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Love everything about my Chevy!

This car has great performance in all weather conditions with the traction control and that it can be manually shifted if necessary great in winter conditions. I have had many Chevrolets with great reliability; part of that reliability comes from servicing that I have done at my dealership (lucky to have a great service department at my dealer) unless it is not possible. The car is extremely comfortable the seats are spacious and have great lumbar support which makes long hours spent in the car comfortable. All the new technology is absolutely great hands free use of the phone, on screen GPS, all of the uses of my cell phone paired with the car. Love the heated seats, controls on the steering wheel, and the warning systems. The passengers are very comfortable, too!

- Maria B

Chevy has been in my life since 2008. Can't complain.

I have 1 month with my new vehicle is a 2017 Chevy Impala. I could not afford the luxury one but the o e I have makes me very happy and Very secure with a family of 4 makes it right we watch TV a lot and the commercials that Chevy is number one and dependable it is very smooth to drive has phone connection, wifi, you can download apps its very help full if you have kids plus teenagers. Its a v6 so gas is not an issue as long as you can maintain it at the correct fluids and mileage. Planning to give it for daughter as soon as she graduates from high school.

- Junior P

Chevy impala: the car I never knew I needed or would love.

I have had no problems with my car as of yet. It drives absolutely amazing; smooth, handles bumpy roads well, and is super cozy on the inside. I love that I can connect my Bluetooth through the speakers. I can talk on the phone hands free. Not to mention, this car is ranked high in safety. I also love the secret compartment behind the display screen. At the touch of a button, it raises up to reveal a secret compartment to hide things from potential break ins. Last but not least, it came with a remote start. It comes in handy for those cold mornings.

- Christina S

Details of a dream car (mine))!

This vehicle is white on exterior to deflect hot summer heat. The interior is gray. It has automatic seats. They will recline or move forward or back. It has Sirius radio. When you enter the car with your smartphone, it takes over and becomes automatic handless phone. This car has a beautiful sound. It has temperature control heat or air, for driver and passenger. Very comfortable seating with leather seats. It is very reliable ride. Very easy on gas.

- Connie E

Awesome car with horrible defrost.

The defrost does not work good at all in this car so the windows are always foggy in rain and ice in the winter; even when defrost is running. You also cannot use the defrost as the same time as the front vents. Other than that I love this car; the ride is smooth and comfortable, the back seat is decent sized (I fit 3 car seats in it the other day), and it is quiet.

- Lee A

I think the most interesting thing about it would have to be its gas mileage.

Smooth comfortable ride. Drives and handles excellent. Amazing touch screen stereo. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability. OnStar ready. All in all a great vehicle I've never had anything so new, and it's also a great safe car for my small children. I commute a good distance for my job and it's very efficient on gas mileage, which is helpful as it saves me a lot of money.

- Kayla G

Attractions of 2017 Chevy Impala.

My 2017 Chevrolet Impala is definitely reliable! I love the smooth ride it offers. The interior of the vehicle is very spacious and comfortable. I am also very attracted to the features offered by the vehicle such as it beautiful well sized touch screen radio. I love the quick and automatic Bluetooth connection as well as the 2 USB inputs in my middle compartment.

- Savannah R

Chevy Impala is a great all around car for comfort style and roomy.

Very comfortable handles really well lots of extras good gas mileage roomy very nice looking inside and out radio am FM and phone very reliable car heat and air adjustable for either side you might like it warmer than the passenger and it is able to adjust the way you like it lots of legroom comfortable back seat roomy and pull down rest to hold drinks.

- Marguerite C

Just mediocre - generally reliable, but no bells and whistles.

It has the auto-stop feature that is meant to save gas, but there is an issue where it sometimes does not auto restart. Incredibly frustrating and dangerous when it does it in heavy traffic. For being a 2017, I would have expected it to have a back-up camera and bluetooth for playing media, but it is missing both of those features.

- Erica S

Little troubles ok car good on gas.

My vehicle drives okay it is a good family car and I like to drive it on trips but I do not like the steering and I am not used to the emergency brake being just a button but all around the car is very comfortable the front-end should have been a little more bigger because you can run into curves when you try to park.

- Antoine A

2017 Chevy impala. Fits anywhere:).

It's a comfortable drive. It's also roomy. I feel like it seems heavier and larger than it really is. I think the stock headlights could be better and the shifting when in manual mode is a little slow but I am not a professional. It's a good first family car. It has enough power and fuel economy at the same time.

- Wednesday L

The amazing yet super feasible impala.

My 2017 Chevy impala is great. It is very roomy on the inside, but still looks sporty. It gets great gas mileage, even with city driving. Yet still has the power to eat up and move when you need it too. I thought I would never find a full size car that I would like more than an SUV but the impala one me over.

- Kris S

Comfortable vehicle, great ride.

I love the car personally I think it is a wonderful ride come in beautiful color very smooth it is definitely an affordable luxury Chevy and GMC did such a great job with the Impala all around great car amazing sound system does have a couple blind spots but with the added features it is not a big problem.

- Adams L

I love the technology on the car as far the Wi-Fi and Sirius XM radio.

Pretty good vehicle. For a large size sedan it very good on gas. It is very affordable to fill up with fuel. Being it is a large sedan it seems to be too light on the road. This vehicle could have come with a little more features. Acceleration is great on this car. It moves pretty quick on take off.

- John B

Plenty of leg room on the inside. I would consider it a family vacation car.

I have a 2017 Chevrolet Impala, I currently do not have any problems out of the vehicle. The performance of the car is great! It is very reliable, and the seats sit comfortably and there is plenty of room in the vehicle. I love the space it has inside but also the trunk is huge, which is a plus.

- Sherry L

The best Chevy made these days.

The car is a very good one it has most of the bells and whistles, rides very nice and has great lines and will look good and classy for years to come. The only things it does not have that I would like to have is parking sensors and the buttons to use as garage door and setting up the alarm.

- Ken P

The most stylish mid priced vehicle on the road.

The Impala is a very stylish car with many available extras. It rides like a much heavier car but handles like a smaller car. The only drawback I find in the design is the rear window. It does not allow a good view thru the rearview mirror. In this case a rear looking camera is an advantage.

- Steve D

The highlight of the vehicle is that it comes equipped even on standard model.

What I do not like about the vehicle is that I just owned it for under one year. And I have recently noted that their an issue where the car fogs up in the inside of the windshield area. Despite the air being on. No known cause as of yet but it is scheduled to go to the dealer in one week.

- Portia E

Comfortable car and the ride is wonderful.

The replacement tires are not cheap. They are the low profile tires. I really love my vehicle. It is a wonderful car and I do not have anything bad to say about it. I like the comfort the seats are. I love the heated seats. The leather feels wonderful and the ride is wonderful.

- Susan B

Impala: great car for any family.

It is a wonderful car that has four doors, leather seats, and it drives really well. It has good mileage and does not drink up gas like crazy. Furthermore the car does come in a variety of colors, mine is currently white but black, red, blue, and so on were all color options.

- George R

Smooth ride. There is an alert to notify you when you are speeding.

I have found the Chevrolet Impala to Be a very smooth and comfortable ride. The touch screen on dashboard is handy and the controls on the steering wheel is a nice touch as well. The issue are the blind spots, need to look over shoulder at times when changing lanes.

- Lynn W

That it has a computer that requires regular updates by the dealership

I'm generally very happy with my car. It does everything I need it to and fits everything. I love the size of it's trunk. Although I've had some problems with the car's computer hardware and that has been rather annoying. Other than that, I've really liked this car.

- Stephanie A

Everything that I wanted with a tiny hiccup.

I have the premier edition, it is fully loaded and it is so comfortable and handles well. I get lots of compliments with how good my vehicle looks. My only complaint is the transmission is slow to shift when taking off quickly, it needs a performance transmission.

- Kimberly B

The dark blue color is very sharp and classy looking in my opinion.

I love the way the Impala drives. I have a dark blue 2017 model. It has been very reliable for me. It has had very few problems since purchasing it. This is the second Impala that I have owned. My first Impala was 2007 model. My daughter is still driving my 2007.

- Rita B

I love my car wouldn't trade it in for nothing.

My vehicle has navigation I love the body style it has Bluetooth OnStar four-wheel drive GPS tracking. The tails when your tires are low when you need to change your oil albinos adjust shows up on my phone. It has sensors that tell you if someone's behind you.

- Shawn R

Premier advantages & favorite options.

I love all the features that the premier offers, especially the adaptive cruise control. The inside features are very well worth the upgrade to the premier, like soft leather seats and heated steering wheel. The cooling/heated seats is another great feature.

- Monica G

Great mileage for a large car and numerous safety enhancements.

Car has a smart design that draws attention to it. It has a smooth ride, quick acceleration, and large trunk to carry luggage and other items that most cars could not carry. Car has numerous safety devices to you alert and notify you if something is wrong.

- Leonard S

That it's impressive, a quiet ride, and just awesome.

Had an Impala many years ago, and wanted another one. Of course, the one dislike is the price, and that is of all vehicles. It is also hard to adjust the vents because they don't move up & down anymore, just side to side. Other than that, I love the car.

- Barb S

Its rated one of the safest cars to drive. I love driving the car and I am 80 years old.

The car is a 4 door sedan with a sunroof and all the bells and whistles. I get around 27 MPG driving around town and about 29 on the Highway. The car color is a silver/gray. The wife does not drive the car, because she say it is to complicated for her.

- Russell W

Great Performance, Nice Look, Smooth Ride, Great Features

It is reliable and has great features for convenient and safety such as lane assistance, and braking to prevent collision impact. No problems with performance after 1 year. Could have a better paint job because it has some imperfections in the paint.

- Bonita A

Classy style. Handles well.

Like the model, design, and color, prefer GM vehicles, good gas mileage. The only dislike is the cost. Cars these days are too expensive. Only complaint is that this model will no longer be available when I'm ready for my next vehicle.

- Michelle V

It is paid for so the insurance is now affordable.

My impala has almost all the extras and is fun to drive. The backup camera took some getting use to but is a great safety feature. It also has a lot of truck space. The lines of the car are stylish and will look good for a long time.

- Ken P

You must get the rear camera because of the design of the rear window.

First I love the color which is burgundy. I also like the size, which is very comfortable and roomy. The one thing I dislike about this car is the design of the rear window. It is so high that you cannot see anything below 4 feet.

- Steve M

It's a good traveling car. People are often surprised with how much space there is in the backseat.

Love the look of the vehicle and the color (blue velvet). I have had issues with the airbag service message popping up for no reason I dislike that. I like the headlights of the impala a lot more than chevrolets other vehicles.

- Paul F

The car is very good on gas which is important especially with gas prices being what they are.

I like the vehicle very much. It is a silver 2017 Impala with low mileage. I like the climate control features. I wish it had more headroom in the back for my family and friends. Anyone over 5 foot 8 has to slouch a little.

- Marc A

this impala not wide enough , hate the bucket seats in front much prefer a flat bench seat, This 2017 Impala 6 cyl Only gets 29 mpg highway where as my old 2002 impala 6 cyl got 32 mpg highway

good acceleration , great electronics , love the built in wifi. hate the front seats seating area is to short and the seat is on to much of an angle toward the rear should be more flat. doesn't ride as quiet as I would expect.

- thomas B

It has great gas mileage.

My Chevy Impala offers great mileage and is very fuel efficient. It has a lot of safety features that give me the confidence and comfort to safely drive with my kids in the back seat. It's a very reliable vehicle.

- Skyy A

The 2017 Chevy Impala is very stylish and a blast to drive!

I consider my vehicle to be affordable luxury. It has no issues and it has great gas mileage. this vehicle is very spacious and the sound systems great I also like the amenities that came along with it.

- Anthony H

It is just the base model. Nothing special.

No complaints. I love my car! Is glides along the road like a dream. It has pickup that allows me to pass other cars easily when necessary. I am in another world when I am driving my car.

- Rose S

It has hi-tech sensors that prevents crashes. And heated steering wheel

In my opinion, my car is way too long. With that being said, there is a lot of trunk space and the back seats are extra roomy. The feature that I love is the heated steering wheel.

- Anastasia V

Great four door family sedan

It drives really nice. Great get up. Love the dual digital climate control. Nice trunk space and legroom in back seat. My only complaint is that the seats are super comfy.

- Pen B

That it has a huge trunk and amazing safety features

Love the trunk. Love how much room there is in the car. Love the safety features. Wish the back seat was slightly larger so it was easier to fit two carseats and an adult

- Julie A

It is American made. I think it is a well-made vehicle.

I love the color. I love most of the features. I am disappointed that my phone will not charge on the wireless charger. It's an iphone 8. Disappointing that it won't work.

- Rita f

The Chevy Impala is a quality car for the price you pay

Love my Chevy Impala. It has a sleek look with a slight muscle car vibe and is very comfortable. The V6 engine provides reliable power when needed and the ride is smooth.

- Rebecca R

It is a white 2017 Chevrolet Impala

I just recently bought it, so I thankfully I haven't experienced any issues yet. The one thing that takes some getting used to is that it shuts down when stopped.

- Christopher R

The drive is smooth and the gas mileage is great.

I love my vehicle because it is good on gas. One reason I do not like it is because once my family grows it will not be big enough. I do not have an complaints.

- Asya B

doesn't waste much gas and it drives smoothly.

No problems. I love the dashboard of the car its useful in many ways also love how it has apple link also useful. Runs smoothly and the auto engine is great.

- Luis F

It is very suitable for having children. The backseat is huge.

I like the style of it. I love the size of the backseat. I do not like that it is a gas guzzler. I do not like the way the front seats are like bucket seats.

- Brooke S

My car has adaptive cruise control and can stop itself if it senses a car has come to close.

I like the way it looks. The style of it. It drives smooth and the safety features are a plus for me. It fits my lifestyle and is a pleasure to drive.

- Grace G

That it has a great safety rating.

I like that it has all the options that make your ride comfortable. I like that it is great on gas. I like that is roomie. I do not have any complaint.

- Joshua O

That this car rides smoother than the majority of the cars on the market.

Very comfortable luxurious, powerful engine, navigation system large face head unit, plenty of legroom for the kids, large trunk, and high technology.

- Harold m

We love our Second Impala!

We do a lot of traveling and have found that the Impala not only offers lots of room for luggage and excess items, but is super comfortable.

- Judith P

Is nothing that special or particular that sticks out specifically.

I just like how the ride is so smooth. It doesn't give me any issues I'm always getting a tune up or and an oil change. It's very reliable.

- Dee M

It handles very smooth, turns easily and is very comfortable as it goes down the road. Handles smoothly!

I like the way it looks I like the way it handles (drives). I like the phone and other features. There is nothing I don't like about it.

- vicki l

2017 Chevrolet Impala review

I love how easy the Chevrolet Impala is to drive. Wish I got more miles per gallon of gas, but that's really the only complaint I have.

- Amber W

low maintenance, get great gas mileage, no problems just general maintenance done.

We purchased the car after deciding that was the model we wanted and have had no problem with it and have had get service when needed.

- Denise G

Good gas mileage is provided quite well at all times. Thus saving quite a bit of money.

Good passenger space inside. Gives good fuel saving miles. Has good safety mechanisms which help prevent accidents. Has a quiet ride.

- Kean Z

That it is safe and well built and great family vehicle.

As a long time Chevy lover I have had great luck with them. Never break down. Always reliable and dependable. Best make on the road.

- Kevin P

The airbags locations on the car.

I love this vehicle look. I like the driving abilities. I also love the radio and leather seats. I hate the gas mileage on the car.

- Derrick B

I do not give free rides. I'll take you but i need gas money.

I love the smooth ride. It is great on gas and the air works great. It gets great mileage on the highway and not a lot of noise.

- Teresa D

Stylish, comfortable, and reliable!

Super comfortable, reliable, and stylish. I have gotten many compliments and worrying about car issues is a thing of the past.

- Matthew N

roomy back seat what I mean by that is a lot of legroom

I love the way it rides. I loved the price. good ride, roomy back seat, cup holders I hope chevrolet always makes impalas

- Robert H

great all around car for family

Very smooth ride. Very comfortable to sit in, even the back seat. Many safety features. Great gas mileage. Huge trunk

- Barbara S

Very little maintenance and excellent gas mileage.

No mechanical problems. Great road car, very comfortable. The features are excellent. Good gas mileage and lots of power.

- Jack A




dependability and comfort. Improved style and look...very sporty

Chevrolet Impala Premier. Excellent road handling, Dependable performance. Very good gas mileage. Highly recommended

- Jack A

Very smooth great gas mileage

Really smooth driving v haven't had any issues yet better on gas mileage than expected very roomy and comfortable

- Mike J

Well to be honest my car is very easy on gas and I love it

I like everything about my Chevy it's my favorite color it's easy on gas it's very stylish and I have a sunroof

- Cj G

It is comfortable to drive long distances.

Its quiet. It drives easily. It has a lot of extras. It has a lot of legroom for the backseat passengers.

- Deborah W

It is a good size having lots of legroom.

I like the looks. I like the size. I l8ke the color. I like the gas mileage. I dislike the car payment.

- Kathy E

That this is a Wonderful durable car to drive, it holds up We!

Chevrolet impala is a overall good car to have. I do run into problems but they are very minor issues.

- Chasity G

Awesome car great value worth buying.

It is very nice fully loaded, good on gas, leather seats, sunroof, nice sound system. Great features.

- Casey J

It's a great car but not for a family that has three kids

The only thing I hate is that it's a car because three kids do not fit comfortable in the back seat.

- Amanda A

A family of four will fit comfortably and there is a lot of trunk room.

Cheaply built - everything is plastic on the interior. Gas mileage is ok. Could have better options.

- David B

it has been a really dependable car that has given me no problems

enjoyable car to drive around, dependable, excellent handling, low maintenance and stylish

- louis s

Sleek and stylish driving. Anyone that purchases this vehicle will fall in love immediately.

I like the color of the car. I like the body style. I do not like the auto stop feature.

- Stefanie M

it runs like new, and it's my dream car. enjoy riding it. will not let anyone borrow it.

I really like my vehicle. everything in it I love. there is not one thing I don't like.

- Lizbeth B

it is a great ride and get very good miles on the gas

like the comfortable ride, like the gas mileage, and like the quietness of the ride

- Benny B

For being a top of the line Impala it should have more options included.

It's comfortable, drives nicely, smooth, roomy. I wish it came in all-wheel drive.

- Sunny D

which is a very reliable car that helps save a lot of money on gas

is the most comfortable car I know in my whole life, saves a lot of gas always

- crow d

Comfortable, looks good, latest technology and easy to drive.

Love my car. Roomy, classy looking and easy to drive. Top notch technology.

- Matilda W

Great value for the price - exactly like a Cadillac for $20k less

Great value, great room, excellent ride, all options, great gas mileage,

- Tom K

It is worth test driving. Get the options .

well equipped, no issues. No problems to date. Runs very smooth

- Chuck P




Very responsive & comfortable. The interior/exterior is exceptional.

Comfortable, very responsive & innovative. No complaints.

- Matt P

the 6 cylinder has lot of power & a smooth ride on the highways & is fun to drive

no complaints at all, a great running & great looking car

- richard f

Comfortable and it moves when it needs to

Plenty of room Plenty of power Plenty of storage

- Dick S

how well it handles on the road

i love that the car is safe and fun to drive.

- michael m