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My personal Chevy bat car. . (Impala).

My 2018 Chevy Impala rides very smooth, it has a lot of storage and a few secret compartments which is great for if you go somewhere and valet. I have a family of 5 and my husband and boys are tall and they are all comfortable when we go places so I would say very spacious. It also has child lock on the back doors. Our car came with a free trial of OnStar, and Wi-Fi and Sirius XM radio. I've only had it for about 5 months and I went from driving a Silverado truck to driving this car which is a major difference and I really love it. Not to mention our salesman was great and a lot of help too. I am happy!!

- L R

Overall it is a great car. The gas mileage is pretty good for a v6.

The rear view is not the best. If you actually turn around to look out the window the back seat is too high to get a good view of what is behind you. There is a rear view camera but sometimes the camera just is not enough to see what is behind you. Also the center seat in the back is not very comfortable for longer road trips. The cushion is not as much as the other seats because there is a console hidden in the center.

- Kathy K

Love the new 2018 Impala with so many features and a futuristic appeal

Chevrolet succeeded in improving the Impala in 2018. The body style is Sleek and innovative with a very comforting yet contemporary interior that makes the driver want 2 go everywhere and anywhere. Driving is definitely a pleasure and not a chore in this Gem of a sedan with an engine that performs exceedingly well for a V6 and also is fuel efficient considering the size of this luxurious roomy vehicle

- Toni B

Cars. . . Leather seats, heated seats, cooking seats and telescopic steering wheel.

Do not have any as of right now. . . Need tires for other. . . Love my car. . It is comfortable drives good and love all the features it has to offer. . Nice chrome tires tinted windows heated seats cooling seats. Tilted steering wheel Bluetooth boss radio. . . And most of all it is my white lightening.

- Lisa C

That it has very good gas mileage and speeds up at an excellent pace.

The only thing I dislike about my car is that when it rains it's hard to see from the rear view camera it has. I like how I can connect my phone and not have to struggle to answer it. I also like how it tells me everything I need to know about the oil, water, tires, and everything else about the car.

- Carmen C

It is a comfortable care that has so far been very reliable.

It is a really great vehicle. I haven't had it for a full year yet but the ride is excellent and comfortable! I would recommend this vehicle to others who are looking for affordable luxury. It is not a big fancy brand but the model is fancy and offers the same luxuries.

- Sara K

The Impala with the big car feel.

I have had no problems with my Impala. It drives and performs very well. It is a comfortable ride and the interior is exceptionally nice. My car is very reliable. There is a slight tint on the windows that help keep my car cool. The sound system is excellent.

- Naomi R

Great choice, Chevy Impala 2018.

I absolutely love my car. I previously had a same vehicle however it was a 2011. My current 2018 model is amazing, way more exciting fancy balling looking, way more compartments, lights where they need to be in the vehicle. I would recommend.

- Hayley M

Roomy and drive well cowboy who will. Answer all questions open and honestly.

It has backup camera automatic power seats onstar bumper to bumper warranty free oil changes and cowboy a granger Chevrolet in orange tx sold it to me and appears he is very happy to help you. 5.

- Jean R

It is very fancy and beautiful. I am very glad I choose this car.

I love my 2018 Chevy impala. I love the backup camera and my hands free phone setup. I love Its style and color. I am car has very fancy features. If I ever buy another car it will be a Chevy.

- Brenda D

It looks beautiful! It is very comfortable to ride in and has a huge trunk.

Like the automatic cruise control. Like the lane assist. Like the back up camera. Like the console and apple carplay. Do not like the white leather interior. Love all the safety features.

- Joan J

Even though it is a car, there is plenty of room for everything you need.

I have heated leather seats, and I love those. I have 2 children, and both car seats fit in the backseat. The trunk has a lot of storage space, and it is an all-around beautiful car.

- Stephanie M

It is beautiful and rides like a dream. The modern technology makes driving a car so much easier

I just bought my new car and I love it. I love all the features, the keyless entry, the backup mirror and the new car smell and the ease of the drive. I runs as smooth as silk

- Robin A

Great fuel mileage and ride.

Great performance and active on the road. Comfortable ride for long travel distances. Nothing to dislike about the car. Gets great fuel mileage for a car of Its size.

- James G

That the 2018 Chevy impala fits a family of 5 comfortably.

It is spacious and rides comfortable. I enjoy the hotspot, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth this way I can stay connected on the go. The kids can also use their electronics.

- Crystal Y

On star link which provides monthly updates on the cars performance. Monitoring maintained by on star.

Smart car. Fully equipped. Great ride. Each to get in and out of the driver's seat. Good pickup, excellent sound system. Touch screen with great features.

- Robert P

It has heated & cooling seats, making it very comfortable in any season.

I love the color & the very roomy trunk. The front seats are very comfortable & roomy. It has a very smooth ride and gets pretty good mileage on a fill up.

- Linda G

the color of my impala is black

I love my vehicle. I just got it a couple of days ago so I have not had any problems with it. I love the back up camera and the heat settings

- Robyn J

Built to last for years. Has many options to choose from.

I love the smooth ride of my vehicle. The navigation system built in. The warning and system control data at your fingertips. No complaints.

- Lucy A

Easy to handle. Comfortable seats and good visuals mid size vehicle.

No complaints. Car is comfortable enough. Vehicle is easy to drive. Car does not seem to have any real noticeable problems.

- Anita S

love, love, love...so awesome

love, love, love. this car its so beautiful and large. drives smooth, handles well, I won't purchase anything besides chevy

- Bri T

It's mine, it looks great and rides great with plenty of room of all who ride along with me.

My Impala rides very well. My Impala has plenty of room for everyone. I really like the style and comfort of the Impala.

- jay a

It gets great gas mileage and is able to go for a long time without filling up.

Great gas mileage. Large trunk. Lots of space. Back up camera. Great stereo system. No heated seats. No back up beeping.

- Angela S

The price of my car was very reasonable for the options it came with

The price of my Impala was very good especially with all the options it came with. Don't need an over priced foreign car

- John R

The safety features are important. I trust the Chevrolet brand.

My car is very comfortable and roomy. The drive on the road is very smooth. I enjoy all the safety features and OnStar.

- Rosie F

Spacious car that gets pretty good gas mileage.

The car is very comfortable and has all the latest technology. The car is also very quiet and has a very smooth ride.

- Ashley W

It's a great family car with a lot of space inside and in the trunk

I like the mileage I get per gallon. The interior is perfect on seats . Most part I love is he trunk space is huge!!

- Bobbie S

Greatness, in performance have great performance.

Have not problem with cars, out of all the cars I have purchase not problems at all, they have great performances.

- Larry K

The car has lots of leg space.

The thing I like to most is the look. I also like to appearance. I dislike absolutely nothing about this vehicle.

- J Y

Nice and big gas saver it nice for family

This vehicle is a nice car for a family. It a gas saver nice inside and big to 5 peoples can sit in the backseat

- Lamario W

It's pure awesomeness great car

No problems just bought the car very roomy nice sunroof great on gas brakes work good headlights really bright

- Norma T

Chevrolet Impala has a very sleek design, is very safe, comfortable to drive. Nice family cars!

There is nothing I dislike about this car. It is roomy, comfortable, drives smoothly and super safe!

- Danielle C

It's completely economical and comfortable to drive

I have no complaints. I love the savings on gas and the feature of technology.

- Dorisi I

Problem free. I have owned several Impalas over the years and all have been great.

Love the looks. Great features. No complaints. I have a great dealer!!!

- char p

the price of the car was incredible. too good to pass up

likes: nice ride, great gas mileage, nice interior design no dislikes

- stephanie l

advanced technology and roomy interior

interior room, big trunk, classic styling with the midnight edition

- thomas l

The car has a very smooth ride. It's very comfortable.

Very comfortable. Wish it was bigger. I don't have any complaints.

- Michele S

advanced technology that promotes safe driving and entertainment

large, roomy sedan with advanced technology and great styling

- thomas r

My car is good on gas and I use it for personal and business use.

My car is stylish. My car has speed. My car is affordable.

- Tammy D