and the passenger door does not lock. You also have to hand unlock it cause the lock button does not work on the set of keys. But in all general it is a really good car to have and own. Even my mom and dad and twin brother love it.

- Grayson J

The Chevy impala at it is best.

Spacious interior and spacious trunk areas, smooth riding, quiet, easy to handle, easy to park, love the color, body not too big, seats up to five comfortably, popular name brand car, electronic windows, doors and seats, up-to-date radio, maintenance upkeep is not expensive.

- Marcella E

Why buy an impala? Not a racing car or a man's car, an impala for the family.

Lovely reliable car, spacious and lots of space in trunk. Good for short journeys and highway driving. Fuel efficient. Feels secure when driving and your loved ones protected in this car. Maintenance wise worth the investment. Looks good and classy even after several years.

- Nadine R

2008 Chevy Impala- great car!

I really enjoy this car. I do wish it had some newer updates, but it is a 2008 so I understand. It drives really nice and I feel safe while in it. I have had a few problems with my headlight going out multiple times, but other than that, it is been great and super reliable!

- Madison M

Chevrolet has been a trusted name in vehicles for many years. Much time and research is put into the development of these vehicles, and they are normally very reliable, and if taken well care of, provide the owner with many years of relatively trouble-free service!

I love my Chevy Impala! I love the comfort and smoothness of the ride, the lumbar support in the driver's' seat, the excellent sound system, the cruise control, as well as many other great features. I have always trusted Chevrolet. Their name means quality and excellence!

- Phyllis R

The trunk holds a good music system.

Very well driven car, gas mileage is very good depending on where you're headed to. Very good music quality in all door speakers. The trunk has a lot of room for things like coolers and fishing poles maybe even a small grill. Drives very smooth with nice front wheel drive.

- Jordan L

It rides very comfortably and is very roomy inside.

I like that I get good gas mileage, it is very roomy inside and has a good size trunk. I like that I have storage under the back seat and that you can fold the back seat down to give you extra space to haul items, I love the color, sunroof, and the back fin over the trunk.

- Shirley B

Its comfortable and reliable.

Its reliable dependable good on gas comfortable and has cheap tags it has nice features like cruise control nice and roomy inside and fits 5 people comfortable it's a lot better than a Ford its a v6 engine and a lot of room in the trunk for traveling and visiting friends.

- Sally L

Good quality vehicle for price.

Windshield wipers arm went out recently then when fixed the fuse for the wiper fluid blew. No other problems yet. Comfortable and roomy. Sound System kind of seems to be going out towards the front half recently. Low plastic front bumper. Can seat six people. Large trunk.

- Anna M

The most important thing to factor in if you were considering an impala would be that the seats are super uncomfortable for long trips so if you suffer from back pain or hip problems, this is not the car for you.

For being a car, which I don't generally car for, it has a fair amount of space in it. It seats six people, which is nice since I have four kids already! It handles fairly well in most road conditions and gets decent gas mileage if I pay attention and keep it maintained.

- Melissa C

Chevrolet Impala is an electrical mess

There are several electrical problems throughout the car. The actuator ticks like a bomb when we turn off the car, the key gets stuck in the ignition and the one of our headlights keeps going out. The car also drifts backwards when sitting at a light if we're on a hill.

- Jennifer L

Comfort and dependability

Impalas provide decent comfort and reliability. They are pretty spacious for a midsize car and with 4 doors, easy to access (helps a lot when transporting children). Engines aren't powerhorses, but aren't slouches either. Typical problems, but no more than other models.

- Jason M

Chevy Impala excellent condition.

No problems with this vehicle. It is 10 years old and had 250, 000 miles. Motor and transmission are still in great shape. Interior is well taken care of and there is minimal rust on the vehicle. The rust is on the drivers door. All electric windows and doors work well.

- Diane K

Nothing interesting it is pretty roomy.

I have had to change the gas pedal sensor several times. Currently it won't start before that it would only start every now and then. The air makes a strange sound. I don't recommend this vehicle at all. It's been nothing but trouble for us. Parts on it are not cheap :(

- Autumn M

Big space comfortable interior.

I had my car for 3 years we bought it used, I has a lot of miles and worked perfectly. Is comfortable and reliable. Is a very good brand and this model is really big and comfortable. Nice soft interior. Lot of trunk space you can fit a lot of groceries or baby stroller.

- Cecilia G

Gas mileage is the best of this car.

Certain parts are repeat replaced. Very annoying. There's really not enough leg room for tall people. It is a older model and I am sure newer impalas are probably better built. It does drive well and still gets pretty good gas mileage. Overall it's been an alright car.

- Kim H

Chevrolet Impala 2008 reliability

My 2008 Chevrolet Impala is extremely reliable. I've had it since 2013. I've driven it all over. I really do rack up the miles on it and it is in amazing condition still. I keep up with my oil changes and maintain it whenever it needs. I highly recommend this vehicle.

- Amanda E

It is a comfortable car that rides nice and gets good gas mileage. (For a 2008)

It is a comfortable car that rides nice. I've had very limited issues with it. Currently it is leaking some oil, so I sometimes have to add oil in between oil changes. There is adequate room for myself and another person and plenty of trunk room for what I need to do.

- Julie P

Impala’s are a great car!

I haven't had any problems except the tire sensor and of course brakes and tires and general maintenance. It is roomy and comfortable to drive and feels well made and safe. The performance is great and I would consider buying another one when I am ready to replace it.

- Susan H

Love the Bose factory stereo!

I have had a excellent experience with my ltz! It has been very reliable, low maintenance! I have put over sixty thousand miles on it and it was used with almost fifty thousand previous miles. I have had no major breakdowns just the usual tires, battery, oil changes!

- Jason L

Very comfortable land boat

My Impala is super comfy, but is low. I worry about going over bumps. Radio is ok, has an aux port. Brakes are pretty good. Car feels like a boat and is roomy. Trunk is huge. It has remote locks and a panic button. You have to press hard, so it won't go off in a bag.

- Indigo F

The Chevrolet Impala lt is luxury on a budget.

There was recall problems for the steering wheel, the shifter needed maintenance, have to use emergency shift release. . Other than that it is great. I love it. Comfortable seating, on star, good mileage, v6 3. 5l engine, power windows, 6 disc CD player, runs smooth.

- Brooke Y

Family car great for road tripping.

My car is very reliable! In the time I have had it I have experienced a few issues. The warning lights do not operate properly most of the time. Sometimes it has issues shifting into gear but for the most part runs without issue. It is a great car for young drivers.

- Haley B

2008 ss Impala. Fast, fun and four doors for the family!

Fast. V8 power in a modern sedan yet still gets mid 20s for mpg even after 11 years due to fuel management system. Very comfortable on street or highway. Comfort and convenience features are very well appointed and maintenance has been minimal. Have owned since new.

- Adrian H

Great car!! A must buy. You won't be disappointed

My car is decent on gas. It gives alerts when the tire pressure is low, when it needs oil and when a door is ajar. Another feature I like is the driver side door won't lock if the keys are left in the ignition (while the car is off). It's just an all around good car

- Ariel W

Very roomy and comfortable.

I haven't had any major problems with it. Just routine things like brakes and tires. Except tires sensors which have been replaced 3 times. Its comfortable to drive and to ride in. It has a very roomy back seat and a huge trunk. It is doesn't get great gas mileage.

- Susan H

I really love the gas I use. It not expensive as regular gas. It's not loud.

I don't have any problems with it. It's great on gas using e85. Sometimes it's not too great driving in the city. It's great on the highway. I have had a value put in and also a muffler since the two years I have owned the car. I do need new struts put on the back.

- Julia D

I like driving the car. It has lots of room for my children in the backseat.

The only problem I have is that at times it feels like it tries to stop accelerating. It will start shaking when it does this and you have to let off the gas to go again. The car has been very reliable other than this problem. I am not scared to go anywhere in it.

- Samantha M

Comfortable family car with style.

Very comfortable. Not too big in size. Fits 5 passengers. Great on gas mileage. Actuators go out, common problem. Inexpensive repairs and maintenance. I honestly like the car a lot. My family likes the car and we take it on road trips and on every day adventures.

- Deborah L

Good car but has some problems.

The car is reliable car. The older and the more miles that are put on it some of the problems start to show. Sometimes the doors will lock but will not unlock. The traction control senses mess up and going off. Like something is wrong but can figure out what yet.

- Nicholas C

My vehicle is great the performance is wonderful.

Performance is great comfort is great maintenance free had car 10 years still run like champ had several Chevy on mu lifetime would not trade it for world it has lot of get up and go power the the overall car is great the comfort is so fine the feature are cool.

- Wilson W

Good, dependable car - ready to roll when you are!

The car starts every cold Iowa winter day, whether in a garage or out. I change the oil regularly and have not had any major issues with my Chevy impala. I drive about 100 miles a day round trip to work and I need a dependable car. It also gets good gas mileage.

- Cindy R

Great car for the price. Roomy, family vehicle, good on gas.

Impalas last forever. This vehicle was purchased used and has all the original parts still. Yet it runs perfect. There is a known ignition issue and some sensors tend to go, but nothing major. Impala is a reliable, family friendly car. It is roomy and runs well.

- Jessica H

Great sunroof and sound system

It is a 4 door automatic. Air and heat both work. Sunroof that works and opens in three positions. Never been in an accident. 102,000 miles. New brakes, plug, wires, tires, oil filter and oil. Asking price is 1800.00 but willing to discuss all reasonable offers.

- Sharon V

Very nice ride in smoothness.

The Impala not only looks classy(mine is black) but also rides very nicely..very smooth. The pick up is great and have had very little troubles. One thing was the door locks in the back. They won't unlock after awhile of being used. Pretty expensive to replace.

- Lisa K

Great midsize sedan - low maintenance, comfortable and reliable!

This car has had almost no maintenance issues, and I have had it for 9 years. I love the v6 engine, and the comfort and reliability. I am not worried about constantly taking it in for repairs. It has been a great car, and I would buy another one in a heartbeat.

- Katie P

Car is great besides the little issues.

My car has always had problems with radiator and power steering pump. The power steering pump has been replaced twice in the past year and keeps going out. The radiator has been replaced 3 times and somehow keeps getting cracks in it and will not hold pressure.

- Jessica N

Safe and reliable vehicle. Great family car.

I love the car. It has a spacious interior, it rides quiet and has a lot of room inside and in the trunk. It is a reliable vehicle. The car is very safe and dependable. I feel safe whenever I am driving and have peace of mind whenever I am driving the vehicle.

- Theresa S

Nice looking car, bad performance

The look of the car is very nice, which is unfortunately probably the best part about it. The brakes are constantly acting up and the heating does not work. It often has something new wrong with it, once we get one issue fixed another one pops up soon after

- Maria G

The gas mileage is good approximately 30 to fill it up.

My vehicle was bought used therefore has a few problems. This car model tends to have transmission problems. The upkeep is not very expensive. I have had this car for a little over a year. The gear shifter keeps going out and the power steering fluid leaks.

- Scarlett D

My car is that It's not fancy but it work great.

The 2008 Chevrolet impala is not a fancy car but it is reliable. It gets good gas mileage. I never worry about it breaking down or having a problem. One of the things I like about the car is the truck, it has a big truck. For a small car it has a big truck.

- Brittany B

I love my impala here�s why

The air conditioning makes noise when it starts up that's about it I like everything about it easy and cheap to fix, I would definitely recommend it it's a very good car. I would buy it again you should buy it no real bad problems easy drive I love my car

- Patricia C

Great car at a great value. I will buy another!

This is a quality car I have been driving for 8 years now. I have had very minimal issues with over the years. It currently has 165,000 miles on it. Still runs good. The exterior is showing signs that it's going to really show the rust over the next year.

- Chad S

The overall performance of the Chevrolet impala

All the cars door locks, the driver side seat belt all gave out. The car also has transmission problems, though it has been replaced the car is slow to take off at times when I come to a stop at stoplights and in traffic. It is a good running car overall.

- Kim B

Good and the bad. Engine issues, but great comfort.

Transmission issues. Auto door lock issues. Tie rods go quickly. Drives smooth. Great gas mileage. Interior is nice. Very good electronics for a 2008. XM radio, CD player.Auxiliary cord option. Cruise control. Power steering. Plenty of room in the trunk.

- Jimmy A

Has electric issues but all in all a good vehicle.

My car has certain electrical issues that causes it to take longer to start or even not start at all, it also has trouble turning when it rains. All issues aside it is a good sturdy vehicle and I would strongly recommend it to anyone for their first car!

- Brennan B

The Chevy impala is a very reliable car.

My vehicle has been very reliable and I have not had too many problems at all. The heated seats are nice and the seats are comfortable. It seats five people comfortably. The main problem that I had was an oil leak, but we were able to get that fixed.

- Sarah K

Great find shame it's gone

Great reliable cars shame it is being discontinued finding a used one is worth it. One issue is the flappers for the ac can break and make an annoying clicking noise for about 1 min upon start and shut off of car. Doesn't hurt anything just an annoyance

- Stephanie G

It has been an extremely good value.

I love the spaciousness of the interior and the trunk. This car drives smoothly and quietly. We love all the options on the control panel. This is a simple well built, car that has been reliable. It has never failed to start or run smoothly in 10 years.

- Elizabeth H

Why I would recommend the Chevrolet vehicle.

I love the Chevrolet car. It is very reliable and if I do have a repair it does not cost an arm and leg to repair. If I were to purchase another vehicle it would be a Chevrolet. Very happy with it, good on gas. Would recommend it to anyone. Love my car.

- Deborah J

Red Chevy impala that goes fast

drives smoothly. Pretty red outside interior nice and gray. The CD player doesn't work when I got the car. The AUX goes in and out from time to time. Great air conditioner. Also just need to change box for windshield wiper fluid to be able to come out

- Melanie S

2008 Chevy impala is more than just a car !

Runs great and gets me places I need to be without any problems. No matter the mileage it never disappoints. Great on gas! About $20-$25 lasts me almost 2 weeks. Lots of leg space and room to stretch when needed. Much recommended for small road trips.

- Jasmine C

Good for the money Good for the money

Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle Very subtle

- Seth h

One of the best most reliable comfortable vehicle have ever had.

I have been extremely satisfied with my Chevrolet Impala. Strong engine, lots of interior room, comfortable ride, and very reliable. It is also very easy on gas. I would highly recommended it for anyone who's looking for great reliable transportation.

- Peter M

2008 Chevrolet Impala LS.

An inexpensive sedan, that is good for a family of four to travel around town or to go on vacation. Plenty of trunk space for luggage. Repairs are inexpensive. Interior has a luxury feel. Small electrical components do however go out after some time.

- Jonathan R

It really drives smoothly, and it is definitely worth it.

It is a smooth ride. I love that it goes easy over bumps and absorbs the impact. It is great for construction and long traveling. I do wish it had different seats. The car seat clips are conveniently for transferring car seats in and out of the car.

- Valerie L

It is a very dependable car, I feel safer riding in a car built to provide extra safety to police officers.

This vehicle is a police model of the Impala, it has a larger engine sturdier suspension system than the regular model. The car comes without carpeting and it much easier to keep clean. It however is a bit slick, so you slip if your not careful.

- Dale S

This car has traveled quite a bit and hasn't shown a bit of demise in how it runs. It lets me know when I need oil changed, etc. to keep it running smoothly. Perfect for those who travel!

I like the size of the vehicle. It is a mid-size sedan-like make. I enjoy the mileage it gets when doing interstate and highway driving. Not great on mileage for city driving. I like the interior design. The car does not run well in heavy snow.

- Shelby W

Great for the long-term...

So far, this car has been very reliable, comfortable, roomy and very fuel efficient. After almost 11 years, we are now starting to experience some transmission issues and other "nickel & dime" repairs. Very sturdy vehicle and not disappointed.

- Dana M

It is a reliable car with a great company maker.

I love the style, looks nice. It drives smooth on the highway. It is lasted a long time. I dislike that almost every impala I have seen has a fan belt broke and makes a loud noise. It has bad traction control and stability. Bad gas mileage.

- Marcia H

A low profile cruiser that's very quiet

A clean front wheel drive car that drives smooth. I like the cruise control for long trips,has a good heater and Cold air.The tilt steering wheel is awesome with radio controls on the steering wheel.The wood grain dash is very nice to see.

- Robert N

The impala ( good car or bad)?

It's a nice car but right now the transmission is being replaced because it died for no apparent reason. It had plenty of fluid and no leaks. It is comfortable and drives well. I do not like the custom stereo I would rather put in my own.

- Sheila B

Its mileage is sitting at 61K! Not too shabby for a 10 year old car! =)

Love the leather seats. Love my current mileage at 61K. Love the overall longevity, and performance. Truly, there's not much I DO dislike. It's a very dependable, beautiful and functional car, and I would buy it again in a minute! =)

- Lois S

It has plenty of room to carry all your stuff wherever you want to go.

I've just had my car a really long time I feel like. It was a graduation gift to me and I took okay care of it is gotten me where I needed to go. But now that I've had it so long I think I am just ready for something bigger and newer.

- Kira W

That it is an affordable reliable vehicle.

The Impala is definitely not my first choice in cars. Although it seems to have been pretty reliable this far. It is fairly roomy and comfortable on the inside and looks nice. It is an affordable vehicle and good for beginning drivers.

- Carlos H

It's been very reliable but had a few recalls. It's been a great car.

I love my trunk. I can go grocery shopping and fit everything in it. I can fold down the seats and fit large items when needed. I love heated seats. I dislike that it broke down with wiring issues and now my auto start doesn't work.

- Whitney A

use caution when opening and closing the doors

I like the appearance of the car. It does not travel well - not comfortable. When the windows are down the noise in the car is terrible. The doors close way too quickly. Seems to have been built for use as a taxi or police car

- Jill H

It is a reliable vehicle.

This car feels like driving a compact car, but has so much space once you get inside. It has a lot of room for my family of 4 even when we are traveling. The trunk is surprisingly large. All in all no complaints for my vehicle.

- Ashley s

The Chevy Impala is a decent car which does great on gas if upkept.

The transmission oil and filter needs changed too often because of the transmission issues it has. It is decently comfortable. Do not love it do not hate it. Love that it takes e85. Wish there was more room. Sound system sucks.

- Amber H

That it get good gas mileage.

I love the spaciousness of my vehicle. The legroom of the backseat is great. The trunk space is awesome. I have had this car for 10 years without any major problems. I like the way it ride and drive, very quiet and smooth.

- Cathy D

It's a solid yet attractive vehicle that is reliable, comfortable, and priced well.

First, it has a huge trunk. I bought it originally because I needed to be able to put a wheelchair in there for my mother. It's sturdy, quiet, has heated seats and a few other perks. It's been a solid car for many years.

- Linda S

A good work car and family car in one

This car was used on my mom's mail route before we got it. It will easily reach 200,000 miles with no major problems. We have kept up with regular oil changes and checks on it. We will drive this car until it falls apart.

- Amanda H

Mechanically sound! Has great power.

My car gets excellent gas mileage, especially in the city. I can go 250 miles on just a quarter of a tank of gas. The car is a very comfortable ride, and has so much room on the interior. The trunk is very enormous!

- Richard H

It's a good family car. It's sturdy, fits a lot, and gets decent mileage.

It's big, drives well, is paid for, fits kayaks and car seats. I wish it had all wheel drive. I like that it doesn't have screens to deal with while I drive. I wouldn't mind some of the new safety lane features.

- Susan C

My black impala has a sunroof

Very comfortable,drives really well the only problem with my car is the traction control kicks in occasionally,apparently it doesn't recognize when I am speeding up .when this happens the car goes to half power


I is a very sharp looking Chevrolet and that is great for me.

I have only Two complaints about my car and they are that when sitting in the back seat it is noisy and the front seats are not as comfortable as my previous car (Buick Park Avenue) for going on long trips.

- Janet K

People should know that an impala is a very good gas saver.

I like that my car is a very good gas saver. It gets me about 300 miles to a tank of gas. I like that the fact that it shows of any problems that I may have on the dashboard and the lights works properly.

- Victoria W

It has very good mileage.

My car has very few issues if a all. The only thing is the sensors for the tire pressure can break over time and it is annoying when you don't want to replace them because they will break again over time.

- Breanna B

It won't blow your mind or make you rethink vehicles, but it won't break down, and can reliably get you to your destination.

More than anything the car is just reliable, and gets me from place to place. I don't need a particularly fancy ride with a bunch of new gadgets or means of comfort. Just the basics is enough for me.

- Jacob W

Good mileage. Handles fairly well in snow and ice. Good heater and AC.

Bought used. Only mechanical problem was with the shifter knob malfunctioning. A wire connecting the knob broke. After 3 days and help from a friend it was repaired. That has been the only issue.

- MaryAnne S

It is a sturdy and well built car and I love that I never have to touch the lights. They come on and go off themselves.

My husband and I always bought Impalas. Our car is very comfortable inside and a well built car. We did have a few minor problems but nothing major. We also like the style of the Chevy Impalas.

- Rachel A

It is quick! You can move in this car.

I love the speed/pick up of this car. I have an SS model. I do not love the crappy gas mileage, but the car is awesome. The trunk is super roomy and the seating is comfortable in front and back.

- Jessica D

My car is a forty niners fan

Mine is used and it has some problems with oil leaks and theirs problems with the antenna but other than that it's a beautiful car that runs well and gets me where I need to go with no problems

- Michael P

the 08 impala has great gas mileage and a very quiet ride.

the car is an 08 impala. I've never had a problem with it. the interior is comfortable. has a great sound system. adjustable power seats and mirrors. cold a.c and very roomy for my two kids.

- Gwen B

Impala characteristics, plus and minus.

wonderful ride, no problems, great performance and comfort. love the color and the smoothness of the ride. I recommend upgrading the a/c flow controls to be more inclusive of the back seat.

- wayne t

Most important thing about my car is that it has a good amount of power for just being a sedan.

I like that it handles well and can handle winter driving. I also like that it is large enough to hold my work equipment. what I dislike the most is the windows- they allow bad blind spots.

- Veronica N

Plenty of room for a sedan.

It is reliable, just difficult to park because it is pretty large. Rides really well and gets decent gas mileage. Lots of room in the trunk, which is great for traveling. Highly recommend.

- Emily J

The 2008 impala is a reliable car that you have to treat with respect in order for it to last so long.

To be honest it has hold up after all these years. The inside is comfortable and roomy and we have used it for trips. The only problem is getting parts for some issues but we make it work.

- Viviana M

Best features of the Chevy Impala

i love the gas mileage of this car. It is always dependable for anything. I never have to question if something will fit in my car because I always know that it has the space to fit it.

- Jennifer L

It is economical for its quality, low maintenance with adequate features, moderate power, and, so far very reliable

I drive an impala at this time. It replaced a for Taurus. I find the impala is much more reliable, solid and comfortable. I have had the car for a year without any significant problems.

- Steve R

It is dependable! In the 10 years I have owned my car I it has never let me down.

What I like most is the low maintenance that I have experienced over the last 10 years! In addition I get good gas mileage and the onstar feature is great! I have no complaints at all!

- Nancy L

We have power seats and heated seats which is nice for winter and back ache.

I have had this car for 10 years and the only thing we have had to replace is the engine at 159 thousands and miles it is a good heavy car and I feel very safe driving on winter roads.

- Joann B

The drive train in this impala is very durable.

I like how my cars drive and handles on the road!! But the downside is there is not enough room for kids in car seats in the back seat especially when someone tall is the front seats.

- Rachel H

Only car I ever drove, I just really love my car.

This car is great on saving money on gas, I can not say much I am not exactly an expert I is relatable to get me places I haven't have a problem on leaving me on the side of the road.

- Yaya E

It has great pick up and handling

I'm short but the seats are in a position where I have good sight lines. The car gets decent fuel economy for the amount of power it has. No real mechanical issues after 150000 miles.

- Nora A

When my car is on the road , it always has someone important in it that needs to be protected against any problems .



The Reliable but Aging Chevy Impala

It has tons of mileage on it from years of use but it's remained fairly reliable in spite of that. It has begun developing transmission problems but other than that it's doing great.

- Meghan C

My biggest highlight on my car I would have to say the v8 engine in the hood.

So on my vehicle there's only 78, 000 miles on the engine. It is spacious enough to where I can have the whole family. The only problems I really have with it is tires and struts.

- Timothy E

The decent gas mileage it has

I like the size of my car because it has plenty of room but not too hard to drive around. However the transmission is more likely to mess up in this car so i've had some problems.

- scarlett h

It's not quite compact, but not too large either.

I like that it gets me from point A to point B. It's been pretty reliable so far. I dislike that the bottom of both the driver and passenger doors are rusting from the inside out.

- Joe D

It is a pretty good quality car for the price, and it does last a while.

I like that it has 2 charger spots. I like the trunk size for a car. I don't like that it kind of chugs sometimes when I hit the gas, and that the car slips easily in rain or ice.

- Nikole R

Very good car and has many great features.

This is a great car and it is durable. It has a lot of miles on it bit feels brand new. The only problem I had was the key ignition and took it to a dealership and they fixed it.

- Diane S

The one thing people should know is how the car handles.

I like the durability of my car I have 220,00 miles on it. I like how it handles the road. I like the style of the car. I also like the gas mileage I get for a full size sedan.

- Bill D

Awesome, reliable and affordable ride.

I have not had any issues with this vehicle other than a wheel sensor going out. It is the best vehicle in the snow, great gas mileage. Handles and drives smooth down the road.

- Tanya B

Make sure you get it checked out well because of the reoccurring issues.

I love my car great gas mileage but has some recurring issues that need to be resolved. I have had to fix the same things several times. But for the most part it is a good car.

- Enter B

My experience with an IMPALA by CHEVY

It has been a very dependable car. Really the only maintenance is routine maintenance such a new battery, tires, oil change, etc. I would buy another Chevrolet in the future.

- Rick P

Chevrolet impala is the perfect car if you're looking for a reliable vehicle.

The Chevrolet impala is a reliable vehicle. Have barely had any problems with car except minor problems. As in oil change, getting new tires or getting balanced and rotated.

- Michael G

Very few problems. Other than regular maintenance.

Good mileage and low maintenance. Very comfortable ride. Large trunk for hauling groceries and other items. Plenty of legroom. Grandkids safety seats easy to place and remove.

- Karen D

It gets really good gas mileage.

I have not had a problem with my car whatsoever. I love how comfortable the seats are and it rides extremely well. The only thing I am not really a fan of is the sound system.

- Claire G

It is a great car that gets great gas mileage.

My car is fully loaded and I love the sirius radio. It gets great gas mileage. It tells you when you need to have something fixed (oil change, mileage left till empty, etc.).

- Jessie D

It has a smooth and quiet ride. It offers lots of cargo and passenger space.

I like the sunroof and the Soundsystem. I don't like the leather seats, they heat up too fast and are slippery in the corners. I really love the fold down back seats.

- Rocky H

2008 Impala Common Issues

Have had a lot of off the wall issues with this car since I bought it. It goes out of alignment within 5 min of driving, lot of sensor issues, transmission issues, etc.

- Erin N

Reliable, dependable and a great vehicle. You can count on GM products

Love my car, however in the last 2 weeks it has been having some problems causing some money to be spent. Just hit 95k and feel we got a great vehicle. Would buy again

- Ron W

It's a nice, reliable car.

It's older so there are issues like external damage, and the radio doesn't work completely. I like the brakes and the style. It is a nice size without being too large.

- Katie y

It's a very reliable car. And roomy inside.

The only thing that is wrong with my car is the actuators wear down. The seats are very comfortable and you have the option to have seat warmers with leather seats.

- Christina B

Impala makes a dependable car and it is very affordable to own and operate.

My Impala has been a wonderful car. The brakes are spot on. I have really had to do nothing but maintenance work on it. It is very dependable and easy to drive.

- Lisa H

A nice car with space and good on miles.

Need a oil change new tires a tune up also got to get the transmission flushed out along with cleaning of the interior of the car also re-tinting of the windows.

- Butler B

It is good in the winter as far as cars go, the brakes have never given me a problem on ice.

I like the inside of my car a lot, it is set up nice. I don't like that it's not an automatic start for winter time. It has good steering control and good brakes

- Mackenzie C

It is extremely reliable and economical even at over 100,000 miles.

The car has been relatively maintenance free, runs very well. I like the gas mileage and the handling. I don't like the seats--they are hard and uncomfortable.

- Pam O

This car is alright. It is relatively reliable, get's decent gas mileage, but has higher maintenance costs than I like.

The car is okay. I bought my car used and it has some reliability issues. I generally need to put about $1000 of maintenance or repairs into the car each year.

- Andy S

It handles great around turns and picks up speed quickly.

Like just about everything. I dislike the fact the alignment has to be fixed every month. Only other problem is constant leaks of brake and transmission fluid.

- Amber H

My Chevy impala is a 2008 but has only 50,000 miles.

Very great car. Gets great gas mileage. Very roomy car. Has a good size trunk and back seat. No maintenance issues since I have owned it. Very reliable car

- Kristen N

It is a very reliable car!

Tends to hydroplane on wet roads. It get great gas mileage! It is very comfortable to ride long distances in. I wish the passenger seat was power operated.

- Lisa R

Gorgeous, seats comfortably. Cell phone chargers, 6 disc CD player.

Its great. On star. Seats 5 people. Good mileage. Great speaker system. Power windows. V6 3. 9 engine. Easy fix if headlights or tail lights quit working.

- Brooke Y

It drives well and it has lots of room for the size and the trunk is huge.

It is nice a roomy, it drives well and it gets good gas mileage. I have 3 carseats in it and they all have the extra latches attached so it's a safe car.

- Teri B

We love the leather interior, heated seats, quality speakers, perfect size and fuel economy.

We love the fuel economy of our Chevrolet Impala. It's small enough for everyday use and ease of driving but big enough to accommodate our family of 5.

- Heather J

The 2008 Chevy Impala is special anniversary edition.

Reliable car. Has power with v6 engine. Smooth ride. Excellent family car. 100 anniversary too. I would recommend this car to anyone who likes Chevys.

- Gregg N

It's not always clean! And can sometimes be hot since it is black.

I love that its leather inside with wood grain. I love the size it's perfect for me and my little family. I hate that it goes through gas like crazy!

- Cristina W

That is has lasted over 250k miles. Great gas mileage and safe.

This car is super reliable!! Great gas mileage. And has lasted over 260k miles. I will be getting another one to replace it if and when it ever dies.

- Candi L

It rides nice and is comfortable.

My Chevy is very comfortable, I get very good mileage. The only problem I have is when you start the engine & shut it off, it makes a clicking noise.

- Vita C

Fabulously a fan... Chevrolet life!

Best car I have ever had, transmission went out at 185k Mike's, repaired it and it's still going. No other maintenance issues. Roomy, comfy, amazing

- Jennifer D

You can start it with the keypad from inside your home.

The computer system alerts me to problems. It has satellite radio. Was used when I purchased it but interior and exterior were in factory condition.

- Carl K

My car was meant for me and my little family

I love that my vehicle is paid for which means no car notes!!! My impala has giving me hardly any trouble at all. It is very dependable and stylish.

- Domonique J

It is liable to die any day now!

It is getting old and run down. The heater doesn't work well. It has almost 200,000 miles on it. I do like the comfortable ride it gives though.

- Jeff V

The car drives very smoothly and is good for both short and long trips.

The car runs smoothly. It gets good gas mileage. There could be better features added to it such as a GPS system. The car has run well for a while.

- Mark H

This car is reliable and a pleasure to drive.

I bought it used so it is taking time to find all its problems. But it is easy for my mechanic to find parts and fix it. It also rides comfortably.

- Barbara T

Impala is definitely worth buying!

Reliable, comfortable, no big maintenance issues, air, auto windows and doors, on-board computer lets you know if tires need air, and other things.

- Garnet B

It's American made and very reliable.

It's a very solid, dependable, 4-door Chevy Impala that is good for driving both in the city and on the highway. Very few repairs, very reliable.

- Jim h

This car rides very nice and is good for long trips

We bought this car used. Transmission was bad, struts failed. Otherwise great car. Drives nice, good gas mileage. Comfortable ride, lots of room.

- Katie D

It drives well with great gas mileage. Ac and heat work well

My main dislike is that there's no Bluetooth. It came out the year after my model. Other than that it drives great and I have no other complaints

- Heather R

My car delivers competent engine options, impressive passenger and cargo versatility, and a simple well-designed interior cabin.

My love the way my vehicle runs. My vehicle gets me where I need to be. I don't like the way my car don't go fast the way I want it to go though.

- kendell M

There is not enough truck room if you where to go out of town with 7 or 8 people.

Its true color is hard to tell. It get good gas mileage. It is a good car,it ride is very and I like the ride. On the long trip that I may take..

- Richard B

It is extremely comfortable to ride in and to drive.

It is black. I like that it is very comfortable and roomy. I dislike the gas mileage it gets, and the frequency that things seem to break on it.

- Alex R

It has been a great car for us. We will probably choose another Chevrolet when we replace it.

We've enjoyed this vehicle a lot. We ought it with around 27,000 miles on it and now have 216,000 miles on it. It is still doing well for us!

- John C