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6 recalls since 09 for transmission, power steering, fuel pump, and brake light.

I was smitten with this car the first time I sat inside of it. From the outside, the body shape looks unique! Due to standing rainwater on the flat surface of the trunk ledge, the clear coat over the paint has bubbled and peeled into an unsightly blemish. The interior is deceivingly roomy, especially the back seat. My model has an immobile 'moonroof' over the backseat, but I get virtually no use from it in the front seat. I guess it helps the interior to be more well lit in daytime, but not enough to be appreciable. The seating is comfortable enough, but nothing special. My car has been extremely reliable and low maintenance despite slowly leaking oil for the past 5 years. During the first year or two of the leak, it survived a 1500 mile 3 day drive with no immediate or residual issue! However I am not sure it would survive this trek today. The axle periodically loosens and wobbles. Most importantly, there have been 2 recalls on my car since I bought it in 2009. One recall involved the body control module and brake apply sensor, causing the brake lights to malfunction, difficulty disengaging cruise control and in moving the gear shift out of park, as well as the disablement of crash avoidance features. The second recall concerned the potential loss of power steering. I have neglected to have either repair addressed and fortunately never experienced any issues, yet. I do feel my car is nearing the end of it is lifespan now, but overall I have been very satisfied with most all aspects.

- Nikki T

The Malibu makes is easy to drive & has all the features you want in a vehicle.

I am happy with my vehicle mostly. I have not had issues that were due to it being made poorly or where it needs constant maintenance outside of what is typically needed for vehicles. The features that mine has include a v6 engine that helps me get up to speed properly while merging onto the freeway. I have had issues with 4 cylinder vehicles. My car has awesome features including a moonroof, heated seats, easy to operate, cruise control. The only issues I am currently seeing is the interior fabric on the doors is falling off. A lot of damage occurred to the vehicle following a tornado. Therefore it is difficult to be sure if it is due to manufacturing issues. The auto start no longer works not sure if that is due to the sensor being broken or the hood latch being broken & not registering it being closed. The speakers are broken from broken glass getting into the speakers which the insurance company should have fixed these issue but, they didn't. Luckily having cataclysmic insurance covered most of the damage. I think they were trying to prevent it from being damaged beyond the value of the vehicle. With over 8, 500 worth of damage on a 10 vehicle it still is in working order. I would avoid getting the car in black it is too difficult for others to see it at night & has been hit at night due to others not seeing the vehicle.

- Ashley K

My car is a 2005 Chevy Malibu. It comes with a spare and full size spare.

My Chevy Malibu is very reliable. The engine is a 4 cylinder and it has 180,000 miles but it runs really good despite burning a quart of oil every 300 miles or so. The timing part, oxygen sensors, thermostat, and brakes have all been replaced. The tires are really good, factory made from Cassidy tire and I have never had a problem with the car breaking down on the road except when I had to replace the alternator but it was already really old. The battery and starter had to be replaced shortly after, but the car is really comfortable. It is very roomy and can seat three people in the back and the back seat folds down I believe. It has a large back end and front end, but it is easy to drive and has really good gas mileage. I loved that I had a good car for it being my first car.

- Rebecca R

Privileges of owning an old, preowned car.

I actually bought this car from my parents. It is a deep red almost burgundy color which I am not really fond of but I was in need of a vehicle for cheap. It is very comfortable to drive and the hatch-back is very convenient. Look wise, like I said, I am not really fond of the color and it is not in the best of shape because of being in an accident (with my dad) therefore the front and driver's side bumper is black. I do like the "screen" that tells the trip mileage, oil life percentage, number of miles till gas tank is empty. I also like that the gas and brake pedals are adjustable, power adjustable driver's seat. I would enjoy the power side mirrors if they actually worked.

- Alicia B

2005 Chevy Malibu ls: a great car that rides to a different tune.

My car has almost 250,000 miles (original engine) on ot and still going strong. I bought the car from my mom who was the original owner. The main issue I've had with the car is the CD player. I am unable to use it after it ate one of my parents albums a few years back and I can't change it out because I will lose 'the brain' of the cab that gives me all my gas and trip mileage, oil life, temp, and other info. If anyone accidentally hits the eject button, it grinds on forever, trying to eject the disk and there is no stopping,it until it kills the battery. Other than that, the mechanics of the car have been great.

- Jessie D

Strengths and weaknesses of the 2005 Malibu.

Problem: ignition switch in the column. I got new parts. Problem: computer controller. I had it replaced. Had over 80,000 miles so not a great surprise. Handles very well. No leaks of oil or any other fluids. Chrome and paint has held up very well. "Frosting / fogging" of the headlight cover is a little annoying. I tried to clean it but without success. Leg room good. Adjusting driver seat good. Visibility front, sides and back very good. Adjusting mirrors easy. Trunk is roomy. I wish the back seat would have gone door so trunk and back seat were one.

- Paul M

2005 Chevy Malibu ls edition.

When I first got my car, I was really in love with it. Until I started driving it and it was really wide and somewhat long. I have always had smaller fast cars and it was different. The car performance itself is fantastic. Brake system is amazing, it gets up and goes when you need it to, over all just a fantastic car. I have only had to repair one thing on it in the year I have owned it and that was just a control arm. It is a very reliable car, nice radio, nice sound system, it rides smooth, its even really nice and open and comfortable for long trips.

- Dallas B

I like it but I need a new one.

Like it but it need work and a paint job the carpet is a mess my seats are broken windows act up a lot my trunk get water in it so do my back light had to drill holes in it drives good I don't want payments cant afford it I have drove everywhere payed not much for it thought about trading in or sale to get a truck I really want just don't want a high payment every were here wants a big down payment used places u go there your going to get junk I done that before cant believe the place is still open they rip people off.

- Shawn S

Chevy Malibu hatchback V6

I have the hatchback version of this vehicle and it works wonderfully. At this point there are only two major issues. We have dealt with the check engine light that keeps getting "fixed" the keeps coming on. Occasionally it will go off after filling the car with gas and then pop back on a few days later. Also the hatchback lost air pressure in the hinge. So opening it is a little bit more arduous but still possible and not that hard. The car performs well and functions in every other capacity.

- Brooke P

Breaks down from the amount of miles, and of course from the occasional bad part.

Have had the car for more than 12 years now and it now has over 200, 000 miles on it and we bought it used and while it has held up over time there have over course been the occasional problems with it as it is an old car and we have put a lot of miles on it over the years and it is not the newest so of course it makes the occasional odd noise and refuses to start every once in a while to do something wrong under the hood this car has definitely held up over the test of time.

- Erin M

Great fuel mileage and plenty of space for friend's or a family. Great sound system and reliable car.

This car had amazing fuel mileage, very comfortable for long drives, and is very reliable as long as you keep on maintenance and repairs. Very stable in the winter as long as you have good tires, sometimes stalls out when you start car and have to start again, lots of space for families and good car to take camping. Great sound system and traction control. Manual mode is not very good and will not auto shift for you if you over rev the car like on newer cars.

- Stewart A

Anti-theft issues are common and expensive.

Bought used from a private party and it had ongoing issues with the starter and anti-theft, which seems to be common with this model. That has been fixed but was expensive. There is an issue with the a/c compressor leaking condensation onto a belt, so it cannot be used. It has a slow power steering fluid leak and the cruise control does not work. Otherwise, it runs well. I have been disappointed in the cost of repairs, but it accomplishes my needs.

- Rachel P

Chevy Malibu gets great mpg.

I really like my Chevy Malibu. I have had it for years. It has a high safety rating and gets extremely good gas mileage even though that was not guaranteed. Are usually get 30 miles per gallon or better and have gotten up to 37 mpg on a trip. Loaded. With five adults in the car. I love the way it drives and the way it handles. It is just a solid little car. My toddlers love it and always want to go for a ride in the black car.

- Myron S

2005 Chevy Malibu mix. Great family car. Very spacious and cheap.

My car has not had any major motor problems. The 2005 model has had many recalls related to airbags and other minor electrical features. The car is very spacious and ideal for a small family car the trunk has so much storage space. Parts and labor have been cheap and easy to find: I have owned vehicles with parts that are hard to reach or hard to replace and that is not a problem on this vehicle. All around a nice vehicle.

- Christopher H

2005 Chevy Malibu daily driver.

My car does have a problem where at random times and on random days the screen will say engine power reduced and the car will no longer accelerate. I then have to pull over and turn the car off to reset it. Also the automatic door locks are going out. Besides that I really like my car. It gets great gas mileage. For it being such a small car it has a very big trunk. And decent amount of foot room in the back seat.

- Megan T

I love my Malibu maxx. It has been a good choice for me.

Nice mid size sporty looking hatchback car. It is the perfect size for a family of five. The truck area is spacious.. I have hauled a single size mattress with no problem. There is enough length for eight foot 2x4s. The cost to drive it is minimal. It gets 28 mpg and replacement parts are reasonable. It has been reliable, it always starts when I am ready to go.The front seats could be more comfortable. .

- Janet M

When a deer tried to kill this car it did not damage the mechanics of the car.

It is comfortable to drive but there are always problems with the air conditioning, it does not cool all the time despite visits to the shop. It has pretty good pickup and excellent brakes. It is very reliable but hard on gas mileage. The features that came standard with the car are good but the stereo system is not all that great-the speakers are weak, the radio/antenna system is also weak.

- Margaret L

My vehicle is a pretty blue shade with a sunroof.

One issue is the brake fluid I am not sure what it is asking about. My next issue is my CD player does not work. This upset me because I have great CDs. One thing I love about my car is that I receive great gas mileage. I get roughly 325 miles when I fill up. I also love my sunroof. This is perfect for driving home from college. I get make it home before needing to stop for gas if I am full.

- Jasmine S

Very dependable, great on gas.

I love the compact design of the Chevy Malibu it has all the space I currently need. I bought this car three years ago pre owned and still have only had to do basic maintenance to it. I am on the go in it all the time hauling three children around to events and appointment and also a spouse who works a great deal farther from our home. It is extremely reliable and gets great gas mileage.

- Alicia H

My Malibu classic is one tough lady!

My Malibu is comfortable, cheap to run, gets great gas mileage, and is the car of my dreams! I have had very little problems with my Malibu throughout the years and with the FWD it goes through snow without any problems. Buy the best tires and you will not be left sitting on the sidelines! Change the oil every 3000 miles faithfully and the Malibu will give you years of great service!

- Rebekah M

Underlying electrical issues.

This car has underlying and unknown electrical issues, the windows randomly stop working and start working. The key fob slowly stopped working to unlock the car and had its batteries replaced several times (and fob replaced completely once) so the car must be manually unlocked and locked. Starter issues, sometimes the car will just not start and needs to sit for a few moments.

- Melanie W

The sound system is excellent.

I bought this car on a whim when my old car broke down and I wish I had done some more research first. It is 2 wheel drive, mine has had many electrical issues. I like the height of it stock, it is very comfortable and I do not bottom out. I haven't had any exhaust issues, brake issues, mechanical issues or anything else. It is just the connections that are a little wonky.

- Kay T

Chevy Malibu made to last.

My Chevy Malibu was my first car and I am still driving it today! At 176, 000 miles it is going strong. It is comfortable and easy to drive. It also fits two car seats easily in the back seat. I enjoy the gas mileage and how easy it is to maintain. Chevy does a great job at sending out any recalls/problems so I know that my vehicle is safe and dependable.

- Leah B

Review for 2005 Chevy Malibu.

Car is falling apart, locks don't all unlock or lock at the same time. Has worked for long car rides and good trunk space. I guess overall it is a good reliable car. Did have trouble with headlights, they would burn out and melt, went through this 3 times and then we ordered a different type and have bad no problems since.

- Stephanie N

The Chevy Malibu has been a great very reliable car. I am very glad we found it.

I really like the size. The trunk is big enough to bring home a child's table and chair set. My husband is a big man, and fits in the front seat comfortably. The car gets great gas mileage, and has only needed minimal repairs. Tires, battery, the air conditioning runs beautifully. I think it has been a very reliable car.

- Chris M

It is a great car, I have driven it for two years now and aside from small issues.

It is comfortable, great size for someone who is a first time driver. I had issues with the power features like the windows and moving the side view mirrors but all in all it is a good point A to point B car. Everything in the car is a power feature which is impressive but can be a lot of issues when things stop working.

- Tatiana H

Classy sleek car with low maintenance.

Very comfortable, great on mileage, haven't had any issues with it at all. Love this car. I have experienced problems other than when I 1st purchased it I had to get a new battery in place. I do have the dealership constantly sending me ads and calling me to see if I want to get another car. I love this car, spacious.

- Daniel M

My cars ac is probably the best. Transmission problems though.

My Chevy Malibu is probably one of the best cars I have owned since age 17. I've had to replace the transmission before but other than that its very reliable and the ac works better than any car I've ever been in. Honestly the ac is why I actually keep the car instead of moving onto something new. This is my 3rd car.

- Christy H

Highly Reliable Chevy Malibu

Purchased this vehicle brand new and have been driving it ever since. Have experienced a few recall issues, but otherwise, an extremely reliable vehicle that I am happy to say I have been driving ever since it was purchased. Highly recommended and consider purchasing a new Chevy Malibu again when the time is right.

- Lisa S

Chevy Malibu is the best car ever.

I like the cars length. It has a bigger engine to accommodate how much weight is on the vehicle. It gives me enough room to take my dogs as well. The only thing I dislike about the car is that the stirring is going out and the balance of the tires is affected by the tire pressure. This makes driving it difficult.

- Herbert H

This car needs some help.

This car has been passed down to me and has several problems that have been fixed throughout the years. Currently trying to save money for the rogers to be fixed and the thermostat. The rogers make a very low scraping noise when turning and this is the three time in two years. I am hoping to buy a new car soon.

- Kayla W

Like the green color and grateful to have it because it beats walking.

In under 1 year of owning car already put $4000 in repairs. Undercarriage was rusted out. Brakes pads tie rods steering column and suspension all needed replaced. The car doesn't turn over all the time; have to rev it to get it to a lot of the time. The vehicle does perform fairly well during climatic weather.

- Nicole M

I have said a lot about my car, the trunk is large and roomy the key is coded.

I have only had for 5 weeks. It has great gas mileage. It is comfortable and it is very comfortable. It has of room and comfort. The radio is great. I like the power window and doors, I can lock all four doors by locking the drivers door, the only change I have the shift on floor not the steering wheel column.

- Denise D

Chevrolet cars are quality cars.

I have had my vehicle for almost eight years now and I am so grateful that it is still running well. I try to keep up with the maintenance on it so it will last much longer. I have replaced pairs, tires, and even my starter but I have no complaints. Chevys are great model vehicles and they last a long time.

- Nicole C

I really love my reliable Chevy Malibu!

I live my car! It is very reliable in my opinion and I have had it since 2005. I haven't had many problems besides the average rainy day flat. I haven't had to visit the mechanic that much or have had to fix anything too expensive. My car is great and still runs beautifully. I love Chevy and I love my car.

- Betty E

My car is the 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic. It is a great car. It rides great and normally runs great!!

I purchased my car in February of 2018 used. It has been a great running car until this past week. My car only has 169,000 miles on it and the timing chain broke on it. Now I have to come up with close to $1,000 to get it fixed. That was my only car so now I am doing without a car till I can get it fixed.

- Rita S


Chevy has had a lot of issues with fuel pumps going out on almost every model of vehicle for several years. But even thought that happened I really like my Malibu. It is really dependable, gets me where I need to be safely, is good on gas and has held up really well over the 12 years that I have had it.

- Kelly P

My feelings about my auto.

Great looking car with a good miles per gallon and good ride. Easy to maintain and no real problems since I purchased it. Very happy with all features in the car also. Would buy another one if and when I need it. All replacement items purchased for this auto seem to be at a reasonable price point also.

- Jim T

Make sure that the recall servicing, etc. have been done if you buy it used.

The Malibu is an incredibly comfortable, surprisingly powerful & well-handling car. It is been reliable for more than a decade, with minimal needs and maintenance. About the only problem is that the temperature display inside is unfixable off, and it keeps thinking the airbag needs servicing.

- Brian H

American made the Chevy Malibu highly reliable!!

My 2005 Chevy Malibu LS has been the most reliable vehicle ever. The only problem I've had major was I changed the water pump in 2017 otherwise minor problems it has an electrical issue so blinkers tend to burn out often otherwise great car it has almost 200,000 miles and still going strong.

- Donna B

Not too old not to new! If you keep it up with it should last a while!

Very durable has good gas mileage! Is a great car for college students or someone who is new to driving! It is not to small not to big! Great for going to school to work etc. I like it because it is easy to clean and the maintenance is affordable. It is very durable in all kinds of weather!

- Aliya S

Fairly reliable vehicle with cool features.

I like this vehicle a lot. It has several nice features like a built in DVD player, heated front seats, sunroof, satellite radio, etc. My car gets decent mileage, but has trouble starting sometimes. There is some kind of short in the battery cable. Other than that, it is a pretty nice car.

- Andrew J

It is a roomy, reliable, and comfortable car. It heats and cools quickly.

It is comfortable car, reliable, and fairly roomy. It seems to do well on gas mileage. The gas tank sensor is broken and is a common issue with the Malibu. It is easy to use all controls, and travels well. The heat and air conditioning work well and either cool quickly or heat up quickly.

- Breanna S

Driver seat car rail issue.

I have had really good luck with this car. No major problems except the driver seat rail. The rail broke and had to be welded back together. It is my understanding that this is a common problem for this year and make of car. Otherwise I have had not major issues just general maintenance.

- Patti M

It has had no major repairs other than to replace a muffler.

It's been a good car. It has over 200K miles on it with no major repairs. It gets good gas mileage. The only thing I don't like about it is the driver's door. When I open it, it wants to shut by itself. Sometimes it catches my leg in it while I'm trying to exit. I don't like that.

- Jon P

I have a blue Chevy Malibu. It drives fine it just need a few repairs.

I only had my car for 7 months, not to many problems but things are seem to go out. My radio just went out, I believe I need a new battery. My headlights went out. I do not have enough money to repair due to the fact I am laid off from my job. I hope it can make it through the winter.

- Tash E

My Malibu-a comfortable & reliable vehicle! A pleasure to drive!

I do not have a lot of problems with my Malibu. It is a little larger than previous cars I have had & I think I prefer driving a smaller car. It is comfortable & I enjoy some of the features like automatic lights & locks. It has proven to be a reliable vehicle & gets decent mileage.

- Diane L

Me and my Malibu: a love story.

My car is great. I've owned it for 10+ years and have never had any major problems. It is highly reliable even on long road trips. It has enough features to be consider modern but not so many that you are driving a terminator. I could not picture a better experience with a vehicle.

- Justin K

I love that it has a hatchback.

I really like that my version has the hatch back and fold down seats so I can carry more stuff when needed. It is older but hasn't had to many problem and seem to be very reliable. Another feature I like is that once put in Park all doors unlock and once put in drive they all lock

- Amanda H

It is a hatchback and has a lot of space in the backseat and trunk.

My vehicle is very reliable. My car has over 185,000 miles and I haven't had any problems with it. I drive a white Chevy Malibu. I purchased it used and it has had tire problems but it was because of the car repair shop, not because of the make. I would highly recommend this car.

- Jack H

Great gas mileage, comfortable ride.

So far the car runs great, it has lots of room, big trunk, and comfortable. . Great for road trips. Shows a lot of the info, like tire pressure, oil life, and gas mileage. Does good in rainy weather. . It has a good a/c & heater. Has a lot of storage, Charger ports & cup holders.

- Megan C

Looks great of all the years I have riven it. Reliable always.

Really a great little car, had since new, . Love it, very reliable, would buy again. Lots of room for s hatchback. Great gas mileage, heats up quickly. Has stayed in style with current autos. Paint very durable and long lasting. Comfortable and quiet riding. Easy to park etc.

- June B

Drives fine in town or highway, good mileage: when idle, cannot hear if car is on or not; being a hatchback allows more room; great style & color; looks luxurious

It drives fine. The tilt a wheel, the extended pedal, lights that indicate door locks, and other things electrical are an added bonus to me. The back windshield wiper, seats that fold down completely. a+. Car booklet does not list items by name to look up, under something else.

- Cathy l

The car of my dreams. My car is very comfortable and good on gas.

I brought it as a used car. The first year I had it I really didn't have any problem. I one month I drove over 4,000 miles. Everything was fine. I had a few problems but it is very comfortable and I love that it has where it tells me how many miles I can go on a tank of gas.

- Susan L

Good car performance even since made in 2005.

I really love my vehicle size. I love to hatchback quality. It is not reliable whenever it is working. I think because it is 2005 it just has a lot of mechanical needs now. Like I just had to change the fuel pump and the water pump. But it is comfortable and I like features.

- Jade M

Reliable, affordable, fast, efficient, economy friendly.

I like my vehicle because it gets me from point a to point b. It has a good running air conditioner and heated seats. The thing I dislike about my vehicle is that sometimes it has problems, such as having trouble shifting. This is due to the vehicle having many miles on it.

- Hannah K

A family car with lots of power.

A reliable family vehicle with plenty of room for the driver and passengers. Has plenty of power and nice sound system. Lots of cargo space with the back seats able to fold down. It comfortably can seat three passengers in the back with plenty of legroom and has a moonroof.

- John M

Affordable vehicle for all.

It has started using oil. The windows are not very operational. Sometimes they will not roll back up when they are rolled down. It is very comfortable. The drivers side cup holder is directly in front of the heater vent so cold drinks heat up quickly when running the heat.

- Leslie R

Silver dream car Malibu.!

Personally I love my car, it runs smooth. The tires are not expensive. The car feels very roomy and comfortable. My car is silver with silver and black rims. My Chevy Malibu has been my favorite car I have ever drove, only downside about my car is that it has high mileage.

- Thalassa R

It has a dent in the back passenger fender from when I hit a deer driving at night

My car heat does not work half of the time and if it does work it takes forever. Also my speakers are trash, the side panel in the passenger seat comes off, brake pads go out too much, etc. I also hate how dust and snowflakes come through my windshield vents on the inside.

- Brooke R

Perfect starter car for a beginner driver.

Fairly good vehicle little to no issues!! Great reliable car especially for a starting car. Gas mileage is amazing in the city and highway but small gas tank. Huge trunk for maybe camping or a road trip or even if you just want to put some subs in. Over all wonderful car.

- Jess K

Great gas mileage and great drive with lots of extras. It also looks great.

I just bought this car almost three weeks ago. I love the way it drives. It is great on gas. I love the color it is silver with red stripes on the side above the door handles. I have never owned a car that was built in the 21st center. I am very happy with this purchase.

- Denise D

Like the energizer bunny!

It is the perfect size, not too small, not too big. It has been completely reliable over the years. I now have 125, 000 miles on it and it is still running strong. I would love to have one of the newer models with GPS and usb, but cannot right now. Still love this one.

- Nina S

Great was the morning I want to your time I was going home to pick it out and take.

Had for 13 years very reliable car it is gray in color only minor issues and maintenance has been kept up. Even for older model very comfortable smooth ride with no rust if went to swell would want 1500. 00 I think it is worth it air and heat and defrost work great.

- Nancy M

Chevy Malibu, small car but often has gas tank problems.

I like my car, however Chevrolet Malibu’s often have problems with their gas tanks. I would recommend a different car model. I have an older version so they may have fixed these problems in the newer cars. Also my car has cloth interior which gets dirtier easier.

- Kay M

I really love my car and it runs great.

I love my car it haven't gave me no problems thinking about giving it to my grandson it is white it doesn't have a CD player but its ok I go fishing a lot in the hood looks a little funny but been like that when I first got it. And the trunk open when it wants too.

- Doris P

It is a fuel efficient wonderful utilitarian car, that I wish they still made.

I like that it is utilitarian, can haul lots of things with it. It has a lot of get up and go and it gets really good gas mileage. It has had a few recalls and I have had a few problems that haven't been resolved with those, that is the only real bothersome part

- Jennifer K

Reliable Chevy Malibu year 2005.

The car has rust on both side of the back seat on the bottom of the doors. The I side is clean and nice. Has some holes in the seats but was like that when I bought it. Radio works really good. Ac and heater work great. Have an oil change done every 3000 miles.

- Chelsea J

It is dependable and relatively "tough" while still being comfortable and practical.

I love that it has been a long-lasting and relatively dependable car. It is pretty comfortable and easy to handle. I wish the doors had a wider range of motion, especially for getting cargo in and out of the back seat. The stereo system is also pretty great.

- Max G

Good car with a few flaws.

My 2005 Chevrolet Malibu was inherited from my mom last year. It has had several major recalls in the last 4 years. There is plenty of storage, gets good gas mileage handles well in all conditions. This car would be better if the chassis was higher than it is.

- Patti S

Small car that runs great and gets good gas mileage!

Mostly I like the gas mileage I get on this car! I get 32 mpg, which is twice what I get on my truck. Bought it used from a good friend that had some very minor problems with it over the last 8 years. He sold it very cheap, which is another reason I love it!

- Jeff E

They back seats have lots of legroom.

I have a Chevy Malibu maxx and I love my car, it runs great and my family has been Chevys and Malibus for a long time. They are very reliable and I love mine mostly because I have customized it. They are a great looking car too bad they were discontinued.

- Sarah A

It gets great gas mileage. And rides real good. Medium size cars.

I haven't had any problem my car. The only thing I have really done is brakes and bought tires. The seat worms have gone out. But I haven't replaced them because of the year of the car. I have over 200, 000 miles on the car. This is my 2nd Malibu to own.

- Robert C

It has a very high safety rating for the year it was made and has proven to be very good over the years.

Current mileage is approx. 162K miles. We have replaced the rack and pinion and serpentine belt as far as major repairs. We regularly maintain with oil changes, other important fluid checks, balance and rotating of tires, etc. Very reliable and good car.

- Steven G

The vehicle is surprisingly decent for the year and usage.

The vehicle has good mileage. It has had some problems but that is mostly due to how much the vehicle was used before I bought it. I have had to replace and/or repair the following items: all spark plugs, all spark plug wires, air filter, and more.

- Caleb C

We have had very few problems since purchasing.

The 2005 Chevrolet Malibu mix ls is a 5 person vehicle with a spacious trunk. It durability is great seeing as it is a 2005 in 2018. It runs great and gets decent gas mileage. Good for shopping because you can fit a nice amount in the trunk.

- Antoinette M

It is a reliable vehicle.

I like that it gets decent gas mileage for a midsize car, and is fairly easy to maintain. I don't like that it does not have a way to put the back seat down to expand the cargo capability outside of the trunk. I don't have any complaints.

- Michael V

It is powerful enough to get out into traffic quickly.

I love that it has the power to get out into traffic quickly. I love the spaciousness, the console, the big trunk, the fold down seats. I love that it is reliable. The only thing I do not like is it has no rear window wiper.

- Patti K

It may not look like much, but it is a really nice car. It gets me from one place to another and is overall quite comfortable.

What I like about my car is that it is incredibly reliable and overall quite fuel efficient. I do wish the car was a bit bigger, though. Additionally, the CD player doesn't work and there isn't a plug in for an aux cord.

- Jacqui Z

Nice low mileage runs good does need some work done but everything works.

My car is very dependable it has body work that needs to be fixed it is the passenger side door and fender. I would like to see it have another home it is got good tires all around and has only 86, 000 miles on it.

- Joyce A

It has a star gazing roof in the back.

My car has a lot of mileage on it. The starter acts up every once in a while, the gas mileage is not to great but it was my first ever car when I purchased it I knew the previous owner who bought it brand new.

- Ariel M

It's paid for. It also only has 75k miles on it

My vehicle has been very dependable for me. I purchased in 2007 and have not had any major problems with it. I wasn't a Chevy fan before this purchase, but I will be buying another Chevy vehicle in the future

- Sean R

That the breaks and accelerator are sensitive and even if it's an old car it can speed up pretty fast.

I like that it has a bluetooth and an aux cord. I also love how smooth it runs and it's not really hot during the summer months. I dislike that it's very bright in the car because the windows aren't tinted.

- Jennyphyierjill F

Great running vehicle to get from place to place. Very spacious

The 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx has some electrical problems. It is a 5 seater vehicle with a nice amount of space. It has an extended hatch for more storage. Runs great. Low maintenance. Decent on gas.

- Antoinette M

It is durable, dependable, and gets great mileage for a car of its size and age.

I like the lights are automatic so I never have to worry about turning them on in any weather or darkness. Everything is mechanically operational. The trunk is very large for storage. Great gas mileage.

- Sandra K

A tank of gas goes a long way especially if you drive it every day like I do.

I like that it gets great gas mileage. Has enough seats for just my family. I don't like how low it sets to the ground. It may have enough seating for my family it doesn't have any extra room in it.

- Beverly W

It's a nice care and lasted me a long while.

a this point my car performs nice as Its likely new. I keep it up with normal maintenance area. I have to get a power steering pump because mines slowly leaks but other than that I have no problems.

- Derrick W

It is the most dependable car I ever owned. And I am 74 years old

The car is very dependable. I never had any mechanical problem and, with proper maintenance, is running like you. My next car, which will be next year, will also be a Malibu.I am totally satisfied

- jeanclaude T

It is sturdy and runs well and has safety features.

I like my vehicle because of its safety features such as the lights come on automatically when the vehicle is started. The air conditioner and heater work well. I really do not have any complaints.

- Dana K

Reliable good running car.

Good running, reliable no major problems since purchased in 2017, comfortable to ride in not to bad on fuel, spacious, nice size trunk space good on long drives, good for driving to work everyday.

- Leah C

Well the most important thing they should know is that it's not worth more than $1,000.

Well I live in south Louisiana and my car does not have AC. Also, my car was handed down to me so it has stains all over the carpet. It shakes when I come to a stop at a stop light pretty bad too.

- Rebecca H

It handles the snow well.

It runs good. It is old but is still in good condition. It has enough room for my family. However the electronics are starting to wear, one window doesn't work, the speakers don't all work, etc. .

- John T

The Chevy Malibu is a wonderful car!

Chevy Malibu is such a comfortable, stylish car. There's plenty of legroom, which is important in my family! It is extremely reliable and dependable. I would definitely buy another Chevy Malibu!

- Patricia W

Make sure you have a warranty! It does get good gas mileage.

I like that it gets me to where I need to go and is very fuel efficient however I dislike that it is old and very beaten up, it also has many problems such as faulty brakes and busted bumper.

- Dallas W

great gas mileage 24 miles per gallon and it's great to have

It's a full sized 4 door sedan it's not like anything fancy but it's got cloth seats and a cd/radio player, electric windows and it gets me to put A to point B and its great gas mileage.

- Jennifer B

Others should know that it's a dependable car that hasn't given my family and I any issues.

I like that it's a dependable car, it takes me to school or any other place that I need to go. I don't think there is anything I dislike about it except maybe it needs a paint job.

- Miranda R

Surprisingly roomy! The Malibu Maxx is a pseudo-hatchback, meaning that it can carry a staggering cargo load if needed.

It's a reliable vehicle that is big enough to transport my family. But not comfortably, and the gas mileage is mediocre at best. Also, it's old enough to start really showing wear.

- Stephen F

It looks good and rides nice, just need some repair every so often.

It was bought used and had previously been damaged. It has a lot of issues and needs fixing every few months. It looks very fashionable and is a nice ride with good gas mileage.

- Max M

It is a decent car for around town driving.

The car runs well, but at this time it is very loud due to a hole in the tailpipe. It sits too low for me and is hard to get in and out of. It does not get very good gas mileage.

- Michael T

Gas mileage has been a major plus.

It's been a very reliable car for a grandma, mother, teen, and young adult. Been through a few wrecks unfortunately but still holds up. Comfy and amazing gas mileage still.

- Toni H

Old reliable friend. This car has gotten me thru a lot and has been safe.

My car has been pretty reliable and has serves me will these last years. however it not aging well. There has been several problems that has happen in the last few months.

- Christina T

The most important thing would be the car needs some attention.

I love the gas mileage but harder to get in/out with health. Would like a smaller to mid size SUV/crossover - easier to get in/out, haul & more confident driving in snow.

- Mary Kay K

It is good basic transportation, nothing more, nothing less.

I guess I like our car well enough. It has enough room for what we do daily. The gas mileage is good. I have not had to many problems with it. Best part is its paid for.

- Christine M

It is a reliable car, however there isn't as much room in the trunk for storage.

I recently had the oil changed, new brakes put on, and I took it to a mechanic. I have both tie rods out, my tires needed aligned, and my break pads on my passenger side

- Shania B

Fully loaded Chevy Malibu mix.

It has all the bells and whistles, a sunroof, powerful radial, all traction tires, great stereo, back window wiper, cloth and leather seats, easy to clean, nice profile.

- Danielle T

I have had no major problems with this car. I have only done regular maintenance

I like how roomy it is. I have a hatchback, I can lay the back seats down and have plenty of room to haul things. It has great take off power. It gets good gas mileage.

- Shelia P

It is reliable and more sufficient.

I like that it rides smooth. I do not like that my power steering fluid is in a box that has to be removed and a new box have to be put back on for power steering fluid.

- Tiffany C

It gets good gas mileage. The car seems to last a long time after 300,000 miles.

I am still riding with over 300,00 miles. It has some minor problems, but we still riding. The only problem I have is that the parts are so high for that year and model.

- Crystal F

Most important thing others should know is that Chevrolet is a good company that makes good dependable vehicles

I like that I can depend on my car to take to where I need to go. The only thing that I dislike is that it's a 2005 model other than that there is nothing I dislike.

- Anzelma A

It's great on gas. If I fill the car up on Monday and drive it all week, I don't need to stop again for a while. I can make it 400 miles without filling up.

I like the way the car drives, but it has troubles starting sometimes. The CD player is broken, which is an easy fix, but I've read that happens in this model often.

- Brittany N

It is fantastic for moving when you don't have a truck.

It's roomy and has a hatchback for when we have a lot of groceries. The sound system is great. The power steering went out, but that's no fault of the manufacturer.

- Daniel Z

Hatchback is helpful for groceries.

Comfortable drive, sleek and fun. Interior is nice bot out of date. I have had few problems with this car, I have owned it for 10 years. I would purchase it again.

- Tracy B

Malibu is a great model from Chevrolet

My Malibu has given me no problems. I've spent little more on it than usual maintenance costs. I still get the 32 miles to the gallon I got when it was brand new.

- Jason T

How dependable it is. It is a very nice vehicle and I would purchase another one.

I like the style of the vehicle. It is very dependable vehicle and have had very few problems with it and it has over 200,000 miles on it and it is still going.

- Tamara B

Very reliable, but a gas hog.

Didn't buy my car new so it is used. It is not a bad car just to small for my liking. A plus is cruise control is on the steering wheel so it is easy axis to it.

- Ivy J

My vehicle is very average looking, but is a go getter. It has never left me stranded.

My vehicle is very reliable. It's roomy and can hold my whole family comfortably. It has a problem with overheating, but it has been a good car for a long time.

- Crystal G

It came with extended foot and brake pedals. This makes it easier for me to drive, since I am a small person.

I like that it came with extended foot and brake pedals. I also like that it fits me, since I am a small person and usually have trouble with the size of cars.

- Sarah D

Family vehicle with lots of power.

It has plenty of headroom and legroom. Lots of space in the back and seats that fold down for oversized cargo. Has plenty of power and gets up to speed quickly.

- Mark C

A Review of Chevy Malibu 2005

My car is relatively reliable. The gas mileage is very good. I have had issues with the battery, which has needed to be replaced twice in the last three years.

- Sam G

It is reliable and has rarely needed to be in the shop to be fixed.

It has never needed any repairs. It isn't big enough for my family. It is too low to the ground for my husband and son, but just right for me and the girls.

- Tammy B

My car has lots LOTS of trunk space. It's a good car for my small family

It has been in the shop a lot for electrical issues, windows won't roll down, but it is a dependable car to drive, but to roll down a window your out of luck

- Faye K

I it american made car. It has v6 engine. It has automatic transmission

I like the color, it's silver. Acceleration is fine. Driving is smooth. I dislike that it is less spacious. It also uses more gas compared to Japanese cars.

- Bishwas S

The Chevy Malibu looks good and is convenient for parking in small spaces.

The Chevy Malibu is a compact car so it is easy to park and it is roomy inside. The car has held up well for being more than 10 years old. Good trunk space.

- Cynthia S

It's nice, but it could have been designed better.

I got it free but it has shown Its wear and tear. It has low gas mileage and steering issues from time to time. Next time I will buy an Asian based car.

- Chris E

Over 120,000 miles and still moving great. No engine or other issues.

I love my car. I have not had any problems with it until this current year and it's just a problem with a window. Wish every car was as great as this one.

- Kara J

I love my car. Great size and it's really reliable. Its 13 years old and as long as you keep up with it regularly it is the perfect car! I have been on several rode trips no problems. Large trunk space, ac pumps out. Only thing... I wish this make and model came with a built in NAV system(haha) but have no complaints. Great reliable car!

Great long lasting car. Be mindful of the gear shift... Mine came off from old age. Went to junk yard grabbed another and it works like a charm like new.

- Janell B

It is very safe and dependable.

Since I have owned this car all I have had to do was routine maintenance. It has been an extremely dependable car. I love the way it drives and handles.

- Julie W

It's a very reliable car. Chevy is a great brand and every one I've owned has been great.

I love my car. I've never had any major problems with my car and it's never broken down on me. Chevys are the only brand of vehicle I'll ever own.

- Meagan T

It is just a very basic car. Not great but not bad. Cheap but that is exactly what you are going to get out of it.

Been dependable so far. Not many features, just basic. We have had electrical issues that are annoying but not worth the cost to get them fixed.

- Jeff D

It is great because it has the space but low gas mileage.

I love my car. It runs great and has made the trip from Michigan to North Carolina a few times with no problems. I love the space and gas mileage!

- Crystal C

That my car has been there for me thought out the years.

I like my car, but it is old and need some work done on it. Wish I could afford to get the work that needs to be done. But it is still running.

- Gracie C

Great gas mileage. Comfortable ride and easy to drive very roomy.

It gets great gas mileage. It's getting older but still drives nice. Now that it has 250,000 it is starting to have many things break on it

- Bonnie B

It is reliable and easy to maintain. Comfortable to drive long distances.

Comfortable seating, great gas mileage, easy to maintain, parts are inexpensive, performs well in city and on interstate, no major problems

- Carolyn J

It is a good little car for getting around town.

My car is older so there are things that don't work well. I like that it fits the things that I need. I dislike that the a/c doesn't work.

- Jeanette P

It is a dependable car. I love the way they redesigned it mid year 2005. It's been a great ride.

It has been very good on gas. Even now it still gets about 28 mpg even with a bunch of codes for emissions and sensors I haven't repaired.

- jackie n

Most important thing is that the Malibu is really good on gas

I like my car because I can get parts easily what I dislike it always having recalls.only complaint I have is that repair is so expensive.

- Ruby H

Reliable and great on gas

My car has been there for me for many years. I don't take care of it like I should but it just keeps going. It is great on gas as well.

- Kelly F

It is a minivan, practical for kids but not a fun car.

I do not like that it does not have an aux port for the radio. Or that the trip for mileage is on the radio. Overall it is a great car.

- Jessica R

Has safety features for driver and passengers.

The vehicle is not too large or too small. The vehicle has an automatic transmission. I like that the gas tank is on the drivers side.

- Katrina B

hours. Dependable,gas efficiency is awesome. I wouldn't trade my car for anything.

Has some mechanical work that needs to be done since its 13 yrs old but the plus side is it opened my availability to work more hours.

- Tammie F

My Chevy Malibu review....

Recently it's giving me headache even though I'm keeping it in good shape. My car is bass model so not much performance or features.

- Zee S

It is comfortable to sit in and uses less gas than others

I like that it uses less gas than some other ones I have had in the past. It is easy to get in parking places and i like the color

- Joan R

It is dependable and a good economical car.

This vehicle is dependable and fun to drive. It gets good gas mileage. It has had very few issues in the 13 years I have owned it.

- Glenna P

MPG isn't correctly advertised

The car seems to be reliable, but the miles per gallon is way off. I mostly drive highways, but rarely get better than 25/mpg.

- James H

2005 Chevrolet Malibu. My first car, shared with brother.

My car is not running like it used to. Makes noise, needs repairs and oil changes way too fast and is not aesthetically pleasing.

- Amy D

That my car is pretty reliable and a solid car.

I like that my car is reliable. I don't like that fact that it is old and has a lot of mileage on it. It's starting to breakdown.

- Brennan g

Good gas mileage and will get you where you want to go.

Easy on gas, really easy to drive and has enough room in the back for groceries or anything that I may need to carry at the time.

- Linda R

I call my car the Winnie.

It's stereo is awesome i love the color . and the rims are flashy. It goes really fast gets great gas mileage. Great bucket seats

- Brandy B

They are usually pretty reliable.

haven't had many problems with this car. About the only problem was with ignition locking up. But was fixed and now nothing else.

- Judy V

Low mileage does not determine how long a car will be dependable.

The vehicle has 12,400 miles but is now having more mechanical problems. It has become undependable even with such low mileage.

- Jessica C

2005 Chevy Malibu Great College Car

Gas tank gage doesn't work but it is a very reliable car for a college student. Everything holds up very well and I love my car.

- Shayelynn C

It comes with adaptive pedals.

My vehicle came equipped with adaptive pedals. I love this feature since I have a hard time reaching the brake and gas pedals.

- Sarah r

Economic car for the average person

Very spacious car, has a moonroof and great air conditioning. Gets average gas mileage and keeps running if you take care of it

- Zoey R

It is reliable & dependable.

My vehicle drives well. It is comfortable. It is a little larger than I prefer. It gets decent mileage and is low maintenance.

- Duane B

Very reliable small sized car.

Runs well, very reliable. Being a four cylinder vehicle makes long hills a little hard, but anywhere else it has enough power.

- Bill A

It is safe I feel like I have a reliable safe car for me and my kids

I loved that my car has A LOT of space and is really comfortable i always feel safe.but I never felt like I was driving a boat

- Julie D

It has been a very reliable car.

I like that it is paid for and has been reliable for so many years. It is a good size vehicle. It get reasonable gas mileage.

- sarah S

that it is onstar capable and will provide help if needed

it runs very good. the CD player does not work, but everything else does. it has heated front seats and satellite and a phone

- clorinda B

It is roomy and drives smoothly. I love Chevys.

It is awesome I have no complaints. Except for the random technical issue that resulted in my radio to just transmit static.

- Reina R

It's a great reliable and well made car

I love the size because there is space. It gets great gas mileage. It's fun to drive and it has aged well and been reliable.

- Julie S

Gloria. We call her old glory because she's still burning.

It has a new rebuilt transmission, a new fuel pump, current with oil changes, 230k miles but still runs, body in good shape.

- Karie B

It is a very reliable car.

My sister bought it & gave it to me when she passed away. It is a good car. It is a little big for me. I hit curbs with it..

- Margaret P

Strong motor keep up with maintenance.

360000 miles good strong motor been going strong comfy seats good gas mileage use as a work car now was a family car first.

- Amber B

My car gets terrific gas mileage. Consistently around 35 mpg.

Had the car for over ten years. Without fail it starts every time I turn the key. Only issues have been normal maintenance.

- Quentin R

The car that lasts for ages

I like the color = red I like that it can hold a lot of items, large items I like that it has been so reliable for so long

- mel a

It is reliable. It has always started for me and got me where I wanted to go.

My car has always been reliable. It is just the right size for me. It is a quiet car. There is nothing I dislike about it

- Sharon M

It has pretty great gas mileage for being an older car.

I really like that is has a moonroof and that is is completely automatic. I enjoy that i have a lot of space in the back.

- Sean C

It doesn't look pretty, but it's everything we need out of a vehicle.

We got our car used last year. It's a little run-down, but it does its job just fine and gets us to where we need to go.

- Libby M

It's a Chevy. Has comfortable interior, Can make a table out of the back hatch cover

Good ride, Inexpensive to repair, Nice looking. Dislike driving it in windy conditions, Has a tendency to wander around

- Larry B

That it is a comfortable ride for a small family. The seats for all are comfortable. I like the way that it handles. The tires are not terribly expensive to replace

I like the gas mileage but not the safety features. It seems to lack child safety locks which I think is very important

- sherry s

If you take care of it, the car will last you a long time.

I like the 2005 Malibu because it drives very well. The inside features are nice. It looks very good from the outside.

- Brittany M

Its my main form of transportation. This car has recalls on this car.

I like the body style ok. The gas mileage isn't bad. It has a roomy trunk. I don't like the problems I've had with it.

- Regina C

never broken down once on me

it has ran great for me with only 1 major repair ever needed over the past 13 years. And has never broken down once

- emilie g

It's a okay car .Given the choice again I would choose something different .

Brake light issues . Sits to low to the ground . Is roomy .Rides smooth other than feeling the road imperfections .

- Pauline F

love the body style.. its clean and neat

it is a pretty car.. i love the ride.. just need a few thing that need fixing. can in my opinion use a paint job..

- connie d

Heated seats are great. Air unit is awesome. Tires make a loud sound

I like my sunroof. I like the extra big trunk. I do not like the plastic interior. I do not like the trunk hinges

- Mary E

The car is a very good value and is very dependable!

It is a very reliable vehicle. It could be better on gas mileage, but runs well. It is a very good family vehicle.

- Stefan W

It has been good to me in the time I have had it. It's low maintenance

I love the size, it's got a lot of trunk space. I don't like the gas mileage. It has a lot of pep for a small car.

- Denise C

For an old car it runs great.

It is old but it runs great. It is dependable. It gets good gas mileage. I haven't had a car payment in 9 years

- Cathy M

05 Chevy Malibu Review....Decent vehicle

Been a decent vehicle over the years..No major issues..Just the standard problems..Change brakes change oil..good

- Troy B

It is a good looking car. Not bulky with plenty of interior room.

I'm pretty happy with my car. It's a good size so parking is not a problem. Plenty of room inside for passengers.

- walter r

It is a humble mode of transportation and I love it.

efficient and dependable is what i need. my little malibu is efficient, dependable and more. i love my little car

- sue s

Malibu's are great vehicles due to low maintenance costs.

I love my Malibu. Drives great. Low maintenance. Comfortable. Just an all around great vehicle to drive and own.

- Stephen A

Chevy 2005 Malibu is just ok

Car has had electrical issues throughout its years, and it often believes that it will get stolen and locks up.

- Jorge U

It is very common it is a Chevy.

I like how fast it goes how the body looks but I hate my headlights I have a sunroof and also big trunk space.

- William C

Chevy Malibu rattle wagon.

This model has many issues with parts wearing out and engine performance. Fairly reliable but rattles a lot.

- Grady K

it's a valuable part of my life. no matter how much i want to upgrade I'm thankful for it

i like my car because it gets me where i need to go and its spacious. What i dislike is how outdated it is.

- Shacara W

holds 5 adults people with ease. easy to adjust the driver's seat .

I like the car and have on complaints. Don't need to warm up the car before you can put it in drive and go.

- Anna C

Many miles traveled on the interstate

My car has seen me through a lot of miles taking care of my mom and other relatives and responsibilities!

- Brandon T

my car is good quality, drive good and the motor run perfect,

my chevrolet malibu is a good car, is very old but work perfectly, i never have any problem with my car,

- elines s

It's big and comfortable and I totally love it a lot.

It's awesome sauce. I just wish the back windshield wiper worked correctly. Other than that, it's great.

- Fred C

Still trucking after 11 years!

no Bluetooth because it is so old. strong, dependable vehicle I have had for 11 years and 150,000 miles

- Kate P

It is 4 wheel drive and the gas mileage is out of this world.

There is no dislikes drives great quiet ride David dan, Gerry Gary jerry Emily Teresa Nicole Sara Sarah.

- Dan B

My car is a very safe car.

When I go to start car the starter always sticks; good on gas; very comfortable and easy to keep clean.

- Jeanie C

It has been very reliable. I've owned the car since 2008 and have never had any major issues. Just normal maintenance.

Love that I can pack a lot of stuff in it. Not the greatest in the winter. Wish it was all wheel drive.

- Chelsea B

Low mileage for an older car.

Like that it's reliable. Cons are that it's too old and doesn't have any USB ports. Solid car, though.

- william S

Everyone should know that for winter weather the driver should put extra weight in the back.

I love my malibu. It's actually the Maxx. Which is a hatchback. I love it for it's extra storage space.

- Jeff V

At 200, 000 miles, the engine runs very well.

Large sedan, only routine maintenance. Good gas mileage. Comfortable seats. Had to replace DVD player.

- Victoria W

that it runs like a baby even if its as old as 15 years old

its spacious takes me where i need to go its very reliable its my favorite car And my favorite color

- Julio S

Reliable, dependable car to have.

This vehicle has been reliable for the last 13 years. Only a few minor problems. The comfort is good.

- Gracie C

It's a great car to drive to and from work every day, good gas mileage.

No real issues with it, except it's old. Things are starting to break, and I have to pay for repairs.

- Lynn H

It is great for fitting everything that kids need.

Has a key pad but I don't know the code. If I touch it all the doors lock. I wish it had a moonroof.

- Rachel S

Maintenance is affordable. Fuel in city savings.

Chevrolet Malibu is a midsize sedan. A nice ride, solid, soft, roomy interior style. Good on fuel.

- Betty Z

Not sure, it's fairly reliable and not too expensive.

Its ok for an everyday car to get back and forth to work. Nothing luxurious, just plain and simple

- Rich M

It only cost 3000 dollars, For the price I am very happy with the car.

I like the size of my vehicle. It is easy to drive. It was inexpensive to buy. I like the color

- Jackie J

The Chevy Malibu is a very reliable car, as it gets me from one place to another in a comfortable manner, and returns me home safe and sound.

Reliable. Low maintenance. Comfortable. Drives well. Handles well in all weather conditions.

- Stephen O

It's a very solid ride and it does a phenomenal job on gas.

I like the comfort. I like the style. I like the body. I don't like that the door slams on me.

- Kristi V

Safety. It's vital to have a good sturdy car that is reliable.

It's pretty old by now so it has a lot of issues, but it is a very reliable car. Very strong.

- Michelle R

Drives well & is dependable. Love the heated seats. Air conditioner works great!

I like the size of the trunk & room for passengers. Do not like the interior made of plastic

- Mary E

Others should know that it has lots of room and that it has some power to go.

I love that my car has lots of room. It is very safe. I wish that it were a little newer.

- Shel L

It has great trunk space. I can pack a lot of things in there.

The car is great. It drives great is the perfect size for me. It gets good gas mileage.

- Tanya P

it's reliable. It has great pick up and speed. It can carry a lot of things

It's a great car. I love the style. It fits my lifestyle. It gets pretty good gas mileage

- Maria s

it's not very fast but its very roomy and it has a lot of trunk space

its my moms car and she lets me use it whenever i want and it's a very reliable car also

- andrew l

The one most important thing people should know about my car is that it is OLD

Don't like that It's so old. It's comfortable and dependable. I like the look of it.

- lynn B

It's a comfortable car. The car drives nice. I love the satellite radio.

I like that the car is reliable. I'm comfortable in it. I dislike the age of the car.

- Amber G

Does everything I ask of it.

I love the ride, handling, braking, style and ease of maintenance. Nothing I dislike.

- Jonni C

Reliable car that drives well

It is pretty reliable. I have put 175000 miles on it. I wish gas mileage was better.

- Jason b

It has everything that you need, including napkins and water

I like everything, I don't have any complaints as long as it takes to my destination

- Lucia Q

I get good gas mileage on it, was inexpensive to buy

good on gas easy to drive It is small enough to get around. I have no complaints

- Gail p

Good car for the price, handles well, gets good gas mileage, the interior has held nicely.

Very dependable. Good gas mileage. Handles well. Nice pick up with a v6 engine.

- Deann F

I bought my Chevy Malibu used and it is still a great car. It is large and spacious and looks great. We drive this car almost 100 miles everyday and have no issues with it. My only complaint is that the car is really better suited for tall people and I am very short!

If you are short, you might want to invest in pedal extenders for this vehicle.

- Charleen M

It is a reliable vehicle and has a lot of space. Very good gas mileage.

It's a hatchback. It has lots of space. It drives very nice and is good on gas.

- Stephanie C

It is roomy and drives well. Lasted over 12 years and nice family car

I have own it since it was new and it has taken me many places with my family

- Viola P

i love it. i can fit my 10 ft. kayak it and fish all day then take my girl out to dinner latter.

it's a malibu maxx. hatchback model. v6 that gets 30 mpg.what's not to love?

- casey V

This car has been trouble free. It is currently going on its fifteenth year and still is in good shape.

It is reliable and easy on gas. I have had very few problems with this car.

- Carol M

There is nothing that I dislike about my car.

I really like my car it is very roomy and has a lot of legroom in the back

- sherry H

It was rated highly for dependability and reliability

My car is dependable, hasn't failed me yet. It's comfortable and stylish

- polly j

brakes work great all the time and do not wear out.

it is a great car.I like the cruise control.it represents a great value.

- Richard S

It's dependable and low maintenance

It's Dependable. It is good on gas. I like the color. It is comfortable.

- Donna J

It's reliable and dependable.

I like the color. I like how durable it is. I dislike the maintenance.

- Tasha W

I find that the car responds very fast to the brakes

starts right away no need to warm up engine. good on gas .safe to drive

- Salvatore C

It gets good gas mileage and is very reliable transportation.

It gets me where I need to go and have had very little trouble with it.

- Sharon R

It is an older model malibu that needs quite a bit of work but it gets the job done.

It's a good car but you have to be careful of pushing the speed on it

- John K

it is worth the money that it cost us and it has held its value

very dependable. good mileage. easy to drive in all kinds of weather

- ken s

Good ? milage and very roomy this is a great running car . it is well worth your money. It's one of the safest cars the Chevrolet makes!

Have not had any major problem Good gas mileage Over all body style

- Gale D

Whether or not it is durable

I love the status of owning a Malibu...it is a long lasting vehicle

- Joey C

It is a vehicle that's made in AMERICA! I have owned it since 2005 and have not had any problems other than general maintenance.

Good quality vehicle. Gets great gas mileage. Very dependable!

- LueAnn W

It runs great for being a 2005 model car and gets great mileAge

It's a great car. Has lots of room and gets great gas mileage

- William S

I like it because it's my car. I've honestly liked all my rides. The thing I don't like is it seems the more I try to take care of it, the more things on it go wrong!

The car drives great. It has always been a smooth riding car.

- Brandon H

It's a piece of junk and I don't like it at all. It's not the car I wanted

It's old, has issues. Seats don't fold down. Hate the color.

- Sara R

It's a reliable and safe car

I love the size of it, It's comfortable and great on gas

- lori G

My vehicle is a nice looking midsize car with a hatchback for plenty of trunk and space. I love the moonroof, tinted windows and that most people say it looks like a very nice sports like looking car. It has not needed very many repairs at all despite the miles we put on it. Gas mileage is the best we only need about $50 in gas every 2 weeks and this car is drove everyday multiple times to different places.

Gas Mileage is great and not really many repairs needed.

- Regan Q

It looks sporty with the moonroof opened and the rain guards on.

It is a nice ride. It is economical. It is getting old.

- jay k

It rides really smooth and the seats are very comfortable for long trips. Very good on gas.

I Love it! Best investment me and my husband ever made!

- Kelly B

It's good on gas mileage and it runs good

It's roomy and drives good. I wish it was a newer model

- Tawnya W

Runs good, fuel efficient, good for road trips, lots of room, good for a family car, great a/c, great charging ports

Would be a great family car, good for a long road trip

- Meg C

That it is reliable and dependable

Love my car has great speed and reliable. Getting old

- Debbie S

That it is very reliable.

I love my little car. It has lasted a very long time.

- Debra K

Reliable, gas efficient vehicle

Windows break all the time. Good on gas. Reliable.

- Michelle G

that it is a great car and they don't make them like that any more

good power comfortable back seats good gas mileage

- mary l