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Reliable 2000 Chevy Malibu with PW, Power Doors, Cruise, and in Outstanding Condition!

My mom is currently 94 years old and bought a brand new 2001 Chevy Malibu in 2001. It was the base sedan (4-door) model but was very nice to drive and had only 42,625 miles on it when I hit a telephone pole on Valentine's Day of this year (2018) and totaled it. We liked the car so much I searched nationwide for about 7 weeks for a similar model. I drove about 2 hours to another city and bought a 2000 Malibu (exact same color) with less than 51,000 miles on it. Good Carfax. Paid $3,000 cash and Carfax valued it between $5,200 to $5,800! Almost immaculate condition, as our previous 2001 model was. We bought the car because we were totally familiar with it, it had served us extremely well before, and we did not need or want the new contraptions that come on all the new cars (GPS, keep-you-in-your-lane feature, sensors,..you name it). My dad always said the more it has on it, the more that can and will break down on you. He was right!

- Keith B

I enjoy the sporty look with the family size accommodations.

I purchased my Chevy Malibu 3 months ago through a classified ad. I'm very pleased with the stylish look of the vehicle. The body has held up very well in the last 19 yrs. No rust or dents upon purchasing, although there are a few interior issues we are currently contending with that we were aware of prior to purchasing. The air conditioning does not work and the defroster barely works. The headlights are not working unless kept on high beams. The stereo system is sufficient although not quite as loud and clear as I would like. The buttons used most often to control the radio have no paint left to display its function due to continuous use. The fabrication has been reupholstered so I'm unsure of its prior condition. Overall it is a dependable vehicle for myself and my daughter to drive.

- Pattie K

My car is small but still big enough for four adults. Gas mileage is good.

I have had a lot of recalls on my vehicle, which is upsetting. It also takes time out of your day to take it back. The performance is ok, it rides good. It has been reliable all except for one time. The features in my car were better than the car I had before this one, so I was happy. If I were to get another car, I would get another type of vehicle. I might stay with a Chevrolet or might change. I have always had a Chevrolet and this is the first time I have had so many recalls. I also have a electrical problem, that I have to take care of, and am sure that is not going to be cheap.

- Bonnie P

Chevy Malibu with sunroof

This is one of the best cars I've ever owned. It's a smooth and comfortable ride, and has great gas mileage. Mine is navy blue with leather seats and a sunroof. The seats are easy to clean and durable enough for both of my young children. The sunroof is an extra feature, but one of our favorites. It has power adjustable seats as well and lots of trunk space. We have had no issues with the car and it has over 130,000 miles on it. A great first time car or family vehicle; a comfortable ride, affordable to drive and attractive to look at... what more could you ask for?

- Danielle A

2019 Toyota tundra best truck ever!

My 2019 Toyota tundra is Super reliable especially for anyone in the construction industry who need convenient truck to load up tools or building materials also great for off roading with the 4wd trims to help you through rugged terrain, inside the cabin the seats are very comfortable and it is very spacious the vehicle is equipped with built in navigation system and is Bluetooth compatible and has rear view camera and also has lane assist sensors overall a great truck for somebody who wants a big but reliable truck

- Raul V

200k miles and still going strong! Love my Malibu!

Has 200,000 miles. Transmission is starting to slip. Have an evap leak. Steering is getting a little stiff. I've replaced things like the strut assembly, calipers, ac compressor, and other minor things. Engine is still strong aside from the evap issue. Transmission is still strong aside from the small slip in 4th gear on highways/hills. I've owned this vehicle for 9 years, which is the longest I've ever owned a vehicle before. She's gotten me through some tough times and a lot of back and forth across the country.

- Virginia P

Comfortable. Inside the vehicle has plenty of room. Wheelchair and 4 other people.

My car does not. Lock anymore. Getting it repaired is 150. -200.. I am missing the drivers side window.. Visor makes it hard to drive in the morning or at night facing the sun.. It has a sensor under hood attached to air conditioning system goes off every day.. I feel like I am being nickeled and dimed after buying it used.. I had to buy 4 new tires after paying a firm price of 2000..

- Anne L

Old gal but pretty reliable

My vehicle is pretty old in terms of life but has pretty low mileage on it which is great. The interior is falling apart due to its age but that isn't hard to fix. The parts are seemingly cheap, as well as cheaply made or at least the parts I got when I got the car. Needs to be worked on once in a while and does have its limits but overall as far as I've seen it's decently reliable

- Abigail L

From point a to point peeve.

2000 Chevy Malibu, so far so good. I haven't had any major issues and it has gotten me from point A to B. The little problems do catch up and keep you on your toes such as: steering wheel alignment, gas meter accuracy, engine light on, indoor light switch does not work every time and battery will stay on if you do not bang on the shift until it clicks before taking out the key.

- Debbie T

You need to be cautious when driving the car, it gets overwhelmed really easily.

The Chevy Malibu is a pretty nice car, it is definitely going to need to be replaced soon. It has lasted 18 whole years, which is a really long time for a car! The air conditioner does not work super great, but the stereo is amazing. It is a great road trip car. The back seat is pretty big and comfortable. It is great for short and tall people, the seats are adjustable.

- Kristin L

Great fit for petite drivers.

My car is an older model. I find it to be somewhat ugly, but ugly is still functional. The heat and ac work great still. I love that the blind spots are minimal. I never have problems seeing other vehicles on the sides of the car, nor out the front windshield. I am quite petite and I fit in the car with no modification or need for any cushions or things of the like.

- Haley R

It has 220,000 miles on it. And it�s a California model.

My car is just getting old. The AC doesn't work while car is idling. It is sometimes hard to move the gear shift; it sticks and hard to put into gears. My check engine light and abs light are both on. It is also hard to turn the car on sometimes. Also the car sometimes does not shut all the way in the 'off' position, killing the battery if not caught.

- Annette G

Super reliable 2000 Chevy Malibu.

This vehicle is so dependable. It has power windows, power steering, power locks. As long as you keep up on the regular maintenance this vehicle will last you a lifetime. Its comfortable and cute and definitely a reliable car. I haven't ever had any problems with this car, and I've had it for over two years. On top of that, I bought it used.

- Angelina P

Rusty but well-loved Malibu.

Well, it is nearly 20 years old so it is rusty and unreliable. The check engine light is always on and the brake lights constantly fry. But it is served me well for a long time before that with comfortable and safe interior. It is a very natural feel and it is been hard to find something that I think I am going to get 20 years out of again.

- Megan H

I wish I could have a prettier car.

My vehicle is ok it does have some things wrong with it though its a used car no power steering transmission is slipping it could have more space when it was bought it stinks from the old owners but it does drive so I can't complain but it definitely does have some problems and that's all I know is wrong with it.

- Haley W

It has a mind of it is own.

My car is old, it has 184000 miles on it. There's no air conditioning. The car is very rusty so rusty that the whole exhaust underneath fell off and I don't feel the need to replace it. The windows work when they want to, the car was leaking coolant but I fixed that. I replaced a tire and could use another.

- Tiffany H

The only issue I have with it is the thief detection program.

There is not really anything majorly wrong with it. It is just an old vehicle that gets me from place to place. For being 18 years old it still is in working order. It is comfortable. The heat and ac still work fine. I bought it second hand and haven't had any major concerns about safety.

- Samantha B

Great running fabulous awesome vehicle

The best car ever. I have had issues with the traction control but other than that no issues it runs smooth and I don't have to change brakes to often which is great. No clunky noises as well as no other odd noises come along with this car I would definitely own another one of these again

- Heather C

My vehicle is built to last. It was made in 2000 and is still running strong.

It is quite reliable, but old. However, it has electric windows, mirrors, and a brand new radio. The inside is completely detailed. It also has power steering and automatic headlights. It is good on gas, with approximately 20 miles per gallon. Overall it is a comfortable, spacious sedan.

- Alexis O

Chevy Malibu for the long term win.

There was a slight issue with the theft system feature whenever I first got it, however, it was a cheap, easy fix and it is since been great. Very dependable car. Good gas mileage for being older. Would definitely recommend as a dependable car for a college student or young professional.

- Shaly S

Good Chevy super good on gas.

For some reason been having problems with the alternator for like 2yrs. Some reason it keeps to want to tear my belts up.. Extra comfy inside. Seats wipe clean easy. On the highway it seems to run better than on city streets. It is real good on gas a tank usually last about 2 weeks.

- cathy F

Chevy Malibu, 2000 model.

The Chevy Malibu is a good car to have. My car is a 2000 model and I am still riding it in 2019 with minimal care. I have had the usual things fixed on this car, new tires, oil change, etc. But overall this car has been a very good choice. I would very much recommend this vehicle.

- Joy L

Oldie but a goodie. Long lasting life.

Check engine light on, no air condition, and muffler is loud. I do like the comfy seats and smooth ride that it has though. It is also pretty decent on gas. It is an older car so when it breaks down it is easier to repair then all the newer cars. Parts are usually cheaper too.

- Tiffany P

It's pretty normal, but I did get good mileage when I first bought it as used.

It looks great on the outside a little, but as far as the inside, it still needs a few things done. I need to fix my ac fans, my computer glitches and should get it completely evaluated, like going to the doctor for a check-up, because sometimes it don't start right away.

- Sierra M

2000 Malibu best car on the market.

I have never had any problems with it other than an ac leak, fan motor, and clear coat coming off. I love the car. Rides smooth and easy to Drive. I liked the price and color. The layout of gear shift, blinkers lights are in a good location. Cannot ask for a better car!

- Karen M

This car is sporty looking even though a 4 door. Very reliable.

Smooth ride. Good acceleration. Great gas mileage. Trunk space great. Reliable. Haven't had any major problems at all. Sporty looking for a 4 door. My mom bought the car and now I have it. I will pass on to my daughter. I have full confidence in the safety of this car.

- Jennifer D

Reliable simple car to use as a commuter.

None runs fine. Easy on fuel. Not as nice as newer cars. Control knobs do not last. Overall it has been. Good care with few problems over the years. Has ok pickup when you accelerate. I would recommend if your looking for a American made car in the mid price range.

- Ken L

It gets me to and from my appointments and job. It is dependable and parts are reasonable when making repairs.

Purchased used, dependable, no accidents, get tune ups and regular maintenance every 6 months. Roomy, my kids fit without being cramped, tires ride fine, no engine issues, air conditioning still works as do other regular functions of the vehicle. Great gas mileage.

- katrina L

Great car, really like it and Chevy vehicles.

Just bought it, a few weeks ago. So far no problems. Had to get a tune up and did basic upkeep. We like it a lot. Also, have been told parts will be inexpensive because it is older so, that is definitely a plus and very convenient for me and my family.

- Gia G

I like the interior space and comfort. It rides really smooth.

I am a do it yourselfer and having to replace the head gasket after 100, 000 miles is a pain in the rump. Too much down time if you do it yourself. For it us hard to accomplish when you have to take the bus to work and work on the car on the weekends.

- Stephen T

It's important that my Chevy Malibu is able to fit a carrier base, a toddler car seat and a booster seat across the back seats.

My Chevy Malibu has been very reliable which I need because I transport my family almost daily in it. I like the mileage. I do have a long commute to work and I only have to fill up once, possibly twice power week.

- Krystal S

The most important thing about my car is that it runs great.

I like that my car is a 2000 and has less than 90,000 miles on it. I like that it is good on gas. I dislike that it doesn't have a cd player in it. I also dislike that the cassette player doesn't work.

- Joy K

It is incredibly fuel efficient and reliable, especially for a car of It's age.

This vehicle has been very efficient to get me to and from work, school etc. However, due to the age, there are a lot of upgrades that need to be done and things are started to go wrong.

- Haley R

My Malibu is an older car, but it works well and gets me to where I need to be.

I really like my car, but since it is older I tend to have some problems with it. But when everything is good the car runs great. It is comfortable and it gets me to where I need to go.

- Morgan B

Don't install aftermarket radio! Doing so may cause electrical problems.

My Chevy Malibu gets an average rating from me. There is a semi serious electrical problem that causes my tail lights to not work, making it dangerous to drive at nighttime.

- Travis L

It gets 32 mpg in town and it gets 38 MGH on the highway

I have owned my Chevy Malibu for 8 years it has 190,567 miles and still runs great. This car has been very dependable is a joy to ride in as well as super fun to drive.

- Joshua H

It is very nice it was probably the nicest care you will ever driver

The chevy Malibu is the greatest car because it has a center console and it opens up and you can store monkey but a complaint is that it does not have back Seat ac

- Dallin M

Electrical problems are a nuisance.

Good vehicle does Its job mostly used to transport everyone to work recently started giving me issues with oxygen sensors but a 217, 000 miles is still a champ.

- Steve N

Comfort in a midsize car.

I love the comfort and quality. It has 217. 000 miles on it! It runs well and has required just the basic services that you would normally perform.

- Brad S

If buying used make sure it is a good car.

Bought it used and the turn signals don't work all the time and the theft system comes on a lot and have to wait 10 minutes before it starts.

- Amanda O

The car is a 6 speed not a 4 speed.

It does t have a lot of space, and it's the worst on your back the seats are horrible prefer and feel more safe in a truck than a small car.

- Danielle M

It's a dark blue color, the interior lasts GREAT! Leather looks brand new!

It's my favorite car I've owned. Great on gas. Great on the highway. Never had any issues with the vehicle. I cannot wait to get a newer.

- Paige V

Dependable and runs good.

The vehicle is great. It runs fine, great gas mileage, dependable car to and from work. Pits out great heat and air in the months needs.

- Julia W

Be sure to check the electrical items especially when buying a used malibu.

I like the style and the motor I hate the electrical issues. The motor runs great but my malibu has had a lot of electrical shorts.

- Rodney H

It's easy to lock the entire car (and lock yourself out) if you bump the locks getting out.

Drivability, comfort, size, horse power (get up and go) and maneuverability. Other than routine maintenance we have had no issues.

- April K

Very comfy seats and smooth ride.

Check engine light on. Muffler is loud. It does drive smooth. No auxiliary to listen to music on phone. It does have comfy seats.

- Tiffany P

No known issues but feel safe in my car and I would purchase another one when I need it.

Pretty dependable not many major issues. Minor problems I take care of my car on a regular basis. I am comfortable with my car.

- Amy B

Old car with cosmetic issues but runs

It is old but it runs. The paint is chipping and there are cracks in windshield. Some of the plastic in the inside is cracked

- Madison H

It is reliable and still looks good after 17 years.

It drives well, is comfortable and has been pretty low maintenance. There is really not anything that I do not like about it.

- Karen P

It is a no major problem car. The car is worth what I paid for it.

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. It has been running good from the time I bought it, with no major problems.

- javier c

It still runs great even after 17 years.

The car is very comfortable to drive and ride. I love the electric seats. It gets good gas mileage. No complaints.

- Debra W

It is fuel efficient meaning it saves me a lot on fuel.

I like my car because it is old and nice and very fast. Additionally, its fuel consumption is very economical.

- Anthony J

Faulty security system, new motor, good gas mileage.

Good car and has a new motor. Only problem is a faulty security system that has to be reset all the time.

- Jenna H

the air and the car move. nothing is wrong with the car. and move good and be ready for on go.

okay to used. very nice survey and very honest. great understanding and good to know what you are doing.

- alexandria S

that its a money pit. in the beginning all i was doing is replacing things left and right.

it's a very smooth riding car, easy on gas. i don't like all the money that i had to put n it.

- catherine f

The car does not seem to run well without premium gas in it

Like the reliability of it. I dislike the gas mileage and that I have to use premium gas in it.

- Joy M

It is very roomy and nice and a nice overall size truck. Perfect size car.

I have no complaints overall it is a great car. Just normal maintenance and it keeps on going

- SLynn W

My car has a new motor and it runs very smooth and quite.

I like my car since it doesn't use a lot of gas, comfortable and doesn't break up a lot.


Comfortable. Good gas mileage. Paid for. Good travel car.

Good gas mileage. Compact but not to small. Getting to old for repairs.

- Ken N

It is almost worn out with just over 100,000 miles

It is too basic a car. It has no power anything except brakes.

- Vicki d

Nothing.. It's a great car that has been very reliable.

It's been a solid car for 19 yrs. and still going strong.

- sue s

This vehicle can last you a long time.

- Yvonne H