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2002 Malibu lasts forever

Well, for starters, the car has really lasted forever. It has over 150k miles and is still going strong. If has been in 3-5 moderate accidents/crashes and still holds up. Of course, various parts have needed replacing over the years but all in all it has been a great investment. The interior is comfortable, not quite luxury comfortable, but the seats are amazing for long drives. It comes with standard features. Unfortunately it is too old to have a line in or aux but an FM transmitter works just as well! There haven't been too many problems and I hope it lasts for another 150k

- Jonathan S

Good performance, great gas mileage, and a low tax base.

The vehicle gets low gas mileage. There is pretty good performance. The state and county taxes are relatively tax. I bought it used from a person who was looking at a different kind of vehicle. I have had problems with it because of possibly age, but the performance has been great. I have changed the fuel pump, the water pump, the radiator reservoir, the wheel bearings in the front, and had to put a bearing in the balance. It gets good gas mileage (about twenty six miles to the gallon). It is light weight.

- Bobby E

The most important thing others should know about my car is that I am proud of it and keep it up as well as possible. It is the first one I ever decided upon myself.

I have liked my Chevy Malibu pretty well, however it is getting older now. I like the size in general, but there is very little space to hold things in the front seat. This becomes a problem with the amount I would like to have in reach when I am in the car. The gas mileage used to be better than it is now. I prefer mileage I used to get. Perhaps it is a tire issue, as I believe I need new ones. It could use a paint job, as well. I like the ease of driving with this model.

- Eileen N

Reliability in Design Means Cash Savings. By owning a vehicle designed to last a long time, even with a lot of driving, the potential savings to a car's owner is potentially high.

While I've owned other brands of cars, I keep coming back to the Chevy products due to their reliability and possible longevity. This Malibu is now 16 years old and while it is showing its age it is still reliable provided we do our part in paying attention to it's idiosyncrasies, rather like an elderly person who has a bummed up leg and poor vision. I feel safe in assuming that this car has at least four more years of service in it as other of my Chevy products have had.

- Robert R

It has to many unreliable plastic brackets and connectors.

A/c problems constantly. Comfortable ride. Have had intermittent starting problems. Mileage is good and it has a good amount of power, it handles good on windy roads. Have had problems with power window motor failure. We also have had problems with the mud flaps coming off. The headliner is deteriorating. We have had various failures with electrical fixtures: tail light brackets and head light sockets.

- Lou S

Chevy: where reliability wins.

The 2002 Chevy Malibu is a very reliable car. To be it is age, it has no major issues and still gets good mileage. The features would probably seem a little old, but are still very usable. Heat, air, defog, auto light control, etc. are great. It has a radio, CD player, and cassette deck. I think I just missed the model that had an AUX connection, but that was nothing that an adapter couldn't fix.

- Susan J

You have to jiggle the shifter to get the key out.

I really like my car because it is small so it is easy to drive. It still has enough room for three kids in the back and a passenger. It has several cup holders which I like. It gets really good gas mileage. The tire size is common so I do not have a problem finding one fast if I get a flat. I can't think of any complaints except I would like it to be a navy blue instead of silver.


Budget friendly, dependable, comfortable.

My 4 door Malibu is easy to park, handles well and has a open trunk button on remote. It rides very smooth. The maintenance on it is very price fair. The vision is good all front side and rear windows. There is plenty of passenger room in the back seat for 3 people. The seat belts are comfortable and all the dash components are easy to adjust.

- Dean S




I have a tan 2002 Chevy Malibu it is a 4 door and has been super reliable.

I own a 2002 Chevy Malibu, beside the minor issues I had like fixing the back driver window, and replacing the fuel pump. My car has been an amazing reliable source of transportation. I am able to get the my kids doctor appointments that are a few hours away from where I live. I love my car wouldn't want to trade in.

- Katrina L

I bought it new and it has lasted almost 17 years with a minimum of non-routine repairs.

My main problem is that it is 16 years old. I like that it is roomy and comfortable but gets almost 30 mpg on the highway. The only thing that I don't like is that to adjust the heat/air conditioning, you have to look at the controls. You can't do it by feel like the old fashioned mechanical levers.

- Darrell H

Chevy Malibu Does great for getting me to where I need to go

I have had my car for just over a year. We bought it used so we knew it was going to have a few problems. My head gasket just blew it's getting fixed right now. But other than that it's really just been small things like breaks an oil changes. Hopefully this car we will be able to keep for a while.

- Kristine W

2002 Malibu. Very reliable. Would purchase again.

The only problem is the paint has bubbled around the fuel access door. I have had it repainted, but it has bubbled again. I have been told this is common with this model. There is not really any performance issues. It is a great mid sized car. I would purchase this again if need be.

- Valerie M

I love my Chevy Malibu and has been a great car over the years.

My car is 16 years old, I have had one major warped head repair done to my car. Other than the a/c acting up and the engine fan attached to this system, my car is still running! My only major complaint is the anti-theft system. We have to wait ten mins. for the car to start.

- Rondi M

It is almost reliable. It didn't stop on me yet so I guess it is reliable.

I keep having trouble with the engine. Every time I fix something and it works great something else breaks. Other than that it's fiber I guess. I had to change the spark plugs on it and change the temperature sensor. I also flush the coolant and refill it with new coolant.

- Maher A

16 year old Chevy Malibu.

I love driving Chevrolet vehicles, this one is my second. Its reliable and comfortable, considering it is 16 years old. It is starting to have some engine issues currently and the brakes need to be replaced. However, overall I haven't had many issues with it.

- Elle M

It is great for long travels a lot of space both inside the car an in trunk.

When maintained an it is up to date it runs great as of right now it has a muffler leak needs breaks some other tiny things done an for some reason with these cars the floors get wet when it is raining and wet outside. It is very spacious has a huge trunk.

- Courtney J

It is good and runs well enough.

It is an older vehicle and has a lot of miles. There is not any problems model wise. The stereo sometimes has an issue playing music and makes a scratching noise. There is a lot of car that look like mine and so could be easy to find one if wanted to.

- Maggie S

Theft prevention glitch. Don't spend thousands figuring it out.

There is a glitch in the theft prevention system that sometimes makes the car not start. There is a process to go through that will eventually start it, but it takes about ten minutes. I live in Texas, and that can be a long, hot ten minutes!

- Nicole M

It's a workhorse, it gets me where I need to go. It has needed routine maintenance but hasn't had any major problems.

I love that it's lasted so long and I don't have a car payment. I dislike that it's starting to fall apart and needs new brakes and has an oil leak. I also like that the 2002 model has great windows, you can see everything on the road.

- Gretchen B

If you take good care of it then it's a very reliable car that will not give you any issues

My vehicle is a super comfortable car with more than enough space for how small I am. My passengers are always surprised by the comfort of the seats. It's an older year so the radio and CD player are what is there on terms of music.

- Chloe S

Took my Chevy to the levy (and needed a tow to get it home)

We have been plagued by electrical and mechanical malfunctions from the moment we brought it home. But take heart! What it lacks in the performance department is more than made up for by the cramped, claustrophobic interior.

- Donnie W

The Malibu I drive does get good gas mileage.

The car has a problem with the chip on the key. It is not reliable because of this it will leave u stranded anywhere. It sometimes only takes a little bit before it fixes itself sometimes it will take days before it is okay.

- Donna B

Dependability. Cost of maintenance has been low, also.

I have been pleased with this make and model, and would definitely purchase another one. My only beef is the theft system. It locks when it thinks I am trying to steal it, and waiting for it to reset is a time waster.

- Sheila A

That it is dependable and have had very few problems with it.

It is been good other than brake problems. Rides good. Very dependable and has held up well. It is got comfortable seats fits five people easily. Has great stereo system. I would recommend it to other people.

- Tammy R

They are not allowed to drive it. And it has a great heater!

My car has air conditioning problems. And it does not accelerate very fast. Other than those my car is in pretty good shape. I love everything about it, nice color and very well taken care of.

- Kelsey G

Drives good. Great gas mileage. Very spacious car.

The Malibu is a very reliable car. It drives very smoothly. We have had it several years and other than maintenance we have had almost no problems. Definitely recommend to a friend.

- Michelle W

rusting on spots and has an exhaust issue

Do not like the vehicle, has a lot of problems with the brakes and rotors and rust very easily and I see it on a lot of the vehicles would not recommend this vehicle for anyone

- Andrea B

It does well one gas, and can get you to place to place with almost most of the time no problems.

Overall, I do enjoy my vehicle. I am grateful to have it, but I will say as of now it does have some problems. Most of the windows do not do down. The gas gauge doesn't work.

- David V

It is reliable. My car has 192000 miles on it and I still drive it everyday. I keep the car serviced on time, and it keeps right on running.

I love my car overall. It is comfortable, gets good gas mileage, and it is quite reliable for an older car. In traffic, I drive the speed limit up to 70 mph with no problem.

- Anita C

It is old, does not run very well and does not seem to be 100% reliable.

The vehicle I currently own is old, in terrible condition and the air conditioning does not work. The radiator constantly overheats and need to be refilled with coolant.

- Scott M

Has issues, but so good reliable runner. Just remember to check oil.

Wonderful car to drive, handling excellent however needs break work constantly. had leakage problems. How do you put tranny fluid in ?? Need to refill and fix lines

- Lee C

A real good second car for work and child first car.

Uses a lot gas, seating adjustment is terrible,every other week replacing fuses, not comfortable for long drives and transmission problem that dealer can't identify.

- Xavier H

It runs great seat wipe clean no matter what?s on them and the car is solid.

My alarm system has to keep needing to be reset. And the ignition does not work right and the shifter has to click when you put in part or the car is still on.

- Donna C

It has been a reliable car requiring few major repairs over the 15 years I have owned it.

It is roomy, reliable, has a good sound system, and has power windows/doors. It has had some bugs including a faulty hazard switch and shift cable problems.

- Sharon K

It is old but it gets the job done.

Feels like it's on it's last leg. Many problems fixed in the last few months, but multiple new problems come after that. Scared to take it onto the thruway.

- Phillip V

It has been passed through many people in my family!

I like the fuel range that my vehicle gets. As well as how well it has kept up over the years. However, I do not like the age of my vehicle!

- Gill P

Diamond in the rough, did not think it would last as long as it has.

My car has a knock in the engine but has kept running for 3 years. Not much else is wrong with it. Some cosmetic damage but can be fixed.

- Jessica B

The catalytic converter does not like ethanol at all.

I've had this car forever. At first, I loved it. Then it had some problems. Now, it still runs and I'm pretty happy after 200,000 miles.

- Chris L

Anti-theft feature comes on

Only issue is the Theft feature coming on. Usually when it's humid or wet out. Having to wait ten minutes for it to go off is a pain.

- Jennifer D

Very comfortable, economical ride. It gets great fuel mileage and it is an easy car to maintain.

It surprised me when we first purchased it with it's get up and go. The fuel economy is great and it is a very comfortable ride.

- Elizabeth W

my car is unique and the paint is made to represent me.

My car is black with glitter paint on it. I have a few issues with the car. Most things under the hood have been replaced.

- Shannon` A

This is pretty good car runs good.

Looks good runs good. Does really good handles good good tires cheap on Hadid a really pretty white no tint on windows.

- Adam R

Engine runs great...body is rough

You didn't have my model. 2002 Pontiac grand prix. I've had more problems with this car than any other I've ever owned

- Kim C

Requires coolant to prevent it from running hot.

Has a problem with radiator. Other than that runs really well. Easy to drive. Small and comfortable for me to drive.

- Faith H

The muffler makes a grinding noise because it is loose.

My car has done really well being used. I have had no problem so far. Sometimes the brakes squeak after it rained.

- Cody M

it does not use much gas.

it's a good vehicle. It is too low to the ground. I also wish I could have more up to date components in the car.

- dee s

This vehicle has been a great work car, has a V6 and gets good gas mileage for a 6 cylinder. It has a small window busted out.

This vehicle has been very dependable for the majority of my owning it. Currently it needs a complete brake job.

- Kenneth C

that it has high mileage but overall a good car for my needs going shopping and to Doctor appointments.

I like that it is dependable and the color is soothing. I don't like the gas mileage. Overall a very good buy.

- kristie l

The car is a bit older but it is very sturdy and easy to drive also very reliable.

No AUX plug, trunk does not latch, good car, very reliable. Nice look, automatic lock and windows. Good car.

- Serena D

The White Batman, quick on acceleration.

What I do not like about my car is that it is not gas efficient. However, it does accelerate quickly.

- Christopher W

The radiator fluid needs to be flushed.

I like that It's has lasted this long.It's seats five very comfortable.I dislike the lake of options.

- Eric H

I like that fact that it takes me places. But I also like the fact the ac blows cold, but I don't like the fact my transmission is missing up

That it drives real good, also that it drives real smooth.. It don't take too much to fill it up.

- Donte C

It will run until the wheels fall off. Front wheel drive makes snow driving better.

Good performance. Gas mileage could be better. Prefer A-frame technology. Original tires sucked.

- James B

That is works. It is not flashy like other cars but it works.

It is an old car. It does not have Bluetooth or an aux cord. It does not have tinted windows.

- Josue R

Other than age, it is in really good condition and shape.

Love it except it is getting too old and have to sink money into repairs due to age

- sherri f

It is a great running car. Very reliable. Plenty of trunk room.

It's old but it gets you where you need to go. It is easy on gas. Runs great

- Cindy W

I love my car even though it is old. I can't afford a new one.

I like my vehicle because it has lasted for 16 years and low maintenance.

- Joyce L

It has quite a few miles on it but still works and has a lot of use left in it

It has been a great car that has lasted ,i like everything about it

- Cathy B

Small and compact but fits me and my four boys comfortably.

It is a good car for my short drive back and forth to work.

- Charlotte J

That it is MINE! It is an important part of my life.

I like it because it only has 6 cylinders under the hood.

- Linda l

good fuel mileage It's paid for no payments

is what it is transportation no more no less

- tom D