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My car is white with four doors.

In relation to performance problems that I go through when driving my car, sometimes it does not accelerate as fast as I would like. Another problem I face is that it has a small jump when I have not driven it in a few days. One thing that I can say about my car is that it is extremely reliable. I do not have to worry about if it will start or not. I do not have to worry if it will get me from point one to point two. Also it is fairly simple to get a part fixed or replaced if something breaks. My car is very good at alerting me if something is wrong. Overall my car is extremely comfortable. My only complaint is how the air vents are placed. The driver’s wheel blocks the closest air vent causing it to take longer for me to cool down versus someone in the passenger seats.

- Jasmine L

Satisfied customer of a 2011 Chevrolet Impala.

My 2011 Chevrolet Impala has been a dependable vehicle, it has plenty of room allowing for comfortable trips and enabling myself to easily accommodate my 2 young daughters and any passengers. Within the 2-3 yrs of owning this vehicle I have only incurred minor repair costs resulting from normal wear/tear and the routine maintenance has been affordable. I imagined that it would be less fuel efficient because it is a v6, and I have owned other vehicles in the past that were also v-6 which seemed to be very expensive to keep fueled, but with the Impala I have been impressed with the gas mileage. I am a happy, satisfied customer.

- Sheryl R

I have the 2011 Chevy impala police sedan, so it has great control.

My vehicle for the most part does not have any problems other than the gas mileage is not great. The performance in the vehicle is great, the tires on it grab the road so you have good control of the road. The acceleration of the vehicle is prominent and is great on the highway. I haven't ran into any major issues as of yet so for the most part it is a reliable vehicle. I am very happy with how much space is in the inside of the car. It makes it a very comfortable ride when taking any road trips. If I ever go on a vacation I never have to worry about space for packing because the trunk is very spacious.

- Brian N

2011 Impala: gold Impala factory Chevrolet rims. XM radio and cruise control.

The Chevrolet Impala was a great first time buy for me at the age of 18. Off of the dealership it was decently priced and got great gas mileage for my uses. The car is comfortable and the driver seat can adjust to most drivers sitting positions. The only problem I have had with the vehicle is that there was an issue with Impalas and a sensor for the ac. The Impala has a sensor on both sides. Drivers side went bad and continuously kept clicking. I researched more and was actually able to purchase the part and fix the problem myself. Overall I love my Impala and all the adventures we've been on.

- Zak B

Great car, many good qualities, few bad.

This make and model so far has worked very well for me and my family. The interior is comfortable with a lot of room and comfortable seating. The car has not had to have much work done to it to maintain itself. The maneuverability on various types of roads is great; highway, town, country, gravel. Trunk space allows for plenty of carrying capacity. Fuel tank and miles per gallon mean it has can go a good distance between filling the tank. The only thing I would like to improve with this is that the blind spot is rather large and care needs to be taken.

- John B

It is a great all around car which can handle itself in snow and rain and has a large enough trunk to handle large shopping trips or camping trips.

I love that it is a large car with tons of space in the trunk. It handles awesome while driving in the country, city and highway. Has a V6 engine so it has tons of power but isn't hard on your gas mileage. It does pretty good in the snow for a car and way better than my old cars. The only thing i don't like is that it started to rust as soon as the diamond coat was no longer guaranteed (bottom of the doors mostly) which i know if from road salt but it is annoying because it is not that old and only has 50k miles.

- Shannon G

Good power in a small package.

So far it has given me few troubles. The mileage indicator says you've gone more than the actual miles traveled through, I am not sure why it does so, it is a digital reading. Some of the electronic control panel can be a challenge to figure out. I also do not care for the seat belt ding-a-ling, when you put groceries in the passenger seat, it dings at you to put a seat belt on your passenger. The self locking doors clicking when you shift from park to drive can be an irritant as well.

- Thane L

Chevy impala is the choice for you!

I have a 2011 Chevy impala. It is a four door with a v8 engine. There is a roll bar in the vehicle which adds to it is safety if in an accident and is one of the major reasons I bought it in the first place. In the past 6 six years since I purchased this vehicle, I haven't had any mechanical issues. It provides a luxurious ride, with great suspension. When I am driving long distances in this car, I am completely relaxed and comfortable in the firm yet soft seats the vehicle provides.

- Gloria S

Reliability and efficiency.

This car is economical on gas, monthly payments were within my budget. Provided plenty of room for the kids. In the five years that I have had it there has been no need for me to do have major expenses to keep up with it. As long as oil changes are done when they are due the car runs smoothly and efficiently. I have taken many trips that are at least 20 hours long and I can say the car was reliable never did it break down.

- Lidia G

2011 Chevy impala - good car for the most part.

I really like my Chevy impala. I bought it brand new. I haven't had too many problems with it, other than the fact that I have had to get a problem with the gas tank fixed twice. I cannot pump gas. In fact, it is in the shop right now getting fixed. They blame it on me living on the gravel, but I feel like any vehicle should be made to drive on gravel. Other than that, I have just really had routine maintenance on it.

- Leann A

It drives very smoothly. I drive on the highway to work everyday and it's a very nice drive. it's a great car for traveling.

I have had my car for about a year now. I bought the car used from Grand Buick in Michigan. When I bought it the body was in wonderful condition and still is. The inside is wonderful. I have the LS so it doesn't have a sunroof but I know they do have some that have sunroofs. That's the only thing I wish I could change. It drive smoothly and is very comfortable. I would recommend this car in a heartbeat.

- Olivia G

Chevy impala: some bumps on the road but I love it.

I bought my car used. Problems: transmission blew, engine chassis cracked, suspension links failed. Expensive to fix, but after those repairs, my car has been very reliable, drives beautifully. It is a very comfortable car. My CD player does not always want to work, but I have figured out how to work around it. I drive my car for 3 hours everyday (long commute) and it performs like a dream. I love it.

- Selina L

Parts replaced with less than 100, 000 miles.

I like my car for the most part. Car is comfortable to drive and ride in. However, this year, 2018, I had to replace the transmission at 80, 000 miles. I have also had to replace the door air regulators twice on the right side and once on the left side. Replacing the transmission with a gm replacement was expensive especially for a car with regularly scheduled maintenance and less than 100, 00 miles.

- Catherine D

It is a nice reliable vehicle overall.

It is a great size for a family of 4-5. Good on gas. I haven't had any problems out of it other than the flapper gets stuck and makes a clicking noise a lot of the times. Never had any major problems out of it just regular maintenance. I will say the outer car material seems cheap. If you barely get hit it leaves a huge dent in the bumper. The price of the car is about normal budget range.

- Tina B

2011 Chevrolet Impala lt- very reliable.

This vehicle has been very reliable for driving to and from work and other leisure activities. I enjoy the all black interior, good gas mileage, large and comfortable inside, and roomy seats. The car features automatic seats and windows, cruise control, although mine no longer works, a sunroof, all leather inside, automatic transmission, automatic start, and great heat and air conditioner.

- Laura B

Our impala. She is such a great girl.

Our car is great, it's an oldie but goody. No problems with it. The seats are so comfortable, the ride is smooth and at 7 years old we get great gas mileage. There is plenty of room in the for holding lots of luggage or groceries and do it yourself building supplies. The heating and cooling systems kick in quickly, no 10 to 15 minute waiting for them like we have had with some of vehicles.

- Ruth M

This the car for you Chevrolet Impala 2011.

I love my Chevrolet Impala, it get great fuel mileage, power seats, auto start and it is comfortable. It's important to get oil changes on time, rotate your tires every 5000 miles, check your fluids regularly. In the winter time having a great heater to defrost the windows is a real plus and to keep me warm while traveling. I love the fact if any if tires are getting low it lets me know.

- Judith L

I love my car because it's reliable and trusted. I know it's safe for me and my family.

Reliable, comfortable, easy to drive even though it's a big car. the trunk is massive and can haul quite a bit. I chose it because we were extending our family and needed more room. I've trusted Chevy since I started driving since 16. The cold air is cold, warm air is very warm...sometimes it's hard to get a happy medium with that one. I think that would be my main complaint if any.

- tanja f

All leather will all the bells and whistles you would need.

I really enjoy my impala its front wheel drive which is great for winters in Maine. It's all leather and has all the amenities a/c Sirius radio. Electric seats and windows. Very reliable have had no mechanical issues whatsoever. Just your basic car care needs such as oil changes an tires as needed, it starts dependably in 40 below zero weather. It's really a good little dependable ride.

- Crystal G

This vehicle uses flex fuel!

Very comfortable to drive and reliable. Uses flex fuel or e85 gas which is helpful as up to $1 per gallon cheaper than regular unleaded. Comfortably seats 5 and has fairly large trunk space. Only thing I do not like about the vehicle is that it has a head rest for the middle passenger in the back row which reduces visibility using the rear view mirror. Otherwise very solid vehicle.

- Phil G

Amazing car and very reliable.

I love my car! I have had only had one real major problem with the car and that was when the transmission went. But the car was under warranty and a new one was put in with no problem. The dealer even towed the car no charge and gave me a rental for no charge. Other then that I have had no problems with the car. Very reliable car and I do not ever plan on getting rid of it.

- Justin N

Chevy Impala still one of the most dependable vehicle in the Chevrolet family.

The Chevy Impala is excellent vehicle to have. Drive excellent, smooth ride great on gas, with in town and high mileage. Low maintenance strong and dependable. The Impala still exhibit great history of the Chevrolet family. Roomy interior and comfort with sleek design. Very comfortable ride for long distances. The trunk deep and wide space for storage and luggage.

- Julie I

It's spacious and comfortable, and gives you great gas mileage (especially for its age).

I like the good gas mileage I get on the vehicle since I have multiple jobs and drive a lot. I also like the amount of space it provides, as sometimes I need a lot of it when we travel or for work. I don't dislike this car specifically, I just dislike that it's older, I'd like to get a new one soon. Lastly, the price on this one was good, I could easily afford it.

- Jessica M

It gets great gas mileage on regular or eco.

I love my car! It is easy to drive, has comfortable seat and plenty of legroom! It is very good on gas and I can use regular or the eco gas. Has a great brake system which was tested when a car pulled out right in front of me stop on a dime!! I have drove my car all over Colorado in every kind of weather and have never had a problem hugs to the road like a glove!

- Deborah R

Love my Chevrolet 2011 impala.

I love my car has a great ride very reliable low maintenance. Very good gas mileage other people like the way it looks I love the ride they definitely my another Chevrolet impala. I am really hoping to buy a new Chevrolet impala in the year 20/20 and hope it lasts another 11 years just like the crew Chevrolet impala that I am driving now and I am sure it will.

- James F

The sleek and comfortableness.

I honestly do love my car. The one thing I love about it is that it is a small very convenient car. The car does well with gaining speed. The one main concern that I have about my car is that when I am going like over 80 miles per hour, my cars steering wheel begins to shake. Since I am a college student I believe that it is a great car for beginner drivers.

- Jessica O

Dependable, spacious, comfortable car.

This is the best car I have ever brought. It gets great gas mileage and it is even better mileage when I go on trips. It is roomy and the trunk is big. I have really bad hips so riding in a vehicle is hard, my Impala is so comfortable that I can go long distances without being in pain. Thank you Chevy for such a great dependable and comfortable car!

- Tina W

I am sure all who ride in a Chevy impala will fall in love with it.

It is been a great car. It has comfortable seats and lots of legroom. Has a smooth ride. It has several airbags for safety. It has a very roomy trunk which is great for holding all of your shopping items. It gets very good gas mileage which is a plus in my books. My car has an am/FM radio/CD player/auxiliary port for all of your musical needs.

- Janet S

Reliable vehicle and a nice looking car.

It is a very reliable car but has too many blind spots. Very easy handling, good gas mileage. Seems to be a very popular car, both make and color. Many on the road. One problem which we didn't realize when we bought it is the back seat does not split which means it does not give us additional "trunk" space for transporting oversized items.

- Darlene D

Chevy impala is the way to go.

I really like my 2011 Chevy impala. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a car. I have kids and the inside is very big and roomy. The car is great on gas. It drives very smooth. I am used to driving in the snow with a truck and was a bit concerned switching to a car. But the impala had no problems getting through the snow.

- Nicole A

My car is really good. It's the best to me.

My car drives really smooth. Easy to move the steering wheel. Gas saver. I need 20$ to get where I need to go. The radio is perfect for me unlike my other car that the radio would go on the stations it wanted to go. My parts aren't that expensive cause its 2011. My friends love my car & say it's better than theirs & they have a Ford.

- Caleb E

2011 red Chevrolet impala lt.

There is a ticking noise that I have been dealing with for a couple years. I am told it is an air vent valve door that is trying to shut.. But cannot. We are afraid to get it disconnected because we do not want that to interfere with the air conditioning. The dealership will charge over $200 to repair it and $100 to disconnect it.

- Karla W

The impala is a great on road vehicle.

The vehicle drives really well-no problems. It is super great on gas. Rear seating is spacious. The trunk also has a great amount of storage. I really enjoy the automatic headlights and taillights system it comes in very handy, especially at sunset. I have been driving for two years now and have enjoying plenty of leisure time.

- Timothy A

My Chevy Impala and its performance.

Its reliable, good gas mileage, 4 door. Just needs routine maintenance, change oil, new tires. It has bucket seats in front that are. Comfortable and bench in the rear for 3-4. Passengers, depending on size. Lots of trunk space. One problem when purchased. The airbag sensor had to be replaced, but. It was under warranty.

- Donald W

Awesome heated leather seats.

I absolutely love my 2011 Chevy impala. It is reliable and comfortable to drive. It has leather heated seats which makes me want to drive it all the time in the winter. It is what gets me through the winter months in Michigan. I also love that the trunk of the car is huge and I can fit tons of groceries in it.

- Shane B

Love my Chevy impala, would recommend.

I have had this vehicle since 2014. It was previously my dad's company car, which he put many miles on. The car still runs great with only a few things I have needed to fix, including brakes, wheel bearings, and shocks. This vehicle is very reliable and comfortable and I would recommend it for daily commuters.

- Lindsey P

Sunroof, seat warmers and automatic start.

Breaks have to be replaced frequently. Other than that really no costly issues. Regular maintenance. Good in gas, smooth ride. Good looking car. Good stereo system. Seat warmers nice for winter. Automatic start nice for winter months or summer months to warm up or cool the car down before you get in and drive.

- Robin K

2011 Chevy Impala. Well maintained.

It's a very reliable everyday driver that has had tune ups every year. Solid paint job done two years ago. Engine has been well maintained and kept well up to date. Clean and well kept interior with new carpets and seat covers. Solid horsepower but has never been raced or mistreated. Everyday family car.

- Justin V

The Chevy Impala rocks for the price!

This vehicle performs quite well. It provides a very smooth ride and has great features such as blue tooth, OnStar, power windows, power seats and power locks. Some of the other features include: Bose sound system, traction control, cruise control, power brakes, power steering and anti-theft capability.

- Donna M

The best car I have ever owned works and runs great and drives smooth.

Get some really good gas mileage interior is really nice looking it is a v6 it has a lot of pep in its step though I love this car it is one of the best cars I have owned ac works really well as so as the furnace its a 2011 Chevrolet Impala and it runs like a dream I cannot believe how good it drives.

- Austin F

Chevy Impalas are great vehicles and great gas mileage, overall just good.

My car is great, its reliable and gets really good gas mileage. I've driven it for around 2 to 3 years now and it's given me no trouble, except the battery dying once. The things I don't like are that it has a lot of blind spots and right now it has a very loud ticking sound coming from the ac/heater.

- Gabby R

Safe, reliable family car but could use a few extra updates.

The 2011 impala has been a really good car. I have taken care of regular car maintenance. I love the heated seats feature but wish the leather seats were a little more comfy. I would have enjoyed a backup camera in the vehicle as well as a sunroof. Those are extra features I look for in a vehicle.

- Jane G

I have had no major maintenance issues only the usual common ones. Reliable!

Excellent equipped with all I need. Exceeds all performance and reliability I could expect. Very comfortable cloth interior. Large deep trunk that I use often. The flex fuel type system is great I have used it often a/c is a wonderful addition. It is a very low maintenance car which I appreciate.

- Pamela A

Chevy Impala discussion thoughts?

This car is allot of work and is very expensive. Overall this car will not be suitable for long Journey. This car is not all bad though. That is why I think that I am a3 for rating. It is a car that will get you from A to B. Maybe if they lowered the pricing for parts. It will be so much better.

- Diana P

It it a nice family car with a lot of trunk room space.

I bought my car new and I loved the features it came with. I like that it has OnStar service. I love the trunk space and it is still roomy for my kids in the back seat even though they are teenagers now. The only complaint I have is that it is starting to breakdown now that it has been paid off.


An Impala named Francine.

I have had my car for about 4 years. I purchased it used. While I do love my car, this being my first one, I have had some basic wear and tear problems that I am finding difficulty keeping up with purchasing everything that needs to be fixed. Other than normal things like that, I do love my car.

- Angelica M

Love the Chevy impala lt luxury accessories.

I love the interior, leather heated seats. It has a nice Bose stereo system. The maintenance costs are reasonable, as well as the gas mileage. The steering wheel includes easy access buttons to control the stereo. I enjoy using keyless auto start to warm up or cool down before I get in my car.

- Cara C

Chevy impala. My Chevy impala is red and it has a v8 engine..

Car must be in good condition. Enough to be able to sustain many years without having to worry about repairing parts because it can get expensive. Also have a car with some mileage. If you get a model that's older, be sure to make sure that the parts are very good and can past inspections.

- Jimmer F

Long-lasting comfort with some quirks.

My vehicle is able to make long trips across multiple states and will hold up. The only complaint I have is a clicking noise that seems to be connected to the heating and cooling. My car is very comfortable and I feel safe having my family in it and feel that it will last for a long time.

- Cassie V

It runs smoothly, like a breeze. Driving the Impala is easy and fun.

This is the newest car I have ever owned. It drives smoothly and can go faster than I like to drive. It is good on gas mileage. It has great space in the truck. My favorite feature might be the ability to change radio stations and volume by using buttons directly on the steering wheel.

- Vera E

Very nice car for the price.

Car is made well. Easy to maintain. Very comfortable to ride in we feel that we made a smart decision when buying this car. Good gas mileage. We would buy this make and model again. It is very roomy. There is a big trunk. The stereo that came in it is nice. Easy to get kids in and out.

- Tina H

All hail the Chevy Impala!

I like it is except for the fact of having to take it back to car place four times already for, thermostat, throttle body, speed sensor, knocking sound by ac, transmission issues. Yeah it is a lot right? Other than that smooth riding vehicle, really nice factory speakers, it is a v6.

- Brittany M

Bright red beautiful ride.

My car is very reliable and has not given me a lot of problems. I like it is features and the style of my vehicle. It is also roomy and quite comfortable. It is a bright red color and I can easily spot it in a parking lot. It has great pick up and gets me to where I am going relaxed.

- Louise C

One interesting detail would be the seat warmer.

It drives wonderful, it has great gas mileage and a great sound system. We drove from phoenix to mesa and back and still had a full tank of gas. I recommend any Chevy lover to get this car whether its a 2011 or newer. Please get this vehicle if you really like driving long distances.

- Randy E

I love my Chevy! It is my first vehicle, and will probably be my last.

My car has always been reliable. I love the drive on it, and has really made me attached to the Chevy brand. I feel like it is a classy car that is inexpensive. With it being my first car, I feel I can always depend on a Chevy. As soon as I can, I will be looking to get an Equinox.

- Key H

I just explained where I googled s part that needed fixing and found a recall.

The car drives and rides smooth. Did have normal fix it issues. There was a issue with the car with a part I never heard of luckily when I googled the part I found there was a recall on it so it was totally fixed for free. Other than that the car has been dependable and reliable.

- Billie W

Best reliable vehicle out there!

Blind spots are bad. The engine is great, has good power. This is my second Impala and they are very dependable. The interior is a pretty good size. Vehicle is quiet and handles smoothly. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for something stylish and reliable.

- Caroline S

Honestly, it's a very safe car which is very important to me.

I really can't complain about this car. It's been wonderful during the last 6 years that I've had it. Aside from having to replace the breaks, it's always ridden really smoothly, and is good on gas. Makes me feel safe and has everything I need in a car! Really glad I chose it.

- Nicholle P

My 2011 Chevy Impala and why I enjoy owning it.

I purchased my 2011 Chevy Impala from a leased place, it has remote start, power seats, great sound system with CD player and easy to handle controls on the steering wheel. The heating system seems to heat the side windows in the winter months and drives great in all seasons.

- Judith D

Ethanol fuel blends don't wind up costing less in the long run, it's about the same cost as regular fuel. The ethanol blend does have a lower price/gallon, but it seems to burn faster, therefore having to refill more often.

We actually really like our Impala. There have been some recalls, which is a bit of a hassle, mainly because we paid to repair recalled parts before the recalls were actually issued. Overall, I like it enough to consider purchasing a newer one the next time I shop for a car.

- Alison W

Awesome Impala highlights.

My car is comfortable, reliable and gets good gas mileage. It is easy to keep clean and has great trunk space. It gets good gas mileage. It is great for the back seat for the grandchildren. Electric windows, back window defrost. Car lets you know when a tire is low pressure.

- Sandy A

Summary of a 2011 Chevy Impala.

The car rides well, gets decent gas mileage. It has a built in tire sensor gauge that tells you the psi level of the tires. It has a sensor that will alert you if you leave your turn signal on, also has an oil quality sensor, that tells you when an oil change is needed.

- Debra E

Nice heated seats and good control. Smooth ride.

It is hard to see out if the back window if you are short. There are a couple of blind spots when changing lanes. The car offers a smooth ride and get pretty good gas mileage. Love the heated seats and good air flow of air conditioning and heater. It has nice interior.

- Sue S

Comfortable Chevy Impala 2011.

I have no problems with this car since I bought it brand new in '11. It drives well, is great on gas and super reliable. The seats have lumbar support which makes long drives so much better. Electric locks and windows with pack window locking system to keep kids safe.

- Janet R

My car is very spacious and has a pretty large trunk.

I love everything about my car however, since it is a bit older there have been a few flaws I have noticed, the air conditioner is having trouble when I turn it off, it makes a thumping noise but it still works. My tires are getting kind of old but they are also fine.

- ryleigh k

It is silver, suede interior, nice rims.

It's a very reliable and such a great car I would recommend getting an Impala to anybody. It has never gone out on me, given me any trouble in the last 3 yrs. of having it. I actually got rid of my last Impala thinking I wanted a new car but I went back to an Impala.

- Alexis D

It is not a special car and it will not amaze you, it is only good at getting you from point a to point b reliably.

The ride is about as nice as you'd expect from this type of car and the same can be said for the quality. The best part about this car is the reliability, as with ours approaching 100k miles we have never had a problem that left us stranded at the side of the road.

- Michael S

My vehicle comes with a sunroof heated seats in a CD player.

I got a good deal on a car through the auction and everything was okay as far as the engine I had no problems with it I just keep up the maintenance on it and make sure that I check off Lewis at all times just keep your car's up to par and everything will be fine.

- Andre H

I've had this car for years and even though he's currently having issues he's been running.

I love my car. We've had for about 5 years now and he's been running pretty good being the only and primary car for a while. He's just barely getting some complications now which needs a lot of work but other than that he's able to get us from point A to point B.

- Anela S

Car with lots of room for passengers & lots of trunk space.

It has lots of room in front & back seat. The gas mileage is ok considering its a full size car. The air conditioner works good in the front but not very good in the back. It has some power but could use a little more especially in you have multiple passengers.

- Darlene R

Get you to your destination.

The vehicle does not have the best gas mileage or many advanced features. However it has comfortable seats, an easy to understand system, and great safety features to keep everyone safe in the car. The car is great basic transportation and great for families.

- Lee W

Great car great trunk size helps with holding a lot.

My vehicle is a 2011 Chevy Impala it is silver it has grey seats it runs pretty good engine light comes on when get gas with ethanol and has problems warming up when it's cold outside but other then that great car it also seats 5 people and the trunk is huge.

- Tabby J

Simple and reliable transportation.

There is a lot of space, but it is a little on the wider side. It is reliable and comfortable. The car is great for everyday transportation that will get you where you need to go safely. A downside of it is the gas mileage and the lack of advanced features.

- Lee W

What I like best about my Impala is that it is always ready for the road.

My Chevrolet Impala has been a very reliable car. I love the comfort of my adjustable seats and knowing that my car is so reliable that all I have to do when I want to drive the four hours to see my grandchildren is stop at the gas station and hit the road!

- Catherine A

Good Car but it has issues. despite the air condition thing the car has great pick up and it handles very well.

It has a MFR defect in the air conditioner that, after time, will go out. It will cause the car to tick. It is about $400.00 to have it replaced, each time. Since 2011 this makes the 2nd time and Chevrolet knows about this but will not recall or fix it.


All weather driving, 23-28 mpg. 5* sound system, AUX input, CD player, OnStar.

I bought my car from a neighbor 2. 5 years ago, everything about my car is amazing. I get anywhere from 23-28 miles per gallon depending on where I am driving. I have had several people drive/ride in my car who have interest in purchasing one of their own.

- Hannah L

It has great gas mileage, wonderful acceleration, reasonable and reliable parts.

I haven't had any major issues with this vehicle up until today. I am at Meineke, trying to figure out what's going on with my oil pressure light. Besides this I haven't had any issues, except for changing the brakes are it is an all around decent vehicle.

- Warren B

Chevrolet Impala with OnStar and great gas mileage.

I have not had many mechanical issues with the car. I have only had the air conditioner to go out twice which seems to be common for this model. I get great gas mileage and the car has access to XM satellite radio and OnStar which makes me feel safe.

- Tiffany K

the car does have blind spots but can be avoided if you know about them from the start

My Chevy impala is a great car. Gets me from point A to point B with little to no problems normally. currently it has an issue with the power steering. I have had two accidents with my car. One due to winter weather, one due to my own negligence.

- Sarah O

It gets pretty good gas mileage.

It's kind of an older vehicle but my husbands keeps it in good condition cause he is a mechanic. We have replaced a lot of things on it just because it needs it. Normal wear and tear on the vehicle was on our part. Good make good model. Love it.

- Linda A

It is very good on gas mileage.

The car has performed well for me. Gas mileage is very good and maintenance costs are minimal. The car performs well whether driving on a highway or in the city. The interior is very comfortable and provides comfortable seating for four adults.

- Charles W

Great highway and travel car.

Have replaced the power steering pump. Have a rear seal oil leak, not major. Excellent car on the highway with good acceleration from 50mph to 80 mph. Very quiet interior at both high and low speeds. Very comfortable for passengers and driver.

- Tom M

It's a very common and popular car and it's easy to find repair shops and parts.

I love that it has the shifter on the steering column! Hardly any cars have that these days. I don't like that there is no storage cubby for my cell phone or pocket change. I have to leave it sliding around on the passenger seat while I drive.

- Shawn R

The trunk is very large for the size of the car which makes it a nice "road trip" car.

This is second impala I've had. It's roomy enough to fit people in the back seat (teens and small adults) and has a very large trunk for its size. The last one lasted over 230,000 miles. Would have kept going longer if I hadn't wrecked it.

- Edith K

The most important thing to know about the car is that it is durable.

The car performs very well and has a lot of power. I like the fact that it is flex fuel as well. If I have a business trip or vacation planned I know I can make it there fairly easily. Also, the storage space is adequate for several people.

- Joshua D

It is a great family car. I like the fact that it has plenty of car seat anchors in the back for the babies car seats

I have a 2011 Chevrolet Impala. The color is red. It has been a fairly reliable car. I have only had a few problems with it. I had to replace the power steering pump, and i have had to replace every Heat blend door in the car at least once.

- Travis c

It is reliable, safe, and consistent on gas mileage.

I live on gravel and the air filters need replaced a lot. Also a continuing problem is the ability to pump gas in it. There must be some kind of filter that does not allow the pump to keep running. It takes an eternity to pump the gas.

- Leann A

Comfortable ride and hugs the road in all weather conditions!

I love my Impala! It is definitely a comfortable riding car with many useful features including auto headlights and driver access to opening/closing all windows and door locks. It is great in inclement weather, really hugs the road!

- Lorraine W

It has a lot of recalls from ignition problem that wasn't fixed.

I like that it is a mid size car. I dislike that there have been so many recalls. I dislike that there is an issue that has happened in most of this years model but there is no code to fix it so mechanics cannot quite figure it out.

- Nicole L

Amazing gas mileage. We only have to fill up our car every two weeks.

My Chevy Impala has great gas mileage. It is a smooth ride. There is plenty of room. It has a really big trunk. It is easy to clean up after the mess a two year old makes. It did amazing even when we went on a 2,000 Mile road trip.

- Brittany P

A very comfortable, roomy, family sedan with a large trunk

I like the comfortable seats, smooth ride, good acceleration, the ability to fit 4 grown adults, and the reliability these cars are known for. I've owned and driven this car daily for 7.5 years and have no dislikes or complaints.

- Ben D

We are currently satisfied with our Impala

My vehicle is nice size for our family of 5. We have 3 kids that fit in the back comfortably. The trunk has plenty of room. We have had issues with stage noises that are unable to be diagnosed. Over all the car runs nicely.

- Amy A

It seats four people comfortably.

The vehicle need front end work twice before 100k miles. The vehicle is just an ordinary family sedan but it is practical and has fair fuel economy. At the time of purchase it was the right price for what I was looking for.

- Dennis P

Gas mileage I drive across town everyday and only have to fill up every 2 week.

It uses oil so I constantly have to check and refill the oil which is really irritating, and the tires are always low or have sudden holes in them. Otherwise It's been a good car and has ridden through a lot of miles.

- Nicole D

2011 Chevy Impala: hefty perks.

The 2011 Chevy Impala has to be one of the most comfortable models of the Impala out there! It is very comfortable and offers outstanding performance at a reasonable price. Perfect for out of town trips with the kids!

- Tony G

Chevy Impalas are reliable and will save money in gas.

The vehicle is comfortable and has plenty of space inside. It runs well and gets very good gas mileage. Since it is a little old, it does not have the latest technology as far as Bluetooth or built-in navigation.

- Elizabeth T

The car is roomy for passengers and has lots of trunk space

I like that is gas efficient. It also has minimal blind spots when looking out the rear windows. I don't like how low it sits to the ground. The seat belt cuts into my neck even though it's on the lowest setting.

- Carrie H

That they should not expect leg room.

I like that it is dependable. I wish I would have picked a sportier car. I am 58 and I feel like I am driving a grandma car. Do not want to be that yet. I would like an SUV and or a pick up truck 4 wheel drive.

- Sandy A

My car is at least somewhat roomy, dependable, and is somewhat powerful (is a 6-cylinder).

I like its size and shape/form. I also like that it has more modern features than the car I used to own and drive, a 2004 Chevrolet Cavalier. My biggest complaint about it is that it doesn't have leather seats.

- Timothy R

It is a very reliable vehicle.

It is a reliable vehicle. I drive it back and forth to work about 40 miles every day since 2014 and never had an issue. There was 40, 000 miles on it when I bought it. Now there is about 70, 000 miles on it.

- Mark M

That it is an extremely reliable vehicle and has lasted for several years and is still going.

It is a really well made car, It has lasted very well through a large amount of driving, commuting road trips, etc. With regular upkeep. It could have better gas mileage, but overall is a decent vehicle.

- Taylor C

It is a safe car that has a great track record.

I bought my car last year and couldn't be happier. I got a great deal and it has never given me any problems. It drives nice and I feel safe in it. I dislike that I have to pay for the onstar service.

- Summer C

Quality Vehicle with a Few Hiccups

The vehicle is really dependable and runs well. I bought it used however and have had some large problems, such as needing a new transmission and other tune up issues. I would still consider a Chevy.

- Ryan F

The newer models are a lot more comfortable and sleek in design. The 2011 is not very comfortable but it's a reliable car.

Reliable car when regularly maintenanced. I bought it as a company car for long-distance drives - the downside is that the V-6 takes a lot of gas and I find myself constantly filling the tank.

- eli v

Very reliable, no major issues experienced.

Gets great gas mileage. Minimal upkeep. Has built in bluetooth which is great for hands free calling. I have not experienced any issue that does not come with regular maintenance of vehicles.

- Jessie R

It is very practical and I can fit three car seats in the back of it,

I like that it has a big back seat and a large trunk. I wish that it got slightly better gas mileage. I like that it has some get up and go but would prefer something less boring to drive.

- Jennifer L

Love Chevrolets, would get another one, if I could.

My vehicle has performed well, only minor problems so far, except, it stalls sometime when taking off, the Chevrolet and transmission place have checked it and couldn't find the problem.

- Freddie D

Smooth riding, fuel efficient with great features.

Smooth ride, ample leg room in both the back and front, the sound system is Bose and the quality is incredible! The seats are all leather and very comfortable as well as easy to clean.

- Gina M

Chevrolet Impala 2011 review

My car is very reliable, gets good gas mileage, and is dependable. I regularly get the oil changed and haven't had any problems since purchasing it in 2011. I would recommend this car.

- laura m

I Love the comfort and smooth ride of the vehicle.

Very comfortable car especially for long distance trips. It can use E85 gas, which saves money on fuel. There has been 2 sensor issues. One was covered under a recall/service bulletin.

- Sally N

Love my impala very reliable!

I like the size it is not too big but it is very comfortable. Everything works well and it is a very reliable car. I haven't had any under the hood issues only wear from the roads.

- Karlee C

The driver's seat safety alarm goes off whenever you put anything on the seat because it assumes someone is sitting in it without a seatbelt.

It is a pretty good car overall. It has about 150,00 miles on it and has had a rough life but is still going tough and running like a top. I think I will have it for a long time.

- Brynn H

It is a reliable vehicle and offers good handling and a smooth ride

I like that the vehicle has run well and had very few issues that need fixing. It is not a comfortable car to ride in. WE had to remove the neck rests because they were so weird

- Amber G

2011 impala spacious seating. Roomy trunk

It's almost a base model. Don't like that. Big enough for 4 adults and a huge trunk. Biggest dislike is the view from the rear view mirror is small- blocked by the back headrests

- Karen K

affordable 4 door sedan with plenty of features on the inside of the car. Perfect starter car

5 seats with plenty of room, great gas mileage, very reliable. only problem i had was the length of the front of the car could be mistaken and end up hitting a curb or bump hard.

- darren o

It's a safe and reliable vehicle, that runs well and gets great gas mileage for being a sedan.

I generally love my vehicle. I feel safe in it, and it gets great gas mileage for commuting to work. I have had some technical issues with it, but aside from that I love my car.

- Stephanie B

It handles great in the snow. I feel it is a great handling car and safe for my family

My Impala is a great size for my family. It is roomy and very Comfortable. I love the fact I have the options of folding down one or two of the back seats to store longer items

- Tracey L

it is a good car- chevy always makes good cars. It is roomy and comfortable

I like that it is a chevy and works great - I don't like the three headrests in the back - makes it hard to see out back window. It has sensors that go off - don't like that.

- Dawn F

My car has flex fuel which makes it great with gas I like my car its very reliable I plan on my next car being a Chevrolet cause my car is very reliable

Nothing mechanical has really gone wrong with it besides regular maintenance.. I am experiencing some air conditioner issues other than that it's a reliable car good on gas

- Rachel G

Keeps my child safe during transport.

My vehicle is a reliable car that gets me were I need to go, transport my family, as well as not to terrible on gas mileage. I don't plan to change my vehicle anytime soon.

- Chelsea N

Black leather in the Texas heat is not the best. They get hot fast.

This car is great. I really enjoy it. I has been very dependable. I stay on track with all maintenance and in doing that the car still is like new. Gets good gas mileage.

- Anthony G

It is hot rod red. Which is fun and sporty.

It has four tires and runs. It is an ok car to get me around town and to do the things I need to do. It is a car which I do not like about it. I would rather have an SUV.

- Connie O

Consistent. Always dependable. This is the most important for our family.

I really like the weight of the car. It moves very smoothly against most roads. I dislike the year is older because it is not as technologically advanced as I would like.

- Opal T

Quality of workmanship is great.

I purchased the car now and have had no issues with quality. 135,000 miles and have only replaced the wear items. Oil changes, tires, brakes, filters and wiper blades.

- Dale M

They aren't very reliable

I like the size and the comfort of the vehicle. However, I don't like how much has gone wrong with it. I replaced the whole transmission just months after I bought it

- Lauren W

it is safe for a car. i'd go with a suv but the impala works well in cities.

it's a red impala i bought used 3 years ago! not manys problems with it i just haven't taken great care of it! all and all a good car for the 9000 i spent on it...

- derick d

It is comfortable to drive.

I love my car. It hours great room, a trunk that provides plenty of space, rides very well and will last me a very long time as long as get it serviced regularly.

- Kristin R

It is big so you do have blind sights.

I love how it handles, the roominess in the car, the gas mileage is great. It drives great in the snow. I do not like some of my problems from my car being older.

- Brittany W

It's a reliable and safe car that doesn't require a lot of maintenance.

I like the spaciousness of the car and the interior features. I like the exterior design of it as well. The only thing I don't like is the traction control on it.

- Deanna M

Impala: quality, sporty family car

Great gas mileage. Large trunk. I would prefer the interior to be larger with a growing family. It's a pain to get car seats installed. It's a sporty family car.

- Leah J

It has great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage and how spacious it is inside. Don't like how low it sits to the ground and my car did not come with the satellite feature or bluetooth.

- Kelsey W

It is a good car, it is good on gas, comes with y automatic starter.

It is great, it is powerful good on gas comfortable to drive, I am short so it is a little big. Comes with an automatic starter and heated seats which I love.

- Shane J

It's just a great running car.

It's a great running car. It gets up to speed very quickly along with gas. On a full tank I can get 400 miles highway. I am not easy on the gas pedal either.

- Jessica J

Overall fairly decent car.

It's been a fairly good care other than the transmission slipping, the stabilitrak light always coming on, and the door actuator messing up several times.

- Crystal L

Smooth riding, dependable family car.

I like the smooth handling of the car. My only complaint would be if you are over 6' as some of my family is then it gets difficult to sit comfortably in.

- Mary R

That while the car is listed as a full size vehicle it is more of a midsize vehicle.

My vehicle is reliable and durable. It lacks the comfort I would like but it makes up for that with the performance and the minimum major repairs needed.

- Robert H

The smoothest riding car with comfort.

The abs and traction control lights are always on. Stabilizer problems. Have a bad strut. The headrest are to tall in the back seat and can't be removed.

- Sheila P

It's all MINE! I don't like to share! It gets better gas mileage than yours.

I like that I have a car with great air conditioning. I dislike that it's a 4 door sedan. I'd like to have a SUV like KIA Sorento or Toyota Forerunner.

- Daphne S

The car is not as capable of conserving or efficiently using gas.

The car is old and the transmission is hard to switch gears if not used correctly, but the car works fine and as long as it operates, its a good vehicle.

- Anthony N

It is pretty. I like the curves that it has both inside and outside.

I like that it has a door locker and unlocker keychain that can start the car. I like the shininess of the paint and the leather interior. No complaints.

- Joshua A

It's seven years old but only has 44,000 miles on it.

The car has run well over Its lifetime. I did have to buy 4 new tires after only 32,000 miles. Have had bad experiences with the local Chevy dealership.

- Barry K

Seems that all the seniors are going out at once.

It is just now starting to wear out parts. It is a pretty reliable mode of transportation though. Good on gas on the highway. City mileage is a bit low.

- Denise H

It has held up well. I have taken the car across the United States several times, it has always run great.

It was purchased used. It rides well and has a few Main tan eyes issues. I do love the traction control in inclement weather. It has traveled very well.

- Lucinda Y

People should read up reviews to see what kind of common repairs are needed for this vehicle.

It is usually reliable. However, I have had to have a few expensive repairs that makes me think poorly of Chevrolet. It isn't truly a bad car, though.

- Darin N

It has issues with brakes. The brakes wear in a way they shouldn't.

I like the miles i can get with gas. I like how it's easy to work on. I don't like the paint color. I don't like how the back seat doesn't fold down.

- Gary W

Blind spot. Headrest blocks view.

I love a bench seat - it is best for my right leg not to be pressed up against a consol. 2011 is the last year Chevy made such a seat in their cars.

- Beryl G

Great handling over all other cars. It takes the turns like no other.

The Impala is the best handling car I've ever driven and I've driven many. I've only had standard upkeep like brakes in my six years of ownership.

- Dan B

Chevrolet Impala: The Perfect City Car

The car is very nice. It runs smoothly although has had its issues as do all cars do with age, not every car can run smoothly for its entire life.

- Lukas E

It is very rusty and old.

It is very roomy and comfortable to drive. The computer system has some issues at times. Paint is starting to chip and rust in a few small spots.

- Shannon K

comfortable with passengers

i like the driving ability and feeling safe driving in the winter with the snow. like the trunk room. Hard to park in the city with being so big.

- scott Y

It has been a very good investment ..

NO problems to speak of ,the proformance been very good .... Very reliable and comfort is fine the features that we have are just fine for us .

- Nancy S

The gas mileage is amazing.

I love everything about my car, especially the fact that it is good on gas. It is very dependable. The value and quality of my car are great.

- Denise N

That though not fancy, it'll get you where you need to go.

I like the gas mileage it gets but I dislike the size. I feel I am a little too big for it. I also do not like how low it sits to the ground.

- John Q

Service means a lot for the life of car. It pays to wax a car twice a year.

Good ride and have not had any mechanical problems. Car has been serviced and clean Its whole life. I hope it will last for many more years,

- David J

It's a used car with some issues and over 100k of miles. So you can't really expect anything outstanding from it.

It's a very simple but reliable vehicle with basic only functions. It's not expensive or innovative but it works well for our little family.

- Elena S

It is a good family car and it is also a good car for senior citizens.

It is just the right size car for me. It is easy to get in and out of. It is comfortable. The inside windows are hard to reach and clean.

- Linda G

Loved my first Impala enough to go buy a second one.

This is the 2nd Impala we have purchased. They do really well if you take care of them. The seats are comfortable and it runs reliably.

- Becky E

Do not hit potholes or bumps!

Cruise control and stereo controls on the steering g wheel makes driving easy. I am in love with this car, the smooth driving is amazing!

- Selah H

Big bang for your buck! Buy one today

Great dependable and excellent quality car! Never has broke down on me and I've owned it 6+ years. Highly recommend this type of vehicle!

- Maryann M

You want to ride I love it and wonderful car to have a bless night.

My car is good everything is working good and stuff. It save on gas and stuff I love my car what kind of car you got and how you like it.

- Paris J

Chevy impala: a safe car for everyone

My car offers steer assist, has seat warmers, and shows details about the car on the dashboard screen including mileage and tire pressure

- Ashley D

Quality of the vehicle and resale value.

The ride the fuel economy. Quality of the vehicle and workmanship. Resale value. Have done no repairs in the five years I have owned it.

- Steven L

Decent, reliable vehicle. Is great for long road trips and highway travel.

Lt has Bose, heated seats and mirrors, sunroof, all in a full sizes sedan. No mechanical problems so far. Had this car for 6 years now.

- Tae J

It has a lot of space but does have issues with structure and gas mileage.

It has a lot of miles and does not get the greatest gas mileage. It is really bad on tires. I have spent a lot of money of tire issues.

- Shelly B

The best part of My car is my speakers

I drive a 2011 and it drives like a 2018. I really enjoy having and I'm glad I do. I don't really have to deal with that many problems

- Jason M

I think knowing the maintenance schedule for the car is important.

It is easy on gas. It has sporty looks. There is plenty of room for my family. It has a drop down back seat. It has roomy trunk area.

- Nita W

That it does not have any problems.

I like the car because it is self sufficient. Also I use it all the time and it's very reliable. It's a good car never had problems.

- Dora A

Great space in back and trunk.

No problems in the year I've owned it. It's not short people friendly for driving, but has great power and space in back and trunk.

- Erica B

This car is not very fuel efficient.

I like that my car runs smoothly, and somewhat quite than other cars. What I dislike about my car is that it's not fuel efficient.

- Alex B

Leather seats sunroof. Heated seats XM radio and onstar.

I have had no problems from my impala. It has been a very good and safe car and I would highly recommend this vehicle for purchase

- Jennifer k

The warranty and make sure you are covered under insurance.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride lets me know things wrong and safety when driving. Really smooth ride on long distance rides.

- Marcella R

2011 Chevy Impalas are known for bad transmissions and mine went out and died on the second. I had it fixed which cost me a lot. Chevy should recall, I read 250 other people who had it as well.

The car is reliable, using little fuel, and easy to drive. However the 2011 is known for bad transmission and mine also went out.

- claire c

It has a safety backup cam.

Have had nothing but problems with this car. Nothing I like about it. Will be getting a new car soon. Will not be another Chevy.

- Robin S

2011 Chevy Impala Silver in color

My car is reliable form of transportation. I have kept up on the maintenance. It has leather interior, power windows and locks.

- Nikkia M

It is a comfortable, dependable ride that looks good.

I like the styling of the car, I wish the back seat had more leg room. The trunk is spacious. It has been very dependable.

- Mary S

It has great gas mileage and no safety issues.

I always buy Chevy. My car is great on gas and low maintenance. It is very comfortable to drive and it drives very smoothly.

- Cheryl K

It is ride and overall comfort. As well as style.

Like size, comfort, ride. Like electric seat adjustments. Also like moonroof and Sirius radio. No dislikes or. Complaints.

- Mary C

It is dependable and roomy. All of our luggage fits in the trunk nicely.

I love this Impala. It is dependable, safe, and great on gas mileage. The whole family fits in comfortably for long trips.

- joan s

It is a good car for a young professional.

I like the interior, the handling is a little rough and I have had some issues with the check engine light and gas gauge.

- Rowan C

Very dependable vehicle And great on gas

I love my car It has a lot of room for passengers the trunk is nice and big I get very good gas mileage with this vehicle

- Kim D

Very fuel efficient and easy on maintenance.

Easy daily driver with minimal repairs and maintenance. Fun to drive and easy on gas. Would buy another in the future.

- Mark F

The car is very spacious and a lot of truck room.

The car run smoothly. I don't have big issues with it since I had it. It's not expensive to fix or get oil changes done.

- Jarikka A

It handles like a dream on icy roads!

It supposedly has a Buick engine. It runs like a Ford. It uses a lot of gas. The back seat seats only 2 tall passengers.

- Marian H

Very dependable it is comfortable for four pet to travel.

Car is very reliable. I haven't had any major problems with the car. Does the car have a lot of power the answer is no.

- Mike M

I have a broken actuator so it randomly makes a clicking noise.

I like the way the car drives. I like the way it looks. I like the dash panel. The car also gets pretty decent mileage.

- Terry W

The dependability and comfort.

I like the dependability. It has a few problems such as the actuary. Gas mileage is fair, much better on the highway.

- Paul L

It rides smoother than most cars but the transmission is very bad.

Dislike my transmission. Really like the space, small blind spots, leather seats, nice stereo system and smooth ride.

- Lauren R

This car is your basic vehicle.

It is a quality vehicle and I have had no real issues with it. It is a nice standard car for someone to drive around.

- Shaun R

I love the Impala. Rides well and has plenty of room and a nice big trunk.

I have always had good experience with the Impala. It drives well. I had a little trouble with the seat belt though.

- Connie W

Excellent in snow. Has held up well with high miles.

This car is great in the snow. I have high miles and have had very few problems with the car except routine issues.

- Jamie P

it is a good size vehicle plenty of room for passengers

i like the size and good gas mileage,,,i don't like the aluminum wheels and having to keep replacing my water pump

- yvette m

Great reliable car that has no problems. Lots of room for packing.

Good reliable car. Very reliable. Has always gotten me where I need to go. Great gas mileage and sporty looking

- Amy M

It is great on gas. Drives really well.

Good on gas. Not enough space for my kids things when we go on long trips. I would love to have more trunk space.

- Jessica C

It is not that spacious. It is a reliable vehicle. It will last you for a while.

I like the way it drives and rides. However I do not like that there is not much room in it for other passengers.

- Taheena S

My car runs and operates well.

I love that my car is 4 doors. I wish it had leather seats and interior. I would like to have a smaller sedan.

- Angie H

Reliable and comfortable.

The Impala is very reliable and comfortable. It has normal wear and tear after having over 150, 000 miles on it.

- Lar F

It is not the right size to be a full size car.

I like that it is dependable and the repairs are reasonable. I dislike that it is small for a full size vehicle.

- R M

It is reasonable to operate in the city and on a trip. Just right.

The car works fine and serves it is purpose. It has plenty of horsepower. It is comfortable and a good road car.

- Cory B

It is a good size vehicle for two people.

Needs a lot of work but like how it looks. It's a really nice ride but needs a lot of motor and engine repair.

- Christine C

My vehicle is safe and reliable. It gets great gas mileage which is important to me.

It's reliable and get good gas mileage. I like that it has e85 option. I wish it had the updated touchscreen.

- Trevor K

It is a blessing from Jesus.

I like how smooth it drives. I like how sleek it looks. I like the room in it. It is great gas saver as well.

- Barbara R

My Chevrolet Impala is a very comfortable car and gets good fuel mileage.

It's a very comfortable car, gets good fuel mileage. I don't like the sensitivity of the electronic systems.

- Anna E

It is safe and drives smoothly.

I have no complaints. This vehicle works great. I love it. Gets great gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in.

- Linda B

I like the fact that it has a feature that tells you how many miles you can travel on the amount of gas you have.

It has 130000 miles on it. The actuator in the glove clicks when you turn the car on. It needs a tune up.

- David J

The car is ok but have something wrong.

It ok but have a lot of bad thing that's wrong with it. When you fix one thing something else goes wrong.

- Phillip R

It was a great value and very very roomy mid size car.

Love my car. Very roomy. Great on gas mileage, comfortable to drive, lots and lots of room in the trunk!

- Maryjane V

The resale value is very low.

It has been pretty reliable. There have been issues with heating system. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Roland k

Its fast on the speedometer and can run with other SUVs on the market.

I like the size. I love the trunk size. Seats not all that comfortable. Hard to see out of side windows.

- Jami H

Great gas mileage, easy to maintain, but hard to see out the back and sides

Great gas mileage. No mechanical issues. Smooth ride. Keeps like new condition. It has leather interior.

- Sharon P

Lots of room for people or stuff.

I have had the car for 2 years and I haven't had any problem I put $40 a week for gas it drives so good.

- Amy V

drives very well in all seasons

i like the size of the car. i like how well it drives in the winter. i don't like the aluminum wheel rim

- yvette H

I keep it clean and if I don't have to drive it, I like to keep it parked.

I like the sport look, the trim level package. It's not a expensive car, it's spacious. Like the color.

- Christian T

Good name, and no problems whatsoever

I had this car for a while now, and it's been my best decision. No problems with it. Still runs amazing

- Josh B

It is comfortable it is not the most fuel efficient.

Abs lights always coming on. Seems to have lots of blind spots. Traction control light is always on.

- Joanne Y

dependable looks great drives and rides well low maintenance

drives and rides great. dependable. don't like the middle headrest in back seat. hard to see out

- roxann l

One important thing people should know about my car is that it drives great but it uses a lot of gas.

I like how smooth it drives. I like the color of it. The brakes are amazing. My car is beautiful.

- Moni J

that it has gas in it and the air conditioner works very well

I like the chevy impala because of It's midsize not too small but not too large to parallel park

- connie h

it is a great car and great on gas usually 24 miles in a gallon

good gas mileage and smooth ride. love the car. comfortable seats makes driving a pleasure.

- vera t

it is reliable and very comfortable

it has been a very good car nothing ever went wrong with all the engine and suspension

- Harv P

Great gas mileage. Comfortable for traveling. Bose stereo.

Love moonroof, leather heated seats, stereo. It was used when purchased, only dislike.

- Christy B

The Reliability of the vehicle.

I like interior size. I like the reliability of it. I like the gas mileage on trips.

- Richard c

My car has been really reliable as I have over 150,000 miles on it and I haven't had to do any major repairs to it! Just the regular maintenance such as oil changes and tire rotations

It is very reliable and is super relaxing to drive it allows for decent space as wel

- Dominique K

Very reliable and comfortable ride.I would definitely buy this car again.

It is good on gas. It is very reliable. I have had very few problems with it.

- Anita O

It works and looks nice. It's drives well and has seat warmers.

It's so low to the ground. Drives smoothly and gets me to where I want to go.

- Jf F

The most important thing about my car is that it's affordable and has great gas mileage.

I like the way it drives. I like its size. I like the comfort of the seats.

- Morgan S

it's high maintenance and it is a very good vehicle

It looks very pretty, the ride is very smooth, and it fits my personality

- Kamila A

nice looking car it has onstar x.m. radio lots of trunk space

runs well gets good gas mileage but i wish the heat/ac control was better

- joe b

It's reliable and cost effective.

It roomy. It gets good gas mileage. It wasn't expensive. It's reliable.

- Debbie C

The truck is large enough to hold a wheel chair and a walker plus a weeks groceries.

I love the large trunk. I hate the visibility, everything else is O.K.

- Norma W

Overall, the vehicle is sound and performs well. The only problem I have is the actuary needs to be fixed. Because of the actuary problem, there is a clicking when I first start the car that lasts for about 2 minutes.

The car is dependable, gas mileage is good especially on the highway.

- Paul L

It runs really well and has should last another 10 years.

It runs well. It has lasted a long time. I like how spacious it is.

- Jamie O

that it a chev. best car on the road. last a long time a very good ride alot of rome

nice ride, good gas gpm very good trade in value price is right.

- roxie g

Four wheels and a very safe, smooth, vehicle and who knows what else you want to know

Nice smooth car but not as energy efficient as my Mazda Protege

- Denny C

It was purchased at a good price and has been a good value

Durability. Dependability. Good gas mileage for the price

- Jorge S

drives good take it on vacation two or three times a year

great no problem with it AC works great fun to drive

- Bobby S

It runs very well and gas mileage is good. It runs as well now as when i got it

It is dependable. I like the gas mileage. Very Happy

- Jason M

Since I had my had I never ever had any kind of problems with it. I try to keep up with the oil changes, tires etc.

It's a good model, make. I love Chevrolet in general.

- Aimee C

The blind spots are terrible, but putting in an extra mirror helps

It's has a huge trunk, but has terrible blind spots.

- Katelyn W

it's quality and strength are why I love this car so much

I like the structure of the car because I feel safer

- Be O

Dated technology makes it frustrating

Roomy and reliable. Not much technology in cabin.

- Nikki R

It is very comfortable and is easy to drive.

It is comfortable. Handles well. It looks classy.

- Julie B

Low maintenance. Just service the car every 3,000 miles..

Never had a problem with mechanical things ever.

- Mark T

It feels safe and dependable

Roomy trunk. Lots of legroom. Rides smooth.

- Amanda S