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Mr. Very happy 2016 Chevy impala lt owner.

My 2016 Chevy impala is a great vehicle. The v-6 engine has remarkable acceleration and cruises smoothly at highway speeds. The vehicle has a stylish interior with easy to reach controls for radio and ac/heat. Controls are also built into the steering wheel. The front seats are very comfortable and spacious. The rear seats offer plenty of legroom while providing a very comfortable ride. The trunk is large and spacious. Yes, and by the way; the body style looks very nice. I have only one concern with my 2016 Chevy impala, lt and that is the limited view in the rear window. The rear window is small and this definitely reduces the rear view. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance and look of this vehicle. I definitely recommend this vehicle to everyone. Thank you.

- Tony D

Best small family vehicle!

Best car I have ever owned!! Drives well. It is big and roomy, without feeling big. It is sportier than most full sized sedans and has a sports car feel to it. But it is the perfect size for a small family car. The trunk space is huge!!! I am able to fit a full size jogging stroller in the trunk plus go get groceries without having to worry about space. The space in the backseat is optimal! I am able to put a rear-facing infant car seat in the back without causing the driver or front passenger to have their legs all up in the dash. I haven't encountered any problems and have had the vehicle for two years. I will definitely be buying another Impala when this one wears out. I would recommend them to anybody

- Megan H

The exhaust I like so much.

I like the model I got the Impala Limited LTZ. It's like a souped up version Like the SS but with a luxury feel also inside. The spoiler on the back I believe is what sets it off. It is the second dark colored car I have owned and yes it's pretty and sharp clean. It's hard to keep it that way. If you wash it. You HAVE TO dry it off quickly before you get water spots on it.Even the dew causes water spots. And while it's a souped up version I have a heavy foot and the sound on the exhaust. Makes me get on it a little more than I should cause it will always makes the MPG a lot lower. But still love it.

- guy g

There is no key fob, which means it is a keyless entry.

I have had no problems with my car since I have purchased it. It runs really good. It is also go in gas. I have driven it to Georgia from Illinois and didn't have anything problems. Haven't had any recalls which is a good thing. I also have a warranty on it which helps a lot. Like a rock hit my windshield and pretty much damaged entire window and it was covered under warranty. The seats are really comfortable and easy to adjust. Back seat is huge can fit about 4 average size people. I also have a touch screen radio. And it works with apple CarPlay. OnStar is amazing.

- Mel W

I feel safe, comfortable, confident, and very happy with my car.

I love how quiet it is. I feel comfortable, plenty of space and I do not feel boxed in. Great for long distance driving. The only real problem that I have encountered is from my area. It is in sagebrush, desert land and the chipmunks, squirrels and mice get into the wiring and cause havoc. The only problems or issues that I have had with the Impala is all man or animal mishaps ant not from the car itself. I cannot say it enough. , I live my car.

- Teresa M

4. 5/5. Love it! Great car with one quirk.

I love it, it is beautiful and has great features. I love the backup camera, the beautiful leather interior, the great sound system (I believe it is standard). I wish it were a little better on gas but it is a great car anyway. Other than that I think the seat is not as comfortable as other cars I have driven, my mom actually found that the shape of the seat irritated her sciatica when she drove it.

- Madeline W

Smooth, spacious family sedan.

The Chevy impala is a great family sedan. It has a large, spacious trunk as well as back seat. It comes with all the modern technology specks that most newer cars have. The Bluetooth works great and the voice recognition software is easy to use. There is almost zero road noise when traveling. Along with most Chevrolet vehicles it is very reliable and requires your typical maintenance.

- Jessica S

Durable, spacious and safe.

The greatest feature about my car is the reliability and durability. I live in a high traffic area and knowing that my brakes work efficiently when someone pulls out in front of me or slams on their breaks really makes me feel safe. Although it is a 5 passenger car, the ceiling and space is more than comfortable to fit exactly that amount. I would greatly recommend this vehicle.

- Victoria R

Why I love my Impala. It's a great family vehicle and is a dependable investment.

I really love my Impala, it has great features that came with it. I love the color, the care has plenty of room for my kids. It's great for shopping, the trunk has a lot of space. I has a smooth ride on the hwy. The car has great mileage and my husband loves that part the most. The sound system is great also, it has a clear sound and sounds great.

- Kimberly Sells S

My Chevrolet. I love that this vehicle is equipped with Wi-Fi!

The vehicle is very good on gas. The vehicle is very low maintenance. The vehicle is very comfortable and roomy! The vehicle is equip with Wi-Fi OnStar and satellite radio! The vehicle is very affordable and the note was reasonable!! The vehicle is black with chrome wheels with tinted windows! The vehicle also have a high quality sound system!

- RHonda C

Great for the money. I will definitely buy another one if I need to.

Excellent on the road. Smooth ride. Great heating and cooled seats, and heated steering wheel. Beautiful color. Love that the trim inside the car lights up to blue at night and I love the built in GPS system. Auto windows and seats. Great gas mileage in town and on the highway. This is buy far a wonderful car and well worth the price.

- Annette H

Great family car. Good smooth ride for long or short trips.

My husband is a big man, tall, and he sits in it comfortable. Lots of room. Quite and smooth ride. Bought it because we were having a baby. Back up camera is nice along with the heated leather seats. Only one CD able to be loaded into CD player. Big trunk for lots of stuff that makes it nice for long trips in order to fit everything.

- Stella C

It is the newer body style not the impala limited.

I really like the Bluetooth and mirror linking capabilities it has. It also has menu selection with push button scrolling on steering wheel for everything from radio tuning, answering calls, and general car information such as tire pressure. I do not like that it has to have software updates for things like electrical power steering.

- Monica P

It will hold up to five people.

I love my impala it is cheap on gas and I love the way it drives. My husband uses it to drive back and forth to work because the motor blew up in his truck. Everybody that rides in it is comfortable because it has air conditioning. I have 20 year warranty on it so all repairs are covered which is great. Overall it is a great car.

- Angel C

Just a great ride performance of all.

It's just all out great smooth ride comfort amazing. Control is great all you gas mileage a plus sporty as well as family vehicle everywhere you go you get completes noise control a plus roomy and affordable must have its loyalty on the road not breaking down holding up when you need speed or if you just want to cruise.

- Jennifer W

I think that Chevrolet is great and say that I am getting very good gas mileage.

My 2016 Impala is very dependable and is so comfortable to drive and I will say that I am not having any problems out of this car at all and I will say that I recommend the Chevrolet because I have gotten a lot of great service and I will be buying another one of those Chevrolet because it is a great vehicle.

- Robert C

I would recommend this car to anyone.

Very good on gas, comfortable, reliable. Love the color. I get people asking about the car all the time. Once my son got his license the car was very comfortable for him driving. Since we purchased car we have no had any problems. The seats in the car are very comfortable, plenty of leg space front and back.

- Samantha S

You will not regret buying this car.

This is the most comfortable car I have owned. There is so much space (which is important for me to be able to fit my 2 dogs in the back seat). Not to mention it is great on gas! I am in love with this car. It makes road trips a breeze, and I make long trips every other week so that was important to me.

- Thalia K

This car is a long term family friendly car that has seen many miles under many weather conditions that has left me feeling safe to have my teen drive. It is roomy and fuel efficient. Perfect purchase for the family that wants a car with longevity.

This is our third Impala. Our family loves this car due to its roominess. I have large men (6'5) that need a lot of head/leg space. They have all been reliable, never needing any major repair work. There have been so serious miles put on each of them. Our family is loyal the the Chevy Impala brand.

- Beverly R

Drive safely, be cool, wait until you are out of school, so you can drive safely.

My car is safe, we love it because it has safety features, made in modern day times we're so thankful, as we feel safe, while traveling having our car, gives us hope, for all to drive safely too we're so excited, for day trips, vacations car ride adventures, cruising to dunkins, and the open roads.

- chris T

My Impala is white and u love her.

I love my car and the dealer I am working with. They really helps and understand about late payments. I drive a Chevy Impala 16 it is been almost a year now and she runs great no problems at all. I have to do is keep the oil change. Drive time is where I brought the car the people there was great.

- Jonathan B

The most important thing others should know about my car is the fact that it is AMAZING on gas mileage for long trips. I've drove it about halfway across the USA and back home on less than $100 in gas!!

My car is one of my most prized possessions! I love all the dash features on it and really enjoy how it tells me whatever it needs, it makes owning a car simple for a woman. The only thing I don't particularly love about my car is the leather seats, they are usually freezing cold or burning hot.

- Natasha B

The car is just great so roomy.

My car is pretty much worried free I get excellent gas mileage repairs are very cheap it rides like it on rails and is very easy to handle it has lot of room and the trunk is very spacious it came with a 2 year warranty bumper to bumper but for a used car it feels like new and it looks great.

- Gwendolyn R

It is roomy and spacious for a family, and gets good gas mileage.

This vehicle is very comfortable and spacious for a family of 4. It runs great. I have the old model and they did not put a backup camera or digital speedometer on it which is a negative for me. Otherwise the other features for the lets model are good. Gets good gas mileage and is reliable.

- Karen C

Impalas are great for road trips.

The impala has a ton of room, both in the front and the back which is nice for me (bigger guy) and great for road trips. The trunk is also very roomy and the ride is quite smooth. The vehicle is pretty long though, so a backup camera is helpful. It is longer than my girlfriend's forester.

- Allan D

Review for 2016 Chevy Impala lt 4 door sedan 6 cyl.

Great sedan, luxury features. I like the 6 cylinder power and I love the leather interior. Very smooth car ride. The convenience of communication, navigation, and adaptive cruise control, with assisted car parking, love the backup camera. Heated seats great for the winter. Great mileage.

- Greta J

The impala is all about detail.

I love the car overall. The seats are made with a nice leather material and contain many details. The radio screen moves and the valet lock feature helps when traveling. The car ride is smooth and the trunk space is able to fit a small kayak or a 55 inch TV. Very good family car.

- Ally M

2016 Chevy Impala, always work needed.

We just bought a used Chevrolet Impala that was used as a sales car before we bought it. Because of that it had been taken care of very well, but it did already have a lot of mileage. As with all Chevys now that it is over 100, 000 m there is always some small problem occurring.

- Samantha S

The best part of my car is the sunroof. I love being able to put it down.

I love my car. I purchased it at a local small dealership. The engine seems to rev louder then my 2006 Impala but it still works great. I have a sunroof and controls on the steering wheel for the radio. Comes with a CD player and an AUX hook up. Perfect for what I need to do.

- Breanna L

The Chevy Impala is my perfect, family friendly dream car!

I love my Impala, it is a very spacious sedan so we all fit comfortably. Even though it is a family car, the features let me feel like I am young and in style when I ride alone. The ride is smooth and quiet. I love it! The safety features help me feel confident in the drive.

- Carmel C

Impala: America's greatest car.

Its works great and has four doors and can carry up five people two in front three in back. It is drives great and has very little issues. It is comfortable and has leather seating which is nice. It comes in a variety of colors my car is white, but their are a great variety.

- George W

It's a good car. I would consider this vehicle to anyone.

It's a good reliable car to drive. It drives really smooth. It has good heat and air conditioning. It's a good family car to go on long road trips. My kids really love the car. I would consider this car for anyone that has a little family. The seats are really comfortable.

- Angelica J

Chevrolet impala 2016, spacious enough for a family. Love the body of the car.

So far I have not had any issues with the car. I love the smooth ride. It is spacious enough and comfortable enough. Gas mileage is great! The body shape of the car is perfect! Interior is cloth but is easy to keep clean. Price is reasonable and not over the top expensive.

- Maria L

Comfort and style at an affordable price.

The 2016 Chevy Impala is has roomy, comfortable seats, great moon roof, attractive appearance, great backup sensor and camera, smooth ride and drive. We have been driving the car for two years and have had no problems at all. I really enjoy driving and riding this car.

- Howard T

Love this car! Very spacious and smooth ride.

This car is very comfortable and roomy and has all the technology features I was looking for. Very smooth ride. The vehicle looks great too. The touch screen is a little slow to respond but other than that I have no complaints. I would definitely recommend this car.

- Mary D

Blind spots when changing lanes.

There are blind spots which make it difficult to see when changing lanes on the interstate. Also the back window is small which makes it difficult to see sometimes. Other than those two things I really like the car. It is very comfortable and has been dependable.

- Shannon N

300 hp for a stock sedan!

I have had my Impala for about 2 years now and has driven wonderfully, I have experienced some minor issues with the car up until I discovered my steering made a funny noise. Although it did not affect the cars driving ability I still want to have it checked out.

- Aaron P

It is a smooth ride you hardly feel bumps love the heated and cooling in seats.

Very hard to get in and out of car. Steering wheel does not go up high enough. Smooth ride over bumps love the heated seats and steering wheel. Have hit my head a few times getting in and out of car and I am only 5’5". Love the seat coolers and seat warmers.

- Karen C

Looks luxurious for a cheap price.

It is very reliable comfortable good on gas. Rides smoothly on long drives looks stylish for a reasonable price interior is nice seats are comfortable enough room for me and my family to stretch and enjoy a long drive I absolutely love my car it's fantastic.

- Brenda J

Chevy Impala is a great vehicle overall and wonderful for families.

The Chevy Impala has a smooth drive with comfortable seating and lots of room. There is a lot of trunk space too which is incredible for a sedan. I have been very happy with this car and would buy another in the future. I honestly do not have any complaints.

- Kimberly H

Another wonderful car to own.

The performance of my car is exceptional as it is not a 'gas-eater' yet just the opposite. It is good when taking in for the yearly check on all parts and servicing, getting the usual treatment, in and out, of the service bay, and back on the road again.

- Jeffrey C

Impala 2016 luxury vehicle, plenty of space and max comfort.

Been very reliable, only negative thing I would say is there was a factory issue with the gas cap sensor causing the check engine light to be on. It is decent on gas and very spacious, comes with a great stick sound system. I wish it had heated seats.

- Ashley O

Very enjoyable vehicle, second time buyer.

Stylish loaded with all the options, nice ride. I think the side view mirrors are too large and hinder vision. Good gas mileage. A little nervous about having so many electronics as the vehicle ages. Love the heated and cooled sets and large moonroof.

- Kathy M

Chevy Impala is a good buy for a large car.

I enjoy driving the Chevrolet Impala. It is a larger car with plenty of legroom. My car has the start/ stop engine. I would not get that type again. Its okay but I would prefer no stop/ start. The ride is very smooth. The seats are very comfortable.

- Rebecca R

Impala review. Pros and cons.

Very reliable. Love the keyless entry start button. Ok gas mileage. Only discomfort is the starting wheel upon getting in and out of the vehicle. Need more room. And I'm a small person. Would also love it if they had cup holders in the backseat.

- Amanda M

It does have the capability to have a plug in outlet.

It drives like a champ. It does have the automatic shut off system that is annoying at times but I actually am use to it now. It is a very reliable vehicle and the comfortability for backseat passengers is great as well.

- John M

It is very fuel efficient with saves energy and it also saves money. You can use the most cost-efficient gas and it still saves energy.

I like the much improved features from previous Chevy models. General Motors put more thought and effort into the manufacturing process. the car rides very smooth and has amenities that make driving a better experience.

- Princeton C

It has great gas mileage or I should say very fuel efficient

I love the design of my vehicle. It is loaded with all the options that make your drive and ride comfortable. It has a lot of safety features. I wish it had heated and cool seats in the rear the same as the front

- Joshua O

Runs good nice looking and a comfortable ride.

My 2016 Chevrolet impala runs and ride pretty good. I paid 16, 499 in 2017 used certify used car. I have taken on the road to New York on two occasion and had know problem. All in all it's a pretty good car.

- Eddie S

This is a great car to drive! I put 40, 000 miles on it last year and enjoy all of my sitting in it!

I really love this car, it is very comfortable to drive. the only problem with leather seats is that my legs stick in the summer and it is very cold in the winter. Other than that, I really enjoy the car

- Stacey B

Its mines and you will not have it. I love it.

I am not selling my car or cars. Why is this even relevant to me. Why are my cars so important to you that you bring it up. I don't approve of this and I will not approve of this are you crazy.

- A S

I think people should know how spacious and roomy the acadia is.

Do not like the payment but I love everything else! It rides very smooth. Very comfortable seating. Awesome for long trips. Very nice interior. Spacious seats and spacious room in the trunk.

- Deb P

Lt seems to have bad breaks or the brake pads are bad.

Drives really weird. Does not have the capability to keep gas in. I love that it starts up right away, and does not die on me. It is a safe car for my kids, and it does not go over 100 mph.

- Melissa M

It drives very smooth and is very quiet.

It drives very smooth, the car drives very quiet, you cannot hear it from the inside. The tire sensor does not tell the correct things, though I am not sure if it is a manufacturing issue.

- Krystal P

Love the usb ports to put my phone charger in, has 3 ports and you can also plug an attachment for an additional port.

I love my Impala, the seating is very comfortable and great for longer trips in the car. The technology is great, I love the touch screen on my dash. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- allyson s

It is a comfortable ride with plenty of room and gets great gas mileage

Love my car . It is perfect. No complaints .it gets great gas mileage and I love driving it. Very comfortable ride. I have had it for 2 years and still love it as much as the day I got it

- Diana P

It gets good gas mileage and is dependable.

I like our car because it gets good mileage and is big enough for my wife and our dogs to travel in. I do wish that it had a backup camera and we could connect our phones via Bluetooth.

- Michael M

Not a car to save money with.id rather get a honda or a prius

Have had past air conditioning problems it would start making a clicking noise.had to get water pump replaced within a year.just had to change alternator and ecm went out after 3 years

- Kara W

It gets amazing gas mileage.

I absolutely love my impala. It gets amazing gas mileage and still has power. The transmission shifts itself smoothly and it is a comfortable ride, not to mention all the space inside.

- Thalia L

My Chevrolet is a quality trouble free american made car.

I like the styling. I like how quiet it is. It is a very comfortable ride. I don't like the fuel door access on the passenger side of the car requiring walking around car to refuel.

- Mike J

Overall performance is awesome, traction control errors are the only issue.

Over love our impala!! Comfort sleek design, great on gas and fun to drive! Only issue We've had is traction control acts up and causes stability control errors to come up on dash.

- Heather S

I like it very much, roomy take off nicely. Gas could be better.

It seems to be wasting gas extremely fast. No review camera, so I can see from behind. I like the way it take off, it picks up nice. I like the size and space I have in the inside.

- Roger P

It has great safety features.

I love the space, how comfortable it is. It drives nice. I love all of the features it has, like Chevy link and how I am able to remote start it through my OnStar Chevy app.

- Jennifer D

Good mileage and runs great when taken care of.

I like the interior design and it has the space I need. It has good gas mileage. I do not like that the outside can get damaged very easily. It is overall a good vehicle.

- Jessica M

It gets great gas mileage for a large car. Even though it's a full size, the mileage is similar to a smaller car.

I love the style of the body. The interior is nicely laid out so that everything is accessible. The only negative I've noticed is larger blind spots than other cars.

- Patty F

It is very safe and has great gas mileage.

I love the color of my car. I like that it gets very good gas mileage. It has a very roomy trunk and I need a seat and leg home. In Palos are a very good sturdy car.

- deb M

It has more space than you expect.

I like the comfortable heated seats. I like the backup camera, and how it moves when you turn the wheel. I wish the connectivity of the display was more intuitive.

- Charles M

I like Chevrolet vehicles because they come with more options at a cheaper price then other vehicles.

I love everything about my vehicle. I have a LTZ version so my car is fully loaded. I like the way it looks and the way it handles. I wish it was better on gas.

- Debra R

Head room for my tall husband. I am short and it is comfortable for me to drive.

My Impala has great air & heat. It rides very smooth. It has good gas mileage and is very reliable. It is my second Impala and I would consider buying another one.

- Amy D

Impala Delivers Amazing Comfort and Best in Class Performance.

Fully loaded and supremely comfortable. This vehicle is a joy to drive on both short and extended trips. And the OnStar feature is a game-changer for the better.

- Enrique D

Very great car with very good and easy to handle and take care of.

This vehicle has very good performance. The car is very low maintenance and it is a very good size. There is a lot of space in the front and back for the family.

- Sadia H

Wish gas was better, very spacious and nice clean look.

V6 uses a lot of gas, no problems with it so far, rides very smooth, reliable a few blind spots not so comfortable, get fully loaded to get 100% satisfaction.

- roger P

This car is great if you want a comfortable ride from point A to point B.

It's a reliable car that gets me from point A to point B. The car is a comfortable ride and I have no complaints. The car run smoothly and I have no problem.

- Joe S

It has a backup camera which is really good when you are backing out of a parking space.

I like how smooth a ride I have in my car. The gas mileage is very good. I like that this vehicle has a backup camera which makes backing up much easier.

- Cheryl C

I think it's a good family sedan for those who don't wish to drive an SUV or minivan.

Like that it has good power, roomy, moon roof, and it's pretty comfortable. Lack of optional technology in this particular model but it was a good deal.

- Terri M

It is mine and it is easy to drive and it is silver.

It is roomy, has the latest Bluetooth technology so it is nice not to have to hold a phone while you talk. I love the trunk! And it is easy to drive.

- Jennifer S

It's likely nicer than yours.

Loaded 2LT Impala. Had to have all the options. Leather, sunroof, pearl paint, V6. Has a flex fuel engine, but fuel mileage is poor when using E85.

- David H

It is very reliable. Wished it was better on gas mileage.

I like that It's has hands free calling. Also it is very roomy. It handles really well on the road. I just don't like that there is no CD player.

- Amber A

The way back fits a large dog.

I like the midnight package - black wheels and black trim with the black color. I like how the car drives. I like the technology. No complaints.

- Katherine A

It is a perfect size with luxury features. It also has a sleek look.

My impala is very roomy. It looks expensive, but I think I got a value. I really like the features in the car (media, onstar, and hands free).

- Tanya T

This car has a very smooth ride

I really like this car. It rides very smooth and is comfortable. It has Apple carplay and that is nice because I can use my gps from my phone.

- Doug O

reliable. comfortable. great sales.

Like the get up and go the car has, the features of the interior, and the shape of the exterior. I dislike the uncomfortableness of the seats.

- Anne L

It's is very affordable and also very reliable. Not to mention all of the space.

My Chevrolet impala is very nice. It has a push start it has four doors runs great with 80k miles on it. Very spacious car good for a family.

- Joseph N

Can't go wrong with an impala

This Car is very smooth drive. Very spacious inside. Safe For Kids and infants. Love the features. Only downside , not all have backup camera

- Tatyana M

Impala, great car! Nothing negative to say

I haven't had any problems with my impala yet. It is a very nice and comfortable car. I like the screen features in the speedometer cubby.

- Max D

Faster than I thought great performance

Tire issues lots of road noise but rides comfortably traded in mercedes for Chevrolet due to lack of service by mercedes happy with chevy

- Lisa W

Good size, so there is plenty of room.

It is very lacking in features: no CD player, USB port, backup camera and pick up. It also cuts off when idle, which can be annoying.

- Meredith H

Safety rating is 5 stars. Drives very smooth.

Drives really nice. Great road trip car. Lots of room. Great on gas. Good safety rating. We own 2 Impalas. Just a great family car.

- Katie T

My car is very reliable and comfortable! It is a pleasure to drive for work fun, and travel.

No problems Awesome performance/great pickup Incredibly reliable Very comfortable X-m radio/dual temp control/cell phone connection

- Bonnie B

It is very reliable. I have not once worried about whether or not I will make it to my destination.

It is very nice on gas. I have had very few problems with my vehicle since purchase. The steering is nice and the brakes are great.

- Bethany N

Safety features make it a great choice. Excellent handling and comfort.

Great ride and nice handling. Enjoy the safety features. Decent gas mileage. Very roomy for all. LTZ packaging is very classy

- Kim F

It is great on gas and is a very smooth ride.

I lease the car so I have to keep track of the miles. I do not like that it is a base model. I do like that it is great on gas!

- Rachel V

It's American made that keeps people employed. It is a great car for a family.

It is comfortable and the ride is enjoyable. The interior is nice and all the options I have are great. I love the large trunk

- Reggi L

Small dependable car for basic needs

This vehicle is a very dependable vehicle. It has power seats, vs player and auto start. It is good for what we need it for.

- Jennifer M

It is a reliable car that offers great mileage and comfort.

Looks great, I have gotten many compliments on the styling/lines. It also rides great for passengers. And, it drives great.

- Tony E

You are going to get great gas mileage with it.

I like the gas mileage I get with it. But really dislike the lack of power and no pickup. I miss the power of my older car.

- Deb P

It's reliable. It's a family car but the body looks sporty.

I like the way it looks, the color, the way it drives and the features it has. There isn't anything I don't like about it.

- Rozie R

Drives super and very good on gas.

My car drives wonderful and it handles very well, and it is very reliable and good on gas, very comfortable seats as well.

- Teresa P

Comfortable and great ride.

I love the way it rides and drives and gets good gas mileage. I like my white color and all the features it has with it.

- Debbie H

It saves me a ton of money on gas.

It rides wonderfully and is great on gas. My only problem with car is the size. I am used to driving a smaller vehicle.

- Mary M

They are wonderful on and off the interstate.

Compact. Big trunk. Decent gas mileage.. Needs better stereo and gas mileage could be better. Like the color and style.

- Mike M

Incomplete impala wondering how it was cleared for the road

Several recalls very bad electrical issues not very good on gas and seems to takes computer to long to catch up to gps

- Ebony W

My car rides great. Smooth

Love how it drives, how well the air conditioning works. Don't like center console on floor takes away from roominess

- Stacy J

It's amazing! I don't even know how to describe it!

Love all the features about it, especially back up camera. Love the heated and cooling seats! No dislikes as of yet.

- Tanya R

It was awarded as very safe car.

I like that it has backup camera. It very spacious and comfortable interior. I love the body and shape of exterior.

- Laura F

That it is overall a great car that handles great.

I have no complaints. It handles well, is stylish, and roomy. I find it comfortable and it gets good gas mileage.

- Richard D

Awesome look, great features inside, wonderful car.

Very comfortable, no problems so far, would tell to a friend that is it the best car I have owned. Great features.

- Sydney B

That its mines and that I own it.

Drives well, big enough to be comfortable. Air conditioning works well. Plenty of trunk space. Good radio system.

- Patricia W

That it is way bigger than it looks. Lots of space on the inside.

I love all the room in the car. It is perfect for our family. It has great gas mileage. I don't dislike anything.

- Morgan W

It gets good gas mileage and rides comfortably and has a good ac in it.

I like the good gas mileage. I like the smooth ride but I do not like the auto stop feature it is very annoying.

- Elizabeth M

The ride of my life is awesome

My ride is really fast and gas efficient. It is very dependable with high tech features and great stereo sound.

- David M

You have access to On Star if you choose to have it on.

It just an average car which I wish it had bluetooth connection and USB port. It seem to be efficient with gas.

- Chris E

Chevy impalas are very safe vehicles for crash testing

I like the nice smooth ride comfortable seating .I most like separate heating and cooling control on each side

- Renne S

Good gas mileage very the size of the car. Really drives well

Overall very good vehicle. Love the size and space inside of vehicle. Would like power power and acceleration

- Bill D

Maintenance and hope to care for it.

It is a Chevy the best. Nothing I do not like. Love it all. Trustworthy company never need major repairs.

- Jennifer A

It has very good technology and is very reliable.

I love all the features. The car has very comfortable and soft seats. The car drives extremely smoothly.

- Betty S

The most surprising car I have ever bought.

Great highway performance, super comfortable, plenty of truck space, great stock sound, made in America.

- Rebecca W

Satellite radio is faulty.

The Sirius XM radio cuts out constantly even when it is not obstructed and the dealer would not fix it.

- Josh S

Reliable driving car for everyday.

I dislike the gas mileage, I like the room, and size of the car. I like the color of the car as well.

- Harry G

It easy to drive and it looks great.

I love the way it drives. I love the look of the car. I love the resale value and the way they drive.

- Gwendolyn R

It's a very reliable and roomy car for any age ...

I absolutely love this make and model of impala's. it's very roomy for personal and for the family .

- Shanteeze W

It's hard to get in and out of because it's so low.

Don't like that it's too low to ground. Don't like it dying when I stop. Like the technology of it.

- Cynthia T

I like everything about my am impala. This makes my third and Paula and they've all lasted and they're all good on gas also . I just like nothing about my car .

After economical and they're built extremely well and I would recommend everybody owning an impala

- Ala C

Has great fuel economy and lots of great add ons..

I like the fuel economy. I also like the add ons. I really don't have anything I don't like.

- Brady W

It's a very nice looking car and how roomy it is. The trunk is very large for holding suitcases for the vacations we take.

I love my Impala. Nice style. It's a comfortable ride. Very roomy with a large trunk.

- Barbara n

Impalas are very nice autos, and we have no complaints.

The Chevy Impala is very comfortable. It looks sharp. We have good luck with Impalas.

- Angela M

Good on gas and plenty of room inside.

It's stylish and good on gas. It's fun to drive. It has plenty of room inside

- Connie D

it is reliable, good looking, and is what I looked for in a car.

Newer car with low mileage. the color I love. smooth ride and great on gas.

- Gregory D

It's comfortable and easy to get in and out of and it rides well. I feel safe driving in it. It has dashboard features that are easy to use.

To me the important parts of the impala are the comfort and safety factors.

- Cheryl W

made in America & bought in America. we should keep our Americans employed & keep our money in America

really like the way it handles. good gas mileage. like the body style.

- nikki n

It is a perfect ride and feel.

How it rides and looks and feels. It is a great car with no problems.

- Doreen P

it has a lot of bells and whistles. there is a lot of electronic things to learn

i overall like my vehicle. i wish i would have got a different color

- cassandra l

it rides real nice and gets good gas mileage

It gets good gas mileage Handles very well on curves has a nice ride

- Gary K

Easy driving--safe driving

Back-up camera lets me know when a car is behind Digital speedometer

- Janet D

Can't see out the rear window very good. Like the lumbar seat. Very stylish.

It gets good gas mileage for the size of the car that it is.

- mike c

dependable vehicle that gets me to and from where i need to get to from.it's a very good safe car.

very dependable car. doesn;t use a lot of gas. she's my baby

- marcus r

this model of car is built to last.

over all it a great car I have never had any issues either.

- al N

It doesn't have any maintenance issues

It's reliable, efficient, safe, smooth and fun to drive.

- Me M

company car a to b good work car lots of room came with sirius

nice a to b transport. a bit big for me. nice features

- Don M

Very has efficient for the size

Love the new sleek look and the way the vehicle looks

- Clay I

That the car is a good value and drives very smoothly.

It's a good value. I don't like the automatic stop

- Carol O

it is not a comfortable riding or driving auto

poor fuel mileage poor seating poor driving

- don H