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2003 Gray Chevrolet Malibu.

My Malibu has been around in my family sense it first came out, so for about 14 years. When I am driving it's a very smooth and quiet ride, very spacious, comfortable seating, nice detail work on console and dashboard, a/c is strong. If you ever get into an accident the frame of the car is very strong. I have gotten into a few fender benders and still no dents on my car. If you plan on driving for long periods at a tip this car is very good on gas mileage, I have to refill my tank once about every 1 1/2 weeks. Sound system is good, very loud really good base. Some of the negatives to this car would be that the a/c fan tends to get clogged of u do not clean your hood from leaves, twigs, and so on. It does not come tinted so if u live somewhere it's hot you have to get it tinted, that could cost u anywhere from $80- $120 per window. Also if you live in the heat u would want to cover your car case in the heat of the sun the front seats to bubble and chip/peel off. The hole interior is fabric / carpeted, so if u have kids super prone to stains, and super outdated prints in the seats. The tail lights tends to collect moisture and get water in them and ruins the wiring, or u have to constantly change then bulb. And last but not least the doors are very heavy u have to use like all your might to open and close the door, and when you close the door you have to slam it closed, its very annoying.

- Stephanie M

Amazing gas mileage both in town and out of town.

I love my car. It gets good gas mileage. I only have to fill it up every other week and it only cost $25.00 to fill. She drives so smooth and is very easy to handle. I have had her for 4 years now and have only had to replace the tires and the bulbs for the blinkers. The only thing that I would change about her is I would add heated seats, I live where it snows, and a wiper on the back windshield. The trunk space is way bigger than it looks on the outside. She seats 5 safely. There are cup holders in the back as well as the front. The placement for the cup holder for the driver is amazing. Its to the left of the steering wheel. Way easy and safe when driving.

- Regina S

Chevy Malibu honest review.

My Chevy Malibu is a little outdated but it's actually pretty comfortable. As much as I like a more updated vehicle with plenty of technical features, my 2003 Chevy Malibu is not terribly far off track from any newer vehicle on the market today. The speakers are actually very loud and clear for a car from 2003 but not as bassy and crisp as a new vehicle. It is very quick on the gas pedal which makes this car far more fun to drive. It has very bad gas mileage though. In all honesty. This car is definitely fun to drive if you do not mind it being a little older.

- Matthew C

It has held up to all the hype.

The air conditioning is hit or miss even after extensive repairs and visits to the shop. It drives and handles great and the ride is very comfortable, the seats are terrific. The interior work on the doors and windows is nice and the visibility in all directions is very good. The headliner fell down and after replacement stayed up. All the dash items are easy to see and read and the alterable coloration is really nice when driving in the dark. This car is getting 31 mpg and has plenty of pickup when it is asked for. All in all it is a very good car.

- Margaret T

Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking.

Biggest problem I've had is hitting deer and taking out front fenders/hood. Like midnight, no moon, over water, highway speed, on an enclosed bridge - in the middle of the bridge - 3 deer abreast across both. Lanes. Happened twice. First time was at night also, but not so extreme. After the second time, I technically totaled it, but drive it every day. The car is owned outright. doesn't owe me a dime. Last accident was a year and 1/2 ago. Everything works great, except now I can check my windshield washer fluid level from outside the car.

- Mark W

The car has good gas mileage.

The car is a gas saver. My problem with it is the acceleration and the inside interior could be nicer. The car was a good price when purchased. The car is reliable I been having for years. The interior of this car could be better but it is a older model. I had to repair ac a few times because it would blow hot instead of cold. It is a roomy car it does have good backspace and trunk space to can't complain there.

- Anita P

American made and it's owned NOT leased.

That particular year there was a factory flaw in all of the Malibus' air conditioning units. Not able to be replaced. So the AC turns on and off which is annoying otherwise, the car is wonderful. We love the size, comfort, and color. I have noticed the newer Malibus have much less visibility out of their rear windows which means we most likely won't purchase a new one until they make that change.

- Terry C

Smoothly driving, reliable, older car.

This vehicle is an older car and therefore has had some more major problems. For example, the brakes were replaced, the coolant tank was replaced, and the air conditioning has gone out. It performs very well. It is my favorite car to drive because it drives so smoothly. It is a fairly reliable car. The comfort is good for it being an older car, except for the lack of air conditioning.

- Meagan B

It is reliable enough for occasional transportation, but there are better options if you do a lot of driving every day or are travelling long distances.

As my first vehicle, it has been pretty reliable. I have had a few problems regarding the fuse box and air conditioner, but that has been it. It has electric windows and locks, which is really handy. The seats aren't the most comfortable, but they are acceptable. It gets pretty decent gas mileage though, which is always a plus. Overall, I've been fairly satisfied with the vehicle.

- Tyler O

My Malibu is in style but will also carry the kids and groceries!

Over the last 5 years that I have owned this car I have felt that I was driving a reliable and dependable car. It has plenty of room for me. It drives easily. I am only 36 and I still feel that it looks like a car that a 36 yr old would drive. Financially it has been reasonable to maintain and service. I have had minimal problems and would definitely purchase this vehicle again.

- Jessica M

I like that when you start motor the headlights come on

had it for 6 years with no problems it gets me where I am going without breaking down. Keep oil check and burns little oil.gets 30 to 34 gallons a mile.sometimes it will lock itself.sometimes after you push button to open trunk you have to lift up on trunk to open it, it has power windows and locks. The radio works well. It does not have Bluetooth.the seats are very comfortable.

- carol L

2003 Chevy Malibu pros and cons.

Pros it is a very good vehicle. It has very comfortable seats. The air condition is very cold in the blazing heat. The heater is very warm in the freezing winter. Cons gas mileage could be better it has a good size v6 engine wishing it could be a little smaller to get better miles per gallon. Overall it has been a good overall vehicle for our everyday needs.

- Jesse T

I love my dependable, low maintenance 2003 Chevy Malibu!

While my vehicle is 15 years old, it runs great! It has required only routine maintenance, other than a new muffler which I just had put on in august of this year. It has some rust around the wheel hubs, the interior looks pretty much like it did when it was new! It is a great car and has served me well all these years. I would recommend the Malibu to anyone.

- Du Anne R

Reliable and has not been too much trouble.

My car is older and purchased about 5 years ago, I have had to put money into the car however has been reliable. I do have a big repair coming up the manifold has a crack. I have replaced the tires, battery in order to get around without problems. I am happy with this car so far. But, there are areas small, of rusting along the frame under the doors.

- Patricia H

Always keep it clean and the oil changed.

My vehicle is a one owner vehicle for it to be a older car I have low mileage it is very reliable as long as you get your car checked out such as maintenance work (oil change, tire rotation etc. ) My car is also good on gas 25 dollars will fill it all the way up only thing I don't like is that it is not the newer version but it is a really great car.

- Jones J

Air conditioning not working properly.

Being that it's an older car it's kept its still running pretty well. I do have to complain about the air conditioning though. No matter how many times I've gotten it fixed, it doesn't last very long. The ac turns off and on by itself. It's been replace a couple times but starts doing it again within a couple months after being fixed.

- Butch D

Lots of saving on gas and money.

My Chevy is called betsy she is a great car, she gets excellent gas mileage. She hardly ever needs anything except for regular maintenance. I bought it used a few years ago and it's an excellent car, however it got hit in the rear but I am still driving it until I can save up enough to get a new one, which will be the same exact kind.

- Anita A A

My Malibu is a good car. I wouldn't pick any other car.

My vehicle is ordinary. It doesn't have any unique features. It's grey in color. It's in okay shape. I hardly ever have any problems with it. Most of the issues are minor and not costly at all. It's paid for and that's what I like about it most. I does have plenty of miles but it runs smoothly, I'll probably keep it a little longer.

- Pamela H

Overall, a good and decent car to still be driving considering the age.

My vehicle functions well enough for an older make/model car. Some minor issues but still runs well nonetheless. The interior is still very clean and nice. The exterior could use some remodeling though. Some paint has been chipping off and maybe some light buffing would be useful. The headlights could also function better; brighter.

- Ashley R

I enjoy the cruise control and the automatic lights.

I have found my Chevy to be very reliable. It does have one thing that I take issue with. That is the transmission. There is no way to check, change or add to the transmission fluid. Additionally, the gear shift has a little "glitch" to it. If you do not know exactly how to move the gear shift you will be unable to do so.

- Stephanie M

I would recommend people to buy a car like mine.

Had zero problems good on gas, great space comfy heated seats leather. Great air conditioning and heat as well. Love my sunroof and moonroof and also built in DVD player. Overall good car. It may be an older model but it runs like a dream, have had to keep basic up keeps such as breaks oil changes tune ups tires etc

- Destiny J

it will nickel and dime you to death with a lot of little repairs here and there

it is 15 years old and the motor runs good. I hate all the little things that go wrong with it , like one window doesn't work, half the stereo speakers are out, sometimes the air conditioner doesn't work. I took it to the dealer one time for an issue and they ripped me off of 270.00 and didn't even fix the problem.

- Julie T

Old but Gold, This car can last and won't break the bank

It drives very well, but after a while the gas mileage starts to go downhill. Very durable and reliable. Very nice coloring, and the interior looks very sleek, even for being older. It rides very smooth, and has very good handling. The interior is easy to clean, and provides very good trunk space for being a sedan!

- Jason G

It is ok, just wish it had more features.

Back windows have both fallen down. Car is squeaky, air conditioning constantly needs repairs. Overall I am fairly happy. Car is pretty reliable and gets me where I need to go. I do wish that it hand more appealing interior. Also paint is beginning to chip but I think that is due to living in the desert.

- Nicole K

My complaints are concerned about cosmetic issues.

No real complaints, just have some minor repairs due to its age. The sensor for the horn is fragile and easily damaged when turn signal arm needed to be replaced. I realize that antennas in the windshield are more expensive. I would have preferred antenna in the windshield vs. An external antenna.

- Billy H

Smooth and comfortable ride

I love the comfort of the Malibu. There has been a few electrical issues sometimes the blinkers do not work. There has been a recall on the ignition. It is a very smooth ride on long trips nice and roomy. The pick up when I take off is awesome. I would for sure buy another Malibu in the future.

- Angela E

Great purchase for a 2003 Chevy Malibu

My 2003 Chevy Malibu was purchased used with only needing new tires. It has since had a ac recharge. Drives smoothly and remains in alignment. I had to get a spare tire. Other than that everything remains in full working order. I have added remote start and a better alarm system that's wonderful.

- Michelle S

Highly dependable and comfortable vehicle.

I paid $2000.00 for this vehicle in 2014. It is the best used vehicle that I have purchased. It rides smooth and has been reliable than I expected from a used vehicle. The interior was in very condition and has held up. The speakers and radio are sufficient. The engine is in excellent condition.

- Kim M

2013 Malibu; dependable, great on gas.

I have never had any major problems with my 03 Malibu, of course I have had to do routine maintenance and replace parts from time to time. Other than that the car has proven very dependable, and even handles upstate NY winters rather well for a vehicle it is size. And it gets great gas mileage.

- David D

Its white with four doors.

My vehicle is white and drives very well. I leased it and it is used upon all members of my family. It has a standard four seat layout and doesn't have much mileage on it. I love it because I can call it mine and it is reliable being able to take me from work or if I just want to go shopping.

- David G

I have no review of a machine only to say,

I have no problems, only the upkeep has to be done when things break down you have to put it back together so it could do the proper performance. And if you can't do the upkeep on a constant basis, than I would say give the car away or sell it. A vehicle has to be taken care of constantly

- clifford R

Alarm system shuts car down but otherwise a good car.

The alarm system acts up a lot to where the car will not start. I have asked around and all of them do it not just mine. It makes it think your stealing your own car. Everything else with the car I love it is roomy. It gets very good gas mileage and limited maintenance needed on the car.

- Darlene P

Very reliable vehicle to get you to where you need .

Main problems are mainly old parts just breaking and or needing repair . Other than that nothing really bad has happened, everything has been relatively cheap and easy to repair. I would easily recommend this type of vehicle to someone that just needs something quick to get them around .

- Rodrigo D

I really like it because it is comfortable to ride in and drive.

I really like my car. The transition fluid stick is hard to reach. But the seats are really comfortable. I can move the seat close enough so can reach the pedals. Everything else works great also. Good gas mileage too. Lot of trunk room. Back seat has plenty of room. Even for long legs.

- Barb B

I have had very little maintenance with this car.

Since I bought the car in 2003 I have had very good luck with it. I have had very little problems with it. I had to change fuel pump and tires and brakes. It gets 20 mpg in the city and about 26 mpg on the highway. It starts every morning even in the winter when it can get to 30 below.

- Jeff B

I really like the options for tape or CD. As well as the on Cruze on the wheel.

My car has only about 90,000 miles on it is been thru three generations with little to no issues. Now it have one issues with starting the car it seems like we need to get the tank cleaned seems like it has a hard time starting when it is low. I love the sound and how smooth it rides.

- Hannah R

Do not let others borrow your car!

The car was bought in 2016 and only needed minor repairs. One of the back windows wouldn't go down, and the drivers side seat was stuck in the upright position. Performance was good. The car was borrowed by a friend and I got it back in non working condition. No real explanation given.

- Tammy H

I will never change this brand. I love it.

It is very nice my Chevy. It is quiet not noisy the engine, comfortable, it is very sensible, any problem it is appearing on screen and beeping. Do not spend to much gas. The radio it is working only for some of the noun am, FM. On the mirror has an emergency call in case of accidents.

- Symbol M

Malibu My first vehicle Won't be my last

My Chevrolet Malibu is a pre owned silver vehicle. With high mileage on the counter. It has a smaller size gas tank which mean more times I have to fill up. The radio and air conditioning don't work. The sides are rusted out. Other than that I have very much enjoyed my first vehicle.

- Rosetta E

Comfort and reliability great car.

Vehicle is small, I am a larger male that enjoys space. There is only 1 cup holder. Mechanically I have only had to change the fuel pump and tune up. I have not done a oil change in over 3 years and the car is still running strong. The car is a reliable car. Chevy over Ford any day.

- Ricardo R

Reliable Chevrolet Impala is the best

It was a reliable vehicle mechanically and rarely broke down or gave me any issues. It was in 3 accidents during the time that I had it, and the parts were always reasonable to replacement. It is the most reliable vehicle that I owned and I would buy it again given the opportunity.

- Zeth C

Silver Chevy Malibu 2003 with grey interior.

It is getting to be too old -does not run well anymore- no air or heat-it constantly is requiring us to fix something on it. Cannot take it on long trips just very short ones 1-4 miles or it will heat up. The computer key system needs to be fixed- recalled item. Needs repainting.

- Linda B

My Chevy Malibu keeps on going.

My Malibu has been a great car, the only problem it has is the muffler, other than that it has only needed a new alternator, and we have done the breaks. It has traveled cross country from Kentucky to Washington state as well as many trips to mt. Rainer and is still going strong.

- Tanya E

03 Chevy Malibu LS Car Insight

Motor in windows go out. No car charger port. Fabric on seat tearing/ torn. Overheating problems. Trunk constantly getting moisture inside. Turn signals always going out. Brakes don't last long. The car is reliable if you take really good care of it. A/c does not blow very hard.

- Stephanie W

Idk honestly I just hate it

I just need a better one it's old it needs so much and I don't have it and it stresses me out so bad just want to cry sometime and 250 is a lot of dang letters I need a better car BC I can't be a college student and try to fix my car but my parents don't have money for me a car

- Courtney B

All around roomy and fuel efficient car.

Overall it is a good vehicle reliable comfortable seats daytime lights great gas mileage my oldest son uses it for school a full tank of gas can last a whole week beautiful color red fully functional nice compact car gets you to point A to point B a lot of storage in the trunk.

- Christina E

Has a wonderful sound system from the factory.

Handles well. Comfortable to drive. Fair gas mileage. Good visibility. Can still get parts easily. Seats are roomy and comfortable with adequate trunk room. Accelerates well as well as handling well in all types of weather and road conditions. Drives easily through a car wash.

- Deb A A

Maroon Chevy Malibu, 2003.

It is a very reliable car that takes me from point A to point B consistently and without very many major problems. I find it to be a very boring car. It makes me feel like I am driving a grandma car. I do not like feeling like an old lady. Otherwise, it is a good car overall.

- Melanie S

Runs well. Has had a few issues over the years but every car will

I've had to replace the brakes once. Had to replace the steering column because of a blinker issue. Also had to replace the rear drivers side power window motor that burned out. Other than that it has run perfectly fine over the years. It has 160000 miles and still runs well

- Kevin S

Long Lasting Chevrolet Malibu Luxury Sedan

Aside from routine oil changes, replacing windshield wipers, and topping off fluids, there really haven't been any major issues. My car is over 15 years old, has over 200,000 miles on it, and as my daily driver with proper maintenance I see it lasting my a couple more years!

- Nicolette W

A great car, even and for your main car!

My car is a Chevrolet Malibu that is in great condition. It is red, one of my favorite colors. It has less then 50'000 miles and has hardly had anyone else in it so even the inside is quite pristine! About the only thing that is been in the trunk is food when I go shopping.

- Nancy A

The truck and car itself is a suitable size and gets good gas mileage.

The ignition switch only works if you turn it slow. Check engine light is always on. The Catalytic converter is constantly giving me trouble. The paint started bubbling up 6 months after we got the car. The seat adjusters break easily. And the window controls do not work.

- Elisa M

Review for Chevrolet Malibu.

It's a very good very and drives well. It could be a little more uniquely designed but it has good features. The vehicle also gets very good gas mileage and that is what makes it so reliable. I would recommend this car to my friends and family. Five star rating from me.

- Danielle P

Great on Gas but needs cruise control modifications

Cruise control doesn't work all the time. Good on gas. Radio isn't the best. Brake lights go out often. Lights come on when it starts getting dark which is good. You can't get your transmission flushed which can cause more problems in the end. Ac has to have freon often

- Jennifer J

I love my low maintenance, dependable Malibu!

I love my 2003 Chevy Malibu! It's good on gas,very low maintenance. Even though it is over 15 years old, the most expensive work I've had to have done was replacing the exhaust system which was just done in August of this year. I'd buy another Malibu without hesitation!

- Duanne R

The tires are unusually hard for me to find.

I love my car but it is entirely too small for my son and my husband. It drives great if you keep it up to date but if you let one small thing slip it goes down. The air conditioning works great and the brakes seems to go out quicker. But oil needs to be changed a lot.

- Gabrielle B

One interesting thing about my vehicle is that she runs like a beauty..

It's great, and runs well, is really reliable for going long or short distances. Also is good for road tripping or hauling things around. Etc.. Horse food, hay bales, camping supplies. May not have a lot of room to move around but still pretty comfortable for 4 people

- Rachel S

It's a reliable car for the money I paid for it.

Performs well, comfort is okay cause the seats are a but worn. Gas mileage is okay but only due to my driving about 45 minutes one way to work. The paint was not the best quality because it has been peeling on the hood. The trunk features an issue that seems flawed.

- Miss H

My Chevrolet Malibu, I love this vehicle!

Love the spaciousness and comfort this vehicle provides. The performance itself is awesome, runs smoothly and efficiently. I also enjoy the size of the vehicle, it is not too small but not large either. Very easy to fit into smaller spaces and navigates effectively.

- Candice E

Issue a recall on the electrical system!!

Electrical system has always got something wrong with it. I have replaced all the rocker arms, fuel pump, starter, alternator, 4 or 5 batteries, the seal on the trunk leaks, the power windows went bad 3 months after buying it brand new, and the problems never stop!

- Brandy R

2003 Chevrolet Malibu, dependable.

Reliable. Fair gas mileage. Rides pretty smooth. Plenty of room. Interior is easy to clean. Has air, dc player. Uses fluids on an average. Oil change every one thousand miles. Dependable. Heat works good. Not crazy about the color (gold). Good tire wear, balanced.

- Susan K

Lots of room and very reliable vehicle.

Very reliable vehicle. Gets ok gas mileage for midsize car. 21 city 29 highway. Only problems I've had is had to replace the alternator which was pretty simple. Very spacious vehicle good for taller person. Has cruise control and power windows. No keyless entry.

- Jesse T

Reliable car, needs to be taken care of and get checked out more often.

In the past year, there have been many issues with the car. It has, for the most part, done its job of getting me places safely, but it's definitely approaching its end. Fixed brake pads, radiator hoses, new spark plugs, broken heater due to a stuck thermometer.

- Kaitlyn E

Chevy Malibu: is it worth it.

I have owned my Chevy Malibu for 9 yrs. The only problem I have ever had with it was my anti-theft would be come on, and it is time consuming to get it to got off. The car has go up and go factor and is very easy on gas. It is very easy to clean and keep clean.

- Christina F

A car you can get by with Chevy.

Rides well gas is good if nothing is in your vehicle makes noises engine is not bad easy to fix have had better cars in the past but gets the job done takes me to work everyday. Sometimes leaks gas while parked I recommend for a beginner vehicle give it a try.

- DiCaprio S

Love my Malibu very dependable and fun to drive.

Love my Malibu it is great on gas and very dependable. It drives great very smoothly. The gas mileage is outstanding. I do have one issue there are not enough cup holders and the ones in the doors are way too small for anything. Love the color choices as well.

- Gayle S

It's little so it gets good gas mileage

I love that it gets good gas mileage. It's common so it's easy to find parts. Easy to work on. I don't like that it is giving me problems more than it should (breaking down a lot). I don't like that it has drum brakes in the back. I don't like that it's red.

- Cody R

Nothing interesting about this car

My car was bought used so I can't say much based off the how the car itself is, due to not knowing how the people before took care of the car but it is reliable and comfortable. My burns oil and sometimes leaks antifreeze but that's the only problems I have.

- Rob B

Old car is a piece of junk.

My vehicle has alignment issues which affects how it steers. The steering wheel feels loose and jiggles a lot, which makes it very uncomfortable to drive. The car is not worth the money it would take to fix the problem. The exterior easily scrapes and dents.

- Anna M

Reliable, but it is no-nonsense.

It is a reliable car, but it is not pretty. I have had little issues with the car. It is an automatic model. It was kept clean and all of the features work really well. The radio is not great all of the time, but the air conditioning still works really well.

- Michael R

Some issues for a car with relatively low mileage, but otherwise a decent car.

I have had to replace the rear ball joints and the fuel pump with less than 90, 000 miles on the car as well as having had some battery issues. The fact that it has no cruise control and has hand crank windows are a pain, but otherwise it gets the job done.

- Jon H

2003 gray Chevrolet Malibu, drives well and the color is unique.

For a 2003 it's actually in pretty good condition. Drives well, has cruise control. Sometimes it has issues starting which is problem with a wire we have to occasionally jiggle if it won't start. The windows and locks are manual which is a drawback for me.

- Hannah B

2003 Malibu, dependable family car.

Very reliable, mostly comfortable, could use more extras like better sound system, or heated seats, this car will get you from place to place in semi comfort but it is not a sports car or high quality business vehicle. As a family car it works pretty good.

- Kim M

My car, my freedom, my friend.

I bought this car used and I love it. The inside is like new and I have had no problems with it even though it has over 100, 000 miles on it. Easy to handle and has great pickup. It is white with grey interior, cloth seats, great gas mileage and reliable.

- Bonnie D

Great Starter Car for Young People

This vehicle is overall a great starter car. I haven't had too many troubles with it except a few replacement parts, oil changes, and tire changes. The inside of the car features a lovely interior with cloth. That makes it easy and enjoyable to ride in.

- Jasmin P

It is a great clunker if you don't care about anything working

The air conditioner only works when it is cold. The brake pads don't release so I go through brake pads every few months. I have replaced everything under the hood multiple times. The only positive is that it has lasted this many years

- sherri B

Reliable, only repairs that it has needed is because of the age of the car.

As old as my car is, it still runs great, making repairs here and there as needed. Cosmetically, still in great condition, especially since I have only had it a couple years, so it has been through a lot of hands. No complaints.

- Yolanda P



- mary i

Cup Holder left of the steering wheel

I love my car! It has a cup holder to the left of the steering wheel and has been reliable for me for the past few years. I got it from another owner and it needed some work but nothing expensive. Overall worth the purchase

- Theresa T

It drives well, and is quite a sturdy vehicle. I'd say it's reliable on the basis that i haven't had any mechanical problems this year

The car has lasted quite a bit, with minimal maintenance. I don't like the lack of shocks but i guess i could put money into that on my own; i probably should, the car vibrates so much! Fuel economy is good, i think

- Jim H

It is durable and fairly comfortable for 4 passengers

I like that it is paid for and the insurance is affordable. It is fairly reliable with 188,000 miles and just has a little rust. I wish the suspension would protect me better from the potholes and road bumps.

- Robin H

Reliable and dependable over all satisfied

It's a very good vehicle. I love the heated seats buttons on the steering wheel. The cruise control is a plus as well. Wished it had a sunroof gets pretty good gas mileage couldn't ask for a better vehicle

- Elishia C

Good working and reliable car to get from point a to point b

I just recently got as a gift. I have not had any issues with it. There is a noise that i don't like. It runs great to get to school, work and home. The seats are comfortable. The features are great

- Mad G

It has been very dependable as far as running. Very few mechanical issues.

My car is a used car and has not had turn lights that work since getting it. Don't know if previous owner did something to it or if it is a glitch in the wiring. They work sometimes but not others.

- Shae D

It for 5 years has performed reasonably well .

My gas mileage is adequate but could be better . The car is comfortable and handles fairly well . The biggest problem , which was finally solved , were electrical problems with the ignition .

- wayne a

2003 Chevy Malibu is a great car.

In the years that I have had it there have been very few problems with the car, I change the oil every 3000 miles and take care to wash it regularly. It starts in the winter all winter long.

- jeffrey b

My Chevrolet Malibu is actually a great running car.

I like my car when it is in good running condition.I am not crazy about the temperature control this make/model uses.someday I hope the manufacturer changes that control to be my selection.

- S B

It is a very dependable vehicle and has not had very much wrong with it.

My car is old but has been a very good vehicle. So far not too much major has happened to it. It is very dependable. The seats are not the most comfortable but other than that I like it.

- Ellen D

The ignition and airbags were recalled.

Good on gas but bad news for the plastic. The interior is falling apart from the inside out and the window automatic gearbox failed on 3 of the 4 window had to be stuck in the up position.

- Glenn P

It is a safe car and is nice to drive. It is good for families.

I like the size and how it rides. I do not like how old it is and the things that are going wrong with it. If it wasn't so old I probably would not have some of the issues I have.

- Caitlyn P

No power windows but a great little car.

No problems with my car and gets great mileage. . My only complaint and it is odd but I don't have power window and it sucks sometimes to always be rolling them up and down.

- James N

It is roomy and dependable and the gas mileage is decent.

It has been very dependable. Is roomy enough. The trunk is quite large. Would only like it better if it had newer model features such as brake assist and rear view camera.

- Nancy S

Wasn't designed with a lot of thought to being very user friendly.

I Like the reliability and the price I got if for. I dislike some of the poor design features such as the ventilation system, the door locks and poorly fitting trim.

- Ed R

It is pretty peppy, while not exactly a street racer, it is pretty fast

Car is just the right size, easy to park and manipulate through traffic but large enough for a comfortable ride. I dislike it is a little hard to get in and out of.

- Keith L

It is small and the air conditioning gets very cold.

It runs good still in good shape inside but the car is rusting and has a lot of miles on it. The car make some squeaky noise when I drive. Like the color of car.

- Dawn R

The it is a piece of crap.

My car is a total piece of garbage. The air conditioner spits out hot air. The door locks don't work. It gets crappy mileage. I do NOT like my Malibu at all.

- Travis J

starts all the time and gets me where I want to go.

I had to put on a new fuel filter , fuse box, ignition switch, air condition ports and heater hoses. it still needs a little work but it is a very reliable car.

- Joseph C

Parts are easy to find and as long as you do regular maintenance it will be a good car for you.

I like that it is domestic made. It has been a good car for me. Right now I am having problems with the key ignition rotation. the dealership did not fix it.

- Cynthia T

I love how great on gas it is. It's very reliable and cuts down on my maintenance bill. All around a great car for traveling

It's a small vehicle so it's not the most roomy but it makes up for it by being great on gas. It's very reliable if you take care of it and keep it maintained

- Jennifer E

Even though the car is old it still works well and gets me to where I need to go.

I like that the engine works well and is quiet. The car runs well and is kept up well. I don't like that it has some rust and the blinker doesn't always work.

- Rachael B

That is a good sound mechanical car.Has a replaced engine and the repairs cost a lot more than I paid for the car

I got in recently and am very happy with it.I was able to use my old car as trade so it was not to expensive.It drives well everything works and I enjoy it.

- pat j

Don't let the gas run out, or you'll need to replace the fuel pump.

Like the gas mileage and little rust; hate the noises it makes. Front seat has expired with springs. Gas tank only holds 8 gallons. Doors are hard to open

- jenny m

The mechanicals don't work right the windows sometimes roll up and sometimes rolls down and the rubber melts and sticks the windows

The vehicle has problems with the P system and wiring system. Also very easy to catch anything and it is not a real gas saver as I had thought it would be

- Jeneva F

It's a fairly reliable car, n it gets me where I need to go.

It was my mum's car n she can't drive anymore. The engine only has 79500 miles, but it is starting to nickel n dime me. I am saving for a newer used car.

- Michele S

It gets me to a to point b.

The car has great speed, in my opinion. The car has needed a few repairs under the hood and the windows, mainly electrical issues. But it is reliable.

- Chelsea S

3rd row seating is awesome.

It has been the best car! It does not cost me a lot of money to run. And the body is still in excellent condition and I will definitely buy another!.

- Rita M

It gets you from point A to point B

It drives pretty well, the steering is crooked though. The paint is starting to bubble and come off. The back window is starting to fall apart too.

- Czanduh h

Why I continually buy Malibus over other vehicles

Comfortable for being a used car. Very reliable getting me to point and b. Getting used to replacing the aging parts on a car that is 15 years old.

- Levi J

It's reliable and I can count on it to get me where I'm going.

I love my Malibu. It's the second Malibu I've owned. I like the set up on the dash and the electric windows. It runs great and is very reliable.

- Amanda B

Reliable car an great to drive.

Never had any problems, just a little loose glue on the inside door panels. This does not affect the performance of the car. This is a great car.

- Jenna S

Looking for Quality look no further

I love my Malibu is a good reliable car. It is 15 years old and has had little issue and the repairs have been easy to do and quickly figured out

- Dawn M

It is very sporty. It will stand out among most cars.

It is dependable but not really what I want. Gas mileage is average. Has plenty of room. Comfortable riding. Not sure it would make a long trip.

- Susan B

Gets me from point A to point B

It is a older car runs good for the most part my anti theft system is broke so sometimes doesn't start have to wait 10 minutes for it to start

- Frances R

It's a nice compact car with great handling.

Overall it's a wonderful vehicle! The ride is great for a compact car! Although the wheel parts are a year older than the actual vehicle year.

- Amanda S

It is comfortable a rides well and also looks nice as well.

My fuel pump is out I also need to replace my windshield and security theft system but I still enjoy driving the vehicle when I am able to.

- A Y

There is a lot of space and storage room throughout the car, especially in the trunk.

I absolutely love my Chevy Malibu. It has experienced some wear and tear over the years, but there truly has not been any major problems.

- Ben S

In the long time I have been driving it has only let me sitting somewhere once and it was my fault.

There is not much I can say I dislike it's not a luxury car or anything but it has been one of the most reliable cars I have ever had.

- Jesse H

2002 Chevy Malibu Good mileage

It's a good car that gets good gas mileage. Have been having trouble keeping the Ac cold and the anti theft system has been acting up.

- Mike G

Ok to drive, reliable, dependable.

It has been reliable and safe to drive. It has not broken down often. It is not the best in snow. The power ports have never worked.

- Carol F

It has a dent from the neighbor hitting it. Besides that it runs well.

I like the look, I don't love the year or mpg. It would be nicer if gas costed less. Higher mpg would be better for the environment.

- Alexander T

It is has been reliable . I would give it a B plus rating .

The auto has for 5 years a relatively low maintenance vehicle . I wish it had a little better gas mileage . I have no complaints .

- wayne Y

It seems safe, there are tons of airbags.

I love my car sometimes the key switch is hard to turn but other than that I love it gets me where me an my daughter needs to be.

- Sandra S

it has real good reliability

well It's getting old, but It's been a reliable car. nothing fancy, just does the job. decent performance. decent gas mileage

- mike S

It rides really smooth, and dependable.

My car is great but at times it takes money to fix of but just like any car or trick you'll have to put money into it to fix it,

- Johnny L

Has well over 200,000 miles and is a great car.

I love my car its like part of me. Gets me where I need to go safely. I paid cash for it. It just seems to fit my personality.

- Bonnie J

Runs great. Gold 2003 Chevy Malibu

My car runs great and is in great condition. Just needs new tires. Had some new ones last year, but they are starting to Roar.

- Heather S

Great car. We all love it.

It has a big trunk. Air conditioning works really good. Nice, spacious back seat. Drives well. Fits our family nicely.

- Krista K

It is had just about everything replaced in it, except the engine.

It is very reliable but it has a lot of dents in it. It also uses a lot of gas which is not good. I love that it runs.

- Rita D

This car is okay for now.

It runs. I got it used after I wrecked my other car. The horn doesn't work and it is a 6-cylinder so it is a gas hog.

- Sheena F

Chevrolet 2003 Malibu.. good buy

Comfortable, reliable. Fair gas mileage. Good sound system.. interior easy to clean. Not crazy about the color.

- Susan B

It's old but still working. It looks new as well. A

I like that it's still working fine after all this time. It feels new. I can use it for a few more years, maybe.

- Jonn L

it runs well even though it is old

my car is old and junky but it runs. you have to roll the windows down by hand. it has no air but it is paid off

- alexa b

Great, Reliable Car for Work

It is a great car. It gets to where I need to go everyday for work. The gas mileage is fair. I have been happy.

- Robert H

This car is a basic four door no frills car.

It is very dependable. Very few problems. Plenty of room. Color is white which is my favorite color in cars.

- Richard B

It gets me where I need to go without any major issues

It gets me where I need to go. It would be nice if it had less miles on it. I would also like a sports car

- Ryan R

It is good on the expressway- air and heat works good.

No issues it is an awesome car- runs great it has air and heat power locks has an alarm system sunroof.

- Kris A

It has It's issues but i love it. Overall my car is a good car.

I like that i own it. I dislike the maintenance that comes with it. I really need new tires also.

- Heather D

It was almost like new even though it was old when I got it because it had very low miles

I love the way it drives. I love the gas mileage. It is very fuel efficient and saves me money

- Shanna A

Great on gas and it's a great family car. Price is good.

I love the room it has for my family and its so comfortable to drive in especially long trips.

- Robyn A

It's made which cheap material that is wearing out. The plastic that is all dry rotted and is braking

I like the gas mileage the motor size. I hate it it's a cheap made car always breaking down.

- William B

It is easy to drive. It has all the things that I need in a car. It is very comfortable and has been very reliable.

The air conditioning button has always kept turning off and no one has been able to fix it.

- Marilyn M

That it is safe and dependable.

My car is dependable. It has good safety features. It is fun to drive with very few issues.

- Robert T

It has been a reliable care for us. We can trust that it will get us to where we need to go.

I like that it is low maintenance. It is good on gas. It rides smooth for as old as it is.

- Eileen R

it is very very dependable,

like 30 mpg, ice cold air, great heat in winter. dislike engine noise is annoying.

- conrad B

The Malibu is a long lasting car and drives well with good tires!

The car drives drives well. We have not had too many repairs on it over the years!

- Deanne H

It uses too much gas too quickly.

I like the looks of it. I like how it handles. I dislike how quickly it uses gas.

- Denise L

The Malibu is Very Reliable car ! I would recommend it to everyone.

It is a smooth ride. Fun to drive.does not corner good. But very reliable car.

- Jennifer D

Has been very reliable. Have over 160,000 miles. Still runs almost like new - doesn't burn any oil.

Have owned since it was new and maintenance costs have been very reasonable.

- Tom M

My vehicle is old and has one window that does not roll down. My vehicle is beginning to rust on the left side from Minnesota winters. I like how the price that I paid for my car when I purchased it.

People should know that it is a dependable car but is not the most pretty.

- Taylor V

My 03' Malibu drive great and did not have any problems until it hit roughly one hundred thousand miles.

It is kind of ugly, but drives great and has a 4 star crash rating

- Zack T

gets you where you need to go, safe and reliable car

gets me to where I want to go. safe, reliable, and no complaints

- Kelly A

It I'd a great car very few issues

It is a great car. It had has very few issues. No complaints

- Helen N

My Chevy Malibu is a cute, dependable vehicle. It doesn't come with a lot of special features but it does have AC, remote locking, and motorized windows. I maintain it and it takes care of me.

A great, reliable vehicle that isn't hard on your budget.

- Melanie F

it gets from a-b. It is not spectacular in any way.

i like that it drives. I hate that the AC doesn't work.

- sheena f

It's got grit.It's better than most cars, as it's neat.

It's reliable. It's neat. It's got grit.