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Chevy impala: the car for all of America.

Overall a great car for winter terrain. About as good on ice and snow as you can get with a front wheel drive. It has great breaks that help when you are slipping and a traction alert for when you are on icy roads. Affordable and comfortable. Very spacious but still not a boat. The trunk is very deep which is nice for storing all emergency winter gear. It does start rough, takes about a minute or two in warm weather to idle smoothly, longer if the engine is cold but that's to be expected. My biggest problem is that none of the cigarette lighter plug ins actually give out a charge to charge your phone by.

- Emily S

I like heated seats. & u can crank it from inside & its warm when I get in!

I love my Chevy impala! It has heated seat, all leather. It has a very big trunk. It came with weathertech floor mats in front & back. It tells u when u need an oil change, the tire pressure in each tire, it has Bluetooth & satellite radio & a CD player that you can control the volume & change the song from the steering wheel. It is a very comfortable riding car. Very good gas mileage on highway & in town. The only thing I wished mine had is a sun roof. It is a very nice car & would tell anybody that they should buy an impala!

- Stacy M

Chevy Impala is the ltz model.

No real problems. Great performance and reliability. Plenty of room, especially since I am tall at 6' 3". The leather heated seats are very comfortable especially during winter months. Love the retractable roof during spring and fall sunny days. The individual heat and air controls for both sides of car are a great asset especially since my wife loves heat and I love to be cooler. The fact the back seat goes down to allow longer items to be carried in trunk is an asset. I have carried a couple eight foot 2 x 4's in the car.

- Larry L

Solid reliable personal or family car.

One of the most reliable cars my family has ever owned. For the size, great gas mileage at 25 city/35+ highway. Repairs are very affordable as long as you keep up with normal oil changes, tire/brake checks, and tune-ups. I am about 60k miles into it after purchasing with around 50k, and have had no major repairs or needed any extra maintenance, even as a rideshare driver. The only thing (very common with Chevy) was a fuse shorting out that makes a headlight burn out fast. Very spacious both interior and trunk.

- Christopher D

Rooms with plenty of leg space.

It is full size so it is roomy but difficult to drive and park in the city. The air is either freezing or hot and humid and the actuator can break and cause a clicking sound that is difficult to fix. It has electric chair moves in the driver's seat and some lumbar support but sometimes it gets uncomfortable sitting in there. The drivers window will roll down automatically. The steering wheel is adjustable. Sometimes the prndl will slip into neutral without needing to push the button.

- Renee H

Moonroof I love the style of my car plus it has a lot of power under the hood.

First, let me say I love SUV but when we bought this car it is fantastic I love the power it has the stern ability it has it is sharp looking makes me feel young when I am driving it safety all-wheel drive is important large trunk plenty of room inside the extra features it has love the moonroof only complaint I have is when you look back through the passenger window for traffic coming it completely blocks your sight because of the little extra window it has - safety reason.

- Susan A

2012 Chevy Impala star rating.

Overall my vehicle has been a very taken care vehicle did a carfax on it no wrecks or anything always ask for one and check things over very carefully! Check inside things out make sure they all work and tires conditions. Always ask questions has this vehicle been into any accidents what the fuel mileage can I check the oil and always test drive the vehicle no matter what where you can know if it is a good fit for you and your family and how it works and runs.

- Jay J

My vehicle is my first car and it is a really nice car.

The only problem I have with my vehicle is a clicking noise it makes when the a/c comes on, it does not hurt anything, it is only a little annoying and loud. It drives really well, picking up good speed quickly and it is an extremely reliable car with great gas mileage. The seats are really comfortable, however the steering wheel is leather so I have to have a cover on it so I do not burn my hands when it is sunny outside. It really is a nice and reliable car.

- Rachel C

My vehicle is a Chevy impala with minor problems, but is an amazing car for cheap it is.

My vehicle is a Chevrolet Impala, from 2012. This car is well built, easily repairable, and lasts for a long time. The only problem I'd say I have with this car, is the ticking problem. My car (and many others) has this problem where it'll start ticking for no evident reason. It goes slow, then it speeds up, and then it stops. At first, I thought it was only my car, but I looked it up and found out that many other Chevrolet users share this exact problem.

- Spencer W

Great vehicle for everyday things.

My 2012 silver Chevrolet Impala is awesome. It has a v6 engine and it accelerates quickly. It is a sleek car. It has seat warmers which are awesome in the winter. The sunroof is a great addition for the summer as well. The leather seats are nice and comfortable. Even though it is nice that it has Bluetooth features, it can only have 2 devices programmed and only to call people. Overall, it is a great car. It has a roomy back seat and a big truck.

- Christian C

Gazelle. . . ? No way. Impala. . . ? All the way!

I have had no problems with the Chevy Impala since I drove it off the lot 1/1/13, with it is high performance v6 motor I have had no issues getting where I need to no matter if in a hurry or not, uphill passing hear is phenomenal, flat land cruising is and handling is the smoothest I have ever owned, I have always been a Ford lover, but Chevy knocked it out the park with this 2012 model and converted me after 25 years of loving the competition!

- Alfred L

Chevrolet Impala: affordable, comfort, power and safety all in one package.

Great car. Reliable. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable interior. I appreciate the safety features of side airbags as well. As noted, we have not had any issues with the car since purchasing 4 years ago. I like the option of OnStar. It also looks sporty so it is not a boring car and the engine provides plenty of power. I have no regrets in buying the car and I have often provided positive feedback to prospective buyers.

- John C

I will not get rid of my 2012 Chevrolet impala lt anytime soon.

I purchased my 2012 Chevrolet impala lt new in 2011. I really enjoy the power of the 6 cylinder 3.6 liter engine. It gets great gas mileage. It only has 44,221 miles on it and has at least 75,000 more miles to go before I will consider getting a new vehicle. It is black with black tinted windows. I do not need car dealerships or car marketing departments to contact me because I love my vehicle. I take care of it.

- Mike M

Chevy- reliable but average

I inherited it from my parents so I didn't choose it. It's a pretty reliable car, lots of legroom and trunk storage. I've had a few issues with it (probably just normal wear and tear). Had to get a new AC fan thing that was clicking in my dash, a nut from my brakes fell out during a road trip and my wheels stopped going forward. It's a larger car, which not everyone likes. But it is really comfortable to be in.

- Susie R

Impala 2012-love how you can reach into the trunk from the backseat!

The performance is good. I haven't had many problems over the years of owning the vehicle. I enjoy the skylight and the seat warmers, however the warmers do not have an option for the back, that is something I would have really liked. I haven't had it be unreliable at all. The seats are fairly comfortable, except the headrests lean forward, pushing your chin down to your neck if you rest your head on it.

- Ana B

It rides very smooth and is very easy to handle. It also has good gas mileage.

I love the general set up of the car- the seats are spacious and the driver's seat is movable which is VERY nice. The interior is nice, especially the radio. There is a decent amount of storage and the handling of the car is easy and very smooth. My only complaint would the the upholstering- I wish it was leather or a different kind of material rather than... it's like soft? Not sure how to explain it...

- Hope L

This is one of the best cars I have had. It is dependable.

I really like that my car is spacious on the inside. There is a lot of legroom in the front and back. The car rides really smooth and blocks most of the sound out. My car is good on gas and I have not had many problems out of my car just the usual wear and tear of driving the car daily. I like the fact that my car has a really big trunk which helps hauling loads of different things when traveling.

- Tony S

A very reliable vehicle that everyone should consider.

I have owned my vehicle for 6 years. I have never had any major repairs on my vehicle. It gets good gas mileage and is reliable. It has a good amount of room and has a big trunk. It has the features that I want in a vehicle-radio, air conditioning/heater, cruise control. I do not need a lot of features on a vehicle. I like the fact that it gets very good gas mileage. This saves me a lot of money.

- Andrea A

Not my favorite car, but gets you from a to b.

Size is excellent for a smaller vehicle, 4 doors and the inside is spacious. Seem to have trouble with the transmission. The brakes are mushy and slowly go all the way to the floor and I was told this is normal, makes for an unsafe distance to the steering wheel. Seats are comfortable. It handles fairly well, some issues with jumping but otherwise runs well. Stereo works well and has good sound.

- Amanda C

I love the simplicity of it!

This is the second impala I've owned. They're extremely reliable vehicles. I've had an 06 for 6 years, and recently purchased the 2012. I've seen these cars get to 300,000 miles. As long as you keep fluid in them and maintain them well, they will run forever. Solid body style, not cheaply made. Interior is simple yet basically stylish. Decent on gas. This car is like an automobile staple.

- Amanda L

Get up and go is incredible.

I really love my 2012 Chevy Impala. It gets great gas mileage. I have never had a problem with the engine. It is incredibly rooming on the inside. The get up and go is amazing. I see why police vehicles are Impalas. I plan on trading my Chevy in and getting a newer year model of the same. The sedan is perfect for a family or someone who needs to carry a lot of cargo.

- Jill W

The spoiler and dual exhaust.

It is a good car. I like most things about it. I might get the same next time. No ashtray. The back headrests are way too high.. I like the heated seats and the stereo is good. The cruise control works with ease.. The price is rather high and I like the messages that inform me of things that need to be checked. Good wipers.. I like the option of ethanol gas too.

- Pamela W

Flex fuel practical sedan.

Everything works well in my car. I haven't had any problems. It is a sensible car, not a sports car. There are regular maintenance, oil changes, battery, and tire replacements. The only problem I have is the driver's seat. It stopped working because it was electric. This car also has flex fuel, which saves money in gas. The car drives very smooth.

- Leah S

Very reliable and family friendly.

No problems, very well kept. Low miles and gets up and goes! Good gas mileage on the highway. Good family car a lot of room and a huge trunk. Very sturdy and easy to drive. Its black and very shiny, extremely reliable. Easy to keep clean and has a great interior. It has a rustic look and has a wood look on the dash. Very comfortable seats.

- Taylor W

minimal repairs and great comfort!

I bought my Impala certified -used with 38, 000 miles. I have had very few issues with my Impala. I needed to replace front wheel bearings after about four years with total mileage at about 85, 000. Even though I only have the lt trim I always feel like I am driving a luxury car. It handles very well and I never feel uncomfortable in it.

- Andrea C

Chevy impala reliable vehicle.

Runs fantastic with proper care. Had a problem with the trunk sticking but fixed. Handles extremely well. Great family vehicle with plenty of room in the back seat for the kids. A bit of a problem with the dash reading with the fuel but that seems to have somehow corrected itself. I am guessing some kind of computer glitch.

- Robin L

Great first time car! Sturdy and reliable and not bad to look at!

The performance is really top notch. The horsepower on the Impala is unprecedented. It's a fast little sedan. The sunroof and automatic seats are a great addition. I would definitely recommend this car to anyone who is looking to buy. It's a great first car for someone to have. Not a lot of features, but sturdy and reliable.

- Hannah L

A really good working running car good on gas too.

It's a good reliable car I luv it take a me to places.. Just keeps on running. The only problem is on the wirings. On the windows and radio. It has really comfortable seats. Good on gas not a spender. It's a really nice of a car that's good on gas and has me going to places what can I say I only have this car running lol.

- Ashley Sanchez A

For an American made vehicle, this car is super reliable. The gas mileage is consistently around 28-33 mpg.

I love the fact that my vehicle has plenty of power. It is roomy. The gas mileage is fantastic. Also, the Impala is pretty cheap to work on. I haven't had to do a lot to it. We are currently sitting at 152,xxx miles and it's been a fantastic car. Plus it's big enough to hold all 5 of us. The trunk has amazing storage too!

- Amanda F

Great car, has blind spots though!

There are horrible blind spots because of the columns on either side of the front window. When at a four way stop sign, the stop sign on the left is not seen at all. I have nearly been in many accidents because of these columns when I was first driving, now I am used to moving back and forth to avoid hitting anyone/thing.

- Cheyenne A

Dependable Chevy Impala!!

Very dependable, 120,000 miles and all I ever do is change oil and tires. Last Impala I got over 200,000 miles. Smooth driving, comfortable with 3 adults and car seat for baby. We drove 12 hours and no one complained of bad backs. The trunk is enormous. Fits many suitcases and baby stroller along with crib and groceries.

- Beverly L

Vehicle is the best thing about all of this stuff bro.

The performance of the vehicle is great because it got me around the block and everything. This is the great thing about the people that can fit in this vehicle because they can fit in the car. The text of this paragraph is in time new roman font because it is a common type that can really be great when texting.

- John A

The car has am, FM, and XM radio options.

It is well built and has been maintaining through the wear and tear of a long commute. The seats are comfortable and the ride is smooth. The headlights are easy to replace yourself when they burn out. I have had the car now for almost 7 years and it is still handling well with very minimal repairs needed.

- Emily T

Loving my 2012 Chevy Impala.

Love the durability of my car and also how fast it takes off:) it has a big trunk to fit all your groceries and a spacious front seating part! The steering is just perfect and there's 2 cup holders for both of your drinks. The backseat also has a little pull down that gives access to 2 more cup holders!

- Emma T

My lovely car is always on time and gets me from point A to point B.

My Impala is very reliable I got if from the used car dealership and instantly fell in love the car sometimes has a problem with the transmission and jerk sometimes when I take off. Also when it rains my car will act up but all and all many things are bearable because my car has helped me in many ways.

- Stephon M

Main issues wrong with the car.

This car is horrible on brakes. I have never needed to replace calipers before 75000 miles but I did with this one. Also the ac compressor makes noise after the car is turned off. Since the tire size are 18s they need to be replaced every 30000 to 450000 miles depending on what style if the tire.

- Charlie C

My Chevy Impala. It drives like a dream and is very comfortable.

My Chevy has been very reliable. The mileage is pretty good on the highway and average in town. It seats 5. We have had a few issues such as needing a new front hub assembly and replacing both wheel hubs. . As far as the engine we have had no issues. It is very comfortable and drives smoothly.

- Kelli E

Great full size luxury vehicle that is attractive and also comfortable.

Vehicle is very comfortable to drive & ride in. Several features like anti locking brakes & air bags make it very safe also. Would recommend this vehicle to one who needs a safe and reliable vehicle for any reason. The looks of this vehicle ate also a plus, if your considering a new vehicle.

- Barbara A

My Chevy is a great representation of the Chevy products.

I bought the car as a used vehicle with an impeccable service record. The car was in top-tip shape and has continued to perform excellently for two years. It feels solid, handles well and is good on gas mileage. I have velour seats and the fabric is in excellent shape for being 6 years old.

- Sheryl J

2012 Chevy Impala full sized vehicle and ITS trim.

Mileage is not the best but performance is good, has fog lights, auto dimming mirror, heated seats as well as a security system and self starter. The trunk lid has shocks that will not open the trunk and there is no trunk lock if the battery is dead getting into the car is very difficult.

- John P

Push to start and heated seats.

I really enjoy the heated seats and being able to start the car from inside. I like that it has Bluetooth and Sirius XM radio. The sunroof is exceptional on sunny days. It rides smooth and has a spacious trunk. Seems to get good gas mileage. I really like my car and drive it all the time.

- Lindsay C

Do not get this car. It is a piece of garbage not worth the money they're asking.

The vehicle seems to not have much power. I live in an area where it snows a lot and even if there is not much snow on the ground the vehicle gets stuck extremely easy. It is horrible. It seems to be gutless. It sits way too low to the ground which poses a huge problem when it does snow.

- James A

2012 impala has a great power and rides smoothly.

My 2012 impala has not given me any problem, I have been driving it for the past 3 or so years, and the most I have had to do to it is oil change, replacing brake pads, and hub assembly. Assuming the gas mileage to be a higher since it is a 3. 6 liter v6. It rides well, and handles well.

- Joshua C

I love the AUX it is easily accessible.

Seats are very good. Decent on gas. Has an AUX and two charging ports in front. Steering wheel has buttons that controls radio. My vehicle personally has a traction problem where the light comes on and sometimes skids when turning. Makes a almost sports car like rumble when speeding up.

- Mackenzie K

The car that keeps on giving!

This car has been amazing. We have had no problems as of yet. It handles very good on the icy winter, windy and slick roads that we have. It is very comfortable for long road trips, with nice room for extra space for luggage in the back. With our long legs the leg room is exceptional.

- Brenda G

The Chevy Impala is a good car. Wish I had the finances to upgrade.

This car drives smooth, it has an automatic starter that comes standard and, heated seats. The interior is leather and it has good room inside. It does have a larger gas tank in comparison to my last vehicle. However it is better on gas then my previous car, which is important to me.

- Shannon J

2012 Chevy impala is nice and reliable.

The only problem I have had is the actuator went out which affects your air conditioning and makes a ticking sound and it is expensive to fix. Outside of that I haven't had any problems, very reliable, comfortable, it has Bluetooth, satellite radio, and all the other normal features.

- Christopher P

If I had to buy another car right now I would look for the Chevy Impala.

I love this 2012 Chevy Impala. I have not had any problems but one I had to replace the battery . I get about 24 miles per gallon. This is one of the best cars I ever drive on a long trip. It is trustworthy. And very dependable when I need power it is there a have the 305 big block.

- George R

Dependable car, for families and older adults.

The car is reliable and dependable on a day to day basis. It is not the most comfortable for long road trips. The ride is however smooth on the road it is the interior seating that is not the most comfortable. It handles well in adverse weather conditions and is pretty good on gas.

- Mary M

You are able to check the mileage of gas and tire pressure.

With my vehicle you have to change the actuator every few months. The performance of the vehicle is really and the reliability is well. The comfort of vehicle is 10/10. The features my car has are you can check the mileage of gas you have, the oil percentage, and the tire pressure.

- Courtney C

My car is reliable. Also, the trunk is large and that is a big asset.

When I get in my car, I know that it will get me where I need to go. It is a very reliable car. It has leather seats, which adds luxury, it also has Bluetooth capabilities, which I love because I can play my music from my phone. The exterior looks great, which is a huge bonus.

- Tara L

idk, It's just an impala, nothing terribly exciting. Many people have the same exact car

It is a gold chevy impala. I like that it gets me from place to place. I have a problem when i get gas that it doesn't want to start right up like usual. It has the engine light on but It's just for a "very small fuel leak" even though I have never seen any fuel under the car.

- kara H

I like the look and feel of my Chevrolet impala.

I have a used Chevy impala. Chevy's create some of the most stylish and durable vehicles, so while the vehicle is worn, it is hanging in strong. I will consider Chevy vehicles each time when making an automobile purchase decision. My experience with Chevrolet has been good.

- Elle F

The comfort and style of the Chevrolet Impala.

The Chevrolet Impala is a very reliable car. It seats four to five people comfortably. It is absolutely wonderful on gas mileage. The trunk space is decent size for anyone single or even with kids. I would definitely recommend this car for style and for comfort absolutely.

- Rebecca G

Great car, never had any major problems with.

This vehicle is very reliable. I do all my traveling in. Gas mileage is not very good especially in the cold weather. Set aside the gas problem everything else is great. I have had this car for about 7 years and no major problems have come across while owing this vehicle.

- Jennifer M

Chevys are very dependable and the impalas never go out of style.

Performance is awesome very comfortable leather seating has ball joint issues and have had to replace battery, regular maintenance has been done but I think these cars have issues with steering wheel fluid thing that I can't think of the name of, mine needs to be fixed.

- Sam A

Reliable and comfortable and low maintenance.

I recently just went over 100,000 miles. I have only had to take my car to the shop twice. It is been the most reliable vehicle I have owned. Love the heated seats, sunroof, leather seats. It has everything I want and need. And maintenance is minimal up to this point.

- Bonnie D

Grinding noise problem. Sound like the transmission is about to mess up.

It has a grinding noise when you start it up.You have to keep putting gas in it. I done had a tune oil change and it still burns a lot of gas. Really have had that many problems with the impala. It's a good car and it has a good pick up. Impala are nice family cars.


Comes with OnStar and XM radio.

Performance is good reliability is ok but you got to stay up on maintenance. Comfort is good this is my second Impala not to bad car. Has good features but wish it had better anti tampering features. Still it is a stylish tough car you can rely on for the most part.

- Jerry H

My car is red which is unusual and drives very smoothly.

My car has problems with the tires because they are constantly deflating. Also, in the winter it takes awhile to start. The ac smells weird in the winter as well. However, I love my car because it is very spacious and the seats are comfortable. It drives super well.

- Sarah G

The power in this car is awesome and it does great in the winter. I travel to work on snowy roads and have never had trouble.

My car is awesome. It has more power than I need. There are no problems with it and have never had any besides an actuator getting stuck. That is something in the dash that gets stuck and makes a clicking noise. No big deal but expensive to fix. But I love my car.

- Alyce J

My car looks good. It rides smooth and very roomy.

I have to replace the tires often because they were on the inside and go bad. I have a ticking sound the comes on someone told me it was my heating coil which is expensive to fix because of the labor involved. The glove box is broken and I cannot get it to close.

- Gail M

Chevy Impala, durable and reliable car to start and finish with.

Great gas mileage around 25-30 mpg. Durable through rain and snow. Great trunk space. Good leg room. Is a car that can be kind of high end when nice and cleaned up. Seats are comfortable. Sound system can always be better but works great. AUX cord input and CD.

- Derek S

Safe, comfortable ride for the discerning traveler, stylish w/bow tie for class!

Features are easily accessible, have not had any problems with the vehicle since delivery, it is a very comfortable ride, stylish, extremely reliable, drives well in snow and icy conditions in winter, and handles very well in summer, excellent air-conditioning!

- Christina E

Negative aspects of the Chevy Impala.

Air conditioning makes a ticking noise when I turn it on. Also trim on the back door is peeling off and back window will not defrost. Also the radio is hard to work I wished it had Bluetooth capability but it does not so I do not like that part either that it.

- Brandon S

Impala was a good buy for me

I only have about 75,000 miles on this car and I bought it in 2014 with about 150 miles on it. Very reliable, only the usual things have needed to be replaced (tires, battery, headlight, etc) and it is large and comfortable. Great space in the trunk, too.

- shannon c

Loving my 2012 Chevy Impala.

I love my Chevrolet Impala. . It has 6 cylinders, so if you like to take off fast and go fast it's the car for you! Mine has plush leather seats and another thing I like about it is the cupholders in the backseat- a lot of cars do not have this feature.

- Emma E

Reliable and a great value. It was a 27k cost vehicle new, and went to almost half the price after 1 year and 40k miles. It was a fleet vehicle.

The engine power is great. With the 6 speed tranny, it still only gets average gas mileage. Aside from a broken pulley, there has been no need for any unexpected maintenance in 5 years, not even brakes after 40k+ miles since I purchased used in 2013.

- Pete W

Great car with very few drawbacks.

In the past, I have had issues with the sensors in the wheel bearings, but all around I have loved this car since the day I purchased it. Great car. Smooth ride, enjoyable power, and every assumes you might be an undercover police officer. What a car!

- Steven P

Need for speed and comfort in a sedan.

The 2012 Chevy Impala is very spacious inside. Lots of trunk space. Sound quality for the radio is superb. Had an issue with the automatic transmission, but that has been corrected. Has a really good get up and go on take off. Really love this car.

- Kerry M

It's a full size car plenty of space inside and in the trunk

I like the room in the back seat. It is a full size car very spacious.It's a smooth ride and has been very dependable. I do not like that I bought the car used and I cant un program the previous owners phone numbers that are programmed in the car.

- Carla C

That it has been very well taken care of and has never been smoked in.

I like the color, style and size of this vehicle. It also handles very well. But I dislike the position of the window frame because it creates a blind spot and makes it very easy to not see on coming objects unless I bend forward some in the seat.

- Deborah D

The brake system is a pain. Other then the brake system, it operates pretty well for a smaller car in our snowy conditions.

The brake system has been a problem since the beginning, and this seems to be typical among other Impala owners. It is a little smaller then I would like, although I did not think that would be a problem the beginning, it does alright otherwise.

- Martha P

It is a really reliable vehicle. The traction control works really well in the winter!

It is a roomy vehicle. It is very comfortable. I love the Bluetooth features on it. I love the traction control in the wintertime. I use it every time it snows and I drive. I have had my car for 6 years and have never had any trouble with it.

- Judy S

2012 Chevy Impala lt that I love. Best car I've had.

I am leasing this car and there are some problems with it that were before e, it was in a wreck in the back of the car but other than that it is very miner problems and I really do love this car, it is very reliable for me and my family of 4.

- Lane K

It's a pretty solid vehicle for a little car. It has a nice drive.

Love dependability and style, Chevy's are fine cars, I know I can put miles on it and as long as I keep the maintenance up on it, it will last a long time. Maintaining it can just become costly but less so than if a major problem happens.

- Sam W

Find a better car. It has issues that the company will not fix.

The car runs smooth but has issues. The flap thing that switches the ac to heat ticks. I had it fixed but I guess it was only on one side so the other side it ticking. It seems to be and issue on many of the make/models of that vehicle.

- Sara S

That it gets very decent mileage for how fast it is.

My car drives very well, especially in winter weather. I also really like the kick it has when I need to speed up, allowing me to get to where I need to go in good time. Also, the interior of my car is very comfortable and relaxing.

- Zach D

Very spacious family car, plenty of room in the cabin and trunk!

I really like the space, there's plenty of room in the front and back, but still small enough for easy driving. It's a perfect family car! I would like a newer one for the sake of technology (like backup camera) but don't need one!

- Lauren S

It has many electrical issues.

I loved my car when I bought it. It is a large car, comfortable seats, and it was reliable. In the past year, the car randomly will not start. Ivan taken it to numerous mechanics and dealerships, no one can figure out the problem.

- Steph G

It gets good gas mileage and its dependable.

Drives good gets good gas mileage love the color. Easy to handle. Only problem the gas gage is not accurate. Interior is nice color. I love the sunroof. It's not too large or too small. Body looks sporty. Trunk is very roomy.

- Linda M

Good car made in America, but I would recommend foreign.

My Chevrolet Impala right now is a problem and my first complaint is the actuator door, in which a clicking noise can be heard majority of the time for about 2 minutes. My first choice though should have been Toyota or Honda

- Joshua C

Very comfortable to drive.

This car is very comfortable to drive and has many safety features like airbags and antilock brakes. Have not had any major issues and have been driving Chevys all my life, they are reliable and dependable vehicles for me.

- Barbara A

Best car I've had so far.

I love my vehicle, because it has been reliable, not too expensive to keep up and I have taken it everywhere. Even though it's 6 years old, it has several features that I love such as seat warmer, self start, sunroof, etc

- Giuliana P

The Chevy Impala very dependable and will get you to where you want to go every time.

I own a 2012 Chevy Impala. It is a full size car that can seat up to 6 people. The performance and reliability are great. It rides very comfortably and roomy. However for my concerns it is a bit more car than I need.

- Les B

The Impala is a very sleek and sporty car, while offering luxury.

I love the amount of storage space that it has in the trunk. The car handles very well in all kinds of weather. It has a lot of great extra options that I take advantage of. I wish it had seats that you could cool.

- jennifer h

It runs well. Air conditioning works.

Nice big runs well is a regular sedan. Has several problems. Rear window defogger does not work, heater blower only works on 2 settings, driver's window squeaks, driver's window controls don't work completely.

- John M

Big backseat and easy access to trunk.

The Impala is spacious allowing for three full car seats in the back. The trunk folds down super quick and easy for transporting longer items. No real problems have came up in over year I have had this car.

- Ashley M

It might not be the most stylish car, but it's a beautiful car. It fits the family when we need it and works for momma when she wants to cruise.

Ours is one of the safest cars on the road. It has plenty of room for the whole family without being a giant vehicle. We have not had any issues, other than regular maintenance, with this car.

- Jules C

The Chevrolet Impala is a dependable car. That has a big trunk to put a lot of merchandise in it.

I like that my car has a lot of space in the trunk. I like that it is comfortable in short and long trips. I do not like that there are not cup holders in the back of the car to place drinks in.

- Juana G


I love my impala for many reasons. It has been a very dependable car, that gets good gas mileage. The impala also was a very good price, which makes It's long term affordability very favorable.

- tony m

It gets good gas mileage.

What I like about my vehicle is that it has a lot of room. What I also like about my vehicle is that it is fuel efficient. What I dislike about my vehicle is that I wish it came with internet.

- Andrea A

We have been very happy with our Impala.

We bought our Impala used and had a few things that needed fixed within the first few months. The dealer fixed them and it has worked well since then. We have almost 150,000 miles on it now.

- Nancy C

Reliable car that has been very dependable.

No problems to report so far it has been a reliable vehicles that gets good gas mileage and seems to be very comfortable to drive whether I am in town or driving on the highway or interstate.

- Dustin S

It's very reliable and cost efficient.

I love my vehicle, it is nice and roomy. It's got plenty of trunk space for my families needs. It runs very well on gas and requires very little maintenance so far. I have had it for 3 years.

- Anna C

Good vehicle for traveling

This car has a very sleek look. Inside interior is very nice. It has plenty of space for a family of four. We have used it to drive back and forth to Florida without a problem. Good on gas

- Mariah M

It really works surprisingly well as a family car even though it is presented more as a sporty choice.

I have been mostly very satisfied with the performance and features. It has needed minimal maintenance over the last few years. I would definitely consider Chevy again in the future.

- Lou S

It runs smoothly, has good gas mileage, and is overall a very dependable vehicle.

I like that my car has plenty of trunk space, and has good mileage. It also runs pretty smoothly. On the downside, due to its age, the electronics are starting to have a few hiccups.

- K J

i love my car and everything about it.

i love this car, it is a very reliable car that me and my family rely on and trust it very much, we use it all the time for everyday runs and it gets us where we need to go perfectly

- Lane B

That the ac motor is on recall and has broken multiple times after being fixed.

Love the gas mileage. Hate the fact that the car had a recall and all of the ac motors have broken and I have had to spend over $4000 so far to fix something that continues to break.

- Jessica K

Pretty good on gas it takes 35 dollars to fill up my tank and I love it.

So far so good. Love my car, Chevy Impala. No noises,a all a this time. Very comfy, very roomy. Love the fact that I have had no issues. Love the color. Love everything about it.

- Celia M

Dependable and conservative

It is dependable and good on mileage. I don't like it that it is hard to see when looking out the windows to change lanes or pass. Seat Belt on passenger side is uncomfortable.

- Clarence B

It is comfortable. You can fit three people in the back and they're not squished.

I like the comfortable seats, the smooth turning, that it has an AUX cable plug in, the trunk space, and gas mileage. I dislike how large it is because I am not a large person.

- Whitney S

great sedan sized car good gas mileage , runs great fits 6 people comfortably

as of today there are no complaints in lieu of my Vehicle i love everything about it ,great passenger family car, fits myself & family comfortably ,it hasn't had any problems ,

- robin G

Al in all , the vehicles is very dependable and continue to run well for at least another 100,000 miles

It's a reliable , dependable car, it has a lot of miles on it but the engine seems to be strong, the engine holds compression, and I do regular maintenance on the vehicle

- John L

It's great on gas and very reliable

I love that my car is great on gas. With 3 boys now it's getting a bit too small for my family. It's been great and reliable for us and we have never had any major issues

- Jessica T

I would buy this chevy again. It has been very good to me.

My chevy is very comfortable, I have not had any problems with the engine. The engine has good power.this chevy is easy to drive,all the controls are very easy to reach.

- Danny C

Friendly reliable car :) Will last many more years

It's very spacious, gets good mileage, easy to drive, and hasn't had major problems. It has had a few problems though. It's a little short on head room for a tall person.

- Megan M

My car is a better car than most cars is.

My car is very reliable. It's good on mileage and low on gas. I love everything about my car. I love the antic lock system and the warning when I need something done.

- Doris L

The Chevy Impala is a really good car. It's dependable and fuel-efficient!

My Impala is a really good car. It's peppy and roomy. My kids fit in the back seat. I do wish that I had a bigger vehicle, but the Impala does well on fuel mileage.

- Grace M

It is a quality car. it's a good size for a family. It is very comfortable.

I like how it rides. It is pretty good on gas. It is very comfortable to take trips in. I love the big trunk. I love the looks of it also it is sporty for a sedan.

- Sandy D

it is a nice size and it has a powerful engine

I really can't think of anything negative about it. I like its size, the engine power. I am able to see out of the back window well and I am glad about that

- Luisanna W

Click, click, click the actuator drives me crazy.

Love the car but hate the heating and cooling system. The company is aware of the problem with the mechanics of the system but continue to use the same design.

- Gayla A

It has been very reliable and very low maintenance cost.

It always feels like it is on the verge of breaking down even though there's no issues with it. It sucks on snow and ice, which is basically all I drive on.

- Alexis A

Our impala is a certified used car. It has been a great car for my husband to use for work and very easy on gas considering he was needing to fill up at least once a week. The only thing I do not like is it sits so much lower than our SUV which is sometimes hard to get in and out of.

Dependable and very good gas mileage. You cannot go wrong owning a Chevrolet vehicle. We have had very minor repairs, which were only regular wear and tear.

- Carol S

Nice midsize car. Rides good.

I love my Impala. Nicest car I have ever owned. Very roomy and love the heated seats in the winter. Automatic start on remote. Love that on cold morning.

- Brenda G

Comfortable at the highest level. Not the standard bearer for looks, but a great ride.

It's a comfortable ride, not exactly the most extravagant or head turning with it's looks. It's definitely a smooth and comfortable ride that's enjoyable

- Jonah C

It is the best car for Its size, good mileage and speed

I like how fast it can gain speed as well as maintain speed. It has good gas Mileage as well as control. The only problem is the blind spots that it has

- Konn T

It has great gas mileage and rides smoothly. It has been mechanically sound with no issues has a great color and does well in the wintertime

I like my car because it is a family car. It fits my personality and the things I do in my life. It drives great has great gas mileage and is paid for!

- Mindy P

Impala air conditioning problems.

Good reliable car. The only issue that this car has is the service motors on the air conditioning always go out and make a clicking noise all the time.

- John H

It saves a lot of gas if that is what you are looking for in a car.

The only thing that I hate about the car is that the seats are lows which makes it harder to get out of the car, especially because of back problems.

- Alyssa F

Despite the appearance of a family car, it has a lot of power.

We are satisfied with our vehicle and have had few issues. Routine maintenance is all we have performed. Poser is good and gas mileage is excellent.

- Thelma G

It's a pain to change the headlights because you must remove the bumper to replace them.

It drives well but you have to remove the bumper to replace a headlight. It's reliable and easy to maintain. It's the newest car I have ever owned.

- John A

It has a remote starter which is nice when is hot or cold outside

What I dislike about my vehicle is it always messes up my hair. It doesn't have air blowing back for the back seats. And no back windshield wipers.

- Riley J

I love my car. It's a great safe family car

I absolutely love my car. I keep it well taken care of and haven't had problems. Very reliable. Great on gas. Traveling in it is very comfortable

- Racheal M

That it is a very good reliable car.

I like that my trunk is very deep. It also gets very good gas mileage. I do not like that it is virtually impossible to change the air filter.

- Michael G

It is cost efficient and is a comfortable ride for all.

I like the gas mileage that I receive. I like the comfortable ride of the vehicle. I don't like the wood inserts in the interior of the vehicle.

- Eric Y

The most important thing people should know about my car is how poorly it ages

My favorite thing about my car is how smoothly it drives. It has aged poorly though, losing power and gas mileage. The engine has also struggled

- Jordan W

has some blind spots, might be a bit bigger than what most people might like

comfortable with lots of space in front but back seat is rather crowded. drives nice. has large trunk. engine is powerful, car drives smoothly

- elizabeth s

Runs in top condition from day 1! So far, I've been very fortunate, no major problems and almost 100,000 miles.

This is one of the best cars I've ever own! Bought it new and no complaints from day 1. I took it around the country 3 times and no problems.

- robert e

My car is very reliable. It has over 100k miles on it.

It's been fairly reliable. Just regular maintenance and one wiring issue so far. I wish it had a back up camera. It's a comfortable car for me.

- Tricia S

Cherry Red in color with silver trim and black interior.

Fuel filter went out at 100,000 miles. Other than that, no issues! It has been a great car and currently has 107,000 on it. Great gas mileage!

- Alicia H

It is very reliable, not flashy, a typical car that I only have issues with every once in a while

I really like how reliable my car is, doesn't have many issues. But the way the car is built the front tires wear down faster than they should

- Lauren J

Everything is good and there ain't wrong.

Ain, t got no problems a the moment with my vehicle but I do I sure will get it fixed and I had the car about 6 years and it's a good vehicle.

- Cathy H

this chevy seems to be very reliable I would take it on a long trip.

lots of room and easy to drive. this chevy has lots of power, runs great and is very quiet. this impala is very comfortable and looks good.

- Danny C

The fuel line & its sensors are sensitive for lack of a better term so make sure you don't drive with a low fuel level longer than necessary

The chevy impala is a reliable vehicle. What I like personally us that its performance is just as good in the winter as any other season.

- Frankie S

The car is very spacious and great on mpg. Make sure you purchase the 2014 model.

Not very appealing on the body type, the transmission is starting to have issues. The newer body came out a year later. Bland and boring.

- Tiffany A

car drives nice, easy on gas and seems dependable.

like the car, except their are blind spots from head rests in the back seat. Also front window has blind spot in lower window corners

- he;en m

It I a very comfortable vehicle.

I. Like how it rides. I like the features. I like the size of vehicle. I love the cruise control. I love the electric window and doors.

- Betty G

One of the best cars I've owned

My Impala provides a comfortable ride, and pretty good gas mileage. The design fits my personality. I haven't had any problems with it.

- Alan G

Dependable with no major issues or repairs.

No complaints and has been a good comfortable car with no major repairs. . . Would buy another exactly like it new if it were possible.

- Greg R

The car is very reliable service wise. The things I don't like are because I chose the wrong perks.

This car has cloth seats and I prefer leather. Do not like the color. Other than that, the car is ok. It gets me where I have to go!

- Joy P

Smooth-riding and quiet, good mpg, great trunk space, roomy

I love the trunk capacity. The V-6 engine package is response. The mpg is impressive. I don't much care for the quality of the radio.

- Douglas H

It is reliable and fun to drive. Chevy is a trusted automobile maker with good value.

It is a good value because of its reliability at what it actually cost me. I love the way it performs on the road and the mph I get.

- John M

I have a 2012 grey Chevrolet Impala it runs good saves gas.

It had a clicking sound in the passenger side front part of the car. The car is fine overall. You just have to keep up with the car.

- Berthonia M

2012 Chevrolet Impala Review

It sometimes makes "noises", but seems to run alright. Check engine light comes on periodically, but diagnostic shows no problems.

- Ellen S

The problem with 2012 Impala.

It just has 60k on it and it is making all kinds of noises and would not crack four times for no reason already had key recall did.

- Tanya M

The Chevy Impala is a very comfortable car, perfect for leisurely drives.

I like that the seats are very comfortable and there is a lot of interior room. I wish it looked a little more sporty and modern.

- Traci W

It gets great gas mileage!

Good gas mileage. Rides smooth. Love all the extras as in showing miles left to empty. When oil needs changed. Tire pressure. Etc.

- Sam R

It runs really good it picked up speed on contact.

Noise making since bought coming near gas tank. Took it took repair and they said it was a bigger fast tank. I am still confused.

- Stephanie H

It comes from a reliable US company and overall it runs very well.

So far it has been very reliable with no major occurrences. I have had the brakes done and basic oil changes but nothing major.

- Michael H

Pretty good on gas mileage and very reliable.

I really enjoy the size and the interior and exterior. it's a good family car and very reliable. I do not have any complaints.

- Taylor W

Believe the fact that it drives well and is comfortable is most important.

Its fine. Not much to say. Gets me where I need to go. I am not a big car person so I do not have much to say. Like the color.

- Brittany M

It's a good vehicle no problems

Very little problems, smooth drive easy to work and understand. Reliability is good hardly any problems. Comfort level is fair

- Maria A

Affordable purchase price, and cost of maintenance.

I like that it's very reliable and easy to maintain. The only thing I really dislike is that I'd prefer a smaller vehicle.

- Beth B

great car plenty of power

faster than you would expect and plenty of trunk space not the best gas mileage but still good considering its performance

- Charles c

Not only do you gain a car but you get two new blind spots.

There is a major blind spot in the window on both sides because of how the windshield is curved and how tall the dash is.

- Elizabeth J

It's a reliable car. Never had it break down.

Great gas mileage. Perfect size, can fit anywhere. Comfortable. Great trunk space. A very reliable car for any occasion.

- Noah S

It rides so smooth, the power is great, and the radio is awesome.

I hate the color of the car, its gold, and the seats are tan fabric interior it makes it look like a very old lady car.

- Tori L

Great Gas Mileage!!!!! Hugh trunk and plenty of headroom.

Love my car. Low mileage and best of all it's paid for. Had to replace transmission at 70k but dealership paid for 1/2.

- Beverly Y

Everything plus a great price

Very comfortable , great mileage per gallon of gas , very reliable car. Anti skid features on it. Lots of air bags too

- Julia L

Its reliable. Its dependable. But it does make a clicking noise.

I love my vehicle. It drives smooth. It doesn't give me any problems. It does make a clicking sound though I dislike.

- Katie G

Chevy Impala is a fantastic car

This is a great car. No major problems. If you keep up on the regular maintenance this car will be in excellent shape

- Michael C

It is dependable worry free and fun to drive.

I like the gas mileage. I like the size and comfort. I like the power of the engine and the handling while traveling.

- Bill S

It gets me around. It has large trunk space, and is reliable and safe.

It is a big sedan. Being that it is a 2012 it is very outdated and made with cheaper parts than other 2012 vehicles.

- Olga M

It has good safety features.

I like that it is a four door. I like it has a big trunk for my family needs. I like how it handles in all weather.

- Shawn M

2012 Chevy Impala is dependable.

It's fast very comfortable. Nice size. Looks great very sleek. Low maintenance. Just oil changes and tire rotation.

- Anthony B

That it is comfortable and dependable.

I love it because it is very dependable. I don't like it because it is hard to find, everyone has one just like it.

- Wendy F

The things I have had issues with are the sway bar breaking and the ignition switch.

I've owned three Impala's the door handles fall off easy.They do run along time with high mileage which is a plus.

- Brandy C

It's done well with highway miles . The fuel efficiency has decreased some , but I have 160,000 miles on it

I've had it now for about five years with very little maintenance required. Very few problems. Does need new tires

- Angela A

Easy to use and drive car; great family car

Roomy interior, including the trunk. Great gas mileage. Smooth ride and handling. Easy to use buttons and controls

- Paul W

It gets good gas mileage.

Dislike- the vehicle was rental vehicle. Like - the vehicle is fun to drive. Like - the vehicle has a big trunk.

- Leif M

Great Chevy Impala with no problems

No problems. It has been running great. It has lots of room and leg space. The engine is quite and saves on gas.

- Necole C

Very Roomy, Lots of Storage

it is a nice car, it has a lot of room and goes well in the snow, the trunk is very big to store a lot of stuff.

- Karen J

The size is perfect, feels safe on the road not too big not too small.

It has great performance is easy to drive and very comfortable starts easy is quite has nice look great mileage.

- Bonnie A

Even though it has the mileage on it, he runs pretty good.

I love my car. Lots of memories in that car, it is my baby honestly. I like that it can go fast really quickly.

- Jessica S

It's the best car in the whole wide world.

Best car ever! It is the only car I want to drive. It is a very reliable car with great performance. I love it.

- Virginia F

Comfortable to drive and ride long distances, lots of good features

I love love the automatic start and all the room there is in the car. I also like the big trunk and smooth ride

- donna s

The brand is very good, is nice.

I like it is a good brand, I like the color, is comfortable, spacious, I like the a/c, I love it, is the best.

- Brenda A

My 2012 Impala is extremely dependable and economical.

Great on gas. Easy to keep up with routine maintenance. Interior is very comfortable. Trunk space is awesome.

- Rebecca K

Nothing. It's a good dependable car.

I love my car its a good car and has great gas mileage. Other then the little problems. Also like the sunroof.

- Brooke G

It's good value for the money.

Car rides smooth and is very reliable. Usual wear and tear tires and brakes. Gas is good but could be better.

- Andrea F

For a full size sedan, this vehicle, if driven carefully, will give you better gas mileage than the rated mileage on the paperwork.

I have not had issues with this vehicle...it has run reliably. I find the vehicle very comfortable to drive.

- Vera H

Having a car is very important to my everyday life.

I like the color of my car, its black. I like that it's a full size car. I love that I don't have a car note

- Lisa B

It is reliable decent gas mileage comfort.

Everything about my car mileage the up keep is easy I just like it very much repair are easy on the pocket.

- Deborah B

Great gas mileage and lots of trunk room. Enough seating for 4 adults comfortably

It is small but gets good gas mileage, I do like the four doors and large trunk but would rather have a van

- Cynthia S

It is a 2012, white with gray interior

I love that Chevrolet is a reliable car company. The Impala is a great car to own, and it is very reliable.

- Terry J

The car gets great gas mileage.

I like the ride. it's comfortable. it gets good gas mileage. I don't like no temp display inside the car.

- mark D

Love the color, size, shape and performance.

Good on my back with the cushions. Impressive steering wheel. A life saver in the winter months and such.

- Quincy s

The ride is smooth. You have a heated seat for winter.

I like the engine type in this car. I would have liked this car to be a little more flashy with upgrades.

- Jena J

It's roomy and dependable.

I like the large back seat to fit my three children. I don't like the synthetic oil changes it requires.

- Stephanie B

It is very roomie. It is also comfortable.

My last impala was great. I got over 200,000 miles with very limited repairs. Only oil and tire changes.

- Beverly K

we bought our Chevy back in 2012 absolutely love the car

Front is comfortable and roomy Back is small and not much legroom Gets great gas mileage Very reliable

- Donna D

It is very reliable and I can count on it whenever I need to

very dependable, smooth ride. low maintenance. It is very good on the road and has good fuel mileage.

- terry F

We are paying for a car that we constantly have to repair. I would not recommend buying a Chevy Impala.

The stability track is bad and we have had nothing but trouble out of it. Battery issues are constant.

- Chadd T

That it will keep you safe when you hit a deer.

It is smooth to ride and drive. It has lasted a long time. It is roomy on the inside and in the trunk.

- Tiffany S

Chevy impala 2012 Nacogdoches Texas, College Student

I love my car. It is fast and comfortable, getting me from point A to point B in the best way possible

- Matt Z

A very reliable car. Great family vehicle.

I love my car. It has been very reliable. I've only needed minor repairs and I'm almost to 200k miles.

- Shanon M

It has more power than you would think at first glance.

It is basic in overall aspects but has alot of modern nice things. No dislikes I really like the car.

- Thomas B

It has lots of space inside.

Love everything. No complaints. Has great gas mileage and has enough room for passengers and luggage.

- Julian O

Gold 2012 Chevy Impala that is very dependable with great gas mileage

The car is very roomy, great on gas mileage, very dependable, performance is great, very comfortable

- Tina S

My car is dependable and gets me from point A to point B. Might not be flashy but I have driven this brand of vehicles for 15 years.

Provides a good ride. Has been reliable. Not super expensive to buy. Dislike the screechy window.

- Kim C

Sedan with good gas mileage, comfortable ride with a large trunk.

I have had no problems with it. Drives smoothly. Gas mileage is average for a sedan. large trunk.

- Theresa T

I like how smooth it drives. The only thing I have found that I dislike is that it rusts fairly easily.

It does rust easily so make sure to keep up on car washes and wipe down the inside of the doors.

- Caitlyn T

It's reliable and comfortable. Not expensive to maintain.

It's a comfortable and reliable Chevy. Drives easy and smooth. Few repairs and feel safe in it.

- Annie S

Good interior design, very spacious!

Design fits my personality. Easy to navigate. Large trunk for storage. Nothing to dislike.

- James y

The most important thing about my car is that it is good on gas.

I like the way it rides. It's good on gas. It has comfortable seats. Also plenty of room.

- georgette s

Great Gas Mileage and low Maintenance

Great on gas mileage, and also plenty of room, and great for traveling and everyday use.

- Matthew V

It looks good on the inside and outside but have too many problems.

It have too many problems. I just got the car recently and it's already having problems.

- Shederick M

It is good on gas mileage

It has a lot of trunk room. It is small. It has good ac. I love everything about My car

- Tashia B

The most important thing people should know is that it's a car worth investing in

I love that it's four door. It has good mileage, and is a good car for getting around.

- Susana B

it's nice and easy to drive with good gas mileage,only

i like how it drive and move the only problem is how much blind spots are in the car

- keaton R

That I hate having a battery in the trunk, because of the stop and go traffic

Love the color, it's very slow, cuts out at stop signs, very roomy for all the kids

- Cindy C

Need to really make sure that you are getting the best quality for your money

Has a lot of blind spots. Does not drive well. Ha's a lot of bounce from the tires

- Shirley B

It is Reliable and comfortable, a ride you'll enjoy!

It is comfortable transportation. I enjoy driving it. It is just the right size.

- Debbie W

Fuel economy powerhouse. Smooth ride. Very comfortable.

I love the fuel economy in my car. The installation of my battery is difficult.

- Anthony C

It runs smoothly, gets good gas mileage.

It is roomy comfortable to ride in. I get good gas mileage. It runs well.

- Arlene N

It is an easy car to drive and park. It is very comfortable.

Like the style. Like the color. Has enough room. Has enough trunk space.

- Dorothy C

It is a very good value and is very reliable.

It is very sporty. It is very comfortable. I gets great gas mileage.

- Matt d

Like low overall maintenance, but it does not show the outside temperature

It's just OK, but it does not have as good of a ride as my old Buick.

- Joanne L

Roomy Low miles satellite radio

I like the size of it. It has low miles I like the satellite radio.

- Sharron U

Good gas mileage, smooth ride, generous cabin and trunk space

Like - mileage, trunk size, low maintenance Dislike - net in trunk

- Autumn L

Best car I have ever owned

Like the way it handles, reliable, economical, low maintenance

- Mike E

i have not had any problems with it and love the comfort and the gas mileage is great like the color combo as well

it is very comfortable and relaxing when driving on the highway

- richard b

Great vehicle for any age

Size storage smooth ride runs great overall wonderful vehicle

- Heather M

iits gas mileage and durability and very comfortable

gets good gas mileage . is easy to drive...has a big trunk

- mike h

If the car breaks down are something u can call in your car for someone to come fix it.

I love that it has heated seats Nice speakers Mobile devices

- Camilla N

I love it. It handles wonderful. Has lots of legroom. Big trunk.

Smooth ride, fully equipped, roomy. Gets great gas mileage.

- Sonya U

Comfortable seating (including heated seats), easy handling, large trunk, under the seat storage in the back.

It is a long car and sometimes that is hard to get used to.

- Carrie P

It is extremely reliable.

It is very sturdy. A lot of legroom. A huge trunk. Reliable

- Andrea A

It's good on gas and has plenty of room for family.

I have no complaints. It's good on gas. It easy to drive.

- Glo S

It's mine car and I don't let anybody drive it because if something happens to if you're not going to own up to it.

It has lots of power get me down the road, no complaints

- Miriam C

It's comfortable on long trips. It gets good mileage. It has a large trunk for luggage.

It's dependable and very comfortable to drive long trips

- Susan M

It has been affordable and dependable. It gets poor gas mileage.

Comfortable. It is dependable. It gets poor gas mileage.

- John J

The car has very nice speakers. A nice looking car without being too expensive. Very dependable, I've only had issues with the tires. Perfect starting out car. No complaints

It's a great investment and very dependable for a car.

- Ashley T

It's fast and customized the way I want it and like

Love everything hate nothing about it I am truly happy

- Zachary Z

Repairs are expense. Runs good. Drives good. Good gas mileage. Dependability.

Good running car but have had a lot of repairs on it.

- Linda V

It's the best for a tall guy.

i love the color. i love the speakers. no complaints.

- James F

good gas miles and lots of power rides good

too many problems, windshield leaks, abs light on

- gary S

It is a good decent vehicle for its use.

- Mary T