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Gm tick, comfortable, coolant leaks.

Has the classic gm tick to the engine, does not cause any problems, just takes getting used to if never heard it before. Seals in the door are failing, so wind hitting the car just right, lets the air into the car easily, only noticed during winter. Major coolant leaks, but I just add coolant every other week. Car is comfortable for my shorter height with the armrest and cup holder. I do not use the sunroof but it is a nice feature for the very rare occasion I do. Power adjustable seats are a nice feature that I haven't had in any other car previously.

- Jorden H

Malibu: smooth riding, few repairs, leather seats, sunroof.

I bought my car in 2012 and I have not had any serious problems out of it. I had to get a new battery last year in 2017. I have not had to get any major repairs done at all. It is reliable, runs good. I wish I could afford to get the new Malibu's. It has a sunroof and leather seats. It is also good on gas. The labor is also reasonable. Friends always tell me cold the air-conditioner is in the summer and the heat is really hot in the winter. You cannot beat that. If you want your money worth in a car get yourself a Malibu.

- Patricia W

It is not the prettiest vehicle but it is reliable and not to bad in the snow.

It is a 6 cylinder which is nice. It has some get up and go but decent on gas mileage. On average I get 26-29 mpg. I mostly drive country roads. It rides a little rough most likely due to age. Has decent legroom in back seat area. Trunk space is good size and the rear seats fold down. There is decent head room as well. There are 4 cup holders. Seats are not the most comfortable. Cost of maintenance is reasonable. Tires, wheel bearings, and brakes were not outrageously priced.

- Heather P

There are better vehicles out there.

I purchased it used in 2012 and have had to replace the idle air control valve, fuel pump, water pump, starter, and temperature sensor, most of that within a two year period. Now the heating and cooling and the abs is out. The original parts were not built to last. But I'll keep replacing what I can and drive it until it cannot drive anymore. It is not the best for those taller than average, but I make it work. Nobody's sitting behind me in the backseat, though.

- Amanda B

2001 Malibu Exhaust issues solved

Biggest issue with this car has been buildup of gunk in exhaust. 10 years ago a mechanic banged all the pipes for exhaust under the car and blew out chunks of buildup which extended the life of this car. It has 184,765 miles on it. Plastic parts like coolant reservoir have all started to crack. Current issues have been plastic clips on hoses are cracking and causing leaks. I bought the car pre-owned in 2003 with it only having 1,206 miles on it.

- Nancy K

It is very long, I call it "a boat", it makes parallel parking a bit tight.

Reliable and luxurious. This vehicle is very safe, and comes equipped with everything I need. The Chevy engine to start is dependable and gets me to where I need to be. The wide trunk space makes traveling a breeze and hassle free. The five seats it comes with creates a roomy and spacious feel for my passengers, young and old. This vehicle has CD and radio which makes any trip for a good ride in this Chevy Malibu.

- Carina M

It does not take much gas which saves me money.

I bought the car used having or had problem with the brakes the steering pump and the gasket the car starts up without hesitation and is good on . Saving fuel on mileage the trunk is huge storage space and child safety lock works great I have no other complaints the car has been getting me from point a to point b with no problems I just wish there was more interior space.

- Chi F

Older Malibu models have better design than newer Malibu. Less blind spots.

Love my car, runs great. Watch out for intake gasket leaks if you haven't replaced seals already. Boiling coolant is an indication you have this issue. Get fixed before you end up with a blown head gasket. Factory installed seals are bad and fail under heat. Also watch out for fuel pump failure after 140, 000 miles. I drive the v6, very powerful.

- Samuel F

There's nothing interesting about the car.

Considering the age it performs well. Not as much get up and go as I would like. Not many items have needed to be repaired. The car has a totaled on the title. The car was in good condition when I bought it. I am sure the mechanic I bought it from fixed many things. It also needed a special inspection because it was a totaled car.

- Rhonda S

Great little car for being an older model car.

No problems do have to change the brake pads but will do that myself. The abs light is on but has no caused any problems yet. It is a good little six cylinder. Runs well did have to replace the battery as of late but no problems there as I just did a few little tests on the battery and alternator to see what it was.

- Joel H

The car is really good and reliable for it is age.

Really reliable for it is age it is 18 years old so has a few mechanical problems, blinkers have went out it is like $100 part to fix, rotors are going bad, as are the calipers, have never had any problems with performance, it is comfortable, just wish it had heated seats. Has all normal features and is a automatic.

- Chas R

My o1 is a good trusting running car.

My car is old. It needs a front wheel alignment and the front tire shakes. Around the car has a lot of rust. The windshield wipers are broke. With all the above my car has me and my family to and from every place we go. The car is very good on gas with the gas light on you still travel for a good 15 minutes or so.

- Melissa J

Why I like my Malibu and why I will buy another one.

Great car it has been very dependable and still drives and looks great. Good family car. Lots of room for passengers. Good gas mileage and low maintenance. Handles well and will definitely buy another Chevy. This has been an outstanding car. It has lasted very well and I am very happy to drive this car every day.

- Sharon B

This car is not that big and not that little.

This car has the 3. 1 engine liter. V6 and gives great gas mileage. Comes in many colors and has 4 doors and a big trunk. One cup holder in the front and 2 cup holders on the back. Has power windows and power locks. Comes with a remote control for closing and opening doors. Comes with a trunk release feature.

- Alvaro P

Good thing about owning a Chevrolet Malibu.

Runs good it gets very good gas mileage. For being as old as it is. I do not have any problems with it. Just the occasional maintenance of the car. I love that it has am/FM CD. Because I love listening to music when I am driving. It must be a reliable car, because I see a lot of the Malibu's on the road.

- Patricia T

My car came with auto theft, plus I can start my car automatically.

The performance of my car is excellent, it does well on oil, the tires last a long time. But things do wear out on it, especially the brakes. Pin in the steering column went out, it cost a lot of money to fix. The car is though very reliable in the winter especially, starts right up most winter days.

- Lori S

The Malibu, a car that lasted.

I bought this car many years ago. It has been reliable and has never let me down. I have had to repair the power windows multiple times. There is a poor design of the motor gears on the windows. It was a standard model right off the lot with no added features. This is a very solid and reliable auto.

- Bill W

I like the old way of opening the windows(by hand). Dependable car.

I have not had hardly any mechanical problems. It the right size for me and my lifestyle. It's easy to drive, easy to clean, and has good gas mileage. The motor is easy to get to change oil, add water, and check on other things. I like the color, size of tires, and the way it handles.

- Robin O

It has plenty of room in the back seat as well as in the trunk.

This vehicle is reliable, family friendly, and a good start out car. I think this car should be everyone's start out car. Its inexpensive and does not need that much maintenance. It really great on road trips. I have taken it across country several time and it has never failed me.

- Anastasia D

Chevrolet classic family sedan.

While my vehicle is older, it runs very smooth, is great on gas and has plenty of room for my child's car seat and for our family as well. It drives well and we haven't had any issues with it. Also the body style is classic even though it's older it doesn't look out of style.

- Lindsey H

It drives well and has been extremely loyal and trustworthy.

This was my first new car. It has always been very reliable and easy to drive. I love that it has just the things I need and no extra bells and whistles and things to go wrong. I will keep it in good condition and continue to drive it as long as it will get up and go.

- Susan H

I love my 2001 Chevrolet Malibu!

Great first car! Reliable, as long as you keep up the maintenance I do not foresee any problems with this vehicle. I purchased my car used and it was in really good condition and still is! The only reason I'd get rid of this car is to upgrade! Highly recommend.

- Elizabeth K

It is very reliable and is very cheap to maintain this vehicle. Easy on wallet.

Gets me from point A to point B. It is very reliable. It is very cheap. Maintenance is only needed for routine things like oil, fluids, tires, air and other such small things. Other than that it is not a monetary hinderance on finances which is why I have it.

- Kyle A

Reliable. And gets you where you need to go.

The car runs great. It is reliable. Very comfortable and easy to drive. Seats five people. Comfortable seating. Spacious. CD player does not work. Driver side window does not roll down. Hakuna matata. Means no worries. It is our problem free. Philosophy.

- Valerie J

Malibu, great on gas and mileage!

The only issue we have with the car is the brakes. It seems like we need them too often. The car is great on gas. It has a smooth ride. It is great on mileage, as far as had is concerned. I definitely would buy the newest model.

- Cooper L

Has great interior room. It has lots of head space.

I like my car because it handles well on the highway and it's interior is spacious enough to make traveling comfortable. It also gets good gas mileage. My only complaint is that it is too old to have a backup camera.

- Virginia M

it's a good little car for my needs.

Performs pretty well, Have had to put a new set of front brake pads on. Aircon does not work properly but oh well. The ABS light is on but no worries there either. Other than that it's a good home to work ride.

- Joel H

2001 Chevy Malibu. Has been through thick/thin and still runs like brand new.

No problems. I myself have never been in a wreck in it but my parents have and it is been beat up and still runs like new. We maintain it and change out parts which old cars is really easy to buy. I love my car.

- Whitney L

Runs like a champ though she has over 200,000 on her. I keep my oil changed to keep the engine running good

I have had several vehicles in the past. This car, I paid cash for nearly 10 years ago, and it is still running. I was told by my mechanic that as long as I take care of it, she will take care of me.

- Anita J

2001 Chevrolet Malibu 4 Door

Car will start fine when "cold" but won't start after driving for a while or if temperature outside/ sun heats the vehicle. Not sure why. Before this problem began it was a decent, comfortable ride

- Tia S

it is old but has been very reliable. I have seen other people with more car repairs than I have had. Only a few times, and some maintenance work for 17 years.

It has held up pretty well for an old vehicle. It has always had a problem of going up steep hills and no one can tell me why. It could be a smoother drive, everyone in the back gets carsick.

- Marlene M

Despite its age, it has less than 60,000 miles on it.

I like the feel of the car and the way it handles on the road. I also like the comfort of the interior design. The only thing I disliked was how long it took to warm up in the winter.

- Gary P

One of the most reliable, easy to keep up on vehicles I've ever owned!!

The car has been extremely well kept and runs solid as can be. Aside from routine maintenance with oil changes, fluids, and tires, there have been no issues whatsoever with the car.

- Mathew R

That it is a safe car to ride in.

I love my car, it looks classy, runs great, love the four doors, love the color which is silver, it is good on gas, I get 30 miles per gallon, easy to drive, love my car..

- Lori F

The Brakes tend to go often

It runs well and has lasted. I have had to get the brakes changed at least twice a year though. It really is a decent car....from ny so the undercarriage is rusting out

- Lindsay A

Chevy Malibu lasts and is a reliable car.

My Chevy Malibu is so reliable and has features that I love. For being a 17 year old car, it has proven to be as reliable and trustworthy car as I believed it to be.

- Ang R

It's reliable. Overall, the Malibu works well and runs great!

I like that it gets good gas mileage. The malibu also seems to be a bit more spacious with room that makes you comfortable. I can't say I have any dislikes with it!

- Rachel C

It is the last generation of that body style.

I get a very smooth ride. The seats are very comfortable. I also find that I get very good mileage. There is nothing that I dislike about this car.

- Mary B

That it still runs great even after more then 10 years old.

I like that I can have a dependable car that allows for me to get to where I need to go each day. Although it is 17 years old, it runs great!.

- Angelina R

Malibu's are great starter and commuter cars

Love my car only current problem is high miles would recommend for a commuter car for anyone very comfortable on long drives and reliable.

- Kristina P

Gas friendly roomy car with a decent size trunk

Rusting away bad muffler bad coolant system handles poorly does have a nice size trunk and fairly roomy probably was a nice car brand new.

- Jason R

It gets great gas mileage.

My car works pretty well. The only problem is the catalytic converter. Which has something stuck in it so it makes my car smell sometimes.

- Devin D

Reliable transportation. Nice features.

2001 chevy malibu. Don't have many problems. Air needs recharged and antifreeze leaks a little. It needs rear brakes and front tie rod

- Cynthia D

great fuel mileage, over 220 miles per tank of gas.

it is a great car. it gets fantastic fuel mileage and it runs as good as a new car. i never have any issues with it. i love my car.

- donna s

It's very affordable and easy to maintain.

Gets good gas mileage, it is a small vehicle.. Hate it because it's falling apart, not big enough if all the grandkids ride along.

- Patty T

This was a relatively inexpensive car to buy and maintain. It has been very reliable. No expensive repairs at all

This car has been very reliable. Very few problems. Not expensive to maintain. Gets very good mileage. Serves my needs very well.

- Thomas W

It was bought 2nd hand so make sure you get a tune up and have it checked out.

There are problems with it. I feel like the transmission is slipping. It's not big enough. It's just old and I need a new car.

- Sharon B

Brakes are fixed on the car. New everything pretty much

I like the color. I dislike how the windshield is broken. I like how fast it can go. I dislike how bad it is on gas mileage

- Taylor C

It works and I feel blessed I have it.

It is a 2001 Chevy Malibu salvage title. It gets me from place to place. It is old and I do not know how long it will work.

- Rhonda S

It has been trustworthy for the most part. And has yet to really let me down.

I like how reliable and durable it is. I like that it's part are never too expensive even when they do need to be replaced.

- Jesse M

That it is a dependable car. and it save money on gas.

It is a good car to have. It very dependable car that get me from point A to B. I am very happy that I purchase the car.

- Christy J

Malibu's do last a long time.

I like it has been very dependable. I hate the rust it has on it now. I hate that my headlights are discolored from age.

- Joan M

It is reliable. It has been a good car for many years.

I like the seats. The engine is pretty okay. It is pretty old so it is rusty. Overall, it is a pretty reliable car.

- Jenny M

It is good on gas and it is green.

It is in really good condition, just a few scratches on the bumper. It blows cold air conditioning and runs great.

- Tyler H

Most dependable and good looking car.

What I liked is that it lasted me a long time. What I dislike is now it is really old and has lots of problems.

- Amy R

It is reliable and sturdy. Has taken a couple of hits, and you cannot tell.

Dislike: getting older, more wear and tear.. Like: reliable and sturdy. Never had any major issues with it.

- Valerie J

It is a great ride. Still our main car but would make an awesome first car.

Runs well. Smooth ride; make sure you have good tires! Picks up speed great. Window motors are going out.

- Rhonda M

It is very comfortable. I like the car a lot it is a good car.

It is a really good car, I have had it for lots and lot of years and I had never ever given me a problem.

- Carla T

The car is not very comfortable for people who over 5'10" because their heads will hit the roof in the back seats and come close to it in the front seats.

It's a nice car, gets good gas mileage, but it's not meant for people that are above average height.

- Jesse S

Chevy Malibu all the way !

Love this car. It has given me no problems. Just routine maintenance and it still runs like a charm.

- Vicki P

my car is an old car but it runs and is safe to use

I like my car it is not a fancy car but it gets me where I want to go I feel it is a safe car

- sandra c

It was inexpensive to buy. I did buy it used, but still much less expensive than other cars.

It's inexpensive to maintain, gets great gas mileage, and has plenty of room for the kids.

- Ashley A

it still works pretty good and the gas mileage is good

It's getting old and many parts are rusting through.it does get me where i need to go tho

- kathleen d

i loved it and would buy another one

i love the way it drove. it was comfortable to drive or ride in it. it was easy on gas

- candy d

its dependable nice ride happy with the way it runs

comfortable ride, has been pretty dependable I have no complaints or dislikes

- rose g

It has a lot of interior space and easy to use the controls

It is reliable. The interior space is good. The trunk could use more space.

- Crissy B

I love that it is sturdy for a little car. It's old but everything is fixable. I've had very little problems for a 17 year old car. Great gas mileage.

It has amazing gas mileage. regular oil changes make a world of a difference.

- Carlyn F

Not sure have not have any problems as of yet. Just change the oil and make sure you have a clean air filter.

Good car so far. Not my first pick but works for a commuting car.

- jooel h

Great on gas and comfortable to drive long distances

I love the way she handles and the comfort of the seats and drive

- Ivy R

It has Remote start and has a good heater. It has front wheel drive.

It runs. Is rusting out. Good heater. Remote start.

- Vicki C

It is an old car that I purchased from a relative. It is simple and does what I need it to. It does not have any special features but I enjoy it and it does its job

It is reliable and it does its job when I need it to.

- Victoria A